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West Valley (Yakima) HS

    Rams - Yakima, WA

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100 Meters
1.11Cody Allen11.39aApr 9Davis Invitational
2.11Mason Sali-orvald11.46aApr 21CBBN#1: Wenatchee, WV @ S..
3.10Cameron Willey11.60aMay 12CBBN Inter-City Champions..
4.11Sean Sieber11.89aMay 21CBBN District Meet Day #2..
5.12Drew Childers12.01aMay 12CBBN Inter-City Champions..
6.9Edward Ramos12.09aMar 29Eburg & WV JV Dual
7.10Gabriel Miles12.11aMay 12CBBN Inter-City Champions..
8.11Carlos Gonzalez Tapia12.27aMay 3Cadet JV Invite
9.12Mason Barduhn12.31aMay 12CBBN Inter-City Champions..
11Hayden Hadlock12.31aMay 3Cadet JV Invite
11.9Jasey Doria12.37aApr 26WVJV Invite
12.10Andrew Hanses12.38aApr 26WVJV Invite
13.12Kyle Wilkinson12.44cMar 12Jamboree of the Horns
14.9Stephen Farris12.56aMar 29Eburg & WV JV Dual
15.9Mark Sterling12.61aMar 29Eburg & WV JV Dual
16.11Austin Hawkins12.72aMay 3Cadet JV Invite
17.11Xavier Juarez12.95aMar 29Eburg & WV JV Dual
18.9Reggie Harris13.04aMar 17Davis JV Invite
19.9William Yocom13.06aApr 26WVJV Invite
20.9Leonel Serna13.14aMar 29Eburg & WV JV Dual
21.9Jesse Argento13.29aMay 6RHS Twilight
22.10Bradley Childers13.40aMar 17Davis JV Invite
23.9Evan Cruz13.50aMay 3Cadet JV Invite
24.9Parker Barduhn14.11aApr 26WVJV Invite
25.9Kyle Peterson14.17aApr 14Need One Here Invite
26.9Christian Romay14.34aApr 26WVJV Invite
27.9Brandon LittleNTMar 29Eburg & WV JV Dual
200 Meters
1.11Mason Sali-orvald22.80aMay 21CBBN District Meet Day #2..
2.10Cameron Willey23.47aMay 21CBBN District Meet Day #2..
3.10Gabriel Miles24.21aMay 21CBBN District Meet Day #2..
4.12Drew Childers24.32aMay 21CBBN District Meet Day #2..
5.10Andrew Hanses24.76aMay 12CBBN Inter-City Champions..
6.12Mason Barduhn25.25aMay 12CBBN Inter-City Champions..
7.11Carlos Gonzalez Tapia25.36aApr 14Need One Here Invite
8.12Kyle Wilkinson25.57aApr 21CBBN#1: Wenatchee, WV @ S..
9.9Edward Ramos25.63aMar 29Eburg & WV JV Dual
10.11Hayden Hadlock25.69aMar 29Eburg & WV JV Dual
11.9Mark Sterling25.72aApr 14Need One Here Invite
12.11Austin Hawkins25.99aMar 29Eburg & WV JV Dual
13.11Xavier Juarez26.19aApr 26WVJV Invite
14.10Landon Heether26.29aMar 19Papa Wells Invitational
15.9Jasey Doria26.55aApr 26WVJV Invite
16.9Leonel Serna27.05aMay 6RHS Twilight
17.9Jesse Argento27.21aMay 6RHS Twilight
18.10Bradley Childers27.40aMar 17Davis JV Invite
19.9Reggie Harris27.49aMar 17Davis JV Invite
20.11Nicklaus Daley27.55aApr 14Need One Here Invite
21.9Evan Cruz27.97aMay 6RHS Twilight
22.9Brandon Little28.43aApr 26WVJV Invite
23.9Kyle Peterson29.02aApr 14Need One Here Invite
24.9Hunter Hansen29.63aMar 29Eburg & WV JV Dual
300 Meters
1.12Daniel Izutsu38.44cMar 12Jamboree of the Horns
2.10Bryce Rosencrance40.04cMar 12Jamboree of the Horns
3.11Sean Sieber41.14cMar 12Jamboree of the Horns
4.12Drew Childers41.44cMar 12Jamboree of the Horns
5.12Kyle Wilkinson41.94cMar 12Jamboree of the Horns
6.9Stephen Farris42.04cMar 12Jamboree of the Horns
7.12Justin Nickolaus43.94cMar 12Jamboree of the Horns
8.11Hayden Hadlock44.04cMar 12Jamboree of the Horns
9.9Mark Sterling44.14cMar 12Jamboree of the Horns
11Xavier Juarez44.14cMar 12Jamboree of the Horns
11.9Leonel Serna45.94cMar 12Jamboree of the Horns
12.9Jesse Argento46.04cMar 12Jamboree of the Horns
400 Meters
1.12Daniel Izutsu52.49aMay 12CBBN Inter-City Champions..
2.9Mark Sterling56.20aApr 23Prosser Rotary Invite
3.11Xavier Juarez57.54aApr 28CBBN#2:Sunnyside,WV, East..
4.11Austin Hawkins57.65aApr 21CBBN#1: Wenatchee, WV @ S..
5.10Cameron Willey58.07aMar 17Davis JV Invite
6.12Justin Nickolaus58.99aApr 28CBBN#2:Sunnyside,WV, East..
7.9Leonel Serna59.06aMay 12CBBN Inter-City Champions..
8.11Abraham Horieh59.31aApr 14Need One Here Invite
9.12Mason Barduhn59.43aApr 9Davis Invitational
10.9Jesse Argento62.95aMay 3Cadet JV Invite
11.9Brandon Little64.56aMar 17Davis JV Invite
12.9Parker Barduhn65.13aMay 6RHS Twilight
13.9Hunter Hansen68.41aMar 17Davis JV Invite
600 Meters
1.9Isaac Fillmore1:49.00Mar 12Jamboree of the Horns
800 Meters
1.12Daniel Izutsu1:59.76aMay 21CBBN District Meet Day #2..
2.12Colton Hoggarth2:00.13aMay 21CBBN District Meet Day #2..
3.9Steven Dray2:14.74aMay 5CBBN#3:Moses Lake, Sunnys..
4.9Alec Espinoza2:16.39aMay 12CBBN Inter-City Champions..
5.9Isaac Fillmore2:22.64aMay 5CBBN#3:Moses Lake, Sunnys..
1600 Meters
1.12Colton Hoggarth4:22.89aMay 262A, 3A, 4A State Champion..
2.9Steven Dray4:47.62aMay 21CBBN District Meet Day #2..
3.12Daniel Izutsu4:54.46aApr 28CBBN#2:Sunnyside,WV, East..
4.9Alec Espinoza4:56.10aMay 21CBBN District Meet Day #2..
5.9Quentin Rickey4:59.50Mar 19Papa Wells Invitational
6.9Isaac Fillmore5:09.37aMay 6RHS Twilight
7.11Henry Eaton5:15.21aMar 17Davis JV Invite
8.12Justin Nickolaus5:49.73aMay 3Cadet JV Invite
9.11Aaron James6:03.40aApr 21CBBN#1: Wenatchee, WV @ S..
2000 Meters
1.12Colton Hoggarth6:03.00Mar 12Jamboree of the Horns
2.9Quentin Rickey6:41.20Mar 12Jamboree of the Horns
3.9Steven Dray6:58.80Mar 12Jamboree of the Horns
4.11Henry Eaton7:00.40Mar 12Jamboree of the Horns
5.11Aaron James7:57.70Mar 12Jamboree of the Horns
3200 Meters
1.12Colton Hoggarth9:52.93aMay 5CBBN#3:Moses Lake, Sunnys..
2.9Steven Dray10:50.20aMay 21CBBN District Meet Day #2..
3.9Quentin Rickey10:51.34aMay 21CBBN District Meet Day #2..
4.9Alec Espinoza11:01.59aMay 21CBBN District Meet Day #2..
5.9Isaac Fillmore11:33.98aApr 23Prosser Rotary Invite
6.11Aaron James13:47.22aApr 14Need One Here Invite
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.10Bryce Rosencrance17.26aMar 29Eburg & WV JV Dual
2.11Nicklaus Daley17.30aMay 3Cadet JV Invite
3.9Jasey Doria18.01aApr 14Need One Here Invite
4.9Stephen Farris18.32aMay 21CBBN District Meet Day #2..
5.11Abraham Horieh21.94aMay 3Cadet JV Invite
6.10Casey Tran22.25aMar 19Papa Wells Invitational
7.9Christian Romay22.26aMay 3Cadet JV Invite
8.9Jesse Argento22.45aMar 29Eburg & WV JV Dual
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.10Bryce Rosencrance42.26aApr 16Pasco Invitational
2.9Stephen Farris44.42aMay 21CBBN District Meet Day #2..
3.9Jasey Doria45.64aMay 21CBBN District Meet Day #2..
4.11Abraham Horieh46.87aMay 12CBBN Inter-City Champions..
5.11Nicklaus Daley47.03aApr 28CBBN#2:Sunnyside,WV, East..
6.9Jesse Argento53.30aMar 29Eburg & WV JV Dual
7.9Christian Romay54.19aMay 5CBBN#3:Moses Lake, Sunnys..
2k Steeplechase
1.9Quentin Rickey7:20.02aApr 9Davis Invitational
2.12Justin Nickolaus7:34.46aMay 12CBBN Inter-City Champions..
4x100 Relay
1.Drew Childers
Cody Allen
Cameron Willey
Mason Sali-orvald
44.16aMay 21CBBN District Meet Day #2..
2.Drew Childers
Cody Allen
Sean Sieber
Mason Sali-orvald
44.63aApr 16Pasco Invitational
3.Drew Childers
Cody Allen
Sean Sieber
Cameron Willey
44.77aApr 28CBBN#2:Sunnyside,WV, East..
4.Drew Childers
Cameron Willey
Sean Sieber
Mason Sali-orvald
45.65aMay 12CBBN Inter-City Champions..
5.Mason Barduhn
Drew Childers
Cody Allen
Mason Sali-orvald
45.69aMar 19Papa Wells Invitational
6.Mason Barduhn
Hayden Hadlock
Andrew Hanses
Gabriel Miles
46.54aMay 12CBBN Inter-City Champions..
7.Andrew Hanses
Hayden Hadlock
Mason Barduhn
Gabriel Miles
46.94aMay 5CBBN#3:Moses Lake, Sunnys..
8.Andrew Hanses
Mason Barduhn
Gabriel Miles
Hayden Hadlock
47.16aApr 28CBBN#2:Sunnyside,WV, East..
9.Carlos Gonzalez Tapia
Gabriel Miles
Mason Barduhn
Hayden Hadlock
47.50aApr 14Need One Here Invite
10.Edward Ramos
Gabriel Miles
Bradley Childers
Landon Heether
47.64aMar 19Papa Wells Invitational
11.Kyle Wilkinson
Hayden Hadlock
Gabriel Miles
Cameron Willey
47.71aApr 21CBBN#1: Wenatchee, WV @ S..
12.Relay Team 47.93aApr 26WVJV Invite
13.Carlos Gonzalez Tapia
Hayden Hadlock
Abraham Horieh
Kyle Wilkinson
48.38aMay 3Cadet JV Invite
14.Kyle Wilkinson
Bradley Childers
Hayden Hadlock
Sean Sieber
49.09aMar 17Davis JV Invite
15.Kyle Wilkinson
Hayden Hadlock
Bradley Childers
Carlos Gonzalez Tapia
49.39aMar 29Eburg & WV JV Dual
16.Isaac Montelongo
Alex Tew
Noah Shellenberger
Turner Braxton
54.56aMar 26Ram Relays
4x100 Throwers Relay - Throwers
1.Daniel McDougall
Noah Shellenberger
Ryan Peterson
Cole Philp
58.33aApr 14Need One Here Invite
4x200 Relay
1.Relay Team 1:38.03aMar 26Ram Relays
4x400 Relay
1.Drew Childers
Mason Sali-orvald
Colton Hoggarth
Daniel Izutsu
3:35.30aMay 21CBBN District Meet Day #2..
2.Mason Sali-orvald
Colton Hoggarth
Daniel Izutsu
Xavier Juarez
3:36.56aMay 12CBBN Inter-City Champions..
3.Mark Sterling
Mason Sali-orvald
Colton Hoggarth
Daniel Izutsu
3:39.39aApr 28CBBN#2:Sunnyside,WV, East..
4.Bryce Rosencrance
Mason Sali-orvald
Colton Hoggarth
Daniel Izutsu
3:39.58aMay 5CBBN#3:Moses Lake, Sunnys..
5.Mark Sterling
Bryce Rosencrance
Colton Hoggarth
Daniel Izutsu
3:40.98aApr 21CBBN#1: Wenatchee, WV @ S..
6.Drew Childers
Bryce Rosencrance
Colton Hoggarth
Daniel Izutsu
3:42.19aApr 9Davis Invitational
7.Nicklaus Daley
Colton Hoggarth
Daniel Izutsu
Justin Nickolaus
3:48.78aMar 19Papa Wells Invitational
8.Nicklaus Daley
Xavier Juarez
Justin Nickolaus
Leonel Serna
3:51.39aApr 28CBBN#2:Sunnyside,WV, East..
9.Relay Team 3:52.02aMar 26Ram Relays
10.Mason Barduhn
Henry Eaton
Colton Hoggarth
Daniel Izutsu
3:56.60Mar 12Jamboree of the Horns
11.Nicklaus Daley
Jasey Doria
Austin Hawkins
Leonel Serna
4:00.47aApr 21CBBN#1: Wenatchee, WV @ S..
12.Jesse Argento
Nicklaus Daley
Jasey Doria
Bryce Rosencrance
4:05.34aMar 29Eburg & WV JV Dual
13.Nicklaus Daley
Jasey Doria
Austin Hawkins
Xavier Juarez
4:08.94aApr 14Need One Here Invite
SMR 100-100-200-400m
1.Relay Team 1:46.40aMar 26Ram Relays
4x110 Shuttle Hurdles - 39"
1.Relay Team 73.54aMar 26Ram Relays
Shot Put - 12lb
1.9Stephen Farris36' 5.00May 12CBBN Inter-City Champions..
2.11Noah Shellenberger33' 10.00May 12CBBN Inter-City Champions..
3.11Samuel Jorgensen31' 0.00May 12CBBN Inter-City Champions..
4.11Robert Tabert30' 5.50Mar 26Ram Relays
5.10Daniel McDougall30' 0.00Apr 14Need One Here Invite
9Cole Philp30' 0.00May 12CBBN Inter-City Champions..
7.11Ryan Peterson29' 6.00Mar 12Jamboree of the Horns
8.9Liam Festa28' 9.00May 3Cadet JV Invite
9.9William Yocom27' 8.00May 6RHS Twilight
10.9Garret Pond26' 3.50Apr 14Need One Here Invite
11.9David Faucher24' 10.50May 6RHS Twilight
12.11Timothy Ferrin23' 8.25Apr 26WVJV Invite
13.9Isaac Montelongo23' 4.00Apr 14Need One Here Invite
14.9Steven TabertDNSMay 6RHS Twilight
Discus - 1.6kg
1.11Noah Shellenberger103' 3.00Apr 28CBBN#2:Sunnyside,WV, East..
2.9Cole Philp98' 7.00Apr 14Need One Here Invite
3.11Ryan Peterson97' 1.00Apr 9Davis Invitational
4.9Stephen Farris85' 6.00Apr 28CBBN#2:Sunnyside,WV, East..
5.11Samuel Jorgensen85' 4.00Apr 28CBBN#2:Sunnyside,WV, East..
6.9Garret Pond81' 0.00May 6RHS Twilight
7.11Robert Tabert80' 2.00Mar 26Ram Relays
8.10Daniel McDougall78' 10.00Mar 29Eburg & WV JV Dual
9.9Isaac Montelongo76' 0.00Apr 14Need One Here Invite
10.9Liam Festa68' 5.50Apr 14Need One Here Invite
11.9William Yocom64' 1.00May 6RHS Twilight
12.9David Faucher63' 5.00May 6RHS Twilight
13.10Turner Braxton61' 7.00Mar 12Jamboree of the Horns
14.9Leonel Serna57' 10.00Mar 12Jamboree of the Horns
15.11Timothy Ferrin52' 10.00Mar 12Jamboree of the Horns
16.9Steven TabertDNSMay 6RHS Twilight
Javelin - 800g
1.12Alex Tew133' 11.00May 5CBBN#3:Moses Lake, Sunnys..
2.12Jeric Willey127' 10.00Mar 12Jamboree of the Horns
3.9Isaac Montelongo125' 11.00May 12CBBN Inter-City Champions..
4.12Justin Nickolaus125' 7.00Apr 21CBBN#1: Wenatchee, WV @ S..
5.10Turner Braxton117' 2.00Mar 12Jamboree of the Horns
6.9William Yocom108' 3.00Apr 9Davis Invitational
7.10Bryce Rosencrance104' 3.00Mar 12Jamboree of the Horns
8.10Daniel McDougall101' 0.00Apr 14Need One Here Invite
9.9Parker Barduhn97' 8.00May 6RHS Twilight
10.9Garret Pond95' 5.00Apr 9Davis Invitational
11.9Cole Philp87' 6.00Apr 14Need One Here Invite
12.12Jaden Moon74' 5.00Apr 14Need One Here Invite
13.9Steven TabertDNSMay 6RHS Twilight
High Jump
1.11Cody Allen5' 10.00Apr 9Davis Invitational
2.11Sean Sieber5' 6.00Mar 17Davis JV Invite
12Justin Nickolaus5' 6.00May 3Cadet JV Invite
4.9Reggie Harris5' 2.00Mar 17Davis JV Invite
5.12Jaden Moon5' 0.00Apr 21CBBN#1: Wenatchee, WV @ S..
6.9Evan Cruz4' 10.00Mar 17Davis JV Invite
Pole Vault
1.12Alex Tew13' 0.00May 12CBBN Inter-City Champions..
2.10Andrew Hanses11' 6.00Apr 21CBBN#1: Wenatchee, WV @ S..
3.10Michael Hanses10' 6.00May 3Cadet JV Invite
Long Jump
1.11Cody Allen22' 3.25wMay 262A, 3A, 4A State Champion..
2.9Edward Ramos19' 7.25May 21CBBN District Meet Day #2..
3.11Hayden Hadlock18' 8.50Apr 28CBBN#2:Sunnyside,WV, East..
4.11Abraham Horieh18' 1.50Apr 28CBBN#2:Sunnyside,WV, East..
5.9Reggie Harris16' 6.00Mar 17Davis JV Invite
6.11Xavier Juarez15' 11.00Apr 28CBBN#2:Sunnyside,WV, East..
7.9Leonel Serna15' 10.00Apr 28CBBN#2:Sunnyside,WV, East..
8.9Kyle Peterson14' 5.50Apr 14Need One Here Invite
9.9Hunter Hansen14' 3.00Mar 29Eburg & WV JV Dual
Triple Jump
1.11Abraham Horieh40' 1.00Apr 21CBBN#1: Wenatchee, WV @ S..
2.10Bryce Rosencrance34' 4.00Apr 9Davis Invitational
3.12Jaden Moon32' 10.00Apr 14Need One Here Invite
4.9Brandon Little29' 3.00May 6RHS Twilight


100 Meters
1.9Carli Short13.10aMay 12CBBN Inter-City Champions..
2.11Olivia Rickey13.22aMay 12CBBN Inter-City Champions..
3.10Kendra Hanses13.38aApr 9Davis Invitational
4.9Katharine Whitman13.47aMay 21CBBN District Meet Day #2..
5.10Savannah Needham13.56aMay 12CBBN Inter-City Champions..
6.11Carlee Martin13.65aMay 12CBBN Inter-City Champions..
7.9Kailey Moen13.70aApr 14Need One Here Invite
8.10Anna Hager13.81aApr 9Davis Invitational
9.11Katarzyna Lucka14.11aApr 14Need One Here Invite
10.9Jayleen Chavez-contreras14.24aMay 3Cadet JV Invite
11.10Madisen Schlect14.39aMay 3Cadet JV Invite
12.9Baylie Gibson14.76aApr 26WVJV Invite
13.9Korie Wyckoff14.98aApr 14Need One Here Invite
14.9Talia Kalina15.05aMar 17Davis JV Invite
15.12Megan Martin15.24cMar 12Jamboree of the Horns
16.9Danielle Lemieux15.29aMar 17Davis JV Invite
17.9Cameron Sears16.04cMar 12Jamboree of the Horns
11Mona Staven16.04aMar 29Eburg & WV JV Dual
200 Meters
1.9Carli Short26.98aMay 21CBBN District Meet Day #2..
2.10Kendra Hanses27.15aApr 21CBBN#1: Wenatchee, WV @ S..
3.10Savannah Needham27.37aApr 21CBBN#1: Wenatchee, WV @ S..
4.11Olivia Rickey27.42aApr 9Davis Invitational
5.9Katharine Whitman28.00aMay 12CBBN Inter-City Champions..
6.9Kailey Moen28.03aMay 21CBBN District Meet Day #2..
7.11Carlee Martin28.25aMay 5CBBN#3:Moses Lake, Sunnys..
8.10Anna Hager28.57aMay 5CBBN#3:Moses Lake, Sunnys..
9.9Courtney Richardson28.84aMar 29Eburg & WV JV Dual
10.9Jayleen Chavez-contreras29.51aMay 6RHS Twilight
11.11Katarzyna Lucka29.53aApr 14Need One Here Invite
12.9Ashley Culbertson30.28aMar 29Eburg & WV JV Dual
13.10Madisen Schlect30.31aMay 6RHS Twilight
14.11Elise Knudson30.83aApr 14Need One Here Invite
15.9Talia Kalina30.92aApr 14Need One Here Invite
16.9Baylie Gibson31.50aApr 26WVJV Invite
17.11Mona Staven33.65aMar 29Eburg & WV JV Dual
300 Meters
1.11Olivia Rickey45.94cMar 12Jamboree of the Horns
2.10Savannah Needham48.24cMar 12Jamboree of the Horns
3.10Alyssa Hovenkotter48.34cMar 12Jamboree of the Horns
4.9Ashley Culbertson50.24cMar 12Jamboree of the Horns
5.10Eva Vincent50.74cMar 12Jamboree of the Horns
6.10Madisen Schlect55.14cMar 12Jamboree of the Horns
7.11Mona Staven58.54cMar 12Jamboree of the Horns
400 Meters
1.10Anna Hager60.62aMay 21CBBN District Meet Day #2..
2.10Eva Vincent62.99aApr 28CBBN#2:Sunnyside,WV, East..
3.12Kaili Keefe63.35aMay 5CBBN#3:Moses Lake, Sunnys..
4.9Courtney Richardson63.82aMay 21CBBN District Meet Day #2..
5.10Savannah Needham65.04aApr 21CBBN#1: Wenatchee, WV @ S..
6.11Mona Staven75.59aApr 26WVJV Invite
600 Meters
1.10Eva Vincent1:55.70Mar 12Jamboree of the Horns
2.10Lindsey Sheffield1:57.20Mar 12Jamboree of the Horns
3.12Jessica Dart1:57.40Mar 12Jamboree of the Horns
4.11Gabrielle Sullivan1:58.00Mar 12Jamboree of the Horns
5.11Brittany Little1:58.20Mar 12Jamboree of the Horns
6.9Faith Sullivan2:05.00Mar 12Jamboree of the Horns
7.10Samantha Koenig2:18.20Mar 12Jamboree of the Horns
800 Meters
1.12Kaili Keefe2:22.20aApr 28CBBN#2:Sunnyside,WV, East..
2.11Brittany Little2:39.00aApr 9Davis Invitational
3.11Gabrielle Sullivan2:40.35aMay 6RHS Twilight
4.10Lindsey Sheffield2:47.05aMay 5CBBN#3:Moses Lake, Sunnys..
5.9Faith Sullivan2:47.58aApr 28CBBN#2:Sunnyside,WV, East..
6.9Dania Cox2:49.13aApr 14Need One Here Invite
7.11Marie Zerbe2:50.88aMay 6RHS Twilight
8.12Jessica Dart2:51.02aApr 14Need One Here Invite
9.10Jasmin Vargas2:52.34aApr 21CBBN#1: Wenatchee, WV @ S..
10.10Samantha Koenig2:52.75aMay 5CBBN#3:Moses Lake, Sunnys..
11.10Freida Raj3:06.72aMay 5CBBN#3:Moses Lake, Sunnys..
1600 Meters
1.12Kaili Keefe5:07.44aMay 262A, 3A, 4A State Champion..
2.12Jessica Dart5:43.53aMay 21CBBN District Meet Day #2..
3.12Emily Lewis5:45.27aMay 21CBBN District Meet Day #2..
4.9Dania Cox5:49.72aMay 12CBBN Inter-City Champions..
5.10Lindsey Sheffield5:51.02aMay 21CBBN District Meet Day #2..
6.11Brittany Little6:00.16aApr 28CBBN#2:Sunnyside,WV, East..
7.11Gabrielle Sullivan6:15.55aApr 21CBBN#1: Wenatchee, WV @ S..
8.10Mckenzie Jamieson6:16.18aMay 6RHS Twilight
9.10Samantha Koenig6:20.54aMay 6RHS Twilight
10.10Jasmin Vargas6:26.83aApr 28CBBN#2:Sunnyside,WV, East..
11.9Faith Sullivan6:28.77aMay 5CBBN#3:Moses Lake, Sunnys..
12.11Marie Zerbe6:43.14aApr 26WVJV Invite
13.10Freida Raj6:58.13aMay 6RHS Twilight
2000 Meters
1.12Kaili Keefe7:13.70Mar 12Jamboree of the Horns
2.12Emily Lewis7:40.40Mar 12Jamboree of the Horns
3.9Dania Cox7:54.40Mar 12Jamboree of the Horns
4.10Mckenzie Jamieson8:49.50Mar 12Jamboree of the Horns
3200 Meters
1.12Kaili Keefe11:03.15aMay 262A, 3A, 4A State Champion..
2.12Emily Lewis12:13.90aApr 23Bellevue Track & Field In..
3.12Jessica Dart12:38.84aMay 21CBBN District Meet Day #2..
4.9Dania Cox12:57.94aMay 21CBBN District Meet Day #2..
5.10Lindsey Sheffield13:23.11aApr 28CBBN#2:Sunnyside,WV, East..
6.10Mckenzie Jamieson13:48.33aMay 12CBBN Inter-City Champions..
7.10Jasmin Vargas14:56.05aApr 14Need One Here Invite
8.10Freida Raj16:15.63aApr 21CBBN#1: Wenatchee, WV @ S..
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.11Elise Knudson17.97aMay 12CBBN Inter-City Champions..
2.9Ashley Culbertson18.51aApr 23Prosser Rotary Invite
3.11Kali KrugerSCRMar 19Papa Wells Invitational
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.11Elise Knudson49.38aMay 21CBBN District Meet Day #2..
2.9Victoria Loveless53.01aMay 21CBBN District Meet Day #2..
3.9Ashley Culbertson54.31aMay 21CBBN District Meet Day #2..
4x100 Relay
1.Carlee Martin
Katharine Whitman
Carli Short
Olivia Rickey
51.28aMay 12CBBN Inter-City Champions..
2.Carlee Martin
Katharine Whitman
Carli Short
Kendra Hanses
51.89aApr 16Pasco Invitational
3.Relay Team 52.04aMar 26Ram Relays
4.Carlee Martin
Carli Short
Olivia Rickey
Kendra Hanses
52.05aMay 5CBBN#3:Moses Lake, Sunnys..
5.Carlee Martin
Katharine Whitman
Savannah Needham
Carli Short
52.22aMay 21CBBN District Meet Day #2..
6.Carlee Martin
Carli Short
Olivia Rickey
Kayla Chauvin
52.53aMar 19Papa Wells Invitational
7.Kailey Moen
Carlee Martin
Katharine Whitman
Carli Short
53.83aApr 21CBBN#1: Wenatchee, WV @ S..
8.Carlee Martin
Katharine Whitman
Kailey Moen
Savannah Needham
53.88aApr 9Davis Invitational
9.Baylie Gibson
Talia Kalina
Korie Wyckoff
Savannah Needham
55.90aApr 14Need One Here Invite
10.Megan Martin
Kaitlyn Gasseling
Cameron Sears
Kali Kruger
57.47aMay 12CBBN Inter-City Champions..
11.Baylie Gibson
Talia Kalina
Savannah Needham
Korie Wyckoff
57.96aMar 17Davis JV Invite
12.Megan Martin
Kaitlyn Gasseling
Cameron Sears
Elly Teske
58.69aMar 26Ram Relays
4x100 Throwers Relay - Throwers
1.Kendall Rickey
Kali Kruger
Cameron Sears
Rosalia Veiga rodriguez
60.41aApr 14Need One Here Invite
4x200 Relay
1.Anna Hager
Katharine Whitman
Savannah Needham
Carli Short
1:47.35aMay 21CBBN District Meet Day #2..
2.Anna Hager
Olivia Rickey
Kendra Hanses
Carli Short
1:49.67aApr 28CBBN#2:Sunnyside,WV, East..
3.Savannah Needham
Carli Short
Olivia Rickey
Kendra Hanses
1:49.78aMay 5CBBN#3:Moses Lake, Sunnys..
4.Savannah Needham
Anna Hager
Carli Short
Olivia Rickey
DQMay 12CBBN Inter-City Champions..
4x400 Relay
1.Savannah Needham
Eva Vincent
Kaili Keefe
Anna Hager
4:08.13aMay 21CBBN District Meet Day #2..
Courtney Richardson
Eva Vincent
Kaili Keefe
Anna Hager
4:08.13aMay 19CBBN District Meet Day #1..
3.Courtney Richardson
Eva Vincent
Anna Hager
Kaili Keefe
4:13.17aApr 16Pasco Invitational
4.Eva Vincent
Anna Hager
Savannah Needham
Courtney Richardson
4:14.55aMay 12CBBN Inter-City Champions..
5.Anna Hager
Kaili Keefe
Courtney Richardson
Eva Vincent
4:15.02aApr 28CBBN#2:Sunnyside,WV, East..
6.-Eva Vincent
Olivia Rickey
Anna Hager
Kaili Keefe
DQApr 9Davis Invitational
SMR 100-100-200-400m
1.Relay Team 1:59.20aMar 26Ram Relays
4x100 Shuttle Hurdles - 36"
1.Relay Team 78.16aMar 26Ram Relays
Shot Put - 4kg
1.11Kaitlyn Gasseling36' 2.50May 12CBBN Inter-City Champions..
2.11Kali Kruger33' 10.50Apr 28CBBN#2:Sunnyside,WV, East..
3.10Miah Robert30' 8.50May 5CBBN#3:Moses Lake, Sunnys..
4.11Elly Teske27' 11.00May 12CBBN Inter-City Champions..
5.11Lethicia Miranda25' 1.00May 3Cadet JV Invite
6.11Rosalia Veiga rodriguez24' 9.00Mar 29Eburg & WV JV Dual
7.11Kendall Rickey24' 3.00May 6RHS Twilight
8.9Faith Sullivan23' 7.50Apr 14Need One Here Invite
9.9Cameron Sears22' 11.50Mar 19Papa Wells Invitational
10.11Ryann Rainville21' 2.00May 3Cadet JV Invite
Discus - 1kg
1.11Kaitlyn Gasseling112' 1.00May 5CBBN#3:Moses Lake, Sunnys..
2.10Miah Robert106' 3.00Apr 28CBBN#2:Sunnyside,WV, East..
3.11Elly Teske93' 6.00May 12CBBN Inter-City Champions..
4.11Rosalia Veiga rodriguez68' 3.00May 3Cadet JV Invite
5.9Cameron Sears63' 3.00May 5CBBN#3:Moses Lake, Sunnys..
6.11Kendall Rickey60' 2.00Apr 28CBBN#2:Sunnyside,WV, East..
7.11Ryann Rainville52' 4.00May 6RHS Twilight
8.11Lethicia Miranda42' 1.00May 3Cadet JV Invite
Javelin - 600g
1.12Megan Martin108' 4.00Apr 16Pasco Invitational
2.9Danielle Lemieux98' 4.00May 5CBBN#3:Moses Lake, Sunnys..
3.11Kali Kruger93' 10.00Apr 23Prosser Rotary Invite
4.9Cameron Sears89' 11.00May 21CBBN District Meet Day #2..
5.11Rosalia Veiga rodriguez71' 0.50Apr 26WVJV Invite
6.11Lethicia Miranda69' 4.00Apr 28CBBN#2:Sunnyside,WV, East..
7.11Ryann Rainville69' 2.00Apr 26WVJV Invite
8.9Faith Sullivan48' 9.00Mar 29Eburg & WV JV Dual
9Courtney Richardson48' 9.00Apr 14Need One Here Invite
10.11Kendall Rickey46' 6.00Mar 17Davis JV Invite
High Jump
1.10Alyssa Hovenkotter4' 10.00May 21CBBN District Meet Day #2..
2.10Eva Vincent4' 6.00Apr 9Davis Invitational
Pole Vault
1.12Halle Irvine10' 8.00May 21CBBN District Meet Day #2..
2.9Baylie Gibson7' 0.00Apr 28CBBN#2:Sunnyside,WV, East..
Long Jump
1.12Halle Irvine16' 5.00May 5CBBN#3:Moses Lake, Sunnys..
2.9Katharine Whitman15' 11.00Apr 28CBBN#2:Sunnyside,WV, East..
3.9Kailey Moen15' 5.50Apr 14Need One Here Invite
4.9Danielle Lemieux15' 5.00Apr 28CBBN#2:Sunnyside,WV, East..
5.9Courtney Richardson13' 6.00Mar 29Eburg & WV JV Dual
6.9Korie Wyckoff11' 11.75Mar 17Davis JV Invite
7.9Talia Kalina10' 10.00Mar 17Davis JV Invite
Triple Jump
1.12Halle Irvine31' 9.00May 12CBBN Inter-City Champions..
2.9Danielle Lemieux30' 8.00May 21CBBN District Meet Day #2..
3.12Megan Martin30' 6.50Apr 28CBBN#2:Sunnyside,WV, East..

* = Recent improvement