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    Eagles - Federal Way, WA

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100 Meters
1.10Jason Palmer11.30aApr 24Federal Way @Thomas ..
2.11Damani Thomas11.35aApr 24Federal Way @Thomas ..
3.10Alex Taylor11.40aMay 1Federal Way @ Auburn..
4.11Robert McClatcher11.46aMay 8Federal Way @ Auburn
5.12Keenan Curran11.52aApr 24Federal Way @Thomas ..
6.10Marcus Tate11.62aApr 24Federal Way @Thomas ..
7.12Josh Dawson11.66aApr 2Curtis @ Federal Way
8.12Gage Harris11.72aApr 24Federal Way @Thomas ..
12Devan Williams11.72aMay 1Federal Way @ Auburn..
10.12Ryan Gnoinsky12.12aMar 27Todd Beamer @ Federa..
11.9KJ Ridders12.39aMar 27Todd Beamer @ Federa..
12.9Jamon Chambers12.91aMar 27Todd Beamer @ Federa..
13.9Shaheen Mall13.75aMay 8Federal Way @ Auburn
14.12Gage Jenkins15.01aApr 24Federal Way @Thomas ..
15.10Thomas Musgrove18.72aMay 8Federal Way @ Auburn
200 Meters
1.10Jason Palmer22.68aApr 24Federal Way @Thomas ..
2.12Josh Dawson22.83aMay 1Federal Way @ Auburn..
3.10Tyson Penn23.53aApr 24Federal Way @Thomas ..
4.12Korry Miller23.61aMay 1Federal Way @ Auburn..
5.9Khristian Pickens23.78aApr 2Curtis @ Federal Way
6.12Devan Williams23.81aMay 1Federal Way @ Auburn..
7.12Gage Harris24.07aMar 29Kent-Meridian Invite
8.10Marcus Tate24.13aApr 5Decatur Frosh/Soph I..
9.11Robert McClatcher24.55aMar 27Todd Beamer @ Federa..
10.10Mason Sallee24.91aApr 24Federal Way @Thomas ..
11.9KJ Ridders24.98aApr 2Curtis @ Federal Way
12.9Jamon Chambers25.36aApr 24Federal Way @Thomas ..
13.12D'Andre Daniels25.87aApr 2Curtis @ Federal Way
14.12Nate Howard26.55aApr 2Curtis @ Federal Way
15.9Jared McGruder27.10aMay 8Federal Way @ Auburn
16.10Thomas Musgrove29.58aMay 8Federal Way @ Auburn
17.10Kevin Kim33.85aMay 8Federal Way @ Auburn
18.12Gage Jenkins34.51aApr 2Curtis @ Federal Way
400 Meters
1.10Jason Palmer48.96aApr 26Bill Harris Invitati..
2.12Josh Dawson49.91aMay 23WCD 4A Meet Day 1
3.12Keenan Curran51.77aMay 8Federal Way @ Auburn
4.10Marcus Tate51.84aMay 14SPSL Sub-District Me..
5.12Mitch Stewart51.88aMay 8Federal Way @ Auburn
6.12Devan Williams52.19aMay 1Federal Way @ Auburn..
7.9Khristian Pickens53.95aApr 5Decatur Frosh/Soph I..
8.9KJ Ridders57.62aMay 1Federal Way @ Auburn..
9.10Kevin Kim58.18aApr 5Decatur Frosh/Soph I..
800 Meters
1.12Mitch Stewart1:54.77aMay 314A, 3A & 2A State Ch..
2.12Mussie Simon2:03.54aMay 3Shoreline Invitation..
3.10Connor Low2:05.60aApr 26Bill Harris Invitati..
4.11Tyler Moran2:11.68aMay 8Federal Way @ Auburn
5.12Thomas Hernandez2:12.30aMay 8Federal Way @ Auburn
6.11Peter Gitau2:14.20aMay 1Federal Way @ Auburn..
7.9Max Novak2:14.94aMay 1Federal Way @ Auburn..
8.12Tyler Hernandez2:15.05aMay 1Federal Way @ Auburn..
9.11Beniam Yonas2:15.28aMar 27Todd Beamer @ Federa..
10.12Nate Howard2:15.74aMay 1Federal Way @ Auburn..
11.12Ben Swartz2:17.72aMay 8Federal Way @ Auburn
12.10Hernan Alverez2:17.76aMar 27Todd Beamer @ Federa..
13.10Johnathan Forward2:23.25aMar 27Todd Beamer @ Federa..
14.9Marcelo Pelogi2:24.81aMay 8Federal Way @ Auburn
15.12Chris Flores2:25.08aMay 8Federal Way @ Auburn
16.11Jack Bull2:29.73aApr 2Curtis @ Federal Way
17.12Rocco Almanza2:33.82aMay 8Federal Way @ Auburn
18.9Brian Fish2:37.14aMar 27Todd Beamer @ Federa..
19.9Ian Hirons2:38.46aMay 1Federal Way @ Auburn..
20.10Thomas Musgrove2:44.43aMay 8Federal Way @ Auburn
21.11Kristof Vass2:44.83aMay 8Federal Way @ Auburn
22.10Diego Diaz2:51.51aMay 8Federal Way @ Auburn
23.10Richard Hudson3:08.32aMay 1Federal Way @ Auburn..
24.9Jared McGruder3:16.96aMay 1Federal Way @ Auburn..
1500 Meters
1.12Mussie Simon4:21.23aApr 19Oregon Relays Day 2
1600 Meters
1.12Mitch Stewart4:12.92aMay 314A, 3A & 2A State Ch..
2.12Mussie Simon4:29.86aApr 2Curtis @ Federal Way
3.10Connor Low4:39.01aMay 3Shoreline Invitation..
4.11Beniam Yonas4:48.43aApr 24Federal Way @Thomas ..
5.10Johnathan Forward4:49.16aApr 26Bill Harris Invitati..
6.12Rocco Almanza5:01.56aMay 8Federal Way @ Auburn
7.11Peter Gitau5:01.57aMay 8Federal Way @ Auburn
8.10Hernan Alverez5:03.77aApr 26Bill Harris Invitati..
9.9Max Novak5:06.27aApr 24Federal Way @Thomas ..
10.12Ben Swartz5:19.46aApr 2Curtis @ Federal Way
11.12Chris Flores5:20.03aMay 1Federal Way @ Auburn..
12.12Thomas Hernandez5:20.40aMay 1Federal Way @ Auburn..
13.9Marcelo Pelogi5:21.41aApr 5Decatur Frosh/Soph I..
14.11Jack Bull5:27.10aMay 8Federal Way @ Auburn
15.12Tyler Hernandez5:30.64aMar 27Todd Beamer @ Federa..
16.9Ruben Sanchez5:35.81aApr 2Curtis @ Federal Way
17.12Joergen Vebostad5:40.39aMay 1Federal Way @ Auburn..
18.11Joseph Gregory5:43.64aMar 27Todd Beamer @ Federa..
19.9Ian Hirons5:50.78aApr 24Federal Way @Thomas ..
20.9Brian Fish5:50.90aMay 8Federal Way @ Auburn
21.11Omar Diaz6:16.18aMay 1Federal Way @ Auburn..
3200 Meters
1.12Mitch Stewart9:29.93aApr 26Bill Harris Invitati..
2.12Mussie Simon9:50.31aMay 16SPSL Sub-District Me..
3.10Connor Low10:04.25aMay 16SPSL Sub-District Me..
4.11Beniam Yonas10:14.13aMay 3Shoreline Invitation..
5.10Johnathan Forward10:18.02aMay 16SPSL Sub-District Me..
6.12Rocco Almanza11:23.46aApr 24Federal Way @Thomas ..
7.9Ian Hirons11:27.23aApr 24Federal Way @Thomas ..
8.10Hernan Alverez11:28.00aApr 5Decatur Frosh/Soph I..
9.12Chris Flores11:49.34aApr 24Federal Way @Thomas ..
10.11Peter Gitau11:56.09aApr 2Curtis @ Federal Way
11.12Thomas Hernandez12:05.94aApr 24Federal Way @Thomas ..
12.12Ben Swartz12:08.95aApr 2Curtis @ Federal Way
13.9Marcelo Pelogi12:10.23aApr 24Federal Way @Thomas ..
14.9Ruben Sanchez12:10.24aApr 5Decatur Frosh/Soph I..
15.12Joergen Vebostad12:26.81aMay 8Federal Way @ Auburn
16.11Joseph Gregory12:40.91aMay 8Federal Way @ Auburn
17.12Tyler Hernandez12:43.49aMar 27Todd Beamer @ Federa..
18.11Jack Bull12:54.34aMay 8Federal Way @ Auburn
19.9Brian Fish12:54.82aApr 24Federal Way @Thomas ..
20.11Omar Diaz14:09.62aApr 2Curtis @ Federal Way
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Korry Miller14.98aMay 23WCD 4A Meet Day 1
2.12Keenan Curran15.39aMay 8Federal Way @ Auburn
3.12Ryan Gnoinsky15.87aMay 8Federal Way @ Auburn
4.10Kevin Kim16.00aApr 24Federal Way @Thomas ..
5.12D'Andre Daniels16.71aApr 2Curtis @ Federal Way
6.9Jovan Vongsaveng17.14aMay 1Federal Way @ Auburn..
7.11Azuriah Rambo17.49aApr 2Curtis @ Federal Way
8.10Brian Parker17.68aMay 1Federal Way @ Auburn..
9.9Jared McGruder18.97aMay 8Federal Way @ Auburn
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Keenan Curran38.86aMay 23WCD 4A Meet Day 1
2.12Korry Miller40.31aMay 16SPSL Sub-District Me..
3.12Gage Harris40.74aMay 23WCD 4A Meet Day 1
4.12Ryan Gnoinsky42.50aMay 16SPSL Sub-District Me..
5.10Kevin Kim43.37aApr 2Curtis @ Federal Way
6.9Jovan Vongsaveng43.96aMay 1Federal Way @ Auburn..
7.11Azuriah Rambo45.25aApr 2Curtis @ Federal Way
8.9Jared McGruder48.86aMay 8Federal Way @ Auburn
4x100 Relay
1.-Robert McClatcher
Jason Palmer
Damani Thomas
Josh Dawson
42.32aMay 23WCD 4A Meet Day 1
2.-Josh Dawson
Robert McClatcher
Damani Thomas
Jason Palmer
42.63aApr 26Bill Harris Invitati..
3.-Robert McClatcher
Jason Palmer
Damani Thomas
Alex Taylor
42.75aMay 314A, 3A & 2A State Ch..
4.-Robert McClatcher
Jason Palmer
Khalil Howse
Damani Thomas
43.16aMar 27Todd Beamer @ Federa..
5.-Relay Team 43.23aMay 1Federal Way @ Auburn..
6.-Damani Thomas
Robert McClatcher
Jason Palmer
Khalil Howse
44.08aMar 29Kent-Meridian Invite
7.-Jamon Chambers
KJ Ridders
Jovan Vongsaveng
Sergio Luna
47.60aApr 5Decatur Frosh/Soph I..
8.-Josh Dawson
Robert McClatcher
Damani Thomas
Alex Taylor
DQMay 3Shoreline Invitation..
4x200 Relay
1.-Gage Harris
Khalil Howse
Damani Thomas
Jovan Vongsaveng
1:35.21aMar 29Kent-Meridian Invite
4x400 Relay
1.-Jason Palmer
Josh Dawson
Keenan Curran
Mitch Stewart
3:20.47aMay 314A, 3A & 2A State Ch..
2.-Jason Palmer
Marcus Tate
Devan Williams
Josh Dawson
3:21.36aMay 314A, 3A & 2A State Ch..
3.-Keenan Curran
Devan Williams
Marcus Tate
Jason Palmer
3:23.04aMay 23WCD 4A Meet Day 1
4.-Jason Palmer
Marcus Tate
Devan Williams
Mitch Stewart
3:23.33aMay 16SPSL Sub-District Me..
5.-Josh Dawson
Devan Williams
Keenan Curran
Mitch Stewart
3:23.50May 3Shoreline Invitation..
6.-Relay Team 3:25.76aApr 26Bill Harris Invitati..
7.-Keenan Curran
Mitch Stewart
Josh Dawson
Jason Palmer
3:28.78aMar 29Kent-Meridian Invite
8.-Jason Palmer
Josh Dawson
Keenan Curran
Devan Williams
3:29.34aApr 19Oregon Relays Day 2
9.-Gage Harris
Devan Williams
Marcus Tate
Josh Dawson
3:33.78aMar 27Todd Beamer @ Federa..
10.-Ryan Gnoinsky
Jovan Vongsaveng
Kevin Kim
Jared McGruder
3:40.00aMar 27Todd Beamer @ Federa..
11.-Josh Dawson
Mitch Stewart
Devan Williams
Connor Low
3:41.27aApr 26Bill Harris Invitati..
12.-Brian Fish
Connor Low
Kevin Kim
Johnathan Forward
4:09.26aApr 5Decatur Frosh/Soph I..
4x800 Relay
1.-Ben Swartz
Tyler Hernandez
Peter Gitau
Tyler Moran
9:01.87aApr 26Bill Harris Invitati..
2.-Chris Flores
Thomas Hernandez
Tyler Hernandez
Ben Swartz
9:32.98aMar 29Kent-Meridian Invite
SMR 100-100-200-400m
1.-Devan Williams
Gage Harris
Korry Miller
Damani Thomas
1:37.17aMay 3Shoreline Invitation..
SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8]
1.-Damani Thomas
Marcus Tate
Devan Williams
Mussie Simon
3:56.66aApr 19Oregon Relays Day 2
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.-Johnathan Forward
Hernan Alverez
Devan Williams
Gage Harris
12:02.74aMay 3Shoreline Invitation..
Shot Put - 12lb
1.11Jared Pulu54' 5.50May 23WCD 4A Meet Day 1
2.12Eric Ah Fua52' 5.75May 314A, 3A & 2A State Ch..
3.12JayTee Tiuli49' 11.50May 8Federal Way @ Auburn
4.11Robert Savusa42' 7.00May 1Federal Way @ Auburn..
5.9Tony Chan42' 2.50May 8Federal Way @ Auburn
6.12Austin Reibman41' 0.00May 1Federal Way @ Auburn..
7.12Rocco Almanza39' 11.00Apr 24Federal Way @Thomas ..
8.10Damaurius Clark37' 1.00May 8Federal Way @ Auburn
9.11Nicholas Reckis31' 10.00May 1Federal Way @ Auburn..
10.10Bradley Wilford24' 0.00May 8Federal Way @ Auburn
11.9David Hernandez23' 7.00May 1Federal Way @ Auburn..
12.9Shaheen Mall15' 4.00May 1Federal Way @ Auburn..
Discus - 1.6kg
1.12JayTee Tiuli145' 8.00Apr 19Oregon Relays Day 2
2.12Eric Ah Fua145' 4.00Apr 2Curtis @ Federal Way
3.11Jared Pulu136' 10.00Apr 24Federal Way @Thomas ..
4.11Robert Savusa125' 9.00May 1Federal Way @ Auburn..
5.9Tony Chan112' 4.00May 1Federal Way @ Auburn..
6.12Austin Reibman93' 6.00Apr 24Federal Way @Thomas ..
7.11Nicholas Reckis91' 4.00May 1Federal Way @ Auburn..
8.10Damaurius Clark86' 9.00May 1Federal Way @ Auburn..
9.10Bradley Wilford64' 6.00Apr 2Curtis @ Federal Way
10.9David Hernandez43' 9.00May 1Federal Way @ Auburn..
11.9Shaheen Mall37' 4.00May 1Federal Way @ Auburn..
Javelin - 800g
1.10Damaurius Clark126' 4.00May 1Federal Way @ Auburn..
2.12Eric Ah Fua125' 8.00Apr 24Federal Way @Thomas ..
3.11Robert Savusa113' 1.00Mar 27Todd Beamer @ Federa..
4.12Austin Reibman111' 2.00Apr 24Federal Way @Thomas ..
5.11Jared Pulu100' 0.00Mar 27Todd Beamer @ Federa..
6.10Troy Reed90' 0.00May 8Federal Way @ Auburn
7.12Joergen Vebostad74' 8.00Mar 27Todd Beamer @ Federa..
8.10Bradley Wilford73' 1.00May 1Federal Way @ Auburn..
9.9David Hernandez43' 2.00May 8Federal Way @ Auburn
10.9Shaheen Mall34' 3.00May 1Federal Way @ Auburn..
High Jump
1.10Tyson Penn6' 11.00May 14SPSL Sub-District Me..
2.9Khristian Pickens6' 6.00May 1Federal Way @ Auburn..
3.12Gage Harris6' 2.00May 1Federal Way @ Auburn..
4.12Ryan Gnoinsky5' 10.00May 1Federal Way @ Auburn..
5.10Brian Parker5' 8.00May 1Federal Way @ Auburn..
6.12D'Andre Daniels5' 6.00Mar 27Todd Beamer @ Federa..
7.10Mason Sallee5' 4.00Apr 24Federal Way @Thomas ..
Pole Vault
1.12D'Andre Daniels12' 6.00May 16SPSL Sub-District Me..
2.12Malachi McNeal11' 0.00Mar 27Todd Beamer @ Federa..
3.11Ernesto Montes De Oca10' 6.00Apr 2Curtis @ Federal Way
4.10Anthony Tran9' 0.00May 1Federal Way @ Auburn..
9Sergio Luna9' 0.00May 1Federal Way @ Auburn..
6.11Kristof Vass8' 6.00Apr 24Federal Way @Thomas ..
11Tyler Moran8' 6.00May 1Federal Way @ Auburn..
Long Jump
1.11Robert McClatcher23' 5.75May 23WCD 4A Meet Day 1
2.12Keenan Curran22' 7.75May 314A, 3A & 2A State Ch..
3.10Tyson Penn20' 10.50May 1Federal Way @ Auburn..
4.9Khristian Pickens20' 10.25May 1Federal Way @ Auburn..
5.12Josh Dawson20' 8.75Mar 27Todd Beamer @ Federa..
6.12Korry Miller20' 1.50May 8Federal Way @ Auburn
7.10Mason Sallee19' 9.00May 1Federal Way @ Auburn..
8.10Marcus Tate18' 11.50Mar 27Todd Beamer @ Federa..
9.10Alex Taylor18' 10.00Apr 5Decatur Frosh/Soph I..
10.9KJ Ridders18' 0.00Apr 5Decatur Frosh/Soph I..
11.9Sergio Luna17' 2.75Apr 24Federal Way @Thomas ..
12.12D'Andre Daniels16' 4.00Apr 2Curtis @ Federal Way
9Jovan Vongsaveng16' 4.00Mar 27Todd Beamer @ Federa..
14.9Jeremiah Williams14' 4.50Mar 27Todd Beamer @ Federa..
Triple Jump
1.10Tyson Penn49' 2.00wMay 314A, 3A & 2A State Ch..
2.12Keenan Curran47' 11.75wMay 314A, 3A & 2A State Ch..
3.10Mason Sallee45' 1.50wMay 314A, 3A & 2A State Ch..
4.12D'Andre Daniels41' 5.00May 1Federal Way @ Auburn..
5.9Jeremiah Williams39' 9.75Apr 2Curtis @ Federal Way
6.9Max Novak32' 5.25Mar 27Todd Beamer @ Federa..


100 Meters
1.12Hannah Cunliffe11.40awMar 2987th Clyde Littlefie..
2.11Gabriela Pelogi12.06awMay 314A, 3A & 2A State Ch..
3.11Karis Cameron12.33aMay 23WCD 4A Meet Day 1
4.12Ta'Mara Richey12.51aApr 19Oregon Relays Day 2
5.11Mariyah Vongsaveng12.94aMay 8Federal Way @ Auburn
6.10Ariya Kendrick13.54aMay 1Federal Way @ Auburn..
7.9Kemi Akinlosotu13.87aApr 26Bill Harris Invitati..
8.10Piper Hutchinson14.46aApr 2Curtis @ Federal Way
9.11Madeline Grace14.57aApr 2Curtis @ Federal Way
200 Meters
1.12Hannah Cunliffe23.89awMay 314A, 3A & 2A State Ch..
2.11Karis Cameron25.02awMay 314A, 3A & 2A State Ch..
3.11Gabriela Pelogi27.39aMay 8Federal Way @ Auburn
4.9Kemi Akinlosotu28.41aMar 29Kent-Meridian Invite
5.10Ariya Kendrick28.50aApr 24Federal Way @Thomas ..
6.9Soleil Lewis29.60aApr 24Federal Way @Thomas ..
7.10Piper Hutchinson29.83aMar 27Todd Beamer @ Federa..
400 Meters
1.10Kayla Peterson62.74aMay 23WCD 4A Meet Day 1
2.10Julian Johnson62.96aApr 26Bill Harris Invitati..
3.9Kemi Akinlosotu62.99aMay 14SPSL Sub-District Me..
4.9Zette Tran70.21aApr 2Curtis @ Federal Way
5.9Soleil Lewis74.83aApr 2Curtis @ Federal Way
6.10Hailey Sutton77.69aApr 5Decatur Frosh/Soph I..
800 Meters
1.10Julian Johnson2:20.09aMay 16SPSL Sub-District Me..
2.11Rachel Arnold2:35.79aMar 29Kent-Meridian Invite
3.10Kayla Peterson2:39.72aApr 24Federal Way @Thomas ..
4.9Zette Tran2:42.00aMay 8Federal Way @ Auburn
5.10Selena Villa2:50.00aMay 8Federal Way @ Auburn
6.9Soleil Lewis2:56.40aMay 8Federal Way @ Auburn
7.10Kaitlin Radford2:57.90aApr 24Federal Way @Thomas ..
8.11Kaitlyn Ognoskie-Burke2:58.49aMay 8Federal Way @ Auburn
9.10Tiffani Willoughby2:59.26aApr 5Decatur Frosh/Soph I..
10.9Brenda Gonzalez3:00.17aMay 1Federal Way @ Auburn..
11.9Naomi Kuhnly3:00.44aApr 2Curtis @ Federal Way
12.10Hailey Sutton3:05.42aApr 2Curtis @ Federal Way
13.9Sasha Stroud3:08.36aApr 2Curtis @ Federal Way
14.9Sinai Guentes3:11.73aMay 1Federal Way @ Auburn..
15.11Christine Sanaphanh3:14.04aApr 2Curtis @ Federal Way
16.11Jenesis Garcia3:19.99aMay 8Federal Way @ Auburn
17.9Morghann Thomas3:31.83aMay 1Federal Way @ Auburn..
1500 Meters
1.10Kayla Peterson5:10.06aMay 3Lake Washington Invi..
1600 Meters
1.11Rachel Arnold5:39.27aApr 2Curtis @ Federal Way
2.10Kayla Peterson5:48.44aApr 24Federal Way @Thomas ..
3.10Julian Johnson5:50.25aMar 27Todd Beamer @ Federa..
4.10Kaitlin Radford6:09.16aApr 26Bill Harris Invitati..
5.10Selena Villa6:19.92aApr 26Bill Harris Invitati..
6.11Kaitlyn Ognoskie-Burke6:26.81aApr 2Curtis @ Federal Way
7.9Zette Tran6:30.36aApr 24Federal Way @Thomas ..
8.9Naomi Kuhnly6:52.55aMar 27Todd Beamer @ Federa..
9.9Sasha Stroud6:53.83aApr 5Decatur Frosh/Soph I..
10.9Brenda Gonzalez6:55.05aApr 2Curtis @ Federal Way
11.10Hailey Sutton7:13.81aMay 8Federal Way @ Auburn
12.9Sinai Guentes7:20.28aApr 24Federal Way @Thomas ..
13.10Tiffani Willoughby7:32.86aMay 1Federal Way @ Auburn..
14.11Christine Sanaphanh7:34.10aMay 8Federal Way @ Auburn
15.12Yoselin Martinez7:49.54aApr 2Curtis @ Federal Way
16.10Leilani Hector7:51.50aMay 1Federal Way @ Auburn..
17.11Jenesis Garcia8:14.13aMar 27Todd Beamer @ Federa..
3000 Meters
1.11Rachel Arnold11:19.63aMay 3Lake Washington Invi..
3200 Meters
1.10Kayla Peterson11:52.82aMay 16SPSL Sub-District Me..
2.11Rachel Arnold12:01.20aMay 16SPSL Sub-District Me..
3.10Julian Johnson12:27.66aApr 2Curtis @ Federal Way
4.10Kaitlin Radford12:52.65aApr 2Curtis @ Federal Way
5.10Selena Villa14:04.52aApr 5Decatur Frosh/Soph I..
6.9Naomi Kuhnly14:51.51aApr 5Decatur Frosh/Soph I..
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.11Mariyah Vongsaveng14.24awMay 314A, 3A & 2A State Ch..
2.10Audrey Shin16.68aApr 24Federal Way @Thomas ..
3.10Ariya Kendrick19.95aApr 24Federal Way @Thomas ..
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.11Mariyah Vongsaveng44.57aMay 16SPSL Sub-District Me..
2.10Ariya Kendrick51.87aMay 8Federal Way @ Auburn
4x100 Relay
1.-Karis Cameron
Ta'Mara Richey
Mariyah Vongsaveng
Hannah Cunliffe
46.90aMay 314A, 3A & 2A State Ch..
2.-Karis Cameron
Ta'Mara Richey
Gabriela Pelogi
Hannah Cunliffe
47.53aMay 16SPSL Sub-District Me..
3.-Gabriela Pelogi
Ta'Mara Richey
Mariyah Vongsaveng
Hannah Cunliffe
47.88aMay 3Lake Washington Invi..
4.-Gabriela Pelogi
Ta'Mara Richey
Mariyah Vongsaveng
Karis Cameron
48.39aApr 19Oregon Relays Day 2
5.-Relay Team 49.92aMay 1Federal Way @ Auburn..
6.-Audrey Shin
Ta'Mara Richey
Mariyah Vongsaveng
Karis Cameron
51.26aMar 29Kent-Meridian Invite
4x200 Relay
1.-Gabriela Pelogi
Karis Cameron
Hannah Cunliffe
Mariyah Vongsaveng
1:40.06aMay 314A, 3A & 2A State Ch..
2.-Gabriela Pelogi
Karis Cameron
Ta'Mara Richey
Mariyah Vongsaveng
1:40.75aMay 314A, 3A & 2A State Ch..
3.-Gabriela Pelogi
Mariyah Vongsaveng
Ta'Mara Richey
Karis Cameron
1:43.85aMar 27Todd Beamer @ Federa..
4.-Relay Team 1:47.99aMay 1Federal Way @ Auburn..
5.-Kemi Akinlosotu
Mariyah Vongsaveng
Ta'Mara Richey
Karis Cameron
1:48.37aMar 29Kent-Meridian Invite
6.-Gabriela Pelogi
Ariya Kendrick
Kemi Akinlosotu
Karis Cameron
1:48.60aApr 2Curtis @ Federal Way
7.-Gabriela Pelogi
Kemi Akinlosotu
Ariya Kendrick
Mariyah Vongsaveng
1:49.47aMay 3Lake Washington Invi..
4x400 Relay
1.-Kemi Akinlosotu
Kayla Peterson
Ariya Kendrick
Julian Johnson
4:14.22aMay 23WCD 4A Meet Day 1
2.-Relay Team 4:19.35aApr 2Curtis @ Federal Way
3.-Kemi Akinlosotu
Kayla Peterson
Jonarra Swanson
Julian Johnson
4:20.77aMay 16SPSL Sub-District Me..
4.-Rachel Arnold
Jonarra Swanson
Kayla Peterson
Julian Johnson
4:25.65aApr 26Bill Harris Invitati..
5.-Kemi Akinlosotu
Karina Provo
Piper Hutchinson
Ariya Kendrick
4:34.88aApr 5Decatur Frosh/Soph I..
4x800 Relay
1.-Kaitlin Radford
Julian Johnson
Kayla Peterson
Rachel Arnold
10:44.23aMay 3Lake Washington Invi..
2.-Julian Johnson
Zette Tran
Kayla Peterson
Selena Villa
11:11.82aApr 26Bill Harris Invitati..
3.-Selena Villa
Brenda Gonzalez
Zette Tran
Sasha Stroud
12:18.30aMar 29Kent-Meridian Invite
SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8]
1.-Gabriela Pelogi
Karis Cameron
Mariyah Vongsaveng
Julian Johnson
4:23.72aApr 19Oregon Relays Day 2
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.-Rachel Arnold
Ariya Kendrick
Jonarra Swanson
Julian Johnson
DNFApr 19Oregon Relays Day 2
Shot Put - 4kg
1.10Liai Taala31' 3.00May 8Federal Way @ Auburn
2.9Victoria Unsworth24' 4.00May 8Federal Way @ Auburn
3.10Naarah Olive24' 1.00May 1Federal Way @ Auburn..
4.11Beautiful Stevenson22' 6.00May 1Federal Way @ Auburn..
5.9Naomi Kuhnly20' 5.00Mar 27Todd Beamer @ Federa..
6.9Jasmine Arnold20' 3.00Mar 27Todd Beamer @ Federa..
7.9Morghann Thomas15' 7.00Apr 24Federal Way @Thomas ..
Discus - 1kg
1.10Liai Taala96' 6.00May 1Federal Way @ Auburn..
2.10Naarah Olive88' 6.00May 8Federal Way @ Auburn
3.9Victoria Unsworth80' 10.00May 8Federal Way @ Auburn
4.9Jasmine Arnold56' 8.00Apr 2Curtis @ Federal Way
5.9Naomi Kuhnly53' 11.00Apr 2Curtis @ Federal Way
6.9Morghann Thomas46' 2.00Apr 24Federal Way @Thomas ..
Javelin - 600g
1.10Audrey Shin119' 9.00May 23WCD 4A Meet Day 1
2.10Liai Taala89' 8.00Mar 27Todd Beamer @ Federa..
3.9Jasmine Arnold73' 5.00Apr 5Decatur Frosh/Soph I..
4.9Victoria Unsworth70' 9.00Apr 24Federal Way @Thomas ..
5.11Tia Thomas55' 10.00May 8Federal Way @ Auburn
6.9Morghann Thomas51' 8.00Apr 24Federal Way @Thomas ..
7.10Naarah Olive48' 10.00Apr 24Federal Way @Thomas ..
8.9Naomi Kuhnly43' 10.00Mar 27Todd Beamer @ Federa..
High Jump
1.10Audrey Shin5' 2.00Mar 29Kent-Meridian Invite
2.11Jonarra Swanson5' 1.00May 16SPSL Sub-District Me..
Pole Vault
1.11Tia Thomas10' 7.00May 1Federal Way @ Auburn..
2.11Colby Blake8' 3.00Mar 27Todd Beamer @ Federa..
3.10Andrea Palomin8' 0.00May 1Federal Way @ Auburn..
4.10Piper Hutchinson7' 6.00Apr 2Curtis @ Federal Way
5.11Madeline Grace6' 6.00Apr 24Federal Way @Thomas ..
Long Jump
1.12Ta'Mara Richey19' 0.00May 16SPSL Sub-District Me..
2.11Gabriela Pelogi16' 1.75May 1Federal Way @ Auburn..
3.11Jonarra Swanson16' 0.00May 1Federal Way @ Auburn..
11Tia Thomas16' 0.00May 1Federal Way @ Auburn..
5.9Karina Provo15' 2.75Apr 5Decatur Frosh/Soph I..
6.10Audrey Shin15' 0.00Apr 5Decatur Frosh/Soph I..
7.10Ariya Kendrick10' 9.25Apr 2Curtis @ Federal Way
8.11Karis CameronNDMar 29Kent-Meridian Invite
Triple Jump
1.12Ta'Mara Richey38' 4.00May 14SPSL Sub-District Me..
2.11Jonarra Swanson35' 10.00May 14SPSL Sub-District Me..
3.11Tia Thomas34' 10.50May 14SPSL Sub-District Me..
4.10Audrey Shin33' 9.75May 14SPSL Sub-District Me..
  * = Denotes a recent improvement
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