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    Bobcats - Aberdeen, WA

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100 Meters
1.12Austin Floch11.60aApr 25Chehalis Activators Class..
2.12Kaleb Bell11.76aMay 6Monte, Aberdeen, Elma@ Ea..
3.12Connor Quinn11.85aMay 6Monte, Aberdeen, Elma@ Ea..
4.10Gordon Shaw12.04cApr 18Ray Ryan Memorial - GHC M..
5.9Bryan Sidor12.13aMay 9Freshman Invitational
6.11Joel Dublanko12.16aMay 6Monte, Aberdeen, Elma@ Ea..
7.12Conner Weber12.44cApr 30Evergreen 1A/2A
11Miles Devine12.44cMar 25Evergreen 1A/2A
12Jacob Black12.44cApr 30Evergreen 1A/2A
12Chaise Schuneman12.44cApr 30Evergreen 1A/2A
11.11Brian Jauregui12.47aMay 6Monte, Aberdeen, Elma@ Ea..
12.10Braden Castleberry-Taylor12.54cApr 30Evergreen 1A/2A
13.12Luis Solorio12.58aMay 6Monte, Aberdeen, Elma@ Ea..
12Miguel Galeana12.58aMay 6Monte, Aberdeen, Elma@ Ea..
15.10Benton Butcher13.32aMay 6Monte, Aberdeen, Elma@ Ea..
16.12Riley Schreck13.54cApr 30Evergreen 1A/2A
17.9Patric Haerle13.55aMay 9Freshman Invitational
18.10Dylan Maloney13.67aApr 24Chehalis Activators Invit..
19.10Cole Malone13.84cApr 30Evergreen 1A/2A
20.10Eric Galeana14.14cApr 18Ray Ryan Memorial - GHC M..
21.9Aaron Dyer14.34cApr 30Evergreen 1A/2A
22.12Tristan Mackinder14.56aMay 6Monte, Aberdeen, Elma@ Ea..
23.9Ryan Curry14.85aApr 2Evergreen 1A/2A
24.12Zack Denny23.24cApr 2Evergreen 1A/2A
200 Meters
1.11Miles Devine23.50aApr 25Chehalis Activators Class..
2.12Kaleb Bell24.24aMay 6Monte, Aberdeen, Elma@ Ea..
3.10Gordon Shaw24.44cApr 18Ray Ryan Memorial - GHC M..
4.12Austin Floch24.54cMar 25Evergreen 1A/2A
5.9Bryan Sidor24.58aMay 9Freshman Invitational
6.10Braden Castleberry-Taylor24.74cApr 18Ray Ryan Memorial - GHC M..
7.12Connor Quinn25.04cApr 18Ray Ryan Memorial - GHC M..
8.11Joel Dublanko25.63aMay 6Monte, Aberdeen, Elma@ Ea..
9.12Luis Solorio25.84aMay 6Monte, Aberdeen, Elma@ Ea..
10.11Brian Jauregui26.00aMay 6Monte, Aberdeen, Elma@ Ea..
11.12Miguel Galeana26.30aMay 6Monte, Aberdeen, Elma@ Ea..
12.10Benton Butcher28.76aMay 6Monte, Aberdeen, Elma@ Ea..
13.10Dylan Maloney29.24cApr 30Evergreen 1A/2A
14.12Zack Denny40.74cApr 30Evergreen 1A/2A
400 Meters
1.10Kyle Hurd52.97aMay 222A District 4 Championshi..
2.10Gordon Shaw57.10aApr 2Evergreen 1A/2A
3.9Bryan Sidor57.86aMay 9Freshman Invitational
4.12Miguel Galeana58.96aMay 6Monte, Aberdeen, Elma@ Ea..
5.12Luis Solorio61.49aApr 24Chehalis Activators Invit..
6.9Dayln Barragan62.64cApr 30Evergreen 1A/2A
7.12David Floch66.00aApr 2Evergreen 1A/2A
800 Meters
1.11Aaron Martinez2:12.72aMay 851st Shaner Invitational
2.10Jeran Paris2:27.50Apr 30Evergreen 1A/2A
3.10Alex Remington2:30.50Apr 30Evergreen 1A/2A
4.10Jacob Jamieson2:36.78aMay 6South Sound Championships..
5.12David Floch2:39.60aApr 24Chehalis Activators Invit..
6.9Aaron Dyer2:47.43aMay 6South Sound Championships..
7.10Cole Malone2:55.10aApr 24Chehalis Activators Invit..
1600 Meters
1.10Kyle Hurd4:26.97aMay 851st Shaner Invitational
2.11Aaron Martinez5:05.70Apr 30Evergreen 1A/2A
3.9Dayln Barragan5:13.94aMay 9Freshman Invitational
4.10Jeran Paris5:21.40Apr 30Evergreen 1A/2A
5.10Alex Remington5:26.20Apr 30Evergreen 1A/2A
6.12David Floch5:32.02aMay 6South Sound Championships..
7.10Jacob Jamieson5:45.33aMay 6South Sound Championships..
8.9Aaron Dyer5:53.56aMay 6South Sound Championships..
9.10Cole Malone6:27.90Apr 30Evergreen 1A/2A
10.9Ryan Curry6:41.90Apr 30Evergreen 1A/2A
11.9Sage Bridges6:42.20Apr 30Evergreen 1A/2A
3200 Meters
1.10Kyle Hurd10:17.22aMay 851st Shaner Invitational
2.9Dayln Barragan11:20.90aApr 24Chehalis Activators Invit..
3.10Jeran Paris11:25.82aMay 15Evergreen 2A Conference C..
4.10Gordon Shaw12:04.20aApr 24Chehalis Activators Invit..
5.10Alex Remington12:16.50Apr 30Evergreen 1A/2A
6.12David Floch12:55.50Apr 30Evergreen 1A/2A
7.9Aaron Dyer13:54.60aApr 24Chehalis Activators Invit..
8.10Cole Malone14:02.60aApr 24Chehalis Activators Invit..
9.10Jacob Jamieson14:08.40Mar 25Evergreen 1A/2A
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Connor Quinn17.54aMay 15Evergreen 2A Conference C..
2.11Joel Dublanko21.04aMay 6Monte, Aberdeen, Elma@ Ea..
3.10Benton Butcher21.11aMay 6Monte, Aberdeen, Elma@ Ea..
4.10Eric Galeana22.73aApr 24Chehalis Activators Invit..
5.9Ryan Curry24.02aMay 9Freshman Invitational
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.11Miles Devine45.13aApr 2Evergreen 1A/2A
2.12Kaleb Bell46.25aApr 2Evergreen 1A/2A
3.10Braden Castleberry-Taylor46.62aMay 15Evergreen 2A Conference C..
4.10Eric Galeana55.74cApr 18Ray Ryan Memorial - GHC M..
5.10Benton Butcher56.88aApr 2Evergreen 1A/2A
4x100 Relay
1.-Kaleb Bell
Miles Devine
Austin Floch
Connor Quinn
44.04aMay 851st Shaner Invitational
2.-Kaleb Bell
Miles Devine
Connor Quinn
Austin Floch
44.05aMay 222A District 4 Championshi..
3.-Relay Team 44.62aApr 25Chehalis Activators Class..
4.-Kaleb Bell
Miles Devine
Bryan Sidor
Austin Floch
46.34cMar 25Evergreen 1A/2A
5.-Jacob Black
Riley Schreck
Giovanni Orosco
Kohl Levao
55.94cApr 18Ray Ryan Memorial - GHC M..
4x400 Relay
1.-Austin Floch
Kaleb Bell
Connor Quinn
Kyle Hurd
3:35.05aMay 851st Shaner Invitational
2.-Relay Team 3:40.05aApr 25Chehalis Activators Class..
3.-Austin Floch
Kyle Hurd
Connor Quinn
Kaleb Bell
3:46.20Apr 30Evergreen 1A/2A
4.-Austin Floch
Bryan Sidor
Eric Galeana
Kyle Hurd
3:47.08aApr 2Evergreen 1A/2A
5.-Bryan Sidor
Aaron Martinez
Dayln Barragan
Kyle Hurd
4:12.10Mar 25Evergreen 1A/2A
Shot Put - 12lb
1.11Joel Dublanko41' 0.50May 851st Shaner Invitational
2.12Conner Weber39' 0.50May 6Monte, Aberdeen, Elma@ Ea..
3.12Kohl Levao38' 9.00Apr 18Ray Ryan Memorial - GHC M..
4.12Jacob Black38' 4.50Apr 2Evergreen 1A/2A
5.12Chaise Schuneman37' 0.00May 6Monte, Aberdeen, Elma@ Ea..
6.9Patric Haerle36' 0.00Apr 18Ray Ryan Memorial - GHC M..
7.9Skyler Murray33' 10.00May 9Freshman Invitational
8.12Riley Schreck31' 6.00Mar 25Evergreen 1A/2A
9.12Giovanni Orosco31' 2.00Apr 18Ray Ryan Memorial - GHC M..
10.12Tristan Mackinder29' 0.50Apr 30Evergreen 1A/2A
11.9Ashton Haviland28' 4.00May 9Freshman Invitational
12.9Sage Bridges25' 2.50Apr 30Evergreen 1A/2A
13.11Joseph Alvarado24' 6.00Mar 25Evergreen 1A/2A
14.12Zack Denny20' 5.50May 6South Sound Championships..
Discus - 1.6kg
1.12Jacob Black124' 7.00Apr 24Chehalis Activators Invit..
2.12Kohl Levao103' 3.00May 6Monte, Aberdeen, Elma@ Ea..
3.12Giovanni Orosco94' 2.00Apr 18Ray Ryan Memorial - GHC M..
4.10Jacob Jamieson85' 7.00Apr 30Evergreen 1A/2A
5.9Skyler Murray85' 2.00Apr 2Evergreen 1A/2A
6.12Riley Schreck84' 7.00Apr 30Evergreen 1A/2A
7.9Sage Bridges75' 11.00Apr 18Ray Ryan Memorial - GHC M..
8.9Ashton Haviland73' 8.00Apr 24Chehalis Activators Invit..
9.12Tristan Mackinder70' 7.00Apr 30Evergreen 1A/2A
9Patric Haerle70' 7.00Apr 18Ray Ryan Memorial - GHC M..
11.9Ryan Curry64' 1.00May 6South Sound Championships..
12.11Joseph Alvarado63' 1.00May 6South Sound Championships..
13.12Zack Denny34' 9.00Apr 30Evergreen 1A/2A
Javelin - 800g
1.12Conner Weber149' 0.50Apr 30Evergreen 1A/2A
2.10Braden Castleberry-Taylor136' 5.00Apr 18Ray Ryan Memorial - GHC M..
3.12Chaise Schuneman121' 2.00Apr 30Evergreen 1A/2A
4.12Jacob Black118' 8.00Apr 24Chehalis Activators Invit..
5.12Kohl Levao108' 3.00Apr 30Evergreen 1A/2A
6.9Sage Bridges101' 6.00May 9Freshman Invitational
10Jacob Jamieson101' 6.00May 6South Sound Championships..
8.12Tristan Mackinder101' 3.00Apr 24Chehalis Activators Invit..
9.12Giovanni Orosco101' 1.00Apr 18Ray Ryan Memorial - GHC M..
10.12Riley Schreck93' 0.00May 6Monte, Aberdeen, Elma@ Ea..
11.9Skyler Murray85' 4.00Apr 24Chehalis Activators Invit..
12.10Alex Remington82' 3.00Apr 30Evergreen 1A/2A
13.11Joseph Alvarado81' 5.00Apr 30Evergreen 1A/2A
14.9Ryan Curry79' 6.00Apr 18Ray Ryan Memorial - GHC M..
15.9Ashton Haviland77' 3.00Apr 24Chehalis Activators Invit..
16.12Zack Denny21' 9.00Apr 2Evergreen 1A/2A
Long Jump
1.12Austin Floch20' 10.00Apr 2Evergreen 1A/2A
2.11Miles Devine20' 6.00May 15Evergreen 2A Conference C..
3.12Conner Weber18' 7.00Apr 30Evergreen 1A/2A
4.11Brian Jauregui17' 5.00Apr 24Chehalis Activators Invit..
5.12Connor Quinn17' 4.50Apr 30Evergreen 1A/2A
6.12Luis Solorio17' 1.00May 6Monte, Aberdeen, Elma@ Ea..
7.10Braden Castleberry-Taylor17' 0.00Apr 24Chehalis Activators Invit..
8.12Chaise Schuneman16' 10.75Apr 30Evergreen 1A/2A
9.12Miguel Galeana16' 6.50Apr 2Evergreen 1A/2A
10.11Joel Dublanko16' 2.25Apr 2Evergreen 1A/2A
11.9Dayln Barragan16' 1.00Apr 24Chehalis Activators Invit..
12.12Kaleb Bell15' 9.00Mar 25Evergreen 1A/2A
13.10Jeran Paris14' 10.50Apr 2Evergreen 1A/2A
14.9Patric Haerle14' 6.00May 9Freshman Invitational
15.10Dylan Maloney14' 5.75Apr 30Evergreen 1A/2A
16.10Eric Galeana13' 8.00Apr 18Ray Ryan Memorial - GHC M..
17.12David Floch13' 2.00Apr 30Evergreen 1A/2A
Triple Jump
1.11Miles Devine39' 5.00Apr 2Evergreen 1A/2A
2.12Luis Solorio38' 8.00May 6Monte, Aberdeen, Elma@ Ea..
3.12Conner Weber38' 0.00May 222A District 4 Championshi..
4.11Brian Jauregui32' 9.51Apr 18Ray Ryan Memorial - GHC M..


100 Meters
1.9Faith Cardenas13.58aMay 6Monte, Aberdeen, Elma@ Ea..
2.11Jade Caskey13.79aMay 15Evergreen 2A Conference C..
3.10Emily Olsen14.90aApr 2Evergreen 1A/2A
4.11McKenzie Brooks15.14cApr 30Evergreen 1A/2A
10Megan Auld15.14cApr 18Ray Ryan Memorial - GHC M..
6.11Gloria Cuevas15.74cMar 25Evergreen 1A/2A
7.11Kitana Roberts16.01aApr 2Evergreen 1A/2A
200 Meters
1.9Faith Cardenas27.58aMay 9Freshman Invitational
2.11Jade Caskey29.54cApr 18Ray Ryan Memorial - GHC M..
3.10Megan Auld31.35aMay 6Monte, Aberdeen, Elma@ Ea..
4.12Savannah Stolen31.55aMay 6Monte, Aberdeen, Elma@ Ea..
5.11Gloria Cuevas33.64cApr 30Evergreen 1A/2A
6.10Emily Olsen34.17aApr 2Evergreen 1A/2A
400 Meters
1.9Faith Cardenas62.17aMay 222A District 4 Championshi..
2.11Jade Caskey66.11aMay 851st Shaner Invitational
800 Meters
1.11Kitana Roberts3:20.90Mar 25Evergreen 1A/2A
1600 Meters
1.12Savannah Stolen6:37.26aMay 851st Shaner Invitational
2.11Kitana Roberts7:18a.0Apr 2Evergreen 1A/2A
3.11Monica Cuevas-Cerda8:47.10Apr 30Evergreen 1A/2A
4.12Cathryn Paris9:46.70Apr 30Evergreen 1A/2A
3200 Meters
1.11Kitana Roberts18:22.50Apr 30Evergreen 1A/2A
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.11McKenzie Brooks18.76aMay 15Evergreen 2A Conference C..
2.10Emily Olsen22.74cApr 18Ray Ryan Memorial - GHC M..
3.11Gloria Cuevas23.74cApr 30Evergreen 1A/2A
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.11McKenzie Brooks56.24aMay 851st Shaner Invitational
4x100 Relay
1.-Jade Caskey
McKenzie Brooks
Megan Auld
Faith Cardenas
54.18aMay 851st Shaner Invitational
2.-Jade Caskey
Savannah Stolen
Megan Auld
Faith Cardenas
55.36aMay 222A District 4 Championshi..
3.-Relay Team 55.97aApr 25Chehalis Activators Class..
4.-McKenzie Brooks
Megan Auld
Savannah Stolen
Jade Caskey
58.33aApr 2Evergreen 1A/2A
Shot Put - 4kg
1.12Cathryn Paris28' 3.50Apr 2Evergreen 1A/2A
2.12Sophie Hillebrant24' 10.00Apr 2Evergreen 1A/2A
3.11Ashlynn Everson21' 5.00May 6South Sound Championships..
4.11Monica Cuevas-Cerda19' 0.50Apr 24Chehalis Activators Invit..
Discus - 1kg
1.12Cathryn Paris98' 9.00May 222A District 4 Championshi..
2.12Sophie Hillebrant66' 11.00Apr 2Evergreen 1A/2A
3.11Ashlynn Everson48' 11.00May 6South Sound Championships..
4.11Monica Cuevas-Cerda44' 9.00Apr 24Chehalis Activators Invit..
5.11Gloria Cuevas41' 8.00Apr 30Evergreen 1A/2A
Javelin - 600g
1.12Savannah Stolen109' 9.00May 851st Shaner Invitational
2.11Ashlynn Everson81' 10.00May 6South Sound Championships..
3.12Cathryn Paris68' 7.00Apr 18Ray Ryan Memorial - GHC M..
4.12Sophie Hillebrant61' 6.00Apr 30Evergreen 1A/2A
5.10Emily Olsen48' 1.00Apr 30Evergreen 1A/2A
6.11Monica Cuevas-Cerda36' 0.00Apr 30Evergreen 1A/2A
Long Jump
1.12Savannah Stolen12' 9.25Apr 30Evergreen 1A/2A
2.10Megan Auld12' 4.50Apr 30Evergreen 1A/2A
3.12Sophie Hillebrant11' 8.00Apr 24Chehalis Activators Invit..

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