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100 Meters
1.11*Kevin Aquino12.14cApr 16District 9 meet
2.10*Al Sessay12.24cApr 16District 9 meet
3.9*Travis Crocket12.44cApr 16District 9 meet
4.12*Dalton LaRue12.54cApr 16District 9 meet
5.9*Joe Leamy12.74cApr 16District 9 meet
10Kobie Brown12.74cMar 19PHS, SSHS, Riverview..
7.11Jesse Benson13.24cApr 2District 9 (Blue Mou..
8.10Jacob Hargrove13.44cApr 2District 9 (Blue Mou..
11Reshaun Crocket13.44aApr 4Carnival of Speed
10.9Ivan FigueroaDNSApr 2District 9 (Blue Mou..
200 Meters
1.10*Al Sessay25.64cApr 16District 9 meet
2.11Kevin Aquino25.82aApr 4Carnival of Speed
3.9Travis Crocket26.81aApr 4Carnival of Speed
4.9*Joe Leamy27.04cApr 16District 9 meet
5.11*Reshaun Crocket28.54cApr 16District 9 meet
6.10Jacob Hargrove29.04cMar 26District 9 1B/2B Mee..
400 Meters
1.11*Kevin Aquino55.94cApr 16District 9 meet
2.9Travis Crocket60.54cApr 2District 9 (Blue Mou..
3.11*Tyler Shafer61.84cApr 16District 9 meet
4.9Nick Wilson62.04cApr 2District 9 (Blue Mou..
5.9Joe Leamy63.64cApr 2District 9 (Blue Mou..
6.10Jacob Hargrove64.24cApr 2District 9 (Blue Mou..
7.10Al Sessay65.04cApr 2District 9 (Blue Mou..
8.11Reshaun Crocket69.74cApr 2District 9 (Blue Mou..
9.9Dylan Knowles73.74cMar 26District 9 1B/2B Mee..
10.9Jared Farley74.04cMar 26District 9 1B/2B Mee..
800 Meters
1.9*Nick Wilson2:24.80Apr 16District 9 meet
2.10*Jacob Hargrove2:25.00Apr 16District 9 meet
3.9*Dylan Knowles2:27.00Apr 16District 9 meet
1500 Meters
1.12E.J. Meserve4:52.96aApr 4Carnival of Speed
1600 Meters
1.12*E.J. Meserve5:15.10Apr 16District 9 meet
2.9Nick Wilson5:41.00Mar 26District 9 1B/2B Mee..
3.11Jesse Benson6:03.50Apr 2District 9 (Blue Mou..
4.9*Jared Farley6:08.00Apr 16District 9 meet
3000 Meters
1.12E.J. Meserve10:30.16aApr 4Carnival of Speed
3200 Meters
1.12*E.J. Meserve11:12.70Apr 16District 9 meet
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.11*Owen Lanning17.24cApr 16District 9 meet
2.10Kobie Brown17.56aApr 4Carnival of Speed
3.10*Mark Turley20.04cApr 16District 9 meet
4.11*Jesse Benson20.24cApr 16District 9 meet
5.9*Cameron Terry22.04cApr 16District 9 meet
6.9*TJ MorrisonNTApr 16District 9 meet
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.11*Owen Lanning42.84cApr 16District 9 meet
2.12*Dalton LaRue48.44cApr 16District 9 meet
3.12*Trenton Kitselman51.34cApr 16District 9 meet
4.11Jesse Benson51.84cMar 19PHS, SSHS, Riverview..
5.9*TJ Morrison57.04cApr 16District 9 meet
6.10*Mark Turley64.24cApr 16District 9 meet
4x100 Relay
1.Kevin Aquino
Al Sessay
Kobie Brown
Dalton LaRue
47.04cMar 26District 9 1B/2B Mee..
2.*Al Sessay
Kevin Aquino
Travis Crocket
Joe Leamy
47.44cApr 16District 9 meet
3.Al Sessay
Kevin Aquino
Dalton LaRue
Kobie Brown
47.45aApr 4Carnival of Speed
4.Jacob Hargrove
Joe Leamy
Travis Crocket
Reshaun Crocket
49.24cApr 2District 9 (Blue Mou..
5.Jesse Benson
Reshaun Crocket
Joe Leamy
Travis Crocket
53.04cMar 19PHS, SSHS, Riverview..
6.Travis Crocket
Joe Leamy
Jesse Benson
Reshaun Crocket
DQMar 26District 9 1B/2B Mee..
4x400 Relay
1.Kevin Aquino
Owen Lanning
Kobie Brown
Jacob Hargrove
3:49.90Mar 26District 9 1B/2B Mee..
2.Kobie Brown
Kevin Aquino
Owen Lanning
Dalton LaRue
3:50.75aApr 4Carnival of Speed
3.Kevin Aquino
Owen Lanning
Kobie Brown
Dalton LaRue
3:52.80Apr 2District 9 (Blue Mou..
4.Al Sessay
Reshaun Crocket
Tyler Shafer
Nick Wilson
4:14.20Apr 2District 9 (Blue Mou..
5.*Al Sessay
Kevin Aquino
Nick Wilson
Trenton Kitselman
4:15.20Apr 16District 9 meet
6.Jesse Benson
Al Sessay
Tyler Shafer
Travis Crocket
4:23.80Mar 19PHS, SSHS, Riverview..
7.*Travis Crocket
Jacob Hargrove
Tyler Shafer
Jesse Benson
DQApr 16District 9 meet
Shot Put - 12lb
1.10Zion Branson37' 2.50Apr 4Carnival of Speed
2.12*Nate Bartlow37' 1.00Apr 16District 9 meet
3.10Mark Montgomery36' 9.50Mar 19PHS, SSHS, Riverview..
4.9*EJ Oppelt32' 9.00Apr 16District 9 meet
5.9*Laramie Mathews30' 5.00Apr 16District 9 meet
6.9Dylan Knowles30' 2.25Mar 26District 9 1B/2B Mee..
7.9David Just27' 11.00Mar 19PHS, SSHS, Riverview..
8.9Nicolas Kitselman26' 0.00Mar 19PHS, SSHS, Riverview..
Discus - 1.6kg
1.10Brandon Penner109' 5.00Apr 2District 9 (Blue Mou..
2.10Zion Branson108' 8.00Apr 4Carnival of Speed
3.10Mark Montgomery107' 9.00Mar 19PHS, SSHS, Riverview..
4.12*Nate Bartlow102' 1.00Apr 16District 9 meet
5.9EJ OppeltNDMar 26District 9 1B/2B Mee..
9David JustNDMar 19PHS, SSHS, Riverview..
Javelin - 800g
1.10*Brandon Penner126' 4.00Apr 16District 9 meet
2.10*Mark Montgomery118' 3.00Apr 16District 9 meet
3.11Tyler Shafer117' 7.00Mar 26District 9 1B/2B Mee..
4.12Dalton LaRue117' 4.00Mar 19PHS, SSHS, Riverview..
5.9EJ Oppelt109' 0.00Mar 26District 9 1B/2B Mee..
6.10*Zion Branson101' 11.00Apr 16District 9 meet
7.9*David Just99' 0.00Apr 16District 9 meet
8.12Nate Bartlow97' 7.00Apr 4Carnival of Speed
9.9Dylan Knowles89' 10.00Mar 19PHS, SSHS, Riverview..
10.9Nicolas Kitselman87' 11.00Mar 26District 9 1B/2B Mee..
11.9Laramie Mathews83' 0.00Apr 2District 9 (Blue Mou..
12.9Cameron Terry74' 5.00Mar 19PHS, SSHS, Riverview..
13.10Mark Turley63' 4.00Mar 19PHS, SSHS, Riverview..
High Jump
1.10Kobie Brown5' 10.00Apr 4Carnival of Speed
2.12Dalton LaRue5' 2.00Mar 26District 9 1B/2B Mee..
3.9Cameron Terry5' 0.00Apr 2District 9 (Blue Mou..
9*Andre Potts5' 0.00Apr 16District 9 meet
5.9Joe Leamy4' 10.00Apr 2District 9 (Blue Mou..
6.10*Mark TurleyDNSApr 16District 9 meet
12*Trenton KitselmanNHApr 16District 9 meet
Long Jump
1.12*Trenton Kitselman16' 5.00Apr 16District 9 meet
2.9David Just14' 11.50Apr 2District 9 (Blue Mou..
3.9*Andre Potts13' 11.75Apr 16District 9 meet
4.9Cameron Terry13' 5.00Apr 2District 9 (Blue Mou..
5.9*Jared Farley13' 2.00Apr 16District 9 meet
6.11*Reshaun Crocket13' 1.00Apr 16District 9 meet
7.9Nicolas Kitselman13' 0.00Apr 4Carnival of Speed
8.9Ivan FigueroaNDMar 26District 9 1B/2B Mee..
Triple Jump
1.11Owen Lanning41' 3.50Mar 26District 9 1B/2B Mee..
2.10Brandon Penner33' 1.75Apr 2District 9 (Blue Mou..
3.11Tyler Shafer32' 7.25Apr 2District 9 (Blue Mou..
4.9*David Just31' 0.50Apr 16District 9 meet
5.9Ivan FigueroaNDMar 26District 9 1B/2B Mee..


100 Meters
1.9Emily Adams14.74cMar 19PHS, SSHS, Riverview..
2.11*Kassidy Kuykendall14.84cApr 16District 9 meet
3.11*Blanca Quiroz15.24cApr 16District 9 meet
4.9*Courtney Rogowski15.94cApr 16District 9 meet
5.11*Alexus Snyder16.44cApr 16District 9 meet
200 Meters
1.11*Kassidy Kuykendall31.44cApr 16District 9 meet
2.11*Blanca Quiroz32.24cApr 16District 9 meet
3.9*Courtney Rogowski34.44cApr 16District 9 meet
400 Meters
1.9*Emily Adams67.14cApr 16District 9 meet
800 Meters
1.9Emily Adams2:42.00Mar 26District 9 1B/2B Mee..
2.11Kassidy KuykendallNTMar 26District 9 1B/2B Mee..
1500 Meters
1.9Emily Adams5:42.42aApr 4Carnival of Speed
1600 Meters
1.9Emily Adams6:22.70Apr 2District 9 (Blue Mou..
3200 Meters
1.9*Emily Adams12:56.60Apr 16District 9 meet
4x100 Relay
1.Emily Adams
Courtney Rogowski
Alexus Snyder
Kassidy Kuykendall
58.44cApr 2District 9 (Blue Mou..
2.Alexus Snyder
Emily Adams
Bailey Edwards
Courtney Rogowski
60.50aApr 4Carnival of Speed
3.*Blanca Quiroz
Bailey Edwards
Courtney Rogowski
Kassidy Kuykendall
60.94cApr 16District 9 meet
4.Courtney Rogowski
Kassidy Kuykendall
Bailey Edwards
Selina Benito
64.64cMar 26District 9 1B/2B Mee..
Shot Put - 4kg
1.12*Beka Adams26' 11.00Apr 16District 9 meet
2.12Meara Baker25' 11.50Apr 4Carnival of Speed
3.12Kimmie Hamann23' 2.50Apr 4Carnival of Speed
4.11*Alexus Snyder20' 10.25Apr 16District 9 meet
5.12*Selina Benito20' 8.25Apr 16District 9 meet
Discus - 1kg
1.12Beka Adams81' 6.00Apr 4Carnival of Speed
2.12*Meara Baker64' 10.00Apr 16District 9 meet
3.12*Kimmie Hamann64' 4.00Apr 16District 9 meet
4.9Courtney RogowskiNDMar 26District 9 1B/2B Mee..
Javelin - 600g
1.12Selina Benito77' 4.00Mar 26District 9 1B/2B Mee..
2.11Bailey Edwards70' 5.00Mar 19PHS, SSHS, Riverview..
3.11Alexus Snyder63' 9.00Apr 2District 9 (Blue Mou..
4.11Blanca Quiroz50' 10.00Mar 26District 9 1B/2B Mee..
5.11Kassidy KuykendallNDMar 26District 9 1B/2B Mee..
Long Jump
1.9Emily Adams13' 10.25Apr 4Carnival of Speed
2.11Bailey Edwards11' 6.50Apr 4Carnival of Speed
3.11*Kassidy Kuykendall11' 1.00Apr 16District 9 meet
4.11*Alexus Snyder9' 9.00Apr 16District 9 meet
Triple Jump
1.9Emily Adams29' 9.75Apr 4Carnival of Speed
2.11Bailey Edwards23' 5.50Mar 26District 9 1B/2B Mee..
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