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100 Meters
1.12Phillip Green10.64aMay 2UIL 6A Region II
2.10Ross Jennings11.04cApr 2Mustang Relays
3.12Brian Okeke11.07aApr 1410-6A District Championsh..
4.11Khalil Lacy11.18aFeb 13Richardson Coed meet
5.9Jarek Broussard11.74cApr 2Mustang Relays
6.12Kaleb Sarpong12.04cApr 2Mustang Relays
7.11Noah Simonton12.05aMar 5Richardson Invitational
8.11Armondo Washington12.08aMar 5Richardson Invitational
9.11Chris Petties12.30aFeb 13Richardson Coed meet
10.9Chandler Givens12.41aFeb 13Richardson Coed meet
11.11Jourdon Williams12.44cApr 7District 10-6A JV Meet
12.10Jacob Hanberry13.00aMar 5Richardson Invitational
13.12Deavon WoodsSCRMar 21Jesuit Sheaner Relays
200 Meters
1.11Khalil Lacy22.41aFeb 13Richardson Coed meet
2.12Brian Okeke22.84cApr 2Mustang Relays
3.10Ross Jennings23.04cApr 7District 10-6A JV Meet
4.10Jacob Hanberry23.24cApr 7District 10-6A JV Meet
5.12Brandon Watson23.44aFeb 13Richardson Coed meet
6.10Kolby Bunch-Dennis24.64cApr 7District 10-6A JV Meet
7.11Justin Gaumer24.80aFeb 13Richardson Coed meet
8.9Ricardo Alarcon24.87aFeb 13Richardson Coed meet
9.11Noah Simonton24.93aApr 1410-6A District Championsh..
10.9Bryon Peck25.44cApr 2Mustang Relays
400 Meters
1.12Phillip Green48.20aApr 249-6A/10-6A Area Meet
2.12Darius Woods54.01aApr 1410-6A District Championsh..
3.10Jalan Veasley56.14cApr 2Mustang Relays
4.11Julian Williams56.24cApr 7District 10-6A JV Meet
5.9Mohab Hassan58.24cApr 7District 10-6A JV Meet
6.9Hugo Martinez59.12aMar 5Richardson Invitational
7.10Randy Liu64.47aFeb 13Richardson Coed meet
800 Meters
1.12Bryan Medina2:20.49aFeb 13Richardson Coed meet
2.9Michael Manzenza2:22.90Apr 7District 10-6A JV Meet
3.9Trevor Hall2:23.20Apr 7District 10-6A JV Meet
4.9Adil Seid2:33.80aMar 5Richardson Invitational
5.11Wyatt Landry2:43.88aMar 5Richardson Invitational
1600 Meters
1.9Henos Andebrhan4:40.42aApr 1410-6A District Championsh..
2.11Ahmad Yehia5:03.40Apr 7District 10-6A JV Meet
3.10Robiel Tesfai5:11.50Apr 7District 10-6A JV Meet
4.12Bryan Medina5:16.90aFeb 13Richardson Coed meet
5.11Thomas McPherson5:34.48aMar 5Richardson Invitational
6.9Trevor HallNTApr 7District 10-6A JV Meet
3200 Meters
1.9Henos Andebrhan10:12.00aApr 1410-6A District Championsh..
2.11Ahmad Yehia10:41.40Apr 7District 10-6A JV Meet
3.10Robiel Tesfai12:10.40Apr 7District 10-6A JV Meet
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.10Preston Semenuk15.67aApr 1410-6A District Championsh..
2.9Dowdy Elazarig16.24cApr 2Mustang Relays
3.10Jacob Hanberry17.74aFeb 13Richardson Coed meet
4.11Bo Hayes18.64cApr 2Mustang Relays
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.10Preston Semenuk40.37aMay 2UIL 6A Region II
2.9Nick Alexander43.76aMar 5Richardson Invitational
3.11Bo Hayes44.94cApr 2Mustang Relays
4.9Dowdy Elazarig45.79aMar 5Richardson Invitational
5.10Jacob Hanberry46.13aFeb 13Richardson Coed meet
4x100 Relay
1.-Brandon Watson
Phillip Green
Brian Okeke
Manasseh Osei
41.87aMay 2UIL 6A Region II
2.-Brandon Watson
Phillip Green
Brian Okeke
Khalil Lacy
41.92aApr 1410-6A District Championsh..
3.-Relay Team 41.95aMar 21Jesuit Sheaner Relays
4.-T.J. Matkins
Ross Jennings
Jacob Hanberry
Jarek Broussard
44.64cApr 7District 10-6A JV Meet
5.-Ricardo Alarcon
Dowdy Elazarig
Angel Silva
Adeeb Ammad
47.56aFeb 13Richardson Coed meet
4x200 Relay
1.-Relay Team 89.06aMar 5Richardson Invitational
2.-Brandon Watson
Deavon Woods
Brian Okeke
Centrelle Massenburge
1:34.82aMar 21Jesuit Sheaner Relays
3.-T.J. Matkins
Jacob Hanberry
Kolby Bunch-Dennis
Jourdon Williams
1:35.90Apr 7District 10-6A JV Meet
4.-Brandon Watson
Darius Woods
Noah Simonton
Manasseh Osei
DQApr 1410-6A District Championsh..
4x400 Relay
1.-Phillip Green
Preston Semenuk
Centrelle Massenburge
Darius Woods
3:24.68aMar 21Jesuit Sheaner Relays
2.-Relay Team 3:27.36aFeb 13Richardson Coed meet
3.-Brandon Watson
Darius Woods
Dowdy Elazarig
Preston Semenuk
3:33.70aApr 1410-6A District Championsh..
4.-T.J. Matkins
Bo Hayes
Jalan Veasley
Julian Williams
3:45.70Apr 7District 10-6A JV Meet
Shot Put - 12lb
1.9Dalton Jones37' 10.00Mar 5Richardson Invitational
2.9Darius Vann31' 6.00Apr 7District 10-6A JV Meet
3.9Adrian Garcia28' 4.00Feb 13Richardson Coed meet
Discus - 1.6kg
1.9Dalton Jones95' 4.00Feb 13Richardson Coed meet
2.9Dan Gold86' 2.00Apr 7District 10-6A JV Meet
3.9Adrian Garcia79' 9.00Feb 13Richardson Coed meet
High Jump
1.11Thomas McPherson6' 2.00Apr 249-6A/10-6A Area Meet
2.9Ricardo Alarcon5' 8.00Apr 1410-6A District Championsh..
Pole Vault
1.12Edwin Zerwick11' 6.00Apr 2Mustang Relays
2.9Caleb Clarke-SolesNHMar 5Richardson Invitational
Long Jump
1.12Phillip Green23' 4.00Apr 249-6A/10-6A Area Meet
2.11Manasseh Osei21' 8.00Mar 5Richardson Invitational
3.12Centrelle Massenburge20' 6.75Feb 13Richardson Coed meet
4.9Jarek Broussard20' 4.50Apr 7District 10-6A JV Meet
5.9Dowdy Elazarig19' 4.25Mar 5Richardson Invitational
6.11Armondo Washington19' 2.50Feb 13Richardson Coed meet
7.9Chad Garrett17' 4.00Apr 7District 10-6A JV Meet
8.10Bryton Haggerty17' 2.75Feb 13Richardson Coed meet
Triple Jump
1.9Dowdy Elazarig42' 6.00Feb 13Richardson Coed meet
2.11Armondo Washington38' 10.50Feb 13Richardson Coed meet
3.9Chad Garrett38' 6.75Apr 7District 10-6A JV Meet
4.11Chupong Wattanapan37' 2.25Apr 7District 10-6A JV Meet


100 Meters
1.12Tahlor Cook12.15aMay 2UIL 6A Region II
2.12LaTessa Johnson12.24aMar 21Jesuit Sheaner Relays
3.11Kynna Gamble12.77aMar 19Lexus Invitational Hosted..
4.9Jia Anderson13.05aMar 19Lexus Invitational Hosted..
5.-Savannah Ragan13.54cApr 2Mustang Relays
6.10Madison Williams13.65aFeb 13Richardson Coed meet
7.-Antquanesha Horn13.84cApr 7District 10-6A JV Meet
8.11Taja Fain14.00aMar 26Naaman Forest Relays
9.-Alondra Keller14.14cApr 2Mustang Relays
10.-Anessa Tomblin14.89aFeb 13Richardson Coed meet
200 Meters
1.12LaTessa Johnson25.02aMar 21Jesuit Sheaner Relays
2.12Tahlor Cook26.50aMar 19Lexus Invitational Hosted..
3.11Kynna Gamble26.61aMar 26Naaman Forest Relays
4.-Savannah Ragan28.14cApr 7District 10-6A JV Meet
5.9Jia Anderson28.19aMar 19Lexus Invitational Hosted..
6.-Valerie Ebunam28.31aFeb 13Richardson Coed meet
7.-Antquanesha Horn29.14cApr 7District 10-6A JV Meet
8.-Alondra Keller29.34cApr 7District 10-6A JV Meet
400 Meters
1.9Sofia Martin60.92aApr 1410-6A District Championsh..
2.11Kynna Gamble61.46aMar 19Lexus Invitational Hosted..
3.11Taja Fain67.74cApr 2Mustang Relays
4.-Savannah Ragan69.94cApr 2Mustang Relays
5.10Julianna Harrison70.28aMar 19Lexus Invitational Hosted..
6.-Alondra Keller71.54cApr 2Mustang Relays
7.11Kyarah Jones73.37aMar 19Lexus Invitational Hosted..
8.-Antquanesha Horn79.44aMar 26Naaman Forest Relays
800 Meters
1.11Ariana Warren2:31.45aMar 26Naaman Forest Relays
2.11Karen Huerta2:36.52aApr 249-6A/10-6A Area Meet
3.9Sofia Martin2:48.90aMar 19Lexus Invitational Hosted..
4.-Trang Pham2:52.30Apr 7District 10-6A JV Meet
5.10Michel MarquezNTMar 26Naaman Forest Relays
10Julianna HarrisonNTMar 26Naaman Forest Relays
1600 Meters
1.11Karen Huerta6:15.27aApr 1410-6A District Championsh..
2.-Trang Pham6:55.05aMar 19Lexus Invitational Hosted..
3.11Ariana Warren7:02.57aFeb 13Richardson Coed meet
4.-Victoria Nguyen7:06.17aMar 5Richardson Invitational
5.-Gabby Fernandez7:17.87aMar 5Richardson Invitational
6.10Tanya Barbosa7:31.70aFeb 13Richardson Coed meet
7.10Michel Marquez8:10.62aFeb 13Richardson Coed meet
8.9Leticia Delgado9:22.23aFeb 13Richardson Coed meet
3200 Meters
1.11Karen Huerta14:52.21aFeb 13Richardson Coed meet
2.-Victoria Nguyen15:05.00Apr 7District 10-6A JV Meet
3.10Tanya Barbosa15:07.89aMar 26Naaman Forest Relays
4.-Gabby Fernandez15:45.70aMar 5Richardson Invitational
5.-Trang Pham16:34.10Apr 7District 10-6A JV Meet
6.10Michel Marquez18:29.28aFeb 13Richardson Coed meet
7.9Leticia Delgado19:59.57aFeb 13Richardson Coed meet
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.11Kyarah Jones17.25aApr 1410-6A District Championsh..
2.10Bria Johnson17.31aApr 1410-6A District Championsh..
3.-Hannah Kmak18.26aMar 19Lexus Invitational Hosted..
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.10Bria Johnson50.17aApr 1410-6A District Championsh..
2.11Kyarah Jones52.19aApr 1410-6A District Championsh..
3.-Hannah Kmak54.75aFeb 13Richardson Coed meet
4x100 Relay
1.-Tahlor Cook
Bria Johnson
Sofia Martin
Jia Anderson
49.75aMar 21Jesuit Sheaner Relays
2.-Relay Team 49.81aMar 5Richardson Invitational
3.-Hannah Kmak
Bria Johnson
Savannah Ragan
Alondra Keller
54.06aMar 19Lexus Invitational Hosted..
4.-Alondra Keller
Antquanesha Horn
Hannah Kmak
Valerie Ebunam
55.10aFeb 13Richardson Coed meet
5.-Tahlor Cook
Jia Anderson
Sofia Martin
Kynna Gamble
DNFApr 1410-6A District Championsh..
4x200 Relay
1.-Relay Team 1:43.20aMar 5Richardson Invitational
2.-Kynna Gamble
Bria Johnson
Tahlor Cook
Jia Anderson
1:43.67aApr 1410-6A District Championsh..
3.-Kynna Gamble
Bria Johnson
Tahlor Cook
LaTessa Johnson
SCRMar 21Jesuit Sheaner Relays
4x400 Relay
1.-Taja Fain
Kynna Gamble
Jia Anderson
Sofia Martin
4:15.98aApr 1410-6A District Championsh..
2.-Relay Team 4:17.40Apr 2Mustang Relays
3.-Taja Fain
Savannah Ragan
Jia Anderson
Sofia Martin
4:33.04aMar 19Lexus Invitational Hosted..
4.-Savannah Ragan
Trang Pham
Victoria Nguyen
Alondra Keller
4:47.60Apr 7District 10-6A JV Meet
5.-Hannah Kmak
Trang Pham
Alondra Keller
Valerie Ebunam
5:07.85aFeb 13Richardson Coed meet
Shot Put - 4kg
1.11Asia Abron41' 9.00May 2UIL 6A Region II
2.11Kyla Suber32' 4.00Mar 5Richardson Invitational
3.12Keiairra Bolds32' 2.25Apr 1410-6A District Championsh..
Discus - 1kg
1.11Asia Abron116' 8.00Apr 2Mustang Relays
Pole Vault
1.11Taja Fain7' 0.00Apr 1410-6A District Championsh..
Long Jump
1.11Kynna Gamble16' 4.50Apr 1410-6A District Championsh..
2.10Stephany Carroll11' 2.75Apr 1410-6A District Championsh..
3.10Julianna Harrison10' 9.00Apr 2Mustang Relays
4.9Jia Anderson10' 2.25Apr 1410-6A District Championsh..
Triple Jump
1.10Alexia Roberson32' 5.50Apr 1410-6A District Championsh..
2.10Molly Blanks29' 11.75Apr 1410-6A District Championsh..

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