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100 Meters
1.10Zarrion Hill11.44cApr 9Lakes vs Peninsula
2.11Nathaniel Birdine11.78aApr 30Lakes @ Sumner
3.11Yisrael Stephens11.84cApr 9Lakes vs Peninsula
4.9Che' Rogers12.04cApr 9Lakes vs Peninsula
9Nahoku Agor12.04cApr 9Lakes vs Peninsula
6.11Paul Littlejohn12.11aApr 16Enumclaw, Lakes @ Auburn
7.-Cameron Jurgenson12.17aMay 7Lakes vs Auburn Mountainv..
8.9Manny Borrero-Lewis12.41aApr 30Lakes @ Sumner
9.9Stephonne Wilson12.84cApr 9Lakes vs Peninsula
200 Meters
1.11Nathaniel Birdine23.34cMar 26Auburn Riverside @ Lakes
2.9Che' Rogers24.14cMar 26Auburn Riverside @ Lakes
3.10Zarrion Hill24.54cMar 19Lakes vs Auburn
4.-Cameron Jurgenson24.87aMay 7Lakes vs Auburn Mountainv..
5.11Jevaughn Harvey25.44aMay 7Lakes vs Auburn Mountainv..
6.9Nahoku Agor25.82aApr 30Lakes @ Sumner
7.9Manny Borrero-Lewis25.94aApr 23Lakes @ Bonney Lake
8.10Darius Williams26.44cMar 26Auburn Riverside @ Lakes
400 Meters
1.9Che' Rogers54.64cApr 23Lakes @ Bonney Lake
2.11Jevaughn Harvey54.94cApr 30Lakes @ Sumner
3.10Tristan Beacham56.54aApr 16Enumclaw, Lakes @ Auburn
4.9Lucas Knack59.54cApr 30Lakes @ Sumner
800 Meters
1.10Tristan Beacham2:09.43aApr 30Lakes @ Sumner
2.10Alex Wright2:14.65aApr 30Lakes @ Sumner
3.11Jeremy Kelly2:20.61aApr 30Lakes @ Sumner
4.11Paul Littlejohn2:33.11aApr 16Enumclaw, Lakes @ Auburn
5.10Darius WilliamsSCRMay 7Lakes vs Auburn Mountainv..
1600 Meters
1.9Alex Forte4:55.40aApr 23Lakes @ Bonney Lake
2.9Lucas Knack4:57.52aApr 25Bellevue Invitational
3.11Jack Bowen5:01.00aApr 30Lakes @ Sumner
4.11Connor Kessel5:19.08aMay 7Lakes vs Auburn Mountainv..
5.10Cole Lindstrom5:20.86aApr 30Lakes @ Sumner
6.10Tristan BeachamSCRMar 19Lakes vs Auburn
10Alex WrightSCRMar 19Lakes vs Auburn
3200 Meters
1.9Alex Forte10:44.33aMay 7Lakes vs Auburn Mountainv..
2.9Lucas Knack11:00.05aMay 7Lakes vs Auburn Mountainv..
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.11Nathaniel Birdine18.94cApr 9Lakes vs Peninsula
2.10Darius Williams19.90aApr 16Enumclaw, Lakes @ Auburn
3.10Zarrion HillSCRMar 19Lakes vs Auburn
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.10Zarrion Hill40.41aMay 23WCD/SWD 3A Championships ..
2.11Keyon Springle41.01aMay 23WCD/SWD 3A Championships ..
3.11Nathaniel Birdine45.74cMar 19Lakes vs Auburn
4.10Darius Williams47.61aApr 25Bellevue Invitational
4x100 Relay
1.-Nahoku Agor
Yisrael Stephens
Keyon Springle
Zarrion Hill
45.18aMay 7Lakes vs Auburn Mountainv..
2.-Relay Team 45.24cMar 26Auburn Riverside @ Lakes
3.-Nahoku Agor
Zarrion Hill
Keyon Springle
Yisrael Stephens
45.66aApr 16Enumclaw, Lakes @ Auburn
4x200 Relay
1.-Nahoku Agor
Darius Williams
Keante Springle
Yisrael Stephens
1:38.83aApr 25Bellevue Invitational
4x400 Relay
1.-Zarrion Hill
Keyon Springle
Isaac Swillie
Louis Lopez
3:30.16aMay 16SPSL/Seamount 2A/3A Sub D..
2.-Zarrion Hill
Keante Springle
Keyon Springle
Louis Lopez
3:30.89aMay 22WCD/SWD 3A Championships ..
3.-Zarrion Hill
Keyon Springle
Louis Lopez
Keante Springle
3:32.94aMay 282A, 3A, 4A Day 1-3 State ..
4.-Keyon Springle
Keante Springle
Zarrion Hill
Louis Lopez
3:37.52aMar 21Cardinal Relays
5.-Keante Springle
Keyon Springle
Isaac Swillie
Louis Lopez
3:39.39aMar 26Auburn Riverside @ Lakes
6.-Jevaughn Harvey
Alex Wright
Jeremy Kelly
Tristan Beacham
3:54.50May 7Lakes vs Auburn Mountainv..
7.-Relay Team 3:55.70Mar 19Lakes vs Auburn
SMR 100-100-200-400m
1.-Nathaniel Birdine
Nahoku Agor
Zarrion Hill
Louis Lopez
1:42.76aMay 2Shoreline Invitational (B..
2.-Nahoku Agor
Yisrael Stephens
Nathaniel Birdine
Jevaughn Harvey
1:42.92aMar 21Cardinal Relays
SMR 600-200-400-800m
1.-Joe Edgecomb
Louis Lopez
Jevaughn Harvey
Tristan Beacham
4:58.14aApr 25Bellevue Invitational
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.-Matthew Siebert
Louis Lopez
Alex Forte
Joe Edgecomb
11:27a.0Mar 21Cardinal Relays
2.-Jack Bowen
Jevaughn Harvey
Tristan Beacham
Lucas Knack
11:56.68aMay 2Shoreline Invitational (B..
Shot Put - 12lb
1.11Jerimiyah Dunbar42' 6.00Apr 30Lakes @ Sumner
2.11Elijah McMillon40' 7.00Apr 23Lakes @ Bonney Lake
3.11Jayson Fatur38' 5.75Mar 26Auburn Riverside @ Lakes
4.10Cale Lindsay38' 3.50Apr 30Lakes @ Sumner
5.11Max Nauer38' 2.00Mar 19Lakes vs Auburn
6.9Devin Kostelecky37' 5.50May 7Lakes vs Auburn Mountainv..
7.10Enrique Torres-Hansen33' 1.25Apr 9Lakes vs Peninsula
8.11Damon Warmoth32' 11.00May 7Lakes vs Auburn Mountainv..
9.10Zachary Irvin32' 8.00Apr 30Lakes @ Sumner
10.10Sean Judd31' 9.00Mar 19Lakes vs Auburn
11.10Matthew Gotel30' 0.00Apr 9Lakes vs Peninsula
12.10Carter McCormickSCRMar 19Lakes vs Auburn
Discus - 1.6kg
1.10Cale Lindsay120' 2.00May 16SPSL/Seamount 2A/3A Sub D..
2.11Jerimiyah Dunbar112' 3.00Apr 25Bellevue Invitational
3.10Enrique Torres-Hansen102' 3.00Apr 23Lakes @ Bonney Lake
4.11Elijah McMillon98' 8.00May 7Lakes vs Auburn Mountainv..
5.11Max Nauer95' 5.00Apr 16Enumclaw, Lakes @ Auburn
6.11Jayson Fatur92' 8.00Apr 30Lakes @ Sumner
7.10Christopher Long85' 0.00Apr 30Lakes @ Sumner
8.10Zachary Irvin83' 2.00May 7Lakes vs Auburn Mountainv..
9.10Matthew Gotel78' 1.00Mar 26Auburn Riverside @ Lakes
10.9Devin Kostelecky61' 5.00May 7Lakes vs Auburn Mountainv..
11.11Damon Warmoth55' 4.00Apr 9Lakes vs Peninsula
Javelin - 800g
1.11Jerimiyah Dunbar149' 3.00Apr 30Lakes @ Sumner
2.11Robert Reiten144' 5.00May 7Lakes vs Auburn Mountainv..
3.10Cale Lindsay133' 4.00Apr 25Bellevue Invitational
4.10Zachary Irvin129' 11.00Apr 9Lakes vs Peninsula
5.9Austin Soika129' 5.00May 7Lakes vs Auburn Mountainv..
6.10Christopher Long129' 4.00Apr 9Lakes vs Peninsula
7.9Devin Kostelecky122' 5.00Apr 9Lakes vs Peninsula
8.11Damon Warmoth105' 6.00Mar 26Auburn Riverside @ Lakes
9.10William Ehlers104' 10.00Mar 19Lakes vs Auburn
10.11Bomani Bulter89' 9.00Apr 9Lakes vs Peninsula
High Jump
1.11Yisrael Stephens5' 10.00Apr 16Enumclaw, Lakes @ Auburn
Pole Vault
1.11Keyon Springle11' 6.00Apr 16Enumclaw, Lakes @ Auburn
2.9Lucas Knack9' 6.00Mar 26Auburn Riverside @ Lakes
3.11Jack Bowen8' 6.00Apr 9Lakes vs Peninsula
Long Jump
1.11Yisrael Stephens21' 3.00Apr 9Lakes vs Peninsula
2.9Nahoku Agor19' 6.00May 7Lakes vs Auburn Mountainv..
3.9Che' Rogers17' 9.50May 7Lakes vs Auburn Mountainv..
Triple Jump
1.9Nahoku Agor41' 2.25May 7Lakes vs Auburn Mountainv..
2.11Jevaughn Harvey39' 4.25Apr 30Lakes @ Sumner
3.11Jerimiyah Dunbar35' 10.00Mar 19Lakes vs Auburn


100 Meters
1.10Kiaya Hughes12.85aMay 22WCD/SWD 3A Championships ..
2.11Taneisha Johnson13.24cMar 26Auburn Riverside @ Lakes
3.10Destiny Gray13.64cMar 26Auburn Riverside @ Lakes
4.12Jacindia WilliamsSCRMar 19Lakes vs Auburn
200 Meters
1.10Kiaya Hughes27.28aMay 7Lakes vs Auburn Mountainv..
2.10Destiny Gray27.97aApr 25Bellevue Invitational
3.9Ashley Herrera28.06aApr 16Enumclaw, Lakes @ Auburn
4.11Taneisha Johnson28.18aMay 7Lakes vs Auburn Mountainv..
400 Meters
1.9Me'khiyah Bateman64.69aMay 15SPSL/Seamount 3A Sub Dist..
2.10Damita Gomez70.07aApr 30Lakes @ Sumner
3.10Sienna Ramirez70.17aApr 16Enumclaw, Lakes @ Auburn
4.12Jacindia Williams72.76aApr 30Lakes @ Sumner
800 Meters
1.9Kaitlyn Letellier2:35.34aApr 16Enumclaw, Lakes @ Auburn
2.9Julia Kwak2:46.31aApr 23Lakes @ Bonney Lake
3.10Samantha Pilch2:49.15aMay 7Lakes vs Auburn Mountainv..
4.9Me'khiyah Bateman2:53.15aApr 16Enumclaw, Lakes @ Auburn
5.9Sasha Rafael2:57.54aApr 30Lakes @ Sumner
6.11Destinee Whitener3:02.70Apr 9Lakes vs Peninsula
1600 Meters
1.9Shay Guerrero5:59.24aApr 25Bellevue Invitational
2.9Kaitlyn Letellier6:08.48aApr 23Lakes @ Bonney Lake
3.11Sloane Campbell6:32.40aMay 7Lakes vs Auburn Mountainv..
4.11Joana Murphy6:35.70Mar 19Lakes vs Auburn
3200 Meters
1.9Shay Guerrero12:58.99aMay 16SPSL/Seamount 2A/3A Sub D..
2.11Caleigh Dunlevy13:29.40aApr 23Lakes @ Bonney Lake
3.11Sloane Campbell14:28.36aApr 23Lakes @ Bonney Lake
4.11Joana Murphy14:53.42aApr 16Enumclaw, Lakes @ Auburn
5.10Samantha Pilch16:50.50Apr 9Lakes vs Peninsula
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.9Ashley Herrera18.67aApr 23Lakes @ Bonney Lake
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.10Kiaya Hughes47.91aMay 22WCD/SWD 3A Championships ..
2.9Ashley Herrera50.95aApr 23Lakes @ Bonney Lake
3.10Destiny Gray53.05aApr 30Lakes @ Sumner
4x100 Relay
1.-Relay Team 51.34cApr 9Lakes vs Peninsula
2.-Ashley Herrera
Destiny Gray
Destiny Davis
Kiaya Hughes
52.09aMay 239th Annual Lake Washingt..
3.-Ashley Herrera
Destiny Gray
Damita Gomez
Kiaya Hughes
52.69aMay 15SPSL/Seamount 3A Sub Dist..
4.-Ashley Herrera
Destiny Gray
Taneisha Johnson
Kiaya Hughes
NTApr 30Lakes @ Sumner
4x200 Relay
1.-Ashley Herrera
Destiny Gray
Monica Bowles
Taneisha Johnson
NTApr 30Lakes @ Sumner
-Relay Team SCRApr 9Lakes vs Peninsula
-Ashley Herrera
Destiny Gray
Taneisha Johnson
Monica Bowles
DNSApr 23Lakes @ Bonney Lake
4x400 Relay
1.-Relay Team 4:36.06aApr 16Enumclaw, Lakes @ Auburn
2.-Me'khiyah Bateman
Kaitlyn Letellier
Damita Gomez
Monica Bowles
4:39.89aApr 23Lakes @ Bonney Lake
3.-Damita Gomez
Kaitlyn Letellier
Samantha Pilch
Me'khiyah Bateman
4:43.26aMay 15SPSL/Seamount 3A Sub Dist..
4.-Caleigh Dunlevy
Kaitlyn Letellier
Me'khiyah Bateman
Shay Guerrero
4:43.40aMar 21Cardinal Relays
5.-Me'khiyah Bateman
Monica Bowles
Damita Gomez
Kaitlyn Letellier
4:44.33aApr 30Lakes @ Sumner
6.-Kaitlyn Letellier
Me'khiyah Bateman
Sasha Rafael
Sienna Ramirez
4:45.90May 7Lakes vs Auburn Mountainv..
SMR 100-100-200-400m
1.-Relay Team 2:03.00aMar 21Cardinal Relays
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.-Relay Team 15:03.00Mar 21Cardinal Relays
Shot Put - 4kg
1.10Brianna Mitchell29' 2.75Apr 9Lakes vs Peninsula
2.9Payton Thomas28' 0.50Apr 23Lakes @ Bonney Lake
3.10Talia Johnson27' 9.50Apr 25Bellevue Invitational
9Akaysiiyah Dunbar27' 9.50Apr 30Lakes @ Sumner
5.10Akaiya White25' 0.75May 7Lakes vs Auburn Mountainv..
6.9Ahnna St. Claire24' 3.73Apr 9Lakes vs Peninsula
7.9Summer Stensland21' 9.00Mar 19Lakes vs Auburn
8.10Zarina Dela cruz21' 7.00Apr 30Lakes @ Sumner
9.9Jatiana McLean21' 0.50Apr 16Enumclaw, Lakes @ Auburn
10.12Vivienne Schmidt19' 10.50Mar 19Lakes vs Auburn
Discus - 1kg
1.10Victoria Valencia100' 9.00Apr 25Bellevue Invitational
2.11Diyonus Walls83' 8.00Apr 25Bellevue Invitational
3.9Summer Stensland80' 3.00Apr 30Lakes @ Sumner
4.12Vivienne Schmidt74' 4.00Mar 21Cardinal Relays
5.11Ivory Turner71' 2.00May 7Lakes vs Auburn Mountainv..
6.9Ahnna St. Claire71' 0.00May 7Lakes vs Auburn Mountainv..
7.9Payton Thomas61' 2.00May 7Lakes vs Auburn Mountainv..
8.10Talia Johnson46' 9.00Mar 19Lakes vs Auburn
9.10Zarina Dela cruz44' 4.00Apr 16Enumclaw, Lakes @ Auburn
Javelin - 600g
1.9Summer Stensland85' 11.00Apr 9Lakes vs Peninsula
2.10Victoria Valencia78' 3.00Apr 30Lakes @ Sumner
3.12Brandy Blanco73' 0.00May 7Lakes vs Auburn Mountainv..
4.9Jatiana McLean71' 3.00Apr 16Enumclaw, Lakes @ Auburn
5.9Ahnna St. Claire66' 10.00Apr 9Lakes vs Peninsula
6.9Akaysiiyah Dunbar60' 7.00Apr 23Lakes @ Bonney Lake
7.12Kaniesha Gray56' 0.00Apr 30Lakes @ Sumner
8.12Vivienne Schmidt55' 1.00Apr 23Lakes @ Bonney Lake
9.10Akaiya White50' 11.00Mar 26Auburn Riverside @ Lakes
10.10Talia Johnson48' 4.00Mar 26Auburn Riverside @ Lakes
11.10Zarina Dela cruz44' 3.00Apr 9Lakes vs Peninsula
12.12Jacindia Williams32' 5.00May 7Lakes vs Auburn Mountainv..
High Jump
1.10Destiny Gray5' 4.00Apr 25Bellevue Invitational
2.10Damita Gomez4' 4.00Mar 26Auburn Riverside @ Lakes
Pole Vault
1.10Sienna Ramirez9' 0.00May 239th Annual Lake Washingt..
2.12Brandy Blanco7' 6.00May 7Lakes vs Auburn Mountainv..
3.11Ivory Turner7' 0.00Apr 30Lakes @ Sumner
12Kaniesha Gray7' 0.00Apr 30Lakes @ Sumner
5.12Jacindia WilliamsSCRApr 9Lakes vs Peninsula
Long Jump
1.10Kiaya Hughes17' 0.50Apr 30Lakes @ Sumner
2.12Jacindia Williams14' 6.25Mar 26Auburn Riverside @ Lakes
3.10Damita Gomez13' 9.50Apr 30Lakes @ Sumner
4.9Payton Thomas11' 10.00Apr 9Lakes vs Peninsula
Triple Jump
1.10Damita Gomez27' 5.00Mar 26Auburn Riverside @ Lakes

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