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      Wildcats - Mead, WA

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100 Meters
1.11Roy Hyatt11.44aMay 1GSL #4 Rogers/Mead/M..
2.10Zach Vogel11.45aMay 16GSL Districts
3.12Louis Keys11.96aApr 26Mooberry Relays
4.12Cameron McFarlain12.08aMar 22West Valley Invitati..
5.10Joel Nay12.20aMay 17JV/9 GSL District Ch..
6.11Jacob Lionello12.58aMay 9Mead JV/9 Twilight M..
7.9Izaak Piscitelli12.64cApr 19Code Red Invitationa..
8.11Brandon Morgan12.71aMay 1GSL #4 Rogers/Mead/M..
9.9Adrian Lewis12.84cApr 18JV GSL MSHS/GP/NC
10.12Dan Sicilia13.01aMay 9Mead JV/9 Twilight M..
11.11Brendan Mayo13.23aMay 9Mead JV/9 Twilight M..
12.9Dillon Lionello13.63aMay 9Mead JV/9 Twilight M..
13.9Michael Hoyt19.76aMay 16GSL Districts
100 Meters - Wheelchair
1.9Michael Hoyt20.69aApr 26Mooberry Relays
200 Meters
1.11Roy Hyatt23.05aMay 1GSL #4 Rogers/Mead/M..
2.11Jacob Krantz23.31aMay 32014 Strandberg
3.10Zach Vogel23.58aMay 16GSL Districts
4.11David Hipes23.68aMay 1GSL #4 Rogers/Mead/M..
5.12Louis Keys24.53aMay 16GSL Districts
6.10Brayden Callahan24.74aMar 22West Valley Invitati..
7.10Nathan Koch24.93aApr 2GSL #1 Ferris JV/Var..
8.12Cameron McFarlain24.94cApr 18JV GSL MSHS/GP/NC
9.12Dan Sicilia25.08aMay 1GSL #4 Rogers/Mead/M..
10.9Steven Hansen25.22aMay 1GSL #4 Rogers/Mead/M..
11.11Derek Ishii25.55aMar 29Kent-Meridian Invite
12.11Brandon Morgan25.71aMay 17JV/9 GSL District Ch..
13.10Joel Nay25.74cApr 18JV GSL MSHS/GP/NC
14.9Izaak Piscitelli25.94cApr 18JV GSL MSHS/GP/NC
15.9Michael Hoyt36.90aMay 23GSL/MCC Regionals Da..
400 Meters
1.12Cameron Goodman50.79aMay 23GSL/MCC Regionals Da..
2.11Jacob Krantz51.04aMay 24GSL/MCC Regionals
3.11David Hipes53.88aMar 22West Valley Invitati..
4.12Dan Sicilia54.64aMay 23GSL/MCC Regionals Da..
5.10Nathan Koch54.71aMay 8GSL #5 CV/Shadle/Mt...
6.12Cameron McFarlain55.41aMay 17JV/9 GSL District Ch..
7.9Hayden Dressel55.98aApr 24GSL #3 LC/MSHS JV/Va..
8.11Pierce Becker57.11aApr 24GSL #3 LC/MSHS JV/Va..
9.11Derek Ishii57.24cApr 19Code Red Invitationa..
10.12Reed Siclair57.85aMar 22West Valley Invitati..
11.12Louis Keys59.92aMar 22West Valley Invitati..
12.9Michael Hoyt85.25aApr 17GSL#2 MSHS/GP/NC @NC
13.11Roy HyattDNSMay 32014 Strandberg
800 Meters
1.11John Dressel1:58.43aApr 17GSL#2 MSHS/GP/NC @NC
2.12Jacob Vandenberg1:58.50aMay 23GSL/MCC Regionals Da..
3.11Pierce Becker2:01.80aMay 16GSL Districts
4.9Hayden Dressel2:02.30aMay 16GSL Districts
5.10Dallas Page2:08.80aMay 8GSL #5 CV/Shadle/Mt...
6.12Kees von Michalofski2:09.23aApr 24GSL #3 LC/MSHS JV/Va..
7.11Dorian Miller2:18.11aApr 17GSL#2 MSHS/GP/NC @NC
8.9Michael Hoyt2:19.47aMay 16GSL Districts
9.10Luke Martin2:31.79aApr 24GSL #3 LC/MSHS JV/Va..
10.12Michael Christensen2:36.21aApr 24GSL #3 LC/MSHS JV/Va..
11.9Logan Lewis2:46.97aApr 2GSL #1 Ferris JV/Var..
12.9Tyler Reisenauer2:50.61aApr 24GSL #3 LC/MSHS JV/Va..
13.10Matt Wilson3:03.31aApr 24GSL #3 LC/MSHS JV/Va..
800 Meters - Wheelchair
1.9Michael Hoyt2:27.81aApr 26Mooberry Relays
1600 Meters
1.11John Dressel4:10.95aMay 314A, 3A & 2A State Ch..
2.12Jacob Vandenberg4:26.49aMay 16GSL Districts
3.12Kees von Michalofski4:27.82aMay 16GSL Districts
4.9Hayden Dressel4:30.93aApr 19Pasco Invitational
5.9Michael Hoyt4:36.77aMay 16GSL Districts
6.11Ian Figon4:41.30May 1GSL #4 Rogers/Mead/M..
7.10Dallas Page4:47.17aApr 17GSL#2 MSHS/GP/NC @NC
8.11Dorian Miller4:52.71aApr 17GSL#2 MSHS/GP/NC @NC
9.11Pierce Becker4:57.28aMay 8GSL #5 CV/Shadle/Mt...
10.10Luke Martin5:09.98aMay 9Mead JV/9 Twilight M..
11.12Michael Christensen5:17.01aMay 17JV/9 GSL District Ch..
12.10Matt Wilson5:55.78aMay 17JV/9 GSL District Ch..
13.9Tyler Reisenauer6:12.62aApr 24GSL #3 LC/MSHS JV/Va..
14.11Jacob Lionello6:15.80aMay 9Mead JV/9 Twilight M..
15.9Logan Lewis6:31.04aApr 24GSL #3 LC/MSHS JV/Va..
1 Mile
1.11John Dressel4:14.66aApr 19Pasco Invitational
2.11Pierce Becker4:52.50aMar 29Ezra Gordon Invitati..
3.10Luke Martin5:19.90aMar 29Ezra Gordon Invitati..
4.10Matt Wilson6:25.10aMar 29Ezra Gordon Invitati..
3200 Meters
1.11John Dressel8:57.00aApr 12Arcadia Invitational..
2.12Kees von Michalofski9:34.02aMay 23GSL/MCC Regionals Da..
3.11Ian Figon9:57.68aMay 8GSL #5 CV/Shadle/Mt...
4.12Jacob Vandenberg9:59.57aApr 17GSL#2 MSHS/GP/NC @NC
5.10Dallas Page10:03.06aMay 16GSL Districts
6.11Dorian Miller10:10.46aMar 29Kent-Meridian Invite
7.11Pierce Becker10:35.31aApr 17GSL#2 MSHS/GP/NC @NC
8.10Luke Martin10:46.60aMay 1GSL #4 Rogers/Mead/M..
9.9Michael Hoyt13:45.24aApr 17GSL#2 MSHS/GP/NC @NC
2 Miles
1.11John Dressel8:58.38aJun 21Brooks PR Invitation..
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.11Mike Proudfoot15.69aMay 23GSL/MCC Regionals Da..
2.12Carlos Riojas16.33aMay 8GSL #5 CV/Shadle/Mt...
3.10Ben Stevens17.89aMay 23GSL/MCC Regionals Da..
4.11Kalani Fejeran18.49aApr 24GSL #3 LC/MSHS JV/Va..
5.9Tony Rhodes20.75aMay 17JV/9 GSL District Ch..
6.12Cameron McFarlain20.86aMar 22West Valley Invitati..
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.11Mike Proudfoot42.40aMay 16GSL Districts
2.10Ben Stevens45.57aMay 16GSL Districts
3.9Chris von Michaeloski46.34aMay 8GSL #5 CV/Shadle/Mt...
4.9Tony Rhodes53.30aApr 24GSL #3 LC/MSHS JV/Va..
5.12Carlos Riojas54.69aMar 22West Valley Invitati..
4x100 Relay
1.-Relay Team 43.74aMay 1GSL #4 Rogers/Mead/M..
2.-Jacob Krantz
David Hipes
Zach Vogel
Roy Hyatt
43.85aMay 23GSL/MCC Regionals Da..
3.-Roy Hyatt
David Hipes
Jacob Krantz
Zach Vogel
45.63aMar 29Kent-Meridian Invite
4.-Izaak Piscitelli
Brayden Callahan
Kalani Fejeran
Louis Keys
49.34aMar 29Ezra Gordon Invitati..
5.-David Hipes
Jacob Krantz
Roy Hyatt
Zach Vogel
DNFApr 19Pasco Invitational
4x200 Relay
1.-David Hipes
Mike Proudfoot
Cameron Goodman
Dan Sicilia
1:38.79aMar 29Kent-Meridian Invite
2.-Derek Ishii
Nathan Koch
Louis Keys
Izaak Piscitelli
DNSApr 26Mooberry Relays
4x400 Relay
1.-Jacob Krantz
Cameron Goodman
David Hipes
Roy Hyatt
3:25.11aMay 24GSL/MCC Regionals
2.-Relay Team 3:25.48aMay 1GSL #4 Rogers/Mead/M..
3.-Jacob Krantz
David Hipes
Cameron Goodman
Roy Hyatt
3:26.78aMay 16GSL Districts
4.-Cameron Goodman
David Hipes
Roy Hyatt
Jacob Krantz
3:30.56aApr 19Pasco Invitational
5.-Roy Hyatt
Jacob Krantz
David Hipes
Cameron Goodman
3:34.19aMar 29Kent-Meridian Invite
6.-Cameron Goodman
Roy Hyatt
Jacob Krantz
David Hipes
DNSApr 26Mooberry Relays
4x800 Relay
1.-Dallas Page
Cody Swanson
Gabe Wooddell
Jacob Vandenberg
8:56.94aMar 29Kent-Meridian Invite
SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8]
1.-Nathan Koch
Izaak Piscitelli
Ian Figon
Dan Sicilia
3:53.29aApr 26Mooberry Relays
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.-Pierce Becker
Dallas Page
Jacob Vandenberg
Dan Sicilia
11:55.93aApr 19Pasco Invitational
Shot Put - 12lb
1.11Trevor Payne54' 0.50May 16GSL Districts
2.10Dalton Dixon44' 1.50May 24GSL/MCC Regionals
3.11Jacob Lionello42' 7.00May 1GSL #4 Rogers/Mead/M..
4.12Alex Casey41' 1.50May 16GSL Districts
5.12Sebastian Long41' 1.00Apr 24GSL #3 LC/MSHS JV/Va..
6.10Andrew McNitt37' 4.75Apr 2GSL #1 Ferris JV/Var..
7.10Chase Gyllenhammer36' 7.00Mar 22West Valley Invitati..
8.10Jake Stevens36' 6.00Apr 24GSL #3 LC/MSHS JV/Va..
9.9Dillon Lionello35' 11.50Apr 2GSL #1 Ferris JV/Var..
10.12Nelson McDonald31' 10.00May 1GSL #4 Rogers/Mead/M..
11.10Garrett Johnson31' 8.00Apr 18JV GSL MSHS/GP/NC
12.10Cade Parrish31' 2.00May 17JV/9 GSL District Ch..
13.11Taylor Sams31' 0.00May 17JV/9 GSL District Ch..
14.9Augusto Evidente30' 3.00Apr 24GSL #3 LC/MSHS JV/Va..
15.10Kevin Sponseller29' 4.00May 1GSL #4 Rogers/Mead/M..
16.12Michael Christensen28' 7.00Apr 2GSL #1 Ferris JV/Var..
17.11Dan Drass27' 4.25Mar 22West Valley Invitati..
18.9Andrew Casey27' 4.00Apr 18JV GSL MSHS/GP/NC
19.12Drew Chapel20' 3.50May 1GSL #4 Rogers/Mead/M..
20.9Michael Hoyt10' 10.25Apr 2GSL #1 Ferris JV/Var..
21.10Mateo RiojasNDApr 24GSL #3 LC/MSHS JV/Va..
11Jacob YedicaDNSMar 22West Valley Invitati..
11Kalani FejeranDNSMar 22West Valley Invitati..
10Devon Diamaio-HartDNSMar 22West Valley Invitati..
10Cody SwansonDNSMar 22West Valley Invitati..
10Tom ZierothDNSMar 22West Valley Invitati..
11Brendan MayoDNSMar 22West Valley Invitati..
10Ben StevensNDMay 1GSL #4 Rogers/Mead/M..
Discus - 1.6kg
1.11Trevor Payne163' 9.00May 16GSL Districts
2.11Jacob Lionello150' 10.00May 314A, 3A & 2A State Ch..
3.10Devon Diamaio-Hart144' 0.00Apr 2GSL #1 Ferris JV/Var..
4.10Cody Swanson129' 2.00Apr 2GSL #1 Ferris JV/Var..
5.10Andrew McNitt123' 5.00May 23GSL/MCC Regionals Da..
6.9Dillon Lionello122' 0.50Apr 18JV GSL MSHS/GP/NC
7.12Sebastian Long113' 11.00Apr 24GSL #3 LC/MSHS JV/Va..
8.11Brendan Mayo112' 0.00May 9Mead JV/9 Twilight M..
9.10Chase Gyllenhammer105' 11.00May 9Mead JV/9 Twilight M..
10.10Jake Stevens100' 10.00May 1GSL #4 Rogers/Mead/M..
11.11Taylor Sams100' 2.00May 1GSL #4 Rogers/Mead/M..
12.10Dalton Dixon100' 1.00Apr 2GSL #1 Ferris JV/Var..
13.10Cade Parrish95' 1.00May 1GSL #4 Rogers/Mead/M..
14.12Nelson McDonald90' 2.00May 1GSL #4 Rogers/Mead/M..
15.10Mateo Riojas89' 8.00Apr 24GSL #3 LC/MSHS JV/Va..
16.12Alex Casey88' 3.00Apr 18JV GSL MSHS/GP/NC
17.9Augusto Evidente86' 3.00Apr 24GSL #3 LC/MSHS JV/Va..
18.9Andrew Casey85' 10.00Apr 18JV GSL MSHS/GP/NC
19.10Garrett Johnson74' 7.00Apr 18JV GSL MSHS/GP/NC
20.10Kevin Sponseller62' 8.00May 17JV/9 GSL District Ch..
21.12Drew Chapel51' 0.50Apr 18JV GSL MSHS/GP/NC
22.11Jacob YedicaNDMar 22West Valley Invitati..
Javelin - 800g
1.12Carlos Riojas195' 7.00May 16GSL Districts
2.10Jacob Barnes165' 4.00Apr 19Code Red Invitationa..
3.11Derek Ishii158' 10.00May 16GSL Districts
4.11Jacob Krantz149' 8.00Mar 22West Valley Invitati..
5.11Brendan Mayo143' 11.00May 16GSL Districts
6.11Quest McCollough138' 3.00May 16GSL Districts
7.11Kalani Fejeran135' 1.00Apr 17GSL#2 MSHS/GP/NC @NC
8.11Matthew Littleton118' 2.00Mar 29Ezra Gordon Invitati..
9.9Jackson Policani114' 9.00May 1GSL #4 Rogers/Mead/M..
10.9Seth Olgesby108' 0.00Apr 24GSL #3 LC/MSHS JV/Va..
11.9Dillon Lionello107' 10.00May 1GSL #4 Rogers/Mead/M..
12.11Reed Friesen107' 0.00Apr 18JV GSL MSHS/GP/NC
13.9Tony Rhodes105' 9.00Apr 2GSL #1 Ferris JV/Var..
High Jump
1.12Reed Siclair6' 1.00May 16GSL Districts
2.10Tom Zieroth5' 10.00Apr 2GSL #1 Ferris JV/Var..
3.10Dalton Dixon5' 8.00Apr 19Code Red Invitationa..
4.10Nathan Koch5' 6.00Apr 24GSL #3 LC/MSHS JV/Va..
5.11Quest McCollough5' 4.00Apr 2GSL #1 Ferris JV/Var..
6.11Jacob Lionello5' 0.00Apr 2GSL #1 Ferris JV/Var..
7.11Jacob YedicaDNSMar 22West Valley Invitati..
Pole Vault
1.12J.T. Konrad14' 7.00May 16GSL Districts
2.12Gabe Wooddell13' 6.00May 16GSL Districts
3.11Matt Mehring13' 0.00May 16GSL Districts
4.11Nate Goodman12' 6.00May 8GSL #5 CV/Shadle/Mt...
5.11Reed Friesen11' 6.00Apr 18JV GSL MSHS/GP/NC
6.9Docker Davis11' 0.00May 1GSL #4 Rogers/Mead/M..
11Tod Kahler11' 0.00Apr 24GSL #3 LC/MSHS JV/Va..
9Cade Nueman11' 0.00May 17JV/9 GSL District Ch..
9.9Cole Kramm10' 6.00May 17JV/9 GSL District Ch..
10Isaac Byrd10' 6.00Apr 24GSL #3 LC/MSHS JV/Va..
11.11Carson Cain9' 6.00Apr 24GSL #3 LC/MSHS JV/Va..
Long Jump
1.11Tod Kahler20' 10.75May 23GSL/MCC Regionals Da..
2.11Roy Hyatt20' 4.50May 23GSL/MCC Regionals Da..
3.12J.T. Konrad20' 4.00Mar 22West Valley Invitati..
4.11Jacob Yedica19' 4.25Mar 29Kent-Meridian Invite
5.10Sawyer Maxwell19' 3.00May 16GSL Districts
6.10Luke Palmer18' 10.25Apr 2GSL #1 Ferris JV/Var..
7.12Reed Siclair18' 9.00Mar 29Kent-Meridian Invite
8.10Joel Nay18' 8.25May 17JV/9 GSL District Ch..
9.11Reed Friesen17' 11.00Apr 2GSL #1 Ferris JV/Var..
10.12Cameron McFarlain17' 4.75Mar 29Ezra Gordon Invitati..
11.10Nathan Koch17' 4.00Mar 22West Valley Invitati..
12.11Jacob Lionello17' 3.25Apr 19Code Red Invitationa..
13.9Docker Davis16' 11.00May 1GSL #4 Rogers/Mead/M..
14.9Quinton Todd16' 6.25Apr 19Code Red Invitationa..
15.10Zach VogelDNSMar 22West Valley Invitati..
Triple Jump
1.10Sawyer Maxwell41' 7.00Apr 24GSL #3 LC/MSHS JV/Va..
2.11Jacob Yedica41' 4.75May 1GSL #4 Rogers/Mead/M..
3.11Tod Kahler38' 2.75May 1GSL #4 Rogers/Mead/M..
4.10Luke Palmer38' 1.50May 1GSL #4 Rogers/Mead/M..
5.9Docker Davis37' 4.00May 1GSL #4 Rogers/Mead/M..
6.9Quinton ToddDNSMar 22West Valley Invitati..
Hammer - 12lb
1.11Trevor Payne149' 11.00Jun 1Washington State HS ..
2.11Jacob Lionello125' 2.00Jun 1Washington State HS ..
3.12Sebastian LongSCRMay 32014 Strandberg


100 Meters
1.12Ashlee Pedersen12.73aMay 8GSL #5 CV/Shadle/Mt...
2.11Ciara Bland13.10aMay 16GSL Districts
3.12Katie Nilsson13.17aMay 1GSL #4 Rogers/Mead/M..
4.11Cheyenne Konrad13.27aApr 2GSL #1 Ferris JV/Var..
5.10Kelly Brown13.31aMay 32014 Strandberg
6.9Cierra Dalzell13.82aMay 16GSL Districts
7.9Marisol Delcid13.89aApr 17GSL#2 MSHS/GP/NC @NC
8.11Arizona Davis13.90aMar 22West Valley Invitati..
9.10Deja Sanders14.23aMay 9Mead JV/9 Twilight M..
10.9Brooke Pefley14.44cApr 19Code Red Invitationa..
11.10Tiffany Ranieri14.58aApr 2GSL #1 Ferris JV/Var..
12.10Justice Harris15.93aMar 22West Valley Invitati..
200 Meters
1.12Ashlee Pedersen25.56aMay 8GSL #5 CV/Shadle/Mt...
2.11Cheyenne Konrad26.11aApr 24GSL #3 LC/MSHS JV/Va..
3.11Ciara Bland26.45aMay 16GSL Districts
4.10Kelly Brown26.96aMay 32014 Strandberg
5.12Katie Nilsson27.24aMay 16GSL Districts
6.9Cierra Dalzell27.79aApr 24GSL #3 LC/MSHS JV/Va..
7.10Ileisa Oleson28.55aApr 24GSL #3 LC/MSHS JV/Va..
8.9Callista Chaffin29.58aApr 2GSL #1 Ferris JV/Var..
9.10Madaleine Osmun30.44aMar 22West Valley Invitati..
10.9Jaidyn Lyman30.70aApr 17GSL#2 MSHS/GP/NC @NC
11.11Jessica McKernan31.26aMar 22West Valley Invitati..
12.10Justice Harris32.35aMar 22West Valley Invitati..
13.11Arizona DavisDNSMay 32014 Strandberg
400 Meters
1.12Ashlee Pedersen57.27aMay 8GSL #5 CV/Shadle/Mt...
2.11Cheyenne Konrad59.25aMay 1GSL #4 Rogers/Mead/M..
3.10Kelly Brown61.02aMay 23GSL/MCC Regionals Da..
4.10Ileisa Oleson62.64aMay 16GSL Districts
5.11Jessica McKernan67.49aApr 2GSL #1 Ferris JV/Var..
6.9Anna Chapel69.40aMar 29Ezra Gordon Invitati..
7.10Madaleine Osmun69.88aMar 22West Valley Invitati..
800 Meters
1.11Hannah Pomante2:22.32aMay 16GSL Districts
2.9Ava Figon2:23.00aMay 16GSL Districts
3.10Madaleine Osmun2:30.71aMay 16GSL Districts
4.9Shawnee Konrad2:31.44aApr 17GSL#2 MSHS/GP/NC @NC
5.9LauraLynn Chapel2:33.21aApr 24GSL #3 LC/MSHS JV/Va..
6.10Makenna Endebrock2:36.10aMay 1GSL #4 Rogers/Mead/M..
7.9Anna Chapel2:37.29aApr 2GSL #1 Ferris JV/Var..
8.11Rachel Frieson2:38.13aApr 24GSL #3 LC/MSHS JV/Va..
9.11Jessica McKernan2:38.15aMar 29Kent-Meridian Invite
10.10Claire Bryan2:45.22aMay 8GSL #5 CV/Shadle/Mt...
1600 Meters
1.10Micaela Kostecka5:08.58aMay 314A, 3A & 2A State Ch..
2.11Hannah Pomante5:30.22aApr 17GSL#2 MSHS/GP/NC @NC
3.10Makenna Endebrock5:36.27aMay 16GSL Districts
4.9Ava Figon5:39.10aMar 29Kent-Meridian Invite
5.12Ashlee Pedersen5:43.20aApr 26Mooberry Relays
6.9Anna Chapel5:51.57aApr 24GSL #3 LC/MSHS JV/Va..
7.9LauraLynn Chapel5:52.34aMay 8GSL #5 CV/Shadle/Mt...
8.11Rachel Frieson5:53.15aMay 1GSL #4 Rogers/Mead/M..
9.11Katie Sonneland5:53.70Apr 19Code Red Invitationa..
10.10Claire Bryan6:49.35aApr 2GSL #1 Ferris JV/Var..
1 Mile
1.9Anna Chapel6:01.10aMar 29Ezra Gordon Invitati..
2.11Morgan Pefley6:47.70aMar 29Ezra Gordon Invitati..
3200 Meters
1.10Micaela Kostecka11:26.64aMay 23GSL/MCC Regionals Da..
2.10Makenna Endebrock11:54.58aMay 23GSL/MCC Regionals Da..
3.11Katie Sonneland12:38.99aMay 16GSL Districts
4.9Anna Chapel13:01.89aMay 1GSL #4 Rogers/Mead/M..
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.10Deja Sanders16.90aMay 23GSL/MCC Regionals Da..
2.12Jordan Harris17.02aMay 8GSL #5 CV/Shadle/Mt...
3.9Marisol Delcid17.34aMay 23GSL/MCC Regionals Da..
4.9Callista Chaffin17.53aMar 29Ezra Gordon Invitati..
5.9Brooke Pefley18.45aMay 9Mead JV/9 Twilight M..
6.11Morgan Pefley19.32aMay 16GSL Districts
7.10Andrea Bergstresser20.27aMay 9Mead JV/9 Twilight M..
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.9Marisol Delcid47.64aMay 23GSL/MCC Regionals Da..
2.12Jordan Harris48.14aMay 23GSL/MCC Regionals Da..
3.10Deja Sanders49.82aMay 16GSL Districts
4.9Callista Chaffin51.26aMay 8GSL #5 CV/Shadle/Mt...
5.9Brooke Pefley52.56aMay 1GSL #4 Rogers/Mead/M..
6.11Morgan Pefley53.11aMay 16GSL Districts
7.10Andrea Bergstresser57.18aMay 1GSL #4 Rogers/Mead/M..
4x100 Relay
1.-Relay Team 48.74aMay 1GSL #4 Rogers/Mead/M..
2.-Katie Nilsson
Ciara Bland
Cheyenne Konrad
Ashlee Pedersen
48.83aMay 16GSL Districts
3.-Marisol Delcid
Cheyenne Konrad
Ashlee Pedersen
Arizona Davis
50.32aApr 19Pasco Invitational
4.-Arizona Davis
Cheyenne Konrad
Katie Nilsson
Ashlee Pedersen
51.78aMar 29Kent-Meridian Invite
5.-Arizona Davis
Katie Nilsson
Cheyenne Konrad
Marisol Delcid
52.13aMar 22West Valley Invitati..
6.-Jordyn Brooks
Brooke Pefley
Cierra Dalzell
Natalie Ellison
55.02aMar 29Ezra Gordon Invitati..
7.-Katie Nilsson
Jordan Harris
Kelly Brown
Ciara Bland
DNSApr 26Mooberry Relays
4x100 Relay - Throwers
1.-Justice Harris
Delaney Warren
Emily Kiefer
Brooklynn Callahan
60.74aApr 26Mooberry Relays
4x200 Relay
1.-Katie Nilsson
Ciara Bland
Cheyenne Konrad
Ashlee Pedersen
1:42.25aMay 314A, 3A & 2A State Ch..
2.-Relay Team 1:43.19aMay 8GSL #5 CV/Shadle/Mt...
3.-Deja Sanders
Ciara Bland
Kelly Brown
Katie Nilsson
1:48.72aApr 26Mooberry Relays
4.-Kelly Brown
Katie Nilsson
Arizona Davis
Cheyenne Konrad
1:50.07aMar 29Kent-Meridian Invite
5.-Ciara Bland
Ileisa Oleson
Madaleine Osmun
Jessica McKernan
1:56.32aMar 22West Valley Invitati..
4x400 Relay
1.-Kelly Brown
Hannah Pomante
Ileisa Oleson
Cheyenne Konrad
4:03.85aMay 24GSL/MCC Regionals
2.-Relay Team 4:04.35aApr 17GSL#2 MSHS/GP/NC @NC
3.-Ashlee Pedersen
Cheyenne Konrad
Kelly Brown
Micaela Kostecka
4:10.21aMar 29Kent-Meridian Invite
4.-Micaela Kostecka
Ileisa Oleson
Hannah Pomante
Kelly Brown
4:11.18aMay 16GSL Districts
5.-Kelly Brown
Micaela Kostecka
Cheyenne Konrad
Hannah Pomante
4:13.72aMar 22West Valley Invitati..
6.-Cheyenne Konrad
Hannah Pomante
Ashlee Pedersen
Jordan Harris
4:16.01aApr 19Pasco Invitational
4x800 Relay
1.-Rachel Frieson
Hannah Pomante
Ashlee Pedersen
Madaleine Osmun
10:27.35aMar 29Kent-Meridian Invite
2.-Anna Chapel
Katie Sonneland
Makenna Endebrock
Rachel Frieson
10:32.84aApr 26Mooberry Relays
SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8]
1.-Ileisa Oleson
Callista Chaffin
Marisol Delcid
Jessica McKernan
4:47.61aApr 26Mooberry Relays
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.-Ava Figon
Ashlee Pedersen
Hannah Pomante
Micaela Kostecka
12:37.62aApr 26Mooberry Relays
Shot Put - 4kg
1.9Delaney Warren33' 6.75May 23GSL/MCC Regionals Da..
2.12Brooklynn Callahan31' 3.50May 1GSL #4 Rogers/Mead/M..
3.12Emily Kiefer28' 8.50May 8GSL #5 CV/Shadle/Mt...
4.9Jaylee Maxwell28' 1.00Apr 24GSL #3 LC/MSHS JV/Va..
5.9Jayden Sparber22' 6.00Apr 18JV GSL MSHS/GP/NC
6.10Kelly Christensen18' 2.00Apr 18JV GSL MSHS/GP/NC
7.10Jordan SmithDNSMar 22West Valley Invitati..
9Tara WasserNDMar 29Ezra Gordon Invitati..
Discus - 1kg
1.9Delaney Warren108' 10.00May 24GSL/MCC Regionals
2.10Justice Harris107' 8.00May 24GSL/MCC Regionals
3.10Jordan Smith102' 0.00May 16GSL Districts
4.12Emily Kiefer96' 8.00Apr 26Mooberry Relays
5.12Brooklynn Callahan88' 4.00May 1GSL #4 Rogers/Mead/M..
6.10Sammy Jo Boast79' 2.00May 1GSL #4 Rogers/Mead/M..
7.9Emily Simpson74' 9.00Apr 2GSL #1 Ferris JV/Var..
8.9Jayden Sparber63' 9.00May 9Mead JV/9 Twilight M..
9.9Tara Wasser51' 11.00Apr 2GSL #1 Ferris JV/Var..
10.10Kelly Christensen46' 5.00May 1GSL #4 Rogers/Mead/M..
Javelin - 600g
1.10Emily Stiles113' 8.00May 23GSL/MCC Regionals Da..
2.12Brooklynn Callahan100' 6.00May 23GSL/MCC Regionals Da..
3.9Olivia Prewitt99' 3.00May 16GSL Districts
4.9Jaidyn Lyman91' 6.00Mar 29Ezra Gordon Invitati..
High Jump
1.12Amara Poquette4' 10.00Apr 2GSL #1 Ferris JV/Var..
9Jaidyn Lyman4' 10.00May 16GSL Districts
3.12Taylor Flanagan4' 8.00Apr 26Mooberry Relays
12Natalie Ellison4' 8.00Apr 18JV GSL MSHS/GP/NC
5.9Tara Wasser4' 6.00Apr 24GSL #3 LC/MSHS JV/Va..
Pole Vault
1.9Shawnee Konrad9' 6.00May 8GSL #5 CV/Shadle/Mt...
12Amara Poquette9' 6.00May 8GSL #5 CV/Shadle/Mt...
12Shelby Ferris9' 6.00May 8GSL #5 CV/Shadle/Mt...
4.10Jade Anderson8' 6.00Apr 18JV GSL MSHS/GP/NC
5.9Sierra Poquette8' 0.00May 8GSL #5 CV/Shadle/Mt...
9Reigan Kampmann8' 0.00May 1GSL #4 Rogers/Mead/M..
7.10Hannah Bowles7' 3.00May 9Mead JV/9 Twilight M..
8.11Celina Coffey6' 9.00May 9Mead JV/9 Twilight M..
9.9Hayden Roberts6' 6.00Apr 18JV GSL MSHS/GP/NC
Long Jump
1.12Ashlee Pedersen16' 11.00May 1GSL #4 Rogers/Mead/M..
2.10Deja Sanders16' 8.50May 23GSL/MCC Regionals Da..
3.11Arizona Davis15' 9.00Apr 17GSL#2 MSHS/GP/NC @NC
4.12Taylor Flanagan14' 11.50May 8GSL #5 CV/Shadle/Mt...
5.9Tara Wasser14' 7.00May 1GSL #4 Rogers/Mead/M..
6.10Jordyn Brooks14' 4.00Mar 29Ezra Gordon Invitati..
9Bayley Welk14' 4.00May 23GSL/MCC Regionals Da..
8.12Natalie Ellison13' 11.00Apr 18JV GSL MSHS/GP/NC
9.9Rielly Jordan12' 9.50Apr 24GSL #3 LC/MSHS JV/Va..
10.9Liz Maciejewski12' 0.00Mar 22West Valley Invitati..
11.9Faith Bishop10' 7.75Apr 2GSL #1 Ferris JV/Var..
Triple Jump
1.11Arizona Davis33' 4.00Apr 19Pasco Invitational
2.10Deja Sanders32' 1.00Apr 24GSL #3 LC/MSHS JV/Va..
3.9Tara Wasser31' 4.25May 1GSL #4 Rogers/Mead/M..
4.9Bayley Welk31' 2.75May 16GSL Districts
5.12Taylor Flanagan31' 0.50May 32014 Strandberg
6.10Jordyn Brooks30' 0.50May 16GSL Districts
7.12Natalie Ellison28' 11.25Apr 18JV GSL MSHS/GP/NC
8.9Rielly Jordan28' 3.00Apr 18JV GSL MSHS/GP/NC
9.9Liz Maciejewski26' 9.75Mar 29Ezra Gordon Invitati..
Hammer - 4kg
1.9Delaney Warren81' 9.00May 32014 Strandberg
2.10Justice Harris64' 10.00Apr 26Mooberry Relays
3.12Emily KieferSCRApr 26Mooberry Relays
12Brooklynn CallahanSCRApr 26Mooberry Relays
  * = Denotes a recent improvement
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