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    Cougars - Vienna, VA

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100 Meters
1.11Abdelrahman Said11.51aMay 10TJ Penultimate Exper..
2.9William Cherry12.14aMay 10TJ Penultimate Exper..
3.11Colin Banks12.26aMay 3Dogwood Invitational
4.12Alek Schultz12.27aMay 10TJ Penultimate Exper..
5.10Hiun Shim12.31aMay 10TJ Penultimate Exper..
6.11Joseph Ammen13.14aMar 29Wildcat Invitational
200 Meters
1.12Miles Lindsey24.03aMar 29Wildcat Invitational
2.11Abdelrahman Said24.06aMay 10TJ Penultimate Exper..
3.11Colin Banks24.60aMay 10TJ Penultimate Exper..
4.9William Cherry24.67aMay 3Dogwood Invitational
5.10Hiun Shim24.88aMay 3Dogwood Invitational
400 Meters
1.11Phillip Hrinko52.46aMay 3Dogwood Invitational
2.12Miles Lindsey52.57aMar 29Wildcat Invitational
3.11Isaac Mills52.76aMar 29Wildcat Invitational
4.11Tommy Burns55.39aMay 10TJ Penultimate Exper..
5.12David Atkinson55.88aMay 10TJ Penultimate Exper..
6.9Ben Sheridan60.10aMay 10TJ Penultimate Exper..
800 Meters
1.12John Stoney1:55.62aMay 10Southern Track Class..
2.12Matt Livingston1:57.92aMay 29VHSL Group 6A North ..
3.11Isaac Mills1:59.26aMay 29VHSL Group 6A North ..
4.11Phillip Hrinko2:00.34aMay 10TJ Penultimate Exper..
5.12Isamu Hosokawa2:00.46aMay 3Dogwood Invitational
6.11Tommy Burns2:07.54aMar 29Wildcat Invitational
7.12Sam Jones2:08.62aMay 3Dogwood Invitational
1600 Meters
1.12John Stoney4:12.22aMay 3Dogwood Invitational
2.12Isamu Hosokawa4:20.47aJun 7VHSL Group 5A/6A Sta..
3.12Matthew McKew4:28.09aMay 3Dogwood Invitational
4.12Brennan Garrett4:39.90aMay 10TJ Penultimate Exper..
5.11Chris Holland4:40.99aMay 10TJ Penultimate Exper..
6.9Ben Cullen5:05.33aMar 29Wildcat Invitational
3200 Meters
1.11Simon Iyob9:39.14aMay 29VHSL Group 6A North ..
2.11Chris Holland9:44.63aJun 7VHSL Group 5A/6A Sta..
3.11AJ Woodhouse10:17.95aMay 10TJ Penultimate Exper..
4.12David Atkinson10:22.09aMay 3Dogwood Invitational
5.10Thomas Landes10:27.34aMar 29Wildcat Invitational
6.12Brennan Garrett10:29.63aMar 29Wildcat Invitational
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Daniel Ta16.69aMay 10TJ Penultimate Exper..
2.12Nathan Acquah16.85aMay 10TJ Penultimate Exper..
3.10David Nguyen19.65aMay 3Dogwood Invitational
4.10Alex PlantzDQMay 3Dogwood Invitational
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Nathan Acquah44.47aMay 3Dogwood Invitational
2.12Daniel Ta45.97aMar 29Wildcat Invitational
3.10David Nguyen47.60aMay 10TJ Penultimate Exper..
4.-Nick Aime48.86aMar 29Wildcat Invitational
4x100 Relay
1.-Relay Team 46.41aMay 3Dogwood Invitational
2.-William Cherry
Hiun Shim
Daniel Ta
Abdelrahman Said
46.49aMay 10TJ Penultimate Exper..
3.-Nick Aime
Joseph Ammen
Colin Banks
Elias Lindsey
47.88aMar 29Wildcat Invitational
4x400 Relay
1.-Tommy Burns
Phillip Hrinko
Miles Lindsey
Matt Livingston
3:24.59aMay 29VHSL Group 6A North ..
2.-Matt Livingston
Phillip Hrinko
Miles Lindsey
Isaac Mills
3:25.09aJun 7VHSL Group 5A/6A Sta..
3.-Isaac Mills
Miles Lindsey
Phillip Hrinko
Matt Livingston
3:27.97aMay 10Southern Track Class..
4.-Relay Team 3:38.43aMay 3Dogwood Invitational
4x800 Relay
1.-Isaac Mills
Phillip Hrinko
Matt Livingston
John Stoney
7:50.98aMay 29VHSL Group 6A North ..
2.-Isaac Mills
Phillip Hrinko
Matt Livingston
Isamu Hosokawa
8:02.42aJun 15New Balance Outdoor ..
SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8]
1.-Relay Team 3:39.50aMay 3Dogwood Invitational
Shot Put - 12lb
1.11Josh Hwang33' 10.00May 3Dogwood Invitational
2.10Will Fisher32' 1.00Mar 29Wildcat Invitational
Discus - 1.6kg
1.10Will Fisher79' 4.00Mar 29Wildcat Invitational
2.10Tim Cerva70' 3.00May 3Dogwood Invitational
Pole Vault
1.11James Seal11' 9.00May 29VHSL Group 6A North ..
2.12Tristan Pratt10' 6.00May 3Dogwood Invitational
10Daniel Ro10' 6.00May 10TJ Penultimate Exper..
Long Jump
1.11Colin Banks18' 10.25May 3Dogwood Invitational
2.11Joseph Ammen14' 7.50Mar 29Wildcat Invitational
Triple Jump
1.9Elias Lindsey35' 11.25May 29VHSL Group 6A North ..


100 Meters
1.10Jazmyne Williams12.73aMay 10TJ Penultimate Exper..
2.10Lauren Jeter12.83aMay 29VHSL Group 6A North ..
3.9Binta Nam13.38awMay 3Dogwood Invitational
4.10Christin Butters13.47aMar 29Wildcat Invitational
5.10Kyra Ballard13.93aMay 10TJ Penultimate Exper..
6.10Amanda Gore14.61awMay 3Dogwood Invitational
200 Meters
1.10Jazmyne Williams26.11aMay 3Dogwood Invitational
2.10Lauren Jeter26.25aMay 29VHSL Group 6A North ..
3.9Angie Cherikos28.14aMay 10TJ Penultimate Exper..
4.10Christin Butters28.63aMar 29Wildcat Invitational
5.10Tess Sapone29.49aMar 29Wildcat Invitational
6.10Anya Heijst29.94aMar 29Wildcat Invitational
7.10Sarah Craig30.73aMar 29Wildcat Invitational
8.10Amanda Gore31.84aMar 29Wildcat Invitational
400 Meters
1.11Sarah Sheridan62.02aMay 10TJ Penultimate Exper..
2.9Angie Cherikos63.52aMay 10TJ Penultimate Exper..
3.10Sarah Craig64.41aMay 3Dogwood Invitational
4.10Tess Sapone65.38aMar 29Wildcat Invitational
5.10Katherine Mayer66.13aMay 10TJ Penultimate Exper..
800 Meters
1.9Leya Salis2:18.18aMay 29VHSL Group 6A North ..
2.9Casey Kendall2:19.61aMay 10Southern Track Class..
3.12Robin Dixon2:31.57aMay 3Dogwood Invitational
4.11Semira Tewolde2:31.84aMay 10TJ Penultimate Exper..
5.11Sarah Sheridan2:36.85aMay 10TJ Penultimate Exper..
6.10Sarah Craig2:38.11aMay 10TJ Penultimate Exper..
7.10Katherine Mayer2:53.45aMar 29Wildcat Invitational
1600 Meters
1.9Casey Kendall4:59.58aJun 7VHSL Group 5A/6A Sta..
2.9Leya Salis5:03.56aJun 7VHSL Group 5A/6A Sta..
3.12Hailey Dougherty5:03.59aJun 7VHSL Group 5A/6A Sta..
4.11Allie Klimkiewicz5:08.45aMay 29VHSL Group 6A North ..
5.11Maryn McCarty5:16.88aMay 3Dogwood Invitational
6.10Jill Bracaglia5:29.46aMay 3Dogwood Invitational
7.11Kara Kendall5:29.68aMay 10TJ Penultimate Exper..
8.11Semira Tewolde5:38.39aMay 3Dogwood Invitational
9.11Margaret Stack5:55.41aMar 29Wildcat Invitational
10.11Hannah Piester5:58.14aMay 10TJ Penultimate Exper..
1 Mile
1.12Hailey Dougherty5:06.09aMay 10Southern Track Class..
3200 Meters
1.9Casey Kendall10:49.12aMay 29VHSL Group 6A North ..
2.11Allie Klimkiewicz10:49.73aJun 7VHSL Group 5A/6A Sta..
3.12Hailey Dougherty10:54.00aMay 29VHSL Group 6A North ..
4.11Kara Kendall11:44.69aMay 3Dogwood Invitational
5.10Jill Bracaglia11:51.54aMay 10TJ Penultimate Exper..
6.11Maryn McCarty11:53.51aMar 29Wildcat Invitational
7.9Thi Nguyen12:11.22aMay 10TJ Penultimate Exper..
2 Miles
1.9Leya Salis11:21.30aMay 10Southern Track Class..
2.11Allie Klimkiewicz11:52.60aMay 10Southern Track Class..
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.11Jacqueline Toye17.05aMay 29VHSL Group 6A North ..
2.11Sydney Applegate17.81aMay 29VHSL Group 6A North ..
3.11Margaret Corgnati18.11aMay 10TJ Penultimate Exper..
4.12Briana Phan18.55aMay 10TJ Penultimate Exper..
5.9Cassidy Sturm19.85aMay 10TJ Penultimate Exper..
6.9Hannah Bagdasarian22.06awMay 3Dogwood Invitational
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.11Jacqueline Toye49.21aMay 29VHSL Group 6A North ..
2.11Margaret Corgnati52.19aMay 29VHSL Group 6A North ..
3.11Sydney Applegate54.65aMay 10TJ Penultimate Exper..
4.12Briana Phan57.87aMay 10TJ Penultimate Exper..
5.9Cassidy Sturm62.02aMay 3Dogwood Invitational
6.9Hannah Bagdasarian62.03aMay 3Dogwood Invitational
4x100 Relay
1.-Lauren Jeter
Kyra Ballard
Christin Butters
Jazmyne Williams
49.53aJun 15New Balance Outdoor ..
2.-Relay Team 50.09aMay 3Dogwood Invitational
3.-Kyra Ballard
Christin Butters
Amanda Gore
Lauren Jeter
53.19aMar 29Wildcat Invitational
4x400 Relay
1.-Relay Team 4:34.52aMay 3Dogwood Invitational
4x800 Relay
1.-Kara Kendall
Leya Salis
Hailey Dougherty
Casey Kendall
9:16.67aJun 6VHSL 6A State Champs..
2.-Sarah Sheridan
Kara Kendall
Sarah Craig
Jill Bracaglia
10:10.25aMay 29VHSL Group 6A North ..
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.-Relay Team 12:01.37aMay 3Dogwood Invitational
Shot Put - 4kg
1.12Danny Hughes25' 1.00Mar 29Wildcat Invitational
2.10Christin Butters24' 2.00May 3Dogwood Invitational
Discus - 1kg
1.12Danny Hughes106' 7.00May 29VHSL Group 6A North ..
2.10Christin Butters31' 0.00May 10TJ Penultimate Exper..
High Jump
1.10Jazmyne WilliamsNHMay 3Dogwood Invitational
Pole Vault
1.11Janine Gaspari8' 6.00Mar 29Wildcat Invitational
Long Jump
1.10Lauren Jeter15' 5.00Mar 29Wildcat Invitational
2.10Christin Butters15' 2.00May 3Dogwood Invitational
3.10Kyra Ballard14' 6.00May 10TJ Penultimate Exper..
4.10Amanda Gore12' 3.25Mar 29Wildcat Invitational
5.9Binta Nam11' 11.25May 10TJ Penultimate Exper..
Triple Jump
1.10Jazmyne Williams35' 8.00May 3Dogwood Invitational
2.10Lauren Jeter34' 10.50May 3Dogwood Invitational
3.10Christin Butters31' 0.50May 10TJ Penultimate Exper..
4.10Kyra Ballard29' 0.00May 10TJ Penultimate Exper..
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