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100 Meters
1.10Gio Casillas12.13aMay 1Amador MLL Cluster
2.10Jared Coppock12.19aApr 11Falcon Spring Classi..
3.9Johnny White12.79aMay 1Amador MLL Cluster
4.10Ryan Sober12.96aApr 11Falcon Spring Classi..
5.11McCuaig Matt13.01aMay 1Amador MLL Cluster
6.10Justin Gaebe13.36aMay 1Amador MLL Cluster
200 Meters
1.10Gio Casillas24.84cMay 16MLL Meet
2.11Joe White24.91aApr 15Rio Linda Invitation..
3.10Jared Coppock25.23aApr 15Rio Linda Invitation..
4.9Patrick McCarthy25.34cMay 16MLL Meet
5.11Spenser Hoyt25.39aApr 11Falcon Spring Classi..
6.10Doug Smith26.14cMar 13MLL/TVL Challenge
7.10Ryan Sober27.04aApr 11Falcon Spring Classi..
8.10Justin Gaebe27.06aMay 1Amador MLL Cluster
9.9Cade Collins27.24aMay 1Amador MLL Cluster
10.9Ian Dunne27.72aMay 1Amador MLL Cluster
11.11McCuaig Matt29.30aApr 24Calaveras Cluster
400 Meters
1.12Lake Chronis55.24cMay 16MLL Meet
2.9Ian Dunne58.51aApr 11Falcon Spring Classi..
3.11Joe White59.21aApr 15Rio Linda Invitation..
4.11Spenser Hoyt60.09aApr 24Calaveras Cluster
5.9Bailey Maleske62.13aApr 11Falcon Spring Classi..
6.11Justin Lilly64.64aApr 11Falcon Spring Classi..
7.12Allen Flores68.37aApr 24Calaveras Cluster
8.9Alyosha Mathany68.71aMay 1Amador MLL Cluster
800 Meters
1.9Bailey Maleske2:32.88aApr 15Rio Linda Invitation..
2.11Justin Lilly2:45.50Mar 13MLL/TVL Challenge
3.10Aaron Lake2:46.70May 16MLL Meet
4.9Levi Chronis2:52.01aMay 1Amador MLL Cluster
5.12Allen Flores2:59.98aMay 1Amador MLL Cluster
6.9Marcus Pechangro3:10.07aMay 1Amador MLL Cluster
1600 Meters
1.12Lake Chronis5:33.62aMar 13MLL/TVL Challenge
2.9Alyosha Mathany5:53.33aApr 11Falcon Spring Classi..
3.9Levi Chronis5:55.30May 16MLL Meet
4.9Bailey Maleske6:08.33aApr 15Rio Linda Invitation..
5.11Justin Lilly6:08.83aMar 13MLL/TVL Challenge
6.10Aaron Lake6:20.13aMay 9Gold Rush Elite Invi..
7.9Marcus PechangroDNSApr 11Falcon Spring Classi..
3200 Meters
1.9Marcus Pechangro15:18.00May 16MLL Meet
2.10Aaron Lake15:27.63aMay 1Amador MLL Cluster
110m Hurdles - 36"
1.9Bailey Maleske20.03aApr 24Calaveras Cluster
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.9Bailey Maleske18.94cMay 16MLL Meet
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.9Bailey Maleske48.67aApr 11Falcon Spring Classi..
2.9Patrick McCarthy52.68aApr 11Falcon Spring Classi..
3.9Alyosha Mathany55.53aApr 11Falcon Spring Classi..
300m Hurdles - 33"
1.9Patrick McCarthy52.46aApr 24Calaveras Cluster
2.9Bailey Maleske52.53aApr 24Calaveras Cluster
3.9Alyosha Mathany54.72aApr 24Calaveras Cluster
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Angleo Oneto45.96aApr 15Rio Linda Invitation..
2.9Bailey Maleske49.54cMay 16MLL Meet
3.10Trenton Glavez50.09aMay 1Amador MLL Cluster
4.9Patrick McCarthy50.48aMay 1Amador MLL Cluster
4x100 Relay
1.-Patrick McCarthy
Jared Coppock
Gio Casillas
Johnny White
47.21aMay 9Gold Rush Elite Invi..
2.-Johnny White
Patrick McCarthy
Jared Coppock
Gio Casillas
47.64cMay 16MLL Meet
3.-Gio Casillas
Patrick McCarthy
Johnny White
Jared Coppock
47.65aMay 1Amador MLL Cluster
4.-Jared Coppock
Justin Gaebe
Johnny White
Gio Casillas
48.05aApr 15Rio Linda Invitation..
5.-Justin Gaebe
Jared Coppock
Johnny White
Gio Casillas
48.14aApr 11Falcon Spring Classi..
6.-Davis Buckley
Spenser Hoyt
McCuaig Matt
Angleo Oneto
48.56aMay 1Amador MLL Cluster
7.-Gio Casillas
Bailey Maleske
Johnny White
Patrick McCarthy
49.80aApr 24Calaveras Cluster
8.-Gio Casillas
Johnny White
Coppock Jared
Jacob Ruttledge
DQMar 13MLL/TVL Challenge
4x400 Relay
1.-Allen Flores
Spnener Hoyt
Chronis Lane
Justin Lilly
3:58.40Mar 13MLL/TVL Challenge
2.-Allen Flores
Lake Chronis
Angleo Oneto
Joe White
4:01.00aApr 24Calaveras Cluster
3.-Ian Dunne
Justin Gaebe
Bailey Maleske
Patrick McCarthy
4:05.60May 16MLL Meet
4.-Ian Dunne
Bailey Maleske
Patrick McCarthy
Justin Gaebe
4:30.48aMay 1Amador MLL Cluster
5.-Ian Dunne
Aaron Lake
Bailey Maleske
Alyosha Mathany
4:34.05aApr 24Calaveras Cluster
6.-Joe White
Angleo Oneto
Lake Chronis
Spenser Hoyt
DNSApr 11Falcon Spring Classi..
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.-Relay Team DNSApr 11Falcon Spring Classi..
Shot Put - 10lb
1.10Ryan Sober35' 1.50Apr 11Falcon Spring Classi..
2.10Alasandro Garica31' 2.00May 1Amador MLL Cluster
3.10Dahkota Brown30' 3.00Apr 24Calaveras Cluster
4.9Sime Kusmar27' 10.50May 1Amador MLL Cluster
5.9Raul Villa25' 4.50May 1Amador MLL Cluster
Shot Put - 12lb
1.11Davis Buckley37' 1.50May 1Amador MLL Cluster
2.10Ryan Sober36' 1.50May 16MLL Meet
3.12Lake Chronis31' 2.00Apr 11Falcon Spring Classi..
4.11McCuaig Matt30' 2.00May 1Amador MLL Cluster
5.10Dahkota Brown27' 7.50Mar 13MLL/TVL Challenge
6.9Raul Villa23' 11.00May 16MLL Meet
7.9Sime Kusmar22' 10.50Mar 13MLL/TVL Challenge
8.11Spenser HoytDNSApr 11Falcon Spring Classi..
Discus - 1.6kg
1.10Alasandro Garica79' 9.50Apr 24Calaveras Cluster
2.9Mateo Davis76' 11.50Mar 13MLL/TVL Challenge
3.9Sime Kusmar75' 1.00May 1Amador MLL Cluster
4.10Dahkota Brown69' 9.50Mar 13MLL/TVL Challenge
5.11Justin Lilly69' 2.00Apr 11Falcon Spring Classi..
6.9Raul Villa60' 2.00May 1Amador MLL Cluster
7.9Bailey MaleskeNDApr 15Rio Linda Invitation..
11McCuaig MattDNSApr 11Falcon Spring Classi..
11Davis BuckleyDNSApr 11Falcon Spring Classi..
High Jump
1.10Trenton Glavez5' 4.25May 16MLL Meet
2.11Justin LillyNHMar 13MLL/TVL Challenge
Long Jump
1.10Gio Casillas18' 11.00Apr 24Calaveras Cluster
2.9Johnny White18' 7.00Apr 15Rio Linda Invitation..
3.10Jared Coppock18' 4.00May 1Amador MLL Cluster
4.11Joe White18' 2.50May 16MLL Meet
5.12Angleo Oneto17' 11.00May 9Gold Rush Elite Invi..
6.10Trenton Glavez16' 3.50May 1Amador MLL Cluster
9Cade Collins16' 3.50May 1Amador MLL Cluster
Triple Jump
1.9Johnny White39' 1.00May 1Amador MLL Cluster
2.10Jared Coppock38' 10.50May 9Gold Rush Elite Invi..
3.12Angleo Oneto36' 9.00Apr 15Rio Linda Invitation..
4.10Enrique TrejoDNSApr 11Falcon Spring Classi..
9Cade CollinsDNSApr 11Falcon Spring Classi..


100 Meters
1.11Autumn Cramer13.53aApr 11Falcon Spring Classi..
2.12Karissa Cabri13.74cMay 16MLL Meet
3.9Meliane Cofield15.64cMay 16MLL Meet
4.9Madison Floyd15.89aApr 11Falcon Spring Classi..
5.10Jocelyn Weart16.14cMay 16MLL Meet
6.10Tori King16.34cMay 16MLL Meet
200 Meters
1.9Kiana Baker28.41aApr 15Rio Linda Invitation..
2.12Karissa Cabri28.44cMay 16MLL Meet
3.11Autumn Cramer28.67aApr 11Falcon Spring Classi..
4.9Meliane Cofield32.34cMay 16MLL Meet
5.9Madison Floyd33.74cMay 16MLL Meet
6.10Jocelyn Weart34.14cMay 16MLL Meet
7.11Sierra Waters34.29aApr 11Falcon Spring Classi..
400 Meters
1.9Kiana Baker65.51aMay 9Gold Rush Elite Invi..
2.11Mackenzie Johnson74.35aMay 1Amador MLL Cluster
3.11Sierra Waters81.73aApr 11Falcon Spring Classi..
4.10Jocelyn Weart84.21aApr 11Falcon Spring Classi..
5.9Meliane Cofield1:36.00aMay 1Amador MLL Cluster
800 Meters
1.11Mackenzie Johnson3:13.21aApr 11Falcon Spring Classi..
2.11Monquie SalngerDNSApr 11Falcon Spring Classi..
1600 Meters
1.11Monquie SalngerDNSApr 11Falcon Spring Classi..
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.9Meliane CofieldDNSApr 11Falcon Spring Classi..
4x100 Relay
1.-Kiana Baker
Karissa Cabri
Cara Tortorich
Autumn Cramer
53.29aApr 24Calaveras Cluster
2.-Kiana Baker
Karissa Cabri
Autumn Cramer
Cara Tortorich
53.41aApr 11Falcon Spring Classi..
3.-Relay Team 53.82aMay 22Sac-Joaquin Division..
4.-Autumn Cramer
Cara Tortorich
Karissa Cabri
Kiana Baker
53.84cMay 16MLL Meet
5.-Kiana Baker
Autumn Cramer
Karissa Cabri
Cara Tortorich
56.61aMay 1Amador MLL Cluster
6.-Kiara Baker
Jocelyn Weart
Meliane Cofield
Madison Floyd
60.42aMar 13MLL/TVL Challenge
7.-Meliane Cofield
Madison Floyd
Tori King
Jocelyn Weart
62.67aApr 24Calaveras Cluster
8.-Meliane Cofield
Jocelyn Weart
Madison Floyd
Tori King
62.78aMay 9Gold Rush Elite Invi..
9.-Tori King
Meliane Cofield
Madison Floyd
Jocelyn Weart
62.94cMay 16MLL Meet
10.-Meliane Cofield
Madison Floyd
Jocelyn Weart
Tori King
63.11aMay 1Amador MLL Cluster
4x400 Relay
1.-Sierra Waters
Mackenzie Johnson
Monquie Salnger
Kiana Baker
4:40.66aApr 24Calaveras Cluster
2.-Cara Tortorich
Autumn Cramer
Karissa Cabri
Kiana Baker
DNSApr 11Falcon Spring Classi..
Shot Put - 4kg
1.12Sabrina Smith24' 10.50May 16MLL Meet
2.11Emma Schluter23' 6.00May 16MLL Meet
3.9Siramanee Rudnupana20' 6.00May 1Amador MLL Cluster
Discus - 1kg
1.12Sabrina Smith78' 0.50May 16MLL Meet
2.11Emma Schluter76' 3.00May 1Amador MLL Cluster
3.9Siramanee Rudnupana63' 7.00May 1Amador MLL Cluster
Long Jump
1.12Cara Tortorich15' 2.00Apr 15Rio Linda Invitation..
2.10Tori King12' 6.00May 16MLL Meet
3.9Madison Floyd11' 2.00Apr 24Calaveras Cluster
4.10Jocelyn WeartDNSApr 11Falcon Spring Classi..
Triple Jump
1.12Cara Tortorich31' 0.00May 16MLL Meet
2.10Payton GruenwaldDNSApr 11Falcon Spring Classi..
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