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      Tides - Gig Harbor, WA

Event Records

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100 Meters
1.11Dylan Lindmark11.26aApr 24Timberline, SK @ Gig Harb..
2.11Kyle Olson-Urbon11.34aApr 2Yelm @ Gig Harbor
3.9Mark Kimball11.44aApr 2Yelm @ Gig Harbor
4.10Zach Davis11.68aMay 16Narrows League Championsh..
5.11Liam Kavanaugh11.72aApr 9GH, SK @ Stadium
6.11Daniel Jones11.87aApr 2Yelm @ Gig Harbor
7.9Stardio Wilson11.91aApr 24Timberline, SK @ Gig Harb..
8.10Tyler Johnson12.18aApr 9GH, SK @ Stadium
9.9John Bittinger12.19aApr 24Timberline, SK @ Gig Harb..
10.9Marcel Alexander12.26aMay 6South Sound Championships..
11.12Joseph Keenan12.54aApr 24Timberline, SK @ Gig Harb..
12.10Dominic Golding12.57aMay 6South Sound Championships..
13.9Martin Brazier12.59aMar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
14.10Justin Verniest12.62aApr 24Timberline, SK @ Gig Harb..
15.11Jacob Nichol12.63aMar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
16.9Preston Donion12.64aApr 24Timberline, SK @ Gig Harb..
17.9Jacob Carter12.76aMay 8Gig Harbor @ Bellarmine
18.9Solomon Smidt12.84aApr 24Timberline, SK @ Gig Harb..
19.9Mitchell Olsen13.08aApr 24Timberline, SK @ Gig Harb..
20.9Liam Stone13.31aApr 24Timberline, SK @ Gig Harb..
10Eric Anderson13.31aMay 8Gig Harbor @ Bellarmine
22.9Avery AtwaterSCRMar 20SK, GH, CK Jamboree
200 Meters
1.9Mark Kimball22.73aMay 8Gig Harbor @ Bellarmine
2.11Dylan Lindmark23.19aMay 8Gig Harbor @ Bellarmine
3.11Kyle Olson-Urbon23.32aMar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
4.10Zach Davis23.69aMay 8Gig Harbor @ Bellarmine
5.9Marcel Alexander24.02aMay 8Gig Harbor @ Bellarmine
6.11Daniel Jones24.05aApr 24Timberline, SK @ Gig Harb..
7.9Stardio Wilson24.25aMay 8Gig Harbor @ Bellarmine
8.11Liam Kavanaugh24.27aMay 8Gig Harbor @ Bellarmine
9.9John Bittinger25.18aApr 30CK @ Gig Harbor
10.10Justin Verniest25.49aApr 24Timberline, SK @ Gig Harb..
11.10Dominic Golding25.83aApr 30CK @ Gig Harbor
12.10Tyler Johnson26.06aApr 9GH, SK @ Stadium
13.12Joseph Keenan26.07aApr 30CK @ Gig Harbor
14.11Jacob Nichol26.11aMar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
15.9Solomon Smidt26.64aApr 30CK @ Gig Harbor
16.9Mitchell Olsen27.20aMay 8Gig Harbor @ Bellarmine
400 Meters
1.9Mark Kimball50.21aMay 16Narrows League Championsh..
2.9Marcel Alexander52.99aMay 8Gig Harbor @ Bellarmine
3.12Cole Rau53.03aApr 9GH, SK @ Stadium
4.11Jacob Nichol57.44cMay 8Gig Harbor @ Bellarmine
5.9John Bittinger57.64aMar 20SK, GH, CK Jamboree
6.9Jacob Carter59.25aApr 30CK @ Gig Harbor
7.11Liam Kavanaugh59.92aMay 6South Sound Championships..
8.10Eric Anderson60.48aApr 30CK @ Gig Harbor
9.10Zach DavisDNSApr 2Yelm @ Gig Harbor
11Kyle Olson-UrbonSCRApr 24Timberline, SK @ Gig Harb..
800 Meters
1.12Tristan Peloquin1:59.56aMay 8Gig Harbor @ Bellarmine
2.12Cole Rau2:03.60aApr 11Tacoma Invitational
3.11Ryan Gregory2:07.29aMay 8Gig Harbor @ Bellarmine
4.12Charlie Carpenter2:08.72aMay 8Gig Harbor @ Bellarmine
5.10Jack Shields2:09.82aMay 8Gig Harbor @ Bellarmine
6.11Nick Lyon2:11.25aMay 6South Sound Championships..
7.9Arthur Keast2:15.63aMar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
8.12Eldon Sorensen2:15.96aMay 8Gig Harbor @ Bellarmine
9.10Levi Hoffman2:27.13aMar 20SK, GH, CK Jamboree
10.9Liam FisherSCRApr 30CK @ Gig Harbor
9Quinn DrathmanSCRApr 30CK @ Gig Harbor
9Danny MeyerDNSApr 9GH, SK @ Stadium
1600 Meters
1.12Tristan Peloquin4:18.85aMay 16Narrows League Championsh..
2.11Ryan Gregory4:32.12aMay 16Narrows League Championsh..
3.10Jack Shields4:39.11aApr 24Timberline, SK @ Gig Harb..
4.12Charlie Carpenter4:39.51aApr 24Timberline, SK @ Gig Harb..
5.12Eldon Sorensen4:40.41aApr 24Timberline, SK @ Gig Harb..
6.9Arthur Keast4:57.43aMay 6South Sound Championships..
7.9Finlay Adamson4:57.44aApr 30CK @ Gig Harbor
8.10Levi Hoffman5:00.00aApr 24Timberline, SK @ Gig Harb..
9.9Foster Himmelstein5:09.13aMar 20SK, GH, CK Jamboree
10.9Keir Adamson5:13.28aMay 6South Sound Championships..
11.10Caleb Rochette5:14.34aApr 30CK @ Gig Harbor
12.9Jared Doris5:15.56aMay 6South Sound Championships..
13.12Max Berryman5:15.77aApr 30CK @ Gig Harbor
14.9Avery Atwater5:19.88aApr 9GH, SK @ Stadium
15.11Gavin Spadoni5:25.25aApr 9GH, SK @ Stadium
16.11Joseph Onorati5:33.80aMar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
17.9Liam Fisher5:36.38aMar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
18.9Quinn Drathman5:44.31aMay 6South Sound Championships..
19.9Danny Meyer6:06.72aApr 24Timberline, SK @ Gig Harb..
20.12Devri LanghelmSCRMar 20SK, GH, CK Jamboree
10Connor LohseSCRMar 20SK, GH, CK Jamboree
11Nick LyonSCRMar 20SK, GH, CK Jamboree
9Matthew HagenSCRMar 20SK, GH, CK Jamboree
1 Mile
1.9Arthur Keast4:53.39aMay 8Gig Harbor @ Bellarmine
2.9Finlay Adamson4:55.80aMay 8Gig Harbor @ Bellarmine
3.10Levi Hoffman5:16.82aMay 8Gig Harbor @ Bellarmine
4.10Caleb Rochette5:19.19aMay 8Gig Harbor @ Bellarmine
5.11Gavin Spadoni5:23.57aMay 8Gig Harbor @ Bellarmine
6.9Keir Adamson5:27.42aMay 8Gig Harbor @ Bellarmine
7.9Jared Doris5:29.21aMay 8Gig Harbor @ Bellarmine
12Max Berryman5:29.21aMay 8Gig Harbor @ Bellarmine
9.9Danny Meyer6:11.12aMay 8Gig Harbor @ Bellarmine
3000 Meters
1.12Tristan Peloquin8:34.02aApr 18Oregon Relays Day 2
2.11Ryan Gregory8:52.73aApr 18Oregon Relays Day 2
3.10Jack Shields9:23.27aApr 18Oregon Relays Day 2
4.12Eldon Sorensen9:34.31aApr 18Oregon Relays Day 2
3200 Meters
1.12Tristan Peloquin9:04.40aMay 2Shoreline Invitational (B..
2.11Ryan Gregory9:32.49aMay 234A WCD III Championship (..
3.10Jack Shields9:55.76aApr 2Yelm @ Gig Harbor
4.12Charlie Carpenter9:59.41aMay 255th Shelton invitational
5.12Eldon Sorensen10:01.48aMay 255th Shelton invitational
6.9Foster Himmelstein10:25.00aMar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
7.10Levi Hoffman10:56.72aMar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
8.9Avery Atwater11:28.75aMar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.9Levi Kroll17.85aApr 30CK @ Gig Harbor
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.9Levi Kroll46.35aMay 16Narrows League Championsh..
2.10Dominic Golding50.30aMay 8Gig Harbor @ Bellarmine
3.9Liam Stone50.39aMay 8Gig Harbor @ Bellarmine
4x100 Relay
1.-Mark Kimball
Zach Davis
Dylan Lindmark
Kyle Urbon
43.42aApr 24Timberline, SK @ Gig Harb..
2.-Daniel Jones
Zach Davis
Dylan Lindmark
Mark Kimball
43.63aMay 234A WCD III Championship (..
3.-Mark Kimball
Liam Kavanaugh
Dylan Lindmark
Kyle Urbon
43.89aApr 9GH, SK @ Stadium
4.-Liam Kavanaugh
Zach Davis
Dylan Lindmark
Mark Kimball
44.05aMay 8Gig Harbor @ Bellarmine
5.-Martin Brazier
Jacob Nichol
Daniel Jones
Tyler Johnson
DNSMar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
-Kyle Olson-Urbon
Daniel Jones
Dylan Lindmark
Mark Kimball
DQApr 30CK @ Gig Harbor
4x400 Relay
1.-Cole Rau
Stardio Wilson
Marcel Alexander
Mark Kimball
3:38.85aMay 16Narrows League Championsh..
2.-Jack Shields
Arthur Keast
Eldon Sorensen
Charlie Carpenter
3:58.08aApr 24Timberline, SK @ Gig Harb..
3.-Relay Team DNSMar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
Shot Put - 12lb
1.11Connor Jost54' 7.00May 16Narrows League Championsh..
2.12Charlie Dahlstrom46' 6.00Mar 20SK, GH, CK Jamboree
3.11Ryder Church42' 7.00Apr 2Yelm @ Gig Harbor
4.10Spencer Saltvick40' 5.00Mar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
5.10Chad Carlson37' 7.50May 16Narrows League Championsh..
6.12Jack Tonzi35' 7.00Apr 2Yelm @ Gig Harbor
7.11Joseph Onorati33' 9.00Apr 9GH, SK @ Stadium
8.12James Januch32' 4.00May 8Gig Harbor @ Bellarmine
9.9John Majmudar26' 10.00Apr 9GH, SK @ Stadium
10.12Evan VanCampDNSApr 2Yelm @ Gig Harbor
Discus - 1.6kg
1.12Charlie Dahlstrom159' 5.00May 282A, 3A, 4A Day 1-3 State ..
2.11Connor Jost154' 0.00May 234A WCD III Championship (..
3.12Gavin Woffinden127' 4.00Apr 2Yelm @ Gig Harbor
4.12Jack Tonzi115' 2.00May 16Narrows League Championsh..
5.10Chad Carlson110' 7.00May 8Gig Harbor @ Bellarmine
6.12Evan VanCamp85' 1.00Apr 2Yelm @ Gig Harbor
7.11Joseph Onorati80' 8.00Apr 9GH, SK @ Stadium
8.12James Januch68' 8.00Apr 30CK @ Gig Harbor
9.11Ryder ChurchSCRMar 20SK, GH, CK Jamboree
9John MajmudarDNSApr 2Yelm @ Gig Harbor
Javelin - 800g
1.11Tim Trainer167' 0.00May 8Gig Harbor @ Bellarmine
2.10Chad Carlson161' 5.00Apr 30CK @ Gig Harbor
3.12Gavin Woffinden151' 3.00Apr 24Timberline, SK @ Gig Harb..
4.11Ryder Church150' 0.00Apr 2Yelm @ Gig Harbor
5.12Evan VanCamp140' 0.00Apr 9GH, SK @ Stadium
6.11Connor Jost128' 8.00Apr 30CK @ Gig Harbor
7.10Spencer Saltvick120' 7.00Mar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
8.12Mac Butler113' 8.00Apr 9GH, SK @ Stadium
9.11Joseph Onorati83' 3.00Apr 30CK @ Gig Harbor
10.10Parker Lucey82' 2.00May 8Gig Harbor @ Bellarmine
11.12Jack TonziNDMay 8Gig Harbor @ Bellarmine
11Derek WinnDQMar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
12Charlie DahlstromNDMay 8Gig Harbor @ Bellarmine
High Jump
1.12Jack Harry6' 2.00Apr 2Yelm @ Gig Harbor
2.9Max Lovrak5' 10.00May 8Gig Harbor @ Bellarmine
Long Jump
1.10Charles Walker20' 7.00May 234A WCD III Championship (..
2.12Jacob Lopez20' 2.75May 16Narrows League Championsh..
3.11Blake Swanson18' 9.50Mar 20SK, GH, CK Jamboree
4.10Marc Fletcher18' 8.75Apr 24Timberline, SK @ Gig Harb..
5.11Sam Gagliardi18' 5.00Apr 2Yelm @ Gig Harbor
11Joey Day18' 5.00Apr 24Timberline, SK @ Gig Harb..
7.9Max Lovrak18' 1.00May 8Gig Harbor @ Bellarmine
8.12Daniel Lively18' 0.00Apr 24Timberline, SK @ Gig Harb..
9.9Preston Donion17' 0.25Apr 24Timberline, SK @ Gig Harb..
10.9Stardio Wilson16' 5.00Mar 20SK, GH, CK Jamboree
11.9Zarrar Iqbal15' 2.00Apr 9GH, SK @ Stadium
12.11Felix Scheller14' 9.00May 8Gig Harbor @ Bellarmine
13.12Benjamin LivelyDQApr 2Yelm @ Gig Harbor
Triple Jump
1.10Charles Walker44' 0.50May 16Narrows League Championsh..
2.11Joey Day42' 6.75May 16Narrows League Championsh..
3.12Jacob Lopez41' 7.00May 16Narrows League Championsh..
4.10Marc Fletcher39' 2.00Mar 20SK, GH, CK Jamboree
5.11Sam Gagliardi38' 5.50May 8Gig Harbor @ Bellarmine
6.11Blake SwansonNDMay 8Gig Harbor @ Bellarmine
12Daniel LivelySCRMar 20SK, GH, CK Jamboree
12Benjamin LivelySCRMar 20SK, GH, CK Jamboree
12Jack HarryNDMay 8Gig Harbor @ Bellarmine
Hammer - 12lb
1.11Derek Winn121' 9.00May 3Centralia Hammer Meet
Hammer - 16lb
1.11Derek Winn97' 2.00May 3Centralia Hammer Meet


100 Meters
1.11Troi Carter12.66aMay 234A WCD III Championship (..
2.11Emma King13.03aApr 24Timberline, SK @ Gig Harb..
3.11Joey Watermeyer13.14aApr 24Timberline, SK @ Gig Harb..
4.11Christie Kaldestad13.24aApr 24Timberline, SK @ Gig Harb..
5.10Olivia Hayden13.43aApr 24Timberline, SK @ Gig Harb..
6.11Kiana Garcia13.59aApr 30CK @ Gig Harbor
7.9Haley Lewis13.74aApr 2Yelm @ Gig Harbor
8.11Juliana Bogataj13.83aApr 24Timberline, SK @ Gig Harb..
9.9Maya Hodder13.85aApr 24Timberline, SK @ Gig Harb..
10.10Sarah Ostrander14.05aMay 8Gig Harbor @ Bellarmine
11.9Allison Moren14.12aApr 24Timberline, SK @ Gig Harb..
12.10Imani Bennett14.15aApr 2Yelm @ Gig Harbor
13.9Abigail King14.22aApr 2Yelm @ Gig Harbor
14.9Kayla Garcia14.32aMar 20SK, GH, CK Jamboree
15.11Mia Ostergren14.65aApr 9GH, SK @ Stadium
16.10Jordan Betts14.69aMar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
17.11Maren Culbert14.89aApr 24Timberline, SK @ Gig Harb..
18.10Rachel Johnson15.14aApr 24Timberline, SK @ Gig Harb..
19.9Amanda Milner15.19aApr 24Timberline, SK @ Gig Harb..
20.9Lauren Jeffries15.20aMar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
21.9Tory Romo15.77aMar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
200 Meters
1.11Troi Carter26.35aMay 8Gig Harbor @ Bellarmine
2.11Kiana Garcia27.03aApr 9GH, SK @ Stadium
3.11Emma King27.17aMay 8Gig Harbor @ Bellarmine
4.11Joey Watermeyer27.84aMar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
5.11Christie Kaldestad28.03aApr 2Yelm @ Gig Harbor
9Haley Lewis28.03aApr 30CK @ Gig Harbor
7.10Olivia Hayden28.05aApr 9GH, SK @ Stadium
8.9Maya Hodder28.27aMay 8Gig Harbor @ Bellarmine
9.9Abigail King29.33aMay 8Gig Harbor @ Bellarmine
10.9Kayla Garcia29.57aApr 9GH, SK @ Stadium
11.11Mia Ostergren30.35aApr 9GH, SK @ Stadium
12.9Amanda Milner31.85aMay 8Gig Harbor @ Bellarmine
13.11Maren Culbert32.07aApr 9GH, SK @ Stadium
14.9Lauren Jeffries32.23aApr 30CK @ Gig Harbor
15.9Tory Romo32.72aMar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
16.10Rachel Johnson33.00aApr 30CK @ Gig Harbor
17.10Imani BennettSCRApr 30CK @ Gig Harbor
400 Meters
1.11Kiana Garcia60.66aApr 11Tacoma Invitational
2.11Christie Kaldestad62.94aApr 24Timberline, SK @ Gig Harb..
3.9Haley Lewis63.24aMay 8Gig Harbor @ Bellarmine
4.9Kayla Garcia65.58aMay 6South Sound Championships..
5.9Maya Hodder68.13aApr 2Yelm @ Gig Harbor
6.9Abigail King70.48aApr 2Yelm @ Gig Harbor
7.11Mia Ostergren71.51aMar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
8.11Joey WatermeyerDNSApr 2Yelm @ Gig Harbor
800 Meters
1.12Brenna Peloquin2:18.03aMay 8Gig Harbor @ Bellarmine
2.11Riley Paul2:23.56aMay 234A WCD III Championship (..
3.12Lauren Harrison2:24.94aMay 16Narrows League Championsh..
4.11Miranda Nelson2:29.19aApr 30CK @ Gig Harbor
5.11Payton Whatley2:35.63aMay 6South Sound Championships..
6.9Gabrielle Martin2:38.67aApr 2Yelm @ Gig Harbor
7.9Ashley Haywood2:48.66aMay 8Gig Harbor @ Bellarmine
8.11Sanda Gugin2:53.31aMay 6South Sound Championships..
9.12Carolyn Forseth2:56.77aApr 30CK @ Gig Harbor
10.9Elizabeth AndonianSCRApr 30CK @ Gig Harbor
9Chloe HooverSCRApr 30CK @ Gig Harbor
1500 Meters
1.12Brenna Peloquin4:36.52aApr 18Oregon Relays Day 2
1600 Meters
1.12Brenna Peloquin4:50.13aJun 13Portland Track Festival
2.11Riley Paul5:29.12aApr 24Timberline, SK @ Gig Harb..
3.12Lauren Harrison5:36.48aApr 30CK @ Gig Harbor
4.9Gabrielle Martin5:38.87aApr 24Timberline, SK @ Gig Harb..
5.12Lauren Sanford5:41.25aApr 30CK @ Gig Harbor
6.11McKenzie Meyer5:43.58aApr 24Timberline, SK @ Gig Harb..
7.11Miranda Nelson5:46.60aApr 9GH, SK @ Stadium
8.10Amanda Rentzell5:47.84aApr 11Tacoma Invitational
9.11Payton Whatley5:53.26aApr 9GH, SK @ Stadium
10.9Elizabeth Andonian6:06.72aApr 9GH, SK @ Stadium
11.9Sarai Knowles6:10.00aMay 6South Sound Championships..
12.11Hailey Miller6:22.62aApr 30CK @ Gig Harbor
13.11Sanda Gugin6:45.29aApr 9GH, SK @ Stadium
14.12Carolyn Forseth6:50.30aMar 20SK, GH, CK Jamboree
15.9Chloe Hoover6:59.98aApr 24Timberline, SK @ Gig Harb..
16.9Lauren Jeffries7:17.27aMay 6South Sound Championships..
1 Mile
1.12Brenna Peloquin4:51.82aJun 13Portland Track Festival
2.11Riley Paul5:34.16aMay 8Gig Harbor @ Bellarmine
3.12Lauren Sanford5:41.46aMay 8Gig Harbor @ Bellarmine
4.12Lauren Harrison5:42.13aMay 8Gig Harbor @ Bellarmine
5.9Gabrielle Martin5:57.87aMay 255th Shelton invitational
6.10Amanda Rentzell5:59.64aMay 8Gig Harbor @ Bellarmine
7.9Sarai Knowles6:16.59aMay 8Gig Harbor @ Bellarmine
8.11Hailey Miller6:27.25aMay 8Gig Harbor @ Bellarmine
9.9Elizabeth Andonian6:38.55aMay 8Gig Harbor @ Bellarmine
10.12Carolyn Forseth6:58.49aMay 8Gig Harbor @ Bellarmine
11.9Chloe Hoover7:09.13aMay 8Gig Harbor @ Bellarmine
3000 Meters
1.12Brenna Peloquin9:59.53aApr 18Oregon Relays Day 2
3200 Meters
1.12Brenna Peloquin10:33.23aMay 282A, 3A, 4A Day 1-3 State ..
2.11Riley Paul12:15.82aMar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
3.11McKenzie Meyer12:16.58aApr 2Yelm @ Gig Harbor
4.12Lauren Harrison12:23.76aMar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
5.10Amanda Rentzell12:24.93aMar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
6.12Lauren Sanford12:49.57aApr 2Yelm @ Gig Harbor
7.9Gabrielle Martin12:51.48aMar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
8.11Payton Whatley13:28.30aApr 2Yelm @ Gig Harbor
9.11Miranda NelsonDNSMar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
2 Miles
1.12Brenna Peloquin11:59.82aMay 8Gig Harbor @ Bellarmine
2.11McKenzie Meyer12:40.10aMay 8Gig Harbor @ Bellarmine
3.11Payton WhatleySCRMay 8Gig Harbor @ Bellarmine
9Gabrielle MartinSCRMay 8Gig Harbor @ Bellarmine
10Amanda RentzellSCRMay 8Gig Harbor @ Bellarmine
12Lauren SanfordSCRMay 8Gig Harbor @ Bellarmine
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.12Alison Corsi15.39aApr 2Yelm @ Gig Harbor
2.9Allison Moren18.09aMay 8Gig Harbor @ Bellarmine
3.10Olivia Hayden18.78aMay 8Gig Harbor @ Bellarmine
4.11Juliana Bogataj18.97aApr 24Timberline, SK @ Gig Harb..
5.10Imani Bennett19.88aMay 8Gig Harbor @ Bellarmine
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.12Alison Corsi46.26aApr 11Tacoma Invitational
2.10Olivia Hayden48.95aMay 16Narrows League Championsh..
3.10Sarah Ostrander51.86aMay 16Narrows League Championsh..
4.10Imani Bennett53.03aMay 16Narrows League Championsh..
5.9Allison Moren53.66aApr 2Yelm @ Gig Harbor
6.11Juliana Bogataj55.98aMar 20SK, GH, CK Jamboree
4x100 Relay
1.-Troi Carter
Christie Kaldestad
Joey Watermeyer
Emma King
49.55aMay 234A WCD III Championship (..
2.-Troi Carter
Alison Corsi
Christie Kaldestad
Emma King
50.44aApr 18Oregon Relays Day 2
3.-Troi Carter
Alison Corsi
Joey Watermeyer
Emma King
51.15aMar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
4.-Troi Carter
Olivia Hayden
Christie Kaldestad
Emma King
51.35aApr 9GH, SK @ Stadium
4x200 Relay
1.-Kiana Garcia
Olivia Hayden
Joey Watermeyer
Emma King
1:46.86aMay 234A WCD III Championship (..
2.-Troi Carter
Kiana Garcia
Joey Watermeyer
Emma King
1:46.94aMay 16Narrows League Championsh..
3.-Troi Carter
Olivia Hayden
Kiana Garcia
Emma King
1:49.00aApr 18Oregon Relays Day 2
4.-Troi Carter
Kiana Garcia
Olivia Hayden
Emma King
1:50.04aApr 11Tacoma Invitational
5.-Troi Carter
Kayla Garcia
Haley Lewis
Emma King
1:51.66aApr 9GH, SK @ Stadium
6.-Olivia Hayden
Maya Hodder
Kayla Garcia
Haley Lewis
1:52.70aApr 24Timberline, SK @ Gig Harb..
7.-Olivia Hayden
Maya Hodder
Abigail King
Mia Ostergren
2:00.73aMar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
8.-Lauren Jeffries
Amanda Milner
Rachel Johnson
Tory Romo
2:12.46aMar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
9.-Relay Team DMRDQMar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
4x400 Relay
1.-Christie Kaldestad
Haley Lewis
Kayla Garcia
Kiana Garcia
4:07.93aMay 234A WCD III Championship (..
2.-Christie Kaldestad
Kayla Garcia
Emma King
Kiana Garcia
4:13.90aApr 18Oregon Relays Day 2
3.-Christie Kaldestad
Kayla Garcia
Haley Lewis
Kiana Garcia
4:14.26aMay 255th Shelton invitational
4.-Kayla Garcia
Brenna Peloquin
Emma King
Christie Kaldestad
4:21.24aApr 11Tacoma Invitational
5.-Lauren Harrison
Gabrielle Martin
Miranda Nelson
Riley Paul
4:25.79aApr 24Timberline, SK @ Gig Harb..
Shot Put - 4kg
1.9Hadassah Ward42' 5.50May 282A, 3A, 4A Day 1-3 State ..
2.12Lauren Dickson41' 4.00May 282A, 3A, 4A Day 1-3 State ..
3.10Kendal Willenbrock31' 6.00Mar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
4.9Alexa Hornback23' 2.00Apr 2Yelm @ Gig Harbor
5.9Isabella Saltvick20' 11.00Apr 24Timberline, SK @ Gig Harb..
6.12Natasha HelpenstellNDMay 8Gig Harbor @ Bellarmine
Discus - 1kg
1.10Kendal Willenbrock99' 0.00May 16Narrows League Championsh..
2.12Natasha Helpenstell83' 8.00Apr 30CK @ Gig Harbor
3.9Hadassah Ward76' 0.00Mar 20SK, GH, CK Jamboree
4.9Alexa Hornback70' 9.00Apr 30CK @ Gig Harbor
5.9Isabella Saltvick48' 2.00Apr 9GH, SK @ Stadium
Javelin - 600g
1.11GiGi Bosselmann116' 11.00May 16Narrows League Championsh..
2.11Lauren Hatteberg108' 7.00Mar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
3.9Madilyn Bosselmann95' 11.00May 8Gig Harbor @ Bellarmine
4.11Seely Hartman91' 4.00May 6South Sound Championships..
5.9Hadassah Ward89' 1.00Apr 9GH, SK @ Stadium
6.9Emma Jost80' 3.00Apr 30CK @ Gig Harbor
7.12Lauren Dickson69' 7.00May 8Gig Harbor @ Bellarmine
8.9Alexa Hornback61' 10.00Apr 9GH, SK @ Stadium
9.9Isabella Saltvick59' 2.00May 8Gig Harbor @ Bellarmine
High Jump
1.9Emily Nold5' 0.00May 8Gig Harbor @ Bellarmine
2.9Madilyn Bosselmann4' 10.00May 8Gig Harbor @ Bellarmine
11Juliana Bogataj4' 10.00May 8Gig Harbor @ Bellarmine
12Michelle Smith4' 10.00Mar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
5.11Molly McLarnon4' 4.00Apr 9GH, SK @ Stadium
Long Jump
1.11Juliana Bogataj15' 6.50Apr 24Timberline, SK @ Gig Harb..
2.9Natalie Davidson14' 11.50May 16Narrows League Championsh..
3.9Emily Nold14' 10.25Apr 30CK @ Gig Harbor
4.10Sarah Ostrander13' 2.00Apr 2Yelm @ Gig Harbor
5.12Michelle Smith12' 8.00Mar 27SK, Oly @ Gig Harbor
6.9Emma Jost12' 7.50Apr 30CK @ Gig Harbor
7.10Jordan Betts12' 0.00Apr 9GH, SK @ Stadium
8.11Molly McLarnon10' 2.75Apr 24Timberline, SK @ Gig Harb..
Triple Jump
1.9Natalie Davidson34' 8.25May 234A WCD III Championship (..
2.9Emily Nold29' 10.00Apr 30CK @ Gig Harbor
3.9Emma Jost29' 5.00Apr 24Timberline, SK @ Gig Harb..
4.10Sarah Ostrander28' 9.00Apr 24Timberline, SK @ Gig Harb..

* = Recent improvement

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