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Issaquah HS

    Eagles - Issaquah, WA

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100 Meters
1.11Ray Littles11.34cApr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
11Jake Nienhuis11.34cApr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
3.9Jaylen Carr11.54cApr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
4.10Brandon Lee11.64cApr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
5.10Jason Crandall11.84cMar 27Ballard @ Issaquah
12Joshua Wright11.84cApr 3Garfield @ Issaquah
7.12John Crandall12.04cApr 3Garfield @ Issaquah
9Joe Nelson12.04cMar 27Ballard @ Issaquah
9Mo Osman12.04cMar 27Ballard @ Issaquah
10.10Daniel Jo12.24cApr 3Garfield @ Issaquah
10Nick Thomas12.24cApr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
9Trey Gevers12.24cMar 20Issaquah, Monroe @ R..
13.12Michael Su12.34cApr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
14.11Nate Bagley12.44cApr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
11Chase Hawkins12.44cApr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
10Ian Lambert12.44cApr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
17.10Elliot Tan12.54cApr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
11Jack Jerue12.54cMar 27Ballard @ Issaquah
11Perry Tran12.54cMar 27Ballard @ Issaquah
20.10Ben Talley12.74cApr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
9Spencer Young12.74cApr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
22.10Noah Thomson12.84cApr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
23.10Arman Naderi12.94cApr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
24.10Erik Nelson13.04cApr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
25.11Ryan Qin13.14cApr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
26.9Ben Lewis14.24cMar 20Issaquah, Monroe @ R..
27.10Jay Ellis15.24cApr 3Garfield @ Issaquah
28.9Jeffrey Seligman16.64cMar 27Ballard @ Issaquah
100 Meters - Relay Split
1.11Jake Nienhuis11.40Mar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
2.9Jaylen Carr11.80Mar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
3.9Joe Nelson12.00Mar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
12John Crandall12.00Mar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
5.9Trey Gevers12.10Mar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
10Brandon Lee12.10Mar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
7.10Nick Thomas12.40Mar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
8.10Ian Lambert12.50Mar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
9.11Chase Hawkins12.70Mar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
10.10Jake Hancock13.30Mar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
11.9Spencer Young13.40Mar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
12.10Arman Naderi13.80Mar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
13.10Ben Talley14.30Mar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
14.9Ben Lewis14.40Mar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
200 Meters
1.11Jake Nienhuis22.94cApr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
2.10Jason Crandall24.04cMar 20Issaquah, Monroe @ R..
3.12John Crandall24.34cApr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
4.10Brandon Lee24.44cApr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
5.9Mo Osman24.94cApr 3Garfield @ Issaquah
9Trey Gevers24.94cApr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
7.10Ian Lambert25.54cMar 27Ballard @ Issaquah
8.10Jake Hancock25.74cMar 20Issaquah, Monroe @ R..
11Jack Jerue25.74cMar 20Issaquah, Monroe @ R..
10.11Ryan Qin25.84cMar 20Issaquah, Monroe @ R..
11Chase Hawkins25.84cMar 27Ballard @ Issaquah
12.10Nick Thomas25.94cApr 3Garfield @ Issaquah
10Daniel Jo25.94cApr 3Garfield @ Issaquah
14.10Elliot Tan26.14cMar 27Ballard @ Issaquah
9Spencer Young26.14cApr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
16.10Noah Thomson26.64cMar 27Ballard @ Issaquah
17.10Ben Talley26.94cApr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
18.10Arman Naderi27.24cApr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
19.9Ben Lewis27.44cMar 20Issaquah, Monroe @ R..
9Levi Costello27.44cApr 3Garfield @ Issaquah
21.10Erik Nelson28.14cApr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
200 Meters - Relay Split
1.11Jake Nienhuis23.60Mar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
2.11Ray Littles24.40Mar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
10Jason Crandall24.40Mar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
4.9Joe Nelson24.50Mar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
5.12John Crandall24.80Mar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
6.10Brandon Lee25.10Mar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
7.9Trey Gevers25.30Mar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
8.9Mo Osman25.70Mar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
9.12Joshua Wright25.90Mar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
10.11Chase Hawkins26.00Mar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
11.11Jack Jerue26.30Mar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
10Bradley zz-Amick-Hess26.30Mar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
13.10Daniel Jo26.40Mar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
14.10Ian Lambert26.50Mar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
15.12Caleb Walin26.70Mar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
16.9Andes Lee26.90Mar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
11Nate Bagley26.90Mar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
18.9Spencer Young27.00Mar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
12Michael Su27.00Mar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
20.10Jacob Brueckman27.10Mar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
10Jake Hancock27.10Mar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
22.11Perry Tran27.40Mar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
23.10Nick Thomas27.70Mar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
24.10Arman Naderi28.00Mar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
10Noah Thomson28.00Mar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
26.9Evan Johns28.10Mar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
27.9Levi Costello28.60Mar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
28.9Austin zz-Surprenant28.80Mar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
11Ryan Qin28.80Mar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
30.10Henry Johnson29.10Mar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
31.10Ben Talley29.50Mar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
32.9Ben Lewis29.80Mar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
300 Meters
1.11Jake Nienhuis37.84cMar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
2.10Jason Crandall38.04cMar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
3.11Ray Littles38.34cMar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
4.9Joe Nelson38.64cMar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
5.10Brandon Lee39.04cMar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
6.9Mo Osman39.54cMar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
7.12John Crandall39.84cMar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
8.12Caleb Walin40.54cMar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
9.9Trey Gevers40.84cMar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
10.10Jacob Brueckman40.94cMar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
11.10Bradley zz-Amick-Hess41.04cMar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
12.12Michael Su41.24cMar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
13.11Chase Hawkins41.74cMar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
11Jack Jerue41.74cMar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
15.12Joshua Wright41.84cMar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
16.10Ian Lambert41.94cMar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
17.11Perry Tran42.04cMar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
18.9Andes Lee42.14cMar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
19.10Daniel Jo42.84cMar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
10Elliot Tan42.84cMar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
21.9Evan Johns43.04cMar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
10Jake Hancock43.04cMar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
23.9Levi Costello43.34cMar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
24.10Noah Thomson43.44cMar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
25.11Nate Bagley43.94cMar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
26.9Spencer Young44.04cMar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
27.10Nick Thomas44.24cMar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
28.11Ryan Qin44.44cMar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
29.10Ben Talley44.54cMar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
30.10Arman Naderi45.54cMar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
9Ben Lewis45.54cMar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
32.9Austin zz-Surprenant46.44cMar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
33.10Henry Johnson46.54cMar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
400 Meters
1.12John Crandall54.04cApr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
2.11Ray Littles54.94cApr 3Garfield @ Issaquah
3.10Brandon Lee55.64cMar 27Ballard @ Issaquah
4.10Jason Crandall55.74cApr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
5.9Evan Johns57.64cApr 3Garfield @ Issaquah
6.10Ian Lambert58.34cMar 27Ballard @ Issaquah
7.9Levi Costello58.94cMar 27Ballard @ Issaquah
8.10Jake Hancock60.54cMar 27Ballard @ Issaquah
400 Meters - Relay Split
1.11Jake Nienhuis51.80Apr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
2.10Jason Crandall53.30Mar 29Liberty Invite
3.12John Crandall53.60Mar 27Ballard @ Issaquah
4.11Ray Littles54.10Mar 20Issaquah, Monroe @ R..
5.12Caleb Walin54.20Apr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
6.12Damian Piquet-Charles54.70Apr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
7.10Kennan Schrag54.80Mar 27Ballard @ Issaquah
8.10Brandon Lee55.40Mar 20Issaquah, Monroe @ R..
9.10Jacob Brueckman55.60Mar 20Issaquah, Monroe @ R..
10.9Joe Nelson57.40Mar 20Issaquah, Monroe @ R..
11.10Elliot Tan58.00Mar 20Issaquah, Monroe @ R..
12.12Michael Su58.40Mar 20Issaquah, Monroe @ R..
13.10Ian McConnell58.50Mar 27Ballard @ Issaquah
14.10Andrew Martinez59.00Mar 13Issy Distance Group ..
15.9Evan Johns60.80Mar 20Issaquah, Monroe @ R..
16.9James Buttler64.80Mar 13Issy Distance Group ..
17.10Gabe Acuna66.10Mar 13Issy Distance Group ..
18.9Eric Furukawa67.30Mar 20Issaquah, Monroe @ R..
19.9Kunaal Sikka67.90Mar 20Issaquah, Monroe @ R..
20.10Kyle Morris80.10Mar 13Issy Distance Group ..
600 Meters
1.10Kennan Schrag1:30.60Mar 13Issy Distance Group ..
2.12Caleb Walin1:34.30Mar 13Issy Distance Group ..
3.12John Crandall1:34.80Mar 13Issy Distance Group ..
4.10Ian McConnell1:37.70Mar 13Issy Distance Group ..
5.12Grant Vaska1:40.80Mar 13Issy Distance Group ..
6.10Matthew Duff1:42.00Mar 13Issy Distance Group ..
7.9Andes Lee1:44.60Mar 13Issy Distance Group ..
8.9Brandon Moon1:44.90Mar 13Issy Distance Group ..
9.12Damian Piquet-Charles1:46.00Mar 13Issy Distance Group ..
10.10Jordan Ruffner1:46.30Mar 13Issy Distance Group ..
11.11Kenji Crenshaw1:46.60Mar 13Issy Distance Group ..
12.11Zachariah Isom1:49.30Mar 13Issy Distance Group ..
13.11Jordan Hamilton1:49.40Mar 13Issy Distance Group ..
14.9Gary Wang1:54.50Mar 13Issy Distance Group ..
15.9Eric Furukawa1:56.40Mar 13Issy Distance Group ..
16.9Kunaal Sikka1:57.10Mar 13Issy Distance Group ..
17.11Adithiya Vivekanandan1:57.70Mar 13Issy Distance Group ..
18.10Brandon Zz-de leon2:05.50Mar 13Issy Distance Group ..
19.9James Buttler2:09.10Mar 13Issy Distance Group ..
800 Meters
1.10Kennan Schrag2:02.80Mar 27Ballard @ Issaquah
2.12Caleb Walin2:04.90Apr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
3.12Damian Piquet-Charles2:05.50Apr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
4.10Jacob Brueckman2:06.70Apr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
5.10Ian McConnell2:07.80Mar 27Ballard @ Issaquah
6.12John Crandall2:13.40Mar 27Ballard @ Issaquah
7.9Andes Lee2:21.70Mar 27Ballard @ Issaquah
8.11Kenji Crenshaw2:23.10Mar 27Ballard @ Issaquah
9.11Jordan Hamilton2:25.70Apr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
10.9James Buttler2:26.90Mar 27Ballard @ Issaquah
11.9Brandon Moon2:27.00Apr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
12.11Zachariah Isom2:28.50Apr 3Garfield @ Issaquah
13.9Kunaal Sikka2:31.20Mar 27Ballard @ Issaquah
1200 Meters
1.10Jacob Brueckman3:33.60Mar 13Issy Distance Group ..
2.10Ian McConnell3:34.50Mar 13Issy Distance Group ..
3.10Matthew Duff3:47.80Mar 13Issy Distance Group ..
4.10Gabe Acuna3:49.80Mar 13Issy Distance Group ..
5.12Grant Vaska3:50.30Mar 13Issy Distance Group ..
6.10Andrew Martinez3:58.90Mar 13Issy Distance Group ..
7.11Jordan Hamilton4:00.70Mar 13Issy Distance Group ..
8.9Brandon Moon4:01.90Mar 13Issy Distance Group ..
9.10Jordan Ruffner4:04.00Mar 13Issy Distance Group ..
10.9Brendon Fetsch4:08.30Mar 13Issy Distance Group ..
11.9Gary Wang4:11.20Mar 13Issy Distance Group ..
12.11Kenji Crenshaw4:12.10Mar 13Issy Distance Group ..
13.11Zachariah Isom4:15.40Mar 13Issy Distance Group ..
14.9Kunaal Sikka4:20.60Mar 13Issy Distance Group ..
15.11Adithiya Vivekanandan4:21.10Mar 13Issy Distance Group ..
16.9Eric Furukawa4:33.00Mar 13Issy Distance Group ..
17.10Brandon Zz-de leon4:46.70Mar 13Issy Distance Group ..
18.10Kyle Morris5:29.10Mar 13Issy Distance Group ..
1600 Meters
1.10Kennan Schrag4:30.80Mar 29Liberty Invite
2.10Jacob Brueckman4:39.00Apr 3Garfield @ Issaquah
3.10Ian McConnell4:48.50Apr 3Garfield @ Issaquah
4.10Matthew Duff4:55.40Apr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
5.12Grant Vaska5:09.60Apr 3Garfield @ Issaquah
6.10Nathan Vaska5:12.20Apr 3Garfield @ Issaquah
7.11Jordan Hamilton5:15.60Mar 27Ballard @ Issaquah
8.10Gabe Acuna5:17.10Mar 27Ballard @ Issaquah
9.10Andrew Martinez5:21.10Mar 27Ballard @ Issaquah
10.10Matt Spataro5:25.20Apr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
11.9Andes Lee5:29.70Apr 3Garfield @ Issaquah
11Kenji Crenshaw5:29.70Mar 27Ballard @ Issaquah
13.9Gary Wang5:30.00Apr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
14.9Brandon Moon5:31.70Mar 27Ballard @ Issaquah
11Zachariah Isom5:31.70Apr 3Garfield @ Issaquah
16.9Eric Furukawa5:54.90Mar 27Ballard @ Issaquah
17.11Adithiya Vivekanandan5:56.20Mar 20Issaquah, Monroe @ R..
18.10Kyle Morris6:30.40Apr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
2400 Meters
1.10Kennan Schrag7:10.50Mar 13Issy Distance Group ..
2.12Caleb Walin7:49.60Mar 13Issy Distance Group ..
3200 Meters
1.10Kennan Schrag9:48.80Mar 29Liberty Invite
2.10Jacob Brueckman10:33.90Apr 3Garfield @ Issaquah
3.10Ian McConnell10:44.20Apr 3Garfield @ Issaquah
4.10Andrew Martinez11:31.10Apr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
5.10Matthew Duff11:31.30Apr 3Garfield @ Issaquah
6.10Jordan Ruffner11:38.60Apr 3Garfield @ Issaquah
7.11Adithiya Vivekanandan12:28.80Apr 3Garfield @ Issaquah
8.10Gabe Acuna12:42.90Mar 27Ballard @ Issaquah
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.11*Tyler Milligan17.35aApr 19Larry Eason Invitati..
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.11Tyler Milligan45.74cApr 3Garfield @ Issaquah
2.12Michael Su46.54cMar 27Ballard @ Issaquah
3.10Elliot Tan48.54cApr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
4x100 Relay
1.Mo Osman
Ray Littles
Jason Crandall
Jake Nienhuis
44.54cApr 3Garfield @ Issaquah
2.*Ray Littles
Jake Nienhuis
Brandon Lee
Mo Osman
44.93aApr 19Larry Eason Invitati..
3.Ray Littles
Mo Osman
Jason Crandall
Jake Nienhuis
44.94cMar 27Ballard @ Issaquah
4.Mo Osman
Ray Littles
Brandon Lee
Jake Nienhuis
45.34cApr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
5.Relay Team 46.14cMar 29Liberty Invite
6.Arman Naderi
Erik Nelson
Jake Hancock
Nick Thomas
48.84cApr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
7.Nick Thomas
Elliot Tan
Arman Naderi
Erik Nelson
50.54cMar 27Ballard @ Issaquah
8.Jake Hancock
Arman Naderi
Erik Nelson
Nick Thomas
51.14cMar 20Issaquah, Monroe @ R..
4x400 Relay
1.Relay Team 3:34.30Mar 29Liberty Invite
2.Ray Littles
Jason Crandall
John Crandall
Jake Nienhuis
3:37.10Apr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
3.*Jason Crandall
John Crandall
Ray Littles
Jake Nienhuis
3:37.24aApr 19Larry Eason Invitati..
4.Ray Littles
Jake Nienhuis
Jason Crandall
John Crandall
3:38.70Mar 27Ballard @ Issaquah
5.Brandon Lee
Ray Littles
Joe Nelson
Jake Nienhuis
3:39.00Mar 20Issaquah, Monroe @ R..
6.Jake Nienhuis
Jason Crandall
John Crandall
Ray Littles
3:39.50Apr 3Garfield @ Issaquah
7.Brandon Lee
Kennan Schrag
Caleb Walin
Damian Piquet-Charles
3:42.00Apr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
8.Caleb Walin
Jacob Brueckman
Kennan Schrag
Ian McConnell
3:46.60Mar 27Ballard @ Issaquah
9.Brandon Lee
Evan Johns
Kennan Schrag
Caleb Walin
3:51.40Apr 3Garfield @ Issaquah
10.Jacob Brueckman
Evan Johns
Michael Su
Elliot Tan
3:55.40Mar 20Issaquah, Monroe @ R..
11.Michael Su
Ian Lambert
Evan Johns
Brandon Lee
3:56.40Mar 27Ballard @ Issaquah
12.Logan Saxe
Eric Furukawa
Andrew Martinez
Kunaal Sikka
4:15.70Mar 20Issaquah, Monroe @ R..
13.James Buttler
Eric Furukawa
Kunaal Sikka
Andes Lee
4:20.20Mar 27Ballard @ Issaquah
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.*Matthew Duff
Ian Lambert
Damian Piquet-Charles
Ian McConnell
DNSApr 19Larry Eason Invitati..
Shot Put - 12lb
1.12Joshua Wright40' 3.00Apr 3Garfield @ Issaquah
2.12Caleb Pearson39' 5.00Apr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
3.12Braden Warnock38' 7.50Apr 3Garfield @ Issaquah
4.10Rhoddy Jensen37' 10.50Apr 3Garfield @ Issaquah
5.11Nate Bagley36' 9.50Apr 3Garfield @ Issaquah
6.11Nick Freyer35' 5.00Apr 3Garfield @ Issaquah
7.12Robbie Johnson33' 0.00Apr 3Garfield @ Issaquah
8.9Levi Costello32' 10.00Apr 3Garfield @ Issaquah
9.10Jay Ellis28' 11.50Apr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
10.9Alex Zhang28' 8.40Mar 27Ballard @ Issaquah
11.9Jeffrey Seligman20' 1.50Apr 3Garfield @ Issaquah
Discus - 1.6kg
1.10*Rhoddy Jensen116' 0.00Apr 19Larry Eason Invitati..
2.12Braden Warnock107' 11.00Apr 3Garfield @ Issaquah
3.12Caleb Pearson107' 7.00Apr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
4.11Perry Tran99' 11.00Mar 27Ballard @ Issaquah
5.12Joshua Wright90' 4.00Apr 3Garfield @ Issaquah
6.12Robbie Johnson85' 11.00Apr 3Garfield @ Issaquah
7.9Alex Zhang81' 10.00Apr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
8.10Henry Johnson81' 2.00Mar 20Issaquah, Monroe @ R..
Discus - Relay Split
1.10Rhoddy Jensen102' 4.00Mar 17Great Issy Throw Off
2.12Braden Warnock93' 8.00Mar 17Great Issy Throw Off
3.12Caleb Pearson92' 2.00Mar 17Great Issy Throw Off
4.11Perry Tran89' 2.50Mar 17Great Issy Throw Off
5.12Joshua Wright87' 7.00Mar 17Great Issy Throw Off
6.10Henry Johnson85' 9.00Mar 17Great Issy Throw Off
7.9Alex Zhang77' 7.50Mar 17Great Issy Throw Off
8.12Robbie Johnson74' 2.00Mar 17Great Issy Throw Off
9.11Nick Freyer67' 8.00Mar 17Great Issy Throw Off
10.11Nate Bagley67' 2.50Mar 17Great Issy Throw Off
11.12Taylor Swingle66' 6.00Mar 17Great Issy Throw Off
12.9Levi Costello63' 4.00Mar 17Great Issy Throw Off
13.10Jay Ellis57' 8.50Mar 17Great Issy Throw Off
14.9Jeffrey Seligman46' 8.00Mar 17Great Issy Throw Off
Javelin - 800g
1.12Caleb Pearson160' 5.00Mar 29Liberty Invite
2.11Tyler Milligan143' 9.00Mar 29Liberty Invite
3.12Caleb Walin130' 6.00Mar 29Liberty Invite
4.11Perry Tran113' 8.00Apr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
5.12Braden Warnock111' 3.00Mar 27Ballard @ Issaquah
6.11Nick Freyer105' 8.00Apr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
7.10Henry Johnson103' 7.00Apr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
8.9Alex Zhang98' 11.00Apr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
9.10Jay Ellis85' 5.00Apr 3Garfield @ Issaquah
Javelin - 800g-2002
1.12Caleb Pearson154' 8.00Mar 17Great Issy Throw Off
2.11Tyler Milligan144' 9.00Mar 17Great Issy Throw Off
3.12Caleb Walin116' 10.00Mar 17Great Issy Throw Off
4.11Perry Tran108' 8.00Mar 17Great Issy Throw Off
5.10Henry Johnson103' 11.00Mar 17Great Issy Throw Off
6.9Alex Zhang96' 5.00Mar 17Great Issy Throw Off
7.12Braden Warnock94' 11.00Mar 17Great Issy Throw Off
8.11Nick Freyer93' 11.00Mar 17Great Issy Throw Off
9.10Jay Ellis88' 4.00Mar 17Great Issy Throw Off
10.12Robbie Johnson87' 3.00Mar 17Great Issy Throw Off
11.9Levi Costello87' 0.00Mar 17Great Issy Throw Off
12.10Elliot Tan82' 1.00Mar 17Great Issy Throw Off
13.10Bradley zz-Amick-Hess79' 2.00Mar 17Great Issy Throw Off
14.12Nick zz-Garcia76' 11.00Mar 17Great Issy Throw Off
15.9Jeffrey Seligman45' 8.00Mar 17Great Issy Throw Off
High Jump
1.9Joe Nelson5' 8.00Apr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
2.11Ray Littles5' 2.00Mar 29Liberty Invite
Long Jump
1.10Jason Crandall19' 9.00Apr 3Garfield @ Issaquah
2.9Joe Nelson18' 4.00Mar 20Issaquah, Monroe @ R..
3.11Tyler Milligan17' 0.00Apr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
4.9Mo Osman16' 10.00Apr 3Garfield @ Issaquah
5.11Jack Jerue16' 9.50Mar 20Issaquah, Monroe @ R..
6.10Nick Thomas16' 7.50Apr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
7.12Michael Su16' 2.00Mar 29Liberty Invite
Triple Jump
1.12Michael Su34' 0.00Apr 17Skyline @ Issaquah


100 Meters
1.9Bella Foos12.94cApr 3Garfield @ Issaquah
2.10Alia Sugarman13.04cApr 3Garfield @ Issaquah
3.9Meredith White13.14cMar 20Issaquah, Monroe @ R..
4.10Priya Sidhu13.24cMar 20Issaquah, Monroe @ R..
5.11Sarah Rothwell13.54cMar 27Ballard @ Issaquah
9Julia McPhee13.54cApr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
7.9Kendra Beighle13.64cMar 27Ballard @ Issaquah
10Colette Lertkantitham13.64cApr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
12Juliana da Cruz13.64cApr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
11Allison Evans13.64cApr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
11.9Becca Bakony13.84cMar 27Ballard @ Issaquah
12.11Sarah Arthur14.04cApr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
13.9Maddie Verburg14.34cMar 27Ballard @ Issaquah
11Emily Winterstein14.34cMar 27Ballard @ Issaquah
15.10Paige Thompson14.44cMar 27Ballard @ Issaquah
11Gabi Greer14.44cApr 3Garfield @ Issaquah
17.10Sami Harbeck14.74cMar 20Issaquah, Monroe @ R..
18.12Claire Cyra14.84cApr 3Garfield @ Issaquah
19.10Jillian Wu15.04cMar 20Issaquah, Monroe @ R..
20.12Ashley Yeh15.44cMar 27Ballard @ Issaquah
21.11Kelly Raab15.64cApr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
22.9Claire Wilfong15.84cMar 27Ballard @ Issaquah
23.10Christina Paoletti15.94cApr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
9Brin Jagielski15.94cApr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
25.10Mae Griffiths16.74cMar 27Ballard @ Issaquah
26.10Mickee Cheung16.94cApr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
27.9Cora Talley17.74cMar 27Ballard @ Issaquah
100 Meters - Relay Split
1.10Priya Sidhu13.00Mar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
2.9Bella Foos13.40Mar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
3.12Amanda Chalfant13.80Mar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
4.9Adrianne Badolato14.10Mar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
5.11Sarah Rothwell14.20Mar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
6.11Emily Winterstein14.30Mar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
7.9Meredith White14.40Mar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
9Maddie Verburg14.40Mar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
9.11Sarah Arthur14.50Mar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
10.10Paige Thompson14.60Mar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
11.9Julia McPhee14.80Mar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
12.10Mae Griffiths17.30Mar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
13.10Aanya zz-Nigam17.40Mar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
200 Meters
1.12Gabrielle Gevers26.14cApr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
2.9Bella Foos26.54cMar 29Liberty Invite
3.12Mack Wieburg27.14cApr 3Garfield @ Issaquah
4.10Alia Sugarman27.34cMar 27Ballard @ Issaquah
5.12Amanda Chalfant27.64cMar 27Ballard @ Issaquah
6.12Juliana da Cruz28.24cMar 29Liberty Invite
7.9Becca Bakony28.54cMar 27Ballard @ Issaquah
11Allison Evans28.54cMar 27Ballard @ Issaquah
9Julia McPhee28.54cMar 27Ballard @ Issaquah
11Sarah Rothwell28.54cMar 27Ballard @ Issaquah
11.11Emily Winterstein29.94cMar 27Ballard @ Issaquah
12.10Sami Harbeck30.34cMar 20Issaquah, Monroe @ R..
13.12Claire Cyra30.64cMar 27Ballard @ Issaquah
14.11Gabi Greer31.54cApr 3Garfield @ Issaquah
15.10Jillian Wu31.64cApr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
16.11Kelly Raab31.84cMar 27Ballard @ Issaquah
17.10Christina Paoletti33.24cApr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
18.9Claire Wilfong34.04cMar 27Ballard @ Issaquah
9Brin Jagielski34.04cApr 3Garfield @ Issaquah
20.10Mae Griffiths37.04cMar 27Ballard @ Issaquah
21.9Cora Talley38.04cMar 27Ballard @ Issaquah
22.10Mickee Cheung38.14cMar 27Ballard @ Issaquah
200 Meters - Relay Split
1.10Colette Lertkantitham27.20Mar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
2.9Bella Foos27.40Mar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
3.10Alia Sugarman27.80Mar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
4.12Amanda Chalfant28.30Mar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
5.10Priya Sidhu28.60Mar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
6.11Sarah Rothwell28.70Mar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
7.9Adrianne Badolato29.20Mar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
8.11Allison Evans29.30Mar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
9.9Meredith White29.60Mar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
10.9Julia McPhee29.80Mar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
11.11Emily Winterstein30.10Mar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
12.10Paige Thompson30.90Mar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
13.12Claire Cyra31.10Mar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
14.11Sarah Arthur31.60Mar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
15.10Jillian Wu31.90Mar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
16.11Gabi Greer32.30Mar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
17.12Ashley Yeh33.30Mar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
18.10Erin Ball33.80Mar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
9Kendra Beighle33.80Mar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
20.11Jocelyn zz-Mabson35.20Mar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
21.10Christina Paoletti35.50Mar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
22.9Claire Wilfong35.60Mar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
23.9Maddie Verburg36.00Mar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
24.9Brin Jagielski36.70Mar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
25.10Aanya zz-Nigam37.50Mar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
10Mae Griffiths37.50Mar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
27.11Thea Sorensen38.30Mar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
28.11Kelly Raab42.80Mar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
300 Meters
1.9Bella Foos44.14cMar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
2.12Mack Wieburg44.34cMar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
3.10Colette Lertkantitham44.54cMar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
4.12Amanda Chalfant44.74cMar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
5.9Adrianne Badolato46.24cMar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
6.10Priya Sidhu46.54cMar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
7.9Meredith White46.84cMar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
8.11Allison Evans46.94cMar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
9.9Julia McPhee47.24cMar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
10.11Sarah Rothwell47.74cMar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
11.11Emily Winterstein48.04cMar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
10Alia Sugarman48.04cMar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
13.10Paige Thompson48.94cMar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
14.9Maddie Verburg49.14cMar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
15.12Claire Cyra50.14cMar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
16.10Jillian Wu50.24cMar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
17.11Gabi Greer50.84cMar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
18.10Anna Miller51.54cMar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
19.9Claire Wilfong52.94cMar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
20.12Ashley Yeh53.04cMar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
21.11Sarah Arthur53.14cMar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
22.9Kendra Beighle54.44cMar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
10Erin Ball54.44cMar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
24.11Jocelyn zz-Mabson55.84cMar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
25.10Christina Paoletti56.54cMar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
26.9Brin Jagielski58.64cMar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
27.11Thea Sorensen59.14cMar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
28.11Kelly Raab64.64cMar 14Issy Sprint Group Ti..
400 Meters
1.12Amanda Chalfant60.14cApr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
2.12Mack Wieburg61.04cMar 20Issaquah, Monroe @ R..
3.9Bella Foos62.24cMar 20Issaquah, Monroe @ R..
4.12Juliana da Cruz63.24cMar 27Ballard @ Issaquah
5.11Allison Evans66.24cMar 27Ballard @ Issaquah
400 Meters - Relay Split
1.12*Mack Wieburg59.50Apr 19Larry Eason Invitati..
2.12Amanda Chalfant61.00Mar 27Ballard @ Issaquah
3.12*Juliana da Cruz61.50Apr 19Larry Eason Invitati..
4.9Bella Foos62.00Apr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
5.11Cayla Seligman62.80Mar 27Ballard @ Issaquah
6.11*Allison Evans66.00Apr 19Larry Eason Invitati..
7.10Sarah Smiley66.30Apr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
8.11Sarah Rothwell67.60Mar 27Ballard @ Issaquah
9.10Alia Sugarman68.80Mar 27Ballard @ Issaquah
10.12Abby Irwin69.70Apr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
11.11Abby Wilson70.90Mar 20Issaquah, Monroe @ R..
12.12Kasey Andrews71.30Apr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
13.11Larissa Kolasinski73.40Mar 27Ballard @ Issaquah
14.11Ellie Clawson73.60Mar 20Issaquah, Monroe @ R..
600 Meters
1.11Ellie Clawson1:57.50Mar 13Issy Distance Group ..
2.12Abby Irwin1:58.10Mar 13Issy Distance Group ..
3.11Larissa Kolasinski2:00.10Mar 13Issy Distance Group ..
4.12Kasey Andrews2:02.30Mar 13Issy Distance Group ..
5.11Abby Wilson2:03.90Mar 13Issy Distance Group ..
6.10Sarah Smiley2:05.80Mar 13Issy Distance Group ..
7.12Katarina Schrag2:09.40Mar 13Issy Distance Group ..
8.9Megan Freer2:09.80Mar 13Issy Distance Group ..
9.12Annika Barnett2:10.10Mar 13Issy Distance Group ..
10.11Jaimie Waltz2:10.70Mar 13Issy Distance Group ..
11.9Abigail zz-Paxton2:11.40Mar 13Issy Distance Group ..
12.11Emma McKenny2:20.40Mar 13Issy Distance Group ..
13.11Jane Heffernan2:21.40Mar 13Issy Distance Group ..
14.12Olga zz-Alentyeva2:22.40Mar 13Issy Distance Group ..
800 Meters
1.11Cayla Seligman2:18.80Apr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
2.12Kasey Andrews2:31.50Apr 3Garfield @ Issaquah
3.10Anna Miller2:37.90Apr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
4.12Abby Irwin2:41.10Apr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
5.10Sarah Smiley2:41.30Mar 29Liberty Invite
6.11Abby Wilson2:47.00Apr 3Garfield @ Issaquah
7.11Jaimie Waltz2:50.40Apr 3Garfield @ Issaquah
8.9Megan Freer2:53.90Apr 3Garfield @ Issaquah
9.12Katarina Schrag2:54.10Apr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
10.12Annika Barnett2:57.20Mar 27Ballard @ Issaquah
11.11Emma McKenny2:58.90Mar 27Ballard @ Issaquah
12.11Jane Heffernan3:04.90Apr 3Garfield @ Issaquah
800 Meters - Relay Split
1.11*Abby Wilson2:38.20Apr 19Larry Eason Invitati..
1200 Meters
1.11Cayla Seligman3:54.30Mar 13Issy Distance Group ..
2.12Abby Irwin4:27.80Mar 13Issy Distance Group ..
3.11Abby Wilson4:32.80Mar 13Issy Distance Group ..
4.9Abigail zz-Paxton4:37.90Mar 13Issy Distance Group ..
5.10Sarah Smiley4:38.20Mar 13Issy Distance Group ..
6.9Megan Freer4:48.30Mar 13Issy Distance Group ..
7.11Jaimie Waltz4:50.10Mar 13Issy Distance Group ..
8.12Katarina Schrag4:53.30Mar 13Issy Distance Group ..
9.12Annika Barnett4:54.20Mar 13Issy Distance Group ..
10.11Jane Heffernan5:16.90Mar 13Issy Distance Group ..
11.11Emma McKenny5:18.30Mar 13Issy Distance Group ..
12.12Olga zz-Alentyeva5:27.70Mar 13Issy Distance Group ..
1200 Meters - Relay Split
1.12*Abby Irwin4:17.30Apr 19Larry Eason Invitati..
1600 Meters
1.11*Cayla Seligman5:06.99aApr 19Larry Eason Invitati..
2.11Ellie Clawson5:26.40Apr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
3.12Kasey Andrews5:35.80Mar 29Liberty Invite
4.11Abby Wilson5:52.90Apr 3Garfield @ Issaquah
5.12Abby Irwin6:02.30Mar 20Issaquah, Monroe @ R..
6.11Jaimie Waltz6:12.40Apr 3Garfield @ Issaquah
7.9Megan Freer6:30.80Apr 3Garfield @ Issaquah
8.12Katarina Schrag6:31.40Mar 20Issaquah, Monroe @ R..
9.12Annika Barnett6:35.00Apr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
10.11Emma McKenny6:37.10Apr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
11.11Jane Heffernan6:38.80Apr 3Garfield @ Issaquah
1600 Meters - Relay Split
1.11*Larissa Kolasinski5:44.00Apr 19Larry Eason Invitati..
2400 Meters
1.12Kasey Andrews8:48.10Mar 13Issy Distance Group ..
2.11Ellie Clawson8:52.50Mar 13Issy Distance Group ..
3.11Larissa Kolasinski8:58.00Mar 13Issy Distance Group ..
3200 Meters
1.11*Ellie Clawson11:31.95aApr 19Larry Eason Invitati..
2.11Cayla Seligman11:36.20Mar 20Issaquah, Monroe @ R..
3.11Larissa Kolasinski11:53.90Apr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
4.12Kasey Andrews12:09.00Mar 20Issaquah, Monroe @ R..
5.11Jaimie Waltz13:20.20Apr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
6.9Megan Freer14:33.20Apr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.10*Paige Thompson16.87aApr 19Larry Eason Invitati..
2.12Ashley Yeh18.34cApr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
3.9Maddie Verburg18.84cApr 3Garfield @ Issaquah
4.9Adrianne Badolato18.94cApr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
5.9Claire Wilfong21.74cApr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.10Paige Thompson51.34cMar 29Liberty Invite
2.9Adrianne Badolato51.54cApr 3Garfield @ Issaquah
3.9Maddie Verburg54.04cApr 3Garfield @ Issaquah
4.12Ashley Yeh55.54cMar 29Liberty Invite
5.9Claire Wilfong58.94cApr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
4x100 Relay
1.*Sarah Rothwell
Allison Evans
Alia Sugarman
Meredith White
52.01aApr 19Larry Eason Invitati..
2.Julia McPhee
Allison Evans
Sarah Rothwell
Alia Sugarman
52.24cApr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
3.Sarah Arthur
Allison Evans
Sarah Rothwell
Priya Sidhu
53.04cMar 20Issaquah, Monroe @ R..
4.Relay Team 53.14cMar 29Liberty Invite
5.Alia Sugarman
Meredith White
Julia McPhee
Allison Evans
53.24cMar 27Ballard @ Issaquah
4x200 Relay
1.*Amanda Chalfant
Mack Wieburg
Bella Foos
Alia Sugarman
1:44.44aApr 19Larry Eason Invitati..
2.Bella Foos
Mack Wieburg
Amanda Chalfant
Alia Sugarman
1:45.40Apr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
3.Alia Sugarman
Bella Foos
Amanda Chalfant
Mack Wieburg
1:46.10Apr 3Garfield @ Issaquah
4.Relay Team 1:48.30Mar 29Liberty Invite
5.Mack Wieburg
Amanda Chalfant
Juliana da Cruz
Bella Foos
1:48.60Mar 27Ballard @ Issaquah
6.Kendra Beighle
Julia McPhee
Sarah Rothwell
Meredith White
1:52.00Mar 20Issaquah, Monroe @ R..
4x400 Relay
1.Relay Team 4:08.30Mar 29Liberty Invite
2.Cayla Seligman
Mack Wieburg
Amanda Chalfant
Bella Foos
4:08.40Mar 27Ballard @ Issaquah
3.*Amanda Chalfant
Juliana da Cruz
Mack Wieburg
Bella Foos
4:08.44aApr 19Larry Eason Invitati..
4.Amanda Chalfant
Bella Foos
Juliana da Cruz
Mack Wieburg
4:10.00Apr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
5.Amanda Chalfant
Juliana da Cruz
Bella Foos
Mack Wieburg
4:12.10Apr 3Garfield @ Issaquah
6.Kasey Andrews
Abby Irwin
Cayla Seligman
Sarah Smiley
4:29.90Apr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
7.Alia Sugarman
Sarah Rothwell
Sarah Smiley
Allison Evans
4:34.30Mar 27Ballard @ Issaquah
8.Kasey Andrews
Abby Wilson
Larissa Kolasinski
Ellie Clawson
4:50.40Mar 27Ballard @ Issaquah
9.Abby Irwin
Abby Wilson
Ellie Clawson
Kasey Andrews
4:50.80Mar 20Issaquah, Monroe @ R..
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.*Abby Irwin
Allison Evans
Abby Wilson
Larissa Kolasinski
13:45.93aApr 19Larry Eason Invitati..
Shot Put - 4kg
1.10*Bridgette Robertson30' 9.00Apr 19Larry Eason Invitati..
2.11Sarah Arthur28' 9.00Mar 20Issaquah, Monroe @ R..
3.10Angela Larsen26' 10.50Apr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
4.10Erin Ball23' 11.50Mar 27Ballard @ Issaquah
Discus - 1kg
1.10Bridgette Robertson80' 6.00Apr 3Garfield @ Issaquah
2.10Angela Larsen67' 6.00Apr 3Garfield @ Issaquah
3.10Erin Ball64' 5.00Mar 27Ballard @ Issaquah
Discus - Relay Split
1.10Bridgette Robertson74' 1.00Mar 17Great Issy Throw Off
2.11Lea zz-Tallegas66' 9.00Mar 17Great Issy Throw Off
3.10Angela Larsen60' 2.00Mar 17Great Issy Throw Off
4.10Erin Ball57' 10.00Mar 17Great Issy Throw Off
Javelin - 600g
1.11*Emily Winterstein99' 3.00Apr 19Larry Eason Invitati..
2.10Angela Larsen77' 0.00Mar 27Ballard @ Issaquah
3.10Bridgette Robertson71' 9.00Apr 3Garfield @ Issaquah
Javelin - 600g-1999
1.11Emily Winterstein85' 3.00Mar 17Great Issy Throw Off
2.10Bridgette Robertson68' 5.00Mar 17Great Issy Throw Off
3.10Angela Larsen68' 0.00Mar 17Great Issy Throw Off
4.11Lea zz-Tallegas45' 6.00Mar 17Great Issy Throw Off
High Jump
1.12Mack Wieburg5' 0.00Mar 27Ballard @ Issaquah
2.9Claire Wilfong4' 8.00Apr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
3.9Becca Bakony4' 6.00Mar 29Liberty Invite
Pole Vault
1.11Emily Winterstein7' 6.00Mar 20Issaquah, Monroe @ R..
2.10Erin Ball6' 0.00Apr 3Garfield @ Issaquah
Long Jump
1.9Kendra Beighle15' 5.50Apr 3Garfield @ Issaquah
2.12Claire Cyra14' 7.00Apr 3Garfield @ Issaquah
3.9Maddie Verburg14' 1.00Apr 3Garfield @ Issaquah
4.10Jillian Wu11' 11.00Apr 17Skyline @ Issaquah
5.11Sarah Arthur11' 6.50Apr 3Garfield @ Issaquah
  * = Denotes a recent improvement
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