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100 Meters
1.17-18Alexandre Cort11.23aJul 9Junior Olympics Regionals
2.15-16Benjamin Wilt11.42aJun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
3.15-16Justin Falk11.76aJun 13Xtreme Speed Twilight Mee..
4.13-14Ethan Willems12.09aJun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
5.13-14Brayden Daher12.25aJun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
6.15-16Jason Jiacheng Lin12.73aJun 20SPS TRACK FESTIVAL
7.15-16Gavin Dixon12.87aJun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
8.13-14Kishin Shigemitsu13.26aJun 20SPS TRACK FESTIVAL
9.13-14Samuel Wilt13.37aJun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
10.11-12Tyler Williams13.45aMay 16SCAA
11.11-12Benny Brudnak13.49aJun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
12.11-12Branden Ganashamoorthy13.86aJun 20SPS TRACK FESTIVAL
13.11-12Conner Greninger14.20aJun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
14.11-12Jenson Willems14.29aJun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
15.11-12Anthony Smith14.34aJun 13Xtreme Speed Twilight Mee..
16.11-12Travis Kim14.65aMay 16SCAA
17.11-12Addison Barley15.02aMay 16SCAA
18.11-12Rustam Guest15.22aJun 20SPS TRACK FESTIVAL
19.9-10Makoa Pumphrey15.44aJun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
20.11-12Richard Palmer15.65aJun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
21.9-10Donevyn Wares15.71aJun 20SPS TRACK FESTIVAL
22.9-10Jacob JETT Elliott15.89aJun 20SPS TRACK FESTIVAL
23.11-12Gregory Wilt15.96aJun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
24.8UCaden Ganashamoorthy16.08aJun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
25.11-12Simon Kwon17.17aJun 20SPS TRACK FESTIVAL
26.8UDwayne Pocknett18.17aJun 20SPS TRACK FESTIVAL
200 Meters
1.17-18Alexandre Cort23.45aJun 20SPS TRACK FESTIVAL
2.15-16Benjamin Wilt23.51aJun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
3.15-16Justin Falk23.70aJul 9Junior Olympics Regionals
4.13-14Ethan Willems24.21aJul 9Junior Olympics Regionals
5.13-14Samuel Wilt26.16aJun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
6.15-16Gavin Dixon27.32aJun 13Xtreme Speed Twilight Mee..
7.13-14Kishin Shigemitsu27.43aJun 20SPS TRACK FESTIVAL
8.11-12Benny Brudnak27.54aJun 20SPS TRACK FESTIVAL
9.13-14Jake Lee27.81aJun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
10.11-12Tyler Williams27.99aMay 16SCAA
11.11-12Branden Ganashamoorthy28.35aJun 20SPS TRACK FESTIVAL
12.11-12Addison Barley29.14aJun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
13.11-12Simon Kwon29.17aJul 9Junior Olympics Regionals
14.11-12Anthony Smith29.26aJun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
15.11-12Conner Greninger29.97aJun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
16.11-12Jenson Willems30.67aMay 16SCAA
17.11-12Rustam Guest31.49aMay 16SCAA
18.11-12Gregory Wilt32.51aJun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
19.11-12Richard Palmer32.89aJun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
20.9-10Makoa Pumphrey33.49aMay 16SCAA
21.9-10Donevyn Wares33.50aMay 16SCAA
22.8UCaden Ganashamoorthy34.01aJul 9Junior Olympics Regionals
23.9-10Dhruv Deepak34.88aJun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
24.9-10Gabriel Williamson35.41aJun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
25.9-10Jacob JETT Elliott35.92aJun 20SPS TRACK FESTIVAL
26.8UDwayne Pocknett42.35aMay 16SCAA
400 Meters
1.13-14Ethan Willems53.53aJul 9Junior Olympics Regionals
2.15-16Benjamin Wilt54.51aJun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
3.17-18Kyle Debruyn54.75aJun 20SPS TRACK FESTIVAL
4.15-16Justin Falk56.71aJun 20SPS TRACK FESTIVAL
13-14Brian Martinez56.71aJun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
6.13-14Samuel Wilt57.74aJun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
7.13-14Joe Waskom58.22aMay 16SCAA
8.13-14Jake Lee63.78aJun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
9.13-14Elian Joseph63.88aJun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
10.11-12Simon Kwon65.80aJul 9Junior Olympics Regionals
11.17-18Jarod Tavener65.82aJun 13Xtreme Speed Twilight Mee..
12.13-14Evan Brees65.94aJun 20SPS TRACK FESTIVAL
13.11-12Anthony Smith68.12aJun 20SPS TRACK FESTIVAL
14.11-12Travis Kim68.54aMay 16SCAA
15.11-12Addison Barley71.32aJun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
16.9-10Makoa Pumphrey72.14aJun 20SPS TRACK FESTIVAL
17.11-12Conner Greninger72.62aMay 16SCAA
18.11-12Rustam Guest73.03aJun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
19.9-10Gabriel Williamson77.53aJun 13Xtreme Speed Twilight Mee..
20.9-10Jacob JETT Elliott83.01aJun 13Xtreme Speed Twilight Mee..
21.9-10Hudson Atrosh83.87aJun 20SPS TRACK FESTIVAL
22.9-10Donevyn Wares85.35aJun 13Xtreme Speed Twilight Mee..
23.9-10Dhruv Deepak1:31.73aMay 16SCAA
24.11-12Philip Kleemann1:34.19aJun 13Xtreme Speed Twilight Mee..
800 Meters
1.13-14Brian Martinez2:09.54aJun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
2.15-16Jared Taylor2:18.50aJun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
3.13-14Elian Joseph2:19.58aJul 9Junior Olympics Regionals
4.13-14Aidan Cantine2:22.34aJun 20SPS TRACK FESTIVAL
5.13-14Evan Brees2:29.72aJun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
6.11-12Anthony Smith2:30.76aJun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
7.11-12Philip Kleemann2:31.91aJun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
8.17-18Jarod Tavener2:36.52aJun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
9.11-12Simon Kwon2:46.09aJun 13Xtreme Speed Twilight Mee..
10.9-10Makoa Pumphrey2:46.43aJun 13Xtreme Speed Twilight Mee..
11.9-10Hudson Atrosh2:58.82aJun 20SPS TRACK FESTIVAL
12.9-10Gabriel Williamson3:08.14aJun 20SPS TRACK FESTIVAL
1500 Meters
1.13-14Joe Waskom4:18.49aJul 9Junior Olympics Regionals
2.13-14Brian Martinez4:26.89aMay 16SCAA
3.13-14Elian Joseph4:59.34aMay 16SCAA
4.11-12Anthony Smith5:03.41aJul 9Junior Olympics Regionals
5.13-14Evan Brees5:04.98aMay 16SCAA
6.17-18Jarod Tavener5:17.79aJun 20SPS TRACK FESTIVAL
7.9-10Hudson Atrosh5:35.13aJul 9Junior Olympics Regionals
8.9-10Gabriel Williamson6:44.32aJun 13Xtreme Speed Twilight Mee..
3000 Meters
1.13-14Joe Waskom9:30.65aJul 9Junior Olympics Regionals
80m Hurdles - 30"
1.11-12Benny Brudnak14.95aJun 20SPS TRACK FESTIVAL
100m Hurdles - 39"
1.13-14Brayden Daher16.01aJul 9Junior Olympics Regionals
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.15-16Mark Mikulak15.66aJul 9Junior Olympics Regionals
2.15-16Jason Jiacheng Lin19.26aJun 13Xtreme Speed Twilight Mee..
200m Hurdles - 30"
1.13-14Brayden Daher28.32aJun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
200m Hurdles - 36"
1.13-14Brayden Daher27.99aJul 9Junior Olympics Regionals
400m Hurdles - 36"
1.17-18Elliott Tan60.09aJul 9Junior Olympics Regionals
2.15-16Mark Mikulak62.15aJul 9Junior Olympics Regionals
3.15-16Calvin Brindle67.83aJun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
4x100 Relay
1.13-14Ethan Willems
Jake Lee
Kishin Shigemitsu
Tyler Williams
50.76aJun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
2.13-14Brayden Daher
Ethan Willems
Jake Lee
Kishin Shigemitsu
51.02aJul 9Junior Olympics Regionals
3.11-12Anthony Smith
Branden Ganashamoorthy
Conner Greninger
Jenson Willems
54.87aJul 9Junior Olympics Regionals
4x400 Relay
1.15-16Alex Hamilton
Calvin Brindle
Jared Taylor
Justin Falk
3:55.63aJul 9Junior Olympics Regionals
2.13-14Aidan Cantine
Elian Joseph
Evan Brees
Jake Lee
4:19.11aJun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
3.13-14Relay Team 4:30.45aJun 20SPS TRACK FESTIVAL
4.11-12Anthony Smith
Philip Kleemann
Rustam Guest
Simon Kwon
4:45.22aJun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
5.9-10Dhruv Deepak
Donevyn Wares
Gabriel Williamson
Hudson Atrosh
5:20.65aJul 9Junior Olympics Regionals
6.9-10Donevyn Wares
Gabriel Williamson
Jacob JETT Elliott
Makoa Pumphrey
5:35.45aJun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
7.-Hudson Atrosh
Jacob JETT Elliott
Makoa Pumphrey
Gabriel Williamson
5:44.85aMay 16SCAA
4x800 Relay
1.13-14Aidan Cantine
Elian Joseph
Jake Lee
Joe Waskom
9:35.51aJul 9Junior Olympics Regionals
Shot Put - 6lb
1.15-16Gavin Dixon7.65m Jun 13Xtreme Speed Twilight Mee..
2.11-12Gregory Wilt6.43m Jul 9Junior Olympics Regionals
3.9-10Dhruv Deepak6.03m Jun 20SPS TRACK FESTIVAL
4.11-12Philip Kleemann5.97m May 16SCAA
5.9-10Gabriel Williamson4.36m Jun 13Xtreme Speed Twilight Mee..
6.9-10Hudson Atrosh4.27m Jun 13Xtreme Speed Twilight Mee..
Shot Put - 16lb
1.15-16Gavin Dixon7.85m Jun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
2.9-10Dhruv Deepak6.07m Jun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
3.11-12Bram Schenck5.52m Jun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
4.11-12Gregory Wilt5.37m Jun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
Discus - 1kg
1.15-16Gavin Dixon24.38m Jun 20SPS TRACK FESTIVAL
2.11-12Bram Schenck13.76m Jun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
Javelin - 300g TJ
1.11-12Richard Palmer35.48m Jun 20SPS TRACK FESTIVAL
2.9-10Dhruv Deepak24.40m Jul 9Junior Olympics Regionals
3.13-14Kishin Shigemitsu23.39m Jul 9Junior Olympics Regionals
4.8UDwayne Pocknett18.60m Jul 9Junior Olympics Regionals
5.11-12Gregory Wilt15.31m Jul 9Junior Olympics Regionals
Javelin - 300g
1.11-12Richard Palmer35.26m Jun 13Xtreme Speed Twilight Mee..
2.8UCaden Ganashamoorthy15.42m Jun 13Xtreme Speed Twilight Mee..
3.11-12Jenson Willems13.44m Jun 13Xtreme Speed Twilight Mee..
4.8UDwayne Pocknett13.39m Jun 13Xtreme Speed Twilight Mee..
High Jump
1.15-16Jason Jiacheng Lin1.70m Jul 9Junior Olympics Regionals
Pole Vault
1.17-18Matthew Dickinson4.15m Jul 9Junior Olympics Regionals
2.15-16Alex Hamilton3.65m Jul 9Junior Olympics Regionals
Long Jump
1.15-16Calvin Brindle5.40m Jun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
2.11-12Branden Ganashamoorthy4.68m Jun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
3.11-12Tyler Williams4.27m May 16SCAA
4.11-12Philip Kleemann4.16m Jun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
5.11-12Conner Greninger4.10m Jun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
6.11-12Addison Barley3.89m Jun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
7.9-10Makoa Pumphrey3.85m Jun 20SPS TRACK FESTIVAL
8.9-10Donevyn Wares3.75m Jun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
9.11-12Rustam Guest3.75m May 16SCAA
10.9-10Jacob JETT Elliott3.21m Jul 9Junior Olympics Regionals
11.8UCaden Ganashamoorthy3.10m Jun 20SPS TRACK FESTIVAL
12.8UDwayne Pocknett2.86m Jun 20SPS TRACK FESTIVAL
Triple Jump
1.15-16Calvin Brindle11.38m Jul 9Junior Olympics Regionals


100 Meters
1.15-16Rikita Bansal13.17aJun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
2.17-18Alisia Chen13.27aJun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
3.13-14Bryana Rogers13.33aJun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
4.11-12Makena Wick13.43aJun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
5.15-16Isobel McCann13.82aJun 13Xtreme Speed Twilight Mee..
6.13-14Rio Kemmotsu14.12aJun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
7.13-14Emma Gorman14.26aJun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
8.9-10Jana Willems14.30aJul 9Junior Olympics Regionals
9.15-16Olivia Schlosstein14.46aJun 13Xtreme Speed Twilight Mee..
10.13-14Victoria Hsieh14.62aJun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
11.13-14Maite Storseth15.50aMay 16SCAA
12.13-14Riley Quick15.60aJun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
13.13-14Nicole Falicov15.69aJun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
14.13-14Lauren Sturgill15.70aMay 16SCAA
15.9-10Thea Smith15.96aJun 20SPS TRACK FESTIVAL
16.11-12Ella Brees16.99aMay 16SCAA
17.8UMalu Touras17.33aJun 13Xtreme Speed Twilight Mee..
18.9-10Hanna Shigemitsu17.34aJun 20SPS TRACK FESTIVAL
19.9-10Amrita Gujarati18.15aJun 20SPS TRACK FESTIVAL
20.9-10Alexa Matora19.03aJun 13Xtreme Speed Twilight Mee..
21.9-10Caitlyn Pocknett20.00aMay 16SCAA
200 Meters
1.17-18Elena Joseph27.19aJun 20SPS TRACK FESTIVAL
2.11-12Makena Wick27.62aJun 20SPS TRACK FESTIVAL
3.17-18Alisia Chen27.63aJun 20SPS TRACK FESTIVAL
4.15-16Camila Smith28.29aJun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
5.13-14Bryana Rogers28.44aJun 13Xtreme Speed Twilight Mee..
6.15-16Isobel McCann28.70aJun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
7.13-14Hannah Ganashamoorthy29.00aMay 16SCAA
8.13-14Eden Elliott30.12aMay 16SCAA
9.13-14Emma Gorman30.43aMay 16SCAA
13-14Rio Kemmotsu30.43aJun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
11.15-16Olivia Schlosstein30.51aJun 20SPS TRACK FESTIVAL
11-12Isabelle Cairns30.51aJun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
13.13-14Victoria Hsieh30.76aJun 20SPS TRACK FESTIVAL
14.13-14Regina Guest31.18aMay 16SCAA
15.9-10Jana Willems31.91aMay 16SCAA
16.13-14Nicole Falicov33.96aJun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
17.9-10Thea Smith33.98aJun 20SPS TRACK FESTIVAL
18.13-14Riley Quick34.19aMay 16SCAA
19.8UMalu Touras36.52aJul 9Junior Olympics Regionals
20.9-10Sabrina Chun36.61aJun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
21.9-10Caitlyn Pocknett46.36aJun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
400 Meters
1.15-16Camila Smith61.35aJun 20SPS TRACK FESTIVAL
2.11-12Makena Wick61.38aJul 9Junior Olympics Regionals
3.17-18Elena Joseph61.82aJun 20SPS TRACK FESTIVAL
4.13-14Kate Jendrezak62.66aJun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
5.17-18Sarah Hart63.12aJun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
6.15-16Elena Willems64.34aJun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
7.13-14Emma Gorman64.96aJun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
8.11-12Isabelle Cairns65.75aJul 9Junior Olympics Regionals
9.17-18Alisia Chen67.78aJun 20SPS TRACK FESTIVAL
10.13-14Bryana Rogers68.12aJun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
11.11-12Danielle Taylor68.73aMay 16SCAA
12.13-14Eden Elliott70.20aJun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
13.11-12Faith Martinez70.43aJun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
14.13-14Victoria Hsieh71.42aJun 13Xtreme Speed Twilight Mee..
15.13-14Regina Guest72.49aMay 16SCAA
16.11-12Maya Cantine74.72aJun 20SPS TRACK FESTIVAL
17.9-10Thea Smith75.49aJul 9Junior Olympics Regionals
18.13-14Rainier Bozarth76.76aJun 20SPS TRACK FESTIVAL
19.13-14Nicole Falicov80.06aJun 13Xtreme Speed Twilight Mee..
20.13-14Riley Quick81.05aMay 16SCAA
21.9-10Sabrina Chun81.95aJun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
22.8UMalu Touras83.25aJul 9Junior Olympics Regionals
23.9-10Tatum Ford83.81aJun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
24.11-12Ella Brees89.28aJun 20SPS TRACK FESTIVAL
800 Meters
1.13-14Kate Jendrezak2:21.22aJul 9Junior Olympics Regionals
2.15-16Elena Willems2:21.25aJul 9Junior Olympics Regionals
3.17-18Dominique Taylor2:23.35aJul 9Junior Olympics Regionals
4.17-18Sarah Hart2:24.85aJul 9Junior Olympics Regionals
5.15-16Camila Smith2:25.67aJun 20SPS TRACK FESTIVAL
6.17-18Elena Joseph2:25.77aJul 9Junior Olympics Regionals
7.15-16Bethany Clowers2:28.15aJun 13Xtreme Speed Twilight Mee..
8.11-12Isabelle Cairns2:29.79aJul 9Junior Olympics Regionals
9.13-14Emma Gorman2:29.96aJun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
10.15-16Aliya Schenck2:36.14aJun 13Xtreme Speed Twilight Mee..
11.11-12Faith Martinez2:36.65aJun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
12.11-12Danielle Taylor2:39.00aJun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
13.11-12Maya Cantine2:46.13aJun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
14.15-16Allison Bunker2:46.63aJun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
15.13-14Rainier Bozarth2:59.04aJun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
16.9-10Tatum Ford3:03.37aJun 13Xtreme Speed Twilight Mee..
17.11-12Ella Brees3:23.34aJun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
1500 Meters
1.13-14Kate Jendrezak4:50.12aJul 9Junior Olympics Regionals
2.17-18Sarah Hart4:59.34aJul 9Junior Olympics Regionals
3.15-16Bethany Clowers5:09.26aJun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
4.15-16Elena Willems5:15.64aJun 13Xtreme Speed Twilight Mee..
5.11-12Faith Martinez5:28.13aJun 13Xtreme Speed Twilight Mee..
6.11-12Maya Cantine5:34.38aJun 20SPS TRACK FESTIVAL
7.13-14Rainier Bozarth5:47.06aMay 16SCAA
3000 Meters
1.15-16Aliya Schenck11:29.69aJul 9Junior Olympics Regionals
80m Hurdles - 30"
1.11-12Ella Brees19.15aJun 20SPS TRACK FESTIVAL
100m Hurdles - 30"
1.13-14Hannah Ganashamoorthy16.60aJun 13Xtreme Speed Twilight Mee..
2.15-16Olivia Schlosstein17.82aJun 13Xtreme Speed Twilight Mee..
3.13-14Regina Guest18.35aJun 13Xtreme Speed Twilight Mee..
4.17-18Maria Mikulak20.78aJun 13Xtreme Speed Twilight Mee..
5.13-14Eden Elliott22.57aJun 13Xtreme Speed Twilight Mee..
6.13-14Riley Quick22.59aJun 13Xtreme Speed Twilight Mee..
7.13-14Lauren Sturgill22.84aJun 13Xtreme Speed Twilight Mee..
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.13-14Hannah Ganashamoorthy16.16aJul 9Junior Olympics Regionals
2.13-14Regina Guest17.83aJun 20SPS TRACK FESTIVAL
3.15-16Olivia Schlosstein18.01aJun 20SPS TRACK FESTIVAL
4.17-18Maria Mikulak19.55aJun 20SPS TRACK FESTIVAL
5.13-14Maite Storseth19.60aJul 9Junior Olympics Regionals
6.13-14Eden Elliott19.66aMay 16SCAA
7.13-14Amaya Storseth19.68aJun 20SPS TRACK FESTIVAL
8.17-18Sonoma Brill20.84aJul 9Junior Olympics Regionals
9.13-14Riley Quick22.50aJun 20SPS TRACK FESTIVAL
10.13-14Lauren Sturgill22.56aMay 16SCAA
200m Hurdles - 30"
1.13-14Hannah Ganashamoorthy29.54aJun 20SPS TRACK FESTIVAL
2.13-14Amaya Storseth33.77aJun 20SPS TRACK FESTIVAL
3.13-14Regina Guest33.90aJun 20SPS TRACK FESTIVAL
4.13-14Eden Elliott33.92aJun 20SPS TRACK FESTIVAL
5.13-14Lauren Sturgill35.25aJun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
6.13-14Maite Storseth35.55aJun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
7.13-14Riley Quick37.22aJun 13Xtreme Speed Twilight Mee..
200m Hurdles - 33"
1.13-14Hannah Ganashamoorthy29.36aJul 9Junior Olympics Regionals
400m Hurdles - 30"
1.17-18Sonoma Brill74.45aJul 9Junior Olympics Regionals
2.15-16Bethany Clowers77.70aJun 13Xtreme Speed Twilight Mee..
3.15-16Allison Bunker83.87aJun 13Xtreme Speed Twilight Mee..
4.15-16Aliya Schenck84.74aJun 13Xtreme Speed Twilight Mee..
4x100 Relay
1.11-12Bryana Rogers
Hannah Ganashamoorthy
Maite Storseth
Rio Kemmotsu
56.09aMay 16SCAA
2.13-14Relay Team 61.87aMay 16SCAA
4x400 Relay
1.13-14Eden Elliott
Emma Gorman
Kate Jendrezak
Regina Guest
4:29.83aJul 9Junior Olympics Regionals
2.13-14Relay Team 4:39.51aJun 20SPS TRACK FESTIVAL
3.-Maya Cantine
Faith Martinez
Danielle Taylor
Makena Wick
4:45.26aMay 16SCAA
4.11-12Eden Elliott
Emma Gorman
Rainier Bozarth
Regina Guest
4:53.35aMay 16SCAA
4x800 Relay
1.17-18Alexa Bauman
Dominique Taylor
Elena Joseph
Sarah Hart
9:57.64aJul 9Junior Olympics Regionals
2.15-16Aliya Schenck
Bethany Clowers
Camila Smith
Elena Willems
10:29.93aJul 9Junior Olympics Regionals
3.11-12Danielle Taylor
Isabelle Cairns
Makena Wick
Maya Cantine
11:15.07aJul 9Junior Olympics Regionals
Shot Put - 6lb
1.13-14Amaya Storseth7.10m Jun 20SPS TRACK FESTIVAL
2.13-14Rio Kemmotsu7.08m Jun 20SPS TRACK FESTIVAL
3.9-10Hanna Shigemitsu5.61m Jun 20SPS TRACK FESTIVAL
4.9-10Amrita Gujarati4.96m Jul 9Junior Olympics Regionals
5.9-10Caitlyn Pocknett4.80m Jul 9Junior Olympics Regionals
6.8UMalu Touras3.89m May 16SCAA
Shot Put - 4kg
1.13-14Maite Storseth8.37m Jun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
2.13-14Bryana Rogers7.65m May 16SCAA
3.13-14Rio Kemmotsu7.53m Jul 9Junior Olympics Regionals
4.9-10Hanna Shigemitsu5.07m Jun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
5.9-10Caitlyn Pocknett4.23m Jun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
Javelin - 300g TJ
1.8UMalu Touras16.26m Jul 9Junior Olympics Regionals
2.9-10Hanna Shigemitsu13.17m Jun 20SPS TRACK FESTIVAL
3.9-10Caitlyn Pocknett13.13m Jul 9Junior Olympics Regionals
4.9-10Sabrina Chun10.87m Jun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
5.9-10Amrita Gujarati9.42m Jul 9Junior Olympics Regionals
Javelin - 300g
1.8UMalu Touras14.91m Jun 13Xtreme Speed Twilight Mee..
2.9-10Sabrina Chun10.34m Jun 13Xtreme Speed Twilight Mee..
Pole Vault
1.13-14Lauren Sturgill2.12m Jul 9Junior Olympics Regionals
Long Jump
1.13-14Hannah Ganashamoorthy5.11m Jul 9Junior Olympics Regionals
2.13-14Bryana Rogers4.90m Jul 9Junior Olympics Regionals
3.15-16Rikita Bansal4.82m Jul 9Junior Olympics Regionals
4.15-16Olivia Schlosstein4.29m Jun 20SPS TRACK FESTIVAL
5.15-16Isobel McCann4.28m Jun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
6.11-12Makena Wick4.18m May 16SCAA
7.13-14Emma Gorman3.91m May 16SCAA
8.13-14Lauren Sturgill3.87m Jun 6Cascade Striders Invitati..
9.9-10Jana Willems3.08m Jul 9Junior Olympics Regionals
10.9-10Thea Smith3.01m Jun 20SPS TRACK FESTIVAL
11.9-10Tatum Ford2.57m May 16SCAA
12.8UMalu Touras2.51m Jun 13Xtreme Speed Twilight Mee..
13.9-10Caitlyn Pocknett2.24m May 16SCAA
14.9-10Alexa Matora1.96m May 16SCAA
Triple Jump
1.15-16Rikita Bansal10.29m Jun 13Xtreme Speed Twilight Mee..
2.15-16Olivia Schlosstein8.90m Jun 20SPS TRACK FESTIVAL

* = Recent improvement

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