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      Goats - Chelan, WA

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100 Meters
1.11Lane Molina11.84cMar 26Chelan, Entiat, Casc..
2.10Dillon Novich11.98aApr 7Ephrata JV Invite
3.12Skyler Rolfson12.25aApr 7Ephrata JV Invite
4.10Sam Hawley12.57aApr 7Ephrata JV Invite
5.12Matt Antonio12.74cMar 17Royal Classic
6.11Derek Griffith13.14cMar 26Chelan, Entiat, Casc..
7.9Jacob Bekel13.24cMar 26Chelan, Entiat, Casc..
8.9Caleb Dodge13.36aApr 7Ephrata JV Invite
9.11Ty Schwartz13.42aApr 7Ephrata JV Invite
10.9Wes McCrady13.77aApr 7Ephrata JV Invite
11.12Francisco Artega13.78aApr 7Ephrata JV Invite
12.9Javier Pastor13.92aApr 7Ephrata JV Invite
13.11Jose Padilla14.04aApr 7Ephrata JV Invite
14.11Dane Schwartz14.35aApr 7Ephrata JV Invite
15.11Dalton Dietrich14.79aApr 7Ephrata JV Invite
16.12Kevin Morris16.19aApr 7Ephrata JV Invite
17.12Jairo De La CruzDNSApr 7Ephrata JV Invite
200 Meters
1.11Lane Molina25.46aApr 11Cashmere Invitationa..
2.12Skyler Rolfson25.98aApr 7Ephrata JV Invite
3.11Derek Griffith26.42aApr 7Ephrata JV Invite
4.12Matt Antonio26.49aApr 7Ephrata JV Invite
5.9Jacob Bekel26.99aApr 7Ephrata JV Invite
6.9Caleb Dodge27.08aApr 7Ephrata JV Invite
7.11Ty Schwartz28.54cMar 26Chelan, Entiat, Casc..
8.9Javier Pastor29.35aApr 7Ephrata JV Invite
9.12Jairo De La Cruz30.57aApr 7Ephrata JV Invite
10.11Michael Tutino31.58aApr 7Ephrata JV Invite
11.9Braden WilliamsDNSApr 7Ephrata JV Invite
400 Meters
1.11Julian Buyas61.01aApr 7Ephrata JV Invite
2.11Derek Griffith61.64cMar 26Chelan, Entiat, Casc..
3.11Lane Molina64.74cMar 26Chelan, Entiat, Casc..
4.9Braden WilliamsDNSApr 7Ephrata JV Invite
11Ty SchwartzDNSApr 11Cashmere Invitationa..
800 Meters
1.12Ivan Reyes2:19.10Mar 26Chelan, Entiat, Casc..
1500 Meters
1.10Mereck Palazzo4:41.67aApr 11Cashmere Invitationa..
2.12Giovanni Reyes5:02.72aApr 11Cashmere Invitationa..
1600 Meters
1.12Giovanni Reyes5:13.00Mar 26Chelan, Entiat, Casc..
2.12Ivan Reyes5:13.63aApr 7Ephrata JV Invite
3.9Jose Torres5:47.69aApr 7Ephrata JV Invite
3000 Meters
1.12Ivan Reyes10:19.89aApr 11Cashmere Invitationa..
3200 Meters
1.10Mereck Palazzo11:13.79aApr 7Ephrata JV Invite
2.12Ivan Reyes11:38.75aApr 7Ephrata JV Invite
3.12Giovanni ReyesSCRMar 17Royal Classic
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.10Sam Hawley21.82aApr 7Ephrata JV Invite
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.10Sam Hawley49.23aApr 7Ephrata JV Invite
4x100 Relay
1.Lane Molina
Matt Antonio
Donny Watson
Dillon Novich
47.22aApr 11Cashmere Invitationa..
2.Dillon Novich
Julian Buyas
Lane Molina
Donny Watson
48.24aApr 7Ephrata JV Invite
3.Matt Antonio
Julian Buyas
Donny Watson
Skyler Rolfson
49.74cMar 17Royal Classic
4.Caleb Dodge
Dillon Novich
Wes McCrady
Jairo De La Cruz
51.94cMar 17Royal Classic
5.Skyler Rolfson
Matt Antonio
Javier Pastor
Caleb Dodge
51.99aApr 7Ephrata JV Invite
4x200 Relay
1.Bryan Cadena
Skyler Rolfson
Wes McCrady
Caleb Dodge
1:49.60Mar 17Royal Classic
4x400 Relay
1.Julian Buyas
Dillon Dawson
Jairo De La Cruz
Donny Watson
3:53.60Mar 17Royal Classic
2.Lane Molina
Julian Buyas
Dillon Novich
Donny Watson
3:54.87aApr 11Cashmere Invitationa..
3.Julian Buyas
Donny Watson
Dillon Novich
Derek Griffith
4:01.00aApr 7Ephrata JV Invite
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.Dillon Dawson
Mereck Palazzo
Ivan Reyes
Jose Torres
12:23.00Mar 17Royal Classic
Shot Put - 12lb
1.11Jose Padilla56' 10.00Mar 17Royal Classic
2.11Dalton Dietrich38' 5.50Apr 11Cashmere Invitationa..
3.12Kevin Morris37' 11.00Mar 26Chelan, Entiat, Casc..
4.12Francisco Artega34' 6.00Mar 17Royal Classic
5.11Ty Schwartz31' 1.75Apr 7Ephrata JV Invite
6.11Dane Schwartz30' 9.00Apr 7Ephrata JV Invite
Discus - 1.6kg
1.11Jose Padilla167' 1.00Apr 11Cashmere Invitationa..
2.11Dalton Dietrich96' 11.00Mar 17Royal Classic
3.12Francisco Artega93' 7.00Mar 26Chelan, Entiat, Casc..
4.11Dane Schwartz81' 1.00Apr 7Ephrata JV Invite
5.12Kevin Morris78' 10.00Mar 17Royal Classic
Javelin - 800g
1.10Dillon Novich146' 2.00Apr 11Cashmere Invitationa..
2.12Jairo De La Cruz128' 7.00Apr 7Ephrata JV Invite
3.11Ty Schwartz121' 11.00Apr 7Ephrata JV Invite
4.11Julian Buyas119' 9.00Apr 7Ephrata JV Invite
5.9Jacob Bekel102' 8.00Mar 26Chelan, Entiat, Casc..
6.11Michael Tutino84' 6.00Apr 7Ephrata JV Invite
High Jump
1.10Donny Watson5' 8.00Apr 11Cashmere Invitationa..
2.9Jacob Bekel4' 10.00Mar 26Chelan, Entiat, Casc..
Pole Vault
1.12Bryan Cadena12' 6.00Mar 17Royal Classic
2.9Braden Williams8' 0.00Mar 26Chelan, Entiat, Casc..
3.12Jairo De La Cruz7' 6.00Mar 17Royal Classic
4.9Javier Pastor7' 0.00Apr 7Ephrata JV Invite
Long Jump
1.11Derek Griffith18' 1.50Apr 7Ephrata JV Invite
2.12Matt Antonio17' 6.75Apr 11Cashmere Invitationa..
3.12Skyler Rolfson17' 2.00Apr 7Ephrata JV Invite
4.9Wes McCrady16' 0.00Mar 26Chelan, Entiat, Casc..
5.12Bryan Cadena15' 8.75Mar 17Royal Classic
6.11Tom ArmstrongDNSApr 7Ephrata JV Invite
11Lane MolinaDNSApr 7Ephrata JV Invite
9Braden WilliamsSCRApr 7Ephrata JV Invite
Triple Jump
1.10Donny Watson36' 1.50Apr 11Cashmere Invitationa..
2.9Wes McCrady33' 7.25Apr 11Cashmere Invitationa..
3.11Derek Griffith30' 10.00Apr 7Ephrata JV Invite
4.11Tom ArmstrongDNSApr 7Ephrata JV Invite


100 Meters
1.9Ava Dickes13.74cMar 26Chelan, Entiat, Casc..
2.11Bridget Wyant13.87aApr 11Cashmere Invitationa..
3.10Rebecca Ediger14.04cMar 17Royal Classic
4.9Lupe Galvan14.64cMar 26Chelan, Entiat, Casc..
5.11Sarah Goyne15.08aApr 7Ephrata JV Invite
6.9Esme Vera15.34cMar 17Royal Classic
7.11Eva Aneshansley15.47aApr 7Ephrata JV Invite
8.12Erika Arias19.75aApr 7Ephrata JV Invite
200 Meters
1.11Bridget Wyant29.94aApr 7Ephrata JV Invite
2.9Lupe Galvan31.24cMar 26Chelan, Entiat, Casc..
3.12Emma Elsner33.64cMar 26Chelan, Entiat, Casc..
4.11Melina EvigDNSApr 7Ephrata JV Invite
400 Meters
1.12Daisy Campos70.37aApr 7Ephrata JV Invite
2.10Allie Barnes70.73aApr 7Ephrata JV Invite
3.10Addie IvoryDNSApr 7Ephrata JV Invite
800 Meters
1.10Allie Barnes2:39.26aApr 7Ephrata JV Invite
2.12Daisy Campos2:45.18aApr 11Cashmere Invitationa..
3.10Addie Ivory2:45.90Mar 26Chelan, Entiat, Casc..
4.12Emma Elsner3:03.86aApr 11Cashmere Invitationa..
1500 Meters
1.10Allie Barnes5:26.07aApr 11Cashmere Invitationa..
2.9Olivia Nygreen5:55.89aApr 11Cashmere Invitationa..
1600 Meters
1.12Daisy Campos6:22.40Mar 26Chelan, Entiat, Casc..
2.10Allie BarnesDNSApr 7Ephrata JV Invite
10Addie IvoryDNSApr 7Ephrata JV Invite
3200 Meters
1.9Olivia Nygreen13:54.80aApr 7Ephrata JV Invite
2.10Addie IvorySCRMar 17Royal Classic
10Allie BarnesSCRMar 17Royal Classic
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.11Haley HollidayDNSMar 17Royal Classic
4x100 Relay
1.Bridget Wyant
Ava Dickes
Lupe Galvan
Rebecca Ediger
54.54cMar 17Royal Classic
2.Ava Dickes
Melina Evig
Rebecca Ediger
Bridget Wyant
54.68aApr 11Cashmere Invitationa..
3.Rebecca Ediger
Ava Dickes
Bridget Wyant
Haley Holliday
57.27aApr 7Ephrata JV Invite
4.Sarah Goyne
Rebecca Ediger
Lupe Galvan
Ava Dickes
58.04cMar 26Chelan, Entiat, Casc..
4x200 Relay
1.Ava Dickes
Rebecca Ediger
Daisy Campos
Bridget Wyant
1:59.15aApr 11Cashmere Invitationa..
2.Rebecca Ediger
Allie Barnes
Addie Ivory
Daisy Campos
2:00.40Mar 26Chelan, Entiat, Casc..
3.Haley Holliday
Bridget Wyant
Daisy Campos
Rebecca Ediger
2:04.00aApr 7Ephrata JV Invite
4.-Bridget Wyant
Haley Holiday
Drew Morris
Rebecca Ediger
DNSMar 17Royal Classic
4x400 Relay
1.Drew Morris
Daisy Campos
Addie Ivory
Allie Barnes
4:33.50Mar 17Royal Classic
2.Ava Dickes
Rebecca Ediger
Allie Barnes
Addie Ivory
4:48.40Mar 26Chelan, Entiat, Casc..
3.Daisy Campos
Allie Barnes
Ava Dickes
Olivia Nygreen
4:48.59aApr 7Ephrata JV Invite
4.Daisy Campos
Ava Dickes
Addie Ivory
Allie Barnes
DNSApr 11Cashmere Invitationa..
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.Daisy Campos
Drew Morris
Allie Barnes
Addie Ivory
14:14.20Mar 17Royal Classic
Shot Put - 4kg
1.11Haley Holliday25' 7.50Apr 11Cashmere Invitationa..
2.9Jordan Ryan25' 3.75Apr 11Cashmere Invitationa..
3.11Melina Evig24' 9.25Mar 26Chelan, Entiat, Casc..
4.11Sarah Goyne24' 1.00Mar 17Royal Classic
5.11Eva Aneshansley21' 2.00Mar 26Chelan, Entiat, Casc..
Discus - 1kg
1.11Melina Evig99' 6.00Apr 11Cashmere Invitationa..
2.11Sarah Goyne84' 2.00Apr 7Ephrata JV Invite
3.9Jordan Ryan67' 8.00Apr 7Ephrata JV Invite
4.11Haley Holliday66' 9.00Mar 26Chelan, Entiat, Casc..
Javelin - 600g
1.11Sarah Goyne88' 6.00Mar 17Royal Classic
2.11Drew Morris85' 7.00Mar 17Royal Classic
3.11Melina Evig82' 11.00Mar 17Royal Classic
4.11Haley Holliday72' 0.00Mar 26Chelan, Entiat, Casc..
5.11Eva Aneshansley65' 6.00Mar 26Chelan, Entiat, Casc..
6.12Emma Elsner63' 5.00Mar 26Chelan, Entiat, Casc..
7.9Jordan Ryan61' 1.00Apr 7Ephrata JV Invite
8.12Erika Arias33' 6.00Mar 17Royal Classic
High Jump
1.11Haley Holliday5' 0.00Mar 17Royal Classic
2.9Ava Dickes4' 6.00Mar 17Royal Classic
3.11Eva Aneshansley4' 4.00Apr 11Cashmere Invitationa..
Pole Vault
1.10Rebecca Ediger7' 6.00Mar 26Chelan, Entiat, Casc..
2.9Esme Vera6' 0.00Apr 7Ephrata JV Invite
Long Jump
1.10Rebecca Ediger13' 9.50Mar 17Royal Classic
2.9Ava Dickes12' 7.50Apr 7Ephrata JV Invite
3.9Esme VeraDNSApr 7Ephrata JV Invite
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