Tuesday, April 06, 2010

  Field Events Start: 4:30 PM  Track Events Start: 4:30 PM
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Illinois - Class A
dclDallas City
wcmsWest Central
wpmsWest Prairie
Illinois - Independent
ctrlCentral (Camp Point)
soeaSoutheastern (Bowen)
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Braxton Phelps11.82Carthage
2.8DJ Meadows12.41Warsaw
3.8Leighton Johnson12.72Dallas City
4.8Taylor Pugh13.33Hamilton
5.8Anthony Holtschlag13.44Central (Camp Point)
6.8Casey Lambert13.47Carthage
7.8Mason Fullerton13.50West Central
8.8Brandon Carl13.53Southeastern (Bowen)
9.8Seth Mize13.83West Central
10.8DJ Beasley13.87Central (Camp Point)
11.8Dalton Elliott13.94Dallas City
12.8Adam Kerns14.12West Prairie
13.8Hansel Ortega14.25Dallas City
14.8Braxton Boyer14.39Carthage
15.7Derrick Crenshaw14.53Central (Camp Point)
16.6Brayden Paar15.56Warsaw
17.5Aris Cox15.69Southeastern (Bowen)
18.8Tyler Cox15.88West Central
19.5Cole Eilers16.50Southeastern (Bowen)
20.6Matthew Hutson16.84Warsaw
X 100 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Ryan Frieburg13.38Central (Camp Point)
2.7John Koehler13.58Warsaw
3.7Jeffrey Ufkes13.84Carthage
4.7Winston Smith14.01Southeastern (Bowen)
5.6Rylan Scheiter14.32Central (Camp Point)
6.6Griffin Schuster14.53Carthage
7.6Kyle Tanner14.62Dallas City
8.7Joey Nelson14.71Southeastern (Bowen)
9.7Robbie Harris14.76Southeastern (Bowen)
10.5Dugan Thompson14.78Dallas City
11.6Jeremy Hostetler14.95Hamilton
11.6Kyle Adams14.95Warsaw
13.6Matt Blackledge15.21West Prairie
14.7Justin Alberts15.66West Central
15.7Jeremy Bowen15.69Central (Camp Point)
16.7Austin Berquam15.84Hamilton
17.5Jonah Burt16.31Dallas City
18.5Carson Welsh16.64West Prairie
19.6Gage Gray17.09Warsaw
20.5Will Wendt18.32West Prairie
21.7Eric Peterson18.56West Central
6Jared DedeySCRHamilton
7Brayden FreemanSCRWest Central
X 200 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Braxton Phelps24.84Carthage
2.8DJ Meadows26.46Warsaw
3.8Lamar Gimmeson26.66Warsaw
4.8Dillon Diviney27.55Hamilton
5.8Gage Peters28.03Central (Camp Point)
6.8Ryan Simpson28.15West Central
7.8Cody Moss28.37West Central
8.8Taylor Pugh28.72Hamilton
9.8Casey Lambert29.53Carthage
10.7Tyler Root29.74West Central
11.8Mitchell Mapes30.04Carthage
12.8Adam Kerns30.23West Prairie
13.8Hansel Ortega30.94Dallas City
14.5Carson McKee34.06Dallas City
15.6Blake Coan34.91Warsaw
16.6Ryan Kost35.25Southeastern (Bowen)
17.6Colton Mixer35.84Central (Camp Point)
18.7Dalton Bruns36.16Southeastern (Bowen)
19.6Eli Gronewold36.22Central (Camp Point)
20.6Brett Turner38.53Southeastern (Bowen)
21.6Jensen Corzatt38.72Dallas City
8Geoffrey StoutSCRSoutheastern (Bowen)
X 200 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Kaden Huston27.94Carthage
2.6Griffin Schuster30.82Carthage
3.7Jacob Wetzel31.15West Central
4.6Kyle Adams32.16Warsaw
5.7Zach Foote32.82Central (Camp Point)
6.5Lane Hardisty32.88Dallas City
7.6Brayton Seitz33.61West Central
8.5Aris Cox34.13Southeastern (Bowen)
9.6Noah Pierce34.39West Central
10.7Austin Logan34.59Dallas City
11.5Tevin Thompson34.94West Prairie
12.6Ryan Perry36.25Southeastern (Bowen)
13.6Aron Koehler36.85Warsaw
14.6Anthony Holmes37.75Central (Camp Point)
15.6Bryce Burkle40.09West Prairie
16.6Devon Moore41.03Warsaw
7Joseph CorviaNTHamilton
7Cole FoxNTHamilton
7Alger SaldanaNTCentral (Camp Point)
6Donavon LucidoNTHamilton
7Tyler RootSCRWest Central
7Winston SmithNTSoutheastern (Bowen)
6Spencer FergusonNTDallas City
X 400 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Austin Schneider1:02.84West Central
2.8Dillon Diviney1:03.20Hamilton
3.8Dakota Huss1:04.88Dallas City
4.8John Aden1:09.92Central (Camp Point)
5.8Bryor Grotts1:10.03Carthage
6.8Braxton Boyer1:10.95Carthage
7.8Jonathan Ferguson1:11.13Warsaw
8.8Chris Cole1:11.89Southeastern (Bowen)
9.8Jarid Baughman1:14.53West Central
10.8Nathan Glasgow1:16.16Central (Camp Point)
11.8Zach Hibbert1:21.07Central (Camp Point)
12.6Mike Bruns1:34.09Southeastern (Bowen)
13.5Neal Capps1:47.84Southeastern (Bowen)
8Wesley ShipeSCRWarsaw
8Jacob NicolSCRDallas City
6Elijah BoyerSCRWarsaw
X 400 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Logan Torrance1:04.72West Central
2.7Chance Haes1:04.78Dallas City
3.7Austin Curfman1:05.13Carthage
4.7Nolan Ard1:08.09Carthage
5.6Luke Beeler1:08.46Warsaw
6.7Justin Miller1:09.03Hamilton
7.7Chase Kirchner1:09.45Warsaw
8.6Jared Dedey1:10.31Hamilton
9.7Michael McCarty1:10.58Warsaw
10.7Joseph Corvia1:11.37Hamilton
11.7John Moellring1:12.57Central (Camp Point)
12.6Curtis Nichols1:13.10West Central
13.7Nick Hopper1:13.97Dallas City
14.5Cory Hopper1:16.19Dallas City
15.6Christopher McKittrick1:16.95Central (Camp Point)
16.6Ronald Ludington1:20.96West Central
17.5Zack Barnett1:21.00West Prairie
18.6Colton Mixer1:21.44Central (Camp Point)
19.5Cole Eilers1:27.41Southeastern (Bowen)
20.6Ryan Perry1:27.43Southeastern (Bowen)
21.5Will Wendt1:34.98West Prairie
22.5Austin Owen1:35.91Southeastern (Bowen)
X 800 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Drew Beeler2:29.84Warsaw
2.8Austin Schneider2:39.33West Central
3.8Jeremey Marshall2:40.99Warsaw
4.8Brandon Carl2:45.46Southeastern (Bowen)
5.8Ryan Wrenn2:47.94West Prairie
6.8Holt McKenney2:49.39Carthage
7.6Jacob Douglas2:53.90Dallas City
8.8Devin Rings3:00.77Warsaw
9.6Devon Boyer3:10.40West Prairie
10.8Dakota Nichols3:16.49Dallas City
11.6Jacob Althar3:21.79Dallas City
12.8Dylan Chandler3:38.15Carthage
13.8Jacob Eilers3:48.05Central (Camp Point)
8Alec BoltonSCRHamilton
8David TournearSCRCentral (Camp Point)
5Dalton NewmanSCRCarthage
X 800 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Logan Torrance2:32.57West Central
2.6Cameron Sadeghi2:42.51Hamilton
3.7Jason Dormire2:43.77Central (Camp Point)
4.7Austin Berquam2:46.00Hamilton
5.7Eric Lee2:52.13Central (Camp Point)
6.5Cory Hopper2:53.83Dallas City
7.7Nick Hopper2:55.95Dallas City
8.6Kyle Tanner2:57.71Dallas City
9.7Levi Williams2:58.25Carthage
10.6Curtis Nichols2:58.83West Central
11.5Zack Barnett3:06.47West Prairie
12.5Jace Norman3:08.28Carthage
13.6Dakota Ruffcorn3:09.28Warsaw
14.5Caleb Adams3:12.57Hamilton
15.7Nathan Stoner3:16.51Central (Camp Point)
16.6Laine Tournear3:35.70Central (Camp Point)
5Austin OwenNTSoutheastern (Bowen)
5John CramseyNTSoutheastern (Bowen)
6Colton HornungNTWarsaw
6Donnie WetterlingNTDallas City
5Carson WelshNTWest Prairie
7Dalton MerryNTCarthage
6Chris HillSCRWarsaw
6Gage GrayNTWarsaw
6Brandon HoltNTWarsaw
6Matthew HutsonNTWarsaw
X 1600 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Josh Myatt5:26.27West Central
2.8Jeremey Marshall5:29.37Warsaw
3.8Jonah Terrell5:38.00Warsaw
4.8Ryan Wrenn6:07.53West Prairie
5.8Alec Bolton6:16.19Hamilton
6.8Joby Steffensmeier6:42.74West Central
7.8Thomas Seitz6:46.60West Central
8.8Dakota Nichols7:12.51Dallas City
9.8Logan Ayers7:22.46Central (Camp Point)
10.8Dylan Chandler7:48.94Carthage
5Dalton NewmanSCRCarthage
6Jacob AltharSCRDallas City
X 1600 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Austin Spiker5:44.26West Central
2.7Dusty Waddell5:52.26Carthage
3.7Jason Dormire5:53.84Central (Camp Point)
4.7Eric Lee6:08.78Central (Camp Point)
5.6Will Lucie6:12.28Warsaw
6.5Zack Barnett6:21.46West Prairie
7.6Donnie Wetterling6:25.08Dallas City
8.5Jace Norman6:25.37Carthage
9.7Jacob Cochran6:32.02West Central
10.7Riley Beekhausen6:56.45Hamilton
11.5Caleb Adams7:17.28Hamilton
12.5Neal Capps7:41.01Southeastern (Bowen)
13.5John Cramsey7:42.58Southeastern (Bowen)
6Brayden ImthurnSCRDallas City
7Dalton MerrySCRCarthage
X 110m Hurdles - 30" - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Gabe Thompson18.39Carthage
2.8Anthony Holtschlag18.73Central (Camp Point)
3.8Drew Beeler18.75Warsaw
4.8Fisher Boyle18.86Dallas City
5.8Ethan Peterson19.53West Prairie
6.8Cody Moss19.57West Central
7.6Devon Boyer20.87West Prairie
8.8Bradley Olson21.00West Central
9.5Carson McKee22.06Dallas City
10.5Cale Hartrick23.34Dallas City
11.8Tyler Adams25.40Warsaw
12.7Nathan Stoner26.97Central (Camp Point)
13.8Jeff Colwell27.60West Central
6Chris HillSCRWarsaw
X 110m Hurdles - 30" - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Bryton Smith18.11Carthage
2.7Jacob Sholl18.15Dallas City
3.6Spencer Ferguson18.55Dallas City
4.5Dugan Thompson21.22Dallas City
5.7Wyatt Newberry21.37Carthage
6.7Taylor Heimann21.67Central (Camp Point)
7.7Nick Rea21.92Southeastern (Bowen)
8.6Christopher McKittrick22.22Central (Camp Point)
9.7Joey Nelson22.56Southeastern (Bowen)
10.6Matt Blackledge23.84West Prairie
11.6Devin Beaston26.41Warsaw
12.6Brandon Holt28.88Warsaw
7Alger SaldanaSCRCentral (Camp Point)
X 4x100 Relay - 8th Grade - Finals
1.-Lamar Grimmeson
DJ Meadows
Jonathan Ferguson
Jonah Terrell
2.-DJ Beasley
Anthony Holtschlag
Zach Hibbert
Gage Peters
56.15Central (Camp Point)
3.-Dakota Huss
Hansel Ortega
Dalton Elliott
Leighton Johnson
57.35Dallas City
4.-Casey Lambert
Braxton Boyer
Nick Klein
Holt McKenney
5.-Ethan Peterson
Ryan Wrenn
Adam Kerns
Devon Boyer
58.50West Prairie
6.-Carson McKee
Joe Adkisson
Colby Claassen
Jonah Burt
1:07.32Dallas City
7.-Aron Koehler
Colton Hornung
Brandon Holt
Devon Moore
X 4x100 Relay - 7th Grade - Finals
1.-Tucker Anderson
Chance Haes
Spencer Ferguson
Jacob Sholl
54.89Dallas City
2.-Alger Saldana
Taylor Heimann
Zach Foote
Ryan Frieburg
58.31Central (Camp Point)
3.-Jeffrey Ufkes
Dalton Merry
Wyatt Newberry
Levi Williams
4.-Robbie Harris
Aris Cox
Winston Smith
Joey Nelson
1:00.90Southeastern (Bowen)
5.-Justin Miller
Austin Berquam
Jeremy Hostetler
Joseph Corvia
6.-Colton Ragain
Blaze Murfin
Dawson Ryner
Colton Todd
1:02.44Dallas City
-Gage Gray
Matteo Lopez
Jon Swanson
Blake Coan
7.-Kyle Jacoby
Adam Wright
Avery Fader
Kendall Hall
8.-Nick Rea
Dalton Bruns
Mike Bruns
Austin Owen
1:08.87Southeastern (Bowen)
9.-Devin Beaston
Brayden Paar
Chris Hill
Matthew Hutson
10.-Bryce Burkle
Matt Blackledge
Tevin Thompson
Carson Welsh
1:09.68West Prairie
-Caleb Adams
Weston Wilson
Dart Todd
Riley Beekhausen
X 4x200 Relay - 8th Grade - Finals
1.-Mitchell Mapes
Braxton Phelps
Gabe Thompson
Bryor Grotts
2.-Bradley Olson
Seth Mize
Mason Fullerton
Ryan Simpson
1:54.67West Central
3.-Tyler Adams
John Koehler
Devin Rings
Wesley Shipe
4.-John Aden
Zane Parker
Nathan Glasgow
Jared Starman
2:07.28Central (Camp Point)
5.-Austin Logan
Kevin Oliver
Jenson Corzatt
Aden Trout
2:28.44Dallas City
-Jacob Nicol
Darren Krow
Nathan Northup
Fisher Boyle
SCRDallas City
X 4x200 Relay - 7th Grade - Finals
1.-Austin Curfman
Nolan Ard
Kaden Huston
Bryton Smith
2.-Cameron Sadeghi
Jared Dedey
Donavon Lucido
Cole Fox
3.-Jacob Wetzel
Matthew Vancil
Justin Alberts
Tyler Root
2:09.40West Central
4.-Kyle Tanner
Jacob Douglas
Joe Bauer
Lane Hardisty
2:09.84Dallas City
5.-Rylan Scheiter
Derrick Crenshaw
Jeremy Bowen
Colton Mixer
2:15.56Central (Camp Point)
6.-Cole Eilers
Shea Flesner
Ryan Kost
Neal Capps
2:26.76Southeastern (Bowen)
7.-Corbin Link
Joseph Nicol
Skylar Young
Cale Hartrick
2:29.34Dallas City
8.-Jeffrey VanHove
Ryan Perry
Cody Masterson
John Cramsey
2:42.03Southeastern (Bowen)
-Kyle Adams
Elijah Boyer
Michael McCarty
Dakota Ruffcorn
X 4x400 Relay - 8th Grade - Finals
1.-Drew Beeler
Chase Kirchner
Jonathan Ferguson
Will Lucie
2.-Austin Curfman
Bryor Grotts
Gabe Thompson
Kaden Huston
3.-Fisher Boyle
Dalton Elliott
Darren Krow
Dakota Huss
4:39.18Dallas City
4.-Austin Schneider
Logan Torrance
Jarid Baughman
Josh Myatt
4:52.00West Central
5.-Dillon Diviney
Taylor Pugh
Alec Bolton
Jeremy Hostetler
6.-Gage Peters
John Aden
DJ Beasley
Zach Hibbert
4:59.78Central (Camp Point)
X 4x400 Relay - 7th Grade - Finals
1.-Tucker Anderson
Jacob Sholl
Cory Hopper
Chance Haes
4:35.00Dallas City
2.-Donavon Lucido
Cameron Sadeghi
Justin Miller
Cole Fox
3.-Nolan Ard
Bryton Smith
Dusty Waddell
Griffin Schuster
4.-Relay Team 5:00.30Warsaw
5.-Jason Dormire
Zach Foote
Eric Lee
Landon Ayers
5:22.72Central (Camp Point)
X Shot Put - 4kg - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Leighton Johnson37'10.00Dallas City
2.8Levi Hulls37'09.00Hamilton
3.8Branden Obert35'03.00Central (Camp Point)
4.8Seth Mize34'10.00West Central
5.8Dayton Huss32'09.00Dallas City
6.8Dwyer Kelly31'10.50Southeastern (Bowen)
7.8Geoffrey Stout31'07.00Southeastern (Bowen)
8.8Anthony Holtschlag30'09.50Central (Camp Point)
9.8Darren Krow27'08.00Dallas City
10.8Braxton Boyer27'01.00Carthage
10.8Jonah Terrell27'01.00Warsaw
12.8Jacob Waters27'00.00Central (Camp Point)
13.8Mitchell Mapes26'06.00Carthage
14.7Kaleb Gentes25'03.50West Prairie
15.7Matteo Lopez23'07.00Warsaw
16.8Nick Klein23'03.50Carthage
17.7Brody Haynes23'01.00West Central
18.7Joshua Koechle21'06.00Warsaw
8Chris ColeSCRSoutheastern (Bowen)
X Shot Put - 4kg - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7John Koehler34'05.00Warsaw
2.7Jeffrey Ufkes32'03.25Carthage
3.7Colton Todd27'09.25Dallas City
4.7Alex Rhodes27'06.50Carthage
5.7Colton Ragain27'04.00Dallas City
6.7Jake VanFleet26'02.75Southeastern (Bowen)
7.6Brett Twidwell25'07.50Southeastern (Bowen)
8.7Matthew Barber24'03.00West Central
9.7Levi Fitzjarrald23'09.25Southeastern (Bowen)
10.6Dakota Ruffcorn22'09.00Warsaw
11.6Dawson Ryner22'06.00Dallas City
12.6Jon Swanson21'05.25Warsaw
13.7Kendall Hall21'05.00Carthage
14.6Logan Keppner20'10.50Central (Camp Point)
15.6Brodie Eddington20'05.25Southeastern (Bowen)
16.5Treg Davison20'03.50West Prairie
17.7Shabie Dudley20'02.00West Central
18.7Jordan Cook19'09.50Central (Camp Point)
19.5Tevin Thompson19'09.25West Prairie
20.5Ro Day18'06.50West Prairie
20.5Dart Todd18'06.50Hamilton
22.6Luke Estes17'02.00Central (Camp Point)
7Clyde SiegfreidSCRWest Central
X Discus - 1kg - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Dwyer Kelly125'04Southeastern (Bowen)
2.8Mason Fullerton102'07West Central
3.8Dayton Huss88'00Dallas City
4.8Branden Obert83'10Central (Camp Point)
5.8Mitchell Mapes83'02Carthage
6.8Levi Hulls76'07Hamilton
7.8Jeff Colwell71'05West Central
8.8Nathan Northup67'04Dallas City
9.8Jared Starman64'08Central (Camp Point)
10.8Geoffrey Stout64'06Southeastern (Bowen)
11.8Zane Parker64'04Central (Camp Point)
12.6Brayden Paar60'08Warsaw
13.8Darren Krow60'06Dallas City
14.8Grant Rea59'06Carthage
15.7Kaleb Gentes55'07West Prairie
16.6Blake Coan55'03Warsaw
17.8Casey Lambert53'08Carthage
18.7Chase Kirchner44'05Warsaw
19.6Cody Masterson41'08Southeastern (Bowen)
X Discus - 1kg - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Jeffrey Ufkes94'09Carthage
2.7Jason Dormire79'02Central (Camp Point)
3.7Avery Fader75'11Carthage
4.7Matthew Barber75'07West Central
5.7Shea Flesner68'07Southeastern (Bowen)
6.6Dakota Ruffcorn68'04Warsaw
7.7Adam Wright61'00Carthage
8.7Jake VanFleet60'00Southeastern (Bowen)
9.7Colton Todd54'02Dallas City
10.6Jon Swanson53'00Warsaw
11.6Brodie Eddington51'11Southeastern (Bowen)
12.7Blaze Murfin51'05Dallas City
13.5Ro Day47'07West Prairie
14.5Treg Davison46'10West Prairie
15.7Shabie Dudley44'07West Central
16.7Jordan Cook44'00Central (Camp Point)
17.6Levi Estes43'04Central (Camp Point)
17.5Dart Todd43'04Hamilton
19.6Bryce Burkle35'07West Prairie
7Colton RagainSCRDallas City
7John KoehlerSCRWarsaw
X High Jump - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Dillon Diviney5'06.00Hamilton
2.8Drew Beeler5'02.00Warsaw
3.8Bradley Olson4'08.00West Central
4.8Gage Peters4'08.00Central (Camp Point)
5.8Bryor Grotts4'08.00Carthage
6.8Leighton Johnson4'08.00Dallas City
7.8Mason Fullerton4'08.00West Central
8.8Dalton Elliott4'06.00Dallas City
8.8Lamar Gimmeson4'06.00Warsaw
10.8Ethan Peterson4'04.00West Prairie
10.8Ryan Wrenn4'04.00West Prairie
8Fisher BoyleNHDallas City
8Jonathan FergusonSCRWarsaw
8Zach HibbertNHCentral (Camp Point)
8Devin RingsSCRWarsaw
8Jacob EilersNHCentral (Camp Point)
8Dylan ChandlerNHCarthage
8Holt McKenneyNHCarthage
X High Jump - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Cole Fox4'09.00Hamilton
2.7Alger Saldana4'09.00Central (Camp Point)
3.7Austin Curfman4'08.00Carthage
4.7Tucker Anderson4'08.00Dallas City
5.7Winston Smith4'08.00Southeastern (Bowen)
6.7Ryan Frieburg4'06.00Central (Camp Point)
7.7Nick Rea4'04.00Southeastern (Bowen)
7.6Luke Beeler4'04.00Warsaw
9.7Dusty Waddell4'02.00Carthage
9.7John Moellring4'02.00Central (Camp Point)
9.6Griffin Schuster4'02.00Carthage
12.7Shea Flesner4'00.00Southeastern (Bowen)
12.7Matthew Vancil4'00.00West Central
7Clyde SiegfreidSCRWest Central
7Dalton BrunsNHSoutheastern (Bowen)
6Devin BeastonSCRWarsaw
6Will LucieNHWarsaw
6Weston WilsonNHHamilton
6Donnie WetterlingNHDallas City
X Long Jump - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Braxton Phelps16'02.00Carthage
2.8Dakota Huss14'04.00Dallas City
3.8Gabe Thompson14'03.00Carthage
4.8DJ Meadows14'00.00Warsaw
5.8Seth Mize13'08.00West Central
6.8Ethan Peterson13'04.00West Prairie
7.8Taylor Pugh13'03.00Hamilton
8.8Adam Kerns13'00.00West Prairie
9.8Thomas Seitz12'09.00West Central
10.8Chris Cole12'04.00Southeastern (Bowen)
11.8DJ Beasley12'00.00Central (Camp Point)
12.6Devon Boyer11'05.00West Prairie
13.7Jeremy Bowen10'11.00Central (Camp Point)
14.6Jeffrey VanHove10'00.00Southeastern (Bowen)
15.6Colton Mixer9'10.00Central (Camp Point)
16.8Tyler Adams9'00.00Warsaw
17.5Austin Owen8'03.00Southeastern (Bowen)
8Josh MyattSCRWest Central
8Lamar GimmesonSCRWarsaw
X Long Jump - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Alger Saldana15'08.00Central (Camp Point)
2.7Bryton Smith15'04.50Carthage
3.7Kaden Huston14'07.00Carthage
4.6Cameron Sadeghi13'11.00Hamilton
5.7Tucker Anderson13'09.00Dallas City
6.6Kyle Tanner13'05.00Dallas City
7.7Nolan Ard13'04.50Carthage
8.6Spencer Ferguson13'03.00Dallas City
9.6Donavon Lucido13'02.00Hamilton
10.7Joseph Corvia12'11.50Hamilton
11.7Joey Nelson11'10.00Southeastern (Bowen)
12.7Jacob Wetzel11'09.00West Central
13.7Eric Lee11'08.00Central (Camp Point)
14.6Matt Blackledge11'04.50West Prairie
15.7Justin Alberts11'03.00West Central
15.7Derrick Crenshaw11'03.00Central (Camp Point)
17.5Aris Cox11'01.00Southeastern (Bowen)
18.5Zack Barnett10'11.00West Prairie
19.6Devin Beaston10'05.00Warsaw
20.7Dalton Bruns10'03.00Southeastern (Bowen)
21.5Carson Welsh9'10.50West Prairie
22.6Elijah Boyer9'08.00Warsaw
23.7Eric Peterson9'03.00West Central
24.6Devon Moore7'11.00Warsaw

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
1.7Kori Mesecher13.67aWest Central
4.7Kayla Droste14.09aWest Central
2.8Amanda Ihrig13.84Central (Camp Point)
3.8Kara Twaddell13.93Southeastern (Bowen)
6.7Kayla Markey14.61aWest Central
5.8Shelby Koehler14.45Warsaw
7.8Kirsten Todd14.64Carthage
8.8Brook Cook14.75Carthage
9.8Elyce Trout15.44Dallas City
10.8Deverie Fecht15.56Warsaw
11.7Apryle Johnson15.85Central (Camp Point)
12.8Alexxus Roberts16.05Carthage
13.8Allie Lambert16.06Southeastern (Bowen)
13.8Brecken Dean16.06Hamilton
15.6Emma Derry16.16Southeastern (Bowen)
16.8Taylor Strope16.32Hamilton
17.8Shyanne Thomas18.43West Prairie
18.5Kayla Robey19.37Dallas City
18.6Roberta Gilpin19.37Warsaw
20.5Bailey Stone19.50Dallas City
7Savanna WardlawSCRCentral (Camp Point)
X 100 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Hannah Deblois13.93West Prairie
2.6Bailey Boyer13.95Carthage
4.6Kamryn McCabe14.34aWest Central
3.7Paige Newman14.20Carthage
8.6Kendra Spiker14.93aWest Central
5.7Ariana Boyer14.61Carthage
6.6Brooklyn Smith14.69Dallas City
7.7Chrissy Weaver14.71Central (Camp Point)
9.7Jordyn Carter14.95West Prairie
10.7Jenna Uppinghouse15.10Central (Camp Point)
11.7Keaghan Shacklett15.26Warsaw
12.7Dakota Limkemann15.41Southeastern (Bowen)
13.6Carissa Richardson15.44Dallas City
13.7Karly Johnson15.44Hamilton
15.6Kaitlyn Wayne15.56West Prairie
16.6Natalie Hester15.75Southeastern (Bowen)
17.7Catie Adcock15.81Southeastern (Bowen)
18.7Emily Foote15.87Central (Camp Point)
19.7Taylor Price16.13Warsaw
20.7Jennifer Markey16.31Dallas City
21.5Brittany Douglas16.56Hamilton
22.7Brooklyn Beagles16.70Hamilton
6Taylor GaylordSCRWest Central
6Holly CluffSCRWarsaw
X 200 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Erin Flesner29.34Central (Camp Point)
3.7Kori Mesecher29.71aWest Central
2.8Samatha Syfert29.54Hamilton
4.8Kara Twaddell29.95Southeastern (Bowen)
5.8Haliegh Hammel30.09Hamilton
6.7Taylor Link30.53aWest Central
7.8Kirsten Todd31.49Carthage
8.8Amanda Whitcomb31.50Warsaw
9.8Morgan Martin31.62Carthage
10.8Shelbyjo Tweedell32.40Carthage
11.8Victoria Weaver32.87Central (Camp Point)
12.8Cierra Pulse33.42aWest Central
13.7Grace Sullivan33.64Hamilton
14.8Allie Lambert35.03Southeastern (Bowen)
15.6Emma Derry35.06Southeastern (Bowen)
16.8Shyanne Thomas40.83West Prairie
17.8Clarissa Cox40.91Dallas City
18.5Kayla Robey50.03Dallas City
6Alyssa LongSCRDallas City
7Desiree TaylorSCRCentral (Camp Point)
X 200 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.6Kamryn McCabe30.57aWest Central
2.7Paige Newman30.71Carthage
3.6Brooklyn Smith31.34Dallas City
4.7Chrissy Weaver31.37Central (Camp Point)
5.7Alexis Dooley31.69Warsaw
6.6Bailey Boyer32.10Carthage
7.7Brooke Cameron32.14Hamilton
8.7Allie Buckert32.25Hamilton
9.7Ariana Boyer32.44Carthage
10.6Carissa Richardson32.50Dallas City
11.6Kendra Spiker32.88aWest Central
12.6Andrea Fullerton33.09aWest Central
13.6Alicia Ballard33.30Dallas City
14.7Catie Adcock33.50Southeastern (Bowen)
15.6Kylee Ellingboe33.69Hamilton
16.7Dakota Limkemann34.65Southeastern (Bowen)
17.7Audrey Kestner34.93Central (Camp Point)
18.6Kaitlyn Wayne35.06West Prairie
19.6Natalie Hester35.29Southeastern (Bowen)
20.5Hannah Thompson36.37West Prairie
21.5Maribeth Patterson38.91West Prairie
22.6Constance Skog43.97Warsaw
7Becca WhittmoreSCRWest Central
6Noel PetersSCRCentral (Camp Point)
X 400 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Graci Bastert1:04.59Carthage
2.8Lauren White1:11.44Carthage
3.8Allison DeWald1:11.78Warsaw
4.8MacKenzie Berquam1:13.29Hamilton
5.8Abbie Loter1:14.90Hamilton
6.7Maddy Cooper1:15.26aWest Central
7.8Emily Gold1:15.60Dallas City
8.8Taylor Elkin1:22.53Warsaw
9.6Brinkley Mueller1:27.03Central (Camp Point)
10.6Callie Luft1:28.41Central (Camp Point)
11.6Elysa Davis1:32.03Central (Camp Point)
12.6Lindsay Brinkman1:33.47Warsaw
13.5Breanna Menard1:45.09Dallas City
8Kristin WolfDQWest Central
X 400 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.6Jenna Bryan1:11.07Carthage
2.7Shelbi White1:12.78Carthage
3.7Michaela Gronewold1:14.50Carthage
4.7Zoey Hartrick1:15.21Dallas City
5.7Allie Buckert1:17.41Hamilton
6.7Karly Johnson1:18.64Hamilton
7.6Shana Dejaynes1:20.29Central (Camp Point)
8.6Noel Peters1:20.34Central (Camp Point)
9.7Audrey Kestner1:21.31Central (Camp Point)
10.6Lindsey Manley1:27.06Warsaw
11.6Maggie Stone1:27.59Dallas City
12.6Courtney Edwards1:29.00aWest Central
13.7Zoey Gray1:29.06West Prairie
14.6Carlee Castlebury1:30.15Southeastern (Bowen)
15.6Sarah Herriman1:32.41Warsaw
16.5Hannah Thompson1:36.35West Prairie
17.5Kendra Hopping1:37.29West Prairie
18.6Kaylee Hasek1:45.69Warsaw
6Oakley HenzeSCRHamilton
5Hanna SpiekermeierSCRDallas City
5Shaleigh CovertSCRSoutheastern (Bowen)
7Becca WhittmoreSCRWest Central
6Jamilla CalderonSCRWest Central
X 800 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Kate Rhea2:44.55Central (Camp Point)
2.8Kristin Wolf3:11.19aWest Central
3.8Abbie Felgar3:11.40Hamilton
4.8Caleigh Adams3:12.53Hamilton
5.8Brecken Dean3:16.69Hamilton
8Kayla CoursonSCRWest Central
5Alexis SzykulskiSCRDallas City
5Kolby McClellandSCRSoutheastern (Bowen)
X 800 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Ashley Plumb2:44.07Hamilton
2.6Mariah Brodie2:56.47Carthage
3.6Carly Garnett3:00.72Carthage
4.7Billie Kirby3:01.00Carthage
5.7Jaci Higgins3:03.07Central (Camp Point)
6.6Kelsey Tanner3:03.33Dallas City
7.7Paige Webster3:04.58West Prairie
8.7Chauntel Vance3:08.70Carthage
9.5Brittany Douglas3:11.21Hamilton
10.5Brianna Dean3:11.56Hamilton
11.5Saydee Boyd3:16.55Southeastern (Bowen)
12.7Taylor Price3:18.58Warsaw
13.6Jamilla Calderon3:20.20aWest Central
14.7Alexis McClain3:20.84Hamilton
15.5Julia Shoemaker3:21.21West Prairie
16.6Carlee Castlebury3:35.14Southeastern (Bowen)
7Kara JordanSCRSoutheastern (Bowen)
7Maddie RodefferSCRHamilton
6Mackenzi AndersonSCRDallas City
6Courtney EdwardsSCRWest Central
6Mary SowellsSCRHamilton
5Maddie AndersonSCRHamilton
5Hanna SpiekermeierSCRDallas City
7Mattie HendersonSCRCentral (Camp Point)
6Kyla StottsSCRCentral (Camp Point)
X 1600 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Lacey Steen7:07.92Warsaw
X 1600 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Aleetha Mulch6:33.64Warsaw
2.6Carly Garnett6:43.58Carthage
3.6Kylee Ellingboe6:59.12Hamilton
4.5Julia Shoemaker6:59.15West Prairie
5.7Ariel Clough7:08.78Warsaw
6.5Brianna Dean7:13.84Hamilton
7.7Mattie Henderson8:07.22Central (Camp Point)
8.6Mary Sowells8:11.22Hamilton
9.5Jordyn Bartlett8:38.97West Prairie
6Mariah BrodieSCRCarthage
5Maddie AndersonSCRHamilton
7Maddie RodefferSCRHamilton
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Shelby Thompson17.34Dallas City
2.8Allison DeWald18.45Warsaw
3.8Paige Bray18.84Dallas City
4.8Lori Tillman20.97Hamilton
5.6Connor Smith21.19Carthage
6.8Victoria Weaver21.41Central (Camp Point)
7Desiree TaylorSCRCentral (Camp Point)
6Jenna BryanSCRCarthage
7Maddy CooperSCRWest Central
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Hannah Deblois19.43West Prairie
2.7Melanie Eilers19.88Central (Camp Point)
3.7Billie Kirby20.10Carthage
4.7Aubrie Carlisle20.24Carthage
5.7Jordyn Carter20.56West Prairie
6.7Aleetha Mulch21.00Warsaw
7.6Andrea Fullerton21.50West Central
8.6Aubree Ourth21.70Dallas City
9.7Jenna Uppinghouse21.75Central (Camp Point)
10.5Kolby McClelland22.87Southeastern (Bowen)
11.7Apryle Johnson23.08Central (Camp Point)
12.6Vanessa Russi23.52West Central
13.6Rachel Madsen24.32Warsaw
14.7Dallas Trone25.69Southeastern (Bowen)
15.5Saydee Boyd26.68Southeastern (Bowen)
16.6Lindsey Manley29.94Warsaw
6Mackenzi AndersonDNFDallas City
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - 7th Grade - Finals
7.6Andrea Fullerton21.50aWest Central
12.6Vanessa Russi23.52aWest Central
X 4x100 Relay - 8th Grade - Finals
1.-Chrissy Weaver
Erin Flesner
Amanda Ihrig
Kate Rhea
56.97Central (Camp Point)
2.-Kayla Droste
Taylor Link
Maddy Cooper
Kori Mesecher
57.89aWest Central
3.-Emily Gold
Paige Bray
Elyce Trout
Shelby Thompson
59.64Dallas City
4.-Deverie Fecht
Lacey Steen
Amanda Whitcomb
Shelby Koehler
5.-Alexxus Roberts
Shelbyjo Tweedell
Connor Smith
Mariah Brodie
6.-Tiffany Lemmer
Allie Lambert
Kara Twaddell
Kelly Arnold
1:04.10Southeastern (Bowen)
7.-Caleigh Adams
Abbie Felgar
Brecken Dean
Taylor Strope
X 4x100 Relay - 7th Grade - Finals
1.-Billie Kirby
Ariana Boyer
Paige Newman
Chauntel Vance
2.-Jordyn Carter
Paige Webster
Kaitlyn Wayne
Hannah Deblois
1:00.83West Prairie
3.-Halee Hedges
Karly Jones
Neely Northup
Chloe Walker
1:02.63Dallas City
4.-Ariel Clough
Alexis Dooley
Aleetha Mulch
Keaghan Shacklett
5.-Audrey Kestner
Jenna Uppinghouse
Madelyne Heinecke
Melanie Eilers
1:02.97Central (Camp Point)
6.-Kendra Spiker
Andrea Fullerton
Jamilla Calderon
Kamryn McCabe
1:07.38aWest Central
7.-Sidnee Sawyer
Josie Corvia
Brittany Douglas
Maddie Rodeffer
8.-Kristen Doyle
Kailin Snyder
Ashlyn Henderson
Danielle Henderson
9.-Zoey Hartrick
Jennifer Markey
Carissa Richardson
Brooklyn Smith
1:14.94Dallas City
-Karly Johnson
Grace Sullivan
Brooklyn Beagles
Alexis McClain
-Kolby McClelland
Dallas Trone
Abbey Lantz
Madie Ramsey
SCRSoutheastern (Bowen)
X 4x200 Relay - 8th Grade - Finals
1.-Samatha Syfert
MacKenzie Berquam
Haliegh Hammel
Lori Tillman
2.-Graci Bastert
Kirsten Todd
Lauren White
Brook Cook
3.-Laura Wilhite
Clarissa Cox
Makenzee Herriman
Boni Huston
2:39.26Dallas City
-Cierra Pulse
Annjeanette Moore
Taylor Rice
Kayla Markey
SCRWest Central
X 4x200 Relay - 7th Grade - Finals
1.-Bailey Boyer
Michaela Gronewold
Aubrie Carlisle
Shelbi White
2.-Oakley Henze
Ashley Plumb
Allie Buckert
Brooke Cameron
3.-Shana Dejaynes
Elysa Davis
Juliet McClintock
Desiree Taylor
2:19.47Central (Camp Point)
4.-Callie Luft
Emily Foote
Brinkley Mueller
Noel Peters
2:19.87Central (Camp Point)
5.-Natalie Hester
Kara Jordan
Catie Adcock
Dakota Limkemann
2:20.27Southeastern (Bowen)
6.-Alyssa Long
Breanna Menard
Bailey Stone
Alicia Ballard
2:21.65Dallas City
7.-Zoey Gray
Kendra Hopping
Hannah Thompson
Kyla Matthews
2:29.12West Prairie
8.-Emma Derry
Olivia Gooding
Shaleigh Covert
Saydee Boyd
2:29.56Southeastern (Bowen)
9.-Vanessa Russi
Taylor Gaylord
Maricruz Reyes
Becca Whittmore
2:36.47aWest Central
10.-Sarah Herriman
Rachel Madsen
Lindsey Manley
Lindsay Brinkman
-Constance Skog
Holly Cluff
Astasha Cottrell
Kaylee Hasek
-Aubree Ourth
Hanna Spiekermeier
Maggie Stone
Kelsey Tanner
SCRDallas City
X 4x400 Relay - 8th Grade - Finals
1.-Morgan Martin
Graci Bastert
Lauren White
Kirsten Todd
2.-Shelby Thompson
Paige Bray
Elyce Trout
Emily Gold
4:56.39Dallas City
3.-Lori Tillman
Haliegh Hammel
Abbie Loter
MacKenzie Berquam
4.-Kate Rhea
Amanda Ihrig
Madelyne Heinecke
Jaci Higgins
5:11.22Central (Camp Point)
5.-Allison DeWald
Shelby Koehler
Amanda Whitcomb
Lacey Steen
-Annjeanette Moore
Kayla Courson
Holly Colwell
Kristin Wolf
SCRWest Central
X 4x400 Relay - 7th Grade - Finals
1.-Shana Dejaynes
Brinkley Mueller
Noel Peters
Callie Luft
4:45.50Central (Camp Point)
2.-Michaela Gronewold
Jenna Bryan
Shelbi White
Aubrie Carlisle
3.-Makenzie Anderson
Jennifer Markey
Aubree Ourth
Zoey Hartrick
5:22.14Dallas City
4.-Oakley Henze
Kylie Ellingboe
Grace Sullivan
Ashley Plumb
5.-Jordyn Bartlett
Kendra Hopping
Kyla Matthews
Maribeth Patterson
6:20.03West Prairie
X Shot Put - 4kg - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Morgan Martin29'09.00Carthage
2.8Shelby Koehler26'02.00Warsaw
3.8Lydia Coggeshall24'08.50Central (Camp Point)
4.8Makenzee Herriman24'04.00Dallas City
5.8Boni Huston22'10.00Dallas City
6.8Laura Wilhite22'07.00Dallas City
7.8Amber Clark22'01.50Hamilton
8.8Tori VanZandt21'09.50Central (Camp Point)
8.8Taylor Elkin21'09.50Warsaw
10.7Jenna Uppinghouse20'01.00Central (Camp Point)
11.8Shyanne Thomas19'01.00West Prairie
11.6Alexis Lambert19'01.00Southeastern (Bowen)
13.8Brittany Cooper17'07.50Hamilton
14.8Deverie Fecht16'04.00Warsaw
15.6Katy Phelps11'08.00Southeastern (Bowen)
5Tiffany LemmerSCRSoutheastern (Bowen)
7Allysia LeeSCRWest Central
8Shelbyjo TweedellSCRCarthage
7Addie NorzagaraySCRWest Central
X Shot Put - 4kg - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Brooke Cameron26'08.50Hamilton
2.6Devyn Deeter24'03.00West Prairie
3.7Kristen Doyle24'00.00Carthage
4.7Karly Jones23'03.50Dallas City
5.7Bailey Van Fleet23'01.00Southeastern (Bowen)
6.7Alexis Dooley22'10.00Warsaw
7.7Emily Foote21'07.00Central (Camp Point)
8.7Jackie Heaton20'10.00West Prairie
9.7Sidnee Sawyer19'10.00Hamilton
10.6Neely Northup18'10.00Dallas City
11.6Randallynn Smith18'07.00Southeastern (Bowen)
12.6Chloe Walker17'09.00Dallas City
13.6Lydia Likes17'03.00Central (Camp Point)
14.6Mikahla Crane17'02.50West Central
15.6Madie Ramsey16'08.50Southeastern (Bowen)
16.6Rebekah Literski16'01.50Warsaw
17.7Brianna Clevenger15'01.00Central (Camp Point)
18.6Kilene Haynes14'06.50West Central
19.6Roberta Gilpin14'00.00Warsaw
20.6Sydney Wiegand12'08.50West Central
21.5Maribeth Patterson12'06.50West Prairie
X Discus - 1kg - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Amanda Whitcomb88'09Warsaw
2.8Morgan Martin79'07Carthage
3.8Lydia Coggeshall65'04Central (Camp Point)
4.8Shyanne Thomas56'02West Prairie
5.8Alexxus Roberts53'10Carthage
6.8Makenzee Herriman52'01Dallas City
7.8Boni Huston50'07Dallas City
8.8Laura Wilhite45'11Dallas City
9.8Amber Clark43'05Hamilton
10.6Madie Ramsey41'11Southeastern (Bowen)
11.8Tori VanZandt38'06Central (Camp Point)
12.8Brittany Cooper37'07Hamilton
13.6Katy Phelps32'01Southeastern (Bowen)
14.7Addie Norzagaray16'02West Central
5Tiffany LemmerSCRSoutheastern (Bowen)
X Discus - 1kg - 7th Grade - Finals
1.6Chloe Walker61'08Dallas City
2.7Kristen Doyle60'08Carthage
3.7Karly Jones57'06Dallas City
4.7Jackie Heaton55'03West Prairie
5.7Alexis Dooley54'03Warsaw
6.6Devyn Deeter53'09West Prairie
7.6Randallynn Smith50'09Southeastern (Bowen)
8.7Kailin Snyder48'02Carthage
9.7Juliet McClintock48'01Central (Camp Point)
10.7Bailey Van Fleet46'07Southeastern (Bowen)
11.7Karly Johnson45'06Hamilton
12.6Alexis Lambert44'10Southeastern (Bowen)
13.6Rebekah Literski42'00Warsaw
14.6Lydia Likes40'11Central (Camp Point)
15.6Halee Hedges38'05Dallas City
16.7Sidnee Sawyer37'11Hamilton
17.6Kilene Haynes36'10West Central
18.6Mikahla Crane35'06West Central
19.7Brianna Clevenger34'05Central (Camp Point)
20.6Sydney Wiegand33'05West Central
6Astasha CottrellSCRWarsaw
7Ashlyn HendersonSCRCarthage
X High Jump - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Haliegh Hammel4'07.00Hamilton
2.7Maddy Cooper4'06.00West Central
3.8Elyce Trout4'04.00Dallas City
4.8Erin Flesner4'02.00Central (Camp Point)
5.8Lauren White3'10.00Carthage
6.5Kolby McClelland3'08.00Southeastern (Bowen)
5Olivia GoodingNHSoutheastern (Bowen)
6Emma DerryNHSoutheastern (Bowen)
7Emily FooteNHCentral (Camp Point)
X High Jump - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Keaghan Shacklett4'05.00Warsaw
2.7Hannah Deblois4'05.00West Prairie
3.7Jordyn Carter4'02.00West Prairie
4.7Aubrie Carlisle4'00.00Carthage
5.6Abbey Lantz4'00.00Southeastern (Bowen)
6.6Natalie Hester3'10.00Southeastern (Bowen)
7Kara JordanSCRSoutheastern (Bowen)
6Carissa RichardsonSCRDallas City
7Apryle JohnsonSCRCentral (Camp Point)
6Rachel MadsenSCRWarsaw
6Hannah ShrumSCRWest Central
6Callie LuftSCRCentral (Camp Point)
7Ariel CloughSCRWarsaw
7Juliet McClintockSCRCentral (Camp Point)
X Long Jump - 8th Grade - Finals
1.7Kori Mesecher12'11.00West Central
2.7Kayla Droste12'02.00West Central
3.7Taylor Link11'09.50West Central
4.8Allison DeWald11'09.25Warsaw
5.8Kara Twaddell11'07.75Southeastern (Bowen)
6.8Taylor Elkin11'07.75Warsaw
7.8Paige Bray11'07.00Dallas City
8.8Lori Tillman11'05.00Hamilton
9.8Lacey Steen10'11.00Warsaw
10.8Victoria Weaver10'03.50Central (Camp Point)
11.5Saydee Boyd9'07.00Southeastern (Bowen)
12.8Allie Lambert9'02.50Southeastern (Bowen)
7Savanna WardlawSCRCentral (Camp Point)
7Brianna ClevengerSCRCentral (Camp Point)
8Samatha SyfertSCRHamilton
8Abbie LoterSCRHamilton
8Graci BastertSCRCarthage
X Long Jump - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Melanie Eilers11'11.50Central (Camp Point)
2.7Dakota Limkemann11'10.50Southeastern (Bowen)
3.7Paige Webster11'09.25West Prairie
4.7Chrissy Weaver11'07.25Central (Camp Point)
5.7Ariana Boyer11'06.25Carthage
6.6Brooklyn Smith11'05.25Dallas City
7.6Kylee Ellingboe10'10.25Hamilton
8.7Allie Buckert10'10.00Hamilton
9.6Mackenzi Anderson10'08.75Dallas City
10.7Catie Adcock10'06.25Southeastern (Bowen)
11.6Aubree Ourth10'06.00Dallas City
12.7Brooklyn Beagles10'03.00Hamilton
13.7Michaela Gronewold10'00.25Carthage
14.6Sarah Herriman9'11.00Warsaw
15.6Lindsey Manley9'09.50Warsaw
16.5Julia Shoemaker9'04.25West Prairie
17.6Shana Dejaynes9'01.50Central (Camp Point)
17.7Kelly Arnold9'01.50Southeastern (Bowen)
19.5Kyla Matthews8'11.00West Prairie
20.7Danielle Henderson8'09.50Carthage
21.7Taylor Price8'03.00Warsaw
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