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    Titans - Frisco, TX

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100 Meters
1.10Raleigh Texada11.14cMar 1Texan Relays
2.10Anthony Pegues11.24cMar 29Frisco Relays II
3.11Tapiwa Mudehwe11.34cMar 29Frisco Relays II
4.11Joshua Ke11.44cMar 21CFBISD Relays
11Brandon Anderson11.44cMar 21CFBISD Relays
6.10Frank Ohabor11.64cMar 21CFBISD Relays
7.9Roy Gill11.74cMar 21CFBISD Relays
8.11Matt Lee12.04cMar 29Frisco Relays II
9.12John Coulter12.14cMar 1Texan Relays
10.9Jake Baril12.54cMar 1Texan Relays
200 Meters
1.10Raleigh Texada23.14cMar 29Frisco Relays II
11Tapiwa Mudehwe23.14cMar 1Texan Relays
3.11Brandon Anderson23.34cMar 29Frisco Relays II
4.10Frank Ohabor23.54cMar 29Frisco Relays II
5.9Roy Gill24.04cMar 21CFBISD Relays
6.12Hunter Welborn24.83aFeb 14Richardson Co-ed Mee..
7.9Timmy Olatunde24.84cMar 1Texan Relays
8.11Joshua Ke24.94cMar 29Frisco Relays II
9.9Steven Sacarello25.74cMar 29Frisco Relays II
400 Meters
1.12Matt Carrillo51.04cMar 1Texan Relays
2.10Jacob Morrow54.14cMar 29Frisco Relays II
3.11Connor McKean54.54cMar 29Frisco Relays II
4.11Slevin Montague55.54cMar 29Frisco Relays II
5.11Chris Williams56.74cMar 21CFBISD Relays
6.10Andrew Vandersand57.24cMar 21CFBISD Relays
7.9Josh Eatherly59.24cMar 21CFBISD Relays
8.10Zach Lucio60.34cMar 1Texan Relays
9.9Court Walker60.74cMar 1Texan Relays
10.11Armani Marshall60.89aFeb 14Richardson Co-ed Mee..
11.9DeBray Wright63.34cMar 1Texan Relays
800 Meters
1.11Connor McKean2:01.99aApr 16UIL 4A District 9 & ..
2.9Anthony Symes2:05.00Mar 29Frisco Relays II
3.11Armani MarshallNTFeb 14Richardson Co-ed Mee..
10Andrew VandersandNTMar 29Frisco Relays II
12Jeff OchoaNTMar 29Frisco Relays II
12Dean WootenNTMar 29Frisco Relays II
1600 Meters
1.12Jeff Ochoa5:04.10Mar 21CFBISD Relays
2.10Markel Owens5:17.75aFeb 14Richardson Co-ed Mee..
3.10Grant Kimball5:18.19aFeb 14Richardson Co-ed Mee..
4.12Victor EstradaNTFeb 14Richardson Co-ed Mee..
10Matthew SowellNTMar 1Texan Relays
11Sivesh BalajiNTMar 1Texan Relays
9Drake MichaelsNTFeb 14Richardson Co-ed Mee..
9Landon FisherNTMar 29Frisco Relays II
12Dean WootenNTMar 1Texan Relays
3200 Meters
1.10Grant Kimball11:00.35aFeb 14Richardson Co-ed Mee..
2.12Victor EstradaNTMar 29Frisco Relays II
10Matthew SowellNTMar 1Texan Relays
11Sivesh BalajiNTMar 1Texan Relays
9Drake MichaelsNTFeb 14Richardson Co-ed Mee..
9Landon FisherNTMar 1Texan Relays
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.9Court Walker16.64cMar 29Frisco Relays II
2.11Ethan Miller16.84cMar 29Frisco Relays II
3.12Luke Bryant16.94cMar 29Frisco Relays II
4.9Patrick Pittman17.94cMar 29Frisco Relays II
5.10Conner Palmer19.84cMar 1Texan Relays
6.10Erik AndersonNTMar 1Texan Relays
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.9Patrick Pittman43.94cMar 29Frisco Relays II
2.11Ethan Miller44.24cMar 29Frisco Relays II
3.12Luke Bryant44.54cMar 29Frisco Relays II
4.10Conner Palmer47.84cMar 1Texan Relays
5.10Erik AndersonNTMar 1Texan Relays
4x100 Relay
1.-Raleigh Texada
Anthony Pegues
Brandon Anderson
Tapiwa Mudehwe
44.14cMar 29Frisco Relays II
2.-Jackson Grimes
Tapiwa Mudehwe
Raleigh Texada
Brandon Anderson
44.24cMar 1Texan Relays
3.-Relay Team 45.74cMar 21CFBISD Relays
4.-Tapiwa Mudehwe
Matt Carrillo
Raleigh Texada
Brandon Anderson
46.10aFeb 14Richardson Co-ed Mee..
5.-Timmy Olatunde
Roy Gill
Jordan Wells
Davyeon Wright
46.14cMar 1Texan Relays
6.-Roy Gill
Jordan Wells
Frank Ohabor
John Coulter
46.54cMar 29Frisco Relays II
7.-Frank Ohabor
J'Tavon Johnson
Raleigh Texada
Davyeon Wright
47.01aFeb 14Richardson Co-ed Mee..
4x200 Relay
1.-Hunter Welborn
Davyeon Wright
Anthony Pegues
Ethan Miller
1:34.10Mar 29Frisco Relays II
2.-Brandon Anderson
Hunter Welborn
Tapiwa Mudehwe
Jackson Grimes
1:34.20Mar 1Texan Relays
3.-Relay Team 1:34.90Mar 21CFBISD Relays
4.-Davyeon Wright
Jordan Wells
Josh Eatherly
Timmy Olatunde
1:39.50Mar 1Texan Relays
5.-Hunter Welborn
Anthony Symes
Brandon Anderson
Tapiwa Mudehwe
1:39.81aFeb 14Richardson Co-ed Mee..
6.-Jordan Wells
Jake Baril
Timmy Olatunde
John Coulter
1:39.90Mar 29Frisco Relays II
4x400 Relay
1.-Jacob Morrow
Anthony Symes
Hunter Welborn
Matt Carrillo
3:30.70Mar 29Frisco Relays II
2.-Relay Team 3:33.10Mar 21CFBISD Relays
3.-Hunter Welborn
Matt Carrillo
Slevin Montague
Jacob Morrow
3:36.00Mar 1Texan Relays
4.-Matt Carrillo
Anthony Symes
Hunter Welborn
Slevin Montague
3:42.98aFeb 14Richardson Co-ed Mee..
5.-Roy Gill
Jake Baril
Slevin Montague
Andrew Vandersand
3:45.40Mar 29Frisco Relays II
6.-Jordan Wells
Erik Anderson
Jacob Morrow
Josh Eatherly
3:54.71aFeb 14Richardson Co-ed Mee..
7.-Josh Eatherly
Jake Baril
Court Walker
Jordan Wells
4:01.60Mar 1Texan Relays
4x800 Relay
1.-Connor McKean
Dean Wooten
John Coulter
Jacob Morrow
9:05.30Mar 1Texan Relays
2.-Sivesh Balaji
Patrick Pittman
Landon Fisher
Markel Owens
10:15.30Mar 1Texan Relays
Shot Put - 12lb
1.12Ryan Cantrell43' 5.00Feb 14Richardson Co-ed Mee..
2.9Zain Zia34' 3.75Mar 21CFBISD Relays
3.9Shelton York33' 7.25Mar 1Texan Relays
4.12Andre Shelton30' 2.25Mar 29Frisco Relays II
5.10David Holmes27' 8.00Mar 1Texan Relays
Discus - 1.6kg
1.10William Petersson158' 4.00Apr 16UIL 4A District 9 & ..
2.12Temidayo Akinyede129' 2.00Mar 21CFBISD Relays
3.12Andre Shelton128' 8.50Mar 29Frisco Relays II
4.9Zain Zia107' 9.00Mar 21CFBISD Relays
5.9Shelton York78' 8.50Mar 21CFBISD Relays
6.9Marco AlanisNDMar 1Texan Relays
High Jump
1.11Chris Williams5' 6.00Mar 29Frisco Relays II
10Josh Raschke5' 6.00Mar 21CFBISD Relays
11Davyeon Wright5' 6.00Mar 1Texan Relays
4.9DeBray Wright5' 2.00Mar 21CFBISD Relays
Pole Vault
1.12Skyler Stone13' 0.00Mar 29Frisco Relays II
Long Jump
1.11Davyeon Wright19' 9.00Mar 21CFBISD Relays
2.10Brock Hawkins19' 4.25Feb 14Richardson Co-ed Mee..
3.11Ethan Miller18' 9.75Mar 1Texan Relays
4.11Armani Marshall18' 3.00Mar 1Texan Relays
5.11Slevin Montague17' 7.50Mar 21CFBISD Relays
6.10Daniel Clemons17' 2.00Mar 21CFBISD Relays
7.10Josh Raschke16' 9.00Mar 21CFBISD Relays
8.9Will Stewart14' 7.00Mar 1Texan Relays
Triple Jump
1.11Ethan Miller39' 3.50Mar 1Texan Relays
2.11Armani Marshall38' 0.00Mar 21CFBISD Relays
3.11Slevin Montague37' 6.00Mar 21CFBISD Relays
4.10Daniel Clemons36' 2.00Mar 1Texan Relays
5.9Will Stewart35' 8.50Mar 1Texan Relays
6.10Brock HawkinsNDFeb 14Richardson Co-ed Mee..


100 Meters
1.10Grace Alao13.14cMar 21CFBISD Relays
2.9Triniti Knight14.74cMar 29Frisco Relays II
3.9Kelsi Draper15.74cMar 21CFBISD Relays
4.9Ko Eun Choi16.94cMar 1Texan Relays
200 Meters
1.9Torrin Stone27.54cMar 21CFBISD Relays
2.10Grace Alao27.94cMar 21CFBISD Relays
9Faith Alao27.94cMar 1Texan Relays
4.9Bria Daniels30.74cMar 29Frisco Relays II
5.9Michala Lomax31.34cMar 1Texan Relays
6.9Kelsi Draper32.44cMar 1Texan Relays
400 Meters
1.9Faith Alao63.49aApr 4Rockin' "R" Relays
2.11Olivia Nellickunnel64.34cMar 29Frisco Relays II
3.11Morgan Bjork65.54cMar 21CFBISD Relays
4.9Celes Montague66.84cMar 1Texan Relays
5.10Haley Bush69.94cMar 1Texan Relays
9Bria Daniels69.94cMar 29Frisco Relays II
7.11Alexis McCants71.54cMar 1Texan Relays
800 Meters
1.11Morgan Bjork2:27.80Mar 29Frisco Relays II
2.9Sabrina Rolandelli2:35.77aApr 4Rockin' "R" Relays
1600 Meters
1.11Victoria LuhrsNTMar 1Texan Relays
9Sabrina RolandelliNTMar 1Texan Relays
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.9Torrin Stone17.04cMar 1Texan Relays
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.11Savannah Hunter51.64cMar 1Texan Relays
2.9Julia Smock52.44cMar 29Frisco Relays II
3.9Alyssa Luhrs56.64cMar 1Texan Relays
4.9Madison Stone58.54cMar 29Frisco Relays II
4x100 Relay
1.-Relay Team 49.84cMar 21CFBISD Relays
-Grace Alao
Ameze Guobadia
Faith Alao
Ponmile Oyelami
49.84cMar 29Frisco Relays II
3.-Faith Aloe
Grace Aloe
Ponmile Oyelami
Amese Guobadia
50.04cMar 1Texan Relays
4.-Triniti Knight
Reilly Clark
Amy Ekhaguere
Sydney Orr
55.54cMar 29Frisco Relays II
4x200 Relay
1.-Faith Aloe
Grace Aloe
Amese Guobadia
Ponmile Oyelami
1:47.00Mar 1Texan Relays
2.-Sydney Orr
Amy Ekhaguere
Bria Daniels
Elliott Finley
1:54.90Mar 1Texan Relays
3.-Relay Team 1:55.80Mar 21CFBISD Relays
4.-Kelsey Snow
Amy Ekhaguere
Elliott Finley
Sydney Orr
DNSMar 29Frisco Relays II
4x400 Relay
1.-Relay Team 4:22.10Mar 21CFBISD Relays
2.-Celes Montague
Sydney Orr
Sabrina Rolandelli
Elliott Finley
4:25.10Mar 29Frisco Relays II
3.-Elliott Finley
Torrin Stone
Hannah Harris
Bria Daniels
4:31.90Mar 1Texan Relays
4x800 Relay
1.-Victoria Luhrs
Sabrina Rolandelli
Morgan Bjork
Olivia Nellickunnel
10:45.70Mar 1Texan Relays
2.-Inna Arabejo
Sernia Ashraf
Suzy Cubberley
Hannah Harris
NTMar 1Texan Relays
Shot Put - 4kg
1.10Shakeria Dabney29' 11.50Mar 1Texan Relays
Discus - 1kg
1.10Shakeria Dabney92' 7.00Mar 1Texan Relays
2.9Celes Montague49' 11.00Mar 21CFBISD Relays
High Jump
1.9Torrin Stone5' 0.00Mar 21CFBISD Relays
2.10Sami Sloan4' 10.00Mar 29Frisco Relays II
3.9Julia Smock4' 8.00Mar 1Texan Relays
4.9Nikki Shepherd4' 2.00Mar 29Frisco Relays II
Pole Vault
1.11Joyseleen LaSoya8' 6.00Apr 4Rockin' "R" Relays
9Matille Drury8' 6.00Mar 1Texan Relays
3.11Dylan Rich7' 6.00Mar 1Texan Relays
4.9Heather Shockler7' 0.00Mar 1Texan Relays
Long Jump
1.9Sydney Orr15' 5.50Mar 1Texan Relays
2.9Torrin Stone15' 2.00Mar 1Texan Relays
3.9Faith Alao14' 9.50Mar 1Texan Relays
4.9Bria Daniels13' 1.50Mar 1Texan Relays
5.9Kelsi Draper11' 5.00Mar 29Frisco Relays II
6.9Michala Lomax10' 8.00Mar 21CFBISD Relays
7.10Haley BushNDMar 1Texan Relays
Triple Jump
1.9Faith Alao33' 9.00Mar 29Frisco Relays II
2.9Sarah Pace27' 8.50Mar 21CFBISD Relays
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