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    Eagles - Federal Way, WA

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100 Meters
1.11Alex Taylor10.93aApr 22Federal Way vs. Decatur
2.11Jason Palmer10.97aApr 18Oregon Relays Day 2
3.12Damani Thomas11.20aMay 15SPSL 4A Championship (Day..
4.12Chico McClatcher11.30aMar 26Federal Way @ Tahoma
5.11Bobiono Sims11.42aApr 22Federal Way vs. Decatur
6.11Marcus Tate11.55aMar 26Federal Way @ Tahoma
7.9Brawn Guevara11.76aApr 22Federal Way vs. Decatur
8.11Mason Sallee11.79aApr 22Federal Way vs. Decatur
9.11Anthony Tran12.01aMay 7Federal Way @ Todd Beamer
10.10Sergio Rojas Luna12.04aApr 2Thomas Jefferson @ Federa..
11.12Peter Gitau12.40aMay 7Federal Way @ Todd Beamer
12.9Kyle Solem12.65aMar 19Kentridge vs. Federal Way
13.12Jared Pulu12.66aApr 22Federal Way vs. Decatur
14.9Austin Silva12.80aMar 19Kentridge vs. Federal Way
9Skyler Bennett12.80aMay 7Federal Way @ Todd Beamer
16.11Jose Velasquez13.30aMar 26Federal Way @ Tahoma
17.11Bradley Wilford14.45aApr 22Federal Way vs. Decatur
18.10Gage Jenkins14.99aMar 19Kentridge vs. Federal Way
19.10Shaheen Mall17.73aApr 2Thomas Jefferson @ Federa..
200 Meters
1.11Jason Palmer22.31aApr 4Bill Harris Invitational
2.11Alex Taylor22.76aApr 22Federal Way vs. Decatur
3.12Damani Thomas22.79aMay 7Federal Way @ Todd Beamer
4.11Marcus Tate23.17aMay 255th Shelton invitational
5.9Brawn Guevara24.45aApr 22Federal Way vs. Decatur
6.10Sergio Rojas Luna25.00aApr 29Mount Rainier v. Federal ..
7.11Brian Parker25.40aApr 29Mount Rainier v. Federal ..
8.10Jared McGruder26.49aMar 26Federal Way @ Tahoma
9.9Kyle Solem26.54aMar 26Federal Way @ Tahoma
10.11Pedro Balderas26.89aMay 7Federal Way @ Todd Beamer
11.11Bradley Wilford30.66aMay 7Federal Way @ Todd Beamer
12.10Gage Jenkins31.16aMay 7Federal Way @ Todd Beamer
13.10Khristian PickensSCRApr 29Mount Rainier v. Federal ..
12Chico McClatcherSCRApr 29Mount Rainier v. Federal ..
11D'Jimon JonesSCRApr 29Mount Rainier v. Federal ..
400 Meters
1.11Jason Palmer49.93aMar 28Kent-Meridian Invite
2.11Marcus Tate50.88aMay 234A WCD III Championship (..
3.10Jovon Vongsaveng54.40aMay 7Federal Way @ Todd Beamer
4.12Damani Thomas56.20aApr 22Federal Way vs. Decatur
5.12Tyler Moran57.05aApr 29Mount Rainier v. Federal ..
6.9Brawn Guevara57.49aApr 4Bill Harris Invitational
7.9Kyle Solem60.22aMar 19Kentridge vs. Federal Way
8.9Anthony Fackcell70.89aMar 26Federal Way @ Tahoma
800 Meters
1.11Connor Low2:02.10aMay 234A WCD III Championship (..
2.12Tyler Moran2:07.35aMay 7Federal Way @ Todd Beamer
3.11Pedro Balderas2:08.41aApr 22Federal Way vs. Decatur
4.10Jesse Goldstone2:08.68aApr 2Thomas Jefferson @ Federa..
5.12Peter Gitau2:09.75aApr 4Bill Harris Invitational
6.11Hernan Alverez2:09.82aMar 26Federal Way @ Tahoma
7.12Beniam Yonas2:13.00aMar 19Kentridge vs. Federal Way
8.11Johnathan Forward2:18.60aMar 26Federal Way @ Tahoma
9.11Sakarie Mandhi2:22.28aApr 29Mount Rainier v. Federal ..
10.10Ruben Sanchez2:22.31aMar 26Federal Way @ Tahoma
11.11Daniel Salgado2:23.53aMay 7Federal Way @ Todd Beamer
12.9Sergio Velasco Bono2:26.83aMar 26Federal Way @ Tahoma
13.9Tsegaw Katiso2:27.11aMar 26Federal Way @ Tahoma
14.10Roy Williams2:30.48aMar 26Federal Way @ Tahoma
15.12Jack Bull2:31.01aMar 19Kentridge vs. Federal Way
16.10Ian Hirons2:31.22aApr 29Mount Rainier v. Federal ..
17.9Matt Almanza2:37.75aMay 7Federal Way @ Todd Beamer
18.10Josh Ziegler2:40.07aApr 29Mount Rainier v. Federal ..
19.10Jared McGruder2:47.53aMar 26Federal Way @ Tahoma
20.12Omar Diaz2:48.15aApr 29Mount Rainier v. Federal ..
21.11Diego Diaz2:52.49aMar 26Federal Way @ Tahoma
22.10Brian Fish2:52.82aApr 22Federal Way vs. Decatur
23.12Elmer Gonzalez3:31.35aMay 7Federal Way @ Todd Beamer
24.9Matthew Glabek3:51.31aMar 26Federal Way @ Tahoma
1600 Meters
1.11Connor Low4:33.15aMay 15SPSL 4A Championship (Day..
2.10Jesse Goldstone4:39.58aApr 29Mount Rainier v. Federal ..
3.12Beniam Yonas4:47.07aApr 22Federal Way vs. Decatur
4.11Johnathan Forward4:50.31aApr 29Mount Rainier v. Federal ..
5.12Peter Gitau4:51.84aApr 22Federal Way vs. Decatur
6.11Hernan Alverez4:57.46aMar 19Kentridge vs. Federal Way
7.12Tyler Moran5:00.94aMar 26Federal Way @ Tahoma
8.10Ruben Sanchez5:11.52aApr 4Bill Harris Invitational
9.11Sakarie Mandhi5:13.92aMay 7Federal Way @ Todd Beamer
10.10Roy Williams5:20.18aApr 2Thomas Jefferson @ Federa..
11.9Tsegaw Katiso5:22.14aApr 4Bill Harris Invitational
12.9Sergio Velasco Bono5:22.56aApr 4Bill Harris Invitational
13.12Jack Bull5:26.29aApr 22Federal Way vs. Decatur
14.12Joseph Gregory5:36.23aApr 2Thomas Jefferson @ Federa..
15.10Ian Hirons5:37.32aApr 29Mount Rainier v. Federal ..
16.11Jerry Tagupa5:39.66aMay 7Federal Way @ Todd Beamer
17.11Raul Garcia5:44.46aApr 2Thomas Jefferson @ Federa..
18.10Ethan Covello5:45.52aApr 2Thomas Jefferson @ Federa..
19.12Ernesto Montes De Oca5:51.16aApr 29Mount Rainier v. Federal ..
20.9Matt Almanza5:51.69aMay 7Federal Way @ Todd Beamer
21.10Harry Steinmetz5:55.65aApr 22Federal Way vs. Decatur
22.9Micah Caley6:11.36aMay 7Federal Way @ Todd Beamer
23.10Brian Fish6:16.98aMar 19Kentridge vs. Federal Way
24.12Omar Diaz6:18.79aApr 2Thomas Jefferson @ Federa..
25.12Njoroge Gitome6:25.11aMay 7Federal Way @ Todd Beamer
26.10Isaac Smith6:32.99aMar 19Kentridge vs. Federal Way
27.11Diego Diaz6:49.66aApr 22Federal Way vs. Decatur
28.9Rosean Williams7:09.89aMay 7Federal Way @ Todd Beamer
29.9Adan EscamillaSCRApr 29Mount Rainier v. Federal ..
11Pedro BalderasSCRApr 29Mount Rainier v. Federal ..
1 Mile
1.10Jesse Goldstone4:42.66aMay 255th Shelton invitational
3200 Meters
1.11Connor Low10:06.54aApr 4Bill Harris Invitational
2.11Johnathan Forward10:07.39aMay 15SPSL 4A Championship (Day..
3.10Jesse Goldstone10:13.17aMar 19Kentridge vs. Federal Way
4.12Beniam Yonas10:19.96aApr 29Mount Rainier v. Federal ..
5.11Hernan Alverez11:02.65aApr 29Mount Rainier v. Federal ..
6.12Peter Gitau11:27.31aApr 2Thomas Jefferson @ Federa..
7.10Ruben Sanchez11:44.80aApr 2Thomas Jefferson @ Federa..
8.10Roy Williams11:45.19aApr 22Federal Way vs. Decatur
9.11Sakarie Mandhi12:01.76aApr 22Federal Way vs. Decatur
10.9Sergio Velasco Bono12:06.49aApr 2Thomas Jefferson @ Federa..
11.9Tsegaw Katiso12:19.90aApr 2Thomas Jefferson @ Federa..
12.10Ian Hirons12:29.82aMay 7Federal Way @ Todd Beamer
13.12Joseph Gregory12:44.68aApr 29Mount Rainier v. Federal ..
14.11Jerry Tagupa12:55.46aApr 22Federal Way vs. Decatur
15.11Raul Garcia13:20.14aApr 2Thomas Jefferson @ Federa..
16.12Omar Diaz14:04.43aApr 2Thomas Jefferson @ Federa..
17.12Jack Bull14:28.60aMar 26Federal Way @ Tahoma
18.10Ethan CovelloSCRApr 29Mount Rainier v. Federal ..
12Tyler MoranSCRApr 29Mount Rainier v. Federal ..
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.10Jovon Vongsaveng16.00aApr 2Thomas Jefferson @ Federa..
2.11Brian Parker16.37aMar 19Kentridge vs. Federal Way
3.10Jared McGruder18.09aMar 19Kentridge vs. Federal Way
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.10Jovon Vongsaveng41.47aMar 26Federal Way @ Tahoma
2.11Marcus Tate42.98aMay 7Federal Way @ Todd Beamer
3.9Austin Silva45.13aMar 28Kent-Meridian Invite
4.11Pedro Balderas45.77aApr 2Thomas Jefferson @ Federa..
5.9Foalima Misa45.99aApr 2Thomas Jefferson @ Federa..
6.10Jared McGruder46.06aApr 4Bill Harris Invitational
7.12Peter Gitau48.85aMay 7Federal Way @ Todd Beamer
4x100 Relay
1.-Chico McClatcher
Damani Thomas
Marcus Tate
Alex Taylor
42.51aMay 15SPSL 4A Championship (Day..
2.-Robert McClatcher
Jason Palmer
Damani Thomas
Alex Taylor
42.60aMar 26Federal Way @ Tahoma
3.-Relay Team 42.77aApr 2Thomas Jefferson @ Federa..
4.-Chico McClatcher
Damani Thomas
Jason Palmer
Alex Taylor
42.79aMar 28Kent-Meridian Invite
5.-Chico McClatcher
Damani Thomas
Jovan Vongsaveng
Alex Taylor
43.03aApr 18Oregon Relays Day 2
6.-Chico McClatcher
Damani Thomas
Brawn Guevara
Alex Taylor
43.10aMay 234A WCD III Championship (..
7.-Marcus Tate
Jason Palmer
Damani Thomas
Alex Taylor
43.88aMar 19Kentridge vs. Federal Way
8.-Damani Thomas
Chico McClatcher
Jason Palmer
Marcus Tate
44.04aApr 29Mount Rainier v. Federal ..
9.-Chico McClatcher
Marcus Tate
Alex Taylor
Jovan Vongsaveng
45.38aMay 255th Shelton invitational
4x200 Relay
1.-Marcus Tate
Jovan Vongsaveng
Damani Thomas
Jason Palmer
1:30.28aApr 18Oregon Relays Day 2
4x400 Relay
1.-Marcus Tate
Jason Palmer
Alex Taylor
Khristian Pickens
3:22.92aMay 234A WCD III Championship (..
2.-Marcus Tate
Damani Thomas
Jovon Vongsaveng
Alex Taylor
3:25.59aMay 15SPSL 4A Championship (Day..
3.-Jason Palmer
Marcus Tate
Alex Taylor
Jovan Vongsaveng
3:29.76aMar 28Kent-Meridian Invite
4.-Relay Team 3:32.71aApr 4Bill Harris Invitational
5.-Johnathan Forward
Connor Low
Jesse Goldstone
Tyler Moran
3:55.59aApr 29Mount Rainier v. Federal ..
4x800 Relay
1.-Johnathan Forward
Peter Gitau
Beniam Yonas
Tyler Moran
8:59.82aApr 4Bill Harris Invitational
2.-Tsegaw Katiso
Sergio Velasco Bono
Tyler Moran
Ruben Sanchez
9:29.01aMar 28Kent-Meridian Invite
Shot Put - 12lb
1.12Jared Pulu52' 6.25May 234A WCD III Championship (..
2.10Tony Chan45' 8.50Apr 4Bill Harris Invitational
3.12Robert Savusa45' 0.00Apr 22Federal Way vs. Decatur
4.10Raymond Westerlund40' 2.25Apr 29Mount Rainier v. Federal ..
5.11Wesley Fonoti39' 3.00Apr 22Federal Way vs. Decatur
6.10George Fisi33' 6.50Apr 22Federal Way vs. Decatur
7.11Hiteo Joe31' 7.00Apr 22Federal Way vs. Decatur
11Bradley Wilford31' 7.00May 7Federal Way @ Todd Beamer
9.12Khalil Weston28' 10.50Mar 26Federal Way @ Tahoma
10.9Daniel Rodriguez27' 0.00May 7Federal Way @ Todd Beamer
11.9Brian Rivers26' 9.25Apr 29Mount Rainier v. Federal ..
12.10David Hernandez26' 9.00Mar 26Federal Way @ Tahoma
13.11Sebastian Tschudy23' 4.00Mar 26Federal Way @ Tahoma
14.9Diamond Singh20' 5.25Apr 29Mount Rainier v. Federal ..
15.10Shaheen Mall17' 9.00Mar 26Federal Way @ Tahoma
Discus - 1.6kg
1.12Jared Pulu138' 11.00Mar 28Kent-Meridian Invite
2.10Tony Chan129' 5.00Apr 29Mount Rainier v. Federal ..
3.12Robert Savusa126' 4.00May 7Federal Way @ Todd Beamer
4.11Wesley Fonoti115' 2.00Apr 29Mount Rainier v. Federal ..
5.10Harry Steinmetz78' 0.00Apr 2Thomas Jefferson @ Federa..
6.9Daniel Rodriguez71' 6.00Apr 2Thomas Jefferson @ Federa..
7.10George Fisi67' 2.00Apr 22Federal Way vs. Decatur
8.11Hiteo Joe66' 7.00Apr 29Mount Rainier v. Federal ..
9.9Bryce Fecarotta66' 6.00Apr 29Mount Rainier v. Federal ..
10.9Jesse Anderson66' 4.00Mar 26Federal Way @ Tahoma
11.11Bradley Wilford64' 3.00Mar 26Federal Way @ Tahoma
12.11Sebastian Tschudy59' 0.00Apr 2Thomas Jefferson @ Federa..
13.9Brian Rivers58' 0.00Apr 2Thomas Jefferson @ Federa..
14.10David Hernandez55' 8.00Apr 22Federal Way vs. Decatur
15.9Diamond Singh50' 3.00May 7Federal Way @ Todd Beamer
16.10Shaheen Mall45' 6.00Apr 22Federal Way vs. Decatur
17.9Kelsey Egan35' 1.00Apr 2Thomas Jefferson @ Federa..
Javelin - 800g
1.11Wesley Fonoti139' 1.00Apr 29Mount Rainier v. Federal ..
2.10Sergio Rojas Luna125' 1.00Apr 29Mount Rainier v. Federal ..
3.10Raymond Westerlund115' 2.00Apr 22Federal Way vs. Decatur
4.10George Fisi107' 2.00Apr 22Federal Way vs. Decatur
5.10Harry Steinmetz106' 7.00Apr 22Federal Way vs. Decatur
6.12James Huakau106' 5.00Apr 29Mount Rainier v. Federal ..
7.11Brian Parker103' 3.00Mar 26Federal Way @ Tahoma
8.9Bryce Fecarotta102' 3.00Apr 29Mount Rainier v. Federal ..
9.11Hiteo Joe94' 2.00Apr 22Federal Way vs. Decatur
10.11Bradley Wilford82' 0.00Apr 29Mount Rainier v. Federal ..
11.10Ian Hirons79' 9.00Apr 29Mount Rainier v. Federal ..
12.9Delvin Lewis70' 6.00Mar 26Federal Way @ Tahoma
13.9Jesse Anderson70' 2.50Mar 19Kentridge vs. Federal Way
14.11Sebastian Tschudy60' 7.00Mar 26Federal Way @ Tahoma
15.9Brian Rivers57' 7.00Mar 26Federal Way @ Tahoma
16.10David Hernandez55' 5.00Mar 19Kentridge vs. Federal Way
17.9Diamond Singh48' 9.00Mar 19Kentridge vs. Federal Way
18.10Shaheen Mall47' 1.00Apr 29Mount Rainier v. Federal ..
19.11D'Jimon JonesDNSMar 19Kentridge vs. Federal Way
10Marcos DiazSCRApr 29Mount Rainier v. Federal ..
High Jump
1.11D'Jimon Jones6' 9.00Mar 19Kentridge vs. Federal Way
2.10Khristian Pickens6' 6.00Apr 4Bill Harris Invitational
3.11Brian Parker5' 8.00Mar 19Kentridge vs. Federal Way
4.9Mykael HenryDNSMar 19Kentridge vs. Federal Way
Pole Vault
1.10Sergio Rojas Luna12' 0.00May 15SPSL 4A Championship (Day..
2.12Ernesto Montes De Oca10' 6.00Mar 26Federal Way @ Tahoma
3.11Hector Miranda10' 0.00Mar 19Kentridge vs. Federal Way
11Anthony Tran10' 0.00Mar 28Kent-Meridian Invite
5.10Josh Ziegler8' 6.00May 7Federal Way @ Todd Beamer
6.12Anthony TebejeNHApr 2Thomas Jefferson @ Federa..
10Cedric EklundDNSMar 19Kentridge vs. Federal Way
Long Jump
1.12Chico McClatcher23' 7.50May 15SPSL 4A Championship (Day..
2.10Khristian Pickens21' 9.00May 7Federal Way @ Todd Beamer
3.11D'Jimon Jones21' 8.50Mar 19Kentridge vs. Federal Way
4.11Mason Sallee21' 4.50May 15SPSL 4A Championship (Day..
5.11Bobiono Sims21' 0.00Apr 22Federal Way vs. Decatur
6.11Marcus Tate20' 3.00Mar 19Kentridge vs. Federal Way
7.11Jose Velasquez16' 11.00Mar 26Federal Way @ Tahoma
8.9Isaiah Dunn14' 7.00May 7Federal Way @ Todd Beamer
9.12Anthony TebejeSCRApr 29Mount Rainier v. Federal ..
12Khalil WestonNDMar 26Federal Way @ Tahoma
9Kyle SolemDNSMar 19Kentridge vs. Federal Way
10Harry SteinmetzDNSMar 19Kentridge vs. Federal Way
Triple Jump
1.11Mason Sallee47' 7.00May 282A, 3A, 4A Day 1-3 State ..
2.10Khristian Pickens44' 5.50May 7Federal Way @ Todd Beamer
3.11Marcus Tate44' 0.00Mar 19Kentridge vs. Federal Way
4.11Bobiono Sims41' 5.50Mar 26Federal Way @ Tahoma


100 Meters
1.12Karis Cameron12.40aApr 18Oregon Relays Day 2
2.12Gabriela Pelogi12.64cApr 29Mount Rainier v. Federal ..
3.11Ariya Kendrick12.92aMay 7Federal Way @ Todd Beamer
4.10Kemi Akinlosotu13.10aMar 19Kentridge vs. Federal Way
5.9Jelisa Turner13.12aApr 4Bill Harris Invitational
6.12Mariyah Vongsaveng13.13aMar 26Federal Way @ Tahoma
7.9Rebecca Tetu13.56aApr 4Bill Harris Invitational
8.9Harper Armstrong13.81aMay 7Federal Way @ Todd Beamer
9.10Taya Whiteside14.11aApr 22Federal Way vs. Decatur
10.9Olivia Lovangamath14.21aApr 2Thomas Jefferson @ Federa..
11.9Elise Adkisson14.26aMar 19Kentridge vs. Federal Way
12.9Niya Fowler14.29aApr 22Federal Way vs. Decatur
13.10Bianca Carter14.41aApr 22Federal Way vs. Decatur
14.11Danielle Blevins14.75aApr 22Federal Way vs. Decatur
15.9Carmelle Razor14.88aMar 19Kentridge vs. Federal Way
16.9Jenaya McMillan14.99aApr 22Federal Way vs. Decatur
17.10Keya Payne15.23aApr 2Thomas Jefferson @ Federa..
18.10Desiree Rhone15.24cApr 29Mount Rainier v. Federal ..
19.9Courtney Wagner15.39aApr 2Thomas Jefferson @ Federa..
20.10Michelle Ruiz16.03aMar 19Kentridge vs. Federal Way
21.9Kristin Sagastume16.14aMar 26Federal Way @ Tahoma
22.9Paige Jauregul17.30aMay 7Federal Way @ Todd Beamer
200 Meters
1.12Karis Cameron25.59aMay 15SPSL 4A Championship (Day..
2.10Kemi Akinlosotu26.27aMay 234A WCD III Championship (..
3.12Gabriela Pelogi26.71aMay 7Federal Way @ Todd Beamer
4.9Jelisa Turner27.39aApr 4Bill Harris Invitational
5.11Ariya Kendrick27.52aApr 22Federal Way vs. Decatur
6.9Rebecca Tetu28.63aApr 22Federal Way vs. Decatur
7.9Harper Armstrong29.08aMay 7Federal Way @ Todd Beamer
8.9Elise Adkisson29.69aMar 19Kentridge vs. Federal Way
9.10Taya Whiteside30.03aApr 22Federal Way vs. Decatur
10.10Dana Parrott30.11aMar 26Federal Way @ Tahoma
11.9Niya Fowler31.01aMay 7Federal Way @ Todd Beamer
12.10Bianca Carter31.06aApr 22Federal Way vs. Decatur
13.9Jenaya McMillan31.28aMay 7Federal Way @ Todd Beamer
14.9Courtney Wagner32.56aApr 2Thomas Jefferson @ Federa..
15.9Kiana Mathews32.93aApr 2Thomas Jefferson @ Federa..
400 Meters
1.10Kemi Akinlosotu60.17aMay 255th Shelton invitational
2.11Julian Johnson63.12aMay 234A WCD III Championship (..
3.11Kayla Peterson63.96aApr 18Oregon Relays Day 2
4.9Jelisa Turner64.84aApr 22Federal Way vs. Decatur
5.9Rebecca Tetu65.81aMar 26Federal Way @ Tahoma
6.9Harper Armstrong68.04aApr 29Mount Rainier v. Federal ..
7.9Niya Fowler68.38aApr 2Thomas Jefferson @ Federa..
8.10Dana Parrott68.86aMar 26Federal Way @ Tahoma
9.10Elizabeth Abramchuk69.53aMar 26Federal Way @ Tahoma
10.9Kiana Mathews71.00aMar 19Kentridge vs. Federal Way
11.9Anabella Garcia73.03aMar 19Kentridge vs. Federal Way
12.9Kiana Tagupa78.80aApr 22Federal Way vs. Decatur
13.10Taya WhitesideSCRApr 29Mount Rainier v. Federal ..
800 Meters
1.11Julian Johnson2:18.81aMay 234A WCD III Championship (..
2.11Kayla Peterson2:31.23aApr 22Federal Way vs. Decatur
3.12Rachel Arnold2:33.81aApr 29Mount Rainier v. Federal ..
4.11Gwen Gabert2:40.55aApr 4Bill Harris Invitational
5.10Zette Tran2:41.65aApr 22Federal Way vs. Decatur
6.10Elizabeth Abramchuk2:42.51aMar 19Kentridge vs. Federal Way
7.11Selena Villa2:48.27aMay 7Federal Way @ Todd Beamer
8.11Kaitlin Radford2:49.17aApr 22Federal Way vs. Decatur
9.9Anabella Garcia2:50.66aMar 26Federal Way @ Tahoma
10.9Niya Fowler2:51.16aMar 19Kentridge vs. Federal Way
11.9Larissa Caldera2:52.20aMar 26Federal Way @ Tahoma
12.10Jennifer Nguyen2:56.44aMay 7Federal Way @ Todd Beamer
13.11Hailey Sutton2:56.92aApr 2Thomas Jefferson @ Federa..
14.10Sasha Stroud3:04.74aMar 26Federal Way @ Tahoma
15.10Sinai Guentes3:13.34aApr 22Federal Way vs. Decatur
16.11Xenia Velasco Bono3:19.54aApr 2Thomas Jefferson @ Federa..
17.10Brenda De la Torre3:27.85aMar 26Federal Way @ Tahoma
1500 Meters
1.12Rachel Arnold5:03.56aApr 18Oregon Relays Day 2
1600 Meters
1.12Rachel Arnold5:22.53aMar 28Kent-Meridian Invite
2.11Julian Johnson5:30.18aMay 15SPSL 4A Championship (Day..
3.11Gwen Gabert5:46.64aMay 7Federal Way @ Todd Beamer
4.11Kayla Peterson5:49.61aMar 19Kentridge vs. Federal Way
5.10Zette Tran6:04.31aApr 22Federal Way vs. Decatur
6.9Anabella Garcia6:26.26aApr 4Bill Harris Invitational
7.10Naomi Kuhnly6:30.81aMar 26Federal Way @ Tahoma
8.10Elsie Tibbs6:32.42aApr 29Mount Rainier v. Federal ..
9.11Selena Villa6:33.17aApr 2Thomas Jefferson @ Federa..
10.10Nancy Garcia6:35.54aMar 26Federal Way @ Tahoma
11.9Joceline Marrufo6:47.32aApr 2Thomas Jefferson @ Federa..
12.10Sasha Stroud6:48.36aMar 19Kentridge vs. Federal Way
13.10Brenda Gonzalez7:10.31aMay 7Federal Way @ Todd Beamer
14.11Hailey Sutton7:19.48aApr 22Federal Way vs. Decatur
3200 Meters
1.12Rachel Arnold11:39.91aMay 255th Shelton invitational
2.11Gwen Gabert12:58.99aApr 22Federal Way vs. Decatur
3.11Kaitlin Radford13:16.39aApr 22Federal Way vs. Decatur
4.10Zette Tran13:28.20aApr 4Bill Harris Invitational
5.10Naomi Kuhnly14:04.54aApr 22Federal Way vs. Decatur
6.10Nancy Garcia14:21.01aApr 2Thomas Jefferson @ Federa..
7.10Brenda Gonzalez15:43.48aMar 19Kentridge vs. Federal Way
8.10Shannondoa BaughDNSMar 19Kentridge vs. Federal Way
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.12Mariyah Vongsaveng14.41aMay 282A, 3A, 4A Day 1-3 State ..
2.11Ariya Kendrick15.40aMay 282A, 3A, 4A Day 1-3 State ..
3.10Elizabeth Abramchuk17.84aMay 7Federal Way @ Todd Beamer
4.10Polly Tieu18.08aApr 22Federal Way vs. Decatur
5.9Mayra Bonilla20.17aApr 2Thomas Jefferson @ Federa..
6.9Brianna Mittelstadt22.00aMay 7Federal Way @ Todd Beamer
7.10Brenda De la Torre23.14aApr 2Thomas Jefferson @ Federa..
8.9Kristin SagastumeSCRApr 29Mount Rainier v. Federal ..
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.12Mariyah Vongsaveng44.42aMay 15SPSL 4A Championship (Day..
2.11Ariya Kendrick46.84aMay 234A WCD III Championship (..
3.10Elizabeth Abramchuk51.18aMay 7Federal Way @ Todd Beamer
4.9Rebecca Tetu51.91aMay 7Federal Way @ Todd Beamer
5.10Polly Tieu53.17aMar 26Federal Way @ Tahoma
6.10Dana Parrott53.82aApr 4Bill Harris Invitational
7.11Andrea Palomin62.42aApr 2Thomas Jefferson @ Federa..
8.12Cydney Stephens65.95aMar 19Kentridge vs. Federal Way
4x100 Relay
1.-Gabriela Pelogi
Mariyah Vongsaveng
Karis Cameron
Josephine Akinlosotu
49.13aMay 15SPSL 4A Championship (Day..
2.-Gabriela Pelogi
Karis Cameron
Mariyah Vongsaveng
Ariya Kendrick
49.30aApr 18Oregon Relays Day 2
3.-Relay Team 49.60aMay 7Federal Way @ Todd Beamer
4.-Kemi Akinlosotu
Mariyah Vongsaveng
Jelisa Turner
Karis Cameron
49.72aApr 29Mount Rainier v. Federal ..
5.-Gabriela Pelogi
Jelisa Turner
Karis Cameron
Ariya Kendrick
50.70aMar 28Kent-Meridian Invite
6.-Gabriela Pelogi
Jelisa Turner
Mariyah Vongsaveng
Ariya Kendrick
51.15aMar 26Federal Way @ Tahoma
4x200 Relay
1.-Gabriela Pelogi
Ariya Kendrick
Mariyah Vongsaveng
Kemi Akinlosotu
1:42.50aMay 282A, 3A, 4A Day 1-3 State ..
2.-Gabriela Pelogi
Kemi Akinlosotu
Mariyah Vongsaveng
Karis Cameron
1:44.44aMay 15SPSL 4A Championship (Day..
3.-Relay Team 1:44.80aMay 7Federal Way @ Todd Beamer
4.-Gabriela Pelogi
Jelisa Turner
Mariyah Vongsaveng
Karis Cameron
1:46.34aApr 4Bill Harris Invitational
5.-Gabriela Pelogi
Mariyah Vongsaveng
Jelisa Turner
Karis Cameron
1:46.98aApr 18Oregon Relays Day 2
6.-Jelisa Turner
Kemi Akinlosotu
Rebecca Tetu
Ariya Kendrick
1:50.30aMar 26Federal Way @ Tahoma
7.-Kemi Akinlosotu
Rebecca Tetu
Ariya Kendrick
Jelisa Turner
1:50.59aMar 28Kent-Meridian Invite
8.-Kemi Akinlosotu
Mariyah Vongsaveng
Gabriela Pelogi
Karis Cameron
1:51.36aApr 29Mount Rainier v. Federal ..
4x400 Relay
1.-Jelisa Turner
Julian Johnson
Kayla Peterson
Kemi Akinlosotu
4:04.78aMay 234A WCD III Championship (..
2.-Jelisa Turner
Rebecca Tetu
Harper Armstrong
Kayla Peterson
4:08.35aMay 15SPSL 4A Championship (Day..
3.-Julian Johnson
Jelisa Turner
Kayla Peterson
Kemi Akinlosotu
4:15.48aApr 4Bill Harris Invitational
4.-Relay Team 4:15.90aApr 22Federal Way vs. Decatur
5.-Kemi Akinlosotu
Kayla Peterson
Julian Johnson
Rebecca Tetu
4:19.25aApr 29Mount Rainier v. Federal ..
6.-Elizabeth Abramchuk
Rebecca Tetu
Larissa Caldera
Kemi Akinlosotu
4:23.65aMar 26Federal Way @ Tahoma
7.-Kayla Peterson
Julian Johnson
Kemi Akinlosotu
Rebecca Tetu
4:25.96aMay 255th Shelton invitational
4x800 Relay
1.-Gwen Gabert
Kayla Peterson
Kaitlin Radford
Julian Johnson
10:34.86aApr 4Bill Harris Invitational
2.-Dana Parrott
Anabella Garcia
Elizabeth Abramchuk
Nancy Garcia
11:51.55aMar 28Kent-Meridian Invite
SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8]
1.-Gabriela Pelogi
Ariya Kendrick
Kayla Peterson
Julian Johnson
4:22.55aApr 18Oregon Relays Day 2
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.-Julian Johnson
Jelisa Turner
Kayla Peterson
Rachel Arnold
13:32.95aApr 18Oregon Relays Day 2
Shot Put - 4kg
1.11Liai Taala31' 4.00Mar 19Kentridge vs. Federal Way
2.9Talaitupu Lologo29' 10.00May 7Federal Way @ Todd Beamer
3.11Pauline Huakau27' 9.00Apr 22Federal Way vs. Decatur
4.11Naarah Olive26' 4.00May 7Federal Way @ Todd Beamer
5.11Tesmina Atuatasi24' 9.00Apr 2Thomas Jefferson @ Federa..
6.10Victoria Unsworth24' 2.00Apr 29Mount Rainier v. Federal ..
7.10Polly Tieu23' 5.00Mar 26Federal Way @ Tahoma
8.9Khalani Michael22' 5.00Apr 2Thomas Jefferson @ Federa..
9.10Naomi Kuhnly21' 7.00May 7Federal Way @ Todd Beamer
10.9Paola Aparicio19' 9.00Mar 19Kentridge vs. Federal Way
11.9Yailine Barajas19' 7.00Mar 26Federal Way @ Tahoma
12.9Paige Jauregul13' 5.00Mar 26Federal Way @ Tahoma
Discus - 1kg
1.11Liai Taala101' 2.00May 7Federal Way @ Todd Beamer
2.11Naarah Olive86' 10.00Apr 29Mount Rainier v. Federal ..
3.11Tesmina Atuatasi81' 6.00Mar 26Federal Way @ Tahoma
4.10Victoria Unsworth81' 1.00Apr 22Federal Way vs. Decatur
5.9Talaitupu Lologo73' 11.00May 7Federal Way @ Todd Beamer
6.11Pauline Huakau72' 3.00Apr 22Federal Way vs. Decatur
7.10Naomi Kuhnly70' 0.00Apr 2Thomas Jefferson @ Federa..
8.9Khalani Michael50' 5.00Mar 19Kentridge vs. Federal Way
9.9Paola Aparicio39' 11.00Apr 22Federal Way vs. Decatur
10.9Paige Jauregul27' 0.00Apr 2Thomas Jefferson @ Federa..
Javelin - 600g
1.9Talaitupu Lologo103' 2.00May 15SPSL 4A Championship (Day..
2.10Victoria Unsworth97' 9.00May 7Federal Way @ Todd Beamer
3.11Liai Taala78' 0.00Apr 22Federal Way vs. Decatur
4.11Pauline Huakau65' 0.00Apr 22Federal Way vs. Decatur
5.12Gabriela Pelogi56' 4.00Apr 29Mount Rainier v. Federal ..
6.9Khalani Michael51' 4.00Mar 28Kent-Meridian Invite
7.10Naomi Kuhnly49' 3.00Mar 26Federal Way @ Tahoma
8.9Paola Aparicio48' 9.00Mar 26Federal Way @ Tahoma
9.9Maria Decena47' 11.00Mar 26Federal Way @ Tahoma
10.11Tesmina Atuatasi39' 0.00Mar 26Federal Way @ Tahoma
11.10Minh-Truc Nguyen37' 8.00Mar 19Kentridge vs. Federal Way
12.9Paige Jauregul24' 4.00Mar 26Federal Way @ Tahoma
13.10Romi GilloolyDNSMar 19Kentridge vs. Federal Way
High Jump
1.9Jordan Houston5' 1.00Apr 4Bill Harris Invitational
2.12Jonarra Swanson5' 0.25Apr 18Oregon Relays Day 2
3.9Elise Adkisson4' 6.00Apr 2Thomas Jefferson @ Federa..
4.10Savannah Yarbrough4' 4.00Apr 2Thomas Jefferson @ Federa..
10Josephine Akinlosotu4' 4.00Mar 26Federal Way @ Tahoma
9Carmelle Razor4' 4.00Mar 19Kentridge vs. Federal Way
7.12Lela Watson4' 0.00Apr 2Thomas Jefferson @ Federa..
Pole Vault
1.12Tia Thomas10' 0.00Mar 26Federal Way @ Tahoma
2.12Colby Blake9' 6.00Apr 2Thomas Jefferson @ Federa..
3.11Andrea Palomin7' 6.00May 7Federal Way @ Todd Beamer
12Madeline Grace7' 6.00May 4Thomas Jefferson Pole Vau..
5.9Carmelle Razor6' 6.00Apr 29Mount Rainier v. Federal ..
10Romi Gillooly6' 6.00May 7Federal Way @ Todd Beamer
7.10Minh-Truc NguyenNHMar 26Federal Way @ Tahoma
12Menaesha PalaciosNHMar 26Federal Way @ Tahoma
Long Jump
1.12Karis Cameron18' 0.00May 7Federal Way @ Todd Beamer
2.12Jonarra Swanson16' 5.50Apr 4Bill Harris Invitational
3.9Jordan Houston16' 2.00May 7Federal Way @ Todd Beamer
4.12Gabriela Pelogi15' 6.00Mar 19Kentridge vs. Federal Way
5.10Josephine Akinlosotu14' 6.00May 7Federal Way @ Todd Beamer
6.10Savannah Yarbrough13' 11.00May 7Federal Way @ Todd Beamer
7.12Colby Blake13' 2.00Apr 29Mount Rainier v. Federal ..
8.12Madeline Grace13' 0.00Apr 29Mount Rainier v. Federal ..
9.9Carmelle Razor10' 2.00Apr 2Thomas Jefferson @ Federa..
10.9Elise AdkissonDNSMar 19Kentridge vs. Federal Way
Triple Jump
1.12Jonarra Swanson36' 4.50May 7Federal Way @ Todd Beamer
2.12Tia Thomas33' 8.00Apr 22Federal Way vs. Decatur
3.10Josephine Akinlosotu33' 5.50Apr 22Federal Way vs. Decatur
4.9Elise Adkisson31' 0.00Apr 4Bill Harris Invitational
5.10Kemi Akinlosotu26' 10.00Apr 29Mount Rainier v. Federal ..

* = Recent improvement

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