Gilmour Invitational

Saturday, April 17, 2010
  Gilmour Academy, Gates Mills

  Field Events Start: 9:00 AM  Track Events Start: 9:30 AM
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Ohio - Division III
GIACGilmour Academy
LRALake Ridge Academy
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kevin Johnson11.07aSt Ignatius
2.11Omar Lane11.12aBishop Hartley
3.12Dominique Hobbs11.55aBrush
4.12Jake Willen11.63aHawken
5.11Brian Pongallo11.68aOlmsted Falls
6.11Anthony Mascia11.70aSt Ignatius
7.10Kevin Houchins11.84aBrush
8.11Lawrence Drake12.43aJohn F Kennedy
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Kevin Johnson11.08aSt Ignatius
2.11Omar Lane11.23aBishop Hartley
3.11Anthony Mascia11.26aSt Ignatius
6.12Jake Willen11.51aHawken
4.12Dominique Hobbs11.54aBrush
7.10Kevin Houchins11.62aBrush
5.11Brian Pongallo11.69aOlmsted Falls
8.11Lawrence Drake11.73aJohn F Kennedy
9.11Francis Goins11.82aShaker Heights
10.11Cory Phillips11.85aJohn Adams
11.9Sherman Kortze11.88aCuyahoga Valley Chrs...
12.9Chris Harris11.90aCuyahoga Falls
13.12Leonard Harris11.99aWarrensville Heights
14.12Gabe Adams12.00aHudson
15.9Leighton Antonio12.01aHudson
16.11Nick Meadows12.02aLouisville
17.10Kendall Agee12.04aShaker Heights
18.10Alan Turner12.07aOlmsted Falls
19.10Ben Shepherd12.07aCuyahoga Valley Chrs...
20.12Mike Hayslip12.19aNotre Dame Cathedral...
21.10Martez Stone12.36aJohn Adams
22.12Matt Lumpp12.40aLouisville
23.11Melvin Stitt12.43aWarrensville Heights
24.11Craig Boyd12.57aUniversity School
25.11Chris Wasco12.58aPadua Franciscan
26.9Ishaan Tayeh12.65aRocky River
27.10Mike Gragg12.84aNotre Dame Cathedral...
28.9Kevin Smith12.98aUniversity School
29.9Jesse Kiselka13.08aMaplewood
30.10Tyler Martini13.11aMaplewood
31.10Brandon Lambright13.40aHawken
X 100 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
11Zach Heyd13.2Hawken
10Brandon Hagans13.2Hawken
10James Seabright13.4Hawken
10Brandon Lambright13.7Hawken
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Alonzo Wooten22.70aJohn F Kennedy
2.11Francis Goins23.33aShaker Heights
3.12Nate Morris23.47aWarrensville Heights
4.9Tim MvVey23.49aSt Ignatius
5.11Lawrence Drake23.61aJohn F Kennedy
6.12Jake Willen23.66aHawken
7.9Pat Jeffries23.72aSt Ignatius
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Alonzo Wooten22.83aJohn F Kennedy
2.11Francis Goins23.13aShaker Heights
3.11Omar Lane23.20aBishop Hartley
4.12Jake Willen23.30aHawken
6.12Nate Morris23.42aWarrensville Heights
5.11Lawrence Drake23.54aJohn F Kennedy
7.9Pat Jeffries23.71aSt Ignatius
8.9Tim MvVey23.76aSt Ignatius
9.12Tyrone Maxwell23.77aCollinwood
10.10Justyn Greene24.01aGilmour Academy
11.12Gabe Adams24.16aHudson
12.11Nick Meadows24.16aLouisville
13.10Matt Simpson24.21aBishop Hartley
14.9Arthur Dunkley24.32aCuyahoga Valley Chrs...
15.12Brian Vogt24.41aHawken
16.10Joey Mulgrew24.44aOlmsted Falls
17.11Rayshawn Clements24.49aWarrensville Heights
18.12Brian Lesiecki24.54aRocky River
19.11Cory Phillips24.70aJohn Adams
20.11Dylan Hooker24.75aCuyahoga Falls
21.11Jacob Longino24.86aBrush
22.11Craig Boyd25.01aUniversity School
24.9Vinnie Minosky25.16aPadua Franciscan
25.9Avery McLean25.22aCuyahoga Valley Chrs...
26.12Matt Lumpp25.27aLouisville
27.11Adam Binggeli25.45aOlmsted Falls
28.12Christian Jensen25.65aHudson
29.11Jon Monnin25.79aUniversity School
30.10Harrison Hunt25.82aGilmour Academy
31.11Domique Clotman25.87aJohn Adams
32.9Jordan Modock27.13aPadua Franciscan
33.10Frank Thompson27.18aCuyahoga Falls
34.10Tyler Martini27.20aMaplewood
35.9Chris Naylor30.04aMaplewood
X 200 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
10Brandon Hagans26.8Hawken
10Brandon Lambright27.3Hawken
10James Seabright27.4Hawken
11Zach Heyd29.9Hawken
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ryan Byrne51.08aBrush
2.12Brandon Jackson52.12aUniversity School
3.11Nick D'Amico52.63aSt Ignatius
4.12Brian Vogt52.72aHawken
5.12Danary Brown53.15aJohn Adams
6.12Tyrone Maxwell53.21aCollinwood
7.11Lance Jackson53.51aBrush
8.11Nick Gonzales53.94aPadua Franciscan
9.12Ben Moser53.99aMaplewood
10.10Patrick Sheil54.45aUniversity School
11.12AJ Grayson54.89aMaplewood
12.10Lamar Kemp54.94aSt Ignatius
13.11John Luciano55.09aRocky River
14.9D'Juan Ross55.74aJohn F Kennedy
15.11Alex Lindroth56.14aHudson
16.11Noah Key56.90aBishop Hartley
17.10Mike Costa58.13aCuyahoga Valley Chrs...
18.11Brandon Greene58.55aWarrensville Heights
19.10Delmar Henderson58.98aShaker Heights
20.10David Sayers59.16aLouisville
21.12Alex Mey59.89aPadua Franciscan
22.10Russell Allen1:01.11aJohn Adams
23.9Colton Lewis1:01.47aCuyahoga Falls
24.10Jack Moore1:01.90aGilmour Academy
25.10Frank Thompson1:02.90aCuyahoga Falls
26.12Brandon Howard1:02.94aJohn F Kennedy
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brad Adams1:58.84aCuyahoga Valley Chrs...
2.12Jon Brachna2:01.24aUniversity School
3.10Dan Loya2:02.82aBrush
4.10Drew Galang2:02.90aSt Ignatius
5.9Wyatt Hartman2:03.30aMaplewood
6.12Nick Kobunski2:04.63aSt Ignatius
7.10Greg Yanda2:06.08aHudson
8.12Martin Russ2:06.38aRocky River
9.10Steve Gronow2:08.09aLouisville
10.10Jon Metz2:08.75aShaker Heights
11.10Nolan Reilly2:09.83aHudson
12.10Markus Beck2:10.32aNotre Dame Cathedral...
13.10Brad VanValkenburg2:10.35aMaplewood
14.12Carl Harris2:11.60aBrush
15.10Jack Stanovsek2:11.99aNotre Dame Cathedral...
16.12Sam Shapiro2:12.86aUniversity School
17.10Domenic Acciarri2:15.13aPadua Franciscan
18.12Eglon Morgan2:16.64aWarrensville Heights
19.9Blake Willaims2:18.24aRocky River
20.9Adam Berry2:18.41aHawken
21.12Joe Pedicini2:18.45aOlmsted Falls
22.10Stephen Stamp2:18.95aLouisville
23.10Jake Michallakes2:19.34aPadua Franciscan
24.12Jermel Cook2:21.35aJohn F Kennedy
25.10Eddie Jones2:21.53aWarrensville Heights
26.10George Curfman2:27.83aCuyahoga Falls
27.12Jerrod Green2:30.00aJohn F Kennedy
28.11Alex Cossin2:35.26aCuyahoga Falls
29.12Alexander Barclay2:44.03aShaker Heights
X 800 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
9Adam Berry2:18.0Hawken
11Ian Mullenhour2:22.0Hawken
12Andrew Johnson2:24.0Hawken
11Dan Gens2:25.0Hawken
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Bart Merkel4:26.12aGilmour Academy
2.12Ross Crocker4:34.63aCuyahoga Valley Chrs...
3.12Matt Mucha4:34.83aCuyahoga Valley Chrs...
4.12Nick Fresenko4:38.54aLouisville
5.12Tom Bottorff4:39.52aMaplewood
6.10Tim Staudt4:40.68aHudson
7.10Nolan Reilly4:43.80aHudson
8.12Aaron Harrison4:44.93aMaplewood
9.11Nick Bartram4:45.35aSt Ignatius
10.10Ben Radeff4:45.76aSt Ignatius
11.11Mike Aquila4:48.05aNotre Dame Cathedral...
12.9Steven Frandanisa4:57.95aNotre Dame Cathedral...
13.12Devon Gates4:58.77aWarrensville Heights
14.12Jason Pollard5:00.46aBrush
15.10Jeff Phillip5:00.78aShaker Heights
16.9Nick Koczwara5:01.28aLouisville
17.10Evan Bialosky5:02.23aPadua Franciscan
18.12Adam Broski5:03.81aOlmsted Falls
19.11Karl Stemen5:05.81aRocky River
20.11Colton Giordano5:12.21aPadua Franciscan
21.9Troy Swiderski5:13.51aOlmsted Falls
22.11Luke Sober5:15.24aUniversity School
23.10Ben Radcliffe5:15.59aGilmour Academy
24.9Joe Domo5:15.66aUniversity School
25.11David Phillips5:23.99aWarrensville Heights
26.10Ian Adams5:26.63aShaker Heights
27.9Trevor Clayton5:35.17aCuyahoga Falls
28.12Dominic Anderson5:37.12aJohn F Kennedy
29.12Joe See5:53.60aBrush
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Curtis Hanle9:31.97aLouisville
2.12Bart Merkel9:32.08aGilmour Academy
3.12Tom Eldridge9:41.86aRocky River
4.12Jordan Tropf9:52.91aSt Ignatius
5.12Eric Rupe9:58.68aMaplewood
6.12Mark Talbott10:06.17aCuyahoga Valley Chrs...
7.12Chris Manuszak10:07.23aSt Ignatius
8.11Ben Schaller10:13.59aHudson
9.12Tom Derr10:25.25aOlmsted Falls
10.11Andrew Nelson10:28.16aLouisville
11.11James Miller10:29.22aGilmour Academy
12.12Brendan Trepal10:35.75aNotre Dame Cathedral...
13.10Dallas Bright10:39.57aMaplewood
14.12Tyler Weseling10:41.23aRocky River
15.10Dave Skursha10:50.90aNotre Dame Cathedral...
16.12Tyler Bokman10:51.60aOlmsted Falls
17.10Aaron Sadholz10:59.37aShaker Heights
18.10Jake Dodds11:02.05aCuyahoga Falls
19.12Devon Gates11:06.31aWarrensville Heights
20.9Terrel Golden11:08.95aShaker Heights
21.10Bill Braden11:08.95aCuyahoga Falls
22.11Evan Meisler11:16.90aUniversity School
23.10Tom Vendeland11:28.05aBrush
24.11Dan Pastoria11:33.57aCuyahoga Valley Chrs...
25.12Andrew Johnson11:37.20aHawken
26.11Seth Shill11:44.68aHawken
27.9Ryan Seballos11:54.43aPadua Franciscan
28.10Joe Chmura11:56.75aPadua Franciscan
29.11Diego Axon-Sanchez11:59.56aUniversity School
30.11Delvicio Snyder12:12.84aWarrensville Heights
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ronnell Thompson14.77aBrush
2.11Mike Samide15.22aHudson
3.12Clarence Johnson15.30aBrush
4.12Joe Hanigosky15.46aRocky River
5.12John Pouliot15.80aHudson
6.11Adrian Anderson16.15aCollinwood
7.12Brandon Nunn16.15aSt Ignatius
8.12Matt Balester16.22aShaker Heights
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Ronnell Thompson15.00aBrush
5.11Mike Samide15.32aHudson
2.11Adrian Anderson15.47aCollinwood
6.12Brandon Nunn15.53aSt Ignatius
7.12Clarence Johnson15.55aBrush
3.12John Pouliot15.67aHudson
4.12Joe Hanigosky15.89aRocky River
8.12Matt Balester16.32aShaker Heights
9.11Jason Gless16.33aCuyahoga Falls
10.11Joshua Martemus16.48aWarrensville Heights
11.12Alex Truong16.72aRocky River
12.12Matt Frantz17.69aPadua Franciscan
13.10Willis Jalen17.79aShaker Heights
14.10Wyatt Scruggs18.01aUniversity School
15.11Logan Henkel18.03aLouisville
16.10Connor Obradovich18.04aMaplewood
17.9Mike Gib18.15aOlmsted Falls
18.12Patrick Nelsen18.58aCuyahoga Falls
19.9Kalen Banks19.19aNotre Dame Cathedral...
20.9Chris Fox19.73aOlmsted Falls
21.10David Sayers19.81aLouisville
22.9Collin Stephens19.83aNotre Dame Cathedral...
23.9Anthony Taylor22.80aPadua Franciscan
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ronnell Thompson41.94aBrush
2.12Clarence Johnson42.20aBrush
3.12Matt Frantz42.23aPadua Franciscan
4.11Mike Samide42.58aHudson
5.10Isaiah Walls43.03aBishop Hartley
6.10Kevin Moore44.16aCuyahoga Valley Chrs...
7.11Jeremy Ortiz44.17aOlmsted Falls
8.11Tyler Hardy44.31aCuyahoga Falls
9.10Matt Campbell44.36aLouisville
10.12Joe Hanigosky44.42aRocky River
11.11Joshua Martemus45.22aWarrensville Heights
11.9Chris Harris45.22aCuyahoga Falls
13.12Brandon Nunn45.48aSt Ignatius
14.10Daniel Pritchard45.53aRocky River
15.9Mike Gib45.94aOlmsted Falls
16.11Logan Henkel46.83aLouisville
17.11Andrew Castleberry46.89aShaker Heights
18.11Jack Dolan46.90aGilmour Academy
19.10Brandon Hagans47.37aHawken
20.10Harry Reu47.75aUniversity School
21.11Adrian Anderson48.41aCollinwood
22.10Connor Obradovich48.94aMaplewood
23.9Kalen Banks49.30aNotre Dame Cathedral...
24.9Anthony Taylor54.50aPadua Franciscan
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Anthony Mascia
Bob Grebenc
Marcus Primes
Kevin Johnson
43.73aSt Ignatius
2.-Dominique Hobbs
Kevin Houchins
Ronnell Thompson
Les Davis
3.-Alonzo Wooten
Lederris Sterling
Malcolm Martin
Lawrence Drake
45.52aJohn F Kennedy
4.-Relay Team 45.69aWarrensville Heights
5.-Relay Team 46.06aOlmsted Falls
6.-Relay Team 46.16aUniversity School
7.-Relay Team 46.35aCuyahoga Falls
8.-Relay Team 46.97aCuyahoga Valley Chrs...
9.-Relay Team 47.14aRocky River
10.-Connor Murphy
Anthony Martella
Jack Kelly
Chris Wasco
47.29aPadua Franciscan
11.-Mark Malone
Mike Gragg
Brian Havrilla
Jared Simpson
47.99aNotre Dame Cathedral...
12.-Relay Team 48.21aHudson
13.-Relay Team 48.24aLouisville
14.-Brandon Lambright
James Seabright
Zach Heyd
Brandon Hagans
---Relay Team DQShaker Heights
---Cory Phillips
Zaviaer Brewer
Bart Evans
Martez Stone
DQJohn Adams
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Noah Key
Omar Lane
Matt Simpson
Isaiah Walls
1:32.37aBishop Hartley
2.-Dominique Hobbs
Isiah Wilson
Les Davis
Ronnell Thompson
3.-Dan Way
Tim MvVey
Kevin Kray
Adam North
1:35.07aSt Ignatius
4.-Relay Team 1:35.79aHudson
5.-Relay Team 1:35.86aWarrensville Heights
6.-Marc Megenhart`
Tyler Hardy
Danny Brown
Branden Loss
1:36.15aCuyahoga Falls
7.-Alonzo Wooten
Chaz Vanzant
Lederris Sterling
Lawrence Drake
1:36.46aJohn F Kennedy
8.-Relay Team 1:37.30aCuyahoga Valley Chrs...
9.-Ethan Arnold
Jeremy Ortiz
Tyler Knapp
Alan Binggeli
1:38.16aOlmsted Falls
10.-Relay Team 1:38.51aUniversity School
11.-Relay Team 1:39.00aJohn Adams
12.-Kevin Vargo
Robbie Zeller
Harrison Hunt
Justyn Greene
1:40.43aGilmour Academy
13.-Nick Gonzales
Connor Murphy
Anthony Martella
Vinnie Minosky
1:42.87aPadua Franciscan
14.-Relay Team 1:44.10aLouisville
15.-Relay Team 1:45.13aNotre Dame Cathedral...
16.-Mike Dahmen
Tyler Martini
Jesse Kiselka
Chris Naylor
17.-Brandon Hagans
James Seabright
Zach Heyd
Brandon Lambright
---Relay Team DNFShaker Heights
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Nick D'Amico
Kevin Kray
Lamar Kemp
Kevin Johnson
3:29.64aSt Ignatius
2.-Ryan Byrne
Dan Loya
Lance Jackson
Carl Harris
3.-Brandon Jackson
Patrick Sheil
John McKelvey
Jon Brachna
3:33.55aUniversity School
4.-Malcolm Martin
Lederris Sterling
William Marrow Ii
Alonzo Wooten
3:39.06aJohn F Kennedy
5.-Relay Team 3:40.60aOlmsted Falls
6.-Relay Team 3:40.78aJohn Adams
7.-Relay Team 3:41.54aHudson
8.-Relay Team 3:41.93aWarrensville Heights
9.-Relay Team 3:43.63aRocky River
10.-Nick Gonzales
Anthony Martella
Ryan Trapp
Chris Wasco
3:44.02aPadua Franciscan
11.-Alexander Barclay
Eric Harris
Keon Willis
Delmar Henderson
4:00.49aShaker Heights
12.-Relay Team 4:02.54aCuyahoga Valley Chrs...
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Wyatt Hartman
AJ Grayson
Aaron Harrison
Eric Rupe
2.-Relay Team 8:09.32aCuyahoga Valley Chrs...
3.-Carl Harris
Lance Jackson
Ryan Byrne
Dan Loya
4.-Nick Fresenko
Stephen Stamp
Steve Gronow
Curtis Hanle
5.-Drew Galang
Lamar Kemp
Nick Kobunski
Pat Grodach
8:38.57aSt Ignatius
6.-Ben Radcliffe
Kevin Vargo
Steven Pryatel
Robbie Zeller
8:46.81aGilmour Academy
7.-Relay Team 8:59.57aNotre Dame Cathedral...
8.-Relay Team 9:03.83aOlmsted Falls
9.-Relay Team 9:05.39aWarrensville Heights
10.-Jon Metz
Jeff Phillip
Ian Adams
Aaron Sadholz
9:06.11aShaker Heights
11.-Relay Team 9:14.15aUniversity School
12.-Relay Team 9:14.95aPadua Franciscan
13.-Jermel Cook
William Marrow Ii
Brandon Howard
Jerrod Green
9:25.18aJohn F Kennedy
14.-Adam Berry
Ian Mullenhour
Dan Gens
Andrew Johnson
15.-Franklin Ziccardi
Alex Cossin
George Curfman
Derek Marquardt
10:03.61aCuyahoga Falls
---Zaviaer Brewer
Danary Brown
William Tremeal
Ira Miller
DQJohn Adams
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.10Zack Lozar46-00.00St Ignatius
2.12Sean Karhan45-00.50Cuyahoga Valley Chrs...
3.11Mike Ramos42-09.00St Ignatius
4.10Carlutorbantu Zaramo40-05.50Brush
5.12Michael Marabito40-03.00Hawken
6.11Ricardo Mason39-09.75Notre Dame Cathedral...
7.11Malcolm Branch39-09.00Bishop Hartley
8.12Addison Carbone39-08.00Hudson
9.10Ben Radcliffe38-05.00Gilmour Academy
10.10Matt Margida37-10.00Hudson
11.11Brandon Moore37-01.50Brush
12.12David Levin37-00.00Olmsted Falls
13.11Kyle Flynn36-10.00Notre Dame Cathedral...
14.12Mike Ozog36-05.50Padua Franciscan
15.11Will Monahan36-04.00Rocky River
16.11Robert Wolfe36-03.00Louisville
17.10Rosario Guastella36-02.00University School
18.12Andy Nash36-00.00Padua Franciscan
19.9Jackso Whitehouse35-07.50University School
20.11Jordan Bohlen35-04.00Olmsted Falls
21.10Nick Celeste35-00.50Gilmour Academy
22.11Tom Hallas33-10.00Louisville
23.10Tommy Willen33-08.50Hawken
24.9Josh Pemberton33-05.00Cuyahoga Valley Chrs...
25.9Alex Peace32-01.75Cuyahoga Falls
26.11Erin Hoffman31-06.00Warrensville Heights
27.11John Howell31-05.00Bishop Hartley
28.11Ross Reinema31-04.50Rocky River
--11Christopher CarterNDJohn F Kennedy
--10Martez StoneNDJohn Adams
--10Natha Phillips jrNDJohn F Kennedy
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Blake Thomas130-01St Ignatius
2.12Bob Lyons125-06St Ignatius
3.10Kalif Aughburns125-00Brush
4.11Jordan Bohlen124-06Olmsted Falls
5.11Christopher Carter123-06John F Kennedy
6.11Andrew Evans123-03Notre Dame Cathedral...
7.11Jim Smith122-10Hudson
8.12Addison Carbone120-08Hudson
9.9Josh Pemberton113-05Cuyahoga Valley Chrs...
10.12Sean Karhan109-06Cuyahoga Valley Chrs...
11.9Michael Vala102-02Gilmour Academy
12.9Jackso Whitehouse101-04University School
13.11Robert Wolfe101-02Louisville
14.9Alex Peace101-01Cuyahoga Falls
15.10Rosario Guastella100-08University School
16.11Ross Reinema100-00Rocky River
17.12David Levin98-07Olmsted Falls
18.12Michael Marabito97-02Hawken
19.11Samuel Hatcher97-00Hawken
20.10Carlutorbantu Zaramo96-00Brush
21.10Nick Celeste96-00Gilmour Academy
22.11Will Monahan92-08Rocky River
23.11John Howell88-07Bishop Hartley
24.11Eric Weber87-01Notre Dame Cathedral...
25.11Cory Ross84-08Louisville
26.11Erin Hoffman84-04Warrensville Heights
27.12Andy Nash78-02Padua Franciscan
28.11Malcolm Branch77-01Bishop Hartley
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Adrian Anderson6-00.00Collinwood
2.10Adam North5-09.00St Ignatius
2.11Mike Jones5-09.00Rocky River
2.12Bart Evans5-09.00John Adams
5.10Jalen Yancy5-09.00Brush
5.11Tyler Minster5-09.00Louisville
7.11Joshua Martemus5-09.00Warrensville Heights
8.10Connor Obradovich5-06.00Maplewood
8.10Kendall Sherrod5-06.00Bishop Hartley
10.12Ben Moser5-06.00Maplewood
11.12Brandon Nunn5-06.00St Ignatius
12.12Eglon Morgan5-03.00Warrensville Heights
12.9Zach Shapiro5-03.00University School
12.10Ed Crotty5-03.00University School
12.10Jack Kelly5-03.00Padua Franciscan
12.10Sam Kelly5-03.00Padua Franciscan
12.11Zach Stevens5-03.00Olmsted Falls
18.11Jim Kimbro5-03.00Olmsted Falls
18.10Brandon Hardy5-03.00Brush
--10Paul CarswellNHNotre Dame Cathedral...
--10Zach SuppelNHNotre Dame Cathedral...
--11Logan HenkelNHLouisville
--10Aaron HayesNHHawken
--12Ryan HarkeyNHHawken
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Matt Stenger15-01.00Olmsted Falls
2.12Craig Krcal14-00.00St Ignatius
3.12Christian Hill12-06.00St Ignatius
4.10Aaron Port12-00.00Cuyahoga Valley Chrs...
5.12Mike Mackensen11-06.00Brush
6.11Elliot Tedquist11-06.00Cuyahoga Falls
7.12Ryan Sparber11-00.00Hudson
8.12Tim Gibbons11-00.00Rocky River
9.10Steve Tsagaris9-00.00Brush
9.11Dylan Daugherty9-00.00University School
9.11Robert Kassinger9-00.00Cuyahoga Falls
12.10Will Moore9-00.00University School
--9Adam BerryNHHawken
--11Thomas MoranNHRocky River
--10Jerrod BorkeyNHGilmour Academy
--10Tyler KnappNHOlmsted Falls
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Adrian Anderson21-09.00Collinwood
2.12Jeff Suchan20-05.00Padua Franciscan
3.12Levantae Russell19-09.50Olmsted Falls
4.11Anthony Mascia19-05.00St Ignatius
5.12Lederris Sterling19-04.50John F Kennedy
6.12Gabe Adams19-04.50Hudson
7.11Joshua Martemus19-02.00Warrensville Heights
8.10Adam North18-11.25St Ignatius
9.11Tyler Minster18-06.25Louisville
10.12Keon Willis18-06.00Shaker Heights
11.12Chaz Vanzant18-04.75John F Kennedy
12.12Bart Evans17-11.00John Adams
13.12Alex Truong17-10.25Rocky River
14.11Zach Stevens17-10.25Olmsted Falls
15.12Matt Balester17-10.00Shaker Heights
16.11Alex Naticchia17-07.50Notre Dame Cathedral...
17.12Bukhari Muhammad17-06.50Brush
18.10Paul Carswell17-05.00Notre Dame Cathedral...
19.10Jalen Yancy17-04.00Brush
20.10Tal Tamir17-01.00University School
21.9Nick DiSanto16-01.00Hudson
22.10Tyler Martini16-00.75Maplewood
23.10Brandon Hagans16-00.00Hawken
24.9Ishaan Tayeh15-11.50Rocky River
25.11Max Karakul15-11.25University School
26.12Leonard Harris15-11.00Warrensville Heights
27.9David Hassler13-10.00Gilmour Academy
28.9Jesse Kiselka12-08.00Maplewood

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Chesna Sykes12.07aBishop Hartley
2.10Naleta Andrews12.11aShaker Heights
3.11Candace Longino-Thomas12.34aGilmour Academy
4.12Taylor James12.48aCuyahoga Valley Chrs...
5.10Artia Gunn12.65aEuclid Senior
6.12Daianna Barron12.81aWarrensville Heights
7.9Allison Duber13.06aOlmsted Falls
8.12CharAnna Dixon13.15aBishop Hartley
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Taylor James12.39aCuyahoga Valley Chrs...
2.10Naleta Andrews12.55aShaker Heights
3.11Candace Longino-Thomas12.79aGilmour Academy
7.12Daianna Barron12.82aWarrensville Heights
4.10Artia Gunn12.87aEuclid Senior
8.9Allison Duber12.96aOlmsted Falls
5.12CharAnna Dixon13.00aBishop Hartley
6.12Chesna Sykes13.07aBishop Hartley
9.11Naeyana Love13.16aBeaumont
10.11Britany Moore13.22aShaker Heights
11.12Katherina Gentry13.41aWarrensville Heights
12.11Ezgi Cubukcu13.46aHawken
13.10Hannah Danish13.47aCuyahoga Falls
14.11Brigid Murray13.54aMagnificat
15.9Patrice Hannon13.58aBrush
16.12Stephanie Brinning13.59aWest Geauga
17.9Allie Griffith13.60aArchbishop Hoban
18.9Clara Lemmon13.63aLouisville
19.9Brenna McGrath13.65aSt Joseph Acad
20.9Isabelle Haney13.74aMagnificat
21.9Mary Kate Caja13.74aSt Joseph Acad
22.12Tracy Togba13.78aHawken
23.9Indica Curd13.79aCollinwood
24.9Rachel Lonchor13.83aNotre Dame Cathedral...
25.11Tchnavia Spencer13.83aEuclid Senior
26.11Timmyra Morrow13.83aCuyahoga Falls
27.12Olivia Zippert13.88aBeaumont
28.12Irina Yakubenko13.89aWest Geauga
29.9Donita Neal13.96aCollinwood
30.9Abby Nichols13.98aOlmsted Falls
31.10Meghan Eddins14.01aLouisville
32.10Chelsea Smith14.29aCuyahoga Valley Chrs...
33.10Morgan Berg14.33aRocky River
34.10Ciara Kessler14.39aRocky River
35.9Julie Corello14.65aNotre Dame Cathedral...
36.12Amy Coyle14.67aPadua Franciscan
37.9Shunquez Spears14.73aToledo Scott
38.9Taylor Styers14.94aMaplewood
39.9Dominque Edomwande15.09aGilmour Academy
40.11Rachel Powers15.49aPadua Franciscan
41.9Maria McKee15.67aMaplewood
X 100 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
12Tracy Togba12.9Hawken
10Nya Braxton13.2Hawken
11Katie Wilson13.8Hawken
11Ezgi Cubukcu14.0Hawken
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Rachel Hlatky25.80aMagnificat
2.10Taylor Rambo26.89aEuclid Senior
3.9Sabrina Maultsby27.77aJohn F Kennedy
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Rachel Hlatky24.22aMagnificat
7.10Shavonna Jackson25.02aWarrensville Heights
23.9Patrice Hannon25.07aBrush
2.11Aisha Cavin25.70aBishop Hartley
8.9Sabrina Maultsby25.94aJohn F Kennedy
9.9Sarah Lesiecki25.95aRocky River
3.11Candace Longino-Thomas26.26aGilmour Academy
4.10Taylor Rambo26.95aEuclid Senior
10.12Irina Yakubenko27.07aWest Geauga
5.12Chesna Sykes27.47aBishop Hartley
6.9Briah Owens27.47aGilmour Academy
11.11Becky Jay27.74aPadua Franciscan
12.9Allison Duber27.77aOlmsted Falls
13.11Tchnavia Spencer27.78aEuclid Senior
14.10Hannah Danish27.80aCuyahoga Falls
15.11Timmyra Morrow27.84aCuyahoga Falls
16.11Maeve Kessler27.85aRocky River
17.11Asia Seavers28.27aBrush
18.9Kristianna Collins28.68aWarrensville Heights
19.9Mary Kate Caja28.68aSt Joseph Acad
20.9Shannon Byrd28.72aBrush
21.9Emily Velten28.92aMagnificat
22.10Maria Libertin29.25aArchbishop Hoban
23.9Abby Nichols29.32aOlmsted Falls
24.9Donita Neal29.41aCollinwood
25.10Meghan Eddins29.45aLouisville
26.9Indica Curd29.52aCollinwood
27.12Erica Gliga29.57aHawken
28.9Michelle Costanzo29.67aSt Joseph Acad
29.12Katie Corello29.94aNotre Dame Cathedral...
30.10Vicky Armstrong30.02aBeaumont
31.9Alexandr DeVaughn30.06aCuyahoga Valley Chrs...
32.10Haley Davis30.19aLouisville
33.9Shunquez Spears30.22aToledo Scott
34.10Nya Braxton30.47aHawken
35.10Megan Onarato30.51aBeaumont
36.9Julie Corello30.54aNotre Dame Cathedral...
37.9Khryst McCalister30.60aCuyahoga Valley Chrs...
38.11Kellie Vaughan31.48aPadua Franciscan
39.11Rebecca McKee38.62aMaplewood
X 200 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
12Tracy Togba27.9Hawken
11Ezgi Cubukcu28.5Hawken
11Katie Wilson29.6Hawken
10Nya Braxton30.1Hawken
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Naleta Andrews56.31aShaker Heights
2.12Daianna Barron57.62aWarrensville Heights
3.11Samant Birchfield1:01.11aMagnificat
4.10Abigail Marquard1:01.38aMagnificat
5.12Allison Tyree1:01.73aWest Geauga
6.11Maya Pedersen1:01.93aBishop Hartley
7.12Olivia Vitou1:02.23aRocky River
8.11Kelly Williams1:02.30aWest Geauga
9.11Nida Watkins1:02.82aWarrensville Heights
10.10Alanna Fitzgerald1:04.18aOlmsted Falls
11.11Cecelia Kochevar1:04.70aEuclid Senior
12.11Megan Seaman1:04.89aSt Joseph Acad
13.12Taisha Ferguson1:04.95aBishop Hartley
14.10Kerrin Sunshine1:05.18aHawken
15.9LaShontel Lee1:05.20aCollinwood
16.9Kristen Kertis1:05.38aGilmour Academy
17.9Sarah Davis1:06.02aLouisville
18.12Ciarra Williams1:06.12aCollinwood
19.10Lauren James1:06.20aCuyahoga Valley Chrs...
20.10Caitlin Nagy1:06.35aSt Joseph Acad
21.10Sarah Clapper1:06.98aLouisville
22.11Britney Fields1:07.46aBrush
23.10Taylor Ledwell1:08.11aOlmsted Falls
24.12Rachel Thomas1:08.26aBeaumont
25.12Maggie McCann1:08.36aBeaumont
26.12Haylie Flick1:08.44aCuyahoga Falls
27.10Maggie Schmidt1:08.70aGilmour Academy
28.10Clara King1:08.99aCuyahoga Valley Chrs...
29.10Ciara Kessler1:10.63aRocky River
30.11Kellie Vaughan1:10.73aPadua Franciscan
31.12Susan Thompson1:11.14aCuyahoga Falls
32.12Erica Gliga1:11.62aHawken
33.9Yasmine Lee1:12.38aJohn Adams
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
10Kerrin Sunshine68.6Hawken
9Emily Heyd70.3Hawken
12Erica Gliga73.8Hawken
11Katie Wilson73.9Hawken
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kayla Whitlow2:19.36aEuclid Senior
2.12Aly Platek2:20.73aWest Geauga
3.11Katherine Stultz2:24.75aMagnificat
4.12Erin Riley2:24.95aMagnificat
5.10Megan O'Keefe2:25.95aRocky River
6.10Amber Davis2:26.10aShaker Heights
7.10Kayleigh Scourfield2:28.21aCuyahoga Falls
8.11Mandy Mohn2:28.43aLouisville
9.12Lucy Infeld2:29.15aBeaumont
10.12Kamari Jackson2:29.95aEuclid Senior
11.11Irene Frangos2:30.11aCuyahoga Valley Chrs...
12.12Gabby Kreuz2:31.39aSt Joseph Acad
13.12Brianna Smith2:31.94aWarrensville Heights
14.10Gabriella Snyder2:32.94aNotre Dame Cathedral...
15.12Grace Brennan2:33.88aGilmour Academy
16.12Chelsey Bruce2:36.18aCuyahoga Falls
17.11Megan McFarland2:36.32aRocky River
18.12Asia Hill2:36.95aWarrensville Heights
19.9Renee Kraft2:37.80aPadua Franciscan
20.10Jordan Guidish2:38.22aLake Ridge Academy
21.10Taylor Myers2:41.11aCuyahoga Valley Chrs...
22.10Michelle Komorowski2:41.54aPadua Franciscan
23.11Chelsea Buckman2:42.20aNotre Dame Cathedral...
24.10Amanda Oberster2:42.34aLouisville
25.9Mallory Mccormick2:42.78aBishop Hartley
26.10Diona Roberts2:46.11aBrush
27.11Megan Coughlin2:46.34aOlmsted Falls
28.12Whitne Livingston2:46.87aShaker Heights
29.12Elizabeth Bruml2:47.03aHawken
30.10Patricia Cistrunk2:48.54aJohn F Kennedy
31.9Katelyn Duplaga2:50.77aOlmsted Falls
--10Rachel SlingluffDQBeaumont
X 800 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
9Alexandra Markovich2:31.0Hawken
10Kerrin Sunshine2:43.0Hawken
12Elizabeth Bruml2:47.0Hawken
9Rachel McKay2:54.0Hawken
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Madeline Chambers5:07.69aMagnificat
2.12Rebekka Simko5:12.67aGilmour Academy
3.11Christina Blair5:15.47aCuyahoga Valley Chrs...
4.11Katherine Stultz5:17.38aMagnificat
5.11Irene Frangos5:19.31aCuyahoga Valley Chrs...
6.11Mattie Rankin5:20.41aLouisville
7.10Maddy McDonough5:20.64aRocky River
8.10Kayleigh Scourfield5:26.68aCuyahoga Falls
9.11Alyssa Binczyk5:29.57aShaker Heights
10.11Liz Weiler5:34.08aNotre Dame Cathedral...
11.9Alexandra Markovich5:35.27aHawken
12.11Brooke Mathie5:36.94aLouisville
13.12Brittney Towner5:38.36aRocky River
14.9Becky Rohwer5:41.37aBrush
15.9Megan Pryatel5:45.54aGilmour Academy
16.10Mary Kate Chambers5:55.64aSt Joseph Acad
17.12Synita Gates5:55.64aWarrensville Heights
18.9Gina Jakubowski5:58.44aPadua Franciscan
19.12Chelsey Bruce5:58.64aCuyahoga Falls
20.10Katherine Hoggett6:00.47aEuclid Senior
21.9Nikki Mercer6:00.81aShaker Heights
22.10Rachel Hahn6:02.66aNotre Dame Cathedral...
23.9Amanda Gibson6:02.72aEuclid Senior
24.10Jessica Sirchen6:03.43aSt Joseph Acad
25.11Peggy Whitmore6:06.53aBeaumont
26.9Lindsey Kaschak6:06.53aOlmsted Falls
27.11Alaina Clark6:07.06aOlmsted Falls
28.9Rachel McKay6:10.84aHawken
29.10Nicki Woodcraft6:11.53aBeaumont
30.12Danielle Mack6:15.81aWarrensville Heights
31.10Maddie Smith6:18.92aBishop Hartley
32.10Jackie Morell6:21.66aPadua Franciscan
33.11Tirice Gamble6:36.94aJohn Adams
34.11Markeeta Ikard7:24.34aCollinwood
35.9Tyshauna Williams7:51.00aCollinwood
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Abby Fischer10:59.38aMagnificat
2.12Clare Fischer10:59.64aMagnificat
3.11Christina Blair11:27.86aCuyahoga Valley Chrs...
4.10Elyse Bierut11:37.34aRocky River
5.12Kathryn Rownd11:45.40aShaker Heights
6.9Madison Connelly11:46.67aRocky River
7.11Erin Vanek11:47.98aNotre Dame Cathedral...
8.12Jane Lodwick11:54.95aBeaumont
9.11Krystal Williams11:57.68aMaplewood
10.11Joy Talbott11:59.27aCuyahoga Valley Chrs...
11.9Erin Cullen12:06.60aShaker Heights
12.11Elyce Doering12:25.75aNotre Dame Cathedral...
13.9Becky Rohwer12:31.19aBrush
14.10Allison Hainer12:32.81aCuyahoga Falls
15.10Jesse Slingluff12:35.70aBeaumont
16.12Taylor Whisler12:40.81aSt Joseph Acad
17.9Emily Conger12:52.67aEuclid Senior
18.12Synita Gates13:00.45aWarrensville Heights
19.11Kira Finelli13:05.00aGilmour Academy
20.9Sarah Wyss13:19.07aLouisville
21.12Danielle Mack13:24.92aWarrensville Heights
22.10Caitlin Dahlin13:44.49aOlmsted Falls
23.9Izzy Hanna13:46.03aPadua Franciscan
24.11Tirice Gamble14:05.81aJohn Adams
25.11Jessica Albright14:10.18aOlmsted Falls
26.10Danielle Lawrence14:54.99aGilmour Academy
27.12Maya Shumyatcher15:01.62aHawken
27.11Rachelle Brenner15:01.62aHawken
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Amber Smith15.01aCollinwood
2.10Jasmine Lett15.44aCollinwood
3.11Kori Chapic15.50aWest Geauga
4.10Artia Gunn15.93aEuclid Senior
5.11Jordan Moxley16.10aMaplewood
6.9Chantel Richardson16.13aWest Geauga
7.11Megan Kane16.99aRocky River
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Artia Gunn15.38aEuclid Senior
2.12Amber Smith15.58aCollinwood
6.11Kori Chapic15.87aWest Geauga
3.11Chelsea Scott15.89aBishop Hartley
4.10Jasmine Lett15.99aCollinwood
7.9Chantel Richardson16.14aWest Geauga
5.11Jordan Moxley16.69aMaplewood
8.11Megan Kane16.87aRocky River
9.11Anastasia Souris17.06aOlmsted Falls
10.12Hayley Rowan17.18aArchbishop Hoban
11.10Morgan Berg17.23aRocky River
12.12Bri Pearson-beard17.29aEuclid Senior
13.12Angel Evans17.36aCuyahoga Valley Chrs...
14.12Lindsay Reesing17.58aGilmour Academy
15.11Natasha Shorts17.64aBrush
16.11Breannna Powell17.78aShaker Heights
17.11Casey Mazzotti17.91aArchbishop Hoban
18.12Jessica Jurcak17.97aOlmsted Falls
19.11Unique Brownlee18.48aShaker Heights
20.10Megan Gannon18.53aNotre Dame Cathedral...
21.12Michelle Peasley18.60aNotre Dame Cathedral...
22.9Stephan Martoccia18.68aSt Joseph Acad
23.12Ivy Meloy19.39aCuyahoga Falls
24.12Kelly Whittaker19.42aCuyahoga Falls
25.12Melissa Sloan19.62aMaplewood
26.11Caitilin Brett19.69aGilmour Academy
27.11Margaret Frank20.02aMagnificat
28.9Deshaune Young21.14aBeaumont
29.9Katherine Kerr21.28aMagnificat
30.12Brittan Pondexter22.46aJohn F Kennedy
--10Kelly GaydoshDNFPadua Franciscan
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Amber Smith44.43aCollinwood
2.11Kori Chapic45.62aWest Geauga
3.11Chelsea Scott47.40aBishop Hartley
4.12Julie Delong48.63aSt Joseph Acad
5.9Chantel Richardson48.93aWest Geauga
6.10Jasmine Lett49.85aCollinwood
7.11Natasha Shorts50.29aBrush
8.11Jordan Moxley50.83aMaplewood
9.9Mackenzie Rankin50.95aLouisville
10.12Angel Evans51.11aCuyahoga Valley Chrs...
11.12Kathryn Drew51.27aGilmour Academy
12.11Anastasia Souris51.33aOlmsted Falls
13.11Megan Kane52.10aRocky River
14.12Kelly Whittaker52.33aCuyahoga Falls
15.9Katherine Kerr52.35aMagnificat
16.9Clara Lemmon52.95aLouisville
17.10Morgan Berg53.83aRocky River
18.11Unique Brownlee54.81aShaker Heights
19.10Megan Gannon55.22aNotre Dame Cathedral...
20.9Erin Hoadley55.91aOlmsted Falls
21.12Ivy Meloy55.97aCuyahoga Falls
22.12Lindsay Reesing56.50aGilmour Academy
23.10Robin Jordan57.35aNotre Dame Cathedral...
24.9Ashley Feeney57.73aEuclid Senior
25.11Margaret Frank58.52aMagnificat
26.10Leah Breckenridge59.11aShaker Heights
27.9Alina Tiber59.96aCuyahoga Valley Chrs...
28.10Kelly Gaydosh1:03.31aPadua Franciscan
29.10Lora Jefferson1:07.18aToledo Scott
30.10Dashia Childs1:08.32aEuclid Senior
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-CharAnna Dixon
Chesna Sykes
Jordyn Smith
Aisha Cavin
48.77aBishop Hartley
2.-Ericka Sawyer
Amirah Harbour
Jasmine Lett
Erin Busbee
3.-Allie Dahlhausen
Briah Owens
Kathryn Drew
Candace Longino-Thomas
50.55aGilmour Academy
4.-Daianna Barron
Kristianna Collins
Katherina Gentry
Shavonna Jackson
50.79aWarrensville Heights
5.-Jacquelyn Misencik
Katherine Liutkus
Brigid Murray
Rachel Hlatky
6.-Tchnavia Spencer
Taylor Rambo
Erin Rambo
Artia Gunn
51.09aEuclid Senior
7.-Rachel Miller
Lisa Worthey
Chanel VanDyke
Taylor James
51.35aCuyahoga Valley Chrs...
8.-Kori Chapic
Elexus Lewis
Irina Yakubenko
Stephanie Brinning
52.59aWest Geauga
9.-Haylie Flick
Timmyra Morrow
Allison Barber
Hannah Danish
53.13aCuyahoga Falls
10.-Zoe Zippert
Deshaune Young
Olivia Zippert
Brianna Johnson
11.-Marquisha Ware
Sabrina Maultsby
Jessica Alexander
D'Wanda Ford
53.15aJohn F Kennedy
12.-Relay Team 53.41aSt Joseph Acad
13.-Endia Porter
Breannna Powell
Sarah Coulter
Britany Moore
53.80aShaker Heights
14.-Relay Team 53.87aOlmsted Falls
15.-Nya Braxton
Ezgi Cubukcu
Katie Wilson
Tracy Togba
16.-Relay Team 54.09aRocky River
17.-Relay Team 55.02aArchbishop Hoban
18.-Asia Seavers
Taylor Harris
Patrice Hannon
Meshiauna Sharp
19.-Relay Team 56.21aLouisville
20.-Jennae McCully
Rachel Lonchor
Regime Willis
Robin Jordan
56.77aNotre Dame Cathedral...
21.-Amy Coyle
Nicole Trapp
Joanna Plescia
Rachel Powers
57.19aPadua Franciscan
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jermyra Walls
Amirah Harbour
Amber Smith
Erin Busbee
2.-Jordyn Smith
Maya Pedersen
Chelsea Scott
Aisha Cavin
1:45.38aBishop Hartley
3.-Relay Team 1:47.53aEuclid Senior
4.-Rachel Miller
Lisa Worthey
Chanel VanDyke
Taylor James
1:48.30aCuyahoga Valley Chrs...
5.-Katherina Gentry
Nida Watkins
Kristianna Collins
Shavonna Jackson
1:48.87aWarrensville Heights
6.-Alexandria Manning
Naeyana Love
Zoe Zippert
Brianna Johnson
7.-Gabby Kreuz
Brenna McGrath
Megan Seaman
Julie Delong
1:49.54aSt Joseph Acad
8.-Stephanie Brinning
Kelly Williams
Chantel Richardson
Allison Tyree
1:49.82aWest Geauga
9.-Relay Team 1:51.03aRocky River
10.-Jacquelyn Misencik
Rosalina Naida
Samantha Birchfield
Brigid Murray
11.-Jessica Alexander
D'Wanda Ford
Marquisha Ware
Sabrina Maultsby
1:51.90aJohn F Kennedy
12.-Allie Dahlhausen
Kristen Kertis
Grace Brennan
Briah Owens
1:53.90aGilmour Academy
13.-Relay Team 1:54.16aCuyahoga Falls
14.-Relay Team 1:54.48aPadua Franciscan
15.-Britany Moore
Amber Davis
Amber Goin
Endia Porter
1:55.67aShaker Heights
16.-Nya Braxton
Katie Wilson
Tracy Togba
Ezgi Cubukcu
17.-Asia Seavers
Chantelle Matthews
Joyce Radcliffe
Shannon Byrd
18.-Relay Team 1:56.25aLouisville
19.-Alanna Fitzgerald
Taylor Ledwell
Jessica Jurcak
Megan Coughlin
1:58.21aOlmsted Falls
20.-Relay Team 1:59.45aArchbishop Hoban
21.-Rachel Lonchor
Jennae McCully
Regime Willis
Katie Corello
2:01.26aNotre Dame Cathedral...
22.-Maria McKee
Taylor Styers
Kelsey Dahmen
Melissa Sloan
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Samantha Birchfield
Abigail Marquard
Mary Whitmore
Rachel Hlatky
2.-Kelly Williams
Aly Platek
Kori Chapic
Allison Tyree
4:04.57aWest Geauga
3.-Relay Team 4:05.35aShaker Heights
4.-Jasmine Lett
Amirah Harbour
Ericka Sawyer
Jermyra Walls
5.-Relay Team 4:10.52aCuyahoga Valley Chrs...
6.-Megan Seaman
Celine Mangan
Gabby Kreuz
Julie Delong
4:13.95aSt Joseph Acad
7.-Alexis Anton
Candace Longino-Thomas
Kathryn Drew
Rebekka Simko
4:21.23aGilmour Academy
8.-Relay Team 4:22.11aPadua Franciscan
9.-Maddy McDonough
Megan O'Keefe
Maeve Kessler
Olivia Vitou
4:25.00aRocky River
10.-Allie Mooney
Alexandria Manning
Maribeth Teresczuk
Rachel Thomas
11.-Erica Gliga
Kerrin Sunshine
Emily Heyd
Katie Wilson
12.-Kieshjetta Young
Sabrina Banks
Brittany Thomas
Patricia Cistrunk
4:50.97aJohn F Kennedy
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Erin Riley
Mary Whitmore
Katherine Stultz
Madeline Chambers
2.-Shawna Johnson
Emily Sweet
Jennifer Brown
Kayla Whitlow
9:49.88aEuclid Senior
3.-Lucy Infeld
Maribeth Teresczuk
Rachel Slingluff
Allie Mooney
4.-Relay Team 9:58.15aLouisville
5.-Elyse Bierut
Madison Connelly
Megan O'Keefe
Maddy McDonough
10:03.02aRocky River
6.-Kathryn Rownd
Erin Cullen
Amber Davis
Alyssa Binczyk
10:13.12aShaker Heights
7.-Liz Weiler
Chelsea Buckman
Gabriella Snyder
Erin Vanek
10:14.52aNotre Dame Cathedral...
8.-Alexis Anton
Megan Pryatel
Erin Abdalian
Grace Brennan
10:22.68aGilmour Academy
9.-Synita Gates
Brianna Smith
Nida Watkins
Asia Hill
10:24.95aWarrensville Heights
10.-Christine Drawl
Alanna Shamrock
Erin Pavick
Haley Gatrell
11.-Gabby Kreuz
Caitlin Nagy
Celine Mangan
Erin Gaffney
10:37.50aSt Joseph Acad
12.-Relay Team 10:46.30aCuyahoga Valley Chrs...
13.-Rachel McKay
Elizabeth Bruml
Alexandra Markovich
Kerrin Sunshine
14.-Renee Kraft
Gina Jakubowski
Michelle Komorowski
Jackie Morell
10:58.11aPadua Franciscan
15.-Jermyra Walls
Ericka Sawyer
Markeeta Ikard
Ciarra Williams
16.-Relay Team 12:53.49aToledo Scott
17.-Sabrina Banks
Patricia Cistrunk
Brittany Thomas
Kieshjetta Young
12:59.45aJohn F Kennedy
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Sarah Gertz36-02.75Louisville
2.12Taylor Williams35-00.50Archbishop Hoban
3.10Erianna Hargrove33-04.00Euclid Senior
4.10Jessi Genske32-01.75West Geauga
5.12Matilde Santillo32-00.50Magnificat
6.11Taylor Miller31-07.00St Joseph Acad
7.11Sam Zogheib30-07.50St Joseph Acad
8.12Nnena Edeh30-04.00Brush
9.9Kendra Zbinovec29-06.00Notre Dame Cathedral...
10.12Katie Bond29-05.50Hawken
11.10Evan Scott29-02.50Bishop Hartley
12.12Erica Jackson29-02.00Toledo Scott
13.10Benita Averanga28-10.50Beaumont
14.11Alex Adams28-01.00Louisville
15.12Stefanie Barnes27-09.50Euclid Senior
16.10Kaleigh Timko27-08.00Rocky River
17.12Sarah Waibel27-07.25Cuyahoga Falls
18.10Frances Hughes27-04.00Toledo Scott
19.9Hiawia Dubose27-02.00Shaker Heights
20.11Elexus Lewis26-11.75West Geauga
20.12Jessica Culver26-11.75Rocky River
22.9Erica King26-11.50Cuyahoga Falls
23.12Syron Lewis26-11.00Collinwood
24.12Mo Kelly26-10.75Padua Franciscan
25.12Mary Kramer26-03.75Gilmour Academy
26.11Melissa Brooks26-01.25Magnificat
27.9Catherine Conger26-00.50Brush
28.10Semerica Portis25-10.00Shaker Heights
29.11Brianna Newton25-04.75John F Kennedy
30.11Jessica Cowan24-11.00Gilmour Academy
31.10Amber Hill24-10.50Cuyahoga Valley Chrs...
32.10Alexandra Schwertner24-08.00Hawken
33.11Andrea Mendoza24-06.50Padua Franciscan
34.11Rachel Novario23-01.50Notre Dame Cathedral...
35.10Emma Hanley22-05.00Olmsted Falls
36.9Angel Walker22-03.00Collinwood
37.12Lindsay Hill20-03.00Cuyahoga Valley Chrs...
38.10Bria Wright19-04.50Warrensville Heights
39.10Sarah Sternbach16-10.75Beaumont
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Mary Kramer100-05Gilmour Academy
2.12Maureen Bole99-07St Joseph Acad
3.12Shelby Stokich97-01Cuyahoga Falls
4.12Matilde Santillo93-09Magnificat
5.11Melissa Brooks92-05Magnificat
6.10Benita Averanga91-07Beaumont
7.11Maria Papotto89-08St Joseph Acad
8.9Emory Thomas88-04Notre Dame Cathedral...
9.10Brittany Mackulin87-07Padua Franciscan
10.11Jessica Cowan87-06Gilmour Academy
11.9Akia Peterson86-04Toledo Scott
12.11Sarah Gertz85-10Louisville
13.12Monica Simmons85-09Collinwood
14.10Kaleigh Timko84-07Rocky River
15.12Jessica Culver84-03Rocky River
16.9Kendra Zbinovec82-08Notre Dame Cathedral...
17.12Stefanie Barnes82-04Euclid Senior
18.10Jessi Genske81-10West Geauga
19.10Sarah Mlnarik79-11Cuyahoga Falls
20.12Katie Bond79-09Hawken
21.11Krystal Williams79-06Maplewood
22.11Alex Adams79-05Louisville
23.12Erica Jackson78-06Toledo Scott
24.12Nnena Edeh77-02Brush
25.10Erianna Hargrove75-08Euclid Senior
26.10Evan Scott73-09Bishop Hartley
27.10Leslie Adams73-02Cuyahoga Valley Chrs...
28.10Alexandra Schwertner73-00Hawken
29.9Catherine Conger71-08Brush
30.12Mo Kelly68-00Padua Franciscan
31.10Emma Hanley67-05Olmsted Falls
32.9Kara Whitley53-03Collinwood
33.9Alina Tiber50-03Cuyahoga Valley Chrs...
34.10Sarah Sternbach48-06Beaumont
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jordan Moxley5-05.00Maplewood
2.12Erin Busbee5-02.00Collinwood
3.12Amirah Harbour5-00.00Collinwood
4.11Katelyn Seroka4-09.00St Joseph Acad
5.12Chantelle Matthews4-09.00Brush
5.9Stephanie Rozsa4-09.00Cuyahoga Falls
5.10Stephani Brookens4-09.00Louisville
8.11Katie Wilson4-09.00Hawken
8.10Lindsay Visner4-09.00West Geauga
10.11Erin Rambo4-09.00Euclid Senior
11.12Rebecca Plescia4-09.00Padua Franciscan
11.12Molly Theiling4-09.00Rocky River
13.11Joyce Petersen4-06.00St Joseph Acad
13.9Meshiauna Sharp4-06.00Brush
13.10Erika Shores4-06.00Cuyahoga Valley Chrs...
13.9Katelyn Hess4-06.00Cuyahoga Valley Chrs...
13.9Allison Schafer4-06.00Magnificat
13.9Jessica Alexander4-06.00John F Kennedy
13.11D'Wanda Ford4-06.00John F Kennedy
13.10Leah Breckenridge4-06.00Shaker Heights
21.12Ivy Meloy4-03.00Cuyahoga Falls
21.10Kelly Gaydosh4-03.00Padua Franciscan
21.10Ciara Kessler4-03.00Rocky River
21.11Katie Bloom4-03.00Gilmour Academy
21.11Marisa Celeste4-03.00Gilmour Academy
21.11Kaela Woost4-03.00Louisville
21.10Keighl Joyce4-03.00Notre Dame Cathedral...
21.9Danielle Aquila4-03.00Notre Dame Cathedral...
--9Avoni ChaneyNHArchbishop Hoban
--10Maddie SmithNHBishop Hartley
--9Rachel WilsonNHOlmsted Falls
--9Arianna RobinsonNHOlmsted Falls
--12Tanisha MarshallNHEuclid Senior
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.10Morgan Kelly10-00.00Cuyahoga Valley Chrs...
2.12Sarah Rasnick10-00.00Cuyahoga Valley Chrs...
3.12Alexis Lees8-06.00St Joseph Acad
4.12Breanne Vedda8-00.00Olmsted Falls
5.11Katie Powers8-00.00Rocky River
6.10Jessica Goepfert8-00.00Rocky River
7.11Samanth Serafinio7-06.00Brush
8.11Sarah McClain7-00.00Olmsted Falls
--11Alexandra VenzorNHGilmour Academy
--9Akia PetersonNHToledo Scott
--11Katie BloomNHGilmour Academy
--9Caroline SamanichNHMagnificat
--10Sharooq ElbagoryNHEuclid Senior
--10Amanda BurrellNHEuclid Senior
--10Diedre PulleyNHCuyahoga Falls
--11JerMayne PeakNHBrush
--10Ronnie ColbornNHSt Joseph Acad
--10Sarah ThomasNHBeaumont
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Erin Busbee17-08.50Collinwood
2.11Michelle Abrams15-11.25Padua Franciscan
3.12Amber Smith15-10.00Collinwood
4.12Olivia Vitou15-08.00Rocky River
5.11D'Wanda Ford15-05.00John F Kennedy
6.12Chantelle Matthews15-02.00Brush
7.12Katherine Liutkus15-01.50Magnificat
8.9Chantel Richardson15-00.00West Geauga
9.11Megan Seaman14-11.75St Joseph Acad
10.9Katelyn Hess14-11.50Cuyahoga Valley Chrs...
11.12Stephanie Brinning14-10.50West Geauga
12.9Shannon Byrd14-10.00Brush
13.9Jacquely Misencik14-09.50Magnificat
14.12Bri Pearson-beard14-09.50Euclid Senior
15.10Lauren James14-09.00Cuyahoga Valley Chrs...
16.11Lindsay Hammer14-09.00Notre Dame Cathedral...
17.9Sarah Lesiecki14-08.00Rocky River
18.9Mackenzie Rankin14-03.00Louisville
19.9Brenna McGrath14-01.50St Joseph Acad
20.9Francesca Congeni14-01.00Archbishop Hoban
21.10Karissa Dodge13-11.75Olmsted Falls
22.9Jessica Alexander13-10.00John F Kennedy
23.12Lauren Nelson13-09.00Beaumont
24.11Sarah McClain13-07.00Olmsted Falls
25.11Unique Brownlee13-06.50Shaker Heights
26.10Catherine Hyland13-05.25Notre Dame Cathedral...
27.9Mary Lauletta13-04.50Archbishop Hoban
27.12Ivy Meloy13-04.50Cuyahoga Falls
29.10Leah Breckenridge13-00.00Shaker Heights
30.12Halle Michalakes12-11.00Padua Franciscan
31.12Kelly Whittaker12-08.25Cuyahoga Falls
32.10Robbiauna Allen12-07.00Warrensville Heights
33.10Dashia Childs12-05.50Euclid Senior
34.10Vicky Armstrong11-04.00Beaumont
34.-Diamon Dillingham11-04.00John Adams
36.10Eve Kerman10-05.50Hawken
37.10Jenna Foti10-04.00Hawken
38.9Yasmine Lee10-02.50John Adams
--10Lora JeffersonNDToledo Scott
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