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Lancers - Lakewood, WA

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100 Meters
1.11*Isaac Swillie10.89aApr 18Mountain Invite
2.10Xzavier Weston10.94cApr 10Lakes @ Enumclaw
3.10Emmanuel Wells11.04cApr 10Lakes @ Enumclaw
4.9Armando Pinckney11.64cApr 10Lakes @ Enumclaw
5.10Keyon Springle11.76aApr 10Lakes @ Enumclaw
6.11Kemonee Jenkins11.87aApr 10Lakes @ Enumclaw
7.10Paul Littlejohn12.21aApr 10Lakes @ Enumclaw
8.11Kienan Crutcher12.45aMar 27Bonney Lake Vs. Lake..
9.11Macauly Downing12.60aApr 10Lakes @ Enumclaw
200 Meters
1.10Xzavier Weston22.36aApr 10Lakes @ Enumclaw
2.11*Isaac Swillie22.67aApr 18Mountain Invite
3.11Louis Lopez22.79aApr 10Lakes @ Enumclaw
4.9Armando Pinckney23.59aApr 10Lakes @ Enumclaw
5.10Paul Littlejohn24.70aApr 10Lakes @ Enumclaw
6.11Kienan Crutcher24.80aApr 10Lakes @ Enumclaw
7.10Robbion Harris25.60aMar 27Bonney Lake Vs. Lake..
8.10Keyon Springle25.82aMar 27Bonney Lake Vs. Lake..
9.11Macauly Downing26.25aApr 10Lakes @ Enumclaw
400 Meters
1.10*Emmanuel Wells51.26aApr 18Mountain Invite
2.11*Louis Lopez51.87aApr 18Mountain Invite
3.10Benaiah Ellington55.40aApr 10Lakes @ Enumclaw
4.10Keyon Springle60.00aMar 27Bonney Lake Vs. Lake..
5.10Jevaughn Harvey60.23aApr 10Lakes @ Enumclaw
800 Meters
1.12*Stephen Nelson1:59.72aApr 18Mountain Invite
2.11*Leonardus Castro2:07.39aApr 18Mountain Invite
3.10Jevaughn Harvey2:14.37aMar 27Bonney Lake Vs. Lake..
4.10Chris Flood2:20.20Apr 10Lakes @ Enumclaw
5.12Richard Hutson2:31.10Apr 10Lakes @ Enumclaw
6.9Jalen Moore2:46.20Apr 10Lakes @ Enumclaw
1600 Meters
1.12*Jarek Rasmussen4:30.41aApr 18Mountain Invite
2.12*Stephen Nelson4:36.75aApr 18Mountain Invite
3.11Joe Edgecomb4:49.00Apr 10Lakes @ Enumclaw
4.11Matthew Siebert5:07.00Apr 10Lakes @ Enumclaw
5.9Tristan Beacham5:13.04aMar 27Bonney Lake Vs. Lake..
6.9Alex Wright5:18.23aMar 27Bonney Lake Vs. Lake..
7.10Jack Bowen5:25.00Apr 10Lakes @ Enumclaw
8.9Colton Lindstrom5:35.00Apr 10Lakes @ Enumclaw
3200 Meters
1.12Jarek Rasmussen10:15.50Apr 10Lakes @ Enumclaw
2.11*Joe Edgecomb10:16.22aApr 18Mountain Invite
3.11*Matthew Siebert10:46.01aApr 18Mountain Invite
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.10Robbion Harris19.14aApr 10Lakes @ Enumclaw
2.11Kienan Crutcher19.68aApr 10Lakes @ Enumclaw
3.10Nathaniel Birdine21.27aApr 10Lakes @ Enumclaw
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.10*Keyon Springle44.29aApr 18Mountain Invite
2.9Darius Williams50.35aApr 10Lakes @ Enumclaw
3.10Nathaniel Birdine51.37aApr 10Lakes @ Enumclaw
4x100 Relay
1.*Emmanuel Wells
Xzavier Weston
Benaiah Ellington
Isaac Swillie
42.59aApr 18Mountain Invite
2.Emmanuel Wells
Louis Lopez
Armando Pinckney
Isaac Swillie
44.36aMar 22Cardinal Relays Invi..
3.Emmanuel Wells
Louis Lopez
Isaac Swillie
Kienan Crutcher
44.64aMar 27Bonney Lake Vs. Lake..
4.Emmanuel Wells
Louis Lopez
Isaac Swillie
Armando Pinckney
45.04cApr 10Lakes @ Enumclaw
4x200 Relay
1.Emmanuel Wells
Louis Lopez
Armando Pinckney
Isaac Swillie
1:35.00aMar 22Cardinal Relays Invi..
4x400 Relay
1.*Emmanuel Wells
Robbion Harris
Louis Lopez
Benaiah Ellington
3:31.68aApr 18Mountain Invite
2.Benaiah Ellington
Robbion Harris
Louis Lopez
Jevaughn Harvey
3:41.00Apr 10Lakes @ Enumclaw
3.Jevaughn Harvey
Keyon Springle
Robbion Harris
Louis Lopez
3:42.10aMar 27Bonney Lake Vs. Lake..
4.Emmanuel Wells
Joe Edgecomb
Keyon Springle
Louis Lopez
3:42.37aMar 22Cardinal Relays Invi..
5.Relay Team 4:00.60aMar 27Bonney Lake Vs. Lake..
SMR 100-100-200-400m
1.Macauly Downing
Armando Pinckney
Paul Littlejohn
Jevaughn Harvey
1:45.79aMar 22Cardinal Relays Invi..
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.Jarek Rasmussen
Louis Lopez
Stephen Nelson
Joe Edgecomb
11:05.8aMar 22Cardinal Relays Invi..
Shot Put - 12lb
1.11*John Colvin44' 8.00Apr 18Mountain Invite
2.12Cody Hays38' 2.00Mar 27Bonney Lake Vs. Lake..
3.10Zach Brokman37' 7.00Apr 10Lakes @ Enumclaw
4.10Jason Fatur36' 6.00Mar 22Cardinal Relays Invi..
5.11Austin Bridges35' 9.50Mar 27Bonney Lake Vs. Lake..
6.12Rashawn Meikle32' 0.50Mar 27Bonney Lake Vs. Lake..
10Dimitrius Faiai32' 0.50Mar 27Bonney Lake Vs. Lake..
Discus - 1.6kg
1.12Sterling Kendrick144' 9.00Mar 22Cardinal Relays Invi..
2.10Dimitrius Faiai107' 9.00Apr 10Lakes @ Enumclaw
3.12Cody Hays103' 9.00Mar 27Bonney Lake Vs. Lake..
4.11John Colvin100' 1.00Apr 10Lakes @ Enumclaw
5.11Tarren McDaniel97' 9.00Mar 27Bonney Lake Vs. Lake..
6.11Austin Bridges63' 3.00Mar 27Bonney Lake Vs. Lake..
Javelin - 800g
1.11*John Colvin163' 3.00Apr 18Mountain Invite
2.12Cody Hays130' 1.00Mar 22Cardinal Relays Invi..
3.12Sterling Kendrick127' 5.00Mar 27Bonney Lake Vs. Lake..
4.10Robert Reiten121' 5.00Apr 10Lakes @ Enumclaw
5.11Andrew Ramirez101' 3.00Mar 27Bonney Lake Vs. Lake..
High Jump
1.10*Robbion Harris5' 10.00Apr 18Mountain Invite
2.10Paul Littlejohn5' 4.00Apr 10Lakes @ Enumclaw
3.11Kienan Crutcher5' 2.00Apr 10Lakes @ Enumclaw
Pole Vault
1.10*Keyon Springle9' 6.00Apr 18Mountain Invite
2.11Andrew Ramirez8' 6.00Mar 27Bonney Lake Vs. Lake..
3.11Macauly DowningNHApr 10Lakes @ Enumclaw
11Charles YimNHApr 10Lakes @ Enumclaw
Long Jump
1.11*Isaac Swillie21' 3.50Apr 18Mountain Invite
2.10Emmanuel Wells19' 10.00Mar 22Cardinal Relays Invi..
3.11Kemonee Jenkins17' 5.00Apr 10Lakes @ Enumclaw
4.10Robbion Harris16' 9.00Apr 10Lakes @ Enumclaw
Triple Jump
1.11Isaac Swillie42' 5.00Apr 10Lakes @ Enumclaw
2.10Jevaughn Harvey39' 2.00Apr 10Lakes @ Enumclaw
3.11*Bryson Foster38' 9.00Apr 18Mountain Invite
4.11*Kemonee Jenkins38' 5.00Apr 18Mountain Invite


100 Meters
1.9Kiaya Hughes12.80aApr 10Lakes @ Enumclaw
2.12Emily Eberlein13.28aApr 10Lakes @ Enumclaw
3.10Alex Best13.77aApr 10Lakes @ Enumclaw
4.11Jacindia Williams14.19aApr 10Lakes @ Enumclaw
5.9Alysa Kurian15.19aApr 10Lakes @ Enumclaw
200 Meters
1.9Kiaya Hughes28.44aApr 10Lakes @ Enumclaw
2.9*Drew Gipson28.80aApr 18Mountain Invite
3.11*Jacindia Williams30.83aApr 18Mountain Invite
4.12Emily Eberlein31.36aMar 27Bonney Lake Vs. Lake..
5.10Alex Best31.60aApr 10Lakes @ Enumclaw
6.9Destiny Davis31.76aMar 27Bonney Lake Vs. Lake..
7.9Damita Gomez32.33aMar 27Bonney Lake Vs. Lake..
8.9Alysa Kurian32.59aApr 10Lakes @ Enumclaw
9.11Kaniesha Gray34.19aApr 10Lakes @ Enumclaw
10.10Samantha Johanson37.00aApr 10Lakes @ Enumclaw
400 Meters
1.9*Drew Gipson66.68aApr 18Mountain Invite
2.12Ashli Miles70.57aMar 27Bonney Lake Vs. Lake..
3.9*Destiny Gray71.79aApr 18Mountain Invite
4.10Samantha Johanson87.54aApr 10Lakes @ Enumclaw
800 Meters
1.10Hannah Harrell2:44.20Apr 10Lakes @ Enumclaw
2.9Alyssa Clayton2:53.89aMar 27Bonney Lake Vs. Lake..
3.9Kaley Dorsey3:06.80Apr 10Lakes @ Enumclaw
4.9Sydney Harrell3:39.80Apr 10Lakes @ Enumclaw
5.10Victoria Saam3:41.80aMar 27Bonney Lake Vs. Lake..
1600 Meters
1.9*Lily Broughan6:00.12aApr 18Mountain Invite
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.9Destiny Davis17.94aApr 10Lakes @ Enumclaw
2.12Raquel Serrano19.96aApr 10Lakes @ Enumclaw
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.9Kiaya Hughes51.90aMar 27Bonney Lake Vs. Lake..
2.12*Raquel Serrano58.94aApr 18Mountain Invite
3.9Destiny Davis62.16aApr 10Lakes @ Enumclaw
4x100 Relay
1.*Emily Eberlein
Olivia Crawford
Drew Gipson
Kiaya Hughes
52.28aApr 18Mountain Invite
2.Emily Eberlein
Olivia Crawford
Destiny Davis
Kiaya Hughes
53.41aMar 22Cardinal Relays Invi..
4x200 Relay
1.Alex Best
Destiny Davis
Drew Gipson
Kiaya Hughes
1:53.90Apr 10Lakes @ Enumclaw
2.Ashli Miles
Jacindia Williams
Destiny Davis
Emily Eberlein
1:56.29aMar 22Cardinal Relays Invi..
3.Relay Team 1:59.25aMar 27Bonney Lake Vs. Lake..
4x400 Relay
1.Relay Team 4:50.30Mar 27Bonney Lake Vs. Lake..
2.Destiny Gray
Kaniesha Gray
Olivia Crawford
Kiaya Hughes
4:56.33aMar 22Cardinal Relays Invi..
3.Drew Gipson
Alyssa Clayton
Destiny Gray
Hannah Harrell
5:04.50Apr 10Lakes @ Enumclaw
SMR 100-100-200-400m
1.Alex Best
Destiny Davis
Kiaya Hughes
Victoria Valencia
2:08.59aMar 22Cardinal Relays Invi..
Shot Put - 4kg
1.12Kiaya Van Scoyoc32' 10.00Apr 10Lakes @ Enumclaw
2.11Olivia Crawford29' 8.50Mar 22Cardinal Relays Invi..
3.10Chantelle Aldan27' 5.00Mar 27Bonney Lake Vs. Lake..
4.9Destiny Gray25' 5.00Apr 10Lakes @ Enumclaw
5.9Brianna Mitchell24' 5.00Apr 10Lakes @ Enumclaw
6.9Victoria Valencia23' 7.00Apr 10Lakes @ Enumclaw
7.9Akaiya White21' 6.00Apr 10Lakes @ Enumclaw
8.9Talia Johnson20' 8.00Apr 10Lakes @ Enumclaw
Discus - 1kg
1.12Korbie Frey78' 7.00Mar 22Cardinal Relays Invi..
2.12*Dessiree Williams78' 0.00Apr 18Mountain Invite
3.9Victoria Valencia63' 0.00Mar 27Bonney Lake Vs. Lake..
4.9Destiny Gray62' 4.00Mar 27Bonney Lake Vs. Lake..
5.10Ivory Turner60' 6.00Mar 27Bonney Lake Vs. Lake..
6.12Bria McCorkle59' 2.00Apr 10Lakes @ Enumclaw
7.12Anna Watson56' 9.00Apr 10Lakes @ Enumclaw
8.9Talia Johnson54' 2.00Apr 10Lakes @ Enumclaw
9.11Olivia Crawford53' 0.00Apr 10Lakes @ Enumclaw
Javelin - 600g
1.10Hannah Harrell68' 3.00Apr 10Lakes @ Enumclaw
2.11Olivia Crawford66' 10.00Apr 10Lakes @ Enumclaw
3.12Kiaya Van Scoyoc65' 0.00Mar 27Bonney Lake Vs. Lake..
4.12Dessiree Williams54' 9.00Mar 27Bonney Lake Vs. Lake..
5.11Kaniesha Gray47' 4.00Apr 10Lakes @ Enumclaw
6.10Chantelle Aldan43' 9.00Apr 10Lakes @ Enumclaw
High Jump
1.9Damita Gomez4' 5.00Apr 10Lakes @ Enumclaw
2.10Victoria SaamNHMar 27Bonney Lake Vs. Lake..
12Raquel SerranoNHMar 27Bonney Lake Vs. Lake..
Long Jump
1.11Olivia Crawford14' 2.00Mar 22Cardinal Relays Invi..
2.12*Ashli Miles13' 11.50Apr 18Mountain Invite
3.11*Jacindia Williams13' 10.00Apr 18Mountain Invite
4.9Damita Gomez12' 8.75Mar 27Bonney Lake Vs. Lake..
Triple Jump
1.12Ashli Miles33' 0.25Mar 27Bonney Lake Vs. Lake..
2.9Damita Gomez25' 7.00Apr 10Lakes @ Enumclaw
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