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100 Meters
1.12Aharon Barnes10.56aMar 6Lancaster Invitational Me..
2.12Jeremy Hudson11.05aMar 6Lancaster Invitational Me..
3.12D'Marrion Handy11.18aMar 6Lancaster Invitational Me..
11David Davis11.18aFeb 14Jacket Classic
5.11Brian Smith11.42aMar 6Lancaster Invitational Me..
6.9Josh Stephens11.53aMar 6Lancaster Invitational Me..
7.10Jeremy Washington11.54aFeb 14Jacket Classic
8.12Xavier Brown11.80aMar 21Jesuit Sheaner Relays
9.11Dmario Green11.89aFeb 14Jacket Classic
10.-Jerrett Gormer12.56aFeb 21Bob Alpert Invitational
11.-Jeff Franklin12.71aFeb 21Bob Alpert Invitational
12.-Kd Phillips12.89aFeb 21Bob Alpert Invitational
13.-Darius Cox12.90aFeb 21Bob Alpert Invitational
14.-Dorian Williams12.96aFeb 21Bob Alpert Invitational
200 Meters
1.12Aharon Barnes22.08aFeb 14Jacket Classic
2.12Jeremy Hudson22.32aFeb 14Jacket Classic
3.11David Davis22.48aFeb 14Jacket Classic
4.12Malik Gray22.49aMar 21Jesuit Sheaner Relays
5.11Alonzo Lee24.14aFeb 14Jacket Classic
6.9Elijah Jones24.16aFeb 14Jacket Classic
7.12D'Marrion Handy24.31aFeb 21Bob Alpert Invitational
8.11Chris Walker25.28aFeb 14Jacket Classic
9.-Jeff Franklin25.44aFeb 21Bob Alpert Invitational
400 Meters
1.12Malik Gray49.51aFeb 14Jacket Classic
2.11Anterius Brown49.90aMar 21Jesuit Sheaner Relays
3.11D'Andre Carroll58.97aFeb 21Bob Alpert Invitational
800 Meters
1.11Esteban Andrade2:04.22aFeb 14Jacket Classic
2.12Josiah Barber2:07.95aFeb 14Jacket Classic
3.11John Hunt2:09.92aFeb 14Jacket Classic
4.10Byron Atkins2:11.85aFeb 14Jacket Classic
5.12Dorien Massie2:15.73aFeb 21Bob Alpert Invitational
6.-Hoseman Aguirre2:18.23aFeb 21Bob Alpert Invitational
7.12D'Aunte Mayes2:21.77aFeb 14Jacket Classic
8.10Jhor'Den PriceNTFeb 21Bob Alpert Invitational
10Jharryn JohnsonNTFeb 21Bob Alpert Invitational
11Christian SanchezNTFeb 21Bob Alpert Invitational
1600 Meters
1.11Livan Aguilar4:44.82aMar 21Jesuit Sheaner Relays
2.11Bryan Gutierrez4:45.34aMar 21Jesuit Sheaner Relays
3.11Esteban Andrade4:45.84aFeb 14Jacket Classic
4.11Adrian Valdez4:48.85aFeb 21Bob Alpert Invitational
5.11John Hunt5:05.78aFeb 14Jacket Classic
6.11Brandon Kimball5:09.96aFeb 14Jacket Classic
7.11Isaac Tobias5:14.96aFeb 21Bob Alpert Invitational
8.10Byron Atkins5:20.27aFeb 21Bob Alpert Invitational
9.10Rodrigo Vasquez5:25.62aFeb 21Bob Alpert Invitational
10.11Alan Lopez5:27.76aFeb 21Bob Alpert Invitational
11.10Jharryn JohnsonNTFeb 21Bob Alpert Invitational
11Christian SanchezNTFeb 21Bob Alpert Invitational
10Joel LopezNTFeb 21Bob Alpert Invitational
11Chris SotoNTFeb 21Bob Alpert Invitational
10Jhor'Den PriceNTFeb 21Bob Alpert Invitational
-Hoseman AguirreNTFeb 21Bob Alpert Invitational
3200 Meters
1.11Livan Aguilar10:31.77aFeb 14Jacket Classic
2.11Adrian Valdez10:48.13aFeb 21Bob Alpert Invitational
3.11Bryan Gutierrez10:51.54aFeb 21Bob Alpert Invitational
4.11Brandon Kimball11:13.91aFeb 14Jacket Classic
5.11Isaac Tobias11:26.68aFeb 14Jacket Classic
6.10Rodrigo Vasquez11:46.78aFeb 21Bob Alpert Invitational
7.10Joel Lopez11:53.02aFeb 21Bob Alpert Invitational
8.10Jharryn Johnson12:31.37aFeb 14Jacket Classic
9.11Alan Lopez12:31.82aFeb 21Bob Alpert Invitational
10.11Chris Soto12:35.94aFeb 21Bob Alpert Invitational
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.11Dylan Henderson14.67aMar 6Lancaster Invitational Me..
2.12Jaylon Abdul-Karim15.50aMar 6Lancaster Invitational Me..
3.11Nicholas Howard16.00aMar 6Lancaster Invitational Me..
4.11Mason Townley16.04aFeb 14Jacket Classic
5.9Joseph Gossett21.85aFeb 21Bob Alpert Invitational
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.11Dylan Henderson39.28aMar 6Lancaster Invitational Me..
2.11Nicholas Howard40.32aMar 21Jesuit Sheaner Relays
3.11Mason Townley41.26aFeb 14Jacket Classic
4.12Jaylon Abdul-Karim41.79aMar 6Lancaster Invitational Me..
5.9Joseph Gossett51.97aFeb 14Jacket Classic
4x100 Relay
1.Relay Team 42.10aFeb 21Bob Alpert Invitational
2.Mike Myers
James Johnson
Josh Stephens
Mackendric Jackson
43.60aFeb 14Jacket Classic
4x200 Relay
1.David Davis
Malik Gray
Jeremy Hudson
Aharon Barnes
86.29aMar 6Lancaster Invitational Me..
2.Relay Team 88.92aFeb 21Bob Alpert Invitational
3.Jeremy Hudson
D'Marrion Handy
Jaylon Abdul-Karim
Anterius Brown
89.15aFeb 14Jacket Classic
4.Mackendric Jackson
Mike Myers
James Johnson
Josh Stephens
1:32.44aFeb 14Jacket Classic
5.Mike Myers
James Johnson
Mackendric Jackson
Jeremy Washington
1:32.73aMar 6Lancaster Invitational Me..
4x400 Relay
1.David Davis
Malik Gray
Anterius Brown
Aharon Barnes
3:16.18aMar 21Jesuit Sheaner Relays
2.Anterius Brown
David Davis
Aharon Barnes
Malik Gray
3:16.55aFeb 14Jacket Classic
3.Relay Team 3:20.46aFeb 21Bob Alpert Invitational
4.Mason Townley
Josiah Barber
Nicholas Howard
Josh Stephens
3:31.23aMar 6Lancaster Invitational Me..
5.Mason Townley
Nate Mederos
Josh Stephens
James Johnson
3:35.28aFeb 14Jacket Classic
SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8]
1.David Davis
Malik Gray
Jeremy Hudson
Dorien Massie
3:47.30aMar 6Lancaster Invitational Me..
2.Alonzo Lee
Elijah Jones
James Johnson
Josiah Barber
3:47.39aMar 6Lancaster Invitational Me..
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.Adrian Valdez
Jeremy Hudson
Esteban Andrade
Bryan Gutierrez
11:13.81aMar 21Jesuit Sheaner Relays
2.Livan Aguilar
Anterius Brown
Esteban Andrade
Adrian Valdez
11:36.26aMar 6Lancaster Invitational Me..
3.Rodrigo Vasquez
D'Andre Carroll
John Hunt
Joel Lopez
12:18.63aMar 6Lancaster Invitational Me..
Shot Put - 12lb
1.12Quailon Haynes44' 5.00Feb 21Bob Alpert Invitational
2.10Javion Adams38' 4.00Mar 6Lancaster Invitational Me..
3.11Raymond Polk37' 3.50Feb 21Bob Alpert Invitational
4.10Demarte Burt37' 0.00Feb 21Bob Alpert Invitational
5.11Cameron Sweet36' 6.00Feb 14Jacket Classic
6.11Brian Woods35' 9.00Feb 14Jacket Classic
7.9Zyad Jenkins32' 4.00Feb 21Bob Alpert Invitational
8.10Cardeyon Hubbard29' 8.00Mar 6Lancaster Invitational Me..
9.10James Williams27' 3.00Feb 21Bob Alpert Invitational
Discus - 1.6kg
1.11Kalen Mason136' 10.00Feb 21Bob Alpert Invitational
2.12Quailon Haynes119' 6.00Feb 14Jacket Classic
3.10Javion Adams112' 1.00Feb 14Jacket Classic
4.10Demarte Burt110' 4.00Feb 14Jacket Classic
5.11Brian Woods96' 0.00Feb 21Bob Alpert Invitational
6.10Cardeyon Hubbard89' 0.00Feb 21Bob Alpert Invitational
7.10James Williams87' 9.00Feb 21Bob Alpert Invitational
8.11Cameron Sweet79' 7.00Feb 14Jacket Classic
9.9Zyad Jenkins71' 4.50Feb 21Bob Alpert Invitational
High Jump
1.12Ipi Adedokun6' 2.00Mar 21Jesuit Sheaner Relays
2.12Jaylon Abdul-Karim6' 0.00Mar 6Lancaster Invitational Me..
3.11D'Andre Carroll5' 2.00Feb 14Jacket Classic
4.11Josh JohnsonNHFeb 14Jacket Classic
Long Jump
1.12Xavier Brown20' 2.75Mar 21Jesuit Sheaner Relays
2.9Elijah Jones19' 8.25Feb 21Bob Alpert Invitational
3.11Alonzo Lee19' 5.00Feb 21Bob Alpert Invitational
4.11Brian Smith18' 3.00Feb 21Bob Alpert Invitational
5.-Mk Adinsina17' 6.00Feb 21Bob Alpert Invitational
6.10Jeremy Washington16' 8.75Feb 14Jacket Classic
Triple Jump
1.12Ipi Adedokun43' 5.00Mar 21Jesuit Sheaner Relays


100 Meters
1.12Tiffani Johnson11.89aMar 12CSI II
2.9Donasiah Thompson12.71aMar 12CSI II
3.10Chrischaynie Washington12.73aMar 7Malachi Relays!
4.12Channing Smith13.13aMar 26Naaman Forest Relays
5.9Alexis Cokes13.19aFeb 21Bob Alpert Invitational
6.11Tomica Charles13.33aMar 12CSI II
7.9Destiny Stanton13.56aMar 26Naaman Forest Relays
8.9Courtney Hogan13.65aMar 12CSI II
9.12Aalyiah Muhammed13.78aMar 26Naaman Forest Relays
10.10Lakecia Johnson13.81aMar 26Naaman Forest Relays
11.9Jahleea Boyd14.14aFeb 21Bob Alpert Invitational
12.9Daniel Rogers14.61aMar 26Naaman Forest Relays
13.9Kennadie ButlerNTFeb 21Bob Alpert Invitational
200 Meters
1.12Tiffani Johnson25.37aFeb 21Bob Alpert Invitational
2.10Chrischaynie Washington25.61aMar 12CSI II
3.11Madison Townley26.73aMar 12CSI II
4.9Alexis Cokes26.86aMar 12CSI II
5.9Jahleea Boyd26.98aMar 12CSI II
6.9Donasiah Thompson27.04aMar 7Malachi Relays!
7.9Korrie Jeffery28.12aFeb 21Bob Alpert Invitational
8.12Channing Smith28.18aMar 26Naaman Forest Relays
9.9Destiny Stanton28.28aMar 26Naaman Forest Relays
10.11Tomica Charles28.42aFeb 21Bob Alpert Invitational
11.9Courtney Hogan28.61aFeb 21Bob Alpert Invitational
12.12Aalyiah Muhammed29.95aMar 26Naaman Forest Relays
13.10Lakecia Johnson30.05aFeb 21Bob Alpert Invitational
14.9Daniel Rogers30.44aMar 26Naaman Forest Relays
15.11Kiana RogersNTMar 12CSI II
400 Meters
1.10Braejah Washington59.34aMar 12CSI II
2.11Ajanae Roberts59.61aMar 12CSI II
3.12Kelsey Williams61.95aFeb 21Bob Alpert Invitational
4.12Jasmine Carter63.57aMar 12CSI II
5.11Kyia Lusk64.16aMar 7Malachi Relays!
6.10Mykah Andrews64.75aMar 7Malachi Relays!
7.9Brenae Criss67.62aMar 26Naaman Forest Relays
8.12Nicole Yancey68.11aMar 7Malachi Relays!
9.11Kourtney Smith69.82aMar 26Naaman Forest Relays
10.11Kiana Rogers70.00aMar 7Malachi Relays!
800 Meters
1.10Braejah Washington2:30.90aFeb 21Bob Alpert Invitational
2.12Jasmin Taylor2:31.49aMar 7Malachi Relays!
3.12Avery Moore2:38.24aMar 12CSI II
4.9Ariel Rakestraw2:42.99aMar 26Naaman Forest Relays
5.9Brenae Criss2:43.11aMar 7Malachi Relays!
6.12Nicole Yancey2:43.77aFeb 21Bob Alpert Invitational
7.11Kourtney Smith2:44.53aMar 7Malachi Relays!
1600 Meters
1.11Julissa Martinez5:44.90aFeb 21Bob Alpert Invitational
2.12Jasmin Taylor6:04.45aMar 26Naaman Forest Relays
3.11Cassandra Pineda6:07.31aMar 7Malachi Relays!
4.11Lydia Mancillas6:12.58aMar 12CSI II
5.11Daniela Gonzalez6:16.08aMar 26Naaman Forest Relays
6.9Daniella Gonzalez6:23.11aFeb 21Bob Alpert Invitational
7.11Amy Villereal6:24.47aFeb 21Bob Alpert Invitational
8.11Stephanie Hernandez6:34.14aMar 12CSI II
9.10Jocelyn Garcia6:34.62aFeb 21Bob Alpert Invitational
10.11Araceli Martinez6:55.37aFeb 21Bob Alpert Invitational
11.12Nicole YanceyNTFeb 21Bob Alpert Invitational
12Avery MooreNTFeb 21Bob Alpert Invitational
10Valeria EnriquezNTFeb 21Bob Alpert Invitational
11Jasmine HallNTMar 26Naaman Forest Relays
9Ariel RakestrawNTFeb 21Bob Alpert Invitational
3200 Meters
1.11Julissa Martinez12:52.59aFeb 21Bob Alpert Invitational
2.11Cassandra Pineda12:54.00aMar 7Malachi Relays!
3.11Daniela Gonzalez13:27.75aMar 26Naaman Forest Relays
4.11Lydia Mancillas13:33.61aMar 7Malachi Relays!
5.9Daniella Gonzalez13:49.46aFeb 21Bob Alpert Invitational
6.11Stephanie Hernandez14:12.88aMar 7Malachi Relays!
7.10Jocelyn Garcia14:24.64aMar 7Malachi Relays!
8.11Amy Villereal14:29.47aMar 7Malachi Relays!
9.11Araceli Martinez15:02.45aMar 26Naaman Forest Relays
10.10Valeria Enriquez16:08.50aFeb 21Bob Alpert Invitational
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.11Madison Townley16.16aMar 26Naaman Forest Relays
2.11Lauren Laurent16.46aMar 7Malachi Relays!
3.11Christie Lewis16.66aMar 26Naaman Forest Relays
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.11Lauren Laurent46.45aMar 7Malachi Relays!
2.11Madison Townley48.20aMar 26Naaman Forest Relays
3.11Christie Lewis50.06aMar 26Naaman Forest Relays
4x100 Relay
1.Relay Team 47.97aMar 12CSI II
Donasiah Thompson
Tiffani Johnson
Chrischaynie Washington
Braejah Washington
47.97aMar 12CSI II
3.Jahleea Boyd
Alexis Cokes
Destiny Stanton
Tomica Charles
50.34aMar 12CSI II
4.Tomica Charles
Jahleea Boyd
Korrie Jeffery
Kyia Lusk
50.55aMar 7Malachi Relays!
4x200 Relay
1.Jasmine Carter
Donasiah Thompson
Braejah Washington
Chrischaynie Washington
1:42.72aMar 7Malachi Relays!
2.Donasiah Thompson
Madison Townley
Tiffani Johnson
Chrischaynie Washington
1:43.63aMar 12CSI II
3.Relay Team 1:45.94aFeb 21Bob Alpert Invitational
4.Destiny Stanton
Alexis Cokes
Jahleea Boyd
Tomica Charles
1:48.77aMar 12CSI II
5.Jahleea Boyd
Tomica Charles
Korrie Jeffery
Destiny Stanton
1:49.14aMar 7Malachi Relays!
4x400 Relay
1.Relay Team 4:00.36aFeb 21Bob Alpert Invitational
2.Lauren Laurent
Braejah Washington
Jasmine Carter
Ajanae Roberts
4:01.03aMar 7Malachi Relays!
3.Jasmine Carter
Braejah Washington
Ajanae Roberts
Lauren Laurent
4:01.81aMar 12CSI II
4.Mykah Andrews
Kourtney Smith
Kyia Lusk
Brenae Criss
4:22.90aMar 12CSI II
5.Mykah Andrews
Kourtney Smith
Korrie Jeffery
Kyia Lusk
4:24.00aMar 7Malachi Relays!
Shot Put - 4kg
1.12Destiny Meyers42' 10.00Feb 21Bob Alpert Invitational
2.12Amira Reeves31' 3.50Feb 21Bob Alpert Invitational
3.11Valorie Johnson29' 7.00Feb 21Bob Alpert Invitational
4.9Jazmyn Grace26' 5.50Mar 26Naaman Forest Relays
5.10Brittany Alford26' 3.00Mar 26Naaman Forest Relays
6.9Juanna Cunningham23' 8.00Feb 21Bob Alpert Invitational
Discus - 1kg
1.12Amira Reeves112' 5.40Feb 21Bob Alpert Invitational
2.12Destiny Meyers95' 10.00Feb 21Bob Alpert Invitational
3.9Juanna Cunningham78' 10.00Feb 21Bob Alpert Invitational
4.11Valorie Johnson76' 4.50Feb 21Bob Alpert Invitational
5.10Brittany Alford63' 6.00Mar 26Naaman Forest Relays
6.9Jazmyn Grace45' 5.00Feb 21Bob Alpert Invitational
High Jump
1.12Crhrineisha Davis4' 6.00Mar 12CSI II
9Jahleea Boyd4' 6.00Mar 7Malachi Relays!
3.10Mykah Andrews4' 4.00Mar 7Malachi Relays!
Long Jump
1.12Jasmine Carter17' 7.50Mar 12CSI II
2.10Chrischaynie Washington16' 11.00Feb 21Bob Alpert Invitational
3.9Donasiah Thompson15' 7.50Mar 12CSI II
4.10Mykah Andrews15' 5.50Mar 12CSI II
5.11Kyia Lusk15' 5.25Mar 12CSI II
6.9Korrie Jeffery14' 0.50Feb 21Bob Alpert Invitational
Triple Jump
1.12Jasmine Carter33' 0.75Mar 12CSI II
2.11Lauren Laurent32' 5.75Mar 12CSI II

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