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100 Meters
1.11Rodney Edmonds11.54cApr 2Official Cab. Co. Ch..
2.11Brylan Weaks11.74cApr 2Official Cab. Co. Ch..
3.11Cameron McKnight11.83aMar 152014 Marvin Ridge In..
4.11Devin Gray11.84cApr 10A.L. Brown Home Meet..
11Christian Neal11.84cApr 16A.L. Brown Home Meet..
6.11RJ Fowler11.94cApr 10A.L. Brown Home Meet..
7.10Greg Joyner Jr.12.04cMar 18A.L. Brown Home Meet..
12Johnathan Bryant12.04cMar 18A.L. Brown Home Meet..
12Johnny Delahousy12.04cMar 26North Meck
10.12Maliek Patterson12.14cMar 18A.L. Brown Home Meet..
11.9Jadarius Duncan12.34cApr 10A.L. Brown Home Meet..
12.12Malik Fowler12.54cMar 5Cabarrus Non Confere..
13.10Andrew Johnson12.55aMar 12Hough HS Meet 1
14.12Devin Rucker12.74cMar 26North Meck
15.9Chris Elliot12.84cApr 10A.L. Brown Home Meet..
10Derick Hinson12.84cMar 18A.L. Brown Home Meet..
200 Meters
1.11Brylan Weaks23.24cApr 2Official Cab. Co. Ch..
2.10Greg Joyner Jr.23.84cApr 2Official Cab. Co. Ch..
11Rodney Edmonds23.84cApr 10A.L. Brown Home Meet..
4.12Johnathan Bryant24.34cMar 26North Meck
5.12Johnny Delahousy24.44cMar 18A.L. Brown Home Meet..
6.11Devin Gray24.84cApr 16A.L. Brown Home Meet..
7.10Andrew Johnson24.94cApr 10A.L. Brown Home Meet..
8.12Devon Rucker25.04cMar 5Cabarrus Non Confere..
9.9Jadarius Duncan25.44cMar 18A.L. Brown Home Meet..
10.10Derick Hinson25.74cApr 10A.L. Brown Home Meet..
11.10Tyler Johnson26.04cMar 26North Meck
12.11Tafari Glascoe27.64cMar 18A.L. Brown Home Meet..
400 Meters
1.11Adam White53.04cApr 10A.L. Brown Home Meet..
2.10Greg Joyner Jr.55.84cMar 26North Meck
3.9Anthony Irving56.84cApr 2Official Cab. Co. Ch..
4.12Devon Daley57.04cMar 18A.L. Brown Home Meet..
5.12Houston Rogers57.94cMar 18A.L. Brown Home Meet..
6.10Montez Mccoy58.74cMar 5Cabarrus Non Confere..
7.12Johnny Delahousy60.04cMar 5Cabarrus Non Confere..
8.11Tafari Glascoe65.84cMar 5Cabarrus Non Confere..
800 Meters
1.11Kellen Corson2:01.10Apr 2Official Cab. Co. Ch..
2.11Adam White2:13.40Apr 16A.L. Brown Home Meet..
3.9Salbador Fuentes2:15.60Apr 2Official Cab. Co. Ch..
4.11A.J. Meadows2:17.00Mar 5Cabarrus Non Confere..
5.9Patrick Fongemy2:21.80Apr 10A.L. Brown Home Meet..
6.12Austin Teal2:24.00Mar 5Cabarrus Non Confere..
7.9Jason Rivas2:27.10Apr 16A.L. Brown Home Meet..
8.11Lorenzo Delgado2:29.00Apr 16A.L. Brown Home Meet..
9.9Juan Saucedo2:31.00Apr 16A.L. Brown Home Meet..
10.10Adam Prince2:39.00Mar 5Cabarrus Non Confere..
11.11Logan BarnetteNTMar 5Cabarrus Non Confere..
9Diego PedrozaNTMar 5Cabarrus Non Confere..
9Kyle HeaterNTMar 18A.L. Brown Home Meet..
1600 Meters
1.11Kellen Corson4:30.50aMay 17NCHSAA 4A State Cham..
2.12Curtis Haynie4:50.40Apr 2Official Cab. Co. Ch..
3.11A.J. Meadows4:56.40Apr 16A.L. Brown Home Meet..
4.11Byron Carroll5:08.10Apr 16A.L. Brown Home Meet..
5.9Drake Carroll5:15.40Mar 18A.L. Brown Home Meet..
6.9Salbador Fuentes5:16.30Apr 16A.L. Brown Home Meet..
7.11Lorenzo Delgado5:20.10Apr 16A.L. Brown Home Meet..
8.12Austin Teal5:24.30Apr 10A.L. Brown Home Meet..
9.9Jason Rivas5:26.90Apr 16A.L. Brown Home Meet..
10.9Patrick Fongemy5:28.00Mar 18A.L. Brown Home Meet..
11.9Juan Saucedo5:33.00Apr 16A.L. Brown Home Meet..
12.9Justen Morgan5:54.00Mar 5Cabarrus Non Confere..
13.9Kyle Heater6:07.00Apr 16A.L. Brown Home Meet..
14.11Logan Barnette6:10.00Mar 18A.L. Brown Home Meet..
15.9Diego Pedroza6:18.00Mar 5Cabarrus Non Confere..
16.9Graham CrawfordNTMar 5Cabarrus Non Confere..
3200 Meters
1.12Curtis Haynie10:29.90Apr 16A.L. Brown Home Meet..
2.11A.J. Meadows10:32.70Apr 16A.L. Brown Home Meet..
3.11Kellen Corson11:02.10Mar 8Weddington Track and..
4.11Byron Carroll11:17.80Apr 10A.L. Brown Home Meet..
5.9Drake Carroll11:32.40Mar 18A.L. Brown Home Meet..
6.9Justen Morgan13:21.00Mar 5Cabarrus Non Confere..
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.11Logan Miller16.34cApr 2Official Cab. Co. Ch..
2.11Herman Freeman17.24cApr 10A.L. Brown Home Meet..
3.12Maliek Patterson18.52aMar 152014 Marvin Ridge In..
4.10Isaiah Carr22.14cMar 18A.L. Brown Home Meet..
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.11Herman Freeman44.04cApr 10A.L. Brown Home Meet..
2.11Logan Miller45.84cMar 18A.L. Brown Home Meet..
3.12Maliek Patterson46.84cApr 2Official Cab. Co. Ch..
4.10Isaiah Carr51.84cApr 10A.L. Brown Home Meet..
4x100 Relay
1.-Johnathan Bryant
Devin Gray
Rodney Edmonds
Brylan Weaks
43.42aMay 104A West Regional Cha..
2.-Johnathan Bryant
Greg Joyner Jr.
Brylan Weaks
Rodney Edmonds
43.44cApr 2Official Cab. Co. Ch..
3.-Relay Team 44.64cApr 16A.L. Brown Home Meet..
4.-Jadarius Duncan
Andrew Johnson
RJ Fowler
Devin Gray
46.04cMar 18A.L. Brown Home Meet..
5.-Rodney Edmonds
Malik Fowler
Cameron McKnight
Devin Gray
46.05aMar 152014 Marvin Ridge In..
6.-Rodney Edmonds
Malik Fowler
RJ Fowler
Cameron McKnight
NTMar 5Cabarrus Non Confere..
4x200 Relay
1.-Devon Rucker
Johnathan Bryant
Brylan Weaks
Greg Joyner Jr.
1:32.10Apr 2Official Cab. Co. Ch..
2.-Johnathan Bryant
Johnny Delahousy
Greg Joyner Jr.
Devon Rucker
1:35.50Mar 18A.L. Brown Home Meet..
3.-Relay Team 1:36.00Apr 10A.L. Brown Home Meet..
4.-Johnathan Bryant
Devon Rucker
Brylan Weaks
Greg Joyner Jr.
NTMar 5Cabarrus Non Confere..
4x400 Relay
1.-Adam White
Kellen Corson
Anthony Irving
Devon Daley
3:34.60Apr 2Official Cab. Co. Ch..
2.-Kellen Corson
Houston Rogers
Adam White
Herman Freeman
3:39.73aMar 152014 Marvin Ridge In..
3.-Relay Team 3:47.00Apr 10A.L. Brown Home Meet..
4.-Houston Rogers
Adam White
Anthony Irving
Devon Daley
3:52.00Mar 18A.L. Brown Home Meet..
5.-Kellen Corson
Salbador Fuentes
Adam Prince
Lorenzo Delgado
NTMar 18A.L. Brown Home Meet..
-Kellen Corson
Houston Rogers
Devon Daley
Anthony Irving
NTMar 5Cabarrus Non Confere..
4x800 Relay
1.-Kellen Corson
Byron Carroll
Adam White
A.J. Meadows
8:45.70Apr 2Official Cab. Co. Ch..
2.-Kellen Corson
Byron Carroll
Curtis Haynie
A.J. Meadows
8:46.00Mar 5Cabarrus Non Confere..
3.-A.J. Meadows
Byron Carroll
Curtis Haynie
Kellen Corson
8:52.15aMar 152014 Marvin Ridge In..
4.-Relay Team 8:58.90Mar 26North Meck
5.-Lorenzo Delgado
Salbador Fuentes
Adam White
Juan Saucedo
9:36.20Mar 18A.L. Brown Home Meet..
Shot Put - 12lb
1.11Christian Neal39' 3.00Mar 26North Meck
2.12Kendall Holmes38' 0.00Mar 18A.L. Brown Home Meet..
3.11RJ Fowler36' 3.00Apr 10A.L. Brown Home Meet..
11Jamel Logan36' 3.00Mar 5Cabarrus Non Confere..
5.10Dantrell Barkley34' 4.00Apr 10A.L. Brown Home Meet..
6.10Alex Fuller31' 11.00Mar 5Cabarrus Non Confere..
7.11Ian Keesee27' 6.00Mar 18A.L. Brown Home Meet..
8.10Blake LaskerNDMar 5Cabarrus Non Confere..
Discus - 1.6kg
1.11Jamel Logan134' 8.00Mar 5Cabarrus Non Confere..
2.10Alex Fuller127' 9.00Mar 26North Meck
3.11Hunter Lomax106' 9.00Apr 16A.L. Brown Home Meet..
4.12Kendall Holmes99' 3.00Mar 18A.L. Brown Home Meet..
5.11Keechan Ware97' 7.00Apr 16A.L. Brown Home Meet..
6.11Denzeal Sherer81' 1.00Apr 16A.L. Brown Home Meet..
7.10Dantrell Barkley59' 3.00Mar 12Hough HS Meet 1
8.11Ian KeeseeDNSMar 12Hough HS Meet 1
10Blake LaskerNDMar 5Cabarrus Non Confere..
High Jump
1.11Rodney Edmonds6' 2.00Mar 5Cabarrus Non Confere..
2.12Logan Tyre6' 0.00Apr 10A.L. Brown Home Meet..
3.11Tafari Glascoe5' 0.00Mar 5Cabarrus Non Confere..
4.11Logan MillerNHMar 5Cabarrus Non Confere..
Long Jump
1.11Rodney Edmonds20' 4.00Apr 2Official Cab. Co. Ch..
2.11Cameron McKnight20' 2.50Mar 5Cabarrus Non Confere..
3.12Logan Tyre19' 7.75Apr 10A.L. Brown Home Meet..
4.12Johnathan Bryant19' 5.00Mar 12Hough HS Meet 1
5.12Malik Fowler19' 4.00Mar 18A.L. Brown Home Meet..
Triple Jump
1.11Logan Miller40' 7.50Mar 152014 Marvin Ridge In..
2.12Malik Fowler39' 1.00Mar 18A.L. Brown Home Meet..
3.12Logan Tyre36' 9.50Apr 2Official Cab. Co. Ch..
4.10Greg Joyner Jr.NDMar 5Cabarrus Non Confere..


100 Meters
1.9Aziana Louis12.74cApr 16A.L. Brown Home Meet..
2.11Aitana Grant13.54cApr 2Official Cab. Co. Ch..
3.10Domonique Garcia14.04cApr 10A.L. Brown Home Meet..
4.10Briana Perry14.31aMar 152014 Marvin Ridge In..
5.11Antoinette Charles14.34cMar 18A.L. Brown Home Meet..
6.9Dajonna McFaddin14.64cMar 18A.L. Brown Home Meet..
7.11Deshaun Irving15.44cMar 5Cabarrus Non Confere..
8.9Edonya Bush15.54cMar 26North Meck
200 Meters
1.9Aziana Louis26.54cApr 2Official Cab. Co. Ch..
2.10Jessika Stanback27.24cApr 2Official Cab. Co. Ch..
3.11Antoinette Charles28.94cApr 2Official Cab. Co. Ch..
4.11Deshaun Irving29.14cApr 16A.L. Brown Home Meet..
5.9Dajonna McFaddin29.34cMar 18A.L. Brown Home Meet..
6.9Edonya Bush29.54cMar 26North Meck
7.11Aitana Grant29.94cMar 26North Meck
8.10Briana Perry30.68aMar 152014 Marvin Ridge In..
9.10Domonique Garcia31.64cMar 18A.L. Brown Home Meet..
10.10Mariah Howard33.44cApr 16A.L. Brown Home Meet..
400 Meters
1.10Jela Lewter60.62aMay 104A West Regional Cha..
2.10Jessika Stanback63.94cApr 2Official Cab. Co. Ch..
3.10Jessica Stanback65.44cMar 26North Meck
9Dajonna McFaddin65.44cApr 10A.L. Brown Home Meet..
5.11Antoinette Charles78.84cMar 18A.L. Brown Home Meet..
6.11Deshaun Irving85.74cMar 26North Meck
800 Meters
1.10Jela Lewter2:35.10Apr 16A.L. Brown Home Meet..
2.10Tyra Banks2:51.90Apr 16A.L. Brown Home Meet..
3.11Morgan Love2:54.00Mar 5Cabarrus Non Confere..
4.10Katherine Breeggemann2:54.60Apr 10A.L. Brown Home Meet..
5.9Samantha Petty2:57.00Mar 5Cabarrus Non Confere..
6.9Arianna Martelis2:58.40Apr 10A.L. Brown Home Meet..
7.9Langlie Simpson3:01.00Mar 18A.L. Brown Home Meet..
8.9Katie Marroquin3:03.90Apr 10A.L. Brown Home Meet..
9.9Calla Veazie3:10.30Apr 16A.L. Brown Home Meet..
10.9Haley Dudding3:18.40Apr 16A.L. Brown Home Meet..
11.9Nayla Honeycutt3:32.00Mar 5Cabarrus Non Confere..
12.9Ariel GrahamNTMar 18A.L. Brown Home Meet..
1600 Meters
1.11Briana Landis5:57.90Apr 16A.L. Brown Home Meet..
2.12Beida Benitez6:18.00Mar 18A.L. Brown Home Meet..
3.12Osbeida Benitez6:20.20Mar 26North Meck
4.10Katherine Breeggemann6:37.40Apr 10A.L. Brown Home Meet..
5.9Katie Marroquin6:38.00Apr 16A.L. Brown Home Meet..
6.9Langlie Simpson6:39.00Apr 2Official Cab. Co. Ch..
7.9Arianna Martelis7:20.00Mar 5Cabarrus Non Confere..
8.11Morgan LoveNTApr 16A.L. Brown Home Meet..
3200 Meters
1.11Briana Landis13:00.50Apr 2Official Cab. Co. Ch..
2.12Beida Benitez14:09.70Apr 2Official Cab. Co. Ch..
3.9Katie Marroquin15:39.00Mar 5Cabarrus Non Confere..
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.10Simone Carroll17.04cApr 10A.L. Brown Home Meet..
2.9Savannah Jordan17.24cApr 2Official Cab. Co. Ch..
3.10Lauren Trull17.74cApr 16A.L. Brown Home Meet..
4.9Nikki Lyerly19.84cApr 16A.L. Brown Home Meet..
5.9Kori Chitty23.14cMar 26North Meck
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.10Lauren Trull51.64cApr 16A.L. Brown Home Meet..
2.9Savannah Jordan56.24cApr 10A.L. Brown Home Meet..
3.9Nikki Lyerly57.14cApr 2Official Cab. Co. Ch..
4.9Kori Chitty64.06aMar 152014 Marvin Ridge In..
4x100 Relay
1.-Briana Perry
Aziana Louis
Aitana Grant
Jessica Stanback
50.71aMay 104A West Regional Cha..
2.-Relay Team 51.34cApr 10A.L. Brown Home Meet..
3.-Simone Carroll
Briana Perry
Aitana Grant
Aziana Louis
51.94cApr 2Official Cab. Co. Ch..
4x200 Relay
1.-Relay Team 1:52.70Mar 18A.L. Brown Home Meet..
4x400 Relay
1.-Jela Lewter
Jessika Stanback
Lauren Trull
Morgan Love
4:23.10Apr 2Official Cab. Co. Ch..
2.-Deshaun Irving
Jela Lewter
Jessika Stanback
Antoinette Charles
4:36.00Mar 18A.L. Brown Home Meet..
3.-Jela Lewter
Antoinette Charles
Jessika Stanback
Savannah Jordan
4:38.74aMar 152014 Marvin Ridge In..
4.-Morgan Love
Jela Lewter
Katherine Breeggemann
Samantha Petty
NTMar 5Cabarrus Non Confere..
-Tyra Banks
Arianna Martelis
Katie Marroquin
Langlie Simpson
NTMar 5Cabarrus Non Confere..
-Morgan Love
Samantha Petty
Langlie Simpson
Arianna Martelis
NTMar 18A.L. Brown Home Meet..
-Katherine Breeggemann
Samantha Petty
Langlie Simpson
Arianna Martelis
NTApr 10A.L. Brown Home Meet..
-Relay Team NTApr 16A.L. Brown Home Meet..
4x800 Relay
1.-Briana Landis
Morgan Love
Beida Benitez
Langlie Simpson
10:51.90Apr 2Official Cab. Co. Ch..
2.-Tyra Banks
Jela Lewter
Morgan Love
Beida Benitez
11:12.70Mar 5Cabarrus Non Confere..
3.-Beida Benitez
Briana Landis
Jela Lewter
Samantha Petty
11:37.87aMar 152014 Marvin Ridge In..
4.-Katherine Breeggemann
Samantha Petty
Langlie Simpson
Tyra Banks
11:44.80Mar 18A.L. Brown Home Meet..
5.-Relay Team 11:59.40Mar 26North Meck
Shot Put - 4kg
1.10Jada Balknight29' 7.00Mar 18A.L. Brown Home Meet..
2.11Jaiya Lewter28' 3.00Mar 26North Meck
3.9Dayja Reeves27' 9.00Apr 2Official Cab. Co. Ch..
4.11Brooke Waller26' 7.50Apr 16A.L. Brown Home Meet..
5.12Malika Graham22' 0.50Mar 12Hough HS Meet 1
6.9Zion Probst20' 3.00Mar 18A.L. Brown Home Meet..
7.10Kentisha Winecoff19' 1.00Mar 18A.L. Brown Home Meet..
8.10Okeela Hamrick13' 10.00Mar 5Cabarrus Non Confere..
Discus - 1kg
1.11Jaiya Lewter87' 6.00Apr 10A.L. Brown Home Meet..
2.10Jada Balknight86' 3.00Apr 2Official Cab. Co. Ch..
3.11Brooke Waller82' 3.00Apr 16A.L. Brown Home Meet..
4.9Dayja Reeves70' 1.00Apr 16A.L. Brown Home Meet..
5.10Okeela Hamrick42' 3.00Mar 5Cabarrus Non Confere..
6.9Zion Probst40' 6.00Mar 5Cabarrus Non Confere..
High Jump
1.10Mariah Howard4' 11.00Mar 12Hough HS Meet 1
2.11Aitana GrantNHMar 5Cabarrus Non Confere..
Long Jump
1.11Aitana Grant16' 10.00Apr 10A.L. Brown Home Meet..
2.10Simone Carroll15' 2.00Mar 18A.L. Brown Home Meet..
3.9Aziana Louis14' 4.50Mar 18A.L. Brown Home Meet..
4.9Rebecca Harrison12' 8.00Mar 18A.L. Brown Home Meet..
5.10Jessika Stanback12' 2.00Mar 5Cabarrus Non Confere..
Triple Jump
1.11Aitana Grant34' 3.00Apr 16A.L. Brown Home Meet..
2.10Simone Carroll32' 0.00Apr 2Official Cab. Co. Ch..
3.9Rebecca Harrison28' 7.00Apr 10A.L. Brown Home Meet..
4.9Aziana Louis27' 0.00Mar 5Cabarrus Non Confere..
5.10Jessika StanbackNDMar 5Cabarrus Non Confere..
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