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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

College of San Mateo, San Mateo

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Raymond Lazaro12.78aSt Lawrence Academy
2.12Jon Yam12.96aWoodside Priory
1.9Maxwell Parker13.25aMenlo School
3.11Ed Suriaga13.29aSt Lawrence Academy
2.12Alec Lawler13.47aMenlo School
3.10Martin Keyt13.63aMenlo School
4.10Zack Kaufman13.79aCrystal Springs Upla...
4.10Millen Wan13.87aWoodside Priory
5.9Ryan Kaveh14.19aCrystal Springs Upla...
6.10Kenny Crimmins14.23aCrystal Springs Upla...
7.9Daniel Halteh14.35aCrystal Springs Upla...
8.9Seth Craig14.66aSt Lawrence Academy
5.10John Bennett14.79aPinewood
6.9Kyle Vaidyanathan16.15aMenlo School
7.10Ariel Holtzman16.68aMenlo School
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Tommy Shields25.14aWoodside Priory
2.9Maxwell Parker25.47aMenlo School
3.11Ryan Goulden25.52aMenlo School
1.10Martin Keyt26.98aMenlo School
1.9Anthony Shao27.55aCrystal Springs Upla...
2.12Brian Milstein27.86aPinewood
4.10Millen Wan28.01aWoodside Priory
3.12Michael Darrow28.28aPinewood
2.10Cameron Helvey28.41aPinewood
3.10J.C. Aguila28.44aSt Lawrence Academy
4.10Zack Kaufman28.47aCrystal Springs Upla...
5.9Ryan Kaveh28.60aCrystal Springs Upla...
5.12Daniel Dupon28.61aMenlo School
4.10John Bennett29.38aPinewood
6.9Daniel Halteh30.46aCrystal Springs Upla...
7.11Zain Khan32.83aSt Lawrence Academy
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jeff Grimes53.05aCrystal Springs Upla...
2.11Andy Martinez55.58aCrystal Springs Upla...
3.10Douglas Galdamez56.67aWoodside Priory
4.10Sam Klotz57.83aCrystal Springs Upla...
1.11Ryan Goulden58.06aMenlo School
5.11Matt Luu59.40aSt Lawrence Academy
6.9Joe Farned1:01.00aWoodside Priory
2.12Vikram Padval1:01.27aMenlo School
7.9Willy Hawkins1:01.65aCrystal Springs Upla...
3.12Sanjay Padval1:03.13aMenlo School
8.12Brian Milstein1:04.33aPinewood
9.9Colin Smith1:05.37aCrystal Springs Upla...
4.9Seth Craig1:07.79aSt Lawrence Academy
5.9Jorawar Gellon1:10.53aSt Lawrence Academy
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Arnaud Kpachavi2:08.49aWoodside Priory
2.11Samuel Parker2:13.82aMenlo School
3.11Josh Legha2:16.61aSt Lawrence Academy
4.11Ryan Miranda2:20.37aSt Lawrence Academy
5.9John Stayner2:21.92aCrystal Springs Upla...
6.12Souhail Salty2:22.56aMenlo School
7.12Erik Schiller2:25.23aCrystal Springs Upla...
1.9Joe Farned2:25.75aWoodside Priory
8.12Walter Wuthmann2:27.93aMenlo School
2.11Kevin Nguyen2:29.31aSt Lawrence Academy
3.10Bradley Naumann2:30.67aPinewood
4.11Jackson Siegman2:31.63aMenlo School
5.10Burt Sadler Draxler2:32.83aWoodside Priory
6.9Dylan Croll2:33.51aWoodside Priory
7.9Binh Phan2:34.19aCrystal Springs Upla...
8.10Jack Wookey2:39.90aWoodside Priory
9.9Micheal Brett2:41.29aWoodside Priory
9.9Jorawar Gellon2:44.66aSt Lawrence Academy
10.9Kaveh Motamed2:48.80aCrystal Springs Upla...
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Arnaud Kpachavi4:55.45aWoodside Priory
2.11Samuel Parker4:55.47aMenlo School
3.12Connor O'Dowd5:03.48aCrystal Springs Upla...
4.12Stephen Pinto5:06.60aCrystal Springs Upla...
5.12Erik Schiller5:11.59aCrystal Springs Upla...
6.12Lucas Sokolsky5:20.91aMenlo School
7.12Souhail Salty5:22.67aMenlo School
8.10Arjun Viswanathan5:25.46aCrystal Springs Upla...
9.10Burt Sadler Draxler5:33.42aWoodside Priory
10.9Dylan Croll5:33.43aWoodside Priory
11.11Kevin Nguyen5:43.00aSt Lawrence Academy
12.9Ali Rafie5:43.44aPinewood
13.9Kaveh Motamed5:45.65aCrystal Springs Upla...
14.12Ben Godfrey5:46.54aMenlo School
15.10Jack Wookey5:50.67aWoodside Priory
16.10Akhil Reddy5:50.69aSt Lawrence Academy
17.12Drew Schleck6:00.93aMenlo School
18.10Tony Lopez6:01.78aMenlo School
19.9Tamas Carli6:28.95aSt Lawrence Academy
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Ryan Miranda11:07.35aSt Lawrence Academy
2.11Josh Legha11:10.67aSt Lawrence Academy
3.12Ben Godfrey12:29.40aMenlo School
4.9Nicholas Naclerio14:54.72aWoodside Priory
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Alec Lawler20.44aMenlo School
2.10Millen Wan21.56aWoodside Priory
3.10Jacob Kim22.76aWoodside Priory
4.12Ashu Desai23.02aMenlo School
5.10David Butler24.71aWoodside Priory
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Ben Wisialowski48.93aCrystal Springs Upla...
2.12Alec Lawler50.20aMenlo School
3.10Michael Naumann50.26aPinewood
4.12Ashu Desai55.12aMenlo School
5.10David Butler55.81aWoodside Priory
6.9Seth Craig56.24aSt Lawrence Academy
7.10Akhil Reddy57.65aSt Lawrence Academy
8.10J.C. Aguila1:01.40aSt Lawrence Academy
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 48.28aMenlo School
2.-Relay Team 48.38aCrystal Springs Upla...
3.-Relay Team 48.39aWoodside Priory
4.-Relay Team 50.46aSt Lawrence Academy
5.-Relay Team 51.58aCrystal Springs Upla...
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:44.35aWoodside Priory
2.-Relay Team 3:45.33aMenlo School
3.-Relay Team 3:54.81aCrystal Springs Upla...
4.-Relay Team 4:14.63aCrystal Springs Upla...
5.-Relay Team 4:23.45aSt Lawrence Academy
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.10Solomone Wolfgramm35-01Pinewood
2.12Michael Darrow34-08Pinewood
3.12Jeff Souders34-01Woodside Priory
4.11Hien Phan29-02.5St Lawrence Academy
5.11Nick Kosturos28-04Crystal Springs Upla...
6.11Matt Luu26-03St Lawrence Academy
7.9Joel Kohn25-11Crystal Springs Upla...
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jeff Souders088-07Woodside Priory
2.10Solomone Wolfgramm073-00Pinewood
3.9Joel Kohn071-02Crystal Springs Upla...
4.11Nick Kosturos067-09Crystal Springs Upla...
5.9Micheal Brett062-10Woodside Priory
6.9Nicholas Naclerio057-00Woodside Priory
7.11Hien Phan055-00St Lawrence Academy
8.11Matt Luu049-00St Lawrence Academy
9.9Jorawar Gellon041-10St Lawrence Academy
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Kaveh Motamed04-08Crystal Springs Upla...
2.12Drew Schleck04-06Menlo School
2.12Ashu Desai04-06Menlo School
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Andy Martinez17-09.5Crystal Springs Upla...
2.11Ed Suriaga17-00St Lawrence Academy
3.10Martin Keyt16-07Menlo School
4.9Maxwell Parker16-03.5Menlo School
5.9Shayaan Haq16-02.5Crystal Springs Upla...
6.11Raymond Lazaro15-11St Lawrence Academy
7.10Bradley Naumann15-07Pinewood
8.10Cameron Helvey14-03Pinewood
9.11Hunter Wapman14-03Crystal Springs Upla...
10.12Jack Hessel13-09.5Menlo School
11.10J.C. Aguila12-09St Lawrence Academy
12.10Ariel Holtzman11-06Menlo School
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Ed Suriaga36-02.25St Lawrence Academy
2.11Raymond Lazaro35-06.5St Lawrence Academy

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Eugenia Jernick14.06aWoodside Priory
2.10Regina Fitzpatrick14.53aMercy (Burlingame)
3.11Megan Faulk14.55aCrystal Springs Upla...
4.11Annie Schaffer14.77aWoodside Priory
1.10Victoria Brown15.17aMercy (SF)
5.10Molly Chawke15.24aMercy (Burlingame)
1.9Gabrielle Amos-Grosser15.29aPinewood
1.11Jazmine Crayton15.36aMercy (SF)
2.10Christina Haight15.58aMercy (SF)
2.12Megan Velcich15.62aMercy (Burlingame)
6.10Alexandra Smith15.89aWoodside Priory
7.9Grace Stayner16.05aCrystal Springs Upla...
2.11Nicole Yee16.17aMenlo School
3.11Michelle Kwong16.20aMercy (Burlingame)
8.9Malini Meagher16.38aCrystal Springs Upla...
4.9Caroline Rodriguez16.48aMercy (Burlingame)
3.10Amanda Zucker16.65aPinewood
4.11Sarah Milstein17.16aPinewood
3.9Annie Chen17.27aMenlo School
5.11Daniela Castrillo17.37aCrystal Springs Upla...
6.11Amy Tang17.40aSt Lawrence Academy
7.9Rosa Sambuceto18.85aSt Lawrence Academy
8.11Lorraine Cainia18.95aMercy (SF)
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Megan Faulk29.56aCrystal Springs Upla...
2.12Christina Terranova30.57aMercy (Burlingame)
1.9Gabrielle Amos-Grosser30.61aPinewood
1.9Mercy Onyike30.78aMercy (SF)
3.11Annie Schaffer31.26aWoodside Priory
4.10Kayla Fanfelle32.67aMercy (Burlingame)
2.9Natalie Mazza32.71aMercy (SF)
3.9Nina Harris-Alabanza32.74aMercy (SF)
5.10Alexandra Smith32.97aWoodside Priory
6.12Alex Warters33.31aMercy (Burlingame)
4.9Sofia Ortmann33.35aMenlo School
7.9Grace Stayner33.57aCrystal Springs Upla...
2.10Brianna Quincy33.85aPinewood
3.10Amanda Zucker33.95aPinewood
4.11Katie Taylor34.98aWoodside Priory
5.11Sarah Milstein35.00aPinewood
8.11Midori Le35.26aMercy (Burlingame)
5.11Daniela Castrillo40.52aCrystal Springs Upla...
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Alani Douglas1:08.88aCrystal Springs Upla...
2.9Laura Gradiska1:08.90aMenlo School
3.11Georgina Thornton-Clark1:09.68aCrystal Springs Upla...
4.11Annie Maslan1:11.33aCrystal Springs Upla...
5.11Katelynn McDermott1:13.40aMercy (Burlingame)
1.9Cerena Miravalles1:15.16aMercy (Burlingame)
6.9Katy Laird1:17.33aCrystal Springs Upla...
7.9Jahana Moledina1:18.50aMenlo School
2.11Mia Ayala1:19.64aMercy (SF)
3.10Valerie Guardado1:19.74aMercy (SF)
4.9Alexandria Jimenez1:20.56aMercy (SF)
5.10Lauren Hernandez1:22.47aMercy (SF)
6.10Mallory Baker1:22.54aMercy (Burlingame)
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Devon Errington2:38.77aWoodside Priory
2.10Madison Gould2:41.84aMercy (Burlingame)
3.12Ali Goodyear2:42.06aWoodside Priory
4.12Lauren Allen2:47.18aWoodside Priory
5.11Erica Maldonaldo2:50.02aMercy (Burlingame)
6.10Christina Domenici2:52.19aMercy (SF)
7.9Sara Delucchi2:54.00aMercy (Burlingame)
8.10Sarah Garcia3:23.07aMercy (SF)
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kat Gregory5:44.95aWoodside Priory
2.12Lauren Allen6:02.28aWoodside Priory
3.11Devon Errington6:12.07aWoodside Priory
4.10Jennie Christensen6:18.83aWoodside Priory
5.10Brianna Quincy6:26.96aPinewood
6.10Maddie Pierson6:27.12aWoodside Priory
7.12Brenna Brown6:28.82aMercy (Burlingame)
8.11Amanda Pierce6:33.26aMercy (Burlingame)
9.9Jahana Moledina6:54.79aMenlo School
10.10Gabriela Castillo6:57.81aMercy (Burlingame)
11.10Colleen Hoskins7:50.00aMercy (Burlingame)
12.10Margie Fahri8:14.80aMercy (Burlingame)
13.9Caroline Bluestone8:41.82aMercy (Burlingame)
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kat Gregory12:01.66aWoodside Priory
2.11Rebecca Reid12:38.27aMercy (Burlingame)
3.12Caitlin Nordberg12:38.30aMercy (SF)
4.11Taylor Grossman12:45.27aCrystal Springs Upla...
5.10Jennie Christensen13:10.39aWoodside Priory
6.12Gina Mazzetti15:51.87aMercy (SF)
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Amanda Kielian19.32aMercy (Burlingame)
2.10Kayla Fanfelle20.49aMercy (Burlingame)
3.10Juliet Powar23.91aMenlo School
4.10Marjory Marquardt24.03aMenlo School
5.9Kaelyn Perkins24.18aMercy (SF)
6.9Annie Chen24.35aMenlo School
7.9Sofia Ortmann25.12aMenlo School
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.9Laura Gradiska56.51aMenlo School
2.10Eugenia Jernick57.82aWoodside Priory
3.10Sarah Cliffton58.84aMercy (Burlingame)
4.9Morgan Mather59.62aWoodside Priory
5.11Amanda Pierce1:03.14aMercy (Burlingame)
6.11Katie Taylor1:05.93aWoodside Priory
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 53.81aCrystal Springs Upla...
2.-Relay Team 56.06aMercy (Burlingame)
3.-Relay Team 56.82aMercy (Burlingame)
4.-Relay Team 1:01.43aMercy (SF)
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:33.72aCrystal Springs Upla...
2.-Relay Team 4:39.74aWoodside Priory
3.-Relay Team 4:57.46aMercy (Burlingame)
4.-Relay Team 5:04.68aCrystal Springs Upla...
5.-Relay Team 5:24.41aMercy (Burlingame)
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Veronica Smart33-04.5Mercy (Burlingame)
2.12Rachelle Hidalgo28-05Mercy (SF)
3.11Mia Vassallo28-02Mercy (Burlingame)
4.12Andria Armas27-09Mercy (SF)
5.10Chauntel Sapp25-04.5Mercy (Burlingame)
6.11Taimane Tuiasosopo24-02.5Mercy (Burlingame)
7.10Clarissa Pramana23-03Mercy (SF)
8.10Jennifer Ngow22-07Mercy (Burlingame)
9.11Hannah O'Brien22-06Mercy (Burlingame)
10.11Carmen Guan22-06Mercy (SF)
11.10Patty Yamazaki22-02Mercy (SF)
12.11Diana Tsang22-01Mercy (SF)
13.10Jocelyn Ibarra21-09.5Mercy (SF)
14.10Jennifer Huang21-03Mercy (SF)
15.11Stefani Romagnoli21-02Mercy (Burlingame)
16.10Zoe Sharkey21-00Pinewood
17.11Kate Milburn20-06.25Mercy (Burlingame)
18.12Angela Mazzetti18-08Mercy (SF)
19.11Kellie Soo Hoo18-07Mercy (SF)
20.10Shannon Devlin18-00Mercy (SF)
21.12Chika Chuku17-11.5Mercy (SF)
22.11Irene Bischofberger17-09Mercy (Burlingame)
23.12Naomi Bautista16-08.5Mercy (SF)
24.11Meaghan Long16-08Mercy (Burlingame)
25.11Camille Thompson16-05.25Mercy (Burlingame)
26.11Amy Tang16-05St Lawrence Academy
27.10Alicia Wong15-08.5Mercy (SF)
28.9Kristen Fernando15-08Mercy (SF)
29.9Theresa Conway15-03Mercy (SF)
29.11Meaghan Osborne15-03Mercy (Burlingame)
31.10Rachelle Tugade15-01Mercy (SF)
32.11Ambika Vaid15-00St Lawrence Academy
33.11Marisa Sambuceto14-08St Lawrence Academy
34.9Grace Osborne14-00Mercy (Burlingame)
35.11Samantha Marinos13-07.75Mercy (Burlingame)
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Veronica Smart086-04Mercy (Burlingame)
2.11Stefani Romagnoli072-03Mercy (Burlingame)
3.12Rachelle Hidalgo063-09Mercy (SF)
4.11Diana Tsang063-08Mercy (SF)
5.10Patty Yamazaki062-04Mercy (SF)
6.10Jocelyn Ibarra062-00Mercy (SF)
7.11Mia Vassallo061-10Mercy (Burlingame)
8.10Jennifer Ngow060-01Mercy (Burlingame)
9.10Courtney Sabahi058-11Mercy (SF)
10.11Dominique Pepin057-06Mercy (SF)
11.11Carmen Guan057-04Mercy (SF)
12.10Chauntel Sapp055-07Mercy (Burlingame)
13.11Kate Milburn051-07Mercy (Burlingame)
14.10Zoe Sharkey048-08Pinewood
15.12Angela Mazzetti047-09Mercy (SF)
16.10Alicia Wong047-05Mercy (SF)
16.11Hannah O'Brien047-05Mercy (Burlingame)
18.11Meaghan Long044-10Mercy (Burlingame)
18.11Taimane Tuiasosopo044-10Mercy (Burlingame)
20.11Ambika Vaid044-06St Lawrence Academy
21.12Naomi Bautista043-02Mercy (SF)
21.9Kristen Fernando043-02Mercy (SF)
23.10Clarissa Pramana041-10Mercy (SF)
24.12Chika Chuku041-01Mercy (SF)
25.11Irene Bischofberger038-07Mercy (Burlingame)
26.10Lisha Hira038-06Mercy (SF)
27.10Jennifer Huang038-05Mercy (SF)
28.11Meaghan Osborne038-02Mercy (Burlingame)
29.10Rachelle Tugade037-10Mercy (SF)
30.9Theresa Conway037-04Mercy (SF)
31.10Shannon Devlin037-02Mercy (SF)
32.11Kellie Soo Hoo035-05Mercy (SF)
33.11Samantha Marinos034-05Mercy (Burlingame)
34.10Megan Jang032-00Mercy (SF)
35.11Marisa Sambuceto031-03St Lawrence Academy
36.11Amy Tang031-01St Lawrence Academy
37.11Camille Thompson030-06Mercy (Burlingame)
38.9Grace Osborne029-02Mercy (Burlingame)
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Adrienne Carmona04-08Mercy (SF)
2.9Cerena Miravalles04-00Mercy (Burlingame)
3.10Madison Gould03-10Mercy (Burlingame)
3.12Megan Velcich03-10Mercy (Burlingame)
5.9Courtney Dea03-10Mercy (SF)
6.12Taylor Shannon03-10Mercy (Burlingame)
7.11Michelle Kwong03-08Mercy (Burlingame)
7.9Audrey Carmona03-08Mercy (SF)
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Adrienne Carmona14-01Mercy (SF)
2.10Christina Haight13-06Mercy (SF)
3.11Nicole Yee13-01.5Menlo School
4.10Molly Chawke12-07Mercy (Burlingame)
5.9Gabrielle Amos-Grosser12'07Pinewood
6.11Midori Le10-11Mercy (Burlingame)
7.11Helen van10-08.5Mercy (SF)
7.9Angelina Carballo10-08.5Mercy (SF)
9.9Caroline Rodriguez09-10Mercy (Burlingame)
10.11Kellie Soo Hoo09-06Mercy (SF)
11.9Vanessa Mendoza09-02Mercy (SF)
12.9Ana Pinzon09-01.5St Lawrence Academy
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Amanda Kielian28-11.5Mercy (Burlingame)
2.9Tea Eristavi27-09.25Mercy (SF)
3.11Nicole Yee26-10.75Menlo School
4.10Mallory Baker26-01Mercy (Burlingame)
5.9Natalie Mazza25-06.75Mercy (SF)
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