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CSAA Meet Reed City/White Cloud/Chip Hills

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Reed City, Reed City

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Team Scores
Varsity - Mens
1.Remus Chippewa Hills59
2.Reed City49
3.White Cloud29
Varsity - Womens
1.Remus Chippewa Hills81
2.Reed City45
3.White Cloud10
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Hunter Redman12.31White Cloud
2.9Jared Emerson12.53Remus Chippewa Hills
3.9Eric Bradford12.84Reed City
4.12Devanne Dodgens13.13Remus Chippewa Hills
5.9James Wood13.69Remus Chippewa Hills
7.10Mike Gilmore14.45White Cloud
8.12Tuan Ly14.54Reed City
9.11Stephen Beemer14.58Reed City
10.9Austin Martin15.22Remus Chippewa Hills
11.9Donovan Simmons15.30Reed City
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Hunter Redman25.09White Cloud
2.9Jared Emerson25.41Remus Chippewa Hills
3.9Michael Bradford25.63Reed City
4.12Devanne Dodgens26.85Remus Chippewa Hills
5.-Jarod Taylor27.26White Cloud
6.12Ryan Murchinson28.15White Cloud
7.9James Wood28.53Remus Chippewa Hills
8.12Aarron Pavese29.17Remus Chippewa Hills
9.9Brandon Cashen29.63Remus Chippewa Hills
10.11Dylan Ems29.74Reed City
11.10Mike Gilmore29.97White Cloud
12.12Tuan Ly30.18Reed City
14.9Austin Martin31.63Remus Chippewa Hills
15.11Stephen Beemer31.66Reed City
16.9Marshal Green33.84Remus Chippewa Hills
17.9Donovan SimmonsNFReed City
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Tyler Sackett55.83Remus Chippewa Hills
2.9Latear Dukes56.70Remus Chippewa Hills
3.9Hunter Redman57.62White Cloud
4.9James Wood1:01.18Remus Chippewa Hills
5.9Eric Voelker1:02.28Reed City
6.12Aarron Pavese1:03.47Remus Chippewa Hills
7.9Kyle Voelker1:03.49Reed City
8.9Brandon Cashen1:05.17Remus Chippewa Hills
9.9Jerry Westcomb1:14.08White Cloud
10.9Kevin BarrettNFWhite Cloud
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jose Urena2:09.80Remus Chippewa Hills
2.12Zach Fox2:12.73Remus Chippewa Hills
3.11Derek Shumway2:12.95Remus Chippewa Hills
4.12Kody O'Neill2:14.40Reed City
5.12Lonnie Morrow2:29.57Remus Chippewa Hills
6.10Alex Wood2:30.01Remus Chippewa Hills
7.9Kohlton Johnson2:30.33Remus Chippewa Hills
8.10Mike Wyels2:30.43White Cloud
9.11Justin Gamble-Brown2:51.13Reed City
10.9Dominick Giese3:27.60Reed City
11.9Charles PiattNFRemus Chippewa Hills
12.10Joe OehrliNFReed City
13.12Justin ShryockNFReed City
14.12Preston LiescheidtNFWhite Cloud
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Tyler Sackett4:48.17Remus Chippewa Hills
2.10Joe Oehrli4:50.46Reed City
3.11Derek Shumway5:03.11Remus Chippewa Hills
4.12Zach Fox5:10.14Remus Chippewa Hills
5.12Nick Searles5:12.48Remus Chippewa Hills
6.10Mark Alvarado5:17.58Remus Chippewa Hills
7.11Brock Crystal5:19.03Remus Chippewa Hills
8.12Justin Shryock5:22.69Reed City
9.12Alex Meese5:27.69Reed City
10.12John Fockler5:37.02White Cloud
11.10Alex Wood5:37.31Remus Chippewa Hills
12.9Aaron Richard5:39.07Remus Chippewa Hills
13.9Kohlton Johnson5:44.56Remus Chippewa Hills
14.11Justin Gamble-Brown6:26.44Reed City
15.9Josh Clark6:41.12White Cloud
16.9Dominick Giese7:33.20Reed City
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Joe Oehrli10:38.86Reed City
2.12Nick Searles11:13.15Remus Chippewa Hills
3.11Tyler Sackett11:30.34Remus Chippewa Hills
4.11Brock Crystal11:46.81Remus Chippewa Hills
5.12Alex Meese11:54.05Reed City
6.12John Fockler12:01.32White Cloud
7.9Aaron Richard13:08.63Remus Chippewa Hills
8.12Holst Jeremy14:29.72White Cloud
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Brian Mitchell17.45Reed City
2.10Kurt Zolman18.17Reed City
3.9Corey Saladin18.56Reed City
4.10Nathan Lalk18.67Remus Chippewa Hills
5.12Aaron Kuhns18.98White Cloud
6.11Luke Werenette19.23Remus Chippewa Hills
7.10Robert Lance19.40White Cloud
8.9Andrew Mahaffey19.48Remus Chippewa Hills
9.9Zach Wernette21.21Remus Chippewa Hills
10.9Tanner FrisbieNFWhite Cloud
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Brian Mitchell44.15Reed City
2.12Aaron Kuhns44.25White Cloud
3.10Mark Alvarado47.39Remus Chippewa Hills
4.10Kurt Zolman47.61Reed City
5.9Corey Saladin48.45Reed City
6.9Andrew Mahaffey48.86Remus Chippewa Hills
7.10Robert Lance49.88White Cloud
8.10Nathan Lalk50.07Remus Chippewa Hills
9.11Luke Werenette50.20Remus Chippewa Hills
10.9Zach Wernette54.10Remus Chippewa Hills
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kurt Zolman
Eric Bradford
Michael Bradford
Brian Mitchell
47.48Reed City
2.-Relay Team 49.73Remus Chippewa Hills
3.-Dakota Gogolowski
Jacob Vincent
Justin Danneels
Corey Saladin
52.30Reed City
4.-Relay Team 55.15Reed City
5.-Tyler Foster
Mike Gilmore
Daniel Gibson
Zack Martin
NFWhite Cloud
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:42.41Remus Chippewa Hills
2.-Zack Martin
Ryan Murchinson
Alex Stout
Mike Gilmore
1:46.90White Cloud
3.-Eric Voelker
Kyle Voelker
Donovan Simmons
Dylan Ems
1:50.16Reed City
4.-Relay Team 1:58.47Remus Chippewa Hills
5.-Relay Team 2:07.68Remus Chippewa Hills
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:44.70Remus Chippewa Hills
2.-Eric Bradford
Michael Bradford
Kurt Zolman
Kody O'Neill
3:47.16Reed City
3.-Jarod Taylor
Kevin Barrett
Mike Wyels
Aaron Kuhns
4:05.45White Cloud
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 8:58.97Reed City
2.-Relay Team 8:59.74Remus Chippewa Hills
3.-Mike Wyels
Preston Liescheidt
Josh Clark
John Fockler
10:34.14White Cloud
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.10Dakota Gogolowski38'06.50"Reed City
2.12Spencer Darter38'05.00"Remus Chippewa Hills
3.12Trent England36'03.00"Remus Chippewa Hills
4.10Quinton Merrill36'02.00"Remus Chippewa Hills
5.12Preston Liescheidt35'00.00"White Cloud
6.10Alex Barron33'08.00"Remus Chippewa Hills
7.9Eric Hillard33'06.00"Remus Chippewa Hills
8.9Justin Danneels32'11.50"Reed City
9.11Arik Schmitt32'10.00"White Cloud
10.10Tyler Smith32'07.00"White Cloud
11.11Tyler Morris32'05.00"Remus Chippewa Hills
12.10Mike Addis31'08.50"White Cloud
13.9Jacob Vincent30'07.50"Reed City
14.10Isaac Wilson28'03.00"Remus Chippewa Hills
15.9Alex Wyman26'07.00"Reed City
16.9Marshal Green24'10.50"Remus Chippewa Hills
17.9Steven Ostroske23'03.50"Remus Chippewa Hills
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Spencer Darter121'10.00"Remus Chippewa Hills
2.10Mike Addis108'02.00"White Cloud
3.12Trent England104'04.00"Remus Chippewa Hills
4.10Alex Barron102'04.00"Remus Chippewa Hills
5.9Jacob Vincent97'09.00"Reed City
6.10Tyler Smith97'05.00"White Cloud
7.10Quinton Merrill94'02.00"Remus Chippewa Hills
8.10Mike Wyels93'09.00"White Cloud
9.10Isaac Wilson91'07.00"Remus Chippewa Hills
10.10Dakota Gogolowski81'09.00"Reed City
11.11Tyler Morris79'09.00"Remus Chippewa Hills
12.9Justin Danneels78'02.00"Reed City
13.11Arik Schmitt76'05.00"White Cloud
14.9Eric Hillard75'03.00"Remus Chippewa Hills
15.9Marshal Green74'05.00"Remus Chippewa Hills
16.9Alex Wyman71'00.50"Reed City
17.9Steven Ostroske50'06.00"Remus Chippewa Hills
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Zack Martin6'00.00"White Cloud
2.11Derek Shumway5'04.00"Remus Chippewa Hills
3.12Ryan Murchinson5'02.00"White Cloud
4.11Daniel GibsonNFWhite Cloud
5.9Latear DukesNFRemus Chippewa Hills
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Brian Mitchell15'00.00"Reed City
2.10Alex Stout11'00.00"White Cloud
3.11Luke Werenette11'00.00"Remus Chippewa Hills
4.11Dylan Ems9'06.00"Reed City
5.11Brock Crystal9'00.00"Remus Chippewa Hills
6.9Zach Wernette8'06.00"Remus Chippewa Hills
7.9Jerry WestcombNFWhite Cloud
8.10Seth GildeNFWhite Cloud
10.9Eric VoelkerNFReed City
11.9Kyle VoelkerNFReed City
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Michael Bradford18'11.00"Reed City
2.9Hunter Redman17'10.00"White Cloud
3.11Luke Werenette17'09.00"Remus Chippewa Hills
4.9Eric Bradford16'10.00"Reed City
5.12Ryan Murchinson16'05.50"White Cloud
6.12Kody O'Neill16'01.00"Reed City
7.12Lonnie Morrow15'06.00"Remus Chippewa Hills
8.12Trent England15'03.50"Remus Chippewa Hills
9.12Aarron Pavese14'08.00"Remus Chippewa Hills
10.10Alex Barron14'01.50"Remus Chippewa Hills
11.10Nathan Lalk14'01.00"Remus Chippewa Hills
12.9Donovan Simmons13'11.00"Reed City
13.9Brandon Cashen13'10.00"Remus Chippewa Hills
14.11Stephen Beemer12'10.00"Reed City
15.12Tuan Ly11'09.50"Reed City
16.11Justin Gamble-Brown11'07.50"Reed City
17.11Daniel GibsonNFWhite Cloud

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Chelsea Young13.72Remus Chippewa Hills
2.11Nicolle Ostrander13.96Reed City
3.10Kierra Willis15.01Remus Chippewa Hills
4.9Dominique Miles15.05Remus Chippewa Hills
5.10Breanna Watson15.27Remus Chippewa Hills
6.11Elizabeth Borst15.31Reed City
7.10Katharina Woehrle15.38White Cloud
8.10Perrie Alderten15.80Remus Chippewa Hills
9.12Ashley Kuhns15.82White Cloud
10.10Alyssa Holtzlander15.90White Cloud
11.9Lindzee Streeter16.33White Cloud
12.11Felysia Piatt16.36Remus Chippewa Hills
13.10Jolee Smith16.63White Cloud
14.9Maggie Meyer17.00Remus Chippewa Hills
15.10Jorja Potter17.14White Cloud
16.10Amber Williams17.16Remus Chippewa Hills
17.9Amber MorganNFRemus Chippewa Hills
18.10Alex BoylanNFRemus Chippewa Hills
19.-Oehrli MeganNFReed City
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Samantha Michell27.25Reed City
2.12Chelsea Young27.97Remus Chippewa Hills
3.11Renee Humphrey29.52Remus Chippewa Hills
4.11Breanne Metcalf30.40Remus Chippewa Hills
5.10Kierra Willis30.98Remus Chippewa Hills
6.11Nicolle Ostrander31.15Reed City
7.9Dominique Miles31.42Remus Chippewa Hills
8.9Kadie Griffes32.16White Cloud
9.10Perrie Alderten32.90Remus Chippewa Hills
10.11Kayla Smith33.38Remus Chippewa Hills
11.9Jordan VanSyckle33.70Remus Chippewa Hills
12.10Alex Frisbee34.33White Cloud
13.11Felysia Piatt34.65Remus Chippewa Hills
14.9Maggie Meyer35.20Remus Chippewa Hills
15.10Amber Williams35.38Remus Chippewa Hills
16.11Mary Wilderom35.78Remus Chippewa Hills
17.9Ashley Plank38.87Remus Chippewa Hills
18.10Alex BoylanNFRemus Chippewa Hills
19.10Jolee SmithNFWhite Cloud
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Samantha Michell1:01.59Reed City
2.11Morgan Wixson1:06.08Remus Chippewa Hills
3.11Renee Humphrey1:10.17Remus Chippewa Hills
4.9Larissa Umbleby1:10.70Remus Chippewa Hills
5.9Jordan VanSyckle1:15.60Remus Chippewa Hills
6.9Kiley Simon1:16.03Remus Chippewa Hills
7.11Elizabeth Borst1:17.02Reed City
8.10Amber Williams1:20.85Remus Chippewa Hills
9.11Ashley McCumber1:21.01White Cloud
10.9Ashley Plank1:27.95Remus Chippewa Hills
11.12Kristen HixsonNFRemus Chippewa Hills
12.9Amber MorganNFRemus Chippewa Hills
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kristin Forman2:35.00Reed City
2.11Morgan Wixson2:42.23Remus Chippewa Hills
3.11Chandra Martin2:46.54Remus Chippewa Hills
4.9Larissa Umbleby2:52.24Remus Chippewa Hills
5.11Amanda Batenburg2:59.89Remus Chippewa Hills
6.11Melissa Smith3:24.26White Cloud
7.9Dorothy LinkNFWhite Cloud
8.9Cassedi VrbenskyNFRemus Chippewa Hills
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Sharon McKenney5:37.94Remus Chippewa Hills
2.11Morgan Wixson5:47.72Remus Chippewa Hills
3.11Kristin Forman5:55.37Reed City
4.11Rachel Wood6:11.42Remus Chippewa Hills
5.11Amanda Batenburg6:43.11Remus Chippewa Hills
6.11Melissa Smith6:59.18White Cloud
7.12Shanna Johnson7:31.53Remus Chippewa Hills
8.9Cassedi VrbenskyNFRemus Chippewa Hills
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Sharon McKenney12:39.00Remus Chippewa Hills
2.11Rachel Wood13:30.03Remus Chippewa Hills
3.11Kristin Forman14:07.42Reed City
4.11Amanda Batenburg15:06.04Remus Chippewa Hills
5.12Shanna Johnson15:13.12Remus Chippewa Hills
6.9Jill Rotterdam16:25.89White Cloud
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.9Samantha Michell16.34Reed City
2.11Kianna Granlund18.43Remus Chippewa Hills
3.10Brooke Martin19.24White Cloud
4.12Jodi Bliese19.84Remus Chippewa Hills
5.12Alyssa Ulrich19.89Remus Chippewa Hills
6.12Erin Kimbell22.14Remus Chippewa Hills
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kianna Granlund52.00Remus Chippewa Hills
2.11Kelsey Jones54.21Reed City
3.12Alyssa Ulrich55.86Remus Chippewa Hills
4.12Jodi Bliese58.82Remus Chippewa Hills
5.9Kadie Griffes59.82White Cloud
6.12Erin Kimbell1:00.06Remus Chippewa Hills
7.11Elizabeth Borst1:08.76Reed City
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
2.-Kristin Forman
Elizabeth Borst
Kelsey Jones
Nicolle Ostrander
56.82Reed City
4.-Lindzee Streeter
Jorja Potter
Ashley McCumber
Dorothy Link
1:08.27White Cloud
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
2.-Katharina Woehrle
Alyssa Holtzlander
Ashley Kuhns
Alex Frisbee
2:07.90White Cloud
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Chandra Martin
Sharon McKenney
Larissa Umbleby
Rachal Wood
11:28.42Remus Chippewa Hills
2.-Melissa Smith
Jill Rotterdam
Dorothy Link
Ashley McCumber
14:45.25White Cloud
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Brooke Martin32'07.50"White Cloud
2.10Kasey Miller30'00.50"Reed City
3.12Nicole Carey29'07.50"Remus Chippewa Hills
4.10Breanna Watson27'10.00"Remus Chippewa Hills
5.10Erica Voelker26'09.00"Reed City
6.9Kendra Jenks24'09.00"Reed City
7.11Clarissa Wyels23'07.00"White Cloud
8.11Torie Flinton23'02.50"White Cloud
9.10Jorja Potter22'09.00"White Cloud
10.9Stephanie King21'10.50"Remus Chippewa Hills
11.9Gabby Simon21'02.00"Remus Chippewa Hills
12.9Hannah Lieber20'10.00"Remus Chippewa Hills
13.9Malyssa Kailing20'07.00"Reed City
14.9Jessica King19'08.00"Remus Chippewa Hills
15.10Zoe Taber19'02.00"White Cloud
16.11Ashley Whelpley17'05.00"White Cloud
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kelsey Jones95'02.00"Reed City
2.10Brooke Martin90'09.00"White Cloud
3.10Breanna Watson87'06.00"Remus Chippewa Hills
4.12Nicole Carey78'07.00"Remus Chippewa Hills
5.10Kasey Miller77'01.00"Reed City
6.11Torie Flinton74'04.00"White Cloud
7.11Kayla Smith66'09.00"Remus Chippewa Hills
8.9Gabby Simon64'01.00"Remus Chippewa Hills
9.9Stephanie King62'00.00"Remus Chippewa Hills
10.9Malyssa Kailing59'06.00"Reed City
11.10Perrie Alderten59'00.00"Remus Chippewa Hills
12.10Erica Voelker58'00.00"Reed City
13.11Ashley Whelpley56'05.00"White Cloud
14.11Clarissa Wyels54'02.00"White Cloud
15.10Jorja Potter50'08.00"White Cloud
16.9Jessica King48'04.00"Remus Chippewa Hills
17.11Mary Wilderom46'08.00"Remus Chippewa Hills
18.10Zoe Taber46'07.00"White Cloud
19.9Kendra Jenks43'04.00"Reed City
20.9Hannah Lieber42'08.00"Remus Chippewa Hills
21.11Tiffani WoodNFRemus Chippewa Hills
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Breanne Metcalf5'02.00"Remus Chippewa Hills
2.11Kelsey Jones5'00.00"Reed City
3.9Kadie Griffes4'08.00"White Cloud
4.9Cassedi Vrbensky4'04.00"Remus Chippewa Hills
5.10Alex FrisbeeNFWhite Cloud
6.-Oehrli MeganNFReed City
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Renee Humphrey10'00.00"Remus Chippewa Hills
2.12Jodi Bliese7'06.00"Remus Chippewa Hills
3.11Ashley McCumberNFWhite Cloud
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Samantha Michell15'06.00"Reed City
2.12Chelsea Young14'11.00"Remus Chippewa Hills
3.11Nicolle Ostrander13'07.50"Reed City
4.11Ashley McCumber12'11.00"White Cloud
5.11Kayla Smith12'08.00"Remus Chippewa Hills
6.12Alyssa Ulrich12'06.00"Remus Chippewa Hills
7.9Jordan VanSyckle12'02.00"Remus Chippewa Hills
8.9Kiley Simon11'08.00"Remus Chippewa Hills
9.10Perrie Alderten11'07.75"Remus Chippewa Hills
10.10Katharina Woehrle11'07.50"White Cloud
11.10Alex Frisbee11'07.00"White Cloud
12.11Felysia Piatt10'08.00"Remus Chippewa Hills
13.10Alex BoylanNFRemus Chippewa Hills
14.9Lindzee StreeterNFWhite Cloud
15.9Nichole CooleyNFWhite Cloud
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