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    Braves - Kennewick, WA

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100 Meters
1.10Darreon Moore11.40aApr 11Davis Invitational
2.12TJ Faamausili11.52aMay 15MCC District Championship..
3.10Salvador Gonzalez11.78aMay 1MCC JV: Kam, Kenn, HHS @ ..
4.9Benson Smith11.91aApr 2530th Annual Kiwanis Invit..
5.12Austin Gutierrez11.92aApr 2530th Annual Kiwanis Invit..
6.12Riley Shulman12.08aMay 8MCC 3A JV Championship
7.9Talmadge Jacobson12.11aMay 1MCC JV: Kam, Kenn, HHS @ ..
8.12David Barr12.14cMar 26MCC JV #1 Ken-Chi-Kam-WW
9.10Brayden Vickerman12.20aMay 1MCC JV: Kam, Kenn, HHS @ ..
10.11Chase Meyer12.66aMay 8MCC 3A JV Championship
11.10Andres Kenworthy12.74cMar 26MCC JV #1 Ken-Chi-Kam-WW
12.9Josh Liddicoat12.94cMar 26MCC JV #1 Ken-Chi-Kam-WW
13.10Ezequiel Torres12.97aMay 8MCC 3A JV Championship
14.10Riley Ellsworth13.03aMay 8MCC 3A JV Championship
15.12Noah Erhart13.86aMay 8MCC 3A JV Championship
200 Meters
1.10Darreon Moore22.60aMar 14Richland Jamboree
2.12TJ Faamausili23.60aMar 14Richland Jamboree
3.9Benson Smith24.20aMay 15MCC District Championship..
4.12Austin Gutierrez24.25aMay 7Mcc #3 Pas, Sr, Chia @ Ka..
5.9Talmadge Jacobson24.43aMay 8MCC 3A JV Championship
6.10Brayden Vickerman24.71aMay 8MCC 3A JV Championship
7.12Riley Shulman24.89aMay 8MCC 3A JV Championship
8.10Salvador Gonzalez25.10aMar 14Richland Jamboree
9.10Andres Kenworthy25.80aMar 14Richland Jamboree
10.10Ezequiel Torres27.11aMay 8MCC 3A JV Championship
11.9Josh Liddicoat27.94cMar 26MCC JV #1 Ken-Chi-Kam-WW
12.12Noah Erhart28.53aMay 8MCC 3A JV Championship
13.10Riley Ellsworth28.64cApr 9MCC JV#2: Richland, Pasco..
400 Meters
1.10Braxton Gutierrez51.45aMay 7Mcc #3 Pas, Sr, Chia @ Ka..
2.9Benson Smith53.53aMay 7Mcc #3 Pas, Sr, Chia @ Ka..
3.12Levi Davies53.66aMay 2Shoreline Invitational (B..
4.11Kenneth Sweet53.89aMay 15MCC District Championship..
5.10Darreon Moore54.54aMay 7Mcc #3 Pas, Sr, Chia @ Ka..
6.9Jonah Franco54.57aApr 2530th Annual Kiwanis Invit..
7.12David Barr57.30aMar 14Richland Jamboree
8.10Ruben Vargas57.76aApr 30MCC #2 RHS, KeHS, KaHS @ ..
9.10Ezequiel Torres59.37aMay 1MCC JV: Kam, Kenn, HHS @ ..
10.9Josh Tano62.49aMay 1MCC JV: Kam, Kenn, HHS @ ..
400 Meters - Relay Split
1.10Braxton Gutierrez49.30May 23GSL/MCC 3A/4A Regionals- ..
2.10Darreon Moore51.30May 23GSL/MCC 3A/4A Regionals- ..
3.12Levi Davies52.10May 23GSL/MCC 3A/4A Regionals- ..
4.9Benson Smith53.00May 282A, 3A, 4A Day 1-3 State ..
5.11Kenneth Sweet53.20May 15MCC District Championship..
6.9Talmadge Jacobson55.10Apr 23MCC #1 Kam, Chi, WW @ Han..
7.9Jonah Franco57.30May 7Mcc #3 Pas, Sr, Chia @ Ka..
8.12Cameron Glade58.70Apr 23MCC #1 Kam, Chi, WW @ Han..
9.10Zach Borisch60.30Apr 23MCC #1 Kam, Chi, WW @ Han..
800 Meters
1.10Braxton Gutierrez1:57.07aMay 15MCC District Championship..
2.12Andrew Snyder1:59.13aMay 7Mcc #3 Pas, Sr, Chia @ Ka..
3.12Levi Davies2:00.34aMay 15MCC District Championship..
4.9Jonah Franco2:07.20aMay 7Mcc #3 Pas, Sr, Chia @ Ka..
5.12Cameron Glade2:09.79aApr 23MCC #1 Kam, Chi, WW @ Han..
6.10Kyler Lee2:09.80aMar 14Richland Jamboree
7.11Ismael Torelli2:12.16aMay 1MCC JV: Kam, Kenn, HHS @ ..
8.9Preston Glade2:13.96aMay 7Mcc #3 Pas, Sr, Chia @ Ka..
9.11Leonel Alvarez2:19.15aMay 15MCC District Championship..
10.10Cayden Treadway2:19.76aMay 15MCC District Championship..
11.10Patrick Conachan2:23.10Apr 9MCC JV#2: Richland, Pasco..
12.9Sawyer Moon2:23.50Apr 9MCC JV#2: Richland, Pasco..
13.10Sam Perrins2:24.81aMay 8MCC 3A JV Championship
14.9Trevor Heath2:29.20Apr 9MCC JV#2: Richland, Pasco..
15.9Jeremy Pattillo2:34.19aApr 24MCC JV - Han-Kam-WW @ Chi..
16.9Mitchel Denke2:46.30Mar 26MCC JV #1 Ken-Chi-Kam-WW
17.12Ben BrooksDNSApr 2530th Annual Kiwanis Invit..
1500 Meters
1.12Cameron Glade4:09.99aApr 2530th Annual Kiwanis Invit..
2.12Ben Brooks4:13.66aApr 2530th Annual Kiwanis Invit..
3.9Jonah Franco4:15.29aApr 2530th Annual Kiwanis Invit..
1600 Meters
1.12Andrew Snyder4:18.07aApr 18Pasco Invitational
2.12Ben Brooks4:25.57aApr 18Pasco Invitational
3.12Cameron Glade4:25.67aMay 23GSL/MCC 3A/4A Regionals- ..
4.11Phillip Fishburn4:29.73aMay 23GSL/MCC 3A/4A Regionals- ..
5.9Jonah Franco4:35.24aMay 15MCC District Championship..
6.12Jonathan Lafferty4:36.12aMay 15MCC District Championship..
7.11Travis Crumpler4:37.22aMay 15MCC District Championship..
8.10Braxton Gutierrez4:44.14aMay 8MCC 3A JV Championship
9.10Traven Bills4:48.26aMay 8MCC 3A JV Championship
10.12Levi Davies4:51.41aMay 8MCC 3A JV Championship
11.10Kyler Lee4:53.80Mar 26MCC JV #1 Ken-Chi-Kam-WW
12.9Preston Glade4:55.80Apr 9MCC JV#2: Richland, Pasco..
13.10Cayden Treadway5:01.62aMay 15MCC District Championship..
14.10Sam Perrins5:14.80aApr 24MCC JV - Han-Kam-WW @ Chi..
15.10Patrick Conachan5:15.09aApr 24MCC JV - Han-Kam-WW @ Chi..
16.11Ismael Torelli5:15.28aMar 14Richland Jamboree
17.11Leonel Alvarez5:16.69aMay 8MCC 3A JV Championship
18.9Sawyer Moon5:20.00aMay 1MCC JV: Kam, Kenn, HHS @ ..
19.9Trevor Heath5:23.91aMay 1MCC JV: Kam, Kenn, HHS @ ..
20.9Mitchel Denke5:35.00Mar 26MCC JV #1 Ken-Chi-Kam-WW
21.9Jeremy Pattillo5:41.04aMay 1MCC JV: Kam, Kenn, HHS @ ..
22.10Levi OrrenDNSMar 14Richland Jamboree
1 Mile
1.12Andrew Snyder4:19.60aApr 18Pasco Invitational
3000 Meters
1.12Andrew Snyder8:46.39aApr 2530th Annual Kiwanis Invit..
2.11Phillip Fishburn8:56.68aApr 2530th Annual Kiwanis Invit..
3.12Jonathan Lafferty9:06.04aApr 2530th Annual Kiwanis Invit..
3200 Meters
1.12Andrew Snyder9:13.34aApr 11Arcadia Invitational (Day..
2.11Phillip Fishburn9:22.99aMay 2Shoreline Invitational (B..
3.12Jonathan Lafferty9:44.79aMay 22GSL/MCC 3A/4A Regionals- ..
4.12Ben Brooks9:48.44aMay 22GSL/MCC 3A/4A Regionals- ..
5.11Travis Crumpler10:00.28aApr 30MCC #2 RHS, KeHS, KaHS @ ..
6.12Cameron Glade10:09.10Mar 14Richland Jamboree
7.10Traven Bills10:20.86aMay 15MCC District Championship..
8.9Preston Glade10:39.17aApr 30MCC #2 RHS, KeHS, KaHS @ ..
9.9Mitchel Denke11:26.08aMay 1MCC JV: Kam, Kenn, HHS @ ..
10.10Patrick Conachan11:36.20Mar 14Richland Jamboree
11.10Cayden Treadway12:19.37aMay 1MCC JV: Kam, Kenn, HHS @ ..
12.11Leonel Alvarez12:19.60Mar 14Richland Jamboree
13.9Sawyer Moon12:29.80aMay 1MCC JV: Kam, Kenn, HHS @ ..
14.10Levi OrrenDNSMar 14Richland Jamboree
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Adrionne Robinson17.32aMay 15MCC District Championship..
2.10Nate Heiden17.40aMay 8MCC 3A JV Championship
3.10Zach Borisch18.01aApr 2530th Annual Kiwanis Invit..
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.10Zach Borisch43.70aMay 8MCC 3A JV Championship
2.10Nate Heiden43.80aMay 8MCC 3A JV Championship
3.12Adrionne Robinson44.29aMay 15MCC District Championship..
4.10Salvador Gonzalez47.68aMay 8MCC 3A JV Championship
5.11Chase Meyer48.53aApr 24MCC JV - Han-Kam-WW @ Chi..
2k Steeplechase
1.11Ismael Torelli8:11.37aApr 11Davis Invitational
2.11Leonel Alvarez8:19.50aApr 11Davis Invitational
3k Steeplechase
1.9Preston Glade11:24.95aApr 2530th Annual Kiwanis Invit..
4x100 Relay
1.-Benson Smith
TJ Faamausili
Austin Gutierrez
Darreon Moore
43.82aMay 15MCC District Championship..
2.-Austin Gutierrez
Darreon Moore
TJ Faamausili
Benson Smith
44.74aApr 2530th Annual Kiwanis Invit..
3.-Jace Navejas
TJ Faamausili
Drew Sanderson
Darreon Moore
45.64aMar 21Ram Relays
4.-TJ Faamausili
Salvador Gonzalez
Talmadge Jacobson
Benson Smith
45.67aApr 18Pasco Invitational
5.-Talmadge Jacobson
Salvador Gonzalez
David Barr
Benson Smith
46.64cMar 26MCC JV #1 Ken-Chi-Kam-WW
6.-Talmadge Jacobson
Riley Shulman
Brayden Vickerman
Salvador Gonzalez
46.99aMay 8MCC 3A JV Championship
7.-Nate Heiden
Zach Borisch
Talmadge Jacobson
Benson Smith
47.54cApr 9MCC JV#2: Richland, Pasco..
8.-Chase Meyer
Talmadge Jacobson
Brayden Vickerman
Salvador Gonzalez
47.65aMay 1MCC JV: Kam, Kenn, HHS @ ..
9.-Nate Heiden
Brayden Vickerman
Benson Smith
Salvador Gonzalez
48.01aApr 11Davis Invitational
10.-Josh Liddicoat
Salvador Gonzalez
Adrionne Robinson
David Barr
49.24cApr 9MCC JV#2: Richland, Pasco..
11.-Ezequiel Torres
Brayden Vickerman
Riley Ellsworth
Chase Meyer
50.94cApr 9MCC JV#2: Richland, Pasco..
12.-Ezequiel Torres
Josh Tano
Josh Liddicoat
Riley Ellsworth
51.77aMay 1MCC JV: Kam, Kenn, HHS @ ..
13.-Ezequiel Torres
Josh Liddicoat
Noah Erhart
Riley Ellsworth
51.94aMay 8MCC 3A JV Championship
14.-Andres Kenworthy
Josh Liddicoat
Brendan Anderson
Michael Bell
52.14cMar 26MCC JV #1 Ken-Chi-Kam-WW
15.-Riley Ellsworth
Nate Heiden
Chase Meyer
Ezequiel Torres
NTMar 26MCC JV #1 Ken-Chi-Kam-WW
-Riley Ellsworth
Chase Meyer
Salvador Gonzalez
Brayden Vickerman
DQApr 24MCC JV - Han-Kam-WW @ Chi..
4x400 Relay
1.-Benson Smith
Kenneth Sweet
Braxton Gutierrez
Darreon Moore
3:26.02aMay 23GSL/MCC 3A/4A Regionals- ..
2.-Braxton Gutierrez
Kenneth Sweet
Darreon Moore
Jonah Franco
3:31.79aApr 18Pasco Invitational
3.-Benson Smith
Darreon Moore
Braxton Gutierrez
Kenneth Sweet
3:32.52aApr 2530th Annual Kiwanis Invit..
4.-Benson Smith
Darreon Moore
Kenneth Sweet
Braxton Gutierrez
3:34.36aApr 23MCC #1 Kam, Chi, WW @ Han..
5.-Kenneth Sweet
Levi Davies
Jonah Franco
Braxton Gutierrez
3:36.22aMay 7Mcc #3 Pas, Sr, Chia @ Ka..
6.-Braxton Gutierrez
Darreon Moore
Kenneth Sweet
Drew Sanderson
3:36.24aMar 21Ram Relays
7.-Kenneth Sweet
Darreon Moore
Braxton Gutierrez
Benson Smith
3:45.07aApr 11Davis Invitational
8.-Relay Team 3:45.59aMay 8MCC 3A JV Championship
9.-Austin Gutierrez
Talmadge Jacobson
Zach Borisch
Levi Davies
3:48.13aApr 23MCC #1 Kam, Chi, WW @ Han..
10.-Ruben Vargas
Andres Kenworthy
Ezequiel Torres
Brayden Vickerman
4:19.02aApr 24MCC JV - Han-Kam-WW @ Chi..
11.-Ismael Torelli
Sam Perrins
Cayden Treadway
Preston Glade
4:28.50Mar 26MCC JV #1 Ken-Chi-Kam-WW
12.-Levi Davies
Braxton Gutierrez
Kyler Lee
Curtis Patillo
DNSMar 14Richland Jamboree
-Talmadge Jacobson
Brayden Vickerman
Cayden Treadway
Sawyer Moon
DNSMay 1MCC JV: Kam, Kenn, HHS @ ..
SMR 100-100-200-400m
1.-Relay Team 1:43.47aMar 21Ram Relays
SMR 600-200-400-800m
1.-Brayden Vickerman
Cayden Treadway
Ruben Vargas
Ismael Torelli
5:43.27aApr 11Davis Invitational
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.-Jonah Franco
Kenneth Sweet
Cameron Glade
Jonathan Lafferty
11:04.20aApr 18Pasco Invitational
2.-Traven Bills
Levi Davies
Jonathan Lafferty
Travis Crumpler
11:24.91aMay 2Shoreline Invitational (B..
Shot Put - 12lb
1.11Korbin Sorensen45' 10.00May 7Mcc #3 Pas, Sr, Chia @ Ka..
2.10Wyatt Musser45' 5.25May 23GSL/MCC 3A/4A Regionals- ..
3.12TJ Faamausili43' 2.00Apr 23MCC #1 Kam, Chi, WW @ Han..
4.11Ammon Montgomery40' 8.00Apr 9MCC JV#2: Richland, Pasco..
5.12Cole Roberts40' 4.75Mar 21Ram Relays
6.12Skyler Salazar37' 9.50Apr 23MCC #1 Kam, Chi, WW @ Han..
7.12Austin Schulz35' 7.00Apr 9MCC JV#2: Richland, Pasco..
8.9Andrew Miracle34' 3.00May 1MCC JV: Kam, Kenn, HHS @ ..
9.9Luke Eskelsen32' 11.00Mar 14Richland Jamboree
10.11Garrett Gastman31' 1.00Apr 9MCC JV#2: Richland, Pasco..
11.12Mick Hanley30' 8.00Mar 26MCC JV #1 Ken-Chi-Kam-WW
12.11Brandon Maher30' 1.00Apr 9MCC JV#2: Richland, Pasco..
13.9Easton Magelsen25' 2.00May 1MCC JV: Kam, Kenn, HHS @ ..
14.11Levi TippsNDMar 14Richland Jamboree
10Riley EllsworthNDMar 14Richland Jamboree
11Dom ArteagaNDMar 14Richland Jamboree
Discus - 1.6kg
1.10Wyatt Musser165' 1.00May 282A, 3A, 4A Day 1-3 State ..
2.12Cole Roberts129' 2.00Mar 14Richland Jamboree
3.11Ammon Montgomery106' 5.00May 7Mcc #3 Pas, Sr, Chia @ Ka..
4.11Korbin Sorensen103' 5.00Apr 9MCC JV#2: Richland, Pasco..
5.9Luke Eskelsen93' 1.00Apr 23MCC #1 Kam, Chi, WW @ Han..
6.9Andrew Miracle90' 5.00May 8MCC 3A JV Championship
7.12Skyler Salazar88' 2.00May 8MCC 3A JV Championship
8.12Austin Schulz83' 6.00Apr 9MCC JV#2: Richland, Pasco..
9.11Dom Arteaga66' 4.00Mar 14Richland Jamboree
10.11Brandon Maher65' 0.00Apr 9MCC JV#2: Richland, Pasco..
11.9Easton Magelsen59' 1.00Apr 24MCC JV - Han-Kam-WW @ Chi..
Javelin - 800g
1.12Skyler Salazar135' 8.00May 22015 Strandberg
2.12Samuel Borisch134' 9.00Apr 30MCC #2 RHS, KeHS, KaHS @ ..
3.11Ammon Montgomery120' 5.00Apr 30MCC #2 RHS, KeHS, KaHS @ ..
4.11Garrett Gastman113' 6.00May 1MCC JV: Kam, Kenn, HHS @ ..
5.12Austin Schulz105' 5.00Apr 9MCC JV#2: Richland, Pasco..
6.12Mick Hanley82' 11.00Mar 26MCC JV #1 Ken-Chi-Kam-WW
7.11Brandon Maher73' 9.00May 8MCC 3A JV Championship
High Jump
1.12Dustin Scott6' 0.00Mar 14Richland Jamboree
2.12Noah Hammon5' 8.00Mar 21Ram Relays
3.11Hunter Grimes5' 6.00Apr 9MCC JV#2: Richland, Pasco..
4.12Skyler Salazar5' 4.00Mar 21Ram Relays
9Josh Tano5' 4.00May 8MCC 3A JV Championship
6.10Sam Perrins5' 0.00Apr 11Davis Invitational
Pole Vault
1.12Austin Craythorn11' 6.00May 15MCC District Championship..
11Derek Gunter11' 6.00May 7Mcc #3 Pas, Sr, Chia @ Ka..
11Levi Tipps11' 6.00May 15MCC District Championship..
4.11Jared Houchin10' 6.00May 7Mcc #3 Pas, Sr, Chia @ Ka..
12David Barr10' 6.00May 15MCC District Championship..
6.10Ruben Vargas10' 0.00May 7Mcc #3 Pas, Sr, Chia @ Ka..
Long Jump
1.10Darreon Moore21' 7.75Apr 11Davis Invitational
2.11Hunter Grimes18' 11.50May 15MCC District Championship..
3.9Josh Tano17' 10.50May 1MCC JV: Kam, Kenn, HHS @ ..
4.12Noah Hammon17' 10.00May 7Mcc #3 Pas, Sr, Chia @ Ka..
5.12Adrionne Robinson17' 2.00Mar 21Ram Relays
6.11Ammon Montgomery15' 6.50May 8MCC 3A JV Championship
Triple Jump
1.12Adrionne Robinson40' 1.00May 22015 Strandberg
2.12Noah Hammon36' 4.00Apr 11Davis Invitational


100 Meters
1.12Samantha Raines12.51aMay 282A, 3A, 4A Day 1-3 State ..
2.11Heather Donais12.83aApr 30MCC #2 RHS, KeHS, KaHS @ ..
3.12Lexi McQueary13.14aMay 7Mcc #3 Pas, Sr, Chia @ Ka..
4.11Cassidy Minor13.40aApr 2530th Annual Kiwanis Invit..
5.11Erin Leseberg13.94cApr 9MCC JV#2: Richland, Pasco..
6.11Jenna Cummings14.00aMay 1MCC JV: Kam, Kenn, HHS @ ..
7.9Karlie Gough14.03aMay 1MCC JV: Kam, Kenn, HHS @ ..
8.10Mirannda Shulman14.08aApr 23MCC #1 Kam, Chi, WW @ Han..
9.10Maya Medrano14.18aMay 1MCC JV: Kam, Kenn, HHS @ ..
10.12Rebecca Jones14.36aMay 8MCC 3A JV Championship
11.9Jill Sands14.44aMay 7Mcc #3 Pas, Sr, Chia @ Ka..
12.9Saran Sidibe15.62aMay 1MCC JV: Kam, Kenn, HHS @ ..
13.10Farah Wakid18.74cApr 9MCC JV#2: Richland, Pasco..
14.9Keeley PhippsNTMar 26MCC JV #1 Ken-Chi-Kam-WW
200 Meters
1.11Heather Donais25.73aMay 7Mcc #3 Pas, Sr, Chia @ Ka..
2.12Lindsey Schauble26.08aMay 8MCC 3A JV Championship
3.10Mirannda Shulman26.37aApr 2530th Annual Kiwanis Invit..
4.12Nicole Lee28.27aMay 7Mcc #3 Pas, Sr, Chia @ Ka..
5.11Cassidy Minor28.67aApr 2530th Annual Kiwanis Invit..
6.11Erin Leseberg28.84cApr 9MCC JV#2: Richland, Pasco..
7.10Brice Gribble29.29aMay 8MCC 3A JV Championship
8.9Jill Sands29.37aMay 7Mcc #3 Pas, Sr, Chia @ Ka..
9.9Karlie Gough29.39aMay 8MCC 3A JV Championship
10.9Kylie Scherbarth29.50aApr 30MCC #2 RHS, KeHS, KaHS @ ..
11.9Madison Arnold30.48aMay 8MCC 3A JV Championship
12.9Keeley Phipps31.18aMay 8MCC 3A JV Championship
200 Meters - Relay Split
1.11Heather Donais24.90May 282A, 3A, 4A Day 1-3 State ..
2.12Lindsey Schauble25.00May 282A, 3A, 4A Day 1-3 State ..
3.12Samantha Raines25.30May 7Mcc #3 Pas, Sr, Chia @ Ka..
4.10Mirannda Shulman25.40May 282A, 3A, 4A Day 1-3 State ..
400 Meters
1.10Mirannda Shulman58.70aMay 23GSL/MCC 3A/4A Regionals- ..
2.10Brice Gribble65.32aMay 22GSL/MCC 3A/4A Regionals- ..
3.12Dariann Oaks65.76aApr 11Davis Invitational
4.9Kylie Scherbarth66.52aApr 30MCC #2 RHS, KeHS, KaHS @ ..
5.11Sydney Freitag75.74cMar 26MCC JV #1 Ken-Chi-Kam-WW
400 Meters - Relay Split
1.11Heather Donais59.30May 22015 Strandberg
2.12Lindsey Schauble59.50Apr 2530th Annual Kiwanis Invit..
3.12Emily Moon60.00May 22015 Strandberg
4.10Mirannda Shulman60.80May 22015 Strandberg
800 Meters
1.12Emily Moon2:18.54aMay 22015 Strandberg
2.10Julia Almaguer2:34.19aApr 30MCC #2 RHS, KeHS, KaHS @ ..
3.10Brooke Moon2:34.35aMay 22015 Strandberg
4.10Ann Sorenson2:36.39aMay 15MCC District Championship..
5.9Brooklyn Lowe2:41.51aMay 8MCC 3A JV Championship
6.10Cortini Bisson2:45.51aMay 15MCC District Championship..
7.12Marnae Sorenson2:47.30aMar 14Richland Jamboree
8.12Miquette Orren2:52.32aMay 1MCC JV: Kam, Kenn, HHS @ ..
9.12Michaela Denke2:52.68aMay 8MCC 3A JV Championship
10.9Mallory Stoker2:53.40Apr 9MCC JV#2: Richland, Pasco..
11.12Raini Bisson2:53.75aApr 24MCC JV - Han-Kam-WW @ Chi..
12.11Sierra Wilde3:02.20aMar 14Richland Jamboree
13.9Leslie Varela3:03.87aMay 8MCC 3A JV Championship
14.9Natalie Badgley3:11.00Apr 9MCC JV#2: Richland, Pasco..
15.11Kate Mastoller3:13.17aMay 8MCC 3A JV Championship
16.11Madison Badgley3:15.10Apr 9MCC JV#2: Richland, Pasco..
17.9Rosa Carballo3:25.94aApr 24MCC JV - Han-Kam-WW @ Chi..
1500 Meters
1.10Brooke Moon5:12.47aApr 2530th Annual Kiwanis Invit..
2.10Cortini Bisson5:32.99aApr 2530th Annual Kiwanis Invit..
3.9Brooklyn Lowe5:37.47aApr 2530th Annual Kiwanis Invit..
1600 Meters
1.11Lindsey Lowe5:18.32aMay 15MCC District Championship..
2.12Emily Moon5:33.78aApr 11Davis Invitational
3.12Marnae Sorenson5:38.23aMay 15MCC District Championship..
4.10Julia Almaguer5:41.00aMay 15MCC District Championship..
5.10Brooke Moon5:42.02aApr 30MCC #2 RHS, KeHS, KaHS @ ..
6.9Brooklyn Lowe5:55.93aMay 15MCC District Championship..
7.11Kaylee Sanchez5:59.14aMay 8MCC 3A JV Championship
8.10Cortini Bisson6:02.87aApr 23MCC #1 Kam, Chi, WW @ Han..
9.12Miquette Orren6:05.83aMay 1MCC JV: Kam, Kenn, HHS @ ..
10.12Raini Bisson6:06.58aMay 8MCC 3A JV Championship
11.12Michaela Denke6:08.83aMay 15MCC District Championship..
12.12Lindsey Barr6:11.52aMay 8MCC 3A JV Championship
13.11Sierra Wilde6:45.00Mar 26MCC JV #1 Ken-Chi-Kam-WW
14.9Natalie Badgley6:49.94aMay 8MCC 3A JV Championship
15.11Madison Badgley6:56.79aMay 8MCC 3A JV Championship
16.9Rosa Carballo7:25.82aApr 24MCC JV - Han-Kam-WW @ Chi..
17.11Kate Mastoller7:30.75aApr 24MCC JV - Han-Kam-WW @ Chi..
3000 Meters
1.11Lindsey Lowe11:05.50aApr 2530th Annual Kiwanis Invit..
2.11Kaylee Sanchez12:00.15aApr 2530th Annual Kiwanis Invit..
3.12Miquette Orren12:07.74aApr 2530th Annual Kiwanis Invit..
3200 Meters
1.11Lindsey Lowe11:37.27aMay 15MCC District Championship..
2.11Kaylee Sanchez12:46.18aApr 11Davis Invitational
3.12Miquette Orren13:01.73aMay 22GSL/MCC 3A/4A Regionals- ..
4.9Brooklyn Lowe13:08.87aMay 15MCC District Championship..
5.12Lindsey Barr13:33.38aMay 15MCC District Championship..
6.12Raini Bisson13:59.90aMay 8MCC 3A JV Championship
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.11Heather Donais14.78aMay 23GSL/MCC 3A/4A Regionals- ..
2.12Lindsey Schauble15.14aApr 18Pasco Invitational
3.12Dariann Oaks15.63aMay 23GSL/MCC 3A/4A Regionals- ..
4.10Addie Oaks17.19aMay 22GSL/MCC 3A/4A Regionals- ..
5.9Kylie Scherbarth18.24cApr 9MCC JV#2: Richland, Pasco..
6.12Rachael Pickard18.74aMay 1MCC JV: Kam, Kenn, HHS @ ..
7.10Sam Westermeyer19.34aMay 1MCC JV: Kam, Kenn, HHS @ ..
8.9Jill Sands19.41aMay 8MCC 3A JV Championship
9.9Madison Arnold20.04cMar 26MCC JV #1 Ken-Chi-Kam-WW
10.11Jenna Cummings20.75aMay 1MCC JV: Kam, Kenn, HHS @ ..
11.9Saran SidibeDNSMar 14Richland Jamboree
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.11Heather Donais43.24aMay 22015 Strandberg
2.12Lindsey Schauble44.07aMay 7Mcc #3 Pas, Sr, Chia @ Ka..
3.12Dariann Oaks46.54aMay 23GSL/MCC 3A/4A Regionals- ..
4.10Addie Oaks47.83aMay 7Mcc #3 Pas, Sr, Chia @ Ka..
5.9Kylie Scherbarth49.48aMay 22GSL/MCC 3A/4A Regionals- ..
6.12Rachael Pickard53.21aMay 7Mcc #3 Pas, Sr, Chia @ Ka..
7.9Jill Sands53.64aMay 8MCC 3A JV Championship
8.11Jenna Cummings56.24cMar 26MCC JV #1 Ken-Chi-Kam-WW
9.10Erica Bergman56.37aMay 15MCC District Championship..
10.9Madison Arnold56.64cMar 26MCC JV #1 Ken-Chi-Kam-WW
4x100 Relay
1.-Mirannda Shulman
Heather Donais
Lexi McQueary
Samantha Raines
48.31aMay 15MCC District Championship..
2.-Mirannda Shulman
Heather Donais
Samantha Raines
Lexi McQueary
49.67aApr 18Pasco Invitational
3.-Mirannda Shulman
Heather Donais
Dariann Oaks
Samantha Raines
51.42aApr 11Davis Invitational
4.-Mirannda Shulman
Dariann Oaks
Cassidy Minor
Samantha Raines
52.52aMar 21Ram Relays
5.-Erin Leseberg
Addie Oaks
Lexi McQueary
Parker Lee
53.14cApr 9MCC JV#2: Richland, Pasco..
6.-Maya Medrano
Brice Gribble
Karlie Gough
Jill Sands
55.14cApr 9MCC JV#2: Richland, Pasco..
7.-Brice Gribble
Maya Medrano
Karlie Gough
Madison Arnold
55.65aApr 24MCC JV - Han-Kam-WW @ Chi..
8.-Karlie Gough
Rebecca Jones
Kirsten Paulson
Brice Gribble
55.78aMay 8MCC 3A JV Championship
9.-Karlie Gough
Brice Gribble
Addie Oaks
Cassidy Minor
55.84cMar 26MCC JV #1 Ken-Chi-Kam-WW
10.-Brice Gribble
Maya Medrano
Jenna Cummings
Karlie Gough
55.86aMay 1MCC JV: Kam, Kenn, HHS @ ..
4x200 Relay
1.-Mirannda Shulman
Heather Donais
Lindsey Schauble
Samantha Raines
1:41.20aMay 282A, 3A, 4A Day 1-3 State ..
2.-Erica Bergman
Erin Leseberg
Jill Sands
Kylie Scherbarth
2:01.20Apr 9MCC JV#2: Richland, Pasco..
3.-Cassidy Minor
Addie Oaks
Brice Gribble
Kylie Scherbarth
DQMar 26MCC JV #1 Ken-Chi-Kam-WW
-Kylie Scherbarth
Jill Sands
Karlie Gough
Addie Oaks
DNSMay 1MCC JV: Kam, Kenn, HHS @ ..
4x400 Relay
1.-Mirannda Shulman
Lindsey Schauble
Emily Moon
Heather Donais
3:59.53aMay 22015 Strandberg
2.-Dariann Oaks
Addie Oaks
Emily Moon
Mirannda Shulman
4:08.42aMay 15MCC District Championship..
3.-Dariann Oaks
Lindsey Schauble
Heather Donais
Mirannda Shulman
4:16.32aApr 11Davis Invitational
4.-Dariann Oaks
Addie Oaks
Brooke Moon
Emily Moon
4:21.20aApr 30MCC #2 RHS, KeHS, KaHS @ ..
5.-Dariann Oaks
Emily Moon
Brice Gribble
Addie Oaks
4:23.05aMar 21Ram Relays
6.-Dariann Oaks
Julia Almaguer
Brice Gribble
Brooke Moon
4:40.28aApr 23MCC #1 Kam, Chi, WW @ Han..
SMR 100-100-200-400m
1.-Cassidy Minor
Samantha Raines
Addie Oaks
Mirannda Shulman
2:07.94aMar 21Ram Relays
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.-Cortini Bisson
Julia Almaguer
Kylie Scherbarth
Ann Sorenson
13:43.46aApr 18Pasco Invitational
4x100 Shuttle Hurdles - 36"
1.-Dariann Oaks
Rachael Pickard
Addie Oaks
Kylie Scherbarth
74.44aMar 21Ram Relays
Shot Put - 4kg
1.12Tabitha Wellsandt40' 0.00May 7Mcc #3 Pas, Sr, Chia @ Ka..
2.10Maya Medrano32' 7.00May 7Mcc #3 Pas, Sr, Chia @ Ka..
3.12Yaye Sidibe31' 1.00May 22015 Strandberg
4.12Rebecca Jones30' 10.00May 7Mcc #3 Pas, Sr, Chia @ Ka..
5.12Kirsten Paulson27' 9.00Mar 26MCC JV #1 Ken-Chi-Kam-WW
6.9Saran Sidibe25' 7.00May 8MCC 3A JV Championship
7.10Farah Wakid21' 3.00Apr 9MCC JV#2: Richland, Pasco..
8.10Sam WestermeyerDNSMay 1MCC JV: Kam, Kenn, HHS @ ..
Discus - 1kg
1.12Tabitha Wellsandt112' 10.00Apr 11Davis Invitational
2.12Rebecca Jones106' 0.00Apr 23MCC #1 Kam, Chi, WW @ Han..
3.12Kirsten Paulson97' 6.00May 23GSL/MCC 3A/4A Regionals- ..
4.12Yaye Sidibe92' 6.00May 7Mcc #3 Pas, Sr, Chia @ Ka..
5.11Vivian Thielemann81' 9.00May 7Mcc #3 Pas, Sr, Chia @ Ka..
6.10Maya Medrano68' 8.00May 8MCC 3A JV Championship
7.9Saran Sidibe62' 5.00May 8MCC 3A JV Championship
8.10Farah Wakid56' 9.00Mar 14Richland Jamboree
Javelin - 600g
1.10Sam Westermeyer113' 6.00May 15MCC District Championship..
2.11Parker Lee112' 8.00May 22GSL/MCC 3A/4A Regionals- ..
3.12Andrea Stapleton99' 10.00May 7Mcc #3 Pas, Sr, Chia @ Ka..
4.12Tabitha Wellsandt98' 4.00May 15MCC District Championship..
5.11Vivian Thielemann91' 9.00Apr 11Davis Invitational
6.12Lindsey Schauble90' 6.00May 8MCC 3A JV Championship
7.12Rebecca Jones75' 11.00Apr 11Davis Invitational
8.12Taylor Fabbri63' 7.00Mar 14Richland Jamboree
9.10Farah Wakid61' 9.00Mar 14Richland Jamboree
10.12Kirsten Paulson53' 9.00Apr 9MCC JV#2: Richland, Pasco..
11.10Maya Medrano49' 10.00Apr 9MCC JV#2: Richland, Pasco..
12.10Erica Bergman48' 5.00May 8MCC 3A JV Championship
13.12Yaye SidibeNDMar 26MCC JV #1 Ken-Chi-Kam-WW
High Jump
1.12Andrea Stapleton5' 8.00Mar 21Ram Relays
2.10Allison Stapleton5' 6.00Mar 21Ram Relays
3.12Lindsey Schauble5' 0.00Mar 21Ram Relays
4.12Nicole Lee4' 8.00Apr 30MCC #2 RHS, KeHS, KaHS @ ..
5.11Brenna McCue4' 4.00Apr 9MCC JV#2: Richland, Pasco..
6.11Sydney Freitag4' 0.00Mar 26MCC JV #1 Ken-Chi-Kam-WW
Pole Vault
1.12Samantha Raines12' 6.00May 7Mcc #3 Pas, Sr, Chia @ Ka..
2.12Taylor Fabbri9' 0.00May 23GSL/MCC 3A/4A Regionals- ..
3.10Erica Bergman8' 6.00Apr 23MCC #1 Kam, Chi, WW @ Han..
4.10Karley Craythorn7' 6.00Apr 30MCC #2 RHS, KeHS, KaHS @ ..
11Noelle Sernett7' 6.00Apr 30MCC #2 RHS, KeHS, KaHS @ ..
6.12Sarah Gastman5' 6.00Mar 26MCC JV #1 Ken-Chi-Kam-WW
Long Jump
1.10Allison Stapleton18' 7.50May 22GSL/MCC 3A/4A Regionals- ..
2.12Lindsey Schauble17' 11.00Mar 21Ram Relays
3.12Andrea Stapleton17' 6.00Mar 21Ram Relays
4.12Lexi McQueary16' 8.00Apr 23MCC #1 Kam, Chi, WW @ Han..
5.10Brice Gribble15' 10.25May 8MCC 3A JV Championship
6.9Jill Sands13' 9.50Apr 9MCC JV#2: Richland, Pasco..
7.11Sydney Freitag13' 8.50Mar 14Richland Jamboree
8.11Brenna McCue12' 8.00Apr 9MCC JV#2: Richland, Pasco..
Triple Jump
1.12Andrea Stapleton38' 8.00Apr 30MCC #2 RHS, KeHS, KaHS @ ..
2.10Allison Stapleton38' 5.50Apr 30MCC #2 RHS, KeHS, KaHS @ ..
3.12Lindsey Schauble36' 0.00Mar 21Ram Relays
4.12Lexi McQueary35' 2.25May 23GSL/MCC 3A/4A Regionals- ..
5.11Sydney Freitag30' 0.25Mar 14Richland Jamboree

* = Recent improvement

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