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CTK Mini-Meet

Saturday, March 06, 2010

College Park HS, Pleasant Hill

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California - Oakland CYO
Christ the King
St Ignatius
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 50 Meter Dash - 2nd Grade - Finals
1.2Ian Palmer8.59Christ the King
2Sean Steinhorst9.21St Ignatius
3.2Craig Haslett9.88Christ the King
GrJordan Rivers-Chaffin11.28St Ignatius
X 50 Meter Dash - 3rd Grade - Finals
3Mekel Ealy7.91St Ignatius
3Giles Jackson8.04St Ignatius
3Kenan Thompson8.53St Ignatius
3.3Jackson Simmons8.51Christ the King
3Brandon Michael Fontes8.64St Ignatius
6.3Kyle Burkhart9.13Christ the King
7.3Alan Kobylik9.33Christ the King
X 50 Meter Dash - 4th Grade - Finals
3.4Charlie Bright8.78Christ the King
4.4Vincent Avina8.78Christ the King
5.4Kyle McGrath8.92Christ the King
7.4Jesse Doke8.95Christ the King
8.4Corey Burgstaller8.98Christ the King
X 50 Meter Dash - 5th Grade - Finals
1.5Myles Johnson7.75Christ the King
2.5Christion Schoenfeld7.86Christ the King
3.5Jaxon Pandelis8.49Christ the King
4.5Nathan Kerns8.50Christ the King
5Jeremy Evans9.05St Ignatius
5Noah Reynolds9.16St Ignatius
X 50 Meter Dash - 6th Grade - Finals
4Marcus McClay7.83St Ignatius
4Isiah Chaffin8.50St Ignatius
4Christopher Nelson9.34St Ignatius
X 100 Meters - 2nd Grade - Finals
2Sean Steinhorst15.65St Ignatius
1.2Ian Palmer15.65Christ the King
X 100 Meters - 3rd Grade - Finals
3Mekel Ealy14.69St Ignatius
3Devonyae McClay14.89St Ignatius
3Giles Jackson15.16St Ignatius
3Elijah Sawyer16.22St Ignatius
3Brandon Michael Fontes16.91St Ignatius
3Jamar Walker17.70St Ignatius
7.3Chase Latson17.71Christ the King
8.3Gannon Vanecek19.36Christ the King
X 100 Meters - 4th Grade - Finals
1.4Titin Davis14.64St Ignatius
4Isiah Chaffin16.19St Ignatius
4Kenny Gardner16.36St Ignatius
4Jahari Reese16.81St Ignatius
5.4Nathan Hughes17.31Christ the King
6.4Parker Grube17.55Christ the King
4Christopher Nelson19.10St Ignatius
8.4Jack Gray19.11Christ the King
X 100 Meters - 5th Grade - Finals
5Elijah Sturgis15.10St Ignatius
2.5Myles Johnson15.30Christ the King
3.5Gabriel Winslow15.66Christ the King
5Austin Dunn15.83St Ignatius
5.5Noa Nabeshima16.82Christ the King
5Jeremy Evans17.05St Ignatius
5Noah Reynolds18.82St Ignatius
X 100 Meters - 6th Grade - Finals
6Kadeem Hodge13.73St Ignatius
6Rashaan Rasheed14.06St Ignatius
3.6Ian Dota-Clemens14.10Christ the King
4.6Riley Shanks15.23Christ the King
1.6William Stuart15.65Christ the King
3.6Ray Muhlenkamp16.53Christ the King
4.6Lennart Fingerle16.74Christ the King
5.6Nolan Burgstaller17.38Christ the King
5.6Joseph Ridgway17.75Christ the King
X 100 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
7Justin Zapanta12.75St Ignatius
2.7Michael Sasaki12.96Christ the King
7Garrick Gadison13.06St Ignatius
1.7Sean Taheri13.17Christ the King
3.7Nik Golubics13.21Christ the King
2.7Angelo Gastello13.44Christ the King
7Travon Clay14.07St Ignatius
4.7Nick Mitchell14.10Christ the King
2.7John Paul Stafford14.23Christ the King
3.7Chris Muhlenkamp14.78Christ the King
7Khalil Hodge14.83St Ignatius
7Otis Williams15.08St Ignatius
4.7Kevan'te Bessard15.12Christ the King
5.7Sebastian Ianora15.36Christ the King
5.7Justin Stokes15.40Christ the King
6.7Noah Fisher15.62Christ the King
6.7Dominic Dalpiaz15.64Christ the King
6.7Anthony Rader15.80Christ the King
7.7Joseph Ross16.02Christ the King
7.7Mitchell Lane17.21Christ the King
X 100 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
8Kamron Akukoro11.91St Ignatius
8Simba Webster12.51St Ignatius
8Joe Mixon12.52St Ignatius
4.8Benjamin Rose13.97Christ the King
5.8Andrew Ibarra14.95Christ the King
6.8Richard Clark15.87Christ the King
X 200 Meters - 3rd Grade - Finals
1.3Devonyae McClay32.70St Ignatius
2.3Elijah Sawyer34.78St Ignatius
3.3Kenan Thompson35.92St Ignatius
3Kyree Despanie36.21St Ignatius
3Jamar Walker38.41St Ignatius
6.3Chase Latson38.73Christ the King
7.3Alan Kobylik40.36Christ the King
X 200 Meters - 4th Grade - Finals
1.4Titin Davis30.98St Ignatius
2.4Marcus McClay32.92St Ignatius
3.4Kristofer King33.28Christ the King
4.4Thomas Mundy34.76Christ the King
5.4Charlie Bright35.03Christ the King
6.4Andy Gebhart35.73Christ the King
7.4Vincent Avina36.64Christ the King
8.4Parker Grube38.85Christ the King
X 200 Meters - 5th Grade - Finals
1.5Elijah Sturgis31.92St Ignatius
2.4Isiah Chaffin32.58St Ignatius
3.5Ja'Corey Chaffin32.70St Ignatius
5Maceo Coleman34.18St Ignatius
5Austin Dunn34.56St Ignatius
6.5Christion Schoenfeld35.06Christ the King
7.5Gabriel Winslow35.12Christ the King
8.5Shane Vassar36.56Christ the King
X 200 Meters - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6Kadeem Hodge29.40St Ignatius
2.6Rashaan Rasheed29.91St Ignatius
3.6Malik Johnson31.41St Ignatius
6Devon Hicks38.94St Ignatius
X 200 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Justin Zapanta26.88St Ignatius
2.7Nik Golubics27.59Christ the King
3.7Sean Taheri28.15Christ the King
7Garrick Gadison29.85St Ignatius
7Travon Clay29.91St Ignatius
6.7Justin Stokes32.33Christ the King
7Otis Williams37.59St Ignatius
X 200 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
8Simba Webster25.34St Ignatius
8Kamron Akukoro25.53St Ignatius
8Adonis Johnson26.69St Ignatius
4.8Nate Burkhart26.72Christ the King
X 400 Meters - 3rd Grade - Finals
3Kyree Despanie1:26.13St Ignatius
2.3Gannon Vanecek1:32.95Christ the King
X 400 Meters - 4th Grade - Finals
4Isiah Chaffin1:16.89St Ignatius
2.4Kristofer King1:17.10Christ the King
3.4Logan Heaney1:22.16Christ the King
X 400 Meters - 5th Grade - Finals
1.5Reece Burkhart1:14.81Christ the King
2.5Noah Loeliger1:16.44Christ the King
5Maceo Coleman1:16.90St Ignatius
4.5Tyler Stokes1:24.71Christ the King
5.5Shane Vassar1:31.37Christ the King
6.5Jordan Levy1:34.74Christ the King
7.5Jaxon Pandelis1:39.35Christ the King
X 400 Meters - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6Jake Simpson1:06.84Christ the King
6Malik Johnson1:08.97St Ignatius
6Jalen Threatt1:14.18St Ignatius
4.6Payton Vanecek1:14.61Christ the King
5.6Lennart Fingerle1:15.31Christ the King
X 400 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Angelo Gastello1:02.05Christ the King
2.7Alexander King1:04.12Christ the King
3.7Sean Godkin1:06.82Christ the King
4.7Daniel Pilgrim1:10.54Christ the King
5.7Chris Muhlenkamp1:11.20Christ the King
6.7Sean Wanket1:11.19Christ the King
7Khalil Hodge1:11.88St Ignatius
8.7Andrew Keshishian1:12.00Christ the King
X 400 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
8Simba Webster59.24St Ignatius
8Adonis Johnson1:04.99St Ignatius
8Jamari Threatt1:08.67St Ignatius
8Jake Aghily1:10.29St Ignatius
X 800 Meters - 4th Grade - Finals
1.4Thomas Mundy2:42.81Christ the King
2.4Stephen Mundy2:43.19Christ the King
3.4Isiah Chaffin3:16.29St Ignatius
X 800 Meters - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6Brooks Williams2:40.98Christ the King
6Jalen Threatt3:10.46St Ignatius
X 800 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Alexander King2:33.42Christ the King
2.7Andrew Keshishian2:49.20Christ the King
X 800 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Nate Burkhart2:26.38Christ the King
2.8Frazer Fernandes2:39.59Christ the King
8Jamari Threatt2:47.65St Ignatius
4.8Jacob Mikesell2:48.66Christ the King
8Jake Aghily2:52.15St Ignatius
X 1600 Meters - 3rd Grade - Finals
1.3Henry Anderson6:51.96Christ the King
2.3Jackson Simmons6:56.52Christ the King
X 1600 Meters - 4th Grade - Finals
1.4Andy Gebhart6:30.56Christ the King
X 1600 Meters - 5th Grade - Finals
5Derek Vrendenburgh5:42.48St Ignatius
2.5Reece Burkhart5:56.07Christ the King
5Ja'Corey Chaffin5:56.82St Ignatius
4.5Noah Loeliger6:26.06Christ the King
5.5Noa Nabeshima6:32.74Christ the King
6.5Jordan Levy7:34.53Christ the King
X 1600 Meters - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6David Phair5:35.86Christ the King
2.6Brooks Williams5:37.02Christ the King
3.6Riley Shanks6:16.45Christ the King
4.6Liam Spangenberg6:27.96Christ the King
X 1600 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Kevan'te Bessard5:30.22Christ the King
2.7Sean Wanket5:52.63Christ the King
X 1600 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Parker Marson5:19.93Christ the King
3.8Doug Strange6:04.14Christ the King
4.8Jacob Mikesell6:04.90Christ the King
5.8Gregory Peterson6:05.13Christ the King
X 4x100 Relay - 2nd Grade - Finals
2.-Corey Burgstaller
Nathan Hughes
Jack Gray
Kristofer King
1:06.72Christ the King
1.-Ian Palmer
Henry Anderson
Matthew Garcia
Craig Haslett
1:14.78Christ the King
-Relay Team 1:36.58St Ignatius
X 4x100 Relay - 3rd Grade - Finals
-Brandon Michael Fontes
Kyree Despanie
Elijah Sawyer
Devonyae McClay
1:04.17St Ignatius
2.-Kyle Burkhart
Hayden Clark
Chase Latson
Jackson Simmons
1:12.70Christ the King
-Jamar Walker
Kenan Thompson
Mekel Ealy
Giles Jackson
1:12.73St Ignatius
X 4x100 Relay - 4th Grade - Finals
-Jahari Reese
Marcus McClay
Titin Davis
Isiah Chaffin
01:03.70St Ignatius
3.-Charlie Bright
Andy Gebhart
Jesse Doke
Vincent Avina
1:09.93Christ the King
-Relay Team 1:22.58St Ignatius
X 4x100 Relay - 5th Grade - Finals
-Maceo Coleman
Austin Dunn
Jeremy Evans
Elijah Sturgis
1:05.21St Ignatius
2.-Christian Schoenfeld
Noa Nabeshima
Gabriel Winslow
Noah Loeliger
1:06.04Christ the King
3.-Jaxon Pandelis
Myles Johnson
Shane Vassar
Reece Burkhart
1:06.53Christ the King
4.-Jordan Levy
Parker Grube
Nathan Kerns
Kyle McGrath
1:06.68Christ the King
X 4x100 Relay - 6th Grade - Finals
-Rashaan Rasheed
Malik Johnson
Jalen Threatt
Devon Hicks
59.75St Ignatius
2.-Ray Muhlenkamp
Lennart Fingerle
Riley Shanks
Jake Simpson
1:02.49Christ the King
3.-Payton Vanecek
William Stuart
Joseph Ridgway
Ian Dota-Clemens
1:02.78Christ the King
X 4x100 Relay - 7th Grade - Finals
1.-Sean Taheri
Sean Godkin
Nick Mitchell
Michael Sasaki
52.94Christ the King
-Travon Clay
Kadeem Hodge
DeMari Walker
Justin Zapanta
54.40St Ignatius
-Otis Williams
Aaron Jackson
Garrick Gadison
Ja'Corey Chaffin
57.28St Ignatius
4.-Daniel Pilgrim
Chris Muhlenkamp
Alexander King
Andrew Keshishian
58.20Christ the King
5.-Sean Wanket
Matthew Sanders
Joseph Ross
Angelo Gastello
58.24Christ the King
6.-Luke Wallahan
Noah Fisher
Sebastian Ianora
John Paul Stafford
1:00.62Christ the King
X 4x100 Relay - 8th Grade - Finals
-Jamari Threatt
Kamron Akukoro
Simba Webster
Nzuzi Webster
50.47St Ignatius
2.-Ryan Simpson
Parker Marson
Nik Golubics
Nate Burkhart
53.31Christ the King
-Solomon Demeku-Ousman
Adonis Johnson
Jake Aghily
Joe Mixon
54.17St Ignatius
4.-Doug Strange
Frazer Fernandes
Steven Anderson-Robinson
Benjamin Rose
59.81Christ the King
5.-Ryan Blake
David Phair
Justin Stokes
Andrew Ibarra
59.87Christ the King
6.-Dominic Dalpiaz
Anthony Rader
Mitchell Lane
Jacob Mikesell
1:02.92Christ the King
X Shot Put - 6lb - 5th Grade - Finals
1.4Christopher Nelson21'06"St Ignatius
2.5Jaxon Pandelis16'09Christ the King
3.5Reece Burkhart16'03Christ the King
4.5Jordan Levy15'06Christ the King
X Shot Put - 6lb - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6Ian Dota-Clemens23'10Christ the King
X Shot Put - 8lb - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Daniel Pilgrim30'7Christ the King
2.7Dominic Dalpiaz28'1Christ the King
3.7Sebastian Ianora22'10Christ the King
4.7Andrew Keshishian22'5Christ the King
5.7Anthony Rader22'3Christ the King
X Shot Put - 8lb - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Andrew Ibarra25'5Christ the King
2.8Richard Clark22'11Christ the King
3.8Gregory Peterson21'9Christ the King
X Softball Throw - 2nd Grade - Finals
1.2Craig Haslett74'4.75Christ the King
2.2Ian Palmer51'4.25Christ the King
3.2Matthew Garcia46'8Christ the King
X Softball Throw - 3rd Grade - Finals
1.3Kyle Burkhart60'6.25Christ the King
X Softball Throw - 4th Grade - Finals
1.4Christopher Nelson122'.50"St Ignatius
2.4Thomas Mundy110'6.75Christ the King
3.4Nathan Hughes105'3.75Christ the King
4.4Jack Gray83'4.75Christ the King
5.4Stephen Mundy82'11Christ the King
6.4Jesse Doke71'10Christ the King
7.4Kyle McGrath63'8.75Christ the King
X Softball Throw - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6Joseph Ridgway132'7.75Christ the King
2.6Riley Shanks131'2.5Christ the King
6Rashaan Rasheed128'11.25"St Ignatius
6Jalen Threatt112'4.75"St Ignatius
5.6Nicholas Marshall73'1.75Christ the King
X Softball Throw - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Michael Sasaki157'3Christ the King
2.7Noah Fisher148'0.5Christ the King
3.7Dominic Dalpiaz147'3.75Christ the King
4.7Angelo Gastello146'10.75Christ the King
5.7Matthew Sanders146'4.25Christ the King
6.7Luke Wallahan145'4.75Christ the King
7Justin Zapanta144'4"St Ignatius
8.7Nick Mitchell142'4Christ the King
7Khalil Hodge135'6.50"St Ignatius
10.7Justin Stokes122'1.5Christ the King
11.7Mitchell Lane118'4.75Christ the King
12.7John Paul Stafford116'8.25Christ the King
13.7Sebastian Ianora98'3.75Christ the King
14.7Daniel Pilgrim95'4.5Christ the King
X Softball Throw - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Joe Mixon237'11.50St Ignatius
3.8Kamron Akukoro141'5.75"St Ignatius
4.8Richard Clark106'4Christ the King
X High Jump - 5th Grade - Finals
1.5Elijah Sturgis3"10"St Ignatius
2.5Shane Vassar3'6Christ the King
X High Jump - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6Ian Dota-Clemens4'3Christ the King
2.6William Stuart4'2Christ the King
3.6Nicholas Marshall3'8Christ the King
X High Jump - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Sean Godkin4'11Christ the King
2.7Sean Taheri4'8Christ the King
3.7Sean Wanket4'0Christ the King
4.7Luke Wallahan4'0Christ the King
5.7Mitchell Lane3'10Christ the King
X High Jump - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Jacob Mikesell4'4Christ the King
2.8Frazer Fernandes4'2Christ the King
X Long Jump - 2nd Grade - Finals
1.2Craig Haslett4'6.25Christ the King
X Long Jump - 3rd Grade - Finals
1.3Kyle Burkhart9'2.75Christ the King
2.3Chase Latson8'11Christ the King
3.3Jackson Simmons8'7Christ the King
4.3Henry Anderson8'3.5Christ the King
5.3Alan Kobylik7'11.75Christ the King
6.3Gannon Vanecek7'11.25Christ the King
X Long Jump - 4th Grade - Finals
1.4Kristofer King10'5.5Christ the King
2.4Vincent Avina10'5Christ the King
3.4Andy Gebhart10'3.5Christ the King
4.4Logan Heaney10'2.75Christ the King
5.4Charlie Bright10'2.25Christ the King
6.4Parker Grube9'9.75Christ the King
7.4Nathan Hughes8'4.75Christ the King
8.4Jesse Doke7'7.75Christ the King
9.4Kyle McGrath7'4Christ the King
X Long Jump - 5th Grade - Finals
1.5Aaron Jackson13'7.75"St Ignatius
2.5Noah Loeliger12'6Christ the King
3.5Elijah Sturgis10'10.75"St Ignatius
4.5Noa Nabeshima8'9.5Christ the King
5.5Christion Schoenfeld7'8Christ the King
6.5Gabriel Winslow7'1.75Christ the King
7.5Myles Johnson7'0.75Christ the King
8.5Nathan Kerns6'2.25Christ the King
X Long Jump - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6William Stuart11'0Christ the King
2.6Ray Muhlenkamp10'6.5Christ the King
3.6Devon Hicks10'.50"St Ignatius
X Long Jump - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Garrick Gadison14'3.50"St Ignatius
2.7Sean Godkin14'1.5Christ the King
3.7Nik Golubics14'1Christ the King
5.7John Paul Stafford12'2Christ the King
7Travon Clay12'.6"St Ignatius
6.7Chris Muhlenkamp12'0.5Christ the King
7.7Noah Fisher11'10.5Christ the King
7Otis Williams11'7.50"St Ignatius
9.7Kevan'te Bessard9'6Christ the King
X Long Jump - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Simba Webster17'9.50"St Ignatius
2.8Adonis Johnson16'11.50"St Ignatius
3.8Nzuzi Webster15'3.50"St Ignatius
4.8Nate Burkhart14'10Christ the King
8Jamari Threatt13'.3"St Ignatius
8Jake Aghily11'.7"St Ignatius
7.8Richard Clark9'7Christ the King

Womens Results

X 50 Meter Dash - 2nd Grade - Finals
2Kayla Beemon8.10St Ignatius
2Kiera Walker8.55St Ignatius
1.2Katherine Jensen9.45Christ the King
2.2Isabella Hanken9.50Christ the King
2.2Chloe Taylor9.50Christ the King
1Alani Johnson9.57St Ignatius
2.2Jewel Roemer9.55Christ the King
4.2Payton Heaney9.62Christ the King
3.2Lauren McGrath9.72Christ the King
3.2Julia Nuti9.86Christ the King
4.2Katie Hale9.89Christ the King
1Cheyenne Chaffin10.05St Ignatius
1Tamia Harris10.06St Ignatius
5.2Makayla Perez10.29Christ the King
6.2Kieran Manning10.32Christ the King
5.2Anja Groess10.78Christ the King
6.2Gia Feliciano11.04Christ the King
7.2Sophia Hermelin11.27Christ the King
6.2Tara Gallagher11.42Christ the King
X 50 Meter Dash - 3rd Grade - Finals
1.3Charley Stoudt8.32Christ the King
1.3Christina Abudayeh8.51Christ the King
2.3Lindsay Simpson8.94Christ the King
2.3Jenna Jacoby9.37Christ the King
3.3Sloane Sullivan9.33Christ the King
3.3Olivia Bielskis9.51Christ the King
4.3Morgan Latson9.57Christ the King
4.3Sophie Chavez9.60Christ the King
5.3Madison Sanner9.85Christ the King
6.3Shannon Bailey10.10Christ the King
7.3Daria Bivens10.20Christ the King
5.3Natalie Meyer10.43Christ the King
8.3Kelsey Roberts10.67Christ the King
6.3Tessa Phair10.87Christ the King
7.3Violet Murov11.29Christ the King
X 50 Meter Dash - 4th Grade - Finals
4Nakiya Oliver8.74St Ignatius
2.4Kala'ne Bessard8.92Christ the King
4Rhoda Cooper9.75St Ignatius
4.4Kaili Tehaney10.40Christ the King
X 50 Meter Dash - 5th Grade - Finals
1.5Danielle Legaspi8.38Christ the King
2.5Clara Sanders8.60Christ the King
3.5Reilly Baker8.84Christ the King
4.5Abigail Rogers8.84Christ the King
5.5Margo Lowry9.13Christ the King
6.5Alyssa Mikesell9.48Christ the King
7.5Anneliese Peterson10.15Christ the King
X 100 Meters - 2nd Grade - Finals
1.2Kayla Beemon16.43St Ignatius
2Kiera Walker17.82St Ignatius
2.2Grace Shughrou18.12Christ the King
2.2Lauren McGrath18.73Christ the King
3.2Katie Hale19.30Christ the King
3.2Tess Martinelli19.40Christ the King
1Cheyenne Chaffin19.74St Ignatius
1Tamia Harris19.90St Ignatius
4.2Kieran Manning19.95Christ the King
1Alani Johnson20.04St Ignatius
6.2Makayla Perez20.50Christ the King
6.2Sophia Hermelin20.87Christ the King
X 100 Meters - 3rd Grade - Finals
4Kendall Steinhorst15.90St Ignatius
4Kiana Steward16.15St Ignatius
1.3Charley Stoudt16.40Christ the King
2.3Christina Abudayeh16.62Christ the King
4Lauryn Powell17.23St Ignatius
2Kiera Walker17.32St Ignatius
3.3Sydney Copeland17.83Christ the King
4.3Jenna Jacoby18.46Christ the King
5.3Madison Sanner18.67Christ the King
6.3Robyn Tuggle19.27Christ the King
7.3Willow Chimienti19.42Christ the King
X 100 Meters - 4th Grade - Finals
2.4Jenna Coffman16.11Christ the King
1.4Abigail Radutiu16.64Christ the King
5.4Payton Wallahan17.23Christ the King
4Nakiya Oliver17.67St Ignatius
3.4Kala'ne Bessard17.79Christ the King
7.4Isabella Scarpulla17.84Christ the King
4.4Avery Caldwell18.27Christ the King
5.4Maggie Scaff18.75Christ the King
4Rhoda Cooper20.05St Ignatius
6.4Bailey Ulrich20.34Christ the King
7.4Kaili Tehaney20.39Christ the King
X 100 Meters - 5th Grade - Finals
5Riley Knox14.40St Ignatius
5Kinnedy Sawyer15.13St Ignatius
5Randi Knox15.41St Ignatius
1.5Samantha Cooperman15.43Christ the King
2.5Shannon Strange15.75Christ the King
3.5Taylor Schofield16.05Christ the King
4.5Serena Giglio16.06Christ the King
4.5Lucy Murov16.11Christ the King
5.5Naomi von Ruden16.14Christ the King
5.5Reilly Baker16.49Christ the King
6.5Abigail Rogers16.86Christ the King
7.5Clara Sanders17.15Christ the King
8.5Margo Lowry17.39Christ the King
6.5Alyssa Mikesell18.41Christ the King
X 100 Meters - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6Juliana Ruotolo13.59Christ the King
2.6Sarah Pastor13.85Christ the King
6J'Ley Fagalar14.00St Ignatius
3.6Breanna Eales14.12Christ the King
5Kimiko Zapanta14.30St Ignatius
6Vernice Steward14.30St Ignatius
4.6Avery Avina14.52Christ the King
5.6Annabel Radutiu14.52Christ the King
6Sidney Smith-Wiggins14.95St Ignatius
6.6Alexandra Nielsen15.63Christ the King
6Jourdin Oliver16.82St Ignatius
6Monae Taylor17.32St Ignatius
X 100 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Mattie Gebhart13.50Christ the King
1.7Lauren Garcia14.12Christ the King
2.7Sophia Rumpf14.15Christ the King
3.7Kelisha Abad14.96Christ the King
2.7Rose Clyne15.54Christ the King
3.6Jenny Pereira15.68Christ the King
4.7Paige Latson16.18Christ the King
4.7Olivia Lowry16.14Christ the King
5.7Tina Root16.28Christ the King
5.7Gabrielle Correia16.54Christ the King
6.7Bianca Peralta16.78Christ the King
6.7Casey Coffman16.74Christ the King
7.7Breanna Klippel16.75Christ the King
7.7Julia Gray18.05Christ the King
X 100 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
8Lanetta Porter12.49St Ignatius
2.8Jacqueline Rose13.20Christ the King
8Earlasha Scott13.40St Ignatius
8Tenisha Chapman13.70St Ignatius
8Briana Fontes14.21St Ignatius
4.8Stacey Oliver15.19Christ the King
8Jennifer Wilson15.26St Ignatius
3.8Isabella Romero15.67Christ the King
4.8Annalisa Romero15.68Christ the King
5.8Elizabeth Bergez16.48Christ the King
8Mariah Lucas16.58St Ignatius
6.8Natalie Kachur16.74Christ the King
X 200 Meters - 2nd Grade - Finals
1.2Celeste Peterson46.64Christ the King
2.2Lacey Pereira48.49Christ the King
X 200 Meters - 3rd Grade - Finals
1.3Lindsay Simpson37.10Christ the King
2.3Sydney Copeland39.61Christ the King
3.3Morgan Latson42.67Christ the King
4.3Natalie Silvera43.36Christ the King
5.3Julie Jones45.77Christ the King
X 200 Meters - 4th Grade - Finals
1.4Anna Palmer34.09Christ the King
1.4Kendall Steinhorst34.01St Ignatius
2.4Jenna Coffman34.41Christ the King
2.4Kiana Steward34.54St Ignatius
3.4Lauryn Powell37.57St Ignatius
3.4Brianna Paclebar39.44Christ the King
2Kiera Walker41.60St Ignatius
4Nya Taylor41.68St Ignatius
4.4Emily Sham42.18Christ the King
5.4Isabella Scarpulla44.15Christ the King
X 200 Meters - 5th Grade - Finals
1.5Kimiko Zapanta31.19St Ignatius
5Riley Knox32.04St Ignatius
5Kinnedy Sawyer32.80St Ignatius
5Nicole Lewis33.14St Ignatius
5Randi Knox33.45St Ignatius
4.5Samantha Cooperman33.54Christ the King
5.5Haley Chimienti34.42Christ the King
6.5Lucy Murov34.59Christ the King
3.5Shannon Strange34.69Christ the King
4.5Taylor Schofield35.93Christ the King
5.5Abigail Burns36.29Christ the King
X 200 Meters - 6th Grade - Finals
6J'Ley Fagalar29.87St Ignatius
2.6Avery Avina31.55Christ the King
6Sidney Smith-Wiggins32.21St Ignatius
6Ryan Knox32.44St Ignatius
6Jourdin Oliver32.58St Ignatius
6.6Madeline Shughrou32.75Christ the King
6Vernice Steward35.49St Ignatius
6Monae Taylor37.59St Ignatius
X 200 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Mattie Gebhart28.65Christ the King
1.7Janean Bell29.64Christ the King
2.7Tara Schueller31.47Christ the King
2.7Sofia Elizondo32.69Christ the King
3.7Paige Latson34.26Christ the King
4.7Kelisha Abad35.02Christ the King
3.7Olivia Lowry35.24Christ the King
5.7Emily Dowey35.36Christ the King
6.7Gabrielle Correia35.38Christ the King
4.6Jenny Pereira35.72Christ the King
5.7Julia Gray38.50Christ the King
X 200 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Lanetta Porter27.70St Ignatius
2.8Earlasha Scott29.14St Ignatius
3.8Tenisha Chapman33.00St Ignatius
X 400 Meters - 2nd Grade - Finals
1.2Samantha Monroe1:24.69Christ the King
2.2Tess Martinelli1:36.11Christ the King
3.2Anja Groess1:52.02Christ the King
4.2Lacey Pereira1:56.55Christ the King
5.2Tara Gallagher2:03.09Christ the King
X 400 Meters - 3rd Grade - Finals
1.3Agna Placiakis1:28.10Christ the King
2.3Grace Sherwood1:33.48Christ the King
1.3Natalie Silvera1:36.40Christ the King
3.3Shannon Bailey1:42.79Christ the King
2.3Robyn Tuggle1:43.24Christ the King
4.3Tessa Phair1:43.63Christ the King
5.3Willow Chimienti1:44.48Christ the King
3.3Chakeira Cox1:45.49Christ the King
4.3Haley Sutton1:46.39Christ the King
5.3Magdalena Avila1:46.93Christ the King
X 400 Meters - 4th Grade - Finals
1.4Anna Palmer1:22.04Christ the King
2.4Abigail Radutiu1:26.09Christ the King
3.4Harmony Soffer1:31.49Christ the King
4.4Brianna Paclebar1:33.86Christ the King
5.4Bailey Ulrich1:35.74Christ the King
6.4Maggie Scaff1:36.03Christ the King
7.4Emily Sham1:38.03Christ the King
X 400 Meters - 5th Grade - Finals
5Nicole Lewis1:14.27St Ignatius
2.5Haley Chimienti1:18.48Christ the King
X 400 Meters - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6Gabrielle Ruhter1:08.96Christ the King
2.6Madeline Shughrou1:15.00Christ the King
3.6Annabel Radutiu1:16.01Christ the King
X 400 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Janean Bell1:10.19Christ the King
2.7Dominike Tambazidis1:11.97Christ the King
3.7Tara Schueller1:15.06Christ the King
4.7Sofia Elizondo1:15.59Christ the King
5.7Emily Dowey1:19.52Christ the King
6.7Cassidy Vaughn1:20.05Christ the King
7.7Carrie Hults1:25.37Christ the King
X 400 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
8Sarah Toelkes1:06.02St Ignatius
8Lauren Tolliver-King1:10.34St Ignatius
8Briana Fontes1:15.20St Ignatius
8Jennifer Wilson1:18.67St Ignatius
8Mariah Lucas1:20.69St Ignatius
X 800 Meters - 3rd Grade - Finals
2.4Harmony Soffer3:23.16Christ the King
1.3Agna Placiakis3:29.82Christ the King
X 800 Meters - 4th Grade - Finals
1.4Payton Wallahan3:21.19Christ the King
2.3Olivia Bielskis3:32.42Christ the King
X 800 Meters - 5th Grade - Finals
1.5Nicole Lewis3:03.11St Ignatius
X 800 Meters - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6Jamie Busby3:03.11Christ the King
X 800 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
8Sarah Toelkes2:37.86St Ignatius
X 1600 Meters - 3rd Grade - Finals
1.3Grace Sherwood7:45.01Christ the King
X 1600 Meters - 5th Grade - Finals
1.5Naomi von Ruden5:59.96Christ the King
X 1600 Meters - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6Jamie Busby6:27.13Christ the King
X 1600 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Allie Timbrell6:17.21Christ the King
X 4x100 Relay - 2nd Grade - Finals
-Alani Johnson
Kiera Walker
Cheyenne Chaffin
Kayla Beemon
1:16.51St Ignatius
2.-Samantha Monroe
Lacey Pereira
Tara Gallagher
Tess Martinelli
1:24.43Christ the King
3.-Celeste Peterson
Julia Nuti
Katie Hale
Gia Feliciano
1:24.83Christ the King
4.-Kieran Manning
Anja Groess
Sophia Hermelin
Jewel Roemer
1:25.85Christ the King
5.-Payton Heaney
Katherine Jensen
Isabella Hanken
Makayla Perez
1:26.22Christ the King
X 4x100 Relay - 3rd Grade - Finals
1.-Breanna Klippel
Haley Sutton
Agna Placiakis
Christina Abudayeh
1:15.12Christ the King
2.-Charley Stoudt
Morgan Latson
Lindsay Simpson
Sloane Sullivan
1:17.07Christ the King
3.-Robyn Tuggle
Olivia Bielskis
Madison Sanner
Jenna Jacoby
1:17.53Christ the King
4.-Chakeira Cox
Alize' Marie Taylor
Daria Bivens
Magdalena Avila
1:22.92Christ the King
5.-Willow Chimienti
Julie Jones
Natalie Silvera
Shannon Bailey
1:23.53Christ the King
6.-Sophie Chavez
Kelsey Roberts
Violet Murov
Natalie Meyer
1:26.83Christ the King
X 4x100 Relay - 4th Grade - Finals
1.-Jenna Coffman
Maggie Scaff
Abigail Raditiu
Payton Wallahan
1:09.40Christ the King
-Nya Taylor
Lauryn Powell
Kayla Walker
Kendall Steinhorst
1:10.34St Ignatius
3.-Emily Sham
Brianna Paclebar
Isabella Scarpulla
Anna Palmer
1:16.64Christ the King
4.-Harmony Soffer
Bailey Ulrich
Kaili Tehaney
Kala'ne Bessard
1:18.25Christ the King
-Relay Team 1:22.58St Ignatius
X 4x100 Relay - 5th Grade - Finals
-Riley Knox
Kinnedy Sawyer
Randi Knox
Kimiko Zapanta
59.55St Ignatius
2.-Serena Giglio
Shannon Strange
Samantha Cooperman
Reilly Baker
1:06.08Christ the King
3.-Taylor Schofield
Naomi von Ruden
Avery Caldwell
Payton Wallahan
1:07.66Christ the King
4.-Alyssa Mikesell
Abigail Rogers
Clara Sanders
Lucy Murov
1:10.39Christ the King
5.-Margo Lowry
Haley Chimienti
Anneliese Peterson
Danielle Legaspi
1:11.39Christ the King
X 4x100 Relay - 6th Grade - Finals
-J'Ley Fagalar
Sidney Smith-Wiggins
Ryan Knox
Monae Taylor
58.54St Ignatius
1.-Gabrielle Ruhter
Breanna Eales
Sarah Pastor
Julianna Ruotolo
58.54Christ the King
X 4x100 Relay - 7th Grade - Finals
1.-Dominike Tambazidis
Emily Meyer
Sophia Rumpf
Mattie Gebhart
56.62Christ the King
2.-Allie Timbrell
Jamie Busby
Tara Schueller
Janean Bell
1:00.03Christ the King
3.-Sofia Elizondo
Cassidy Vaughn
Emily Dowey
Kelisha Abad
1:03.49Christ the King
4.-Alexandra Nielsen
Rose Clyne
Tina Root
Lauren Garcia
1:04.03Christ the King
5.-Casey Coffman
Breanna Klippel
Bianca Peralta
Annabel Raditiu
1:06.53Christ the King
6.-Julia Gray
Gabrielle Correia
Olivia Lowry
Jenny Pereira
1:07.36Christ the King
X 4x100 Relay - 8th Grade - Finals
-Lanetta Porter
Tenisha Chapman
Lauren Tolliver-King
Sarah Toelkes
53.86St Ignatius
3.-Carrie Hults
Natalie Kachur
Stacey Oliver
Jacqueline Rose
1:01.64Christ the King
4.-Annalisa Romero
Isabella Romero
Avery Avina
Madeline Shughrou
1:02.27Christ the King
X Shot Put - 6lb - 5th Grade - Finals
1.5Haley Chimienti18'11Christ the King
2.5Margo Lowry13'8Christ the King
3.5Abigail Rogers13'8Christ the King
X Shot Put - 6lb - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Cassidy Vaughn22'0Christ the King
2.7Emily Dowey19'2Christ the King
3.7Casey Coffman16'9Christ the King
4.7Breanna Klippel14'7Christ the King
5.7Carrie Hults13'7Christ the King
6.7Sofia Elizondo13'5Christ the King
X Shot Put - 6lb - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Elizabeth Bergez26'Christ the King
X Softball Throw - 2nd Grade - Finals
1.2Jewel Roemer78'4Christ the King
2.2Chloe Taylor44'1.5Christ the King
3.2Sophia Hermelin39'3Christ the King
4.2Lauren McGrath35'1Christ the King
5.2Katherine Jensen28'2Christ the King
6.2Gia Feliciano26'9Christ the King
7.2Julia Nuti25'7.5Christ the King
8.2Celeste Peterson23'2.5Christ the King
9.2Lacey Pereira18'10.5Christ the King
X Softball Throw - 3rd Grade - Finals
1.3Natalie Meyer62'10.25Christ the King
2.3Jenna Jacoby61'2Christ the King
3.3Sydney Copeland56'4.5Christ the King
4.3Sophie Chavez44'6.25Christ the King
5.3Charley Stoudt43'8Christ the King
6.3Magdalena Avila42'2.5Christ the King
7.3Olivia Bielskis41'5Christ the King
8.3Haley Sutton39'9Christ the King
9.3Grace Sherwood37'6.5Christ the King
10.3Madison Sanner37'3Christ the King
11.3Shannon Bailey35'8.5Christ the King
12.3Violet Murov33'4.5Christ the King
13.3Agna Placiakis31'9Christ the King
14.3Chakeira Cox30'2.5Christ the King
15.3Daria Bivens27'1Christ the King
16.3Madeline Klippel26'2Christ the King
X Softball Throw - 4th Grade - Finals
1.4Emily Sham60'2Christ the King
2.4Anna Palmer50'0Christ the King
3.4Avery Caldwell40'5.75Christ the King
4.4Brianna Paclebar39'0.5Christ the King
X Softball Throw - 5th Grade - Finals
1.5Kimiko Zapanta112'8.75St Ignatius
2.5Randi Knox79'4.50"St Ignatius
3.5Kinnedy Sawyer74".00"St Ignatius
5Riley Knox57'7.75"St Ignatius
5.5Reilly Baker49'6Christ the King
6.5Anneliese Peterson30'8.25Christ the King
X Softball Throw - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6Breanna Eales109'4.5Christ the King
2.6J'Ley Fagalar100'5.50"St Ignatius
3.6Annabel Radutiu81'7Christ the King
6Ryan Knox68'10"St Ignatius
6Monae Taylor66'3.50"St Ignatius
6.6Jamie Busby65'8Christ the King
6Sidney Smith-Wiggins63'2.50"St Ignatius
X Softball Throw - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Dominike Tambazidis115'4.25Christ the King
2.7Gabrielle Correia101'4Christ the King
3.7Rose Clyne78'8.5Christ the King
4.7Lauren Garcia69'2.5Christ the King
5.7Breanna Klippel69'1.75Christ the King
X Softball Throw - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Annalisa Romero72'3.5Christ the King
2.8Elizabeth Bergez68'6Christ the King
3.8Isabella Romero62'1.25Christ the King
4.8Natalie Kachur54'9.5Christ the King
X High Jump - 5th Grade - Finals
1.5Taylor Schofield3'5Christ the King
2.5Alyssa Mikesell3'4Christ the King
3.5Lucy Murov3'3Christ the King
X High Jump - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6Juliana Ruotolo4'4Christ the King
2.6Avery Avina3'8Christ the King
X High Jump - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Sophia Rumpf4'8Christ the King
2.7Casey Coffman4'0Christ the King
3.7Emily Meyer4'0Christ the King
4.7Tina Root3'6Christ the King
5.6Jenny Pereira3'4Christ the King
6.7Bianca Peralta3'4Christ the King
X Long Jump - 2nd Grade - Finals
1.2Chloe Taylor8'7.5Christ the King
2.2Samantha Monroe8'5.25Christ the King
3.2Grace Shughrou8'2Christ the King
4.2Tess Martinelli8'0Christ the King
5.2Jewel Roemer7'7.25Christ the King
2Kayla Beemon7'6.50"St Ignatius
7.2Kieran Manning6'7.5Christ the King
9.2Katherine Jensen6'1.25Christ the King
2Kiera Walker6'.7"St Ignatius
10.2Isabella Hanken5'10Christ the King
11.2Gia Feliciano5'6Christ the King
12.2Anja Groess5'4Christ the King
13.2Katie Hale5'1.25Christ the King
14.2Celeste Peterson5'0Christ the King
15.2Tara Gallagher4'10.5Christ the King
X Long Jump - 3rd Grade - Finals
1.3Lindsay Simpson8'10.75Christ the King
2.3Christina Abudayeh8'7Christ the King
3.3Sophie Chavez7'5.25Christ the King
4.3Chakeira Cox7'4Christ the King
5.3Morgan Latson7'2.5Christ the King
6.3Magdalena Avila6'7.5Christ the King
7.3Natalie Meyer6'7.5Christ the King
8.3Natalie Silvera6'7.25Christ the King
9.3Madeline Klippel6'4.5Christ the King
10.3Willow Chimienti6'2.25Christ the King
11.3Kelsey Roberts5'11Christ the King
12.3Robyn Tuggle5'9Christ the King
13.3Julie Jones5'8.75Christ the King
14.3Tessa Phair5'5.25Christ the King
15.3Violet Murov4'6.25Christ the King
X Long Jump - 4th Grade - Finals
1.4Jenna Coffman10'6Christ the King
2.4Lauryn Powell9'7.25"St Ignatius
3.4Abigail Radutiu9'2Christ the King
4Kendall Steinhorst8'10.25"St Ignatius
5.4Payton Wallahan8'2Christ the King
6.4Harmony Soffer7'11.5Christ the King
7.4Maggie Scaff7'6.25Christ the King
4Kayla Walker7'.4"St Ignatius
9.4Avery Caldwell6'11.5Christ the King
10.4Isabella Scarpulla6'9Christ the King
11.4Bailey Ulrich6'4.5Christ the King
X Long Jump - 5th Grade - Finals
1.5Naomi von Ruden10'6Christ the King
2.5Samantha Cooperman9'11.75Christ the King
3.5Shannon Strange9'6.75Christ the King
4.5Clara Sanders9'4.5Christ the King
5.5Serena Giglio8'3.25Christ the King
X Long Jump - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6Juliana Ruotolo11'5.5Christ the King
2.6Sarah Pastor10'5Christ the King
3.6Alexandra Nielsen8'4Christ the King
6Jourdin Oliver8'.3"St Ignatius
6Vernice Steward7'8.50"St Ignatius
X Long Jump - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Mattie Gebhart13'5Christ the King
2.7Sophia Rumpf12'7.5Christ the King
3.7Emily Meyer12'5Christ the King
4.7Lauren Garcia10'10Christ the King
5.7Paige Latson10'10Christ the King
6.7Kelisha Abad10'4Christ the King
7.7Rose Clyne9'4Christ the King
8.7Carrie Hults8'0Christ the King
9.7Bianca Peralta8'0Christ the King
X Long Jump - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Jacqueline Rose14'7.5Christ the King
2.8Isabella Romero11'0Christ the King
3.8Stacey Oliver10'4.5Christ the King
4.8Natalie Kachur10'1.5Christ the King
5.8Annalisa Romero9.25Christ the King
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