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St. John Fisher MS Free

  Cardinals - Portland, OR

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100 Meters
1.7Justin Tierney13.89aApr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
2.7Cade Napoli14.67aApr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
3.5Eero Hotz15.08aApr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
4.7Torsten Huseby15.42aApr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
5.6James Litton15.44aApr 12CYO Dev. Meet 5 (LSP..
6.6Patrick Dolan15.48aApr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
6Colin Rencher15.48aApr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
8.5Cooper Wrenn15.61aMay 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
9.5Aaron Pinney15.82aMay 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
10.7Parker Inman15.90aMay 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
11.6Toby Mache16.21aApr 26CYO Dev. Meet 11 (Ha..
12.5Tassew Lorimor16.27aMay 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
13.6Karsten Dinsmore16.28aApr 12CYO Dev. Meet 5 (LSP..
14.5Sean Weiland16.58aApr 26CYO Dev. Meet 11 (Ha..
5Miles Wells16.58aApr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
16.7Ben Dodak16.72aApr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
17.7Luke Hugllin16.82aApr 12CYO Dev. Meet 5 (LSP..
18.3Noah Gould16.83aMay 10CYO Roadrunner Champ..
19.5Kelson Gipp17.03aMay 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
20.5Cooper Lake17.09aApr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
21.4Jake Witt17.29aApr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
22.5Cole Huseby17.38aApr 26CYO Dev. Meet 11 (Ha..
23.5Blu Brunson17.53aApr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
24.5Isaac Holton18.24aApr 12CYO Dev. Meet 5 (LSP..
25.3Ronan Dolan18.30aMay 10CYO Roadrunner Champ..
26.6Liam Geon18.38aApr 26CYO Dev. Meet 11 (Ha..
27.5Mateo Stange18.40aApr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
28.4Colby Wissmiller18.45aApr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
29.3Isaiah Amador18.47aApr 12CYO Dev. Meet 5 (LSP..
30.3Tyler Weston19.00aApr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
4Griffin Galbraith19.00aApr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
32.3Ethan Gaylord19.58aMay 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
33.4Luke Malnati21.46aApr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
34.3Ben BullardDQMay 10CYO Roadrunner Champ..
200 Meters
1.7Justin Tierney27.22aMay 18CYO Meet of Champion..
2.6Patrick Dolan29.71aMay 18CYO Meet of Champion..
3.6James Litton29.73aMay 18CYO Meet of Champion..
4.7Cade Napoli29.91aMay 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
5.7Torsten Huseby31.47aApr 12CYO Dev. Meet 5 (LSP..
6.7Ethan Carman31.61aApr 12CYO Dev. Meet 5 (LSP..
7.7Jackson Miller31.82aApr 26CYO Dev. Meet 11 (Ha..
8.5Cooper Wrenn31.93aApr 12CYO Dev. Meet 5 (LSP..
9.7Peter Boileau32.03aApr 26CYO Dev. Meet 11 (Ha..
10.5Eero Hotz32.45aMay 18CYO Meet of Champion..
11.7Joshua Ramirez33.96aApr 12CYO Dev. Meet 5 (LSP..
12.6Liam Geon34.04aApr 12CYO Dev. Meet 5 (LSP..
13.5Tassew Lorimor34.55aApr 26CYO Dev. Meet 11 (Ha..
14.5Cole Huseby34.67aApr 12CYO Dev. Meet 5 (LSP..
15.4Jake Witt35.32aMay 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
16.3Noah Gould35.72aMay 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
17.5Miles Wells36.15aApr 12CYO Dev. Meet 5 (LSP..
18.5Cooper Lake36.25aApr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
19.5Kelson Gipp37.92aApr 12CYO Dev. Meet 5 (LSP..
20.7Luke Hugllin38.16aApr 12CYO Dev. Meet 5 (LSP..
21.5Logan Bishopric38.51aApr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
22.5Escher Wright-Dykhouse39.36aApr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
23.3Ronan Dolan40.72aMay 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
24.3Jackson Brown46.09aMay 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
25.3Ben Bullard47.41aApr 12CYO Dev. Meet 5 (LSP..
400 Meters
1.7Torsten Huseby67.35aApr 26CYO Dev. Meet 11 (Ha..
2.7Cade Napoli68.08aApr 26CYO Dev. Meet 11 (Ha..
3.6James Litton68.27aMay 18CYO Meet of Champion..
4.7Ethan Carman69.96aApr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
5.5Cooper Wrenn71.73aApr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
6.6Colin Rencher71.77aMay 18CYO Meet of Champion..
7.5Aaron Pinney72.37aMay 18CYO Meet of Champion..
8.7Peter Boileau73.88aApr 26CYO Dev. Meet 11 (Ha..
9.7Jackson Miller74.95aApr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
10.6Toby Mache77.56aMay 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
11.5Cole Huseby79.79aApr 12CYO Dev. Meet 5 (LSP..
12.3Noah Gould79.80aMay 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
13.7Joshua Ramirez81.17aApr 12CYO Dev. Meet 5 (LSP..
14.7Parker Inman81.90aMay 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
15.4Jake Witt82.70aMay 10CYO Roadrunner Champ..
16.5Escher Wright-Dykhouse84.33aApr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
17.5Logan Bishopric85.47aMay 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
18.4Colby Wissmiller86.33aApr 26CYO Dev. Meet 11 (Ha..
19.5Cooper Lake87.13aApr 26CYO Dev. Meet 11 (Ha..
20.3Jackson Brown89.14aApr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
21.5Kelson Gipp89.21aApr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
22.3Isaiah Amador1:30.72aMay 10CYO Roadrunner Champ..
23.3Ronan Dolan1:32.45aApr 12CYO Dev. Meet 5 (LSP..
24.3Tyler Weston1:37.13aApr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
25.4Griffin Galbraith1:37.48aApr 12CYO Dev. Meet 5 (LSP..
26.7Justin Tierney1:38.60aApr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
27.4Luke Malnati1:47.46aApr 26CYO Dev. Meet 11 (Ha..
28.3Ethan Gaylord2:00.05aApr 12CYO Dev. Meet 5 (LSP..
800 Meters
1.8Craig Weeks2:31.18aApr 26CYO Dev. Meet 11 (Ha..
2.7Torsten Huseby2:33.15aMay 18CYO Meet of Champion..
3.5Cooper Wrenn2:34.98aMay 18CYO Meet of Champion..
4.7Jackson Miller2:35.55aMay 18CYO Meet of Champion..
5.6Toby Mache2:49.01aMay 18CYO Meet of Champion..
6.6Colin Rencher2:54.45aMay 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
7.4Jake Witt3:00.51aMay 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
8.5Cole Huseby3:12.20aMay 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
9.4Colby Wissmiller3:14.94aMay 10CYO Roadrunner Champ..
10.5Escher Wright-Dykhouse3:16.33aApr 26CYO Dev. Meet 11 (Ha..
11.5Cooper Lake3:18.48aApr 12CYO Dev. Meet 5 (LSP..
12.5Wyatt Murphy3:18.58aApr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
13.5Isaac Holton3:21.43aApr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
14.5Logan Bishopric3:22.59aApr 12CYO Dev. Meet 5 (LSP..
15.5Kelson Gipp3:34.27aMay 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
16.4Griffin Galbraith3:49.42aApr 26CYO Dev. Meet 11 (Ha..
17.4Luke Malnati3:52.50aApr 26CYO Dev. Meet 11 (Ha..
18.3Jackson BrownDNSMay 10CYO Roadrunner Champ..
1500 Meters
1.8Craig Weeks4:52.41aMay 18CYO Meet of Champion..
2.7Torsten Huseby5:19.14aMay 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
3.5Cooper Wrenn5:19.93aMay 18CYO Meet of Champion..
4.6Karsten Dinsmore5:21.61aMay 18CYO Meet of Champion..
5.7Jackson Miller5:25.57aMay 18CYO Meet of Champion..
6.8Colin Foote5:28.79aMay 18CYO Meet of Champion..
7.6Toby Mache5:38.73aMay 18CYO Meet of Champion..
8.5Cole Huseby5:58.92aMay 18CYO Meet of Champion..
9.4Colby Wissmiller6:07.94aMay 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
10.5Isaac Holton6:11.72aApr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
11.5Wyatt Murphy6:50.66aMay 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
3000 Meters
1.8Craig Weeks10:51.29aMay 18CYO Meet of Champion..
2.7Jackson Miller11:50.62aApr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
3.6Toby Mache12:38.42aApr 12CYO Dev. Meet 5 (LSP..
4x60 Shuttle Relay
1.-Ethan Gaylord
Griffin Galbraith
Tyler Weston
Ronan Dolan
41.01aApr 26CYO Dev. Meet 11 (Ha..
2.-Relay Team 43.76aMay 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
3.-Isaiah Amador
Luke Malnati
Tyler Weston
Jake Witt
45.05aMay 10CYO Roadrunner Champ..
4x100 Relay
1.-Peter Boileau
Jackson Miller
Cade Napoli
Justin Tierney
57.65aMay 18CYO Meet of Champion..
2.-Relay Team 58.30aMay 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
3.-Cooper Wrenn
Eero Hotz
Aaron Pinney
Patrick Dolan
60.00aMay 18CYO Meet of Champion..
4.-Patrick Dolan
Colin Rencher
Toby Mache
Cooper Wrenn
62.86aApr 26CYO Dev. Meet 11 (Ha..
5.-Jackson Brown
Ben Bullard
Ronan Dolan
Ethan Gaylord
76.69aMay 10CYO Roadrunner Champ..
4x400 Relay
1.-Toby Mache
Colin Rencher
Cole Huseby
James Litton
5:07.63aMay 18CYO Meet of Champion..
Shot Put - 6lb
1.5Mateo Stange20' 11.50May 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
2.5Logan Bishopric18' 7.25Apr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
3.5Kelson Gipp16' 2.00May 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
4.3Tyler Weston16' 0.50Apr 26CYO Dev. Meet 11 (Ha..
5.4Griffin Galbraith15' 5.75Apr 26CYO Dev. Meet 11 (Ha..
6.5Sean Weiland15' 5.50Apr 12CYO Dev. Meet 5 (LSP..
7.3Ronan Dolan13' 3.50May 10CYO Roadrunner Champ..
8.3Ethan Gaylord10' 9.25Apr 12CYO Dev. Meet 5 (LSP..
9.4Luke Malnati10' 7.00Apr 26CYO Dev. Meet 11 (Ha..
Shot Put - 8lb
1.7Joshua Ramirez26' 0.00Apr 26CYO Dev. Meet 11 (Ha..
2.7Aaron Rafter23' 8.00Apr 12CYO Dev. Meet 5 (LSP..
3.7Luke Hugllin16' 6.50Apr 12CYO Dev. Meet 5 (LSP..
Javelin - 300g TJ
1.5Aaron Pinney93' 2.00May 18CYO Meet of Champion..
2.5Cole Huseby82' 1.00May 18CYO Meet of Champion..
3.7Joshua Ramirez78' 2.00Apr 12CYO Dev. Meet 5 (LSP..
4.7Aaron Rafter70' 4.00Apr 26CYO Dev. Meet 11 (Ha..
5.4Jake Witt59' 10.00Apr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
6.8Craig Weeks54' 0.00Apr 12CYO Dev. Meet 5 (LSP..
7.6Toby Mache53' 1.00May 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
8.3Isaiah Amador45' 0.00Apr 12CYO Dev. Meet 5 (LSP..
9.5Mateo Stange44' 5.00Apr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
10.3Ronan Dolan39' 5.00Apr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
11.4Griffin Galbraith39' 1.00Apr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
12.3Tyler Weston32' 4.00Apr 12CYO Dev. Meet 5 (LSP..
13.5Sean Weiland28' 8.00Apr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
14.3Ethan Gaylord28' 7.00Apr 12CYO Dev. Meet 5 (LSP..
15.3Jackson Brown26' 9.00Apr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
High Jump
1.7Justin Tierney5' 2.00Apr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
2.7Ethan Carman4' 6.00Apr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
3.7Peter Boileau4' 2.00Apr 26CYO Dev. Meet 11 (Ha..
7Cade Napoli4' 2.00May 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
5.6Toby Mache4' 1.00May 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
6Colin Rencher4' 1.00Apr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
7.5Cooper Wrenn3' 10.00Apr 26CYO Dev. Meet 11 (Ha..
5Eero Hotz3' 10.00May 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
9.5Kelson Gipp3' 6.00Apr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
Long Jump
1.7Justin Tierney15' 1.00May 18CYO Meet of Champion..
2.7Ethan Carman13' 10.50May 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
3.7Cade Napoli13' 3.25May 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
4.5Eero Hotz13' 2.00May 18CYO Meet of Champion..
5.7Jackson Miller12' 1.00May 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
6.5Cooper Wrenn11' 10.00Apr 12CYO Dev. Meet 5 (LSP..
7.6Patrick Dolan11' 6.75Apr 12CYO Dev. Meet 5 (LSP..
6James Litton11' 6.75Apr 12CYO Dev. Meet 5 (LSP..
9.3Noah Gould11' 6.50May 10CYO Roadrunner Champ..
10.6Toby Mache11' 3.00Apr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
11.6Karsten Dinsmore10' 10.00Apr 12CYO Dev. Meet 5 (LSP..
12.5Miles Wells10' 9.00Apr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
13.5Cooper Lake10' 8.50Apr 26CYO Dev. Meet 11 (Ha..
14.7Luke Hugllin10' 8.00Apr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
15.4Jake Witt10' 4.50May 10CYO Roadrunner Champ..
16.5Aaron Pinney10' 0.75Apr 12CYO Dev. Meet 5 (LSP..
17.5Wyatt Murphy9' 11.50Apr 26CYO Dev. Meet 11 (Ha..
18.5Tassew Lorimor9' 11.00May 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
19.5Isaac Holton9' 9.50Apr 26CYO Dev. Meet 11 (Ha..
20.6Liam Geon9' 6.50Apr 12CYO Dev. Meet 5 (LSP..
21.3Isaiah Amador9' 5.00Apr 12CYO Dev. Meet 5 (LSP..
3Ronan Dolan9' 5.00May 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
23.5Sean Weiland9' 4.75Apr 26CYO Dev. Meet 11 (Ha..
24.4Colby Wissmiller9' 1.25May 10CYO Roadrunner Champ..
25.3Jackson Brown9' 0.00May 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
26.3Ben Bullard8' 6.00Apr 12CYO Dev. Meet 5 (LSP..
27.5Blu Brunson8' 4.00Apr 26CYO Dev. Meet 11 (Ha..
28.4Griffin Galbraith7' 8.75Apr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
29.3Ethan Gaylord7' 0.00Apr 26CYO Dev. Meet 11 (Ha..
30.5Mateo Stange5' 11.00Apr 26CYO Dev. Meet 11 (Ha..


100 Meters
1.8Hazel Reynolds13.77aMay 18CYO Meet of Champion..
2.6Alex Hoffman14.44aMay 18CYO Meet of Champion..
3.5Lily Reynolds14.56aMay 18CYO Meet of Champion..
4.7Claire Michaud15.05aMay 18CYO Meet of Champion..
5.5Sidra Sina15.07aMay 18CYO Meet of Champion..
6.5Lola Talalemotu15.14aMay 18CYO Meet of Champion..
7.8Lauren Wissmiller15.16aMay 18CYO Meet of Champion..
8.5Claire Asplund15.22aMay 18CYO Meet of Champion..
9.6Jordyn Reverman15.24aMay 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
10.8Deja Norris-York15.30aMay 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
11.5Molly Grant15.33aMay 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
12.6Megan Elsom15.38aMay 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
13.8Jordan Schuster15.49aMay 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
14.6Deborah Austin16.03aApr 12CYO Dev. Meet 5 (LSP..
15.5Paige Grant16.09aApr 26CYO Dev. Meet 11 (Ha..
16.5Josie Napoli16.34aMay 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
17.5Melea Triplett16.50aApr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
18.5Morgan Petersen16.55aApr 12CYO Dev. Meet 5 (LSP..
19.4Eve Hart16.58aMay 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
20.6Emma Ruddy16.84aApr 26CYO Dev. Meet 11 (Ha..
21.5Madeleine La Chance16.85aApr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
22.5Fiona Lenth16.98aApr 12CYO Dev. Meet 5 (LSP..
23.4Josie Balish17.23aMay 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
5Lynn Weeks17.23aMay 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
25.3Helen Brodahl17.30aMay 10CYO Roadrunner Champ..
26.5Violet Turner17.36aApr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
27.4Alicia Mache17.43aApr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
28.7Eden Simko17.48aApr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
29.5Ava Everett17.60aMay 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
30.4Victoria Mache17.68aApr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
31.5Julia Meyers18.03aMay 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
32.5Mari Huglin18.40aApr 26CYO Dev. Meet 11 (Ha..
33.3Sydney Martin18.49aMay 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
3Drew Inman18.49aMay 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
35.3Kelly Elsom18.55aMay 10CYO Roadrunner Champ..
36.5Helen Sloop18.66aApr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
37.3Petra Schuster18.70aApr 12CYO Dev. Meet 5 (LSP..
38.3Isabel Patterson18.81aMay 10CYO Roadrunner Champ..
39.3Karina Gadbaw18.93aApr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
40.5Ruby Wachs18.97aApr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
41.3Clare Roepel19.05aApr 12CYO Dev. Meet 5 (LSP..
42.3Morgan Olsen19.12aApr 12CYO Dev. Meet 5 (LSP..
43.4Margot Nile19.29aApr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
44.5Lucie Michaud19.41aApr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
45.5Meredith Stapleton19.48aMay 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
46.5Olivia Henderson19.75aApr 26CYO Dev. Meet 11 (Ha..
47.3Katie Middleton19.94aApr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
48.3Rosali Patterson19.96aApr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
49.3Julia Wells20.17aApr 12CYO Dev. Meet 5 (LSP..
50.3Reese D'Ambrosio20.30aMay 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
51.4Kate Howard20.87aApr 26CYO Dev. Meet 11 (Ha..
52.3Mia Wachs23.63aMay 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
200 Meters
1.8Natalie Perkins27.84aMay 18CYO Meet of Champion..
2.8Hazel Reynolds28.06aMay 18CYO Meet of Champion..
3.6Alex Hoffman30.16aMay 18CYO Meet of Champion..
4.5Lily Reynolds30.65aMay 18CYO Meet of Champion..
5.7Claire Michaud30.96aMay 18CYO Meet of Champion..
6.6Deborah Austin30.98aMay 18CYO Meet of Champion..
7.5Sidra Sina31.45aMay 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
8.5Claire Asplund32.10aMay 18CYO Meet of Champion..
9.6Rianna Bowers32.20aMay 18CYO Meet of Champion..
10.7Luciana Lenth32.49aApr 12CYO Dev. Meet 5 (LSP..
11.7Justine Wendt32.71aApr 26CYO Dev. Meet 11 (Ha..
12.5Lola Talalemotu33.08aApr 12CYO Dev. Meet 5 (LSP..
13.5Gemma Collier33.17aApr 12CYO Dev. Meet 5 (LSP..
14.8Jordan Schuster33.39aApr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
15.8Deja Norris-York34.00aApr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
16.5Morgan Petersen34.01aMay 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
17.7Eden Simko34.16aApr 12CYO Dev. Meet 5 (LSP..
18.5Fiona Lenth34.38aMay 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
19.6Megan Elsom34.83aApr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
20.5Melea Triplett35.09aApr 12CYO Dev. Meet 5 (LSP..
21.5Bridget Brown35.42aApr 26CYO Dev. Meet 11 (Ha..
22.5Lynn Weeks35.56aApr 12CYO Dev. Meet 5 (LSP..
23.5Bayla King-Sernovitz36.04aApr 12CYO Dev. Meet 5 (LSP..
24.5Madeleine La Chance36.42aApr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
25.4Alicia Mache36.79aMay 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
26.4Victoria Mache37.58aMay 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
27.5Amelia Stabler37.95aApr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
28.3Naya Wrenn38.54aApr 12CYO Dev. Meet 5 (LSP..
29.3Clare Roepel38.61aMay 10CYO Roadrunner Champ..
30.3Sydney Martin38.63aApr 12CYO Dev. Meet 5 (LSP..
31.5Annika Deazley39.08aApr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
32.3Karina Gadbaw39.12aApr 12CYO Dev. Meet 5 (LSP..
33.3Petra Schuster39.32aMay 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
34.3Helen Brodahl39.49aApr 26CYO Dev. Meet 11 (Ha..
35.5Lucie Michaud39.94aApr 12CYO Dev. Meet 5 (LSP..
36.5Violet Turner40.40aApr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
37.5Sophia Merrill41.14aApr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
38.5Meredith Stapleton41.60aMay 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
39.4Margot Nile42.71aMay 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
40.3Mia Wachs50.81aApr 12CYO Dev. Meet 5 (LSP..
41.3Katie MiddletonDNSMay 10CYO Roadrunner Champ..
3Julia WellsDNSMay 10CYO Roadrunner Champ..
400 Meters
1.8Natalie Perkins61.60aMay 18CYO Meet of Champion..
2.6Deborah Austin70.80aMay 18CYO Meet of Champion..
3.5Lola Talalemotu72.38aMay 18CYO Meet of Champion..
4.8Casey Kavanaugh72.53aApr 26CYO Dev. Meet 11 (Ha..
5.6Rianna Bowers73.46aMay 18CYO Meet of Champion..
6.5Bridget Brown76.42aMay 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
7.6Lucy Balish78.19aApr 26CYO Dev. Meet 11 (Ha..
8.5Fiona Lenth79.51aApr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
9.5Melea Triplett81.33aMay 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
10.4Josie Balish82.62aApr 26CYO Dev. Meet 11 (Ha..
11.5Gemma Collier82.83aApr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
12.4Alicia Mache83.13aMay 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
13.4Eve Hart83.56aMay 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
14.5Josie Napoli85.17aApr 12CYO Dev. Meet 5 (LSP..
15.5Lynn Weeks85.19aApr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
16.5Annika Deazley85.28aApr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
17.4Victoria Mache85.41aMay 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
18.3Clare Roepel85.62aMay 10CYO Roadrunner Champ..
19.3Naya Wrenn87.88aApr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
20.3Karina Gadbaw88.03aMay 10CYO Roadrunner Champ..
21.5Bayla King-Sernovitz88.38aApr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
22.5Amelia Stabler1:30.80aApr 12CYO Dev. Meet 5 (LSP..
23.3Kelly Elsom1:31.21aMay 10CYO Roadrunner Champ..
24.3Sydney Martin1:31.85aApr 12CYO Dev. Meet 5 (LSP..
25.5Lucie Michaud1:32.34aApr 12CYO Dev. Meet 5 (LSP..
26.3Petra Schuster1:34.41aApr 12CYO Dev. Meet 5 (LSP..
27.3Helen Brodahl1:34.54aApr 12CYO Dev. Meet 5 (LSP..
28.5Violet Turner1:35.96aApr 26CYO Dev. Meet 11 (Ha..
29.4Margot Nile1:38.54aMay 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
30.3Julia Wells1:38.99aMay 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
31.3Morgan Olsen1:39.13aApr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
32.3Isabel Patterson1:45.81aApr 12CYO Dev. Meet 5 (LSP..
33.3Reese D'Ambrosio1:50.91aApr 12CYO Dev. Meet 5 (LSP..
34.3Katie Middleton1:53.50aApr 12CYO Dev. Meet 5 (LSP..
800 Meters
1.7Luciana Lenth2:34.60aMay 18CYO Meet of Champion..
2.5Molly Grant2:38.26aMay 18CYO Meet of Champion..
3.5Paige Grant2:39.44aMay 18CYO Meet of Champion..
4.8Natalie Perkins2:39.54aMay 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
5.8Casey Kavanaugh2:42.45aMay 18CYO Meet of Champion..
6.6Megan Elsom2:42.57aMay 18CYO Meet of Champion..
7.5Morgan Petersen2:47.47aMay 18CYO Meet of Champion..
8.5Fiona Lenth2:50.81aMay 18CYO Meet of Champion..
9.6Lucy Balish2:56.15aMay 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
10.7Justine Wendt2:57.10aMay 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
11.7Eden Simko3:03.78aApr 26CYO Dev. Meet 11 (Ha..
12.4Josie Balish3:04.16aMay 10CYO Roadrunner Champ..
13.6Emma Ruddy3:05.26aApr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
14.3Naya Wrenn3:09.15aMay 10CYO Roadrunner Champ..
15.4Alicia Mache3:16.41aApr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
16.4Victoria Mache3:17.12aApr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
17.5Sophia Merrill3:17.89aApr 12CYO Dev. Meet 5 (LSP..
18.5Melea Triplett3:18.96aApr 26CYO Dev. Meet 11 (Ha..
19.4Kate Howard3:21.13aMay 10CYO Roadrunner Champ..
20.3Karina Gadbaw3:22.89aMay 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
21.3Helen Brodahl3:24.59aApr 26CYO Dev. Meet 11 (Ha..
22.3Petra Schuster3:26.25aMay 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
23.5Amelia Stabler3:28.71aApr 12CYO Dev. Meet 5 (LSP..
24.4Margot Nile3:47.09aApr 26CYO Dev. Meet 11 (Ha..
1500 Meters
1.7Luciana Lenth5:28.93aMay 18CYO Meet of Champion..
2.5Paige Grant5:31.58aMay 18CYO Meet of Champion..
3.5Morgan Petersen5:35.85aMay 18CYO Meet of Champion..
4.6Megan Elsom5:35.97aMay 18CYO Meet of Champion..
5.8Casey Kavanaugh5:40.26aMay 18CYO Meet of Champion..
6.5Fiona Lenth5:40.49aMay 18CYO Meet of Champion..
7.8Natalie Perkins5:42.25aApr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
8.7Eden Simko5:55.02aMay 18CYO Meet of Champion..
9.4Josie Balish6:02.53aMay 10CYO Roadrunner Champ..
10.6Lucy Balish6:06.31aApr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
11.6Deborah Austin6:12.12aApr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
12.6Emma Ruddy6:18.30aMay 18CYO Meet of Champion..
13.4Victoria Mache6:28.75aMay 10CYO Roadrunner Champ..
14.4Alicia Mache6:34.20aMay 10CYO Roadrunner Champ..
15.5Ruby Wachs6:43.32aMay 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
16.3Karina Gadbaw6:56.76aApr 26CYO Dev. Meet 11 (Ha..
17.6Gabrielle Foote7:47.91aApr 26CYO Dev. Meet 11 (Ha..
3000 Meters
1.6Lucy Balish12:17.63aMay 18CYO Meet of Champion..
2.6Megan Elsom13:00.71aApr 12CYO Dev. Meet 5 (LSP..
3.7Eden Simko13:37.34aApr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
4x60 Shuttle Relay
1.-Sydney Martin
Katie Middleton
Kelly Elsom
Rosali Patterson
39.26aApr 26CYO Dev. Meet 11 (Ha..
2.-Relay Team 44.89aApr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
3.-Kelly Elsom
Katie Middleton
Margot Nile
Julia Wells
45.70aMay 10CYO Roadrunner Champ..
4x100 Relay
1.-Casey Kavanaugh
Hazel Reynolds
Natalie Perkins
Lauren Wissmiller
54.93aMay 18CYO Meet of Champion..
2.-Relay Team 56.93aMay 18CYO Meet of Champion..
3.-Lily Reynolds
Alex Hoffman
Molly Grant
Sidra Sina
57.49aMay 18CYO Meet of Champion..
4.-Sidra Sina
Morgan Petersen
Megan Elsom
Fiona Lenth
65.23aApr 26CYO Dev. Meet 11 (Ha..
5.-Eve Hart
Alicia Mache
Victoria Mache
Helen Brodahl
70.69aMay 10CYO Roadrunner Champ..
6.-Violet Turner
Deborah Austin
Rianna Bowers
Olivia Henderson
73.28aApr 26CYO Dev. Meet 11 (Ha..
7.-Naya Wrenn
Margot Nile
Alicia Mache
Victoria Mache
73.72aApr 26CYO Dev. Meet 11 (Ha..
8.-Kate Howard
Katie Middleton
Kelly Elsom
Eve Hart
75.96aApr 26CYO Dev. Meet 11 (Ha..
4x400 Relay
1.-Lola Talalemotu
Paige Grant
Molly Grant
Megan Elsom
4:46.79aMay 18CYO Meet of Champion..
2.-Relay Team 4:49.14aMay 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
Shot Put - 6lb
1.8Lauren Wissmiller26' 9.50Apr 12CYO Dev. Meet 5 (LSP..
2.5Josie Napoli22' 8.50May 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
3.6Lucy Balish18' 3.00Apr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
4.5Julia Meyers16' 9.00Apr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
5.5Olivia Henderson16' 5.00Apr 26CYO Dev. Meet 11 (Ha..
6.3Isabel Patterson13' 4.50May 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
7.3Rosali Patterson12' 1.50Apr 26CYO Dev. Meet 11 (Ha..
8.3Morgan Olsen11' 11.00Apr 12CYO Dev. Meet 5 (LSP..
9.3Reese D'Ambrosio10' 4.75Apr 12CYO Dev. Meet 5 (LSP..
10.3Mia Wachs9' 4.00Apr 12CYO Dev. Meet 5 (LSP..
11.3Katie Middleton8' 6.75Apr 26CYO Dev. Meet 11 (Ha..
Javelin - 300g TJ
1.8Jordan Schuster82' 9.00May 18CYO Meet of Champion..
2.6Lucy Balish71' 3.00Apr 12CYO Dev. Meet 5 (LSP..
3.8Lauren Wissmiller64' 2.00May 18CYO Meet of Champion..
4.8Audrey Jenkins54' 0.00Apr 26CYO Dev. Meet 11 (Ha..
5.8Deja Norris-York53' 0.00Apr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
6.4Josie Balish50' 5.00Apr 12CYO Dev. Meet 5 (LSP..
7.5Josie Napoli44' 6.00May 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
8.6Deborah Austin41' 0.00Apr 12CYO Dev. Meet 5 (LSP..
9.4Eve Hart38' 7.00Apr 26CYO Dev. Meet 11 (Ha..
10.3Rosali Patterson34' 9.00May 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
11.3Helen Brodahl33' 9.00Apr 26CYO Dev. Meet 11 (Ha..
12.3Morgan Olsen33' 3.00Apr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
13.5Bayla King-Sernovitz33' 1.00May 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
14.3Isabel Patterson31' 1.00Apr 26CYO Dev. Meet 11 (Ha..
15.3Drew Inman28' 10.00May 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
16.5Bridget Brown27' 0.00Apr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
17.3Katie Middleton22' 8.00Apr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
18.3Reese D'Ambrosio20' 0.00Apr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
19.3Mia Wachs19' 8.00Apr 26CYO Dev. Meet 11 (Ha..
High Jump
1.8Hazel Reynolds4' 11.00May 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
2.6Jordyn Reverman4' 5.00May 18CYO Meet of Champion..
6Deborah Austin4' 5.00May 18CYO Meet of Champion..
4.6Rianna Bowers4' 1.00May 18CYO Meet of Champion..
5Lily Reynolds4' 1.00May 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
6.6Emma Ruddy3' 10.00Apr 12CYO Dev. Meet 5 (LSP..
7.5Lola Talalemotu3' 9.00Apr 12CYO Dev. Meet 5 (LSP..
8.5Violet Turner3' 8.00Apr 12CYO Dev. Meet 5 (LSP..
8Lauren Wissmiller3' 8.00May 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
10.5Molly Grant3' 7.00Apr 12CYO Dev. Meet 5 (LSP..
11.6Lucy Balish3' 6.00Apr 26CYO Dev. Meet 11 (Ha..
12.5Julia Meyers3' 4.00Apr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
5Mari Huglin3' 4.00Apr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
14.5Helen Sloop3' 2.00May 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
15.5Annika DeazleyNHApr 12CYO Dev. Meet 5 (LSP..
Long Jump
1.5Lily Reynolds14' 0.50Apr 26CYO Dev. Meet 11 (Ha..
2.8Hazel Reynolds13' 11.50Apr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
3.5Morgan Petersen13' 5.50May 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
4.6Megan Elsom13' 3.00May 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
5.5Sidra Sina12' 7.50May 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
6.7Claire Michaud12' 6.50Apr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
7.6Lucy Balish12' 3.00May 18CYO Meet of Champion..
8.5Molly Grant12' 1.75Apr 26CYO Dev. Meet 11 (Ha..
9.8Audrey Jenkins12' 0.00May 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
5Sophia Merrill12' 0.00Apr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
11.5Lola Talalemotu11' 10.50May 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
12.8Jordan Schuster11' 7.00Apr 26CYO Dev. Meet 11 (Ha..
13.4Josie Balish11' 6.50May 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
14.6Jordyn Reverman11' 5.00Apr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
15.5Melea Triplett11' 4.75May 18CYO Meet of Champion..
16.5Josie Napoli11' 2.50Apr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
17.7Luciana Lenth11' 1.75Apr 26CYO Dev. Meet 11 (Ha..
18.6Deborah Austin11' 1.50Apr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
19.5Madeleine La Chance11' 0.50May 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
20.5Lynn Weeks10' 10.25May 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
21.5Fiona Lenth10' 9.00May 18CYO Meet of Champion..
5Paige Grant10' 9.00Apr 26CYO Dev. Meet 11 (Ha..
23.5Bridget Brown10' 8.25May 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
24.4Eve Hart10' 8.00May 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
25.3Helen Brodahl10' 6.00Apr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
26.8Deja Norris-York10' 4.50May 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
27.4Alicia Mache10' 3.75May 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
28.5Claire Asplund10' 3.50Apr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
29.5Julia Meyers10' 1.75May 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
30.3Clare Roepel9' 10.75Apr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
31.3Naya Wrenn9' 9.00May 10CYO Roadrunner Champ..
32.7Justine Wendt9' 7.75Apr 26CYO Dev. Meet 11 (Ha..
33.4Victoria Mache9' 7.25May 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
34.7Eden Simko9' 6.00May 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
35.5Annika Deazley9' 5.50Apr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
36.3Petra Schuster9' 4.75May 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
37.3Kelly Elsom9' 2.00Apr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
38.4Kate Howard9' 1.00Apr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
39.4Margot Nile8' 11.50May 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
40.5Bayla King-Sernovitz8' 11.00Apr 26CYO Dev. Meet 11 (Ha..
41.3Karina Gadbaw8' 10.50May 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
42.5Ruby Wachs8' 9.00May 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
5Ava Everett8' 9.00Apr 26CYO Dev. Meet 11 (Ha..
44.3Drew Inman8' 5.00May 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
45.3Sydney Martin8' 4.50Apr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
46.5Amelia Stabler8' 4.00Apr 12CYO Dev. Meet 5 (LSP..
47.5Gemma Collier8' 2.00May 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
48.5Helen Sloop7' 8.00May 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
49.3Reese D'Ambrosio7' 5.50May 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
50.3Rosali Patterson7' 3.25Apr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
51.3Julia Wells6' 9.00Apr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
52.3Isabel Patterson6' 8.00Apr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
53.3Mia Wachs6' 3.50May 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
54.5Meredith Stapleton6' 1.50May 3CYO Dev. Meet 16 (VC..
55.5Mari Huglin5' 11.00Apr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
56.5Lucie Michaud3' 7.00Apr 5CYO Dev. Meet 2 (GHS..
57.5Olivia HendersonNDApr 26CYO Dev. Meet 11 (Ha..
  * = Denotes a recent improvement
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