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    Trojans - New Kent, VA

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100 Meters
1.12R. j. Morris11.32aMay 26VHSL 3A East Regional
2.12Nic Crewe11.49aMay 26VHSL 3A East Regional
3.12R. j. Morris11.51aJun 3VHSL 3A State Championshi..
4.9Evan Branch11.69aApr 13Bay Rivers District Regul..
5.12Davion Barnes11.73aMay 4Bay Rivers District Regul..
6.9Dominiqu Akrie-Williams11.77aMay 11Bay Rivers District Regul..
7.9Dominique Akrie-Williams11.87aMay 6Dogwood Track Classic
8.10Lamont Brandon12.05aMay 6Dogwood Track Classic
9.11William Bradby12.32aApr 13Bay Rivers District Regul..
10.9Joe Allen12.43aMay 12Bay Rivers District JV Me..
11.9Will Tolley12.70aApr 30Charles B Gordon Invitati..
12.-Mason Bollhorst13.50aApr 30Charles B Gordon Invitati..
13.9Caleb Curry13.63aMay 12Bay Rivers District JV Me..
14.-Karl Schneider14.37aMay 12Bay Rivers District JV Me..
200 Meters
1.12R. j. Morris23.29aMay 26VHSL 3A East Regional
2.9Dominiqu Akrie-Williams23.52aMay 26VHSL 3A East Regional
3.9Dominique Akrie-Williams23.76aMay 6Dogwood Track Classic
4.9Mozay Kalo24.07aMay 6Dogwood Track Classic
5.12Nic Crewe24.23aMay 11Bay Rivers District Regul..
6.12Zach Ford24.33aMay 11Bay Rivers District Regul..
7.12Davion Barnes24.79aMar 15Charles City Regular Seas..
8.10Lamont Brandon25.01aApr 30Charles B Gordon Invitati..
9.-Amari Brown25.08aApr 13Bay Rivers District Regul..
10.11Christian Howard25.21aMar 15Charles City Regular Seas..
11.8Augustine Gilbride25.25aApr 30Charles B Gordon Invitati..
12.11William Bradby25.34aMay 11Bay Rivers District Regul..
13.9Will Tolley25.37aApr 13Bay Rivers District Regul..
14.-Kenneth Woodley25.43aMar 15Charles City Regular Seas..
15.9Joe Allen26.17aMay 12Bay Rivers District JV Me..
16.9Cj Reeders26.30aMar 15Charles City Regular Seas..
17.9Jack Daniels26.94aMay 12Bay Rivers District JV Me..
18.-Hunter Lumpkin27.46aMar 15Charles City Regular Seas..
19.9Caleb Curry28.67aMar 19Shoot the Gun and Run Inv..
20.-Karl Schneider28.81aMay 12Bay Rivers District JV Me..
400 Meters
1.12Zach Ford52.14aMay 26VHSL 3A East Regional
2.9Mozay Kalo53.35aMay 18VHSL 3A Conference 25
3.11Bryce Watkins53.60aMay 11Bay Rivers District Regul..
4.11Rayvon Chapman53.78aMay 18VHSL 3A Conference 25
5.12R. j. Morris54.53aMay 11Bay Rivers District Regul..
6.11Allen Jones55.30aApr 27Bay Rivers District Regul..
7.10Yuri Frazier56.26aApr 30Charles B Gordon Invitati..
8.-Amari Brown56.72aMar 15Charles City Regular Seas..
9.11Christian Howard57.20aApr 30Charles B Gordon Invitati..
10.-Kenneth Woodley57.22aApr 13Bay Rivers District Regul..
11.8Augustine Gilbride58.03aApr 30Charles B Gordon Invitati..
12.11William Bradby58.28aMay 4Bay Rivers District Regul..
13.11Kyle Clator58.56aApr 27Bay Rivers District Regul..
14.-Hunter Lumpkin60.96aMar 15Charles City Regular Seas..
15.11Tedrion Sendejo63.45aMar 19Shoot the Gun and Run Inv..
16.-Karl Schneider64.54aMay 12Bay Rivers District JV Me..
800 Meters
1.10Yuri Frazier2:06.47aMay 6Dogwood Track Classic
2.11Brian Stevenson2:06.80aMay 6Dogwood Track Classic
3.11Jon Swartout2:11.96aApr 9Charles City Invitational
4.11Bryce Watkins2:16.84aMay 4Bay Rivers District Regul..
5.11Rayvon Chapman2:17.04aMay 11Bay Rivers District Regul..
6.12Zach Ford2:18.49aMay 18VHSL 3A Conference 25
7.11Christian Howard2:18.79aMay 11Bay Rivers District Regul..
8.11Allen Jones2:20.81aMay 11Bay Rivers District Regul..
9.9Dominiqu Akrie-Williams2:21.44aMay 4Bay Rivers District Regul..
10.8Patrick Johnson2:23.19aMar 15Charles City Regular Seas..
11.10Justin Stewart2:23.64aApr 30Charles B Gordon Invitati..
12.11Logan Wilson2:25.17aMar 15Charles City Regular Seas..
13.8Sterling Woods2:40.74aMar 15Charles City Regular Seas..
14.-Josh Mara2:59.18aMay 12Bay Rivers District JV Me..
1600 Meters
1.12Andrew Carlin4:27.28aMay 26VHSL 3A East Regional
2.11Jon Swartout4:40.50aMay 18VHSL 3A Conference 25
3.10Michael Snead4:46.34aMay 6Dogwood Track Classic
4.8Patrick Johnson4:59.05aMay 4Bay Rivers District Regul..
5.10Yuri Frazier5:02.60aMay 11Bay Rivers District Regul..
6.11Brian Stevenson5:04.93aMay 18VHSL 3A Conference 25
7.9Bj Leader5:29.59aMay 12Bay Rivers District JV Me..
8.9Gabriel Bollhorst5:33.90aApr 30Charles B Gordon Invitati..
9.10Justin Stewart5:39.11aApr 27Bay Rivers District Regul..
10.8Sterling Woods5:50.58aMar 15Charles City Regular Seas..
11.-Josh Mara6:39.35aMay 12Bay Rivers District JV Me..
3200 Meters
1.12Andrew Carlin9:34.30aJun 3VHSL 3A State Championshi..
2.10Yuri Frazier11:18.01aMay 12Bay Rivers District JV Me..
3.9Bj Leader11:52.59aApr 30Charles B Gordon Invitati..
4.10Justin Stewart11:57.81aApr 13Bay Rivers District Regul..
5.9Gabriel Bollhorst11:59.87aMay 4Bay Rivers District Regul..
6.11Mark Springman12:08.12aMay 18VHSL 3A Conference 25
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Michael Gatling17.81aMay 6Dogwood Track Classic
2.11Chazz Beaver19.28aApr 27Bay Rivers District Regul..
3.11Ben Mitton19.90aMar 19Shoot the Gun and Run Inv..
4.10Jayden Darrin20.20aApr 13Bay Rivers District Regul..
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Michael Gatling45.77aMay 11Bay Rivers District Regul..
2.10Jayden Darrin45.93aMay 26VHSL 3A East Regional
3.11Chazz Beaver47.38aApr 27Bay Rivers District Regul..
4.11Ben Mitton57.88aMar 15Charles City Regular Seas..
4x100 Relay
1.Evan Branch
Dominique Akrie-Williams
Nic Crewe
R. j. Morris
44.72aJun 3VHSL 3A State Championshi..
2.Evan Branch
Davion Barnes
R. j. Morris
Nic Crewe
44.77aMar 15Charles City Regular Seas..
3.Relay Team 45.04aApr 23Lee-Davis Invitational
4.Evan Branch
Dominique Akrie-Williams
Kyle Coles
Nic Crewe
46.56aApr 9Charles City Invitational
4x400 Relay
1.Relay Team 3:32.58aApr 30Charles B Gordon Invitati..
2.R. j. Morris
Rayvon Chapman
Bryce Watkins
Zach Ford
3:34.85aJun 3VHSL 3A State Championshi..
3.R. j. Morris
Bryce Watkins
Rayvon Chapman
Zach Ford
3:38.47aMay 26VHSL 3A East Regional
4.R. j. Morris
Mozay Kalo
Yuri Frazier
Zach Ford
3:47.95aApr 9Charles City Invitational
5.Allen Jones
Rayvon Chapman
Amari Brown
R. j. Morris
3:58.88aMar 15Charles City Regular Seas..
4x800 Relay
1.Relay Team 8:28.47aMay 11Bay Rivers District Regul..
2.Brian Stevenson
Yuri Frazier
Michael Snead
Zach Ford
8:40.99aJun 3VHSL 3A State Championshi..
3.Brian Stevenson
Michael Snead
Logan Wilson
Jordan Hathaway
9:36.30aApr 9Charles City Invitational
4.Allen Jones
Jayden Darrin
Mark Springman
Christian Howard
10:12.66aMay 26VHSL 3A East Regional
Shot Put - 12lb
1.12Joe Dixon46' 0.00May 18VHSL 3A Conference 25
2.12Joshua Dixon41' 11.00Apr 23Lee-Davis Invitational
3.12Michael McCracken37' 5.00Mar 15Charles City Regular Seas..
4.10Colton Millis34' 11.00May 12Bay Rivers District JV Me..
Discus - 1.6kg
1.12Joshua Dixon127' 4.00Apr 23Lee-Davis Invitational
2.12Joe Dixon121' 1.00Mar 15Charles City Regular Seas..
3.10Jordan Hathaway104' 6.00Apr 27Bay Rivers District Regul..
4.12Michael McCracken95' 10.00Mar 15Charles City Regular Seas..
5.10Colton Millis95' 3.00May 12Bay Rivers District JV Me..
6.12Zach Ford91' 8.00Mar 15Charles City Regular Seas..
High Jump
1.11Kyle Clator5' 8.00May 18VHSL 3A Conference 25
2.9Cj Reeders5' 4.00Apr 9Charles City Invitational
Pole Vault
1.11Griffin Kowal15' 7.00May 26VHSL 3A East Regional
2.10Darius Jones12' 0.00May 26VHSL 3A East Regional
3.9Will Tolley10' 6.00Jun 3VHSL 3A State Championshi..
4.9Jack Daniels9' 6.00May 26VHSL 3A East Regional
5.-Mason Bollhorst8' 6.00Apr 27Bay Rivers District Regul..
6.8Sterling Woods7' 0.00May 12Bay Rivers District JV Me..
Long Jump
1.12R. j. Morris21' 5.50May 26VHSL 3A East Regional
2.10Kyle Coles20' 1.00May 11Bay Rivers District Regul..
3.9Cj Reeders19' 10.00May 11Bay Rivers District Regul..
4.12R. j. Morris19' 8.75Jun 3VHSL 3A State Championshi..
5.9Evan Branch19' 6.00Apr 15Hampton Relays
6.12Michael Gatling19' 5.00May 11Bay Rivers District Regul..
7.10Darius Jones17' 1.00Apr 13Bay Rivers District Regul..
8.10Lamont Brandon16' 4.75Apr 30Charles B Gordon Invitati..
9.9Caleb Curry16' 1.50May 12Bay Rivers District JV Me..
10.9Jack Daniels15' 11.00May 12Bay Rivers District JV Me..
11.9Will Tolley14' 8.25May 12Bay Rivers District JV Me..
Triple Jump
1.12R. j. Morris43' 0.25May 26VHSL 3A East Regional
2.12R. j. Morris42' 8.00Jun 3VHSL 3A State Championshi..
3.10Kyle Coles41' 10.00May 18VHSL 3A Conference 25
4.12Michael Gatling40' 1.50May 26VHSL 3A East Regional
5.9Cj Reeders40' 0.00May 6Dogwood Track Classic
6.10Darius Jones38' 2.00May 26VHSL 3A East Regional
7.9Caleb Curry33' 1.50May 12Bay Rivers District JV Me..


100 Meters
1.11Abby Spangler13.29aMay 18VHSL 3A Conference 25
2.9Daysha Goodlet13.39aApr 13Bay Rivers District Regul..
3.11Aliyah Ames13.81aMay 4Bay Rivers District Regul..
4.10Sadie Sligh14.08aMay 4Bay Rivers District Regul..
5.10Jada Evans14.62aApr 23Lee-Davis Invitational
6.9Da'mya Barnes14.82aMay 6Dogwood Track Classic
7.8Abby Sprigg14.87aMay 12Bay Rivers District JV Me..
-Madison Heidelberg14.87aMay 12Bay Rivers District JV Me..
9.-Kyah Otey15.16aApr 27Bay Rivers District Regul..
10.8Taryn Bonsky15.28aMay 12Bay Rivers District JV Me..
11.12Courtney Pickett15.35aMar 15Charles City Regular Seas..
12.9Tori Pickett15.68aMay 6Dogwood Track Classic
200 Meters
1.11Abby Spangler27.50aMay 18VHSL 3A Conference 25
2.9Daysha Goodlet28.53aMar 19Shoot the Gun and Run Inv..
3.11Aliyah Ames28.97aApr 27Bay Rivers District Regul..
4.10Sadie Sligh29.74aApr 30Charles B Gordon Invitati..
5.9Da'mya Barnes30.37aApr 27Bay Rivers District Regul..
6.-Lindsey Moncrief30.44aMay 12Bay Rivers District JV Me..
7.9Mary Lawson31.15aMay 4Bay Rivers District Regul..
8.10Rashara Bentley31.25aApr 13Bay Rivers District Regul..
9.-Madison Heidelberg31.30aMay 12Bay Rivers District JV Me..
10.12Courtney Pickett31.98aApr 30Charles B Gordon Invitati..
11.-Mikaela Jefferson32.50aMay 12Bay Rivers District JV Me..
12.8Taryn Bonsky32.86aMay 12Bay Rivers District JV Me..
13.-Adrien Brown32.94aMar 15Charles City Regular Seas..
14.9Tori Pickett33.25aMar 19Shoot the Gun and Run Inv..
400 Meters
1.9Daysha Goodlet64.62aMay 18VHSL 3A Conference 25
2.12Kayla Davis66.14aMar 15Charles City Regular Seas..
3.10Naayah Ames68.20aApr 27Bay Rivers District Regul..
4.9Da'mya Barnes70.42aMay 4Bay Rivers District Regul..
5.8Taryn Bonsky73.45aMar 15Charles City Regular Seas..
6.9Jasmine Cazares73.80aMar 19Shoot the Gun and Run Inv..
7.9Emily Montacalvo73.82aApr 15Hampton Relays
8.9Tanner Robertson74.35aApr 23Lee-Davis Invitational
9.9Laurie-Ann Sargent75.01aMay 11Bay Rivers District Regul..
10.9Tori Pickett75.53aApr 27Bay Rivers District Regul..
11.9Abbey Coutu76.73aMar 19Shoot the Gun and Run Inv..
12.-Jocelin Corrales77.47aMay 12Bay Rivers District JV Me..
13.8Sara Brown1:33.49aMay 12Bay Rivers District JV Me..
800 Meters
1.10Olivia Hobson2:51.03aMay 6Dogwood Track Classic
2.9Jasmine Cazares2:53.21aMay 26VHSL 3A East Regional
3.9Laurie-Ann Sargent2:53.34aApr 30Charles B Gordon Invitati..
4.9Tanner Robertson3:02.71aApr 30Charles B Gordon Invitati..
5.9Rylie Cross3:03.41aApr 15Hampton Relays
6.11Samantha Miller3:05.79aApr 13Bay Rivers District Regul..
7.9Abbey Coutu3:14.29aApr 30Charles B Gordon Invitati..
8.8Sara Brown3:40.08aMar 19Shoot the Gun and Run Inv..
1600 Meters
1.10Olivia Hobson6:31.92aApr 13Bay Rivers District Regul..
2.9Rylie Cross6:54.39aApr 15Hampton Relays
3.11Samantha Miller6:59.63aMar 15Charles City Regular Seas..
3200 Meters
1.10Olivia Hobson14:39.35aApr 23Lee-Davis Invitational
2.11Samantha Miller14:49.25aApr 27Bay Rivers District Regul..
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.10Savannah Grant20.12aMay 18VHSL 3A Conference 25
2.9Mckenna Garner21.83aApr 13Bay Rivers District Regul..
3.10Bryanna Underwood24.58aApr 9Charles City Invitational
4.9Sideja Johnson24.85aMar 19Shoot the Gun and Run Inv..
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.10Bryanna Underwood60.70aApr 23Lee-Davis Invitational
2.10Savannah Grant63.11aMar 15Charles City Regular Seas..
3.9Mckenna Garner70.15aMar 19Shoot the Gun and Run Inv..
4x100 Relay
1.Relay Team 54.22aApr 23Lee-Davis Invitational
2.Da'mya Barnes
Abby Spangler
Kayla Davis
Daysha Goodlet
54.92aApr 9Charles City Invitational
3.Aliyah Ames
Da'mya Barnes
Sadie Sligh
Mary Lawson
54.96aMay 26VHSL 3A East Regional
4.Taryn Bonsky
madison heidelberg
lindsey moncrief
Abby Sprigg
63.24aMar 15Charles City Regular Seas..
4x400 Relay
1.Relay Team 4:35.96aMay 18VHSL 3A Conference 25
2.Naayah Ames
Jasmine Cazares
Abby Spangler
Daysha Goodlet
4:37.91aMay 26VHSL 3A East Regional
3.Naayah Ames
Emily Montacalvo
Rylie Cross
Tanner Robertson
5:14.47aApr 9Charles City Invitational
4x800 Relay
1.Relay Team 12:13.64aMay 11Bay Rivers District Regul..
Shot Put - 4kg
1.9Bri'anna Chavis31' 11.00May 18VHSL 3A Conference 25
2.10Deysha Thompson26' 9.50Apr 9Charles City Invitational
3.10Kellie Bolden25' 1.00May 18VHSL 3A Conference 25
4.-Isis Cutler18' 6.00May 12Bay Rivers District JV Me..
5.-Alexis Brown18' 0.00Mar 15Charles City Regular Seas..
6.-Megan Smith16' 11.50Mar 15Charles City Regular Seas..
Discus - 1kg
1.9Justine Eckert75' 0.00Mar 19Shoot the Gun and Run Inv..
2.12Michaelia Gatling68' 5.00Apr 30Charles B Gordon Invitati..
3.12Courtney Pickett67' 4.00Apr 23Lee-Davis Invitational
4.10Kellie Bolden64' 7.00Apr 13Bay Rivers District Regul..
5.-Megan Smith60' 8.00Mar 15Charles City Regular Seas..
6.9Laurie-Ann Sargent58' 8.00Apr 9Charles City Invitational
7.10Deysha Thompson55' 10.00Apr 23Lee-Davis Invitational
8.-Isis Cutler43' 3.00May 12Bay Rivers District JV Me..
9.-Alexis Brown43' 1.00Mar 15Charles City Regular Seas..
High Jump
1.12Kayla Davis4' 8.00Mar 19Shoot the Gun and Run Inv..
2.10Olivia Hobson4' 6.00Apr 9Charles City Invitational
3.9Mary Lawson4' 4.00Apr 9Charles City Invitational
9Daysha Goodlet4' 4.00Mar 19Shoot the Gun and Run Inv..
10Jada Evans4' 4.00Apr 23Lee-Davis Invitational
Pole Vault
1.12Courtney Pickett8' 9.00May 26VHSL 3A East Regional
2.9Tori Pickett7' 0.00May 18VHSL 3A Conference 25
12Michaelia Gatling7' 0.00May 18VHSL 3A Conference 25
4.9Mckenna Garner6' 6.00Mar 19Shoot the Gun and Run Inv..
5.9Emily Montacalvo6' 4.00Apr 30Charles B Gordon Invitati..
Long Jump
1.11Abby Spangler16' 3.00May 18VHSL 3A Conference 25
2.9Daysha Goodlet15' 4.00May 18VHSL 3A Conference 25
3.10Sadie Sligh15' 3.75May 18VHSL 3A Conference 25
4.10Rashara Bentley14' 0.00May 11Bay Rivers District Regul..
5.9Mary Lawson13' 5.00May 11Bay Rivers District Regul..
-sacara bey13' 5.00Mar 15Charles City Regular Seas..
7.-Madison Heidelberg11' 11.00May 12Bay Rivers District JV Me..
8.-Lindsey Moncrief11' 6.00May 12Bay Rivers District JV Me..
8Taryn Bonsky11' 6.00Mar 15Charles City Regular Seas..
Triple Jump
1.9Mary Lawson31' 8.00May 4Bay Rivers District Regul..
2.12Kayla Davis30' 9.50Apr 9Charles City Invitational
3.11Abby Spangler30' 7.25May 18VHSL 3A Conference 25
4.9Mckenna Garner29' 8.00Mar 19Shoot the Gun and Run Inv..
5.9Tori Pickett26' 3.75May 4Bay Rivers District Regul..

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