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100 Meters
1.10Bryan Griffith11.78aApr 30League at CSRK
2.11David Cross12.74cMay 7Trico @ WDLD
3.9Richard Impson13.91aApr 30League at CSRK
4.11Brandon CampbellNTApr 10Trico @Kalama
12Tyler MilerDQApr 16Trico League
200 Meters
1.10Bryan Griffith24.94cMay 7Trico @ WDLD
2.11Josh Miller25.01aApr 16Trico League
3.12Tyler Miler25.48aMar 27Trico @ STEV
4.9Austin Pearson26.74aApr 30League at CSRK
5.9Tyrell Townley27.14cApr 23Trico @ Ridgefield
6.10Jason Cain27.24aApr 30League at CSRK
7.9Jordan Vigil27.84cApr 23Trico @ Ridgefield
8.9Austin Brannan27.90aApr 30League at CSRK
9.9Zane Zapfe29.14cApr 23Trico @ Ridgefield
9Andrew Brusse29.14cApr 23Trico @ Ridgefield
11.9Garrett Paginton31.24cMay 7Trico @ WDLD
12.9Richard Impson31.50aApr 30League at CSRK
13.9Cameron Harris34.64cMay 7Trico @ WDLD
14.9Luke NicholsDQApr 30League at CSRK
400 Meters
1.12Tyler Miler53.48aApr 30League at CSRK
2.11Ty O'Neal54.62aMay 2Panther Twilight
3.9Tyrell Townley56.44aApr 30League at CSRK
4.12Brandon Albrecht60.77aMar 27Trico @ STEV
5.9Jordan Vigil61.54cApr 23Trico @ Ridgefield
6.9Austin Brannan61.94cApr 23Trico @ Ridgefield
7.10Jason Cain62.04cApr 23Trico @ Ridgefield
8.9Austin Pearson62.50aMar 27Trico @ STEV
9.9Andrew Brusse69.60aMar 27Trico @ STEV
10.9Garrett Paginton74.44cMay 7Trico @ WDLD
11.9Cameron Harris82.44cApr 23Trico @ Ridgefield
800 Meters
1.11Ty O'Neal2:12.68aApr 30League at CSRK
2.9Jordan Vigil2:20.42aApr 25Bruin Invitational
3.9Tyrell Townley2:21.52aMay 2Panther Twilight
4.9Austin Pearson2:23.95aApr 25Bruin Invitational
5.9Austin Brannan2:25.03aMar 27Trico @ STEV
6.9Zane Zapfe2:26.76aApr 16Trico League
7.10Jason Cain2:29.59aMar 27Trico @ STEV
8.9Andrew Brusse2:31.80Apr 23Trico @ Ridgefield
9.9Richard Impson2:44.61aApr 30League at CSRK
1600 Meters
1.9Jordan Vigil5:20.90aMar 27Trico @ STEV
2.9Zane Zapfe5:23.45aApr 25Bruin Invitational
3.12Carlos Lehrke5:24.10May 7Trico @ WDLD
4.9Tyrell Townley5:26.52aMar 27Trico @ STEV
5.9Austin Brannan5:41.80Apr 16Trico League
6.9Andrew Brusse5:51.16aApr 19Al McKee Invitationa..
7.10Jason Cain5:58.24aApr 30League at CSRK
8.9Richard Impson5:59.38aApr 19Al McKee Invitationa..
9.9Garrett Paginton7:28.87aApr 30League at CSRK
3200 Meters
1.9Jordan Vigil11:09.13aMay 161A Trico Sub-Distric..
2.9Zane Zapfe11:50.64aApr 19Al McKee Invitationa..
3.12Carlos Lehrke11:56.20Apr 23Trico @ Ridgefield
4.9Austin Brannan12:51.50aApr 25Bruin Invitational
5.9Andrew Brusse12:54.30aApr 25Bruin Invitational
6.9Richard Impson13:18.70Apr 23Trico @ Ridgefield
7.10Jason Cain13:26.60May 7Trico @ WDLD
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Tyler Miler43.22aMay 9Spudder Track & Fiel..
2.11Ty O'Neal43.68aMay 161A Trico Sub-Distric..
4x100 Relay
1.-Josh Miller
Brandon Campbell
Tyler Miler
Bryan Griffith
45.60aApr 30League at CSRK
2.-Bryan Griffith
Josh Miller
Brandon Campbell
Ty O'Neal
45.85aMay 231A District 4 Champi..
3.-Brandon Campbell
Tyler Miler
Bryan Griffith
Josh Miller
45.89aMay 2Panther Twilight
4.-Bryan Griffith
Josh Miller
Brandon Campbell
Tyler Miler
46.24aApr 25Bruin Invitational
5.-Bryan Griffith
Brandon Campbell
Josh Miller
Tyler Miler
46.48aApr 10Trico @Kalama
6.-Tyler Miler
Bryan Griffith
Josh Miller
Brandon Campbell
46.60aMar 27Trico @ STEV
4x400 Relay
1.-Tyler Miler
Tyrell Townley
Josh Miller
Ty O'Neal
3:43.43aMay 2Panther Twilight
2.-Andrew Brusse
Austin Brannan
Tyrell Townley
Richard Impson
3:45.51aApr 16Trico League
3.-Tyler Miler
Ty O'Neal
Josh Miller
Tyrell Townley
3:49.47aApr 19Al McKee Invitationa..
4.-Relay Team 4:08.40May 7Trico @ WDLD
5.-Ty O'Neal
Tyler Miler
Austin Brannan
Luke Nichols
4:18.90Apr 23Trico @ Ridgefield
6.-Tyler Miler
Ty O'Neal
Bryan Griffith
Austin Pearson
4:56.78aApr 10Trico @Kalama
7.-Austin Brannan
Austin Pearson
Tyrell Townley
Brandon Albrecht
DQMar 27Trico @ STEV
-Ty O'Neal
Josh Miller
Tyler Miler
Tyrell Townley
NTMay 9Spudder Track & Fiel..
Shot Put - 12lb
1.11Lucas Wahto39' 9.50May 2Panther Twilight
2.11Josh Anderson37' 9.50Mar 27Trico @ STEV
3.11Josh Miller35' 7.00Mar 27Trico @ STEV
4.11Casey Wendell33' 10.00May 7Trico @ WDLD
5.11David Cross33' 2.00May 7Trico @ WDLD
6.11Jessie Futter30' 9.00Mar 27Trico @ STEV
7.11Walker Sacon30' 1.50Mar 27Trico @ STEV
Discus - 1.6kg
1.11David Cross99' 1.00May 7Trico @ WDLD
2.11Walker Sacon86' 4.00Apr 10Trico @Kalama
3.11Casey Wendell81' 1.00Apr 16Trico League
4.11Josh Anderson79' 0.00Mar 27Trico @ STEV
5.9Jordan Vigil69' 7.00Apr 10Trico @Kalama
Javelin - 800g
1.11Brandon Campbell141' 5.00Apr 25Bruin Invitational
2.11Walker Sacon134' 2.00Apr 10Trico @Kalama
3.9Luke Nichols118' 9.00Apr 25Bruin Invitational
4.11Lucas Wahto115' 0.00Apr 30League at CSRK
5.11Casey Wendell93' 4.00May 7Trico @ WDLD
6.11Jessie Futter85' 10.00Mar 27Trico @ STEV
7.11David Cross63' 8.00Mar 27Trico @ STEV
High Jump
1.11Ty O'Neal5' 10.00May 7Trico @ WDLD
2.11Lucas Wahto5' 4.00Apr 23Trico @ Ridgefield
3.9Zane ZapfeDQApr 30League at CSRK
9Austin PearsonDQApr 30League at CSRK
12Brandon AlbrechtDQMar 27Trico @ STEV
Pole Vault
1.11Brandon Campbell14' 0.00May 161A Trico Sub-Distric..
2.11Josh Miller11' 7.00Apr 16Trico League
3.9Luke Nichols10' 6.00May 9Spudder Track & Fiel..
4.10Bryan Griffith9' 0.00Apr 16Trico League
Long Jump
1.11Brandon Campbell20' 3.00May 2Panther Twilight
2.11David Cross18' 4.50May 7Trico @ WDLD
3.9Austin Pearson17' 8.00Apr 30League at CSRK
4.12Brandon Albrecht17' 2.50Mar 27Trico @ STEV
5.9Luke Nichols16' 7.00Apr 10Trico @Kalama
6.9Tyrell TownleyNDApr 10Trico @Kalama
10Bryan GriffithDQApr 16Trico League
11Casey WendellDQApr 16Trico League
11Lucas WahtoDQApr 30League at CSRK
Triple Jump
1.11Ty O'Neal40' 4.00May 231A District 4 Champi..
2.11Josh Miller40' 1.50May 231A District 4 Champi..
3.9Luke Nichols33' 7.50Mar 27Trico @ STEV
4.11Lucas WahtoNDApr 10Trico @Kalama


100 Meters
1.9Yuvia Marquez14.68aApr 30League at CSRK
2.9Tekoko Kurth14.72aMar 27Trico @ STEV
3.11Isabella Napierela15.04cMay 7Trico @ WDLD
200 Meters
1.11Madison McCrum28.43aApr 16Trico League
2.9Sawyer Schroeder30.45aApr 16Trico League
3.9Yuvia Marquez31.12aMay 161A Trico Sub-Distric..
4.9Isabella Pitcher33.78aApr 30League at CSRK
5.9Tekoko KurthDQApr 19Al McKee Invitationa..
11Rachel ZenkDQApr 16Trico League
400 Meters
1.9Sawyer Schroeder65.33aApr 16Trico League
2.12Jewel McKee67.14cMay 7Trico @ WDLD
3.11Rachel Zenk68.84cMay 7Trico @ WDLD
4.9Yuvia Marquez70.97aApr 30League at CSRK
5.11Brianna Fielding75.04aApr 25Bruin Invitational
6.9Isabella Pitcher83.71aApr 30League at CSRK
800 Meters
1.12Jewel McKee2:30.96aMay 231A District 4 Champi..
2.9Isabella Pitcher3:21.00May 7Trico @ WDLD
3.11Kimberly IsordiaDQMar 27Trico @ STEV
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.12Jewel McKee17.44aMay 161A Trico Sub-Distric..
2.9Tekoko Kurth17.94cApr 10Trico @Kalama
3.11Rachel ZenkNTApr 10Trico @Kalama
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.12Jewel McKee51.78aMay 2Panther Twilight
4x100 Relay
1.-Lexy McKee
Tekoko Kurth
Yuvia Marquez
Sawyer Schroeder
60.78aMar 27Trico @ STEV
2.-Yuvia Marquez
Isabella Napierela
Tekoko Kurth
Rachel Zenk
DQMay 161A Trico Sub-Distric..
4x200 Relay
1.-Madison McCrum
Lexy McKee
Sawyer Schroeder
Jewel McKee
2:01.39aMar 27Trico @ STEV
2.-Sawyer Schroeder
Yuvia Marquez
Madison McCrum
Jewel McKee
2:01.65aApr 19Al McKee Invitationa..
3.-Lexy McKee
Sawyer Schroeder
Madison McCrum
Jewel McKee
2:02.50Apr 10Trico @Kalama
4.-Jewel McKee
Tekoko Kurth
Yuvia Marquez
Sawyer Schroeder
NTApr 23Trico @ Ridgefield
4x400 Relay
1.-Sawyer Schroeder
Jewel McKee
Madison McCrum
Rachel Zenk
4:22.78aMay 231A District 4 Champi..
2.-Brianna Fielding
Jewel McKee
Sawyer Schroeder
Tekoko Kurth
4:42.00Apr 19Al McKee Invitationa..
3.-Jewel McKee
Rachel Zenk
Yuvia Marquez
Sawyer Schroeder
4:45.35aMay 9Spudder Track & Fiel..
4.-Jewel McKee
Rachel Zenk
Sawyer Schroeder
Isabella Pitcher
4:56.37aApr 10Trico @Kalama
5.-Sawyer Schroeder
Kimberly Isordia
Rachel Zenk
Jewel McKee
DQMar 27Trico @ STEV
-Jewel McKee
Brianna Fielding
Tekoko Kurth
Sawyer Schroeder
NTApr 23Trico @ Ridgefield
Shot Put - 4kg
1.11Kendra Nichols29' 3.00May 161A Trico Sub-Distric..
2.11Isabella Napierela26' 1.00Apr 10Trico @Kalama
3.12Jewel McKee24' 11.00May 7Trico @ WDLD
4.11Madison McCrum22' 3.00Apr 16Trico League
5.9Yuvia Marquez20' 8.00Apr 10Trico @Kalama
6.11Hannah Young20' 1.00Apr 16Trico League
7.11Rachel Zenk19' 9.00Apr 10Trico @Kalama
8.12Christine Long19' 3.25Mar 27Trico @ STEV
Discus - 1kg
1.11Kendra Nichols72' 11.00Apr 30League at CSRK
2.12Jewel McKee71' 5.00Mar 27Trico @ STEV
3.11Brianna Fielding70' 11.00Mar 27Trico @ STEV
4.12Faith Udall63' 11.00Apr 10Trico @Kalama
5.11Isabella Napierela55' 5.00Mar 27Trico @ STEV
6.12Christine LongDQMar 27Trico @ STEV
11Hannah YoungDQApr 16Trico League
Javelin - 600g
1.11Rachel Zenk60' 3.00May 2Panther Twilight
2.12Faith Udall54' 3.00Apr 10Trico @Kalama
3.12Christine LongNDApr 10Trico @Kalama
High Jump
1.11Isabella Napierela4' 6.00Apr 10Trico @Kalama
2.11Brianna Fielding4' 5.00May 7Trico @ WDLD
3.11Kendra Nichols4' 2.00Apr 10Trico @Kalama
4.11Hannah YoungDQApr 16Trico League
Pole Vault
1.11Madison McCrum8' 0.00May 231A District 4 Champi..
2.11Rachel Zenk7' 9.00May 231A District 4 Champi..
3.10Lexy McKeeDQMar 27Trico @ STEV
Long Jump
1.11Madison McCrum17' 3.00May 311A, 1B & 2B State Ch..
2.10Lexy McKee12' 11.00Apr 10Trico @Kalama
3.11Isabella Napierela12' 10.25May 161A Trico Sub-Distric..
4.9Tekoko Kurth12' 6.50Apr 16Trico League
5.11Rachel Zenk11' 8.00May 7Trico @ WDLD
6.9Sawyer Schroeder10' 11.50Apr 16Trico League
Triple Jump
1.11Madison McCrum35' 1.50May 161A Trico Sub-Distric..
2.10Lexy McKee29' 2.50Apr 10Trico @Kalama
3.11Hannah YoungDQApr 16Trico League
11Isabella NapierelaDQApr 19Al McKee Invitationa..
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