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55 Meter Dash  Varsity - Finals

1.SoBill Cheng6.62aUniversity of Chicago
2.SrBrandon Robinson6.66a PRChicago State
3.FrDaniel Fleming6.67a SRChicago State
4.JrHerman Reeves6.70a SRUniversity of Chicago
5.SoBlake Obuchowski6.70aUniversity of Chicago
6.-Mo Drame6.71a PRDePaul
7.JrBrandon Cervantes6.73a PRNorth Central
8.SoChris Foes6.74aNorth Central
9.SoTerrence Robertson6.75aUniversity of Chicago
10.SrAdam Pennington6.77a SRNorth Central
11.SrJamail Mays6.78aNorth Central
12.JrWesley Shine6.85aNorth Central
13.JrLarry Harris6.86a PRChicago State
14.FrKeith Newhouse6.88aUniversity of Chicago
15.Mickey Ferri6.90aUC Alumni
16.FrMarlon Brown6.92aNorth Central
17.-Arshan Pouladdej6.95a PRIllinois-Chicago
18.SrVictor Nunez6.96a SRNorth Central
19.-Chris Floodstrom6.97a PRBeloit
20.SoJay Chavda6.97a PRUniversity of Chicago
21.-Joel Ylagan7.01aNorth Park University
22.SoC.J. Yoakum7.16aBeloit
23.-Travis Forde7.19a PRBeloit
24.-Mark Nawrocki7.25aElmhurst
25.-Brian Lindemann7.26a SRElmhurst
26.FrJesse Peterson7.26a SRLawrence
27.FrMatthew Borchardt7.27a SRNorth Central
28.-Eric Floyd7.32aUniversity of Chicago
29.SoAnthony Davis7.38a PRChicago State
30.-Sheldon Turner7.45a PRBeloit
31.JrDon Smith7.91a SRBeloit
32.-Dan Chiarito8.94aBeloit
--FrCory RennerDQIllinois-Chicago

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.SrAdam Pennington22.88aNorth Central
2.SrStephon Harden23.05a PRChicago State
3.SrBrandon Robinson23.17a PRChicago State
4.SoPatrick Offner23.19aUniversity of Chicago
5.JrHerman Reeves23.36a PRUniversity of Chicago
6.FrDaniel Fleming23.49a SRChicago State
7.FrKeith Newhouse23.57aUniversity of Chicago
8.JrAdam Johnson23.58aNorth Central
9.Mickey Ferri23.59aUC Alumni
10.SoBlake Obuchowski23.68a SRUniversity of Chicago
11.SoChris Foes23.92aNorth Central
12.SoJoshua Campbell23.95a SRChicago State
13.SrJamail Mays24.01aNorth Central
14.-Arshan Pouladdej24.04aIllinois-Chicago
15.JrBrandon Cervantes24.11aNorth Central
16.-Bryon Pyka24.15aElmhurst
17.SrVictor Nunez24.30a SRNorth Central
18.JrTommy Robertson24.37aNorth Central
19.SoTyler Sheehan24.40aNorth Central
20.FrMarlon Brown24.45a PRNorth Central
21.FrCory Renner24.50aIllinois-Chicago
22.-Tim Grittani24.89aNorth Central
23.FrBrian Andreycak24.99a PRUniversity of Chicago
24.-Brian Lindemann25.09aElmhurst
25.SoJordan Inskeep25.15a PRNorth Central
26.-Joel Ylagan25.15a PRNorth Park University
27.SoC.J. Yoakum25.42aBeloit
28.SrKyle Koning25.62a PRIllinois Inst. Tech
29.SoMatt Kees25.86a SRBeloit
30.FrJesse Peterson25.89a SRLawrence
31.-Mark Nawrocki25.95aElmhurst
32.FrSherrick O'Quinn25.99a SRBeloit
33.JrJeff Helberg26.30aNorth Central
34.JrDon Smith28.34aBeloit
35.SoChris Brown29.79a PRBeloit
36.-Dan Chiarito32.55aBeloit

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.SrAdam Pennington50.66aNorth Central
2.JrAdam Johnson51.92aNorth Central
3.FrJamil Chammas51.98a SRDePaul
4.JrJohn Eric Humphries52.17aUniversity of Chicago
5.FrJosh Stanner52.51a SRIllinois-Chicago
6.FrPatrick Kane52.72a PRUniversity of Chicago
7.FrJonathan Howard52.82a SRNorth Central
8.-Mikhail Morrison52.87a PRIllinois-Chicago
9.SrRussell Geisthardt53.28a PRLawrence
10.SoJoshua Campbell53.33a SRChicago State
11.-Greg Nance53.82a PRUniversity of Chicago
12.JrTommy Robertson53.85a SRNorth Central
13.-Tim Grittani53.94aNorth Central
14.SrTravis Williams53.96a PRChicago State
15.-William Short54.00a PRChicago State
16.-Philmore Morrison54.07a PRIllinois-Chicago
17.-Eric Hermogino54.30a PRIllinois-Chicago
18.SrVictor Nunez54.84aNorth Central
19.JrWesley Shine54.90a PRNorth Central
20.SoTyler Sheehan55.66aNorth Central
21.-Mark Nawrocki57.22aElmhurst
22.FrSherrick O'Quinn57.50aBeloit
23.SoMatt Kees57.92aBeloit
24.-Deric Allen58.62a PRChicago State
25.-Darius Glover1:00.00a PRChicago State
--SoAnthony DavisNT SRChicago State
---Brian LindemannNTElmhurst
---Mike PawelekDNF PRIllinois-Chicago

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.-Steve Royal1:57.94a PRIllinois-Chicago
2.FrHarrison Backlund1:59.11a SRUniversity of Chicago
3.SoJacob Austin1:59.42aNorth Central
4.FrAaron Russo1:59.92aNorth Central
5.FrLewis Brown2:00.04a SRIllinois-Chicago
6.JrKyle Horst2:00.50aNorth Central
7.-Matt Best2:00.90a PRUniversity of Chicago
8.FrTobias Blattler2:01.15a SRUniversity of Chicago
9.SoGreg Udzielak2:01.60a SRDePaul
10.SrEd Aramayo2:03.45aIllinois Inst. Tech
11.SoAlexander Knobloch2:03.58a SRNorth Central
12.JrBrian McConnell2:04.36a SRElmhurst
13.SoDaniel Buys2:04.51a SRNorth Central
14.-Jorge Espinosa2:04.60aIllinois-Chicago
15.FrNick Marchese2:04.69aNorth Central
16.SrMarcus Simmons2:05.05aNorth Park University
17.JrJoe Gaskill2:05.18a SRNorth Central
18.JrJason Beer2:05.76aNorth Central
19.SoJoseph JJ Babb2:06.59aNorth Central
20.FrJoshua Davendonis2:08.01a SRBeloit
21.-Bo Wilkins2:08.67a PRBeloit
22.-Victor Garcia2:08.76a PRUniversity of Chicago
23.SrRichard Byrne2:08.92a SRDePaul
24.FrJake Kaufmann2:11.40a PRNorth Central
25.-John Minser2:11.86a PRNorth Central
26.FrAshan Khan2:12.53a SRNorth Park University
27.SoDamien Kozbur2:13.05aUniversity of Chicago
28.SrBrian Taylor2:14.11a PRUniversity of Chicago
29.JrJames Williams2:15.78a PRNorth Park University
30.-Dave Golub2:16.12a PRLawrence
31.JrMatt Mueller2:17.88a PRNorth Central
32.-Gil Shank2:18.07a PRLawrence
33.FrJohn Prieboy2:20.66a SRNorth Central
34.-Dan Meinhardt2:21.57a PRLawrence
35.FrIan Jarvis2:22.90a SRBeloit
36.-Michael McCain2:33.15a PRLawrence

1 Mile  Varsity - Finals

1.FrArthur Baptist4:27.71a SRUniversity of Chicago
2.SoDaniel Buys4:28.33aNorth Central
3.-Joseph Mbari4:28.72a PRIllinois-Chicago
4.JrJason Beer4:32.26aNorth Central
5.FrNick Marchese4:35.11a PRNorth Central
6.SoFarrahadoon Durrani4:36.11a SRIllinois-Chicago
7.SoSergio Borjon4:39.90a PRNorth Central
8.FrRoger Pinon4:40.66a PRIllinois-Chicago
9.JrJorge Flores4:43.07a SRIllinois-Chicago
10.FrMichael Fry4:43.08a PRDePaul
11.JrSeth Winnie4:43.57a SRUniversity of Chicago
12.FrJohn Prieboy4:47.74a SRNorth Central
13.SoMark Spitel4:48.10a SRLawrence
14.-Will Selinger4:49.47a PRUniversity of Chicago
15.SrMarcus Simmons4:49.85a PRNorth Park University
16.FrJosh Garrett4:51.11a SRNorth Central
17.SrBrian Taylor4:52.26a SRUniversity of Chicago
18.FrSteven Sweeney4:55.70a PRUniversity of Chicago
19.JrMatt Mueller4:57.53a PRNorth Central
20.FrAndrew Wong5:07.50a PRUniversity of Chicago
21.FrDylan Reed-maxfield5:08.47a PRLawrence
22.SrMatt Johnson5:11.31a PRElmhurst
23.-Matt Eddy5:11.88a PRLawrence
24.FrTimothy Lesiewicz5:12.52a SRNorth Central
25.-Joseph Astrauskas5:13.00a PRUniversity of Chicago
26.-Chris Chacakis5:14.42aIllinois Inst. Tech
27.SoMatt Pitz5:23.03a SRBeloit
28.SoAndrew Dunham5:25.99a SRElmhurst
29.FrMatt Johannsen5:36.03a SRBeloit

3000 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.-Ryan McCarl8:44.64a PRUniversity of Chicago
2.SrDan Oh9:05.80aIllinois Inst. Tech
3.JrNathaniel Hird9:08.14a SRNorth Central
4.FrNicholas Nunez9:10.07a SRUniversity of Chicago
5.JrMark Riggs9:12.65a SRIllinois-Chicago
6.-Greg Rizzolo9:16.35a PRUniversity of Chicago
7.SoAndrew Urani9:17.32a PRNorth Central
8.SoNicholas Kane9:21.51a SRNorth Central
9.SoSergio Borjon9:22.39aNorth Central
10.SoOb Vincent9:23.95aIllinois Inst. Tech
11.JrKurt Kamrath9:24.94aNorth Central
12.SoDanny DeCleene9:26.51a PRElmhurst
13.JrBob Spelich9:26.93a SRElmhurst
14.FrJeremy Bancroft-Brown9:36.76a SRUniversity of Chicago
15.JrTravis Shepherd9:42.77a PRElmhurst
16.SrAnthony A.J Schaeffer9:48.92aNorth Central
17.-Julian LaFarge9:49.49a PRUniversity of Chicago
18.FrKen Ptack9:50.17a SRElmhurst
19.SrStephen Berquist9:50.51a PRUniversity of Chicago
20.-Brian Godar9:56.62a SRDePaul
21.SoKevin Acacio10:04.29aIllinois Inst. Tech
22.FrMatt Wan10:18.17aUniversity of Chicago
23.FrDrew DeJarnette10:27.19a SRElmhurst
24.JrFrank Martin10:41.05a PRNorth Central
25.-John Dunwoody11:47.38a PRBeloit
---Jeremy ApplebaumDNF PRDePaul

5000 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.SoPat Austin15:25.56aElmhurst
2.JrAlex Sutphen15:51.45a SRIllinois-Chicago
3.FrCody McCullough15:54.53aNorth Central
4.-Blake Sotern15:57.75aNorth Central
5.JrChris Peverada16:05.42a SRUniversity of Chicago
6.SoJakub Kolacz16:12.34a PRDePaul
7.FrJames Mumford16:17.06aUniversity of Chicago
8.SrJohn Ross16:19.68a PRUniversity of Chicago
9.FrEric Koenig16:53.04a SRBeloit
10.SoDan Cline16:54.18a SRIllinois-Chicago
11.FrRichard RJ McNichols17:18.49a SRNorth Central
12.JrJames Williams17:38.90a PRNorth Park University
13.JrAnthony Kmetz18:17.63aNorth Park University
14.SoMatthew Kim18:29.61aNorth Park University
15.FrDaniel Moeller18:57.60a SRLawrence
16.FrJacob Williams19:50.92a SRBeloit

55m Hurdles - 42"  Varsity - Finals

1.SrTerell Williams8.22a PRIllinois-Chicago
2.SoAndrew Wall8.26a PRIllinois-Chicago
3.SrZach Rodgers8.35aUniversity of Chicago
4.FrDrew Jackson8.35a PRUniversity of Chicago
5.FrBrian Andreycak8.40aUniversity of Chicago
6.SrKyle Koning8.55a PRIllinois Inst. Tech
7.SoJordan Inskeep8.59aNorth Central
8.JrJeff Helberg8.69aNorth Central
9.FrDaniel Fleming8.88a SRChicago State
10.JrMike Savegnago8.91a SRIllinois-Chicago
11.-Rupesh Manam8.91aIllinois-Chicago
12.-Mike Pawelek9.28aIllinois-Chicago
13.-John Hachert9.31aUniversity of Chicago
14.JrDan Linneman9.98aNorth Central
15.-Sheldon Turner10.20aBeloit
16.-Travis Forde10.56a PRBeloit

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Relay Team 3:27.84aNorth Central
2.-Relay Team 3:29.21aUniversity of Chicago
3.-Relay Team 3:29.39aIllinois-Chicago
4.-Relay Team 3:32.19aChicago State
5.-Relay Team 3:35.12aUniversity of Chicago
6.-Relay Team 3:38.72aUniversity of Chicago
7.-Relay Team 3:41.58aNorth Central
8.-Relay Team 3:42.30aNorth Central
9.-Relay Team 3:44.94aBeloit
10.-Relay Team 3:45.54aNorth Central
11.-Relay Team 3:46.77aNorth Park University
12.-Relay Team 3:46.85aLawrence
13.-Relay Team 3:49.95aElmhurst
14.-Relay Team 4:03.61aLawrence

DMR 1200-400-800-1600m  Varsity - Finals

1.-Relay Team 10:32.99aUniversity of Chicago
2.-Relay Team 10:38.07aIllinois-Chicago
3.-Relay Team 10:39.83aNorth Central
4.-Relay Team 10:58.56aNorth Central
5.-Relay Team 10:58.85aIllinois Inst. Tech
6.-Relay Team 11:10.11aElmhurst
7.-Relay Team 11:16.90aDePaul
8.-Relay Team 11:28.50aNorth Central
9.-Relay Team 11:55.22aIllinois Inst. Tech
10.-Relay Team 12:01.39aBeloit
11.-Relay Team 12:48.72aLawrence

Shot Put - 16lb  Varsity - Finals

1.SrMarc Holt15.01mNorth Central
2.JrStephen Gray14.08m SRNorth Central
3.JrRyan Armstrong13.67mNorth Central
4.SoLucas DeJong13.55mNorth Park University
5.FrJoe Walsh12.96mUniversity of Chicago
6.FrJohn Sabacinski12.88m SRUniversity of Chicago
7.SoHerbert Obah12.86m PRNorth Park University
8.JrRyan Wasilewski12.65m PRElmhurst
9.-John Anderson12.57mUniversity of Chicago
10.SrAndrew Foote12.21mNorth Central
11.-Michael Pierquet12.18m SRLawrence
12.FrGreg Silsby12.03mNorth Central
13.-David Cho11.86mIllinois-Chicago
13.FrEric Ritts11.86mBeloit
15.JrCarl Anderson11.72m SRBeloit
16.-Joe Bailey11.16m PRIllinois-Chicago
17.JrMark Pufundt11.10mElmhurst
18.FrRobert Holmes10.92m SRChicago State
19.JrKevin Adams10.70m PRNorth Park University
20.FrJoe Orsini10.64mNorth Park University
21.SoMichael Serven10.57m SRUniversity of Chicago
22.-Mike Pawelek9.95m PRIllinois-Chicago
23.SrBrandon Hubner9.92mNorth Central
24.JrDan Linneman9.31mNorth Central
25.SoXavier Williams8.85m SRChicago State
26.-Paul Staisiunas8.69m PRUniversity of Chicago
27.FrLars Tenglin8.53mNorth Park University
--JrAlex FinkeND SRNorth Central

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.JrDerrick Smith2.07m SRChicago State
2.SrKyle Koning1.92m PRIllinois Inst. Tech
3.SoAndrew Wall1.92m PRIllinois-Chicago
4.FrMatthew Borchardt1.87mNorth Central
5.SoEric Oros1.82mNorth Central
6.SrTerell Williams1.77m PRIllinois-Chicago
6.-Rupesh Manam1.77mIllinois-Chicago
8.SoTerrence Robertson1.77mUniversity of Chicago
9.SoMitchell Guenther1.72m PRLawrence
10.SoLucas Below1.62m PRLawrence
--JrDan LinnemanNH SRNorth Central

Pole Vault  Varsity - Finals

1.SrMichael Bina5.06mNorth Central
2.SoJake Winder4.88mNorth Central
3.JrMike Savegnago4.58m SRIllinois-Chicago
4.JrSeth Satterlee4.28mUniversity of Chicago
5.SoSteven Stack4.28mNorth Central
6.SrTerell Williams4.28m PRIllinois-Chicago
7.SoJohn Pribik4.28m SRUniversity of Chicago
8.SoGavin Kirchner3.98mNorth Central
9.SoLucas Below3.53m SRLawrence
9.-Mike Pawelek3.53m PRIllinois-Chicago
11.SoChris Brown3.38m PRBeloit
11.-Jared Woodrey3.38mUniversity of Chicago
--FrEvan McCollamNH SRUniversity of Chicago

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.SrStephon Harden7.20m PRChicago State
2.FrDaniel Fleming6.58m SRChicago State
3.SrTerell Williams6.54m PRIllinois-Chicago
4.SrZach Rodgers6.27mUniversity of Chicago
5.SrKyle Koning6.25m PRIllinois Inst. Tech
6.JrBrandon Cervantes6.17mNorth Central
7.-Eric Floyd6.14mUniversity of Chicago
8.-Rupesh Manam6.06m PRIllinois-Chicago
9.SoTerrence Robertson6.04mUniversity of Chicago
10.JrMike Savegnago5.96m SRIllinois-Chicago
11.-Joel Ylagan5.90mNorth Park University
12.-Oscar Pina5.86m PRIllinois-Chicago
13.FrJarrett Jones5.69m PRNorth Central
14.FrSherrick O'Quinn5.45m PRBeloit
15.JrDan Linneman5.38m SRNorth Central
16.FrJacob Solus5.19m SRUniversity of Chicago
--SoJay ChavdaND SRUniversity of Chicago
---Chris FloodstromNDBeloit
---Andrew ScaranoNDBeloit

Triple Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.FrGoldstein Okafor14.76m PRChicago State
2.JrJustin McQuality14.02mNorth Central
3.FrJacob Solus13.93mUniversity of Chicago
4.FrDrew Jackson13.77m SRUniversity of Chicago
5.-Oscar Pina12.92m PRIllinois-Chicago
6.FrJarrett Jones11.82m PRNorth Central
7.-Andrew Scarano11.56mBeloit
8.SoMitchell Guenther10.75m PRLawrence
--FrSherrick O'QuinnNDBeloit

Weight Throw - 35lb  Varsity - Finals

1.-Joe Bailey16.27m PRIllinois-Chicago
2.JrRyan Armstrong15.16mNorth Central
3.SrAndrew Foote14.93mNorth Central
4.SoLucas DeJong13.99m SRNorth Park University
5.SoDan Marsh13.84mBeloit
6.-John Anderson13.77m PRUniversity of Chicago
7.JrAlex Finke13.36mNorth Central
8.JrRyan Wasilewski13.28mElmhurst
9.JrMatt Wonzer12.70m SRUniversity of Chicago
10.-Michael Pierquet12.67m PRLawrence
11.FrJohn Sabacinski12.34m SRUniversity of Chicago
12.JrKevin Adams12.20mNorth Park University
13.FrEric Ritts11.82mBeloit
14.SoHerbert Obah11.66m PRNorth Park University
15.-David Cho11.31mIllinois-Chicago
16.FrJoe Walsh11.21m SRUniversity of Chicago
17.FrJoe Orsini10.74mNorth Park University
18.JrCarl Anderson10.56mBeloit
19.FrGreg Silsby10.50m SRNorth Central
20.JrMark Pufundt9.84m SRElmhurst
21.SoMichael Serven8.97mUniversity of Chicago