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    Spudders - Ridgefield, WA

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100 Meters
1.12David Causey11.56aMar 21Rainier Icebreaker I..
2.12Nathan Eggleston12.31aMar 21Rainier Icebreaker I..
3.10Billy Griffith12.94cMar 19GSHL: RAL and RIDG @..
4.10*Shawn Chandra13.84cMar 26Ridgefield @ Mark Mo..
200 Meters
1.12*David Causey23.64cMar 26Ridgefield @ Mark Mo..
2.9*Ethan Carpenter25.94cMar 26Ridgefield @ Mark Mo..
3.10Shawn Chandra27.94cMar 19GSHL: RAL and RIDG @..
400 Meters
1.10Brandon Lehto53.33aMar 21Rainier Icebreaker I..
2.11*Sam Anderson58.54cMar 26Ridgefield @ Mark Mo..
3.9Ethan Carpenter59.27aMar 21Rainier Icebreaker I..
4.9*Miles Bethel62.14cMar 26Ridgefield @ Mark Mo..
400 Meters - Relay Split
1.10Brandon Lehto52.80Mar 19GSHL: RAL and RIDG @..
2.10Silas Griffith56.10Mar 19GSHL: RAL and RIDG @..
3.9*Ethan Carpenter58.50Mar 26Ridgefield @ Mark Mo..
4.9Ciarnin McNeil59.30Mar 21Rainier Icebreaker I..
5.11Dominick Miles59.90Mar 19GSHL: RAL and RIDG @..
6.9Miles Bethel62.70Mar 21Rainier Icebreaker I..
800 Meters
1.10Silas Griffith2:09.90Mar 19GSHL: RAL and RIDG @..
2.10Brandon Lehto2:16.70Mar 19GSHL: RAL and RIDG @..
3.11Sam Anderson2:18.00Mar 19GSHL: RAL and RIDG @..
4.10Izaya Hamilton2:24.10Mar 19GSHL: RAL and RIDG @..
5.10Zach Vasilas2:25.10Mar 19GSHL: RAL and RIDG @..
6.11Jacob Martinez2:25.20Mar 19GSHL: RAL and RIDG @..
7.9Miles Bethel2:26.11aMar 21Rainier Icebreaker I..
8.12*Colin Stalcup2:31.70Mar 26Ridgefield @ Mark Mo..
1600 Meters
1.10*Silas Griffith4:37.10Mar 26Ridgefield @ Mark Mo..
2.11Sam Anderson5:08.62aMar 21Rainier Icebreaker I..
3.9Ciarnin McNeil5:12.47aMar 21Rainier Icebreaker I..
4.9Miles Bethel5:21.40Mar 19GSHL: RAL and RIDG @..
5.10*Andrew Goering6:05.90Mar 26Ridgefield @ Mark Mo..
6.9Jordan Mast6:35.00Mar 19GSHL: RAL and RIDG @..
3200 Meters
1.10Silas Griffith10:15.55aMar 21Rainier Icebreaker I..
2.11*Sam Anderson11:20.40Mar 26Ridgefield @ Mark Mo..
3.9*Ciarnin McNeil11:28.80Mar 26Ridgefield @ Mark Mo..
4.11Lorenzo Ponce11:57.36aMar 21Rainier Icebreaker I..
5.9*Miles Bethel12:16.20Mar 26Ridgefield @ Mark Mo..
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.11*Jacob Burggraff18.04cMar 26Ridgefield @ Mark Mo..
2.12Anthony Bruno18.74cMar 19GSHL: RAL and RIDG @..
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.12*Anthony Bruno46.84cMar 26Ridgefield @ Mark Mo..
4x100 Relay
1.*Relay Team 45.54cMar 26Ridgefield @ Mark Mo..
2.Anthony Bruno
Jacob Burggraff
Nathan Eggleston
David Causey
46.15aMar 21Rainier Icebreaker I..
4x400 Relay
1.Relay Team 3:49.00Mar 19GSHL: RAL and RIDG @..
2.Silas Griffith
Ethan Carpenter
Brandon Lehto
Ciarnin McNeil
4:04.43aMar 21Rainier Icebreaker I..
SMR 100-100-200-400m
1.Relay Team 1:59.95aMar 21Rainier Icebreaker I..
Shot Put - 12lb
1.12*Nathan Eggleston40' 0.75Mar 26Ridgefield @ Mark Mo..
2.9*Miles Bethel29' 11.75Mar 26Ridgefield @ Mark Mo..
3.10*Joshua Silves29' 1.00Mar 26Ridgefield @ Mark Mo..
4.9Jordan Post28' 11.00Mar 19GSHL: RAL and RIDG @..
5.9Jordan Mast27' 0.00Mar 19GSHL: RAL and RIDG @..
6.11Dominic Jordan-Drew23' 8.00Mar 19GSHL: RAL and RIDG @..
7.10Andrew Post21' 8.00Mar 19GSHL: RAL and RIDG @..
8.9*Kellen Hartnett16' 3.00Mar 26Ridgefield @ Mark Mo..
9.9*Nathan Karn12' 9.50Mar 26Ridgefield @ Mark Mo..
10.10Jaden Kreger24?00Mar 19GSHL: RAL and RIDG @..
9Kobee Nelson18?09Mar 19GSHL: RAL and RIDG @..
10Shawn Chandra25?10Mar 19GSHL: RAL and RIDG @..
Discus - 1.6kg
1.10*Joshua Silves85' 9.00Mar 26Ridgefield @ Mark Mo..
2.9Jordan Post68' 9.00Mar 21Rainier Icebreaker I..
3.9Jordan Mast68' 5.00Mar 19GSHL: RAL and RIDG @..
4.9*Kellen Hartnett32' 5.00Mar 26Ridgefield @ Mark Mo..
5.10Andrew Post49?09Mar 19GSHL: RAL and RIDG @..
9Kobee Nelson42?09Mar 19GSHL: RAL and RIDG @..
11Dominic Jordan-Drew54?03Mar 19GSHL: RAL and RIDG @..
Javelin - 800g
1.11*Jacob Burggraff144' 0.00Mar 26Ridgefield @ Mark Mo..
2.10*Brandon Lehto130' 8.00Mar 26Ridgefield @ Mark Mo..
3.9Jordan Post101' 6.00Mar 19GSHL: RAL and RIDG @..
4.10Billy Griffith95' 7.50Mar 19GSHL: RAL and RIDG @..
5.9Jordan Mast88' 0.00Mar 19GSHL: RAL and RIDG @..
6.9Miles Bethel74' 10.50Mar 19GSHL: RAL and RIDG @..
7.10Jaden Kreger58' 9.00Mar 19GSHL: RAL and RIDG @..
8.9Kobee Nelson57' 8.50Mar 19GSHL: RAL and RIDG @..
9.11Dominic Jordan-Drew53' 0.00Mar 19GSHL: RAL and RIDG @..
10.9*Kellen Hartnett49' 3.00Mar 26Ridgefield @ Mark Mo..
High Jump
1.10*Zach Vasilas5' 6.00Mar 26Ridgefield @ Mark Mo..
2.11Jacob BurggraffNHMar 21Rainier Icebreaker I..
10Izaya HamiltonNHMar 19GSHL: RAL and RIDG @..
10Billy GriffithNHMar 19GSHL: RAL and RIDG @..
Long Jump
1.12David Causey20' 2.50Mar 21Rainier Icebreaker I..
2.10Izaya Hamilton16' 11.00Mar 19GSHL: RAL and RIDG @..
3.10*Shawn Chandra16' 3.00Mar 26Ridgefield @ Mark Mo..
4.10Billy Griffith15' 8.00Mar 19GSHL: RAL and RIDG @..
5.12Nathan Eggleston15' 7.00Mar 19GSHL: RAL and RIDG @..
6.9*Nathan Karn10' 6.50Mar 26Ridgefield @ Mark Mo..
Triple Jump
1.10*Billy Griffith30' 3.00Mar 26Ridgefield @ Mark Mo..
2.9*Ethan Carpenter30' 0.50Mar 26Ridgefield @ Mark Mo..


100 Meters
1.12Raigan Page13.22aMar 21Rainier Icebreaker I..
2.12Kaylene Brink13.54cMar 19GSHL: RAL and RIDG @..
3.11Brooke Potter14.29aMar 21Rainier Icebreaker I..
4.9Leah Dixon15.44cMar 19GSHL: RAL and RIDG @..
5.9Samantha Rutledge15.74cMar 19GSHL: RAL and RIDG @..
6.9Kelsey Colombe18.04cMar 19GSHL: RAL and RIDG @..
200 Meters
1.12Raigan Page27.14cMar 19GSHL: RAL and RIDG @..
2.11*Brooke Potter29.24cMar 26Ridgefield @ Mark Mo..
3.12*Paige Smith29.44cMar 26Ridgefield @ Mark Mo..
4.12*Emily Langdon29.84cMar 26Ridgefield @ Mark Mo..
5.9Samantha Rutledge33.54cMar 19GSHL: RAL and RIDG @..
400 Meters
1.11*Chloe Lindbo63.44cMar 26Ridgefield @ Mark Mo..
2.12*Kaylene Brink64.14cMar 26Ridgefield @ Mark Mo..
3.12Raigan Page64.21aMar 21Rainier Icebreaker I..
400 Meters - Relay Split
1.12Raigan Page63.10Mar 19GSHL: RAL and RIDG @..
2.11Chloe Lindbo64.30Mar 21Rainier Icebreaker I..
3.12Kaylene Brink65.00Mar 19GSHL: RAL and RIDG @..
4.9Lexie Rutherford66.40Mar 21Rainier Icebreaker I..
5.11Brooke Potter67.00Mar 21Rainier Icebreaker I..
6.11*Lexi Wells68.40Mar 26Ridgefield @ Mark Mo..
7.11Kelly Casper69.30Mar 19GSHL: RAL and RIDG @..
8.12Bailey Birch69.40Mar 19GSHL: RAL and RIDG @..
9.10Makayla Draper74.80Mar 19GSHL: RAL and RIDG @..
10.12Emily Langdon77.30Mar 19GSHL: RAL and RIDG @..
11.10*Grace Shields84.40Mar 26Ridgefield @ Mark Mo..
800 Meters
1.11Chloe Lindbo2:32.90Mar 19GSHL: RAL and RIDG @..
2.9Lexie Rutherford2:34.00aMar 21Rainier Icebreaker I..
3.12Kaylene Brink2:36.78aMar 21Rainier Icebreaker I..
4.11*Kelly Casper2:54.20Mar 26Ridgefield @ Mark Mo..
5.10*Makayla Draper2:58.80Mar 26Ridgefield @ Mark Mo..
6.9Leah Dixon3:10.40Mar 19GSHL: RAL and RIDG @..
7.10Grace Shields3:16.00Mar 19GSHL: RAL and RIDG @..
1600 Meters
1.9*Lexie Rutherford5:36.90Mar 26Ridgefield @ Mark Mo..
2.12Bailey Birch5:44.79aMar 21Rainier Icebreaker I..
3.11*Lexi Wells5:55.80Mar 26Ridgefield @ Mark Mo..
4.10*Makayla Draper6:35.90Mar 26Ridgefield @ Mark Mo..
5.10Lana Bockstadter6:52.00Mar 19GSHL: RAL and RIDG @..
6.12Emily Langdon6:58.00Mar 19GSHL: RAL and RIDG @..
7.10*Grace Shields7:53.80Mar 26Ridgefield @ Mark Mo..
3200 Meters
1.12Bailey Birch12:29.40Mar 19GSHL: RAL and RIDG @..
2.10Makayla Draper14:35.78aMar 21Rainier Icebreaker I..
3.10*Lana Bockstadter15:39.40Mar 26Ridgefield @ Mark Mo..
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.10*Makeila Wilson21.94cMar 26Ridgefield @ Mark Mo..
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.11Kelly Casper58.38aMar 21Rainier Icebreaker I..
2.10*Makeila Wilson63.44cMar 26Ridgefield @ Mark Mo..
3.10Lana Bockstadter66.00aMar 21Rainier Icebreaker I..
4x100 Relay
1.*Relay Team 53.74cMar 26Ridgefield @ Mark Mo..
2.Kaylene Brink
Brooke Potter
Emily Langdon
Paige Smith
54.22aMar 21Rainier Icebreaker I..
4x200 Relay
1.Relay Team 1:51.90Mar 19GSHL: RAL and RIDG @..
4x400 Relay
1.Relay Team 4:24.50Mar 19GSHL: RAL and RIDG @..
2.Brooke Potter
Lexie Rutherford
Kaylene Brink
Chloe Lindbo
4:25.38aMar 21Rainier Icebreaker I..
Shot Put - 4kg
1.11*Autumn McBeth27' 7.00Mar 26Ridgefield @ Mark Mo..
2.10Megan DeBroek26' 0.96Mar 19GSHL: RAL and RIDG @..
3.10*Natalie Eussen23' 10.00Mar 26Ridgefield @ Mark Mo..
4.9*McKenzie Ullom22' 5.50Mar 26Ridgefield @ Mark Mo..
5.12Hailey McGraw21' 0.50Mar 21Rainier Icebreaker I..
6.9Lexi Carnell20' 1.00Mar 19GSHL: RAL and RIDG @..
10Kaitlyn Braunstein20' 1.00Mar 19GSHL: RAL and RIDG @..
8.9*Summer Nolan17' 6.00Mar 26Ridgefield @ Mark Mo..
9.9*Hannah Coulter17' 5.00Mar 26Ridgefield @ Mark Mo..
Discus - 1kg
1.11*Autumn McBeth71' 8.00Mar 26Ridgefield @ Mark Mo..
2.12Hailey McGraw62' 0.00Mar 19GSHL: RAL and RIDG @..
3.10*Megan DeBroek55' 11.00Mar 26Ridgefield @ Mark Mo..
4.9*McKenzie Ullom55' 0.00Mar 26Ridgefield @ Mark Mo..
5.9*Hannah Coulter53' 2.00Mar 26Ridgefield @ Mark Mo..
6.9Lexi Carnell52' 5.00Mar 21Rainier Icebreaker I..
7.10*Kaitlyn Braunstein52' 0.00Mar 26Ridgefield @ Mark Mo..
8.9Samantha Rutledge65?10Mar 19GSHL: RAL and RIDG @..
Javelin - 600g
1.12*Cami Pickett90' 7.00Mar 26Ridgefield @ Mark Mo..
2.12Hailey McGraw62' 9.00Mar 19GSHL: RAL and RIDG @..
3.9*McKenzie Ullom60' 4.00Mar 26Ridgefield @ Mark Mo..
4.10Kaitlyn Braunstein58' 1.00Mar 21Rainier Icebreaker I..
5.9*Hannah Coulter43' 1.00Mar 26Ridgefield @ Mark Mo..
6.10*Natalie Eussen39' 9.00Mar 26Ridgefield @ Mark Mo..
7.9Lexi Carnell49?01Mar 19GSHL: RAL and RIDG @..
High Jump
1.11Chloe Lindbo4' 10.00Mar 19GSHL: RAL and RIDG @..
2.12Paige SmithNHMar 19GSHL: RAL and RIDG @..
Pole Vault
1.12*Tori Pfeifer6' 0.00Mar 26Ridgefield @ Mark Mo..
Long Jump
1.12*Cami Pickett14' 3.50Mar 26Ridgefield @ Mark Mo..
2.9Samantha Rutledge10' 7.75Mar 19GSHL: RAL and RIDG @..
3.9*Summer Nolan10' 5.50Mar 26Ridgefield @ Mark Mo..
4.9Kelsey Colombe7' 4.50Mar 19GSHL: RAL and RIDG @..
Triple Jump
1.12*Cami Pickett29' 6.00Mar 26Ridgefield @ Mark Mo..
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