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    Hawks - Lacey, WA

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100 Meters
1.11Dejuan Frye10.69awMay 314A, 3A & 2A State Ch..
2.11Chris Leiba10.93awMay 314A, 3A & 2A State Ch..
3.11Michael Key11.54aApr 30Black Hills, River R..
4.11Kevin Stevens12.03aMay 7South Sound JV Champ..
5.10Derrick Smith12.30aApr 30Black Hills, River R..
6.9Padric Green12.46aMay 7South Sound JV Champ..
7.9Ryan Blash12.54aApr 30Black Hills, River R..
200 Meters
1.11Dejuan Frye21.82awMay 314A, 3A & 2A State Ch..
2.11Chris Leiba22.31aMar 22Rainier "Icebreaker"..
3.11Ika Morton22.51aMar 22Rainier "Icebreaker"..
4.11Michael Key23.92aApr 30Black Hills, River R..
5.11Kevin Stevens25.80aApr 23Aberdeen, Tumwater @..
400 Meters
1.11Dejuan Frye47.72aMay 314A, 3A & 2A State Ch..
2.11Chris Leiba51.91aMay 950th Bob Shaner Invi..
3.10Kyle Herschberger62.45aApr 23Aberdeen, Tumwater @..
800 Meters
1.11Richardo Bowen2:01.57aMay 232A Dist 4 Championsh..
2.10Tarik Johnson2:09.88aMay 950th Bob Shaner Invi..
3.10Kyle Herschberger2:26.87aApr 23Aberdeen, Tumwater @..
4.11Alex Ortiz2:44.69aApr 23Aberdeen, Tumwater @..
5.11Quinton Woods3:02.40aApr 30Black Hills, River R..
1600 Meters
1.10Tarik Johnson5:04.13aApr 23Aberdeen, Tumwater @..
2.11Richardo Bowen5:04.24aMar 22Rainier "Icebreaker"..
3.11Alex Ortiz6:06.58aMay 7South Sound JV Champ..
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.11Tyrell Chisholm15.95aMay 314A, 3A & 2A State Ch..
2.12Daniel Montesa18.62aMar 22Rainier "Icebreaker"..
3.9Corey Byron21.45aApr 23Aberdeen, Tumwater @..
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Daniel Montesa43.26aMay 162A Evergreen Confere..
2.10Derrick Smith44.61aMay 7South Sound JV Champ..
3.11Richardo Bowen47.30aApr 23Aberdeen, Tumwater @..
4.9Corey Byron51.82aApr 23Aberdeen, Tumwater @..
4x100 Relay
1.-Michael Key
Ika Morton
Chris Leiba
Dejuan Frye
41.49aMay 314A, 3A & 2A State Ch..
2.-Relay Team 42.80aMay 950th Bob Shaner Invi..
3.-Kobe Key
Ika Morton
Chris Leiba
Dejuan Frye
43.27aApr 30Black Hills, River R..
4.-Michael Key
Brandon Sanders
Chris Leiba
Dejuan Frye
43.94aMar 29Kent-Meridian Invite
5.-Michael Key
Ika Morton
Chris Leiba
Ryan Blash
44.76aApr 23Aberdeen, Tumwater @..
4x200 Relay
1.-Kevin Stevens
Padric Green
Ryan Blash
Derrick Smith
DQMar 29Kent-Meridian Invite
4x400 Relay
1.-Kyle Herschberger
Derrick Smith
Jacob Bowen
Ryan Blash
3:52.38aApr 30Black Hills, River R..
2.-Relay Team 3:55.89aMar 22Rainier "Icebreaker"..
3.-Ryan Blash
Kevin Stevens
Kyle Herschberger
Tarik Johnson
4:04.22aApr 23Aberdeen, Tumwater @..
SMR 100-100-200-400m
1.-Relay Team 1:56.46aMar 22Rainier "Icebreaker"..
Shot Put - 12lb
1.12Sean Roberts51' 4.00May 162A Evergreen Confere..
2.11Bobby Laird34' 3.00Mar 22Rainier "Icebreaker"..
3.11Tommy Clark33' 1.75Apr 23Aberdeen, Tumwater @..
4.10Tyler Campbell32' 3.75Apr 30Black Hills, River R..
5.10JJ Lewis29' 11.75Apr 30Black Hills, River R..
6.9Padric Green27' 2.25Apr 23Aberdeen, Tumwater @..
7.9Louis O'Daniel III26' 10.75Apr 23Aberdeen, Tumwater @..
8.10Kyle Kramer26' 2.00Apr 30Black Hills, River R..
9.10Emi Urdiana-Gill24' 0.75Apr 30Black Hills, River R..
10.11Robert WhitingSCRApr 23Aberdeen, Tumwater @..
Discus - 1.6kg
1.12Sean Roberts129' 1.00May 162A Evergreen Confere..
2.11Bobby Laird106' 9.00May 7South Sound JV Champ..
3.11Robert Whiting105' 8.00Mar 22Rainier "Icebreaker"..
4.10Tyler Campbell95' 8.00Apr 23Aberdeen, Tumwater @..
5.11Tommy Clark80' 3.00Apr 23Aberdeen, Tumwater @..
6.10JJ Lewis78' 5.00Apr 30Black Hills, River R..
7.10Emi Urdiana-Gill64' 2.00Apr 30Black Hills, River R..
Javelin - 800g
1.9Louis O'Daniel III123' 11.00May 950th Bob Shaner Invi..
2.12Sean Roberts114' 7.00Mar 22Rainier "Icebreaker"..
3.11Michael Key93' 6.00Mar 22Rainier "Icebreaker"..
4.10Kyle Kramer55' 7.00May 7South Sound JV Champ..
5.9Dylan LindseySCRApr 23Aberdeen, Tumwater @..
High Jump
1.11Tyrell Chisholm6' 4.00Apr 19Larry Eason Invitati..
2.11Kevin Stevens5' 4.00Apr 30Black Hills, River R..
Pole Vault
1.12Daniel Montesa12' 0.00Apr 23Aberdeen, Tumwater @..
Long Jump
1.11Ika Morton21' 10.50May 162A Evergreen Confere..
2.10Kobe Key19' 9.50May 162A Evergreen Confere..
3.11Brandon Sanders19' 8.75Apr 19Larry Eason Invitati..
Triple Jump
1.11Ika Morton43' 7.00May 232A Dist 4 Championsh..
2.11Brandon Sanders42' 8.50Apr 23Aberdeen, Tumwater @..
3.11Tyrell Chisholm40' 7.50Mar 22Rainier "Icebreaker"..
4.10Kobe Key37' 4.00Mar 22Rainier "Icebreaker"..


100 Meters
1.9Stephine Leiba13.50aMay 7South Sound JV Champ..
2.12Tiara Amerson13.70aApr 30Black Hills, River R..
3.12Kirsten Perkins13.98aApr 23Aberdeen, Tumwater @..
4.9Alexis Parker14.32aMay 7South Sound JV Champ..
5.11Sierra Conner-Frack14.35aApr 23Aberdeen, Tumwater @..
6.11Emily Patterson14.50aApr 30Black Hills, River R..
7.9Lauryn Gray14.66aApr 23Aberdeen, Tumwater @..
8.10Ashley Sihachack14.90aApr 23Aberdeen, Tumwater @..
9.9Lindsey Lampmon15.46aApr 23Aberdeen, Tumwater @..
10.11Roshanda Estevez15.48aApr 23Aberdeen, Tumwater @..
11.9Ke'asia Stanford15.71aApr 23Aberdeen, Tumwater @..
11Kelcie Hopkins15.71aApr 30Black Hills, River R..
200 Meters
1.9Stephine Leiba28.02aMay 7South Sound JV Champ..
2.12Tiara Amerson28.77aApr 30Black Hills, River R..
3.11Sierra Conner-Frack29.50aMay 7South Sound JV Champ..
4.12Rachel Eshenbaugh29.79aMar 29Kent-Meridian Invite
5.9Alexis Parker29.86aApr 30Black Hills, River R..
6.9Lindsey Lampmon29.91aMay 7South Sound JV Champ..
7.11Emily Patterson29.94aApr 30Black Hills, River R..
8.10Ashley Sihachack30.31aApr 30Black Hills, River R..
9.9Lauryn Gray30.34aApr 23Aberdeen, Tumwater @..
10.9Sophia Whipple31.83aApr 30Black Hills, River R..
11.11Roshanda Estevez31.91aMay 7South Sound JV Champ..
12.9Ke'asia Stanford33.44aApr 23Aberdeen, Tumwater @..
400 Meters
1.12Joely Manning64.97aApr 23Aberdeen, Tumwater @..
2.12Rachel Eshenbaugh66.55aMar 29Kent-Meridian Invite
3.9Alexis Parker67.62aMay 7South Sound JV Champ..
4.9Lindsey Lampmon67.64aApr 30Black Hills, River R..
5.9Sophia Whipple71.63aMar 29Kent-Meridian Invite
6.11Roshanda Estevez72.17aMay 7South Sound JV Champ..
7.11Katherine Peterson73.85aApr 30Black Hills, River R..
8.10Ashley Sihachack74.94aApr 23Aberdeen, Tumwater @..
9.10Kiane Floyd84.32aApr 30Black Hills, River R..
800 Meters
1.10Ashli Ayers2:20.75aMay 232A Dist 4 Championsh..
2.12Morgan Bernethy2:42.64aMar 22Rainier "Icebreaker"..
3.11Roshanda Estevez2:58.55aMay 7South Sound JV Champ..
1600 Meters
1.10Ashli Ayers5:35.28aApr 30Black Hills, River R..
2.9Lauryn Gray6:22.72aMar 29Kent-Meridian Invite
3.10Lauren Donley6:30.43aMar 22Rainier "Icebreaker"..
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.12Rachel Eshenbaugh17.50aMay 950th Bob Shaner Invi..
2.10Kiane Floyd18.06aMay 7South Sound JV Champ..
3.11Kyla Coleman18.16aApr 30Black Hills, River R..
4.11Kelcie Hopkins19.39aMay 7South Sound JV Champ..
5.12Kirsten Perkins20.70aApr 30Black Hills, River R..
6.9Ke'asia Stanford21.21aMay 7South Sound JV Champ..
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.12Rachel Eshenbaugh49.31aMay 950th Bob Shaner Invi..
2.9Lauryn Gray51.05aMay 232A Dist 4 Championsh..
3.11Kyla Coleman55.52aMay 7South Sound JV Champ..
4.11Kelcie Hopkins58.67aMay 7South Sound JV Champ..
5.10Kiane Floyd62.45aApr 23Aberdeen, Tumwater @..
6.9Ke'asia Stanford62.89aMar 22Rainier "Icebreaker"..
4x100 Relay
1.-Kirsten Perkins
Tiara Amerson
Alexis Parker
Stephine Leiba
51.11aMay 232A Dist 4 Championsh..
2.-Relay Team 52.60aMay 950th Bob Shaner Invi..
3.-Kirsten Perkins
Tiara Amerson
Lauryn Gray
Stephine Leiba
53.86aApr 23Aberdeen, Tumwater @..
4.-Kirsten Perkins
Lauryn Gray
Stephine Leiba
Tiara Amerson
54.06aApr 30Black Hills, River R..
5.-Tiara Amerson
Kirsten Perkins
Lauryn Gray
Stephine Leiba
54.93aApr 19Larry Eason Invitati..
6.-Ashley Sihachack
Sophia Whipple
Stephine Leiba
Kirsten Perkins
55.74aMar 29Kent-Meridian Invite
4x200 Relay
1.-Kirsten Perkins
Tiara Amerson
Alexis Parker
Stephine Leiba
1:53.31aMay 162A Evergreen Confere..
2.-Relay Team 1:55.17aMay 950th Bob Shaner Invi..
3.-Kirsten Perkins
Rachel Eshenbaugh
Tiara Amerson
Stephine Leiba
1:55.31aApr 23Aberdeen, Tumwater @..
4.-Kirsten Perkins
Rachel Eshenbaugh
Stephine Leiba
Morgan Bernethy
1:57.96aApr 19Larry Eason Invitati..
4x400 Relay
1.-Joely Manning
Rachel Eshenbaugh
Lauryn Gray
Ashli Ayers
4:16.79aMay 232A Dist 4 Championsh..
2.-Joely Manning
Lauryn Gray
Rachel Eshenbaugh
Ashli Ayers
4:18.15aMay 162A Evergreen Confere..
3.-Relay Team 4:20.81aMay 950th Bob Shaner Invi..
4.-Joely Manning
Rachel Eshenbaugh
Ashli Ayers
Alexis Parker
4:25.66aApr 30Black Hills, River R..
5.-Joely Manning
Rachel Eshenbaugh
Morgan Bernethy
Ashli Ayers
4:31.10aApr 23Aberdeen, Tumwater @..
SMR 100-100-200-400m
1.-Relay Team 1:56.46aMar 22Rainier "Icebreaker"..
Shot Put - 4kg
1.11Peggy Johnston37' 1.25May 232A Dist 4 Championsh..
2.12Kayla Clark34' 6.00May 162A Evergreen Confere..
3.12Mina Al-Kurdi19' 9.75Apr 23Aberdeen, Tumwater @..
Discus - 1kg
1.11Peggy Johnston120' 9.00May 314A, 3A & 2A State Ch..
2.12Kayla Clark75' 3.00Apr 23Aberdeen, Tumwater @..
3.12Mina Al-Kurdi64' 6.00Apr 23Aberdeen, Tumwater @..
4.11Mele Sitani46' 10.00Mar 22Rainier "Icebreaker"..
Javelin - 600g
1.12Kayla Clark99' 8.00May 950th Bob Shaner Invi..
2.11Mele Sitani69' 3.00Mar 22Rainier "Icebreaker"..
High Jump
1.11Kyla Coleman5' 0.00May 162A Evergreen Confere..
2.11Mele Sitani4' 8.00Apr 23Aberdeen, Tumwater @..
10Kiane Floyd4' 8.00May 7South Sound JV Champ..
Pole Vault
1.12Morgan Bernethy7' 6.00Apr 30Black Hills, River R..
2.9Sophia Whipple6' 0.00Apr 30Black Hills, River R..
Long Jump
1.9Ke'asia Stanford12' 4.00May 7South Sound JV Champ..
2.11Mele SitaniNDMar 22Rainier "Icebreaker"..
Triple Jump
1.10Kiane Floyd29' 7.50Mar 22Rainier "Icebreaker"..
2.11Kyla Coleman28' 6.50Mar 22Rainier "Icebreaker"..
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