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    Trojans - Durham, CA

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100 Meters
1.10Jordan Kusie13.56aMar 21John "O" Invitationa..
2.9Alfredo Orozco13.94aMar 21John "O" Invitationa..
3.9Brad Cullen14.02aApr 12John Frank Invite
4.12Kyle Dempsey14.40aMay 13SVL Championships
5.12Anthony Davis15.40aMay 13SVL Championships
6.11Caleb Ault15.90aMay 13SVL Championships
7.12Haedin Hutchins18.10aMay 13SVL Championships
200 Meters
1.9Brad Cullen24.84cMay 9Gary Burton Invitati..
2.10Joseph Murphy25.40aMay 13SVL Championships
3.11Manny Sanchez-Palacios26.29aMar 29Burt Williams Classi..
4.12Chris Brandt26.40aApr 12John Frank Invite
5.9Chase Young27.30aMay 13SVL Championships
6.12Daniel Caproni27.60aMar 29Burt Williams Classi..
7.9Alfredo Orozco28.01aMar 29Burt Williams Classi..
8.12Derek Lopes28.70aMar 29Burt Williams Classi..
9.10Jordan Kusie28.94aApr 4Vern Regier Invitati..
10.12Anthony Davis29.47aApr 4Vern Regier Invitati..
11.9Carl Dennis29.79aApr 4Vern Regier Invitati..
12.9Matthew Bradley32.09aApr 12John Frank Invite
13.9Ashton Aschenbrener32.40aMay 13SVL Championships
400 Meters
1.10Joseph Murphy54.93aMay 23Division III Champio..
2.11Trevor Bischel55.80aMay 13SVL Championships
3.12Chris Brandt57.30aMay 13SVL Championships
4.12Daniel Caproni60.35aApr 4Vern Regier Invitati..
5.9Alfredo Orozco61.40aMay 13SVL Championships
6.9Noah Poblano61.76aApr 4Vern Regier Invitati..
7.9Brad Cullen63.70aMay 13SVL Championships
8.9Chase Young64.07aApr 4Vern Regier Invitati..
9.12Anthony Davis65.10aApr 4Vern Regier Invitati..
10.12Wyatt Barris66.30aApr 4Vern Regier Invitati..
11.9Willians Vargas68.81aApr 4Vern Regier Invitati..
12.9Ashton Aschenbrener68.94cApr 30SVL Meet at Willows
13.9Matthew Bradley71.67aApr 12John Frank Invite
800 Meters
1.12Damon Young2:07.11aApr 12John Frank Invite
2.11Trevor Bischel2:11.75aMay 23Division III Champio..
3.10Joseph Patterson2:28.70aMay 13SVL Championships
4.12Tyler Vercruyssen2:34.20aMay 13SVL Championships
1500 Meters
1.12Damon Young4:19.97aApr 12John Frank Invite
2.11Trevor Bischel4:41.06aApr 12John Frank Invite
1600 Meters
1.12Damon Young4:48.44aApr 25West Valley Invitati..
2.10Joseph Patterson5:18.62aApr 4Vern Regier Invitati..
3.12Tyler Vercruyssen5:30.10aMay 13SVL Championships
1 Mile
1.12Damon Young4:48.46aMay 3Norm MacKenzie Track..
110m Hurdles - 36"
1.9Willians Vargas20.84cApr 30SVL Meet at Willows
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.9Willians Vargas20.60aMay 13SVL Championships
2.12Wyatt Barris24.40aMay 13SVL Championships
300m Hurdles - 33"
1.9Willians Vargas56.20aApr 4Vern Regier Invitati..
2.12Wyatt Barris56.84cApr 30SVL Meet at Willows
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.9Willians Vargas51.05aMay 23Division III Champio..
2.12Wyatt Barris57.37aApr 4Vern Regier Invitati..
3.9Matthew Bradley61.66aMay 23Division III Champio..
4x100 Relay
1.-Manny Sanchez-Palacios
Chris Brandt
Derek Lopes
Daniel Caproni
49.40aMay 13SVL Championships
2.-Chase Young
Carl Dennis
Matthew Bradley
Jordan Kusie
DQMay 13SVL Championships
4x400 Relay
1.-Trevor Bischel
Joseph Murphy
Chris Brandt
Manny Sanchez-Palacios
3:50.29aMay 23Division III Champio..
2.-Alfredo Orozco
Chase Young
Noah Poblano
Jordan Kusie
4:02.33aMay 23Division III Champio..
3.-Damon Young
Tyler Vercruyssen
Trevor Bischel
Wyatt Barris
4:09.18aApr 4Vern Regier Invitati..
4.-Joseph Patterson
Willians Vargas
Alfredo Orozco
Brad Cullen
4:16.03aApr 4Vern Regier Invitati..
5.-Relay Team DNSMay 3Norm MacKenzie Track..
Shot Put - 10lb
1.10Victor Aguilar36' 6.00Mar 29Burt Williams Classi..
2.9Austin Jones31' 5.00May 9Gary Burton Invitati..
3.9Josh Haydock28' 3.00May 9Gary Burton Invitati..
4.9Andrew Barber23' 9.00Apr 4Vern Regier Invitati..
Shot Put - 12lb
1.12Ian Hunter38' 11.00Apr 30SVL Meet at Willows
2.10Victor Aguilar38' 5.00Apr 12John Frank Invite
3.12Anthony Davis38' 1.00Apr 4Vern Regier Invitati..
4.12Kyle Dempsey35' 2.00Apr 30SVL Meet at Willows
5.12Haedin Hutchins30' 10.00Apr 4Vern Regier Invitati..
6.9Austin Jones30' 9.00May 3Norm MacKenzie Track..
7.11Caleb Ault28' 10.00May 9Gary Burton Invitati..
8.9Josh Haydock28' 5.00May 13SVL Championships
9.9Andrew Barber22' 8.50May 3Norm MacKenzie Track..
Discus - 1.6kg
1.12Ian Hunter111' 1.00May 9Gary Burton Invitati..
2.10Victor Aguilar97' 2.00May 9Gary Burton Invitati..
3.12Kyle Dempsey94' 8.00Apr 30SVL Meet at Willows
4.12Haedin Hutchins93' 2.00Apr 30SVL Meet at Willows
5.9Austin Jones90' 5.00May 9Gary Burton Invitati..
6.9Josh Haydock88' 0.00May 13SVL Championships
7.12Anthony Davis79' 7.00May 9Gary Burton Invitati..
8.11Caleb Ault72' 7.00May 3Norm MacKenzie Track..
9.9Andrew Barber59' 4.00Apr 4Vern Regier Invitati..
High Jump
1.9Carl Dennis4' 8.00Apr 30SVL Meet at Willows
Pole Vault
1.11Manny Sanchez-Palacios11' 0.00May 23Division III Champio..
2.12Daniel Caproni10' 6.00May 23Division III Champio..
3.12Derek Lopes9' 6.00May 23Division III Champio..
4.9Noah Poblano9' 0.00May 13SVL Championships
10Nathan Copper9' 0.00May 23Division III Champio..
6.9Matthew Bradley7' 6.00Apr 30SVL Meet at Willows
Long Jump
1.10Joseph Murphy16' 10.00Apr 30SVL Meet at Willows
2.12Derek Lopes16' 5.00May 13SVL Championships
3.10Jordan Kusie16' 4.75May 23Division III Champio..
4.9Noah Poblano15' 10.00Mar 29Burt Williams Classi..
5.12Daniel Caproni15' 7.00Apr 4Vern Regier Invitati..
6.9Carl Dennis14' 10.75May 13SVL Championships
7.10Nathan Copper14' 10.50May 13SVL Championships
8.9Alfredo Orozco14' 7.50Apr 4Vern Regier Invitati..
9.9Brad Cullen12' 1.50Apr 4Vern Regier Invitati..
Triple Jump
1.10Jordan Kusie36' 6.00May 13SVL Championships
2.11Manny Sanchez-Palacios34' 10.00Apr 4Vern Regier Invitati..
3.9Alfredo Orozco33' 9.00May 13SVL Championships
4.9Noah Poblano33' 1.50Mar 29Burt Williams Classi..
5.12Derek Lopes32' 9.00Mar 29Burt Williams Classi..
6.12Daniel Caproni32' 3.00Mar 29Burt Williams Classi..
7.9Carl Dennis31' 11.00May 23Division III Champio..


100 Meters
1.11Baylie Larson14.00aApr 12John Frank Invite
2.10Mary Freitas14.77aApr 25West Valley Invitati..
3.9Mackenzie Paddock14.82aApr 4Vern Regier Invitati..
4.11Payton Leonard15.27aApr 12John Frank Invite
200 Meters
1.11Baylie Larson29.59aApr 12John Frank Invite
2.10Mary Freitas29.62aMay 23Division III Champio..
3.10Carmen Lucena31.78aMar 29Burt Williams Classi..
4.11Payton Leonard32.52aApr 12John Frank Invite
400 Meters
1.12Madison Schell62.76aMay 9Nevada Union Invitat..
2.9Carly Hines66.06aApr 4Vern Regier Invitati..
3.9Ellie Coffee67.10aMar 124th Annual Norm MacK..
4.9Jessica Stotler78.52aMar 124th Annual Norm MacK..
5.10Mary Freitas78.54cApr 30SVL Meet at Willows
6.11Payton Leonard79.30aMay 13SVL Championships
7.11Baylie Larson80.44cApr 30SVL Meet at Willows
800 Meters
1.12Madison Schell2:24.64aApr 19Woody Wilson Classic
2.9Ellie Coffee2:31.82aMar 29Burt Williams Classi..
1500 Meters
1.9Ellie Coffee5:16.70aApr 12John Frank Invite
1600 Meters
1.12Madison Schell5:32.08aApr 25West Valley Invitati..
2.9Ellie Coffee5:47.10aApr 25West Valley Invitati..
3.11Natalie Davis7:05.30aMay 13SVL Championships
1 Mile
1.12Madison Schell5:55.29aMay 3Norm MacKenzie Track..
2.9Ellie Coffee5:57.30aMay 3Norm MacKenzie Track..
3.11Natalie DavisDNSMay 3Norm MacKenzie Track..
3000 Meters
1.9Ellie Coffee11:51.32aApr 12John Frank Invite
3200 Meters
1.9Ellie Coffee12:27.20aMay 30NSCIF Finals
2.11Natalie Davis14:10.29aMar 21John "O" Invitationa..
100m Hurdles - 30"
1.9Mackenzie Paddock19.82aMay 3Norm MacKenzie Track..
2.10Mary Freitas20.57aMar 29Burt Williams Classi..
3.9Melissa Ciseros22.69aApr 4Vern Regier Invitati..
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.10Mary Freitas18.74cMay 9Gary Burton Invitati..
2.9Mackenzie Paddock19.34cApr 30SVL Meet at Willows
3.9Melissa Ciseros20.67aMay 23Division III Champio..
4.9Carly Hines21.04cApr 30SVL Meet at Willows
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.9Carly Hines55.79aMar 29Burt Williams Classi..
2.9Mackenzie Paddock57.54cApr 30SVL Meet at Willows
3.10Mary Freitas60.14cMay 9Gary Burton Invitati..
4.9Melissa Ciseros61.80aMay 13SVL Championships
4x100 Relay
1.-Relay Team 57.44cApr 30SVL Meet at Willows
2.-Mary Freitas
Morgan Karolyi
Hannah Simon
Mackenzie Paddock
60.51aMay 13SVL Championships
4x400 Relay
1.-Madison Schell
Ellie Coffee
Carmen Lucena
Baylie Larson
4:37.69aApr 4Vern Regier Invitati..
2.-Baylie Larson
Ellie Coffee
Carmen Lucena
Madison Schell
4:48.90aMay 13SVL Championships
3.-Hannah Simon
Melissa Ciseros
Morgan Karolyi
Carly Hines
5:23.40aMay 13SVL Championships
Shot Put - 4kg
1.12Dana Bill28' 2.25May 3Norm MacKenzie Track..
2.12Shealyn Page27' 3.00Apr 4Vern Regier Invitati..
3.12Adriana Salcido21' 6.50Apr 30SVL Meet at Willows
4.10Mary Freitas21' 1.00Mar 14Roy Crabtree Pirate ..
5.9Lauren Keene18' 5.00May 13SVL Championships
6.9Raven Brown15' 0.00Apr 4Vern Regier Invitati..
Discus - 1kg
1.12Dana Bill75' 9.00May 3Norm MacKenzie Track..
2.10Mary Freitas68' 0.00May 9Gary Burton Invitati..
3.12Shealyn Page61' 11.00Apr 30SVL Meet at Willows
4.12Adriana Salcido47' 0.00May 9Gary Burton Invitati..
5.9Lauren Keene44' 10.50Apr 30SVL Meet at Willows
6.9Raven Brown42' 2.00Apr 30SVL Meet at Willows
High Jump
1.10Carmen Lucena4' 4.00May 13SVL Championships
Pole Vault
1.10Carmen Lucena8' 6.00May 30NSCIF Finals
2.9Carly Hines6' 6.00Apr 4Vern Regier Invitati..
3.11Payton LeonardNHApr 12John Frank Invite
Long Jump
1.11Baylie Larson13' 6.00Apr 4Vern Regier Invitati..
2.9Carly Hines13' 3.00May 23Division III Champio..
Triple Jump
1.9Mackenzie Paddock27' 3.00Apr 30SVL Meet at Willows
2.11Baylie Larson27' 2.00Apr 12John Frank Invite
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