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Mid State League Buckeye Division Championships (Running Finals) NO ENTRIES ON THIS PAGE!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Bloom Carroll HS, Carroll

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Official Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Josh Corwin11.30aBloom Carroll
2.10Derrick Taylor11.34aTeays Valley
3.10Antonio Whitfield11.36aCanal Winchester
4.12Aireese Williams11.37aHamilton Township
5.12Kendall Clark11.40aTeays Valley
6.12Austin Heimberger11.67aBloom Carroll
7.11Corey Bell11.80aCanal Winchester
8.11Taylor Tussing11.97aCircleville
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Josh Corwin22.81aBloom Carroll
2.12Blake Bowen23.07aFairfield Union
3.12Kendall Clark23.15aTeays Valley
4.10Derrick Taylor23.20aTeays Valley
5.11Donald Tucker23.58aCanal Winchester
6.10Chet Saum23.67aAmanda-Clearcreek
7.12Kevin Mathias23.80aFairfield Union
8.12Aireese Williams23.81aHamilton Township
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Blake Bowen50.21aFairfield Union
2.12Kevin Mathias51.09aFairfield Union
3.12Aireese Williams51.36aHamilton Township
4.12Kendall Clark52.04aTeays Valley
5.9JaVaughn Morris53.65aCanal Winchester
6.12Eric Rowland53.69aBloom Carroll
7.10Jordan Dalton54.21aCanal Winchester
8.10Nathan Leach55.71aHamilton Township
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brad Liston1:58.94aCircleville
2.12Brad Kline2:01.93aCircleville
3.11Max Corcoran2:02.53aAmanda-Clearcreek
4.12Taylor Conn2:03.77aTeays Valley
5.11Gareth Boyd2:04.94aFairfield Union
6.11Micah Cobb2:05.13aCanal Winchester
7.11Sean Neary2:07.60aCanal Winchester
8.11Brenden Niezgoda2:08.97aTeays Valley
9.10Richard Bollon2:10.31aFairfield Union
10.11Harrison Smith2:11.14aHamilton Township
11.11Nate Hulse2:11.68aLogan Elm
12.11Austin Butler2:14.15aBloom Carroll
13.10Josh Coleman2:16.87aBloom Carroll
14.9Jude Cartensen2:41.16aLogan Elm
15.11Jordan Young2:41.29aAmanda-Clearcreek
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brad Liston4:26.74aCircleville
2.12Taylor Conn4:32.11aTeays Valley
3.10Jarrod Genther4:35.26aCanal Winchester
4.12Brad Kline4:36.88aCircleville
5.12Zack Howard4:37.74aAmanda-Clearcreek
6.12Tyler Conn4:43.59aTeays Valley
7.10Richard Bollon4:46.30aFairfield Union
8.11Austin Butler4:48.14aBloom Carroll
9.11Micah Cobb4:54.65aCanal Winchester
10.11Dale Luck5:01.23aAmanda-Clearcreek
11.9Anthony Withem5:03.63aFairfield Union
12.11Jared Bright5:11.21aBloom Carroll
13.10Arno Springer5:11.87aHamilton Township
14.9Arnold McDade5:37.89aHamilton Township
15.9Jude Cartensen6:14.79aLogan Elm
16.10Richard Hamilton6:38.54aLogan Elm
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brad Liston10:03.05aCircleville
2.12Tyler Conn10:14.44aTeays Valley
3.10Jarrod Genther10:23.58aCanal Winchester
4.10Jimmy Fraley10:29.65aCanal Winchester
5.11Nick Foster10:32.08aCircleville
6.9Curtis Tyler10:58.70aHamilton Township
7.12Scott Loudermilk11:06.91aAmanda-Clearcreek
8.12Seth Eckel11:09.37aTeays Valley
9.9Sean Marcum11:09.88aHamilton Township
10.11Maxwell Shahan11:34.04aFairfield Union
11.12Aaron Wortman11:43.48aAmanda-Clearcreek
12.10Matt Hill11:46.61aFairfield Union
13.9Robert Daniels11:52.69aBloom Carroll
14.10Matt Trobaugh12:00.71aLogan Elm
15.9Seth Hines12:19.84aBloom Carroll
16.10Joey Wright12:52.67aLogan Elm
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Dominic Gray15.44aHamilton Township
2.12Brandon Tao15.63aCircleville
3.10Tyler Jenkins15.95aCanal Winchester
4.12Zane Grabans16.19aTeays Valley
5.11James White16.22aHamilton Township
6.9Hezekiah Moore16.46aCanal Winchester
7.12Derek Wood17.20aBloom Carroll
8.11Andrew Strutz17.81aCircleville
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jonathan Wampler40.75aAmanda-Clearcreek
2.12Dominic Koah40.95aTeays Valley
3.12Dominic Gray41.42aHamilton Township
4.10Antonio Whitfield41.97aCanal Winchester
5.11James White42.84aHamilton Township
6.12Zane Grabans43.26aTeays Valley
7.12Derek Wood43.40aBloom Carroll
8.12Zach Fulton44.41aLogan Elm
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Corey Bell
Donald Tucker
Antonio Whitfield
Alex Pickens
44.36aCanal Winchester
2.-William Hodge
Luke Kuhner
Dominic Koah
Derrick Taylor
45.02aTeays Valley
3.-Josh Hampshire
Chet Saum
Clayton Smith
Dillon Pinkstock
4.-Nate Hulse
Paine Sparks
Ean Stiles
Clint Martin
45.96aLogan Elm
5.-Mike Jacob
Josh Frakes
Gary Pearson
Tahir Ingram
46.02aHamilton Township
6.-Keith Kilpatrick
Hayden Taylor
Alex Kinser
Austin Ramey
46.08aFairfield Union
---Jacob Wheaton
Eric Rowland
Austin Heimberger
Josh Corwin
DNFBloom Carroll
---Josh Gilmore
Eric Burris
Brandon Tao
Taylor Tussing
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Tyler Kraft
Eric Rowland
Austin Heimberger
Josh Corwin
1:32.46aBloom Carroll
2.-James White
Tahir Ingram
Dominic Gray
Aireese Williams
1:32.89aHamilton Township
3.-Josh Hampshire
Max Corcoran
Chet Saum
Dillon Pinkstock
4.-Chris Hemming
Brenden Niezgoda
Luke Kuhner
Adam Smith
1:40.06aTeays Valley
5.-Corey Bell
JaVaughn Morris
Orlando Basanta
Donald Tucker
1:40.43aCanal Winchester
6.-Dustin Fox
Alex Karshner
Tyler Horn
Stephen White
1:46.34aLogan Elm
---Taylor Archer
Brandon Tao
Eric Burris
Taylor Tussing
---Blake Bowen
Forrest Longstreth
Jacob Pendleton
Kevin Mathias
DNFFairfield Union
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Tim Alford
Blake Bowen
Kevin Mathias
Jacob Pendleton
3:26.41aFairfield Union
2.-Brenden Niezgoda
Kendall Clark
Taylor Conn
Chris Hemming
3:32.19aTeays Valley
3.-Max Corcoran
Zack Howard
Jonathan Wampler
Dillon Pinkstock
4.-Micah Cobb
JaVaughn Morris
Tyler Jenkins
Jordan Dalton
3:36.37aCanal Winchester
5.-Nate Hulse
Paine Sparks
Ean Stiles
Clint Martin
3:38.76aLogan Elm
6.-Tyler Kraft
Mike Parsell
Brett Reiselt
Eric Rowland
3:40.02aBloom Carroll
7.-Harrison Smith
Dominic Gray
Nathan Leach
Tahir Ingram
3:40.91aHamilton Township
8.-Taylor Archer
Connor Zingarelli
David England
Brad Kline
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Taylor Conn
Zane Grabans
Tyler Conn
Brenden Niezgoda
8:13.74aTeays Valley
2.-David England
Eddie Stolarz
Brad Kline
Brad Liston
3.-Tim Alford
Gareth Boyd
Anthony Withem
Richard Bollon
8:21.40aFairfield Union
4.-Max Corcoran
Zack Howard
Scott Loudermilk
Aaron Wortman
5.-Sean Neary
Jarrod Genther
Nick Lorenzo
Micah Cobb
8:24.60aCanal Winchester
6.-Harrison Smith
Arno Springer
Shawn Malone
Curtis Tyler
8:52.82aHamilton Township
7.-Jared Bright
Robert Daniels
Josh Coleman
Austin Butler
9:09.66aBloom Carroll
8.-Nate Hulse
Mark Troubaugh
Jordan Pack
Jude Cartensen
10:02.99aLogan Elm
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Cody Pettit46-01.00Logan Elm
2.10Zane Lawerence45-01.00Fairfield Union
3.10Cody Smith42-11.00Amanda-Clearcreek
4.12David Branham42-09.00Circleville
5.12Alonzo Burley42-04.50Hamilton Township
6.10Brandon Hedges40-08.00Hamilton Township
7.11Matt Schall39-08.00Circleville
8.12Zach Miller39-03.00Teays Valley
9.10JJ Snyder39-00.00Amanda-Clearcreek
10.11Austin Howard38-02.00Bloom Carroll
11.10Bryn Campbell38-01.50Canal Winchester
12.11Connor Canini37-05.00Bloom Carroll
12.11Grant Davis37-05.00Teays Valley
14.10Alex Pickens36-09.50Canal Winchester
15.9Brock Calicoat36-03.00Fairfield Union
16.12Ryan Mays32-10.00Logan Elm
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Bryn Campbell144-04Canal Winchester
2.12Cody Pettit128-03Logan Elm
3.10John Williams125-01Bloom Carroll
4.10Jeff Archer122-04Circleville
5.10Brandon Hedges121-06Hamilton Township
6.11Luke Kuhner120-02Teays Valley
7.10Zane Lawerence119-07Fairfield Union
8.11Aaron Ward118'05Teays Valley
9.12Alonzo Burley115-11Hamilton Township
10.10Dakota Farmer110-09Circleville
11.10Cody Smith104-09Amanda-Clearcreek
12.12Geoff Gaetz103-09Canal Winchester
13.10JJ Snyder101-01Amanda-Clearcreek
14.9Brock Calicoat100-10Fairfield Union
15.11Connor Canini99-03Bloom Carroll
16.12Ryan Mays96-02Logan Elm
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Eric Burris6-00.00Circleville
2.11James White5-10.00Hamilton Township
3.11Forrest Longstreth5-10.00Fairfield Union
4.12Jacob Pendleton5-10.00Fairfield Union
5.12Tyler Pritchard5-08.00Logan Elm
6.10William Hodge5-06.00Teays Valley
6.11Clayton Smith5-06.00Amanda-Clearcreek
8.12Zane Grabans5-04.00Teays Valley
9.10Shawn Seymour5-02.00Bloom Carroll
9.11Andrew Theiss5-02.00Bloom Carroll
9.11Harrison Smith5-02.00Hamilton Township
9.10Tyler Jenkins5-02.00Canal Winchester
--12Zach FultonNHLogan Elm
--11Bo FinneyNHAmanda-Clearcreek
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Dominic Koah15-00.00Teays Valley
2.11Corey Bell13-06.00Canal Winchester
3.10Tyler Jenkins12-06.00Canal Winchester
4.10Chet Saum12-00.00Amanda-Clearcreek
5.10Nate Smith11-06.00Circleville
6.12Cody Pettit11-00.00Logan Elm
7.10Nick Rhoades11-00.00Hamilton Township
8.10Keith Kilpatrick10-00.00Fairfield Union
9.10Nathan Leach10-00.00Hamilton Township
10.10Chris Hemming9-00.00Teays Valley
10.10Jacob Maddox9-00.00Circleville
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Eric Burris20-05.50Circleville
2.10Antonio Whitfield19-08.50Canal Winchester
3.11Donald Tucker19-08.25Canal Winchester
4.12Tyler Pritchard18-06.50Logan Elm
5.11Jonathan Wampler17-10.75Amanda-Clearcreek
6.10Kyle Maupin17-08.50Hamilton Township
7.11Adam Smith17-08.00Teays Valley
8.12Dominic Koah17-05.00Teays Valley
9.10Kyle Rybicki17-03.25Bloom Carroll
10.12Gary Pearson16-10.50Hamilton Township
11.10Shawn Seymour16-10.00Bloom Carroll
12.9Joel Karr16-08.75Circleville
13.12Zach Fulton16-06.75Logan Elm
14.10Hayden Taylor15-10.00Fairfield Union
15.11Andrew Blosser15-02.50Fairfield Union

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jasmine Sullivan12.75aCanal Winchester
2.12Brittany Scott12.94aTeays Valley
3.10Katie Dodd13.18aLogan Elm
4.12Alyvia Clark13.41aLogan Elm
5.9Denise Taylor13.42aTeays Valley
6.11Olivia Thomas13.64aBloom Carroll
7.11Sadie Evans13.71aBloom Carroll
8.11Ashley Wilson13.85aCircleville
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jasmine Sullivan26.75aCanal Winchester
2.12Brittany Scott26.83aTeays Valley
3.9Taylor Smith27.70aCanal Winchester
4.10Michelle Snow27.94aCircleville
5.11Olivia Thomas28.53aBloom Carroll
6.11Morgan Baldwin28.58aAmanda-Clearcreek
7.11Ashley Wilson28.64aCircleville
8.12Denerica Curry28.85aHamilton Township
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brittany Scott1:00.23aTeays Valley
2.12Denerica Curry1:01.20aHamilton Township
3.10Delainey Maple1:04.20aFairfield Union
4.9Bekah Legg1:04.83aAmanda-Clearcreek
5.11Morgan Baldwin1:05.02aAmanda-Clearcreek
6.10Anna Reisinger1:05.49aLogan Elm
7.10Kayla Howell1:06.30aFairfield Union
8.10Megan Congrove1:06.60aLogan Elm
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Alyvia Clark2:21.33aLogan Elm
2.10Kayla Scott2:28.02aCanal Winchester
3.9Nikki Young2:28.67aLogan Elm
4.9Taryn Meidl2:32.03aCanal Winchester
5.9Molly Jordan2:34.72aTeays Valley
6.10Sytske Miedema2:38.42aCircleville
7.9Christy Andrews2:39.59aHamilton Township
8.9Katie Glover2:40.55aTeays Valley
9.10Amber Foreman2:40.97aAmanda-Clearcreek
10.10Lauren Christy2:41.76aAmanda-Clearcreek
11.9Morgan Pheneger2:43.41aCircleville
12.12Rachel Sutterfield2:44.85aBloom Carroll
13.9Haley Maple2:46.16aFairfield Union
14.12Ashley Savage2:48.51aBloom Carroll
15.9Darby Adams2:49.52aHamilton Township
16.10Jordyn Midcap2:55.34aFairfield Union
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Emily Pifer5:12.38aCanal Winchester
2.10Kayla Scott5:22.93aCanal Winchester
3.10Brooke Gardner5:23.71aLogan Elm
4.9Molly Jordan5:29.84aTeays Valley
5.10Julie Richards5:39.96aCircleville
6.9Rebekah Mullins5:56.12aLogan Elm
7.10Amber Foreman5:57.19aAmanda-Clearcreek
8.12Ashley Savage5:57.86aBloom Carroll
9.11Samantha Rakes6:10.10aHamilton Township
10.9Marisah Johnson6:12.18aFairfield Union
11.12Rachel Sutterfield6:13.19aBloom Carroll
12.10Allie Cotner6:18.98aTeays Valley
13.11Tessa Turner6:36.41aFairfield Union
14.9Eliza Ayers6:40.49aHamilton Township
15.10Jenni Miller6:46.18aAmanda-Clearcreek
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Emily Pifer11:45.97aCanal Winchester
2.10Julie Richards12:17.28aCircleville
3.10Brooke Gardner12:44.08aLogan Elm
4.9Rebekah Mullins13:00.20aLogan Elm
5.11Nicole Turner13:08.44aAmanda-Clearcreek
6.10Ali Stauffer13:09.04aCanal Winchester
7.12Jessica McManus13:31.99aHamilton Township
8.10Sara Toskin13:40.49aTeays Valley
9.9Marisah Johnson13:40.61aFairfield Union
10.9Makayla Buskirk14:09.68aTeays Valley
11.11Ashley Bailey14:20.19aAmanda-Clearcreek
12.11Lindsay Shuttleworth14:26.84aFairfield Union
13.9Maili Morales14:51.77aHamilton Township
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kori Tatman16.06aAmanda-Clearcreek
2.9Caitie Traylor17.43aCanal Winchester
3.10Courtney Caudill17.72aLogan Elm
4.10Cassidy Hoover18.31aFairfield Union
5.10Destany Sawyer18.44aCircleville
6.10Kendra Dray18.68aCircleville
7.11Madison Davisson19.25aHamilton Township
8.10Katie Eckel19.87aTeays Valley
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kori Tatman49.38aAmanda-Clearcreek
2.10Katie Eckel52.40aTeays Valley
3.10Destany Sawyer53.25aCircleville
4.10Chelsea Adkins53.25aCircleville
5.10Courtney Caudill53.42aLogan Elm
6.10Sarah Scarberry53.63aHamilton Township
7.11Jessie Colburn55.08aLogan Elm
8.11Madison Davisson55.11aHamilton Township
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Meghann Bush
Jasmine Sullivan
Taylor Smith
Antwanette Youngblood
51.17aCanal Winchester
2.-Lauren Fox
Michelle Snow
Katrina Steinhauser
Ashley Wilson
3.-Cassie Brown
Taylor Smith
Ellie Johnson
Savannah Sahr
4.-Sadie Evans
Olivia Thomas
Ally Hoyt
Jessica Martinez
53.54aBloom Carroll
5.-Jessica Blankenship
Denise Taylor
Liz Stevens
Taylor Humphrey
53.54aTeays Valley
6.-Courtney Caudill
Lindsay Shaffer
Katie Dodd
Nikki Young
54.30aLogan Elm
7.-Allyson Embrey
Jill Foster
Kayla Howell
Cassidy Hoover
54.82aFairfield Union
8.-Sarah Brush
Marika Pace
Megan Phimmasone
Danielle Robbins
56.23aHamilton Township
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Caitie Traylor
Taylor Smith
Antwanette Youngblood
Jasmine Sullivan
1:50.41aCanal Winchester
2.-Morgan Baldwin
Taylor Smith
Cassie Brown
Alana Smith
3.-Jill Foster
Delainey Maple
Sierra Zenner
Cassidy Hoover
1:55.32aFairfield Union
4.-Lauren Fox
Destany Sawyer
Chelsea Adkins
Tori Christensen
5.-Sarah Brush
Marika Pace
Megan McClain
Danielle Robbins
1:57.26aHamilton Township
6.-Lydia Linton
Anna Reisinger
Lindsay Shaffer
Michaela Miller
1:57.82aLogan Elm
7.-Jessica Blankenship
Chelsea Conn
Laney Ratliff
Taylor Humphrey
1:57.97aTeays Valley
8.-Kaci Boyd
Ally Hoyt
Sarah Richards
Jessica Martinez
2:01.29aBloom Carroll
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Alyvia Clark
Anna Reisinger
Megan Congrove
Sarah Eickholt
4:17.35aLogan Elm
2.-Morgan Baldwin
Savannah Sahr
Bekah Legg
Alana Smith
3.-Michelle Snow
Ashley Wilson
Tori Christensen
Sytske Miedema
4.-Jessie Endicott
Leah Shryock
Kayla Scott
Taryn Meidl
4:28.39aCanal Winchester
5.-Mollie Jordan
Denise Taylor
Brittany Scott
Jessica Passen
4:28.94aTeays Valley
6.-Paige Dennis
Sierra Zenner
Kayla Howell
Jill Foster
4:33.64aFairfield Union
7.-Sarah Scarberry
Christy Andrews
Sarah Brush
Samantha Rakes
4:35.97aHamilton Township
8.-Kalee Anderson
Ally Hoyt
Ashley Savage
Rachel Sutterfield
4:55.87aBloom Carroll
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Alyvia Clark
Nikki Young
Bailey Pontius
Brooke Gardner
9:45.62aLogan Elm
2.-Kayla Scott
Ali Stauffer
Emily Pifer
Taryn Meidl
9:53.84aCanal Winchester
3.-Katie Glover
Mariah Hicks
Jessica Passen
Mollie Jordan
10:30.14aTeays Valley
4.-Denerica Curry
Sarah Scarberry
Christy Andrews
Samantha Rakes
10:32.50aHamilton Township
5.-Lauren Christy
Nicole Turner
Amber Foreman
Bekah Legg
6.-Julie Richards
Morgan Pheneger
Dakota Dowden
Sytske Miedema
7.-Kalee Anderson
Kaci Boyd
Rachel Sutterfield
Ashley Savage
11:23.23aBloom Carroll
8.-Marisah Johnson
Haley Maple
Jordyn Midcap
Tessa Turner
11:36.42aFairfield Union
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Miranda Nelson38-02.50Fairfield Union
2.12Heather Evans35-09.00Logan Elm
3.9Ashley Freshkorn35-06.50Hamilton Township
4.11Kelsey Brobst31-08.00Canal Winchester
5.12Shaneequa Watkins31-06.50Canal Winchester
6.10Paige Strohm31-03.00Amanda-Clearcreek
7.12Cheryl Boldoser29-08.50Logan Elm
8.11Melissa Bicknell29-03.00Circleville
9.10Kaiya Saxton25-11.00Hamilton Township
10.11Lindsey Charles25-09.50Bloom Carroll
11.11Sierra Zenner25-09.00Fairfield Union
12.10Jena Devereaux24-08.00Bloom Carroll
13.10Katie Mallow24-07.00Circleville
14.9Denise Taylor24-01.00Teays Valley
15.10Chelsea Conn22-05.50Teays Valley
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Miranda Nelson111-02Fairfield Union
2.12Heather Evans101-09Logan Elm
3.11Kelsey Zeigler94-03Fairfield Union
4.10Emily Morgan93-02Amanda-Clearcreek
5.11Sadie Evans90-09Bloom Carroll
6.-Halle Davis90-00Canal Winchester
7.10Jena Devereaux83-06Bloom Carroll
8.9Ashley Freshkorn82-09Hamilton Township
9.10Paige Strohm81-10Amanda-Clearcreek
10.11Melissa Bicknell76-03Circleville
11.10Lauren Archer72-05Logan Elm
12.11Alexandra Schneider70-05Teays Valley
13.12Shaneequa Watkins70-03Canal Winchester
14.10Logan Rhymer60-03Circleville
15.10Kaiya Saxton58-09Hamilton Township
16.10Lyndsie Cornwell58-08Teays Valley
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Taylor Smith5-02.00Canal Winchester
2.11Sadie Evans5-02.00Bloom Carroll
3.10Katie Dodd4-08.00Logan Elm
4.12Kori Tatman4-08.00Amanda-Clearcreek
5.10Delainey Maple4-08.00Fairfield Union
5.10Michaela Miller4-08.00Logan Elm
6.12Cahner Jennice4-08.00Canal Winchester
8.10Sytske Miedema4-06.00Circleville
9.9Sheri Burns4-06.00Circleville
10.10Megan Phimmasone4-06.00Hamilton Township
11.12Sarah Anderson4-04.00Bloom Carroll
11.10Kalyn Williams4-04.00Teays Valley
13.10Taylor Hedges4-00.00Teays Valley
--10Kelsey VanDykeNHFairfield Union
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kori Tatman11-06.00Amanda-Clearcreek
2.12Katrina Steinhauser11-00.00Circleville
3.11Madison Davisson9-00.00Hamilton Township
4.10Taylor Smith8-06.00Amanda-Clearcreek
5.10Kendra Dray8-06.00Circleville
6.9Rachel Muller8-00.00Canal Winchester
7.9Mariah Hicks7-06.00Teays Valley
7.-Ali Pence7-06.00Canal Winchester
9.9Tiffanie Harmon7-06.00Logan Elm
10.10Emily Starr6-06.00Fairfield Union
10.10Jordyn Midcap6-06.00Fairfield Union
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Katie Dodd15-04.50Logan Elm
2.12Katrina Steinhauser15-01.50Circleville
3.12Cassie Brown14-11.00Amanda-Clearcreek
4.10Liz Stevens14-09.75Teays Valley
5.10Kayla Howell14-07.00Fairfield Union
6.9Olivia Boldoser14-05.50Logan Elm
7.10Michelle Snow14-04.25Circleville
8.10Savannah Sahr14-03.00Amanda-Clearcreek
9.11Olivia Thomas14-03.00Bloom Carroll
10.10Leah Shryock12-08.25Canal Winchester
11.10Laney Ratliff12-06.50Teays Valley
12.-Brianna Mainhart12-06.00Canal Winchester
13.11Madison Davisson12-03.75Hamilton Township
14.9Danielle Robbins11-09.00Hamilton Township
15.10Sarah Richards11-07.75Bloom Carroll
16.9Paige Dennis10-07.25Fairfield Union
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