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    Timberwolves - Vancouver, WA

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100 Meters
1.12Joseph Gandarillas11.54cApr 21Heritage/Evergreen @ Cama..
2.12Wyatt Luedecker11.62aMay 6Mt. View, Heritage @ Batt..
3.12Chris Eirhart11.92aMay 6Mt. View, Heritage @ Batt..
4.10Chris Tellez12.16aMay 6Mt. View, Heritage @ Batt..
5.11Kalani Umiamaka12.24cMar 24Heritage at Skyview
6.10J'wan Vick12.30aMay 6Mt. View, Heritage @ Batt..
7.11Jacob Green12.34cApr 2Union @ Heritage
8.10Andrey Sviridov12.63aMay 6Mt. View, Heritage @ Batt..
9.10Anton Sviridov12.94cApr 28Fort Vancouver @ Heritage
12Sergio Canto12.94cMar 24Heritage at Skyview
11.12Max Engelman13.04cApr 21Heritage/Evergreen @ Cama..
12.9Sanjeet Singh13.54cApr 28Fort Vancouver @ Heritage
13.9Trace Morris13.74cApr 2Union @ Heritage
14.10Alejandro Pedroza13.87aMay 6Mt. View, Heritage @ Batt..
15.9Tim Johnson13.90aMay 6Mt. View, Heritage @ Batt..
200 Meters
1.12Joseph Gandarillas22.44cApr 21Heritage/Evergreen @ Cama..
2.12Keaton Spiller23.44cApr 21Heritage/Evergreen @ Cama..
3.12Wyatt Luedecker23.89aMay 6Mt. View, Heritage @ Batt..
4.12Chris Eirhart24.19aMay 1Dean Nice
5.10Chris Tellez24.77aMay 6Mt. View, Heritage @ Batt..
6.10Andrey Sviridov25.72aMay 6Mt. View, Heritage @ Batt..
7.9Kyle Bare26.14cApr 28Fort Vancouver @ Heritage
8.10Anton Sviridov26.22aMay 6Mt. View, Heritage @ Batt..
9.10Tashiem Hurse26.24cApr 21Heritage/Evergreen @ Cama..
10.9Michael Taras26.34cApr 21Heritage/Evergreen @ Cama..
10J'wan Vick26.34cApr 28Fort Vancouver @ Heritage
12.12Sergio Canto27.14cApr 21Heritage/Evergreen @ Cama..
13.10Caleb Newberry27.34cApr 28Fort Vancouver @ Heritage
14.12Hunter Kestner30.24cApr 28Fort Vancouver @ Heritage
15.12Max EngelmanNTApr 2Union @ Heritage
400 Meters
1.12Joseph Gandarillas50.69aMay 282A, 3A, 4A Day 1-3 State ..
2.12Keaton Spiller51.54cApr 21Heritage/Evergreen @ Cama..
3.12Chris Eirhart55.04cApr 21Heritage/Evergreen @ Cama..
4.12Wyatt Luedecker55.84aMay 1Dean Nice
5.10Andrey Sviridov57.10aMay 6Mt. View, Heritage @ Batt..
6.10Caleb Newberry60.64cApr 28Fort Vancouver @ Heritage
7.12Sergio Canto61.64cApr 21Heritage/Evergreen @ Cama..
8.12Hunter KestnerNTApr 28Fort Vancouver @ Heritage
800 Meters
1.12Keaton Spiller1:54.39aApr 18Wilsonville Invitational
2.9Sanjeet Singh2:14.67aApr 18Wilsonville Invitational
3.10Josh Newberry2:16.40aMay 1Dean Nice
4.9Kyle Bare2:18.30Apr 21Heritage/Evergreen @ Cama..
5.10Caleb Newberry2:19.40aMar 28Tiger Invite
6.9Justin Southard2:21.60Apr 2Union @ Heritage
7.9Josh Jensen2:23.87aMay 6Mt. View, Heritage @ Batt..
8.12Tyler Keesee2:44.10aMay 6Mt. View, Heritage @ Batt..
9.9Riley Faulk2:54.30Apr 2Union @ Heritage
10.9Jacob Kerlin2:57.60Apr 21Heritage/Evergreen @ Cama..
1500 Meters
1.9Sanjeet Singh4:38.60aApr 18Wilsonville Invitational
2.9Kyle Bare4:43.22aApr 18Wilsonville Invitational
3.9Justin Southard4:45.20aMay 1Dean Nice
1600 Meters
1.12Keaton Spiller4:30.00Mar 24Heritage at Skyview
2.9Sanjeet Singh5:01.54aMay 6Mt. View, Heritage @ Batt..
3.9Kyle Bare5:04.30Apr 21Heritage/Evergreen @ Cama..
4.9Justin Southard5:10.30Apr 21Heritage/Evergreen @ Cama..
5.10Josh Newberry5:14.40Apr 21Heritage/Evergreen @ Cama..
6.10Caleb Newberry5:16.20Apr 21Heritage/Evergreen @ Cama..
7.9Josh Jensen5:25.30Apr 21Heritage/Evergreen @ Cama..
8.12Hunter Kestner5:47.58aMay 6Mt. View, Heritage @ Batt..
9.10Chris Tellez5:57.50Apr 28Fort Vancouver @ Heritage
10.9Tanner Breen6:04.40aMay 6Mt. View, Heritage @ Batt..
11.9Jacob Kerlin6:04.60Apr 21Heritage/Evergreen @ Cama..
12.10Alejandro Pedroza6:08.70Apr 28Fort Vancouver @ Heritage
13.9Riley Faulk6:30.60Apr 21Heritage/Evergreen @ Cama..
14.12Nic Schwartz7:41.00Apr 2Union @ Heritage
3000 Meters
1.9Sanjeet Singh10:17.50May 1Dean Nice
2.10Caleb Newberry11:22.90May 1Dean Nice
3.10Josh Newberry11:30.87aApr 18Wilsonville Invitational
3200 Meters
1.9Sanjeet Singh11:15.98aMay 6Mt. View, Heritage @ Batt..
2.9Justin Southard11:46.52aMay 6Mt. View, Heritage @ Batt..
3.10Josh Newberry12:01.90Apr 28Fort Vancouver @ Heritage
4.10Caleb Newberry12:29.11aMay 6Mt. View, Heritage @ Batt..
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.10Denis Baraiac15.74aMay 1Dean Nice
2.10Tashiem Hurse17.14cApr 2Union @ Heritage
3.9Michael Taras18.74cApr 21Heritage/Evergreen @ Cama..
4.12Austin Riggs20.14cApr 28Fort Vancouver @ Heritage
5.10Gavin LeeNTApr 28Fort Vancouver @ Heritage
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.10Gavin Lee41.24cApr 21Heritage/Evergreen @ Cama..
2.10Denis Baraiac46.84cApr 28Fort Vancouver @ Heritage
4x100 Relay
1.-Joseph Gandarillas
Chris Eirhart
Keaton Spiller
Wyatt Luedecker
43.94cApr 21Heritage/Evergreen @ Cama..
2.-Joseph Gandarillas
Chris Eirhart
Gavin Lee
Wyatt Luedecker
44.10aMay 19GSHL 4A District Meet
3.-Kalani Umiamaka
Chris Eirhart
Joseph Gandarillas
Wyatt Luedecker
44.94cMar 24Heritage at Skyview
4.-Jacob Green
Chris Eirhart
Joseph Gandarillas
Wyatt Luedecker
45.35aApr 18Wilsonville Invitational
5.-Jacob Green
Chris Eirhart
Gavin Lee
Wyatt Luedecker
45.97aMay 1Dean Nice
6.-Lafitaga Sosene
Max Engelman
Jacob Green
Tanner Hauge
51.64cApr 28Fort Vancouver @ Heritage
7.-Kyle Bare
Josh Newberry
Sanjeet Singh
Justin Southard
NTApr 28Fort Vancouver @ Heritage
4x400 Relay
1.-Joseph Gandarillas
Wyatt Luedecker
Gavin Lee
Keaton Spiller
3:32.79aApr 18Wilsonville Invitational
2.-Joseph Gandarillas
Gavin Lee
Keaton Spiller
Wyatt Luedecker
3:34.37aMar 28Tiger Invite
3.-Wyatt Luedecker
Joseph Gandarillas
Gavin Lee
Keaton Spiller
3:35.00Apr 2Union @ Heritage
4.-Kyle Bare
Josh Jensen
Sanjeet Singh
Justin Southard
4:04.90Apr 2Union @ Heritage
5.-Sergio Canto
Caleb Newberry
Josh Newberry
J'wan Vick
4:11.90Apr 2Union @ Heritage
Shot Put - 12lb
1.10Whitey Sosene47' 4.50May 19GSHL 4A District Meet
2.11Lafitaga Sosene43' 9.00May 19GSHL 4A District Meet
3.11Jacob Green38' 11.00Apr 21Heritage/Evergreen @ Cama..
4.12Max Engelman34' 7.00Apr 21Heritage/Evergreen @ Cama..
5.10Colton Rasanen34' 4.00Mar 24Heritage at Skyview
6.10Isaac Zepada33' 7.00Apr 21Heritage/Evergreen @ Cama..
7.9Chris Thomas32' 2.50May 6Mt. View, Heritage @ Batt..
8.12Tanner Hauge31' 4.00Apr 2Union @ Heritage
9.9Tanner Breen30' 4.00Apr 2Union @ Heritage
10.9Max Reis28' 6.00Apr 2Union @ Heritage
11.10Brenden Bonneville28' 3.00May 6Mt. View, Heritage @ Batt..
12.9Alex Belcher26' 1.00Apr 28Fort Vancouver @ Heritage
Discus - 1.6kg
1.10Whitey Sosene126' 2.00Apr 21Heritage/Evergreen @ Cama..
2.11Lafitaga Sosene107' 10.00Apr 2Union @ Heritage
3.11Garrett Mason107' 9.00Apr 2Union @ Heritage
4.9Tanner Breen100' 9.00May 6Mt. View, Heritage @ Batt..
5.10Gavin Lee97' 3.00Mar 28Tiger Invite
6.9Max Reis97' 2.00Apr 2Union @ Heritage
7.10Colton Rasanen96' 4.00May 6Mt. View, Heritage @ Batt..
8.12Tanner Hauge90' 2.00May 6Mt. View, Heritage @ Batt..
9.12Nic Schwartz87' 1.00Apr 2Union @ Heritage
10.11Tyler Van Buskirk78' 10.00Apr 21Heritage/Evergreen @ Cama..
11.9Alex Belcher75' 0.00May 6Mt. View, Heritage @ Batt..
12.9Adam Swanson74' 10.00Apr 28Fort Vancouver @ Heritage
13.9Chris Thomas74' 6.00Apr 2Union @ Heritage
14.10Brenden Bonneville74' 5.00May 6Mt. View, Heritage @ Batt..
15.10Isaac Zepada68' 1.00Apr 2Union @ Heritage
16.9Riley Faulk65' 1.00Mar 24Heritage at Skyview
Javelin - 800g
1.10Gavin Lee149' 11.00May 1Dean Nice
2.11Jacob Green137' 10.00May 6Mt. View, Heritage @ Batt..
3.10Whitey Sosene122' 9.00Apr 21Heritage/Evergreen @ Cama..
4.11Tyler Van Buskirk114' 3.00Apr 28Fort Vancouver @ Heritage
5.9Adam Swanson109' 3.00May 6Mt. View, Heritage @ Batt..
6.9Max Reis106' 8.00Apr 21Heritage/Evergreen @ Cama..
7.12Joseph Gandarillas98' 2.00Apr 28Fort Vancouver @ Heritage
8.11Lafitaga Sosene92' 7.00Apr 28Fort Vancouver @ Heritage
9.10Colton Rasanen79' 10.00Apr 21Heritage/Evergreen @ Cama..
10.10Josh Newberry75' 3.00Apr 2Union @ Heritage
11.9Alex Belcher55' 4.00Apr 28Fort Vancouver @ Heritage
12.9Michael TarasNDApr 28Fort Vancouver @ Heritage
High Jump
1.10Denis Baraiac5' 8.00Apr 2Union @ Heritage
2.10Chris Tellez5' 6.00Apr 18Wilsonville Invitational
3.9Michael TarasNHApr 28Fort Vancouver @ Heritage
9Tim JohnsonNHMay 6Mt. View, Heritage @ Batt..
Pole Vault
1.11Vaschon Dills10' 0.00Apr 2Union @ Heritage
2.12Hunter Kestner9' 6.00May 6Mt. View, Heritage @ Batt..
10Mason Kestner9' 6.00May 6Mt. View, Heritage @ Batt..
4.9Trace Morris9' 0.00May 6Mt. View, Heritage @ Batt..
10Denis Baraiac9' 0.00May 6Mt. View, Heritage @ Batt..
Long Jump
1.10Chris Tellez19' 2.75Mar 28Tiger Invite
2.12Joseph Gandarillas19' 2.25Mar 24Heritage at Skyview
3.11Kalani Umiamaka18' 6.50Mar 24Heritage at Skyview
4.12Austin Riggs18' 5.75May 1Dean Nice
5.12Wyatt Luedecker18' 2.00Apr 28Fort Vancouver @ Heritage
6.10Denis Baraiac17' 11.00Apr 2Union @ Heritage
7.10Mason Kestner16' 7.75May 6Mt. View, Heritage @ Batt..
8.10Tashiem Hurse16' 7.00Apr 21Heritage/Evergreen @ Cama..
9.9Kyle Bare16' 5.00Apr 28Fort Vancouver @ Heritage
9Skylar Craig16' 5.00May 6Mt. View, Heritage @ Batt..
11.10J'wan Vick16' 2.50May 6Mt. View, Heritage @ Batt..
12.9Michael Taras15' 11.50Apr 2Union @ Heritage
13.9Trace Morris14' 11.00Apr 2Union @ Heritage
14.10Tyler Riggs14' 0.50May 6Mt. View, Heritage @ Batt..
15.9Tim Johnson14' 0.00Apr 2Union @ Heritage
16.10Alejandro Pedroza13' 0.50May 6Mt. View, Heritage @ Batt..
17.11Vaschon Dills11' 0.00Mar 24Heritage at Skyview
Triple Jump
1.10Chris Tellez41' 4.50May 6Mt. View, Heritage @ Batt..
2.12Austin Riggs38' 4.50May 1Dean Nice
3.10Gavin Lee37' 5.00Mar 24Heritage at Skyview
4.10Denis Baraiac37' 2.50Mar 24Heritage at Skyview
5.9Michael Taras34' 5.00Apr 21Heritage/Evergreen @ Cama..
6.9Skylar Craig33' 3.50Apr 28Fort Vancouver @ Heritage
7.10Tyler Riggs29' 11.25May 6Mt. View, Heritage @ Batt..


100 Meters
1.9Jewell Paden12.31aMay 282A, 3A, 4A Day 1-3 State ..
2.11Emily Andersen13.05aMay 19GSHL 4A District Meet
3.9Aleasha Wallace13.17aMay 6Mt. View, Heritage @ Batt..
4.10Kaitlan Belocura13.34aMay 6Mt. View, Heritage @ Batt..
5.10Colleen Woods13.74cApr 28Fort Vancouver @ Heritage
11Angelica Nichols13.74cApr 28Fort Vancouver @ Heritage
7.9Deja Gomez14.37aMay 6Mt. View, Heritage @ Batt..
8.9Cheyenne Rains14.44cApr 21Heritage/Evergreen @ Cama..
9.9Mehrija Selava14.54cMar 24Heritage at Skyview
10.10Alina Svirdan14.84cApr 28Fort Vancouver @ Heritage
11.9Hailey Ross15.64cMar 24Heritage at Skyview
12.9Teryn Norris16.34cApr 21Heritage/Evergreen @ Cama..
13.12Darlina Rose21:09.35aMay 1Dean Nice
14.11Mya MagdalenoNTApr 28Fort Vancouver @ Heritage
200 Meters
1.9Jewell Paden25.80aMay 19GSHL 4A District Meet
2.11Emily Andersen26.70aMay 19GSHL 4A District Meet
3.9Aleasha Wallace26.98aMay 1Dean Nice
4.10Kaitlan Belocura27.84aMay 6Mt. View, Heritage @ Batt..
5.11Angelica Nichols28.42aApr 18Wilsonville Invitational
6.10Colleen Woods29.14cApr 21Heritage/Evergreen @ Cama..
7.9Deja Gomez30.06aMay 6Mt. View, Heritage @ Batt..
8.9Cheyenne Rains31.24cApr 21Heritage/Evergreen @ Cama..
9.10Julia Penttila32.34cApr 2Union @ Heritage
10.9Teryn Norris35.64cApr 2Union @ Heritage
400 Meters
1.12Elizabeth Cusanelli63.81aMar 28Tiger Invite
2.10Alina Svirdan66.43aMay 19GSHL 4A District Meet
3.12Victoria Kehler66.54cApr 28Fort Vancouver @ Heritage
4.9Arianna Cline67.14cApr 21Heritage/Evergreen @ Cama..
5.10Kaitlan Belocura68.14cApr 28Fort Vancouver @ Heritage
6.9Hailey Ross69.34cApr 21Heritage/Evergreen @ Cama..
800 Meters
1.12Victoria Kehler2:34.28aMay 6Mt. View, Heritage @ Batt..
2.12Elizabeth Cusanelli2:35.90Apr 28Fort Vancouver @ Heritage
3.12Darlina Rose2:43.40Apr 28Fort Vancouver @ Heritage
4.11Savanah Kehler2:44.11aApr 2551st Annual Centennial In..
5.9Arianna Cline2:45.20Apr 2Union @ Heritage
6.10Alina Svirdan2:48.70Apr 2Union @ Heritage
7.11Lexi Pina2:58.80Apr 2Union @ Heritage
8.9Patricia Rawlings3:03.60Apr 21Heritage/Evergreen @ Cama..
9.11Anna Labadie3:13.50Apr 21Heritage/Evergreen @ Cama..
10.11Alissa Van Order3:21.30Apr 2Union @ Heritage
1500 Meters
1.12Victoria Kehler5:15.81aMay 1Dean Nice
2.9Arianna Cline5:39.32aApr 18Wilsonville Invitational
1600 Meters
1.12Victoria Kehler5:34.58aMay 19GSHL 4A District Meet
2.12Darlina Rose5:52.60Apr 21Heritage/Evergreen @ Cama..
3.9Arianna Cline5:57.30Apr 21Heritage/Evergreen @ Cama..
4.12Elizabeth Cusanelli5:59.00Apr 21Heritage/Evergreen @ Cama..
5.11Savanah Kehler6:00.70Apr 21Heritage/Evergreen @ Cama..
6.11Lexi Pina6:33.90Apr 2Union @ Heritage
7.11Anna Labadie6:38.20Apr 2Union @ Heritage
8.11Alissa Van Order7:13.80Apr 21Heritage/Evergreen @ Cama..
3000 Meters
1.12Darlina Rose11:54.65aApr 2551st Annual Centennial In..
3200 Meters
1.12Victoria Kehler12:09.79aMay 19GSHL 4A District Meet
2.12Darlina Rose12:45.30Apr 2Union @ Heritage
3.11Savanah Kehler13:04.80Apr 28Fort Vancouver @ Heritage
4.9Arianna Cline13:23.72aMay 6Mt. View, Heritage @ Batt..
5000 Meters
1.12Darlina Rose21.09.35aMay 1Dean Nice
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.10Mackenzie Romilly17.14cApr 28Fort Vancouver @ Heritage
2.9Jewell Paden17.54cApr 28Fort Vancouver @ Heritage
3.11Emily AndersenNTApr 28Fort Vancouver @ Heritage
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.10Mackenzie Romilly52.34cApr 28Fort Vancouver @ Heritage
4x100 Relay
1.-Jewell Paden
Kaitlan Belocura
Aleasha Wallace
Emily Andersen
49.84aMay 19GSHL 4A District Meet
2.-Jewell Paden
Kaitlan Belocura
Angelica Nichols
Emily Andersen
51.64cApr 2Union @ Heritage
3.-Jewell Paden
Kaitlan Belocura
Deja Gomez
Emily Andersen
53.90aMar 28Tiger Invite
4x200 Relay
1.-Emily Andersen
Angelica Nichols
Aleasha Wallace
Jewell Paden
1:46.58aMay 19GSHL 4A District Meet
2.-Emily Andersen
Colleen Woods
Aleasha Wallace
Jewell Paden
1:48.25aMay 6Mt. View, Heritage @ Batt..
3.-Alayiah Turner
Mehriga Selava
Mackenzie Romilly
Jewell Paden
1:56.00Mar 24Heritage at Skyview
4.-Kaitlan Belocura
Teryn Norris
Mehrija Selava
Emily Andersen
1:56.70Apr 2Union @ Heritage
4x400 Relay
1.-Kaitlan Belocura
Arianna Cline
Alina Svirdan
Elizabeth Cusanelli
4:28.90Mar 24Heritage at Skyview
2.-Victoria Kehler
Arianna Cline
Alina Svirdan
Elizabeth Cusanelli
4:29.60aMay 19GSHL 4A District Meet
3.-Victoria Kehler
Alina Svirdan
Arianna Cline
Elizabeth Cusanelli
4:29.87aApr 18Wilsonville Invitational
4.-Victoria Kehler
Arianna Cline
Savanah Kehler
Elizabeth Cusanelli
4:37.11aMar 28Tiger Invite
5.-Elizabeth Cusanelli
Victoria Kehler
Arianna Cline
Alina Svirdan
4:47.30Apr 28Fort Vancouver @ Heritage
6.-Savanah Kehler
Victoria Kehler
Alina Svirdan
Elizabeth Cusanelli
4:47.40Apr 2Union @ Heritage
Shot Put - 4kg
1.12Isa Mendiola31' 6.00Apr 2Union @ Heritage
2.10Alina Svirdan31' 0.50May 19GSHL 4A District Meet
3.10Lisi Thomas30' 10.50May 19GSHL 4A District Meet
4.10Madison Madsen26' 4.75May 6Mt. View, Heritage @ Batt..
5.12Tulu Tulenkun26' 0.00Apr 21Heritage/Evergreen @ Cama..
6.10Taylor Kamp24' 10.50Apr 21Heritage/Evergreen @ Cama..
7.11Natalie Czmowski24' 5.00Apr 21Heritage/Evergreen @ Cama..
Discus - 1kg
1.12Isa Mendiola100' 4.00Apr 21Heritage/Evergreen @ Cama..
2.10Lisi Thomas93' 8.00Mar 28Tiger Invite
3.12Tulu Tulenkun75' 5.00Apr 28Fort Vancouver @ Heritage
4.10Madison Madsen70' 3.00Apr 21Heritage/Evergreen @ Cama..
5.11Natalie Czmowski69' 10.00Mar 24Heritage at Skyview
6.10Taylor Kamp67' 0.00Apr 21Heritage/Evergreen @ Cama..
7.9Cristi Vorobets59' 8.00Apr 2Union @ Heritage
8.12Caroline Fernandes de Almeida54' 9.00Apr 2Union @ Heritage
Javelin - 600g
1.12Caroline Fernandes de Almeida91' 4.00Apr 21Heritage/Evergreen @ Cama..
2.10Lisi Thomas86' 8.00Apr 18Wilsonville Invitational
3.11Savanah Kehler80' 8.00Apr 18Wilsonville Invitational
4.10Leslie Calaoagan67' 2.00Apr 2Union @ Heritage
5.10Julia Penttila66' 4.00May 6Mt. View, Heritage @ Batt..
6.10Madison Madsen46' 2.00May 6Mt. View, Heritage @ Batt..
7.10Mackenzie RomillyNDApr 28Fort Vancouver @ Heritage
High Jump
1.10Kaitlan Belocura4' 10.00Mar 28Tiger Invite
2.9Aleasha Wallace4' 8.00Apr 18Wilsonville Invitational
3.10Mackenzie Romilly4' 4.00Mar 24Heritage at Skyview
11Angelica Nichols4' 4.00Mar 24Heritage at Skyview
5.9Jewell PadenNHApr 28Fort Vancouver @ Heritage
Pole Vault
1.10Hannah Lord9' 0.00Mar 24Heritage at Skyview
2.10Julia Penttila8' 0.00May 1Dean Nice
Long Jump
1.11Angelica Nichols14' 10.50May 19GSHL 4A District Meet
2.12Victoria Kehler14' 8.00Apr 2Union @ Heritage
3.10Hannah Lord14' 7.25May 1Dean Nice
4.9Mehrija Selava13' 10.00Apr 21Heritage/Evergreen @ Cama..
5.10Julia Penttila13' 7.50Apr 2Union @ Heritage
6.10Colleen Woods13' 4.50Apr 21Heritage/Evergreen @ Cama..
7.9Hailey Ross13' 1.00May 6Mt. View, Heritage @ Batt..
8.11Savanah Kehler12' 9.50Apr 28Fort Vancouver @ Heritage
9.12Elizabeth Cusanelli12' 8.00Mar 24Heritage at Skyview
9Patricia Rawlings12' 8.00Apr 21Heritage/Evergreen @ Cama..
11.9Cheyenne Rains12' 4.00Apr 28Fort Vancouver @ Heritage
12.11Mya Magdaleno12' 3.25May 6Mt. View, Heritage @ Batt..
13.9Deja Gomez11' 8.00Apr 21Heritage/Evergreen @ Cama..
14.9Teryn Norris10' 0.00Apr 28Fort Vancouver @ Heritage
15.9Aleasha WallaceNDApr 2Union @ Heritage
Triple Jump
1.11Angelica Nichols30' 3.00Apr 2Union @ Heritage
2.10Hannah Lord29' 11.75May 6Mt. View, Heritage @ Batt..
3.10Julia Penttila29' 10.50Mar 28Tiger Invite
4.10Mackenzie RomillyNDMar 28Tiger Invite

* = Recent improvement

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