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      Cougars - Dublin, VA

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100 Meters
1.11Dontay Brown11.65aMay 21VHSL 4A Conference 24
2.12Tyler Vaughn11.68aMay 21VHSL 4A Conference 24
3.11Hunter Thomas12.08aApr 15All-American Relays
4.-Daemon Williams12.46aApr 16Blacksburg Invitational
5.9Breon Hopkins13.68aApr 16Blacksburg Invitational
6.10RJ BlevinsDNSApr 16Blacksburg Invitational
200 Meters
1.12Tyler Vaughn24.15aMay 21VHSL 4A Conference 24
2.12Hesus Hickman25.37aApr 15All-American Relays
3.10RJ Blevins25.79aApr 22Buffalo Invitational
4.11Hunter Thomas26.02aMay 14Knights Track Classic
5.-Daemon Williams26.65aApr 16Blacksburg Invitational
400 Meters
1.12Chris Taylor52.47aApr 22Buffalo Invitational
2.10Nathan Eldridge53.24aMay 21VHSL 4A Conference 24
3.10RJ Blevins54.78aMay 14Knights Track Classic
4.12Tyler Vaughn57.60aApr 16Blacksburg Invitational
5.12Phillip Tozier64.67aApr 16Blacksburg Invitational
6.9Gunnar Swecker66.34aApr 16Blacksburg Invitational
7.12Hesus HickmanDQApr 15All-American Relays
800 Meters
1.12Chris Taylor2:02.19aApr 15All-American Relays
2.10Ryan Smith2:09.56aMay 14Knights Track Classic
3.10Nathan Eldridge2:11.87aApr 22Buffalo Invitational
4.9Shaun King2:12.16aMay 14Knights Track Classic
5.10Garrett Smith2:18.29aApr 16Blacksburg Invitational
1600 Meters
1.12Chris Taylor4:32.17aApr 15All-American Relays
2.9Noah Whitlow4:48.89aMay 21VHSL 4A Conference 24
3.10Jake Winesett4:51.14aApr 16Blacksburg Invitational
4.11Brendan Guthrie5:02.04aApr 22Buffalo Invitational
5.10Sam Nall5:07.68aApr 15All-American Relays
3200 Meters
1.12Chris Taylor10:21.97aApr 22Buffalo Invitational
2.10Jake Winesett10:32.84aApr 15All-American Relays
3.9Noah Whitlow10:38.62aApr 15All-American Relays
4.10Sam Nall10:56.02aApr 16Blacksburg Invitational
5.11Brendan Guthrie10:57.90aApr 16Blacksburg Invitational
6.-Samuel Sam Nall11:05.01aMay 21VHSL 4A Conference 24
7.9James Guthrie11:26.28aMay 14Knights Track Classic
8.10Garrett SmithDNSMay 14Knights Track Classic
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.11Dontay Brown15.42aMay 21VHSL 4A Conference 24
2.10Levi Gray18.79aMay 21VHSL 4A Conference 24
3.9Derek Akers22.44aApr 16Blacksburg Invitational
4.9Dakota MillerDNSApr 16Blacksburg Invitational
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.11Nick Boitnett45.74aApr 15All-American Relays
2.11Dontay Brown50.59aApr 22Buffalo Invitational
3.10Levi Gray50.98aApr 15All-American Relays
4.9Dylan Arms51.97aMay 14Knights Track Classic
5.9Derek Akers55.96aApr 16Blacksburg Invitational
6.9Dakota MillerDNSApr 16Blacksburg Invitational
4x100 Relay
1.Relay Team 45.76aMay 21VHSL 4A Conference 24
4x400 Relay
1.Relay Team 3:39.43aMay 21VHSL 4A Conference 24
2.RJ Blevins
Nathan Eldridge
Chris Taylor
Hesus Hickman
3:43.99aApr 15All-American Relays
4x800 Relay
1.Nathan Eldridge
Shaun King
Ryan Smith
Chris Taylor
8:40.64aMay 25VHSL 4A West Regional
2.Relay Team 8:53.37aMay 21VHSL 4A Conference 24
3.Dylan Arms
Garrett Smith
Noah Whitlow
Nathan Eldridge
9:13.46aApr 15All-American Relays
SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8]
1.Levi Gray
Daemon Williams
Breon Hopkins
Phillip Tozier
4:36.13aApr 15All-American Relays
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.Relay Team DNSApr 16Blacksburg Invitational
Shot Put - 12lb
1.11Caleb Bishop52' 4.50Jun 3VHSL 4A State Championshi..
2.10Dj Gathers38' 5.50May 14Knights Track Classic
3.10Brody Fields38' 2.50Apr 16Blacksburg Invitational
4.-Reymon Williams32' 2.25Apr 16Blacksburg Invitational
Discus - 1.6kg
1.11Caleb Bishop125' 4.00May 21VHSL 4A Conference 24
2.10Brody Fields105' 0.00May 14Knights Track Classic
3.10Dj Gathers102' 0.00May 21VHSL 4A Conference 24
High Jump
1.10Levi Gray5' 2.00May 21VHSL 4A Conference 24
11Jared Niemen5' 2.00Apr 16Blacksburg Invitational
3.9Breon HopkinsDNSApr 16Blacksburg Invitational
9Dylan ArmsDNSApr 16Blacksburg Invitational
Long Jump
1.11Dontay Brown20' 11.00Apr 15All-American Relays
2.11Hunter Thomas19' 10.00Apr 15All-American Relays
3.11Nick Boitnett18' 10.00May 14Knights Track Classic
4.11Jared Niemen16' 10.50Apr 16Blacksburg Invitational
5.9Dakota MillerDNSApr 16Blacksburg Invitational
Triple Jump
1.11Dontay Brown41' 2.00Apr 15All-American Relays
2.10Levi Gray39' 7.50May 21VHSL 4A Conference 24
3.12Chris Taylor39' 5.00Apr 22Buffalo Invitational
4.10Ryan Smith37' 8.25Apr 16Blacksburg Invitational
5.11Jared Niemen35' 9.25Apr 16Blacksburg Invitational


100 Meters
1.10Carrie Smith12.99aMay 21VHSL 4A Conference 24
2.9Grace Boone13.29aMay 21VHSL 4A Conference 24
3.9Essence Mccloud15.13aApr 22Buffalo Invitational
200 Meters
1.9Grace Boone27.54aMay 21VHSL 4A Conference 24
2.10Amoret Dale28.93aApr 15All-American Relays
3.10Carrie SmithSCRMay 14Knights Track Classic
400 Meters
1.9Grace Boone61.24aMay 25VHSL 4A West Regional
2.10Amoret Dale66.86aApr 15All-American Relays
3.10Emily Southern73.03aMay 14Knights Track Classic
4.9Megan Cox74.72aApr 15All-American Relays
800 Meters
1.12Emily Llaneras2:28.47aMay 25VHSL 4A West Regional
2.9Grace Boone2:35.25aApr 15All-American Relays
3.9Megan Cox2:54.21aApr 22Buffalo Invitational
4.11Mikayla Cox2:54.75aMay 14Knights Track Classic
5.10Emily Southern3:04.52aApr 15All-American Relays
1600 Meters
1.9Elizabeth Be Nall5:20.83aMay 21VHSL 4A Conference 24
2.9Betsy Nall5:22.53aJun 3VHSL 4A State Championshi..
3.12Emily Llaneras5:50.74aMay 21VHSL 4A Conference 24
4.11Mikayla Cox7:00.95aApr 22Buffalo Invitational
3200 Meters
1.9Elizabeth Be Nall11:52.26aMay 21VHSL 4A Conference 24
2.9Betsy Nall11:54.34aMay 14Knights Track Classic
3.9Riley JarrelsDNSMay 14Knights Track Classic
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.10Katyln Fox20.14aMay 25VHSL 4A West Regional
2.9Hannah Bopp21.09aMay 21VHSL 4A Conference 24
3.9Essence Mccloud23.04aMay 14Knights Track Classic
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.10Katyln Fox56.15aMay 25VHSL 4A West Regional
2.9Hannah Bopp59.59aMay 14Knights Track Classic
3.9Essence Mccloud66.22aApr 22Buffalo Invitational
4x100 Relay
1.Relay Team 59.14aMay 21VHSL 4A Conference 24
4x400 Relay
1.Grace Boone
Amoret Dale
Katyln Fox
Emily Llaneras
4:32.37aApr 15All-American Relays
2.Relay Team 4:54.22aMay 21VHSL 4A Conference 24
4x800 Relay
1.Relay Team 11:55.90aMay 21VHSL 4A Conference 24
Shot Put - 4kg
1.12Helen Counts24' 11.75May 14Knights Track Classic
2.12Emily Llaneras24' 8.50Apr 15All-American Relays
3.10Savanna Willis21' 10.00May 14Knights Track Classic
Discus - 1kg
1.12Helen Counts74' 9.00May 25VHSL 4A West Regional
2.10Savanna Willis64' 2.00May 21VHSL 4A Conference 24
High Jump
1.9Essence MccloudNHApr 15All-American Relays
9Hannah BoppDNSMay 14Knights Track Classic
Long Jump
1.10Carrie Smith15' 8.00May 21VHSL 4A Conference 24
2.9Hannah Bopp11' 7.00May 21VHSL 4A Conference 24
3.9Essence Mccloud10' 4.25Apr 22Buffalo Invitational
Triple Jump
1.10Carrie Smith31' 4.50Apr 15All-American Relays
2.9Essence Mccloud28' 3.25Apr 15All-American Relays
3.9Hannah BoppDNSMay 14Knights Track Classic

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