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    Vikings - Poulsbo, WA

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100 Meters
1.12Zachary Whittaker11.69aMar 21Port Angeles Invitational
2.12Jarod DeGuzman11.75aApr 184th Annual Add It Up Invi..
3.10Damien Avalos11.93aMay 162A Olympic League Sub Dis..
4.12JeMarius Benson11.94aApr 30Bremerton, Sequim @ NKHS
5.11Ulysses Moran12.01aMay 9Olympic League Championsh..
6.10Zachery Clark12.02aMay 9Olympic League Championsh..
10Christopher Andrews12.02aApr 16NKHS vs NMHS @ PAHS
8.12Austin Nettleton12.10aApr 30Bremerton, Sequim @ NKHS
9.11Sean Crowell12.26aMar 26Coupeville, PT, NKHS @ KH..
10.12Alexander Harvey12.54aMar 26Coupeville, PT, NKHS @ KH..
11.10Joel Trousdale12.55aMay 11Olympic League JV Champio..
12.10Andrew Webster12.56aMay 11Olympic League JV Champio..
13.11Matthew Vasquez12.63aApr 30Bremerton, Sequim @ NKHS
14.9Scott Ray12.86aApr 30Bremerton, Sequim @ NKHS
11Deven Kibodeaux12.86aApr 30Bremerton, Sequim @ NKHS
16.12Alexander Castillo12.89aMar 26Coupeville, PT, NKHS @ KH..
17.9Nicholas Ryan Okialda13.06aApr 30Bremerton, Sequim @ NKHS
18.9Lars Lovell13.16aApr 30Bremerton, Sequim @ NKHS
19.10Matthew Smith13.36aApr 30Bremerton, Sequim @ NKHS
20.12Nicholas Nelson13.43aMar 21Port Angeles Invitational
21.9Maxwell Otterby13.69aApr 30Bremerton, Sequim @ NKHS
22.11Jeremy Fitchett13.99aApr 30Bremerton, Sequim @ NKHS
23.10Jerald Castillo14.36aMay 11Olympic League JV Champio..
24.9Scott Lyons14.40aApr 16NKHS vs NMHS @ PAHS
25.9Sean Millard14.73aMay 11Olympic League JV Champio..
26.9Ben Volack14.94aApr 30Bremerton, Sequim @ NKHS
200 Meters
1.12Jarod DeGuzman23.31aMay 232A WCD III Championships ..
2.10Christopher Andrews24.06aMay 9Olympic League Championsh..
3.10Damien Avalos24.23aMay 9Olympic League Championsh..
4.11Ulysses Moran24.37aApr 16NKHS vs NMHS @ PAHS
5.10Zachery Clark24.93aApr 16NKHS vs NMHS @ PAHS
6.11Sean Crowell25.31aApr 23KSS VS NKHS @ Olympic
7.12Alexander Harvey25.56aMar 21Port Angeles Invitational
8.10Max Dammarell25.73aMay 11Olympic League JV Champio..
9.10Andrew Webster25.89aApr 16NKHS vs NMHS @ PAHS
10.11Matthew Vasquez26.10aApr 16NKHS vs NMHS @ PAHS
10Joel Trousdale26.10aApr 16NKHS vs NMHS @ PAHS
12.9Nicholas Ryan Okialda26.75aApr 30Bremerton, Sequim @ NKHS
13.11Brandon Graves26.81aMar 21Port Angeles Invitational
14.10Kainen Warren27.44aApr 16NKHS vs NMHS @ PAHS
15.12Nicholas Nelson27.78aMar 21Port Angeles Invitational
16.10Matthew Smith28.27aMay 11Olympic League JV Champio..
17.9Maxwell Otterby28.81aApr 30Bremerton, Sequim @ NKHS
18.11Jeremy Fitchett29.11aApr 30Bremerton, Sequim @ NKHS
19.9Scott Lyons29.60aApr 16NKHS vs NMHS @ PAHS
10Jerald Castillo29.60aMay 11Olympic League JV Champio..
21.9Sean Millard31.46aMay 11Olympic League JV Champio..
22.9Ben Volack32.49aApr 16NKHS vs NMHS @ PAHS
400 Meters
1.12Jarod DeGuzman51.42aMay 232A WCD III Championships ..
2.11Sean Crowell52.33aJun 6State Multi Events Champi..
3.12Austin Nettleton52.69aApr 30Bremerton, Sequim @ NKHS
4.10Ben Carlson55.11aApr 25Terrace Invite
5.12Brooks Ellingsen55.43aMar 26Coupeville, PT, NKHS @ KH..
6.10Damien Avalos56.83aApr 184th Annual Add It Up Invi..
7.10Joel Trousdale57.32aApr 4Lil' Norway Invitational
8.10Max Dammarell57.33aMay 11Olympic League JV Champio..
9.9Matthew Hyter58.55aApr 16NKHS vs NMHS @ PAHS
10.11Brandon Graves59.78aMar 21Port Angeles Invitational
11.12Alexander Castillo61.17aMar 26Coupeville, PT, NKHS @ KH..
12.12Ethan Graebner62.07aMar 26Coupeville, PT, NKHS @ KH..
13.9Kii Neal62.30aMar 26Coupeville, PT, NKHS @ KH..
400 Meters - Relay Split
1.12Jarod DeGuzman51.00May 255th Shelton invitational
2.11Sean Crowell51.20May 232A WCD III Championships ..
12Austin Nettleton51.20May 255th Shelton invitational
4.12Dutton Crowley52.30May 162A Olympic League Sub Dis..
5.10Ben Carlson54.60Apr 184th Annual Add It Up Invi..
6.10Evan Martin55.10Apr 16NKHS vs NMHS @ PAHS
7.12Brooks Ellingsen55.30Mar 26Coupeville, PT, NKHS @ KH..
8.10Damien Avalos56.90Apr 16NKHS vs NMHS @ PAHS
9.10Joel Trousdale58.20Apr 23KSS VS NKHS @ Olympic
10.9David Blalock59.00Mar 21Port Angeles Invitational
11.10Peyton Kohnke61.00Mar 26Coupeville, PT, NKHS @ KH..
12.9Matthew Hyter61.50Mar 26Coupeville, PT, NKHS @ KH..
13.11Max Prichard63.70Mar 26Coupeville, PT, NKHS @ KH..
14.9Kii Neal64.70Apr 23KSS VS NKHS @ Olympic
15.12Edward Lyons65.30Apr 4Lil' Norway Invitational
16.9Timothy Lara65.70Mar 21Port Angeles Invitational
17.12Nicholas Nelson66.80Mar 26Coupeville, PT, NKHS @ KH..
18.9Josh Graves67.40Mar 21Port Angeles Invitational
19.10Rexton Ackerman-Clemons71.10Apr 16NKHS vs NMHS @ PAHS
20.9Donovan Leroy75.60Mar 21Port Angeles Invitational
800 Meters
1.11Sean Crowell1:56.90aMay 282A, 3A, 4A Day 1-3 State ..
2.12Dutton Crowley2:01.94aMay 232A WCD III Championships ..
3.12Brooks Ellingsen2:04.46aMay 232A WCD III Championships ..
4.12Austin Nettleton2:07.12aMar 26Coupeville, PT, NKHS @ KH..
5.12Ethan Graebner2:18.61aApr 23KSS VS NKHS @ Olympic
6.10Joel Trousdale2:21.36aApr 30Bremerton, Sequim @ NKHS
7.10Anthony Dionisio2:22.51aApr 30Bremerton, Sequim @ NKHS
8.9Kii Neal2:23.31aApr 30Bremerton, Sequim @ NKHS
9.9Timothy Lara2:30.94aMay 11Olympic League JV Champio..
10.12Dane Keim2:34.18aApr 16NKHS vs NMHS @ PAHS
11.9Josh Graves2:34.45aMar 21Port Angeles Invitational
12.12Nicholas Nelson2:35.68aMar 21Port Angeles Invitational
13.12Edward Lyons2:42.90aApr 30Bremerton, Sequim @ NKHS
14.10Rexton Ackerman-Clemons2:46.05aApr 30Bremerton, Sequim @ NKHS
15.9Donovan Leroy2:55.11aMar 26Coupeville, PT, NKHS @ KH..
800 Meters - Relay Split
1.9Matthew Hyter2:25.10Mar 28Kent-Meridian Invite
2.9Kii Neal2:27.40Mar 28Kent-Meridian Invite
3.10Anthony Dionisio2:30.20Mar 28Kent-Meridian Invite
4.9Timothy Lara2:30.50Mar 28Kent-Meridian Invite
5.9Josh Graves2:38.00Mar 14Logan Relays
6.9Donovan Leroy3:00.00Mar 14Logan Relays
1200 Meters - Relay Split
1.9Matthew Hyter3:54.00Mar 14Logan Relays
2.9Donovan Leroy4:32.90Apr 4Lil' Norway Invitational
1500 Meters
1.12Austin Nettleton4:24.68aMar 21Port Angeles Invitational
2.11Sean Crowell4:28.27aJun 6State Multi Events Champi..
3.9David Blalock4:40.61aMar 21Port Angeles Invitational
4.9Matthew Hyter5:05.38aMar 21Port Angeles Invitational
5.10Anthony Dionisio5:12.73aMar 21Port Angeles Invitational
6.10Alexander Chow5:33.12aMar 21Port Angeles Invitational
7.12Edward Lyons5:46.61aMar 21Port Angeles Invitational
8.9Donovan Leroy5:50.96aMar 21Port Angeles Invitational
9.10Rexton Ackerman-Clemons6:10.83aMar 21Port Angeles Invitational
1600 Meters
1.12Austin Nettleton4:28.81aMay 282A, 3A, 4A Day 1-3 State ..
2.12Dutton Crowley4:49.31aApr 30Bremerton, Sequim @ NKHS
3.9Matthew Hyter4:51.29aMay 162A Olympic League Sub Dis..
4.9David Blalock4:52.82aMay 162A Olympic League Sub Dis..
5.11Sean Crowell4:55.43aMar 26Coupeville, PT, NKHS @ KH..
6.10Peyton Kohnke5:00.92aApr 16NKHS vs NMHS @ PAHS
7.12Ethan Graebner5:01.30aApr 30Bremerton, Sequim @ NKHS
8.10Anthony Dionisio5:13.99aMay 11Olympic League JV Champio..
9.9Kii Neal5:14.24aMay 11Olympic League JV Champio..
10.9Timothy Lara5:27.68aMay 11Olympic League JV Champio..
11.12Edward Lyons5:46.05aApr 30Bremerton, Sequim @ NKHS
12.10Alexander Chow5:46.24aApr 23KSS VS NKHS @ Olympic
13.11Max Prichard5:53.74aMar 26Coupeville, PT, NKHS @ KH..
14.12Dane Keim5:55.19aApr 30Bremerton, Sequim @ NKHS
15.10Rexton Ackerman-Clemons5:58.68aApr 30Bremerton, Sequim @ NKHS
16.9Donovan Leroy5:59.06aMay 11Olympic League JV Champio..
17.11Calvin Beddoe6:08.30aApr 30Bremerton, Sequim @ NKHS
18.12Alexander Harvey6:10.22aMar 26Coupeville, PT, NKHS @ KH..
1600 Meters - Relay Split
1.9David Blalock5:18.00Apr 184th Annual Add It Up Invi..
2.9Matthew Hyter5:25.50Apr 4Lil' Norway Invitational
1 Mile
1.12Austin Nettleton4:41.83aMay 255th Shelton invitational
2.9David Blalock5:01.33aMay 255th Shelton invitational
3.9Matthew Hyter5:48.00Mar 14Logan Relays
4.9Timothy Lara6:06.00Mar 14Logan Relays
5.10Alexander Chow6:07.00Mar 14Logan Relays
6.9Donovan Leroy7:22.00Mar 14Logan Relays
3000 Meters
1.10Peyton Kohnke10:29.37aMar 21Port Angeles Invitational
3200 Meters
1.12Austin Nettleton10:19.45aApr 16NKHS vs NMHS @ PAHS
2.10Peyton Kohnke11:03.40aMar 28Kent-Meridian Invite
3.9David Blalock11:12.22aApr 25Terrace Invite
4.10Alexander Chow11:31.39aApr 25Terrace Invite
5.12Ethan Graebner11:47.03aApr 30Bremerton, Sequim @ NKHS
6.11Calvin Beddoe13:19.81aMay 11Olympic League JV Champio..
7.9Donovan Leroy13:31.11aApr 23KSS VS NKHS @ Olympic
8.12Dane Keim13:32.40aApr 30Bremerton, Sequim @ NKHS
9.10Anthony Dionisio14:47.16aApr 30Bremerton, Sequim @ NKHS
10.12Edward Lyons15:59.71aApr 16NKHS vs NMHS @ PAHS
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.10Nathanael Kjormoe16.46aMay 9Olympic League Championsh..
2.10Christopher Andrews16.64aMay 162A Olympic League Sub Dis..
3.9Scott Ray19.25aApr 30Bremerton, Sequim @ NKHS
110m Hurdles - 42"
1.11Sean Crowell21.93aJun 6State Multi Events Champi..
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.10Nathanael Kjormoe43.06aMay 9Olympic League Championsh..
2.10Turner Hibbs50.05aApr 25Terrace Invite
3.11Brandon Graves51.47aApr 23KSS VS NKHS @ Olympic
4.9Scott Ray51.53aApr 25Terrace Invite
3k Steeplechase
1.10Anthony Dionisio13:30.15aMar 21Port Angeles Invitational
2.10Blake Keim15:24.66aMar 21Port Angeles Invitational
3.12Edward Lyons16:34.41aMar 21Port Angeles Invitational
4.12Dane Keim16:57.37aMar 21Port Angeles Invitational
4x100 Relay
1.-Zachary Whittaker
Jarod DeGuzman
Christopher Andrews
Damien Avalos
44.77aMay 232A WCD III Championships ..
2.-Zachary Whittaker
JeMarius Benson
Jarod DeGuzman
Christopher Andrews
44.78aMay 9Olympic League Championsh..
3.-Zachary Whittaker
Christopher Andrews
JeMarius Benson
Jarod DeGuzman
45.06aMay 162A Olympic League Sub Dis..
4.-Ulysses Moran
Jarod DeGuzman
Damien Avalos
Zachary Whittaker
45.14aApr 16NKHS vs NMHS @ PAHS
5.-Zachery Clark
Jarod DeGuzman
Damien Avalos
Zachary Whittaker
45.66aApr 4Lil' Norway Invitational
6.-Zachery Clark
Christopher Andrews
Ulysses Moran
Jarod DeGuzman
45.68aApr 30Bremerton, Sequim @ NKHS
7.-Zachery Clark
Austin Nettleton
Ulysses Moran
Jarod DeGuzman
46.63aApr 25Terrace Invite
8.-Max Dammarell
Damien Avalos
Joel Trousdale
Ben Carlson
47.78aApr 23KSS VS NKHS @ Olympic
9.-Relay Team 47.83aMar 21Port Angeles Invitational
10.-Brandon Graves
Ben Carlson
Joel Trousdale
Andrew Webster
48.03aApr 16NKHS vs NMHS @ PAHS
11.-Max Dammarell
Damien Avalos
Ben Carlson
Joel Trousdale
48.12aApr 30Bremerton, Sequim @ NKHS
12.-Scott Lyons
Nicholas Ryan Okialda
Maxwell Otterby
Scott Ray
52.69aApr 16NKHS vs NMHS @ PAHS
13.-Bob Evans
Marcelo Sanchez
Christian Tom
Cory Jackson
53.22aApr 23KSS VS NKHS @ Olympic
14.-Matthew Smith
Andrew Webster
Jeremy Fitchett
Jerald Castillo
54.41aMar 21Port Angeles Invitational
4x200 Relay
1.-Zachery Clark
Ben Carlson
Joel Trousdale
Damien Avalos
1:38.36aApr 25Terrace Invite
2.-Damien Avalos
Brandon Graves
Joel Trousdale
Christopher Andrews
1:41.63aMar 28Kent-Meridian Invite
4x400 Relay
1.-Dutton Crowley
Jarod DeGuzman
Sean Crowell
Austin Nettleton
3:27.28aMay 232A WCD III Championships ..
2.-Jarod DeGuzman
Dutton Crowley
Sean Crowell
Austin Nettleton
3:29.96aMay 162A Olympic League Sub Dis..
3.-Jarod DeGuzman
Dutton Crowley
Austin Nettleton
Sean Crowell
3:30.53aMay 9Olympic League Championsh..
4.-Jarod DeGuzman
Sean Crowell
Austin Nettleton
Ben Carlson
3:33.26aApr 4Lil' Norway Invitational
5.-Jarod DeGuzman
Ben Carlson
Dutton Crowley
Sean Crowell
3:36.43aApr 30Bremerton, Sequim @ NKHS
6.-Ben Carlson
Sean Crowell
Austin Nettleton
Jarod DeGuzman
3:37.16aMar 21Port Angeles Invitational
7.-Jarod DeGuzman
Austin Nettleton
Ben Carlson
Brooks Ellingsen
3:37.54aMar 26Coupeville, PT, NKHS @ KH..
8.-Brooks Ellingsen
Sean Crowell
Evan Martin
Dutton Crowley
3:40.76aApr 16NKHS vs NMHS @ PAHS
9.-Brooks Ellingsen
Dutton Crowley
Ben Carlson
Austin Nettleton
3:40.83aApr 23KSS VS NKHS @ Olympic
10.-Jarod DeGuzman
Sean Crowell
Damien Avalos
Joel Trousdale
3:43.88aApr 23KSS VS NKHS @ Olympic
11.-Austin Nettleton
Jarod DeGuzman
Damien Avalos
Ben Carlson
3:47.35aApr 16NKHS vs NMHS @ PAHS
12.-Brooks Ellingsen
Damien Avalos
Evan Martin
David Blalock
3:50.52aMar 21Port Angeles Invitational
13.-Peyton Kohnke
Joel Trousdale
Damien Avalos
Evan Martin
3:56.22aMar 26Coupeville, PT, NKHS @ KH..
14.-Rexton Ackerman-Clemons
Timothy Lara
Matthew Hyter
Kii Neal
4:21.76aApr 30Bremerton, Sequim @ NKHS
15.-Scott Lyons
Blake Keim
Edward Lyons
Dane Keim
4:21.82aApr 30Bremerton, Sequim @ NKHS
16.-Peyton Kohnke
Kii Neal
Timothy Lara
David Blalock
4:22.91aApr 16NKHS vs NMHS @ PAHS
17.-Max Prichard
Rexton Ackerman-Clemons
Nicholas Nelson
Matthew Hyter
4:26.11aMar 26Coupeville, PT, NKHS @ KH..
18.-Timothy Lara
Donovan Leroy
Josh Graves
Matthew Hyter
4:32.81aMar 21Port Angeles Invitational
19.-Rexton Ackerman-Clemons
Kii Neal
David Blalock
Timothy Lara
4:37.06aApr 23KSS VS NKHS @ Olympic
20.-Relay Team 4:56.53aMay 11Olympic League JV Champio..
4x800 Relay
1.-Timothy Lara
Kii Neal
Josh Graves
Nicholas Nelson
9:53.40aMar 28Kent-Meridian Invite
SMR 100-100-200-400m
1.-Zachery Clark
Scott Lyons
Andrew Webster
Damien Avalos
1:46.56aApr 4Lil' Norway Invitational
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.-Edward Lyons
Dane Keim
Timothy Lara
Matthew Hyter
13:43.64aApr 4Lil' Norway Invitational
Shot Put - 12lb
1.12Tanner Stracener42' 0.25May 232A WCD III Championships ..
2.11Marcelo Sanchez39' 11.50May 162A Olympic League Sub Dis..
3.10Oliver Chapman38' 1.00Apr 25Terrace Invite
4.11Bob Evans35' 7.50Apr 30Bremerton, Sequim @ NKHS
5.11Sean Crowell34' 9.00Apr 30Bremerton, Sequim @ NKHS
6.10Dominic Perez33' 8.75Mar 21Port Angeles Invitational
7.11Deven Kibodeaux29' 0.75Apr 16NKHS vs NMHS @ PAHS
8.10Lukas Anderson17' 11.00May 11Olympic League JV Champio..
9.9Ben Volack17' 7.00May 11Olympic League JV Champio..
Shot Put - 16lb
1.11Sean Crowell28' 9.28Jun 6State Multi Events Champi..
Discus - 1.6kg
1.11Sean Crowell133' 6.00Apr 30Bremerton, Sequim @ NKHS
2.11Bob Evans113' 4.00May 162A Olympic League Sub Dis..
3.10Oliver Chapman112' 8.00May 9Olympic League Championsh..
4.11Christian Tom108' 10.00Apr 4Lil' Norway Invitational
5.10Cory Jackson103' 1.00Mar 26Coupeville, PT, NKHS @ KH..
6.11Mourice Reed102' 8.00May 11Olympic League JV Champio..
7.12Tanner Stracener96' 4.00Mar 21Port Angeles Invitational
8.11Marcelo Sanchez93' 10.00Apr 30Bremerton, Sequim @ NKHS
9.10Grant Nausid-Nichols84' 9.00Mar 26Coupeville, PT, NKHS @ KH..
10.10Dominic Perez68' 0.00Mar 21Port Angeles Invitational
11.9Keenen Kakuda67' 3.00Mar 26Coupeville, PT, NKHS @ KH..
12.9Ben Volack51' 6.00May 11Olympic League JV Champio..
13.10Cody Warren41' 1.00Mar 21Port Angeles Invitational
Discus - 2kg
1.11Sean Crowell92' 5.45Jun 6State Multi Events Champi..
Javelin - 800g
1.11Christian Tom152' 6.00May 9Olympic League Championsh..
2.11Sean Crowell152' 1.00Apr 184th Annual Add It Up Invi..
3.11Deven Kibodeaux144' 0.00May 162A Olympic League Sub Dis..
4.10Cory Jackson139' 9.00May 9Olympic League Championsh..
5.12Evan Gallant122' 6.00Apr 4Lil' Norway Invitational
6.12Tanner Stracener121' 2.00Apr 30Bremerton, Sequim @ NKHS
7.10Grant Nausid-Nichols113' 9.00Apr 30Bremerton, Sequim @ NKHS
8.10Blake Keim113' 3.00Apr 30Bremerton, Sequim @ NKHS
9.10Lukas Anderson102' 3.00Apr 30Bremerton, Sequim @ NKHS
10.12Alexander Castillo98' 7.00Apr 16NKHS vs NMHS @ PAHS
11.10Kaiden Pacquette98' 3.00Apr 30Bremerton, Sequim @ NKHS
12.11Mourice Reed94' 8.00Apr 16NKHS vs NMHS @ PAHS
13.9Tristen McWhite92' 7.00Mar 26Coupeville, PT, NKHS @ KH..
9Ben Volack92' 7.00Apr 30Bremerton, Sequim @ NKHS
15.9Keenen Kakuda87' 0.00Mar 26Coupeville, PT, NKHS @ KH..
16.9Lars Lovell82' 6.00Apr 30Bremerton, Sequim @ NKHS
17.11Bryce Hamilton69' 4.00Mar 26Coupeville, PT, NKHS @ KH..
18.10Cody Warren65' 5.00Mar 21Port Angeles Invitational
19.10Matthew Smith62' 10.00Apr 16NKHS vs NMHS @ PAHS
High Jump
1.10Kainen Warren5' 10.00Mar 21Port Angeles Invitational
12Brooks Ellingsen5' 10.00Apr 25Terrace Invite
3.10Jonathan Sedy5' 8.00Apr 184th Annual Add It Up Invi..
4.12JeMarius Benson5' 6.00Apr 30Bremerton, Sequim @ NKHS
5.11Sean Crowell5' 5.35Jun 6State Multi Events Champi..
6.11Ulysses Moran5' 2.00Mar 21Port Angeles Invitational
7.10Cooper Lindsey5' 0.00Mar 26Coupeville, PT, NKHS @ KH..
11Matthew Vasquez5' 0.00Apr 16NKHS vs NMHS @ PAHS
9.12Ethan Graebner4' 10.00Mar 26Coupeville, PT, NKHS @ KH..
Pole Vault
1.12Ryan Allen12' 0.00Apr 184th Annual Add It Up Invi..
11Brandon Wilson12' 0.00May 255th Shelton invitational
3.10Evan Martin11' 0.00May 9Olympic League Championsh..
10Grant Nausid-Nichols11' 0.00May 162A Olympic League Sub Dis..
5.11Sean Crowell8' 10.30Jun 6State Multi Events Champi..
6.12Nathan Wilson8' 6.00Apr 16NKHS vs NMHS @ PAHS
Long Jump
1.12Zachary Whittaker21' 5.75Apr 30Bremerton, Sequim @ NKHS
2.12JeMarius Benson20' 11.00Apr 25Terrace Invite
3.10Kainen Warren20' 4.00Apr 25Terrace Invite
4.10Christopher Andrews20' 2.00Apr 30Bremerton, Sequim @ NKHS
5.10Jonathan Sedy18' 7.50Mar 21Port Angeles Invitational
6.10Ben Carlson18' 6.50Apr 30Bremerton, Sequim @ NKHS
7.11Sean Crowell18' 5.65Jun 6State Multi Events Champi..
8.12Ethan Graebner16' 1.00Mar 21Port Angeles Invitational
9.9Kai Warren16' 0.75Apr 30Bremerton, Sequim @ NKHS
10.12Brooks Ellingsen15' 8.00Mar 21Port Angeles Invitational
12Brett Knutsen15' 8.00Mar 26Coupeville, PT, NKHS @ KH..
12.10Turner Hibbs15' 5.00Mar 21Port Angeles Invitational
13.10Lukas Anderson12' 1.00May 11Olympic League JV Champio..
14.9Ben Volack11' 10.00May 11Olympic League JV Champio..
Triple Jump
1.12Zachary Whittaker47' 5.00May 282A, 3A, 4A Day 1-3 State ..
2.12JeMarius Benson44' 3.00May 255th Shelton invitational
3.10Kainen Warren42' 3.50May 162A Olympic League Sub Dis..
4.10Jonathan Sedy40' 7.75May 162A Olympic League Sub Dis..
5.12Brooks Ellingsen36' 6.75Mar 21Port Angeles Invitational
6.12Brett Knutsen35' 8.50Apr 30Bremerton, Sequim @ NKHS
7.9Kai Warren34' 7.00Apr 16NKHS vs NMHS @ PAHS
8.10Turner Hibbs33' 6.50Apr 30Bremerton, Sequim @ NKHS
9.12Ethan Graebner32' 6.25Mar 21Port Angeles Invitational
Hammer - 12lb
1.11Marcelo Sanchez83' 2.00Apr 4Lil' Norway Invitational
2.9Tre'Vere Brown70' 8.00Apr 4Lil' Norway Invitational
3.10Dominic Perez65' 2.00Apr 4Lil' Norway Invitational
4.-Jack Carasco55' 1.00Apr 4Lil' Norway Invitational
Decathlon Score
1.11Sean Crowell4868Jun 6State Multi Events Champi..


100 Meters
1.11Jasmine Selembo13.00aMay 162A Olympic League Sub Dis..
2.10Sara Bigelow13.95aApr 30Bremerton, Sequim @ NKHS
3.11Yu'Neique Sinclair14.05aApr 25Terrace Invite
4.12Mekdes Crowley14.40aApr 30Bremerton, Sequim @ NKHS
5.12Caitlin Brionez14.46aMar 21Port Angeles Invitational
6.10Lian Boltwood14.58aApr 30Bremerton, Sequim @ NKHS
7.10Savannah Wallwork14.73aApr 30Bremerton, Sequim @ NKHS
8.12Holly Crowley14.76aMar 28Kent-Meridian Invite
9.10Summer Askew15.28aMar 26Coupeville, PT, NKHS @ KH..
10.10Mackenzie Wagoner15.54aMar 26Coupeville, PT, NKHS @ KH..
11.10Gabby Alikpala-Wilson16.25aApr 30Bremerton, Sequim @ NKHS
12.10Maya Adams16.65aMay 11Olympic League JV Champio..
13.10Grace Holmes18.25aApr 30Bremerton, Sequim @ NKHS
200 Meters
1.10Briann George27.32aMay 162A Olympic League Sub Dis..
2.11Jasmine Selembo28.30aApr 23KSS VS NKHS @ Olympic
3.12Yuko (Melissa) Ketch28.78aMay 9Olympic League Championsh..
4.10Ashley Vest28.82aJun 6State Multi Events Champi..
5.10Erin Molello29.60aApr 25Terrace Invite
6.12Holly Crowley29.95aMar 28Kent-Meridian Invite
7.10Savannah Wallwork30.34aMar 28Kent-Meridian Invite
8.12Mekdes Crowley30.39aApr 30Bremerton, Sequim @ NKHS
9.12Caitlin Brionez31.58aMar 21Port Angeles Invitational
10.10Mackenzie Wagoner34.28aMar 21Port Angeles Invitational
11.10Gabby Alikpala-Wilson35.44aApr 30Bremerton, Sequim @ NKHS
12.10Maya Adams39.34aMar 26Coupeville, PT, NKHS @ KH..
13.10Summer Askew39.54cMar 26Coupeville, PT, NKHS @ KH..
400 Meters
1.10Briann George59.40aMay 282A, 3A, 4A Day 1-3 State ..
2.10Sara Bigelow61.68aMay 232A WCD III Championships ..
3.12Annika Lee Krol67.12aMar 21Port Angeles Invitational
4.12Mekdes Crowley70.05aMay 9Olympic League Championsh..
400 Meters - Relay Split
1.10Briann George60.40May 222A WCD III Championships ..
2.10Sara Bigelow61.50May 232A WCD III Championships ..
3.11Hannah Uffens62.40May 232A WCD III Championships ..
4.9Emily Shipley64.30Mar 28Kent-Meridian Invite
5.12Katherine Shafer66.00May 9Olympic League Championsh..
6.10Lian Boltwood67.80Apr 25Terrace Invite
7.12Yuko (Melissa) Ketch69.00Apr 25Terrace Invite
8.11Jasmine Selembo70.30Mar 14Logan Relays
9.12Mekdes Crowley70.80Mar 28Kent-Meridian Invite
10.9Emma Kenney77.80Mar 26Coupeville, PT, NKHS @ KH..
11.10Amber Christly78.10Mar 26Coupeville, PT, NKHS @ KH..
12.9Halle Johnston79.90Mar 26Coupeville, PT, NKHS @ KH..
13.9Rachel Henden87.30Mar 26Coupeville, PT, NKHS @ KH..
800 Meters
1.12Katherine Shafer2:25.34aMay 232A WCD III Championships ..
2.9Emily Shipley2:26.81aMay 232A WCD III Championships ..
3.10Briann George2:32.39aApr 23KSS VS NKHS @ Olympic
4.12Annika Lee Krol2:44.58aMar 21Port Angeles Invitational
5.10Ashley Vest2:48.69aJun 6State Multi Events Champi..
6.10Amber Christly2:55.63aMay 11Olympic League JV Champio..
7.12Kelli Truhn3:06.48aApr 30Bremerton, Sequim @ NKHS
8.9Anna Jones3:13.33aMar 26Coupeville, PT, NKHS @ KH..
9.9Rachel Henden3:21.91aMar 26Coupeville, PT, NKHS @ KH..
800 Meters - Relay Split
1.12Katherine Shafer2:42.00Mar 14Logan Relays
2.10Amber Christly2:49.80Mar 28Kent-Meridian Invite
3.11Hannah Uffens2:51.30Mar 28Kent-Meridian Invite
4.12Mekdes Crowley3:00.20Apr 184th Annual Add It Up Invi..
5.9Halle Johnston3:02.40Apr 4Lil' Norway Invitational
6.9Anna Jones3:12.00Mar 14Logan Relays
7.12Kelli Truhn3:12.10Mar 28Kent-Meridian Invite
1200 Meters - Relay Split
1.9Halle Johnston4:30.20Apr 184th Annual Add It Up Invi..
2.9Rachel Henden5:13.20Apr 4Lil' Norway Invitational
1500 Meters
1.12Katherine Shafer5:22.71aMar 21Port Angeles Invitational
2.9Anna Jones6:22.15aMar 21Port Angeles Invitational
3.12Mekdes Crowley6:24.86aMar 21Port Angeles Invitational
1600 Meters
1.9Emily Shipley5:36.64aApr 4Lil' Norway Invitational
2.11Hannah Uffens5:39.17aMay 232A WCD III Championships ..
3.12Katherine Shafer5:42.32aMar 28Kent-Meridian Invite
4.9Halle Johnston6:02.10aApr 16NKHS vs NMHS @ PAHS
5.10Amber Christly6:35.52aMay 11Olympic League JV Champio..
6.9Anna Jones6:51.14aApr 16NKHS vs NMHS @ PAHS
7.9Emma Kenney7:01.18aMar 26Coupeville, PT, NKHS @ KH..
1600 Meters - Relay Split
1.9Halle Johnston6:22.00Mar 14Logan Relays
2.9Anna Jones6:55.50Apr 4Lil' Norway Invitational
1 Mile
1.9Emily Shipley5:42.02aMay 255th Shelton invitational
2.10Amber Christly7:33.00Mar 14Logan Relays
3.9Rachel Henden7:34.00Mar 14Logan Relays
4.9Emma Kenney7:41.00Mar 14Logan Relays
3000 Meters
1.9Halle Johnston12:19.34aMar 21Port Angeles Invitational
3200 Meters
1.9Halle Johnston12:43.59aMay 162A Olympic League Sub Dis..
2.11Hannah Uffens12:59.91aApr 23KSS VS NKHS @ Olympic
3.10Amber Christly14:27.21aApr 30Bremerton, Sequim @ NKHS
4.9Rachel Henden14:44.24aApr 16NKHS vs NMHS @ PAHS
5.9Emma Kenney15:57.23aApr 16NKHS vs NMHS @ PAHS
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.10Ashley Vest17.12aMay 232A WCD III Championships ..
2.12Holly Crowley17.40aMar 28Kent-Meridian Invite
3.12Yuko (Melissa) Ketch17.94aMay 232A WCD III Championships ..
4.9Lauren Weins18.24aMar 21Port Angeles Invitational
5.10Erin Molello18.49awMay 9Olympic League Championsh..
6.10Alyssa Windus18.52aMay 162A Olympic League Sub Dis..
7.9Lisa Shafer19.40aMay 9Olympic League Championsh..
8.12Chloe Broadbent20.02aMay 9Olympic League Championsh..
9.10Kristyn Schroder20.27aMay 9Olympic League Championsh..
10.9Madalyn George20.99aMar 21Port Angeles Invitational
11.11Laura Shafer22.10aApr 16NKHS vs NMHS @ PAHS
12.9Makenna Milyard22.48aMar 21Port Angeles Invitational
13.10Gabby Alikpala-Wilson23.52aApr 30Bremerton, Sequim @ NKHS
14.10Maya Adams25.06aMar 26Coupeville, PT, NKHS @ KH..
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.10Erin Molello47.93aMay 232A WCD III Championships ..
2.10Ashley Vest49.01aMay 232A WCD III Championships ..
3.10Alyssa Windus51.79aMay 232A WCD III Championships ..
4.12Yuko (Melissa) Ketch52.79aMay 9Olympic League Championsh..
5.9Lauren Weins53.02aMay 9Olympic League Championsh..
6.12Chloe Broadbent54.50aMay 9Olympic League Championsh..
7.10Kristyn Schroder55.40aMay 9Olympic League Championsh..
8.9Lisa Shafer60.37aApr 16NKHS vs NMHS @ PAHS
9.11Laura Shafer60.98aApr 23KSS VS NKHS @ Olympic
10.9Madalyn George62.13aApr 30Bremerton, Sequim @ NKHS
11.10Gabby Alikpala-Wilson65.75aApr 16NKHS vs NMHS @ PAHS
12.9Halle Johnston67.15aApr 30Bremerton, Sequim @ NKHS
2k Steeplechase
1.12Yuko (Melissa) Ketch9:18.84aMar 21Port Angeles Invitational
4x100 Relay
1.-Ashley Vest
Chloe Seferos
Jasmine Selembo
Sara Bigelow
51.35aMay 232A WCD III Championships ..
2.-Ashley Vest
Sara Bigelow
Chloe Seferos
Jasmine Selembo
51.70aMay 162A Olympic League Sub Dis..
3.-Jasmine Selembo
Briann George
Chloe Seferos
Ashley Vest
51.82aMay 9Olympic League Championsh..
4.-Ashley Vest
Jasmine Selembo
Chloe Seferos
Sara Bigelow
51.94aApr 16NKHS vs NMHS @ PAHS
5.-Ashley Vest
Jasmine Selembo
Chloe Seferos
Briann George
52.06aApr 30Bremerton, Sequim @ NKHS
6.-Ashley Vest
Briann George
Chloe Seferos
Jasmine Selembo
53.13aApr 25Terrace Invite
7.-Savannah Wallwork
Holly Crowley
Caitlin Brionez
Alyssa Windus
56.09aMar 26Coupeville, PT, NKHS @ KH..
8.-Yu'Neique Sinclair
Lauren Weins
Mekdes Crowley
Hannah Waterman
57.12aApr 23KSS VS NKHS @ Olympic
9.-Michelle Graebner
Savannah Wallwork
Holly Crowley
Caitlin Brionez
58.02aMar 21Port Angeles Invitational
10.-Relay Team 64.74aMay 11Olympic League JV Champio..
4x200 Relay
1.-Erin Molello
Briann George
Sara Bigelow
Mekdes Crowley
1:50.74aMay 232A WCD III Championships ..
2.-Erin Molello
Sara Bigelow
Briann George
Mekdes Crowley
1:50.92aApr 30Bremerton, Sequim @ NKHS
3.-Briann George
Erin Molello
Mekdes Crowley
Hannah Waterman
1:51.77aMay 162A Olympic League Sub Dis..
4.-Mekdes Crowley
Sara Bigelow
Erin Molello
Yuko (Melissa) Ketch
1:52.48aMay 9Olympic League Championsh..
5.-Mekdes Crowley
Rebecca Darrow
Erin Molello
Sara Bigelow
1:53.88aMar 21Port Angeles Invitational
6.-Hannah Waterman
Ashley Vest
Jasmine Selembo
Sara Bigelow
1:54.15aMar 28Kent-Meridian Invite
7.-Mekdes Crowley
Lian Boltwood
Erin Molello
Hannah Waterman
1:56.40aApr 16NKHS vs NMHS @ PAHS
8.-Erin Molello
Sara Bigelow
Hannah Waterman
Rebecca Darrow
1:57.48aApr 25Terrace Invite
9.-Erin Molello
Yuko (Melissa) Ketch
Lian Boltwood
Hannah Waterman
1:59.51aApr 23KSS VS NKHS @ Olympic
10.-Relay Team 2:15.11aMay 11Olympic League JV Champio..
4x400 Relay
1.-Sara Bigelow
Briann George
Hannah Uffens
Emily Shipley
4:08.31aMay 282A, 3A, 4A Day 1-3 State ..
2.-Sara Bigelow
Emily Shipley
Hannah Uffens
Katherine Shafer
4:13.79aMay 162A Olympic League Sub Dis..
3.-Sara Bigelow
Katherine Shafer
Hannah Uffens
Mekdes Crowley
4:17.07aApr 4Lil' Norway Invitational
4.-Sara Bigelow
Hannah Uffens
Briann George
Emily Shipley
4:20.59aApr 16NKHS vs NMHS @ PAHS
5.-Sara Bigelow
Hannah Uffens
Katherine Shafer
Emily Shipley
4:22.35aApr 184th Annual Add It Up Invi..
6.-Sara Bigelow
Katherine Shafer
Emily Shipley
Lian Boltwood
4:24.84aMay 9Olympic League Championsh..
7.-Sara Bigelow
Katherine Shafer
Mekdes Crowley
Emily Shipley
4:26.26aMar 26Coupeville, PT, NKHS @ KH..
8.-Sara Bigelow
Mekdes Crowley
Annika Lee Krol
Katherine Shafer
4:28.32aMar 21Port Angeles Invitational
9.-Sara Bigelow
Mekdes Crowley
Katherine Shafer
Emily Shipley
4:29.35aMar 28Kent-Meridian Invite
10.-Halle Johnston
Emma Kenney
Amber Christly
Rachel Henden
5:23.53aMar 26Coupeville, PT, NKHS @ KH..
4x800 Relay
1.-Amber Christly
Anna Jones
Rachel Henden
Kelli Truhn
11:57.26aMar 28Kent-Meridian Invite
SMR 100-100-200-400m
1.-Yu'Neique Sinclair
Lauren Weins
Yuko (Melissa) Ketch
Mekdes Crowley
2:11.74aApr 4Lil' Norway Invitational
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.-Rachel Henden
Mekdes Crowley
Halle Johnston
Anna Jones
16:25.12aApr 4Lil' Norway Invitational
Shot Put - 4kg
1.11Macrina Sevillano30' 7.00Apr 23KSS VS NKHS @ Olympic
2.11Mary Moriarity26' 5.25Mar 26Coupeville, PT, NKHS @ KH..
3.10Caroline Atkins26' 0.50Mar 26Coupeville, PT, NKHS @ KH..
4.10Ashley Vest25' 5.51Jun 6State Multi Events Champi..
5.10Gabriella Williams22' 10.00Apr 30Bremerton, Sequim @ NKHS
6.11Adele Keller22' 8.00Apr 23KSS VS NKHS @ Olympic
7.11Emily Snyder22' 2.75Mar 26Coupeville, PT, NKHS @ KH..
8.10Natalia Stenerson21' 11.25Mar 21Port Angeles Invitational
9.10Isabelle Henry20' 10.00Mar 26Coupeville, PT, NKHS @ KH..
10.10Dannnica Hennings19' 9.75Apr 16NKHS vs NMHS @ PAHS
11.10Kimberly Galeai18' 6.00Mar 26Coupeville, PT, NKHS @ KH..
Discus - 1kg
1.11Mary Moriarity97' 1.00May 232A WCD III Championships ..
2.11Macrina Sevillano94' 0.00Apr 30Bremerton, Sequim @ NKHS
3.10Caroline Atkins77' 0.00Apr 30Bremerton, Sequim @ NKHS
4.11Adele Keller71' 5.00Apr 30Bremerton, Sequim @ NKHS
5.11Chloe Seferos69' 9.00Mar 21Port Angeles Invitational
6.10Natalia Stenerson69' 7.00Apr 30Bremerton, Sequim @ NKHS
7.11Alexandra Zinn66' 4.00Apr 30Bremerton, Sequim @ NKHS
8.10Isabelle Henry63' 0.00Mar 26Coupeville, PT, NKHS @ KH..
9.10Dannnica Hennings62' 3.00Apr 23KSS VS NKHS @ Olympic
10.11Emily Snyder58' 10.00May 11Olympic League JV Champio..
11.12Lindsey Vest57' 7.00May 11Olympic League JV Champio..
12.11Mya Schultz55' 11.00Apr 30Bremerton, Sequim @ NKHS
13.10Kimberly Galeai53' 3.00Apr 30Bremerton, Sequim @ NKHS
14.10Grace Holmes48' 0.00Apr 30Bremerton, Sequim @ NKHS
Javelin - 600g
1.11Mary Moriarity103' 9.00May 282A, 3A, 4A Day 1-3 State ..
2.9Lauren Weins101' 9.00May 9Olympic League Championsh..
3.11Adele Keller100' 2.00May 282A, 3A, 4A Day 1-3 State ..
4.10Ashley Vest88' 10.54Jun 6State Multi Events Champi..
5.11Alexandra Zinn76' 0.00Apr 30Bremerton, Sequim @ NKHS
6.11Macrina Sevillano74' 4.00Apr 16NKHS vs NMHS @ PAHS
7.11Yu'Neique Sinclair66' 7.00Mar 26Coupeville, PT, NKHS @ KH..
8.9Rachel Henden65' 4.00Apr 16NKHS vs NMHS @ PAHS
9.12Lindsey Vest57' 11.00Apr 16NKHS vs NMHS @ PAHS
10.9Makenna Milyard43' 2.00Mar 26Coupeville, PT, NKHS @ KH..
High Jump
1.12Rebecca Darrow5' 5.00Apr 184th Annual Add It Up Invi..
2.10Ashley Vest4' 8.00Apr 16NKHS vs NMHS @ PAHS
11Chloe Seferos4' 8.00May 9Olympic League Championsh..
10Ainsly MacKenzie4' 8.00Apr 184th Annual Add It Up Invi..
5.10Savannah Wallwork4' 4.00Mar 21Port Angeles Invitational
10Michelle Graebner4' 4.00Mar 26Coupeville, PT, NKHS @ KH..
7.10Alyssa Windus4' 0.00Apr 23KSS VS NKHS @ Olympic
8.10Gabriella WilliamsNHMar 26Coupeville, PT, NKHS @ KH..
Pole Vault
1.11Chloe Seferos11' 9.00May 282A, 3A, 4A Day 1-3 State ..
2.9Lisa Shafer7' 0.00Apr 30Bremerton, Sequim @ NKHS
3.10Michelle Graebner6' 0.00Apr 30Bremerton, Sequim @ NKHS
Long Jump
1.11Jasmine Selembo15' 6.00Apr 4Lil' Norway Invitational
2.10Ashley Vest15' 1.10Jun 6State Multi Events Champi..
3.10Lian Boltwood14' 10.50Apr 16NKHS vs NMHS @ PAHS
4.9Lauren Weins14' 6.50Apr 16NKHS vs NMHS @ PAHS
5.10Hannah Waterman13' 7.75Apr 25Terrace Invite
6.12Mekdes Crowley13' 6.75Apr 30Bremerton, Sequim @ NKHS
7.10Ainsly MacKenzie13' 4.50Mar 21Port Angeles Invitational
8.10Gabriella Williams13' 0.00Apr 30Bremerton, Sequim @ NKHS
9.11Yu'Neique Sinclair12' 11.00Mar 26Coupeville, PT, NKHS @ KH..
10.10Michelle Graebner12' 10.00Mar 26Coupeville, PT, NKHS @ KH..
11.9Rebecca FitchettNDApr 23KSS VS NKHS @ Olympic
Triple Jump
1.11Jasmine Selembo35' 7.00wMay 282A, 3A, 4A Day 1-3 State ..
2.10Hannah Waterman34' 5.25Mar 26Coupeville, PT, NKHS @ KH..
3.10Ainsly MacKenzie30' 0.25May 9Olympic League Championsh..
4.10Lian Boltwood29' 2.75Apr 30Bremerton, Sequim @ NKHS
5.10Gabriella Williams29' 2.00Mar 26Coupeville, PT, NKHS @ KH..
6.11Yu'Neique Sinclair28' 8.75Apr 30Bremerton, Sequim @ NKHS
7.10Michelle Graebner26' 9.00Mar 26Coupeville, PT, NKHS @ KH..
Hammer - 4kg
1.10Caroline Atkins43' 11.00Apr 4Lil' Norway Invitational
2.11Mya Schultz42' 8.00Apr 4Lil' Norway Invitational
3.11Emily Snyder37' 8.00Apr 4Lil' Norway Invitational
Heptathlon Score
1.10Ashley Vest3319Jun 6State Multi Events Champi..

* = Recent improvement

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