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Royals - Bothell, WA

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100 Meters
1.11Richard Truong11.54cApr 3Lynnwood at Kamiak
2.12Kyle Shankle11.84cApr 3Lynnwood at Kamiak
3.9Henry Shaw12.14cApr 3Lynnwood at Kamiak
4.10Collin Decker12.34cApr 3Lynnwood at Kamiak
5.12David Vo12.43aMar 27Lynnwood & Jackson @..
6.10Matt Cooper12.45aMar 27Lynnwood & Jackson @..
7.10*Robert Bunger12.61aApr 12Davis Invational
8.10Liam Mortell13.04cApr 3Lynnwood at Kamiak
9.11Ajay Berry13.24cApr 3Lynnwood at Kamiak
11Antonio Samuel13.24cApr 3Lynnwood at Kamiak
11.11Anthony Sek13.34cApr 3Lynnwood at Kamiak
10Richard Kong13.34cApr 3Lynnwood at Kamiak
13.10Brody Knoth13.44cApr 3Lynnwood at Kamiak
14.9Ben BozemanDNSMar 27Lynnwood & Jackson @..
11Brennon Reed-HendersonNTApr 3Lynnwood at Kamiak
10Mathew YoungDNSMar 27Lynnwood & Jackson @..
10Alec EscalanteDNSMar 27Lynnwood & Jackson @..
11Andrew KatzenbergerDNSMar 27Lynnwood & Jackson @..
200 Meters
1.11Richard Truong23.64cApr 3Lynnwood at Kamiak
2.11Harold WilliamsII24.64cApr 3Lynnwood at Kamiak
3.9Henry Shaw25.24cApr 3Lynnwood at Kamiak
4.10Robert Bunger25.54cApr 3Lynnwood at Kamiak
11Antonio Samuel25.54cApr 3Lynnwood at Kamiak
6.10Staci Weaver25.74cApr 3Lynnwood at Kamiak
7.12Cole Jenkins27.00aMar 27Lynnwood & Jackson @..
8.11Ajay Berry27.24cApr 3Lynnwood at Kamiak
9.10Alec Escalante27.65aMar 27Lynnwood & Jackson @..
10.12Kyle Shankle28.16aMar 27Lynnwood & Jackson @..
11.10Brody KnothNTApr 3Lynnwood at Kamiak
400 Meters
1.11*Tyler McArthur51.52aApr 12Davis Invational
2.11Tyler Thompson56.33aMar 27Lynnwood & Jackson @..
3.10Alec Escalante59.04cApr 3Lynnwood at Kamiak
4.10Mathew Young61.74cApr 3Lynnwood at Kamiak
800 Meters
1.11Tyler McArthur2:00.20Apr 3Lynnwood at Kamiak
2.9Leul Wolde2:09.79aMar 27Lynnwood & Jackson @..
3.10Noah Johann2:19.70Apr 3Lynnwood at Kamiak
4.11Abe Meija2:21.00Apr 3Lynnwood at Kamiak
5.11Matthew Carwin2:25.27aMar 27Lynnwood & Jackson @..
6.11Nicholas Carwin2:27.00Apr 3Lynnwood at Kamiak
1600 Meters
1.9*Leul Wolde4:54.04aApr 12Davis Invational
2.10Noah Johann5:11.30Apr 3Lynnwood at Kamiak
3.11Abe Meija5:19.65aMar 27Lynnwood & Jackson @..
4.11Mahad Hufane5:25.20Apr 3Lynnwood at Kamiak
5.10Martin Chase5:29.70Apr 3Lynnwood at Kamiak
6.9Spenser Willard5:36.30Apr 3Lynnwood at Kamiak
7.9Drew Thomas5:56.40Apr 3Lynnwood at Kamiak
8.9Lorenz Barias6:12.35aMar 27Lynnwood & Jackson @..
9.11Matthew CarwinNTApr 3Lynnwood at Kamiak
3200 Meters
1.11Mahad Hufane11:37.40Apr 3Lynnwood at Kamiak
2.10Noah Johann12:19.35aMar 27Lynnwood & Jackson @..
3.9Lorenz Barias13:55.00Apr 3Lynnwood at Kamiak
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.12*David Vo16.33aApr 12Davis Invational
2.9Eric Vo30.29aMar 27Lynnwood & Jackson @..
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.12*David Vo42.44aApr 12Davis Invational
2.11Nicholas Carwin50.94cApr 3Lynnwood at Kamiak
3.9Elijah Edwards51.44cApr 3Lynnwood at Kamiak
4.9*Eric Vo51.47aApr 12Davis Invational
4x100 Relay
1.Kyle Shankle
Richard Troung
David Vo
Collin Decker
46.21aMar 27Lynnwood & Jackson @..
2.Andrew Katzenberger
Richard Troung
Harold WilliamsII
Liam Mortell
46.94cApr 3Lynnwood at Kamiak
3.Harold WilliamsII
Ajay Berry
Robert Bunger
Staci Weaver
49.42aMar 27Lynnwood & Jackson @..
4.Relay Team 49.94cApr 3Lynnwood at Kamiak
5.*Robert Bunger
Quinn Evans
Collin Decker
Eric Vo
DNFApr 12Davis Invational
4x400 Relay
1.Richard Troung
Harold WilliamsII
Tyler Thompson
Andrew Katzenberger
3:41.06aMar 27Lynnwood & Jackson @..
2.Tyler McArthur
Harold WilliamsII
Richard Troung
Abe Meija
3:51.00Apr 3Lynnwood at Kamiak
3.Relay Team 4:04.06aMar 27Lynnwood & Jackson @..
Shot Put - 12lb
1.11Andrew Katzenberger39' 9.50Mar 27Lynnwood & Jackson @..
2.9Harris Cutuck34' 6.50Mar 27Lynnwood & Jackson @..
3.9Mike Kirkman33' 2.50Mar 27Lynnwood & Jackson @..
4.10Mikao Kirkman33' 1.00Apr 3Lynnwood at Kamiak
5.11Kolbie Harthun24' 8.00Apr 3Lynnwood at Kamiak
6.11Brennon Reed-Henderson23' 5.00Apr 3Lynnwood at Kamiak
Discus - 1.6kg
1.11Andrew Katzenberger137' 9.00Apr 3Lynnwood at Kamiak
2.9Harris Cutuck111' 6.00Mar 27Lynnwood & Jackson @..
3.10Mikao Kirkman97' 7.00Mar 27Lynnwood & Jackson @..
4.9Mike Kirkman91' 5.00Apr 3Lynnwood at Kamiak
5.9Stephen Napitupulu72' 4.00Apr 3Lynnwood at Kamiak
Javelin - 800g
1.11Samir Rajih137' 11.00Mar 27Lynnwood & Jackson @..
2.11Alexander Mannos126' 8.00Apr 3Lynnwood at Kamiak
3.10Mikao Kirkman115' 9.00Mar 27Lynnwood & Jackson @..
4.11Amit Kaushal98' 8.00Mar 27Lynnwood & Jackson @..
5.9Mike Kirkman94' 5.00Apr 3Lynnwood at Kamiak
6.10Matt Cooper92' 7.00Mar 27Lynnwood & Jackson @..
7.9Ben Bozeman88' 10.00Apr 3Lynnwood at Kamiak
8.11Vinh Nguyen69' 0.00Mar 27Lynnwood & Jackson @..
9.10Brody KnothDNSMar 27Lynnwood & Jackson @..
9Harris CutuckNDApr 3Lynnwood at Kamiak
High Jump
1.11Tyler McArthur6' 2.00Apr 3Lynnwood at Kamiak
Pole Vault
1.10*Quinn Evans9' 6.00Apr 12Davis Invational
2.10Randy LuNHApr 3Lynnwood at Kamiak
Long Jump
1.10*Quinn Evans19' 4.50Apr 12Davis Invational
2.10Staci Weaver17' 9.00Apr 3Lynnwood at Kamiak
3.12Cole Jenkins16' 9.00Mar 27Lynnwood & Jackson @..
10Collin Decker16' 9.00Apr 3Lynnwood at Kamiak
5.10*Mathew Young15' 9.00Apr 12Davis Invational
6.9Elijah Edwards14' 5.50Apr 3Lynnwood at Kamiak
Triple Jump
1.10Collin Decker36' 4.00Mar 27Lynnwood & Jackson @..
2.12Cole Jenkins35' 0.00Mar 27Lynnwood & Jackson @..
3.9Elijah Edwards31' 1.00Apr 3Lynnwood at Kamiak


100 Meters
1.10Jordyn Edwards12.94aMar 27Lynnwood & Jackson @..
2.12Grace Douglas13.64cApr 3Lynnwood at Kamiak
3.10Natalie Brown13.73aMar 27Lynnwood & Jackson @..
4.9Peyton Reed-Henderson15.94cApr 3Lynnwood at Kamiak
5.9Brette McCartt16.84cApr 3Lynnwood at Kamiak
6.9Kaprice BostonDNSMar 27Lynnwood & Jackson @..
200 Meters
1.10Jordyn Edwards25.84cApr 3Lynnwood at Kamiak
2.9Kaprice Boston29.03aMar 27Lynnwood & Jackson @..
3.9Reilly WalshDNSMar 27Lynnwood & Jackson @..
9Audriawna AndradeNTApr 3Lynnwood at Kamiak
400 Meters
1.10Jordyn Edwards59.54cApr 3Lynnwood at Kamiak
2.12Grace Douglas63.45aMar 27Lynnwood & Jackson @..
3.11*Madison Bryson-Eyer65.23aApr 12Davis Invational
4.9Audriawna Andrade69.94cApr 3Lynnwood at Kamiak
800 Meters
1.10Mikayla Pivec2:20.70Apr 3Lynnwood at Kamiak
2.9Malia Pivec2:20.88aMar 27Lynnwood & Jackson @..
3.10*Alexa Schroeder2:40.89aApr 12Davis Invational
4.11Madison Bryson-Eyer2:44.50Apr 3Lynnwood at Kamiak
5.11Megan Blue2:45.78aMar 27Lynnwood & Jackson @..
6.9Hazel Cramer2:52.10Apr 3Lynnwood at Kamiak
1600 Meters
1.9Malia Pivec5:16.00Apr 3Lynnwood at Kamiak
2.10Mikayla Pivec5:20.39aMar 27Lynnwood & Jackson @..
3.10*Alexa Schroeder5:54.27aApr 12Davis Invational
4.12*Ashtin Markowski6:12.04aApr 12Davis Invational
5.11Megan Blue6:16.00Apr 3Lynnwood at Kamiak
6.12Abigail Martinez6:33.00Apr 3Lynnwood at Kamiak
3200 Meters
1.12Ashtin Markowski13:20.00Apr 3Lynnwood at Kamiak
2.10Jessica Mitchell14:26.00Apr 3Lynnwood at Kamiak
3.12Abigail Martinez14:47.00aMar 27Lynnwood & Jackson @..
4.10Alexa Schroeder15:53.00aMar 27Lynnwood & Jackson @..
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.9Rita Sakharov17.34cApr 3Lynnwood at Kamiak
2.10*Leslie Cho18.18aApr 12Davis Invational
3.9*Saron Almaw18.84aApr 12Davis Invational
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.9*Saron Almaw51.63aApr 12Davis Invational
2.10*Leslie Cho51.88aApr 12Davis Invational
3.9*Rita Sakharov52.06aApr 12Davis Invational
4.10Natalie Brown53.09aMar 27Lynnwood & Jackson @..
4x100 Relay
1.Natalie Brown
Leslie Cho
Saron Almaw
Rita Sakharov
54.54cApr 3Lynnwood at Kamiak
2.Natalie Brown
Leslie Cho
Reilly Walsh
Rita Sakahorav
55.20aMar 27Lynnwood & Jackson @..
4x200 Relay
1.Grace Douglas
Reilly Walsh
Milia Pivec
Saron Almaw
1:52.10Mar 27Lynnwood & Jackson @..
2.Natalie Brown
Saron Almaw
Malia Pivec
Melody Berezyuk
1:54.00Apr 3Lynnwood at Kamiak
4x400 Relay
1.Grace Douglas
Madison Bryson-Eyer
Jordyn Edwards
Mikayla Pivec
4:07.05aMar 27Lynnwood & Jackson @..
2.Grace Douglas
Madison Bryson-Eyer
Malia Pivec
Jordyn Edwards
4:09.40Apr 3Lynnwood at Kamiak
3.Relay Team 4:54.09aMar 27Lynnwood & Jackson @..
Shot Put - 4kg
1.12*Lacey Cosgrove26' 10.00Apr 12Davis Invational
2.11Danielle Anderson24' 3.50Mar 27Lynnwood & Jackson @..
3.9Emily Smatlak23' 2.00Apr 3Lynnwood at Kamiak
4.9Krista Brutman22' 5.25Mar 27Lynnwood & Jackson @..
5.10Robin Schultz20' 1.75Mar 27Lynnwood & Jackson @..
6.9Jane Schultz18' 6.75Mar 27Lynnwood & Jackson @..
7.9Aria Ching15' 11.50Mar 27Lynnwood & Jackson @..
Discus - 1kg
1.11Teri Almaw89' 5.00Mar 27Lynnwood & Jackson @..
2.12*Lacey Cosgrove80' 9.00Apr 12Davis Invational
3.10Robin Schultz71' 5.00Mar 27Lynnwood & Jackson @..
4.9Krista Brutman68' 9.00Apr 3Lynnwood at Kamiak
5.9Emily Smatlak68' 3.00Apr 3Lynnwood at Kamiak
6.10Katie Swan63' 5.00Apr 3Lynnwood at Kamiak
7.9Aria Ching49' 4.00Mar 27Lynnwood & Jackson @..
8.9Jane Schultz48' 7.00Mar 27Lynnwood & Jackson @..
9.11Danielle AndersonDNSMar 27Lynnwood & Jackson @..
Javelin - 600g
1.10Mikayla Pivec115' 4.00Apr 3Lynnwood at Kamiak
2.9*Emily Smatlak81' 6.00Apr 12Davis Invational
3.9Reilly Walsh61' 0.00Mar 27Lynnwood & Jackson @..
High Jump
1.10Mikayla Pivec4' 4.00Mar 27Lynnwood & Jackson @..
2.9Hazel Cramer4' 2.00Apr 3Lynnwood at Kamiak
3.9Jane Schultz4' 0.00Apr 3Lynnwood at Kamiak
Pole Vault
1.12*Abigail Martinez8' 0.00Apr 12Davis Invational
2.10Katie Swan7' 6.00Apr 3Lynnwood at Kamiak
Long Jump
1.10Jordyn Edwards16' 11.00Mar 27Lynnwood & Jackson @..
2.9Rita Sakharov14' 8.00Apr 3Lynnwood at Kamiak
3.12Melody Berezyuk13' 4.00Apr 3Lynnwood at Kamiak
4.10*Isabell GuajardoNDApr 12Davis Invational
Triple Jump
1.12Melody Berezyuk29' 7.00Apr 3Lynnwood at Kamiak
2.10*Isabell GuajardoNDApr 12Davis Invational
  * = Denotes a recent improvement
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