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    Thunderbirds - Tumwater, WA

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100 Meters
1.11Easton Trakel11.47awMay 851st Shaner Invitational
2.12Trevor Davis Jr12.04aApr 29Black Hills, Centralia @ ..
3.12Daniel Dickason12.19aApr 15Tumwater, W.F. West @ Bla..
4.10Eli Price12.22aApr 11Tacoma Invitational
5.10Kennon Maurer12.42aMay 6South Sound Championships..
6.9Austin Brown12.52aApr 29Black Hills, Centralia @ ..
7.10Tyler Greer12.62aApr 29Black Hills, Centralia @ ..
8.10Caleb Jelcick12.88aApr 1Chehalis, Tumwater @ Cent..
9.10Jayson Haury12.89aApr 29Black Hills, Centralia @ ..
10.9Shakeem Goulbourne12.98aApr 29Black Hills, Centralia @ ..
11.10Riley Yonek13.25aApr 29Black Hills, Centralia @ ..
12.9Dylan Adams13.57aMay 6South Sound Championships..
13.10Stafford Agnish14.12aApr 29Black Hills, Centralia @ ..
14.9Matthew Lund14.39aApr 15Tumwater, W.F. West @ Bla..
15.9Matthew Hoyt14.45aMay 6South Sound Championships..
16.11Genaro Magana14.55aApr 15Tumwater, W.F. West @ Bla..
17.9Michael Starbuck14.58aApr 29Black Hills, Centralia @ ..
18.11Cameron HensleySCRApr 1Chehalis, Tumwater @ Cent..
200 Meters
1.12Daniel Dickason24.42aApr 29Black Hills, Centralia @ ..
2.12Trevor Davis Jr24.78aApr 29Black Hills, Centralia @ ..
3.10Kennon Maurer25.11aApr 11Tacoma Invitational
4.10Caleb Jelcick26.33aApr 15Tumwater, W.F. West @ Bla..
5.10Jayson Haury26.45aApr 29Black Hills, Centralia @ ..
6.10Tyler Greer26.70aApr 15Tumwater, W.F. West @ Bla..
7.9Shakeem Goulbourne27.51aMay 9Freshman Invitational
8.10Riley Yonek27.68aMay 6South Sound Championships..
9.12Josh Duffy28.21aMay 6South Sound Championships..
10.10Stafford Agnish28.74aMay 6South Sound Championships..
11.9Matthew Lund29.72aApr 15Tumwater, W.F. West @ Bla..
12.11Genaro Magana29.74aApr 15Tumwater, W.F. West @ Bla..
13.9Michael Starbuck30.84aApr 29Black Hills, Centralia @ ..
14.9Matthew Hoyt30.89aApr 15Tumwater, W.F. West @ Bla..
15.11Cameron HensleySCRApr 1Chehalis, Tumwater @ Cent..
10Eli PriceSCRApr 1Chehalis, Tumwater @ Cent..
11Griffin SheaNTApr 29Black Hills, Centralia @ ..
9Dylan AdamsNTApr 29Black Hills, Centralia @ ..
400 Meters
1.11Andrew Dellsite52.73aApr 29Black Hills, Centralia @ ..
2.11Griffin Shea54.53aApr 1Chehalis, Tumwater @ Cent..
3.10Kennon Maurer55.63aMay 15Evergreen 2A Conference C..
4.10Evan Groat56.28aApr 15Tumwater, W.F. West @ Bla..
5.12Daniel Dickason56.73aApr 15Tumwater, W.F. West @ Bla..
6.10Jayson Haury61.38aApr 1Chehalis, Tumwater @ Cent..
7.12Josh Duffy64.13aApr 15Tumwater, W.F. West @ Bla..
8.10Stafford Agnish65.21aApr 24Chehalis Activators Invit..
9.10Riley Yonek67.28aApr 1Chehalis, Tumwater @ Cent..
800 Meters
1.11Andrew Dellsite2:00.20aMay 851st Shaner Invitational
2.9Ryan Knight2:05.59aMay 222A District 4 Championshi..
3.11Nate Wertjes2:09.49aMay 222A District 4 Championshi..
4.11Jonah Valler2:09.80aApr 1Chehalis, Tumwater @ Cent..
5.9Chad Stancil2:12.02aMay 9Freshman Invitational
6.10Evan Groat2:15.30aApr 24Chehalis Activators Invit..
7.9Joseph Morrissey2:15.70Apr 29Black Hills, Centralia @ ..
8.11William Swanson2:20.70aApr 24Chehalis Activators Invit..
9.11Kenny Farver2:21.63aMay 6South Sound Championships..
10.11Christopher Pham2:25.10aApr 24Chehalis Activators Invit..
11.11Noah Otto2:31.67aApr 1Chehalis, Tumwater @ Cent..
12.9Kyler Menge2:37.35aMay 9Freshman Invitational
13.11Genaro Magana2:40.80Apr 29Black Hills, Centralia @ ..
14.11Seth StaufferSCRApr 1Chehalis, Tumwater @ Cent..
1600 Meters
1.10Evan Groat4:34.92aMay 222A District 4 Championshi..
2.11Jonah Valler4:35.72aMay 222A District 4 Championshi..
3.9Joseph Morrissey4:50.23aMay 9Freshman Invitational
4.11Andrew Dellsite4:51.91aApr 1Chehalis, Tumwater @ Cent..
5.11William Swanson4:56.03aMay 6South Sound Championships..
6.9Ryan Knight5:00.75aMay 9Freshman Invitational
7.11Kenny Farver5:14.04aMay 6South Sound Championships..
8.11Cole Holbrook5:23.16aApr 15Tumwater, W.F. West @ Bla..
9.11Christopher Pham5:31.34aMay 6South Sound Championships..
10.11Noah Otto5:41.40aApr 15Tumwater, W.F. West @ Bla..
11.9Carl Myers5:43.01aMay 6South Sound Championships..
12.11Genaro Magana5:47.35aMay 6South Sound Championships..
13.11Kelson Crawford5:51.70aApr 24Chehalis Activators Invit..
14.9Kyle Espindola5:57.66aMay 6South Sound Championships..
1 Mile
1.10Evan Groat4:37.08aMay 255th Shelton invitational
3200 Meters
1.9Joseph Morrissey10:12.12aMay 851st Shaner Invitational
2.11Andrew Dellsite10:33.66aApr 15Tumwater, W.F. West @ Bla..
3.11William Swanson10:38.29aMay 851st Shaner Invitational
4.11Jonah Valler11:05.68aApr 29Black Hills, Centralia @ ..
5.11Kelson Crawford12:22.33aApr 29Black Hills, Centralia @ ..
6.11Cole HolbrookSCRApr 1Chehalis, Tumwater @ Cent..
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Daniel Dickason15.51aMay 222A District 4 Championshi..
2.12Fabian Guillen18.82aApr 29Black Hills, Centralia @ ..
3.10Cameron Alonzo19.91aApr 15Tumwater, W.F. West @ Bla..
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Daniel Dickason41.11aMay 15Evergreen 2A Conference C..
2.10Cameron Alonzo45.24aMay 15Evergreen 2A Conference C..
3.12Fabian Guillen47.70aMay 6South Sound Championships..
4.11Cameron HensleySCRApr 1Chehalis, Tumwater @ Cent..
4x100 Relay
1.-Easton Trakel
Griffin Shea
Eli Price
Daniel Dickason
44.60aMay 15Evergreen 2A Conference C..
2.-Easton Trakel
Griffin Shea
Daniel Dickason
Eli Price
44.77aMay 851st Shaner Invitational
3.-Relay Team 45.31aApr 29Black Hills, Centralia @ ..
4.-Easton Trakel
Griffin Shea
Dominic Jones
Trevor Davis Jr
45.44aApr 1Chehalis, Tumwater @ Cent..
5.-Easton Trakel
Eli Price
Dominic Jones
Trevor Davis Jr
45.78aApr 15Tumwater, W.F. West @ Bla..
6.-Caleb Jelcick
Kennon Maurer
Austin Brown
Jayson Haury
48.57aApr 15Tumwater, W.F. West @ Bla..
7.-Caleb Jelcick
Jayson Haury
Mikel Gomez
Kennon Maurer
49.43aApr 1Chehalis, Tumwater @ Cent..
8.-Eli Price
Trevor Davis Jr
Dominic Jones
Easton Trakel
SCRApr 24Chehalis Activators Invit..
4x400 Relay
1.-Andrew Dellsite
Evan Groat
Jonah Valler
Nate Wertjes
3:36.79aMay 222A District 4 Championshi..
2.-Griffin Shea
Evan Groat
Jonah Valler
Daniel Dickason
3:39.77aApr 18Pasco Invitational
3.-Griffin Shea
Daniel Dickason
Jonah Valler
Andrew Dellsite
3:40.43aApr 1Chehalis, Tumwater @ Cent..
4.-Andrew Dellsite
Evan Groat
Kennon Maurer
Jonah Valler
3:41.73aMay 851st Shaner Invitational
5.-Evan Groat
Andrew Dellsite
Nate Wertjes
Jonah Valler
3:44.72aMay 15Evergreen 2A Conference C..
6.-Andrew Dellsite
Jonah Valler
Evan Groat
Kennon Maurer
3:47.35aApr 11Tacoma Invitational
7.-Relay Team 3:47.87aApr 25Chehalis Activators Class..
8.-Daniel Dickason
Jonah Valler
Kennon Maurer
Andrew Dellsite
3:50.82aApr 15Tumwater, W.F. West @ Bla..
9.-Evan Groat
Ryan Knight
Joseph Morrissey
William Swanson
3:52.05aApr 1Chehalis, Tumwater @ Cent..
10.-Joseph Morrissey
Chad Stancil
Nate Wertjes
William Swanson
3:57.09aApr 15Tumwater, W.F. West @ Bla..
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.-Evan Groat
Andrew Dellsite
Nate Wertjes
Jonah Valler
11:16.40aApr 18Pasco Invitational
2.-William Swanson
Ryan Knight
Cole Holbrook
Nate Wertjes
12:01.89aApr 11Tacoma Invitational
Shot Put - 12lb
1.12Daniel Dickason45' 1.50Apr 29Black Hills, Centralia @ ..
2.10Lazarus Williams43' 3.50Apr 1Chehalis, Tumwater @ Cent..
3.12Adam Zimmerman42' 7.00Apr 29Black Hills, Centralia @ ..
4.9Cy Hicks40' 9.50Apr 1Chehalis, Tumwater @ Cent..
5.11Devon Shedd-Kirkland40' 1.50Apr 29Black Hills, Centralia @ ..
6.11Carson Bogart39' 8.00Apr 15Tumwater, W.F. West @ Bla..
7.11Luke Trahan38' 11.00Apr 29Black Hills, Centralia @ ..
8.10Jayson Haury36' 3.50Apr 29Black Hills, Centralia @ ..
9.-Dakota Keller36' 2.50Apr 15Tumwater, W.F. West @ Bla..
10.10Cody Baker35' 8.50Apr 15Tumwater, W.F. West @ Bla..
11.10Chad Campbell-Gonzales35' 5.75Apr 1Chehalis, Tumwater @ Cent..
12.10Ethan Chrisope34' 5.00Apr 1Chehalis, Tumwater @ Cent..
13.9Austin Brown33' 11.50Apr 1Chehalis, Tumwater @ Cent..
14.10Caleb Jelcick33' 5.00Apr 29Black Hills, Centralia @ ..
15.10Issak McPhee33' 3.00Apr 1Chehalis, Tumwater @ Cent..
16.9Edgar Guillen24' 9.00May 9Freshman Invitational
17.10Gavin Mounts24' 8.00May 6South Sound Championships..
18.10Jacob Seibt24' 4.50Apr 29Black Hills, Centralia @ ..
Discus - 1.6kg
1.11Carson Bogart125' 2.00May 222A District 4 Championshi..
2.10Lazarus Williams122' 4.00May 851st Shaner Invitational
3.12Adam Zimmerman121' 1.50Apr 1Chehalis, Tumwater @ Cent..
4.11Devon Shedd-Kirkland108' 4.00Apr 15Tumwater, W.F. West @ Bla..
5.9Grant Pierce103' 1.00May 15Evergreen 2A Conference C..
6.9Cy Hicks102' 4.00May 6South Sound Championships..
7.10Cody Baker99' 7.00Apr 15Tumwater, W.F. West @ Bla..
8.11Preston Calquhoun96' 9.00Apr 24Chehalis Activators Invit..
9.10Ethan Chrisope94' 9.00May 6South Sound Championships..
10.11Luke Trahan91' 10.00Apr 29Black Hills, Centralia @ ..
11.12Daniel Dickason91' 0.00Apr 29Black Hills, Centralia @ ..
12.-Dakota Keller88' 11.00Apr 15Tumwater, W.F. West @ Bla..
13.9Edgar Guillen83' 10.00May 9Freshman Invitational
14.10Issak McPhee80' 4.00May 6South Sound Championships..
15.10Chad Campbell-Gonzales78' 1.00May 6South Sound Championships..
16.9Matthew Lund77' 10.25Apr 1Chehalis, Tumwater @ Cent..
17.10Gavin Mounts66' 4.00Apr 24Chehalis Activators Invit..
18.10Caleb Jelcick65' 8.00Apr 29Black Hills, Centralia @ ..
19.9Wayde Chambers64' 6.75Apr 1Chehalis, Tumwater @ Cent..
20.11Noah Limbert58' 7.00Apr 29Black Hills, Centralia @ ..
Javelin - 800g
1.11Devon Shedd-Kirkland162' 8.00Apr 25Chehalis Activators Class..
2.9Grant Pierce140' 3.00Apr 29Black Hills, Centralia @ ..
3.11Luke Trahan134' 0.00Apr 15Tumwater, W.F. West @ Bla..
4.9Matthew Lund106' 0.00May 6South Sound Championships..
5.10Gavin Mounts104' 2.00Apr 1Chehalis, Tumwater @ Cent..
6.9Wayde Chambers100' 2.00May 6South Sound Championships..
7.11Preston Calquhoun97' 5.00Apr 24Chehalis Activators Invit..
8.11Noah Limbert91' 0.00Apr 24Chehalis Activators Invit..
9.9Michael Starbuck75' 10.00Apr 1Chehalis, Tumwater @ Cent..
10.10Jacob SeibtNDApr 29Black Hills, Centralia @ ..
High Jump
1.11Easton Trakel5' 6.00Apr 1Chehalis, Tumwater @ Cent..
12Trevor Davis Jr5' 6.00Apr 1Chehalis, Tumwater @ Cent..
3.10Jacob Seibt4' 4.00May 6South Sound Championships..
Pole Vault
1.11Preston Calquhoun13' 0.00May 851st Shaner Invitational
2.9Joseph Morrissey9' 0.00Apr 29Black Hills, Centralia @ ..
9Grant Pierce9' 0.00Apr 29Black Hills, Centralia @ ..
4.10Soren JohnsonNHApr 29Black Hills, Centralia @ ..
Long Jump
1.11Easton Trakel21' 6.00Apr 29Black Hills, Centralia @ ..
2.12Trevor Davis Jr20' 0.50Apr 25Chehalis Activators Class..
3.11Devon Shedd-Kirkland18' 3.00Apr 15Tumwater, W.F. West @ Bla..
4.10Kiel Morris17' 3.75Apr 29Black Hills, Centralia @ ..
5.10Cameron Alonzo16' 10.50Apr 15Tumwater, W.F. West @ Bla..
6.10Jace Telloian16' 6.00Apr 15Tumwater, W.F. West @ Bla..
7.10Timmy Bruce15' 4.00Apr 24Chehalis Activators Invit..
8.10Caleb JelcickNMApr 1Chehalis, Tumwater @ Cent..
11Griffin SheaNMApr 1Chehalis, Tumwater @ Cent..
Triple Jump
1.12Trevor Davis Jr43' 4.25Apr 15Tumwater, W.F. West @ Bla..
2.11Devon Shedd-Kirkland39' 8.00May 222A District 4 Championshi..
3.10Jace Telloian38' 2.75Apr 29Black Hills, Centralia @ ..
4.10Kiel Morris35' 11.00May 6South Sound Championships..


100 Meters
1.12Jamie Crews12.84aMay 851st Shaner Invitational
2.11Anna Chartrey13.64aMay 15Evergreen 2A Conference C..
3.12Emma Furth14.12aApr 24Chehalis Activators Invit..
4.12Krista Kelly14.40aApr 29Black Hills, Centralia @ ..
5.11Shayna Warnock15.14aApr 24Chehalis Activators Invit..
6.10Hailey McClees15.54aApr 29Black Hills, Centralia @ ..
7.9Tessa Horne15.55aApr 24Chehalis Activators Invit..
8.11Kailyn Crimmins16.22aMay 6South Sound Championships..
9.10Hailey Sanne16.24aApr 15Tumwater, W.F. West @ Bla..
10.10Kayla Hopkins16.47aApr 15Tumwater, W.F. West @ Bla..
11.9Kaitlyn Yeager20.22aApr 1Chehalis, Tumwater @ Cent..
200 Meters
1.12Jamie Crews26.47aMay 255th Shelton invitational
2.11Peyton Russell27.23aApr 25Chehalis Activators Class..
3.10Sydney Smith27.29aMay 222A District 4 Championshi..
4.10Codi Short27.39aMay 851st Shaner Invitational
5.9Emma Stetler30.89aApr 1Chehalis, Tumwater @ Cent..
6.10Isabella Najarro30.95aJun 6State Multi Events Champi..
7.11Shayna Warnock31.18aApr 29Black Hills, Centralia @ ..
8.9Kaitlyn Yeager32.36aMay 9Freshman Invitational
9.10Hailey Sanne33.33aApr 15Tumwater, W.F. West @ Bla..
10.9Tessa Horne33.79aApr 24Chehalis Activators Invit..
11.10Kayla Hopkins34.16aApr 15Tumwater, W.F. West @ Bla..
12.12Krista KellyNTApr 29Black Hills, Centralia @ ..
12Sharlee FineNTApr 29Black Hills, Centralia @ ..
400 Meters
1.12Berhanie Knutzen62.29aApr 15Tumwater, W.F. West @ Bla..
2.10Codi Short64.39aMay 255th Shelton invitational
3.11Anna Chartrey70.79aJun 6State Multi Events Champi..
800 Meters
1.12Berhanie Knutzen2:20.74aMay 282A, 3A, 4A Day 1-3 State ..
2.11Aislynn Hansen2:23.47aMay 222A District 4 Championshi..
3.9Bella Wallerstedt2:35.52aMay 9Freshman Invitational
4.12Brooke Cumings2:35.95aApr 15Tumwater, W.F. West @ Bla..
5.11Kylie Otton2:46.22aMay 222A District 4 Championshi..
6.11Haley Herzog2:54.10aApr 24Chehalis Activators Invit..
7.11Cassie Andersen2:55.85aMay 15Evergreen 2A Conference C..
8.9Marissa Reidy2:57.71aMay 9Freshman Invitational
9.10Isabella Najarro3:02.62aJun 6State Multi Events Champi..
10.11Lauren EricksSCRApr 1Chehalis, Tumwater @ Cent..
1500 Meters
1.11Anna Chartrey6:23.78aJun 6State Multi Events Champi..
1600 Meters
1.11Lauren Ericks5:13.58aMay 222A District 4 Championshi..
2.12Berhanie Knutzen5:18.34aMay 222A District 4 Championshi..
3.12Brooke Cumings5:40.92aApr 1Chehalis, Tumwater @ Cent..
4.11Alex Bonner6:04.12aApr 29Black Hills, Centralia @ ..
5.12Delaney Carleton6:28.14aApr 29Black Hills, Centralia @ ..
6.9Abigayle LinceSCRApr 1Chehalis, Tumwater @ Cent..
1 Mile
1.12Berhanie Knutzen5:21.60aApr 18Pasco Invitational
3200 Meters
1.12Brooke Cumings12:04.03aApr 11Tacoma Invitational
2.12Berhanie Knutzen12:04.72aApr 29Black Hills, Centralia @ ..
3.11Lauren Ericks12:27.79aApr 29Black Hills, Centralia @ ..
4.11Alex Bonner12:36.98aMay 851st Shaner Invitational
5.12Delaney Carleton14:07.21aApr 1Chehalis, Tumwater @ Cent..
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.12Sharlee Fine16.34aMay 222A District 4 Championshi..
2.9Emma Stetler17.89aMay 15Evergreen 2A Conference C..
3.11Anna Chartrey19.61aJun 6State Multi Events Champi..
4.9Rachael Howson20.29aMay 9Freshman Invitational
5.10Isabella Najarro20.72aJun 6State Multi Events Champi..
6.11Haley Herzog22.45aMay 6South Sound Championships..
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.12Sharlee Fine48.07aMay 222A District 4 Championshi..
2.9Emma Stetler53.97aMay 6South Sound Championships..
3.11Haley Herzog58.55aMay 6South Sound Championships..
4x100 Relay
1.-Jamie Crews
Sydney Smith
Peyton Russell
Codi Short
50.67aMay 851st Shaner Invitational
2.-Jamie Crews
Sydney Smith
Krista Kelly
Codi Short
51.50aMay 222A District 4 Championshi..
3.-Jamie Crews
Sydney Smith
Codi Short
Sharlee Fine
51.76aMay 15Evergreen 2A Conference C..
4.-Jamie Crews
Codi Short
Anna Chartrey
Sharlee Fine
52.04aApr 18Pasco Invitational
5.-Jamie Crews
Sydney Smith
Stephanie Moore
Sharlee Fine
52.41aApr 11Tacoma Invitational
6.-Relay Team 53.32aApr 25Chehalis Activators Class..
7.-Jamie Crews
Sydney Smith
Krista Kelly
Stephanie Moore
53.51aApr 1Chehalis, Tumwater @ Cent..
4x200 Relay
1.-Sydney Smith
Peyton Russell
Codi Short
Jamie Crews
1:46.72aMay 222A District 4 Championshi..
2.-Jamie Crews
Sydney Smith
Peyton Russell
Codi Short
1:46.98aMay 15Evergreen 2A Conference C..
3.-Codi Short
Sydney Smith
Stephanie Moore
Jamie Crews
1:49.59aApr 15Tumwater, W.F. West @ Bla..
4.-Relay Team 1:50.58aApr 25Chehalis Activators Class..
5.-Jamie Crews
Sydney Smith
Stephanie Moore
Codi Short
1:51.40aApr 11Tacoma Invitational
6.-Sydney Smith
Krista Kelly
Stephanie Moore
Codi Short
1:54.80aApr 1Chehalis, Tumwater @ Cent..
4x400 Relay
1.-Jamie Crews
Codi Short
Sydney Smith
Berhanie Knutzen
4:15.75aMay 851st Shaner Invitational
2.-Sharlee Fine
Aislynn Hansen
Lauren Ericks
Berhanie Knutzen
4:16.55aMay 282A, 3A, 4A Day 1-3 State ..
3.-Jamie Crews
Codi Short
Sharlee Fine
Lauren Ericks
4:17.52aApr 18Pasco Invitational
4.-Berhanie Knutzen
Bella Wallerstedt
Aislynn Hansen
Lauren Ericks
4:21.25aMay 15Evergreen 2A Conference C..
5.-Berhanie Knutzen
Codi Short
Aislynn Hansen
Lauren Ericks
4:26.31aApr 1Chehalis, Tumwater @ Cent..
6.-Jamie Crews
Codi Short
Lauren Ericks
Berhanie Knutzen
4:26.60aApr 15Tumwater, W.F. West @ Bla..
7.-Relay Team 4:33.98aApr 29Black Hills, Centralia @ ..
8.-Codi Short
Alex Bonner
Berhanie Knutzen
Brooke Cumings
4:36.29aApr 11Tacoma Invitational
9.-Haley Herzog
Aislynn Hansen
Brooke Cumings
Kylie Otton
4:57.63aApr 15Tumwater, W.F. West @ Bla..
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.-Alex Bonner
Haley Herzog
Delaney Carleton
Brooke Cumings
14:41.37aApr 11Tacoma Invitational
Shot Put - 4kg
1.10Isabella Najarro28' 7.00May 15Evergreen 2A Conference C..
2.12Emma Furth26' 9.00Apr 24Chehalis Activators Invit..
3.12Sharlee Fine25' 3.00Apr 15Tumwater, W.F. West @ Bla..
4.11Anna Chartrey24' 4.91Jun 6State Multi Events Champi..
5.9Mia Basso21' 8.00May 9Freshman Invitational
6.9Madison Calquhoun17' 9.00Apr 29Black Hills, Centralia @ ..
Discus - 1kg
1.10Isabella Najarro99' 1.00Apr 25Chehalis Activators Class..
2.11Anna Chartrey81' 8.71Jun 6State Multi Events Champi..
3.10Isabella Ruiz77' 7.00May 6South Sound Championships..
4.9Mia Basso71' 5.00May 9Freshman Invitational
5.10Hailey Sanne53' 5.00Apr 29Black Hills, Centralia @ ..
6.9Madison Calquhoun53' 3.00May 6South Sound Championships..
Javelin - 600g
1.11Anna Chartrey87' 0.00Apr 1Chehalis, Tumwater @ Cent..
2.9Mia Basso78' 3.00Apr 1Chehalis, Tumwater @ Cent..
3.10Isabella Ruiz66' 1.00Apr 29Black Hills, Centralia @ ..
4.10Isabella Najarro58' 9.91Jun 6State Multi Events Champi..
5.10Kayla Hopkins58' 4.00Apr 15Tumwater, W.F. West @ Bla..
6.10Hailey Sanne54' 10.00Apr 15Tumwater, W.F. West @ Bla..
7.12Sharlee FineNMApr 1Chehalis, Tumwater @ Cent..
High Jump
1.12Emma Furth4' 10.00Apr 15Tumwater, W.F. West @ Bla..
2.9Abigayle Lince4' 6.00May 222A District 4 Championshi..
3.10Isabella Najarro4' 4.36Jun 6State Multi Events Champi..
4.9Bella Wallerstedt4' 4.00Apr 24Chehalis Activators Invit..
5.11Anna Chartrey4' 0.82Jun 6State Multi Events Champi..
6.9Kaitlyn Yeager3' 10.00May 6South Sound Championships..
Pole Vault
1.11Anna Chartrey11' 0.00Apr 25Chehalis Activators Class..
2.12Samantha Jones9' 6.00May 222A District 4 Championshi..
3.10Mollie Horvath7' 0.00Apr 1Chehalis, Tumwater @ Cent..
Long Jump
1.11Peyton Russell17' 9.75May 222A District 4 Championshi..
2.12Emma Furth17' 6.00Apr 18Pasco Invitational
3.12Sharlee Fine15' 0.75Apr 29Black Hills, Centralia @ ..
4.10Sydney Smith15' 0.50Apr 15Tumwater, W.F. West @ Bla..
5.10Isabella Najarro14' 8.00Apr 29Black Hills, Centralia @ ..
6.11Anna Chartrey14' 7.59Jun 6State Multi Events Champi..
7.9Emma Stetler13' 8.00May 15Evergreen 2A Conference C..
8.9Kayla Ketchum13' 3.50Apr 29Black Hills, Centralia @ ..
9.9Abigayle Lince12' 2.75Apr 29Black Hills, Centralia @ ..
10.9Rachael Howson10' 11.00Apr 1Chehalis, Tumwater @ Cent..
11.11Haley HerzogNMApr 1Chehalis, Tumwater @ Cent..
Triple Jump
1.11Peyton Russell40' 8.00May 282A, 3A, 4A Day 1-3 State ..
2.12Emma Furth37' 3.75wMay 282A, 3A, 4A Day 1-3 State ..
3.9Kayla Ketchum28' 5.00May 222A District 4 Championshi..
Heptathlon Score
1.10Isabella Najarro2446Jun 6State Multi Events Champi..
Decathlon Score
1.11Anna Chartrey4159Jun 6State Multi Events Champi..

* = Recent improvement

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