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    Bulldogs - Tukwila, WA

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100 Meters
1.9Kevin Le12.31aApr 17HI v. Foster, EV-TY ..
2.9Isaiah Ferrer12.34cMar 20Foster Jamboree
12Jamar Wells12.34cMar 20Foster Jamboree
4.11Daynon Jackson12.64aApr 3Highline v. Renton, ..
5.10Aries Fernandez12.68aApr 3Highline v. Renton, ..
6.10Timothy Nguyen13.14aMar 27FHSvHazen,EHSvFHS,TH..
7.9Gerard Marquina13.24cMar 20Foster Jamboree
8.9Zane Jacobson13.34aMar 27FHSvHazen,EHSvFHS,TH..
9.10Onopene Lemaota13.49aApr 3Highline v. Renton, ..
10.11Peter Alsopp13.83aApr 3Highline v. Renton, ..
11.9Kiry Thong14.02aApr 3Highline v. Renton, ..
12.10Johnny Nguyen14.43aMar 27FHSvHazen,EHSvFHS,TH..
13.9Ricky Gainer14.51aApr 5Arnie Young Invite
14.11Elijah Hawkins16.06aMar 27FHSvHazen,EHSvFHS,TH..
200 Meters
1.9Kevin Le25.54cMar 20Foster Jamboree
11Elijah Hawkins25.54cMar 20Foster Jamboree
3.12Jamar Wells25.57aApr 17HI v. Foster, EV-TY ..
4.9Isaiah Ferrer25.74cMar 20Foster Jamboree
5.9Gerard Marquina27.34cMar 20Foster Jamboree
6.9Zane Jacobson27.47aApr 3Highline v. Renton, ..
7.10Timothy Nguyen28.54aMar 27FHSvHazen,EHSvFHS,TH..
8.9Kenny Do28.63aApr 17HI v. Foster, EV-TY ..
9.9Kiry Thong29.45aMar 27FHSvHazen,EHSvFHS,TH..
10.9Ricky Gainer30.08aApr 17HI v. Foster, EV-TY ..
11.11Peter AlsoppSCRApr 3Highline v. Renton, ..
400 Meters
1.11Elijah Hawkins55.44cMar 20Foster Jamboree
2.11*Daynon Jackson58.10aApr 24EV-TY v. Lindbergh, ..
3.9Joel Hendricks58.50aApr 3Highline v. Renton, ..
4.11Ismail Mohamed67.06aApr 3Highline v. Renton, ..
5.9Ricky Gainer69.49aApr 3Highline v. Renton, ..
6.9Araik Papyan73.98aMar 27FHSvHazen,EHSvFHS,TH..
800 Meters
1.10Luis Cuellar2:17.68aApr 17HI v. Foster, EV-TY ..
2.9*Adrian Ruvalcaba2:26.68aApr 24EV-TY v. Lindbergh, ..
3.10Hristo Ramirez2:30.30Mar 20Foster Jamboree
4.9Rohan Mathew2:37.40Mar 20Foster Jamboree
5.9Araik Papyan2:58.53aMar 27FHSvHazen,EHSvFHS,TH..
1600 Meters
1.10Luis Cuellar5:28.74aMar 29Kent-Meridian Invite
2.10*Hristo Ramirez5:29.48aApr 24EV-TY v. Lindbergh, ..
3.9Rohan Mathew5:48.00Mar 20Foster Jamboree
4.9Osvaldo Nava5:54.00aApr 17HI v. Foster, EV-TY ..
5.9Araik Papyan6:09.80aApr 3Highline v. Renton, ..
6.11Danny Dinh6:21.22aMar 27FHSvHazen,EHSvFHS,TH..
3200 Meters
1.10Luis Cuellar12:15.95aApr 17HI v. Foster, EV-TY ..
2.10Hristo Ramirez12:25.60Mar 20Foster Jamboree
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.9*Kenny Do19.50aApr 24EV-TY v. Lindbergh, ..
2.11Daynon JacksonDNSMar 27FHSvHazen,EHSvFHS,TH..
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.10*Johnny Nguyen52.97aApr 24EV-TY v. Lindbergh, ..
4x100 Relay
1.Daynon Jackson
Anthony May
Danny Dinh
Jamar Wells
47.73aApr 17HI v. Foster, EV-TY ..
2.*Elijah Hawkins
Jamar Wells
Gerard Marquina
Kevin Le
48.01aApr 24EV-TY v. Lindbergh, ..
4x400 Relay
1.Daynon Jackson
Joel Hendricks
Isaiah Ferrer
Jamar Wells
3:56.82aMar 27FHSvHazen,EHSvFHS,TH..
2.Jamar Wells
Joel Hendricks
Isaiah Ferrer
Zane Jacobson
4:02.08aApr 3Highline v. Renton, ..
3.*Luis Cuellar
Joel Hendricks
Adrian Ruvalcaba
Gerard Marquina
4:03.40aApr 24EV-TY v. Lindbergh, ..
4.Daynon Jackson
Adrian Ruvalcaba
Gerard Marquina
Joel Hendricks
4:13.02aApr 17HI v. Foster, EV-TY ..
Shot Put - 12lb
1.10Eric Teng36' 9.00Mar 20Foster Jamboree
2.11Joseph Jerome33' 1.25Mar 27FHSvHazen,EHSvFHS,TH..
3.11Dennis Nguyen31' 11.50Apr 3Highline v. Renton, ..
4.10Juan Hernandez Ochoa30' 9.00Apr 17HI v. Foster, EV-TY ..
5.11Jhee Retzlaff29' 9.75Apr 3Highline v. Renton, ..
6.9Ben Vongtawan23' 2.75Apr 3Highline v. Renton, ..
Discus - 1.6kg
1.10*Eric Teng122' 9.00Apr 24EV-TY v. Lindbergh, ..
2.11Jhee Retzlaff105' 6.00Mar 27FHSvHazen,EHSvFHS,TH..
3.11Joseph Jerome87' 4.00Mar 27FHSvHazen,EHSvFHS,TH..
4.10Juan Hernandez Ochoa63' 9.00Apr 3Highline v. Renton, ..
5.9Ben Vongtawan59' 8.00Apr 17HI v. Foster, EV-TY ..
6.11Dennis NguyenSCRApr 17HI v. Foster, EV-TY ..
Javelin - 800g
1.11Anthony May130' 4.00Mar 20Foster Jamboree
2.10Eric Teng121' 1.00Apr 3Highline v. Renton, ..
3.11*Dennis Nguyen112' 5.00Apr 24EV-TY v. Lindbergh, ..
4.11*Jhee Retzlaff95' 9.00Apr 24EV-TY v. Lindbergh, ..
5.10Juan Hernandez Ochoa84' 3.00Apr 3Highline v. Renton, ..
6.9Chris Saravia62' 11.00Apr 3Highline v. Renton, ..
High Jump
1.11Anthony May5' 8.00Mar 20Foster Jamboree
2.10Aries Fernandez5' 2.00Apr 3Highline v. Renton, ..
9Joel Hendricks5' 2.00Mar 29Kent-Meridian Invite
4.11Ismail Mohamed5' 0.00Mar 27FHSvHazen,EHSvFHS,TH..
5.9Ricky GainerSCRApr 17HI v. Foster, EV-TY ..
Pole Vault
1.9Christian Nguyen8' 6.00Mar 27FHSvHazen,EHSvFHS,TH..
2.9Khalafani Carter7' 0.00Mar 20Foster Jamboree
3.9Salomon TapealavaSCRApr 3Highline v. Renton, ..
Long Jump
1.10Aries Fernandez18' 6.75Apr 5Arnie Young Invite
2.9Joel Hendricks17' 9.00Apr 17HI v. Foster, EV-TY ..
3.10Onopene Lemaota15' 5.00Apr 3Highline v. Renton, ..
4.11Ismail Mohamed15' 3.75Mar 27FHSvHazen,EHSvFHS,TH..
5.11Karandeep Singh13' 8.00Apr 3Highline v. Renton, ..
6.11Danny DinhNDMar 27FHSvHazen,EHSvFHS,TH..
9Christian NguyenNDMar 27FHSvHazen,EHSvFHS,TH..
9Khalafani CarterNDMar 27FHSvHazen,EHSvFHS,TH..
11Anthony MayNDMar 27FHSvHazen,EHSvFHS,TH..


100 Meters
1.10*Shakila Omar13.96aApr 24EV-TY v. Lindbergh, ..
2.12Sierra Parsons13.99aMar 27FHSvHazen,EHSvFHS,TH..
3.9Aolani Medrano14.11aApr 17HI v. Foster, EV-TY ..
4.10Ciara Muna14.24cMar 20Foster Jamboree
5.9*Robyn Parker14.61aApr 24EV-TY v. Lindbergh, ..
6.9*Ashley Balbuena15.14aApr 24EV-TY v. Lindbergh, ..
7.9*Michelle Le15.49aApr 24EV-TY v. Lindbergh, ..
8.10Myly Nguyen15.54cMar 20Foster Jamboree
9.12Andrea Oneil15.57aApr 3Highline v. Renton, ..
10.9*Uyen Tran15.74aApr 24EV-TY v. Lindbergh, ..
11.9Vi Dinh16.14cMar 20Foster Jamboree
12.12Denise Salgado16.18aApr 3Highline v. Renton, ..
13.9Nakita Brusnighan16.58aApr 3Highline v. Renton, ..
14.9Megyan Vanderbosch17.02aMar 27FHSvHazen,EHSvFHS,TH..
15.10Alexis MosleyDNSMar 27FHSvHazen,EHSvFHS,TH..
200 Meters
1.10*Shakila Omar27.04aApr 19Pasco Invitational
2.12Sierra Parsons28.54aMar 27FHSvHazen,EHSvFHS,TH..
3.9*Robyn Parker30.00aApr 24EV-TY v. Lindbergh, ..
4.12*Jacque Griffin32.69aApr 24EV-TY v. Lindbergh, ..
5.9Michelle Le32.73aApr 3Highline v. Renton, ..
6.9*Uyen Tran33.37aApr 24EV-TY v. Lindbergh, ..
7.12*Denise Salgado33.87aApr 24EV-TY v. Lindbergh, ..
8.9Megyan Vanderbosch36.97aMar 27FHSvHazen,EHSvFHS,TH..
9.10Ciara MunaDNSMar 27FHSvHazen,EHSvFHS,TH..
400 Meters
1.10*Shakila Omar61.44aApr 19Pasco Invitational
2.9Liz Albrecht76.44aMar 27FHSvHazen,EHSvFHS,TH..
3.9Robyn Parker81.34cMar 20Foster Jamboree
800 Meters
1.10*Shakila Omar2:36.05aApr 24EV-TY v. Lindbergh, ..
2.12Alem Belete2:44.10Mar 20Foster Jamboree
3.12Jacque Griffin2:53.55aApr 5Arnie Young Invite
1600 Meters
1.12Alem Belete5:39.18aApr 5Arnie Young Invite
2.12Jacque Griffin6:44.00Mar 20Foster Jamboree
3.12Lorena Ramirez7:51.02aApr 3Highline v. Renton, ..
4.11Cindy Negrete Marquina7:56.38aMar 27FHSvHazen,EHSvFHS,TH..
5.10Michelle Martinez8:26.73aMar 27FHSvHazen,EHSvFHS,TH..
3200 Meters
1.12Alem Belete12:36.04aMar 27FHSvHazen,EHSvFHS,TH..
2.11Jessica Birchfield16:29.39aApr 3Highline v. Renton, ..
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.11Emily Chanthaphone19.29aApr 17HI v. Foster, EV-TY ..
2.9Ashley Balbuena21.10aMar 27FHSvHazen,EHSvFHS,TH..
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.12*Sierra Parsons48.88aApr 19Pasco Invitational
4x100 Relay
1.Liz Albrecht
Robyn Parker
Aolani Medrano
Ciara Muna
55.59aApr 17HI v. Foster, EV-TY ..
2.*Ciara Muna
Myly Nguyen
Liz Albrecht
Robyn Parker
56.94aApr 24EV-TY v. Lindbergh, ..
4x400 Relay
1.Michelle Le
Robyn Parker
Ashley Balbuena
Ciara Muna
4:55.39aMar 27FHSvHazen,EHSvFHS,TH..
2.Myly Nguyen
Vi Dinh
Uyen Tran
Megyan Vanderbosch
Jacque Griffin
Alem Belete
Liz Albrecht
Shakila Omar
SCRApr 3Highline v. Renton, ..
Uyen Tran
Robyn Parker
Ashley Balbuena
Michelle Le
SCRApr 3Highline v. Renton, ..
Shot Put - 4kg
1.10*Kassandra Esparaza29' 0.25Apr 24EV-TY v. Lindbergh, ..
2.9Desiree Terrell26' 8.50Apr 5Arnie Young Invite
3.11*Ama Monkah25' 7.25Apr 24EV-TY v. Lindbergh, ..
Discus - 1kg
1.10*Kassandra Esparaza94' 9.00Apr 24EV-TY v. Lindbergh, ..
2.11Ama Monkah88' 5.00Apr 17HI v. Foster, EV-TY ..
3.9*Desiree Terrell64' 5.00Apr 24EV-TY v. Lindbergh, ..
Javelin - 600g
1.9*Nakita Brusnighan80' 3.00Apr 24EV-TY v. Lindbergh, ..
2.9Amberlynn Ngiralmau71' 5.00Apr 17HI v. Foster, EV-TY ..
3.12*Denise Salgado69' 0.00Apr 24EV-TY v. Lindbergh, ..
4.12Andrea Oneil55' 10.00Mar 27FHSvHazen,EHSvFHS,TH..
5.9Megyan Vanderbosch41' 4.00Mar 20Foster Jamboree
High Jump
1.12Sierra Parsons5' 2.00Apr 3Highline v. Renton, ..
2.9Liz Albrecht4' 10.00Mar 27FHSvHazen,EHSvFHS,TH..
3.12Andrea Oneil4' 6.00Apr 17HI v. Foster, EV-TY ..
Pole Vault
1.11Emily Chanthaphone8' 6.00Mar 27FHSvHazen,EHSvFHS,TH..
2.9Aolani Medrano7' 6.00Apr 17HI v. Foster, EV-TY ..
3.10Alexis Mosley6' 6.00Mar 27FHSvHazen,EHSvFHS,TH..
9Mora Le6' 6.00Mar 27FHSvHazen,EHSvFHS,TH..
5.11Linda Tran6' 0.00Mar 27FHSvHazen,EHSvFHS,TH..
6.11Dalena TranNHApr 3Highline v. Renton, ..
Long Jump
1.12Sierra Parsons16' 3.50Mar 27FHSvHazen,EHSvFHS,TH..
2.10Alexis MosleyNDMar 27FHSvHazen,EHSvFHS,TH..
  * = Denotes a recent improvement
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