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Metro Christian East Sub Districts

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Portland Christian, Portland

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Connor McLean12.82aPortland Christian      
2.8Dennis Budey12.85aDamascus Christian      
3.8Jay Becker12.98aKing's Way Christian      
4.8Matthew Dauntless13.68aDamascus Christian      
5.8Corey Lemieux13.85aPortland Christian      
6.8Jesse DeLucia13.98aPortland Christian      
7.8Faelan Cabral14.79aCorbett      
8.8John Ferek14.82aCorbett      
9.7Tim Bergdolt14.95aPortland Lutheran      
9.8Nash Tillotson14.95aOpen Door Christian ...      
11.8Mitchell Ford14.98aOpen Door Christian ...      
12.6Tristin Thibodeau15.52aKing's Way Christian      
13.8Cory Anderson15.62aCorbett      
14.8Jacob Lohr15.85aDamascus Christian      
15.6Ryan Rouse15.99aKing's Way Christian      
16.6Kyle McCartney16.15aCornerstone      
17.6Caleb Schleicher17.19aCornerstone      
18.6Ian Heacock17.95aCornerstone      
19.7Christian McKean20.23aNorth Clackamas      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Jay Becker26.67aKing's Way Christian      
2.8Corey Lemieux27.74aPortland Christian      
3.7Jordan Howell28.47aNorth Clackamas      
4.8Jesse DeLucia28.87aPortland Christian      
5.7Tim Bergdolt30.74aPortland Lutheran      
6.7Sean Henry30.84aCorbett      
7.8Nash Tillotson30.86aOpen Door Christian ...      
8.8Jonathan Ramos31.14aPortland Christian      
9.6Tristin Thibodeau32.67aKing's Way Christian      
10.6Kyle McCartney32.80aCornerstone      
11.7David Butler33.67aKing's Way Christian      
12.6Caleb Schleicher36.77aCornerstone      
13.6Ian Heacock38.24aCornerstone      
14.8Parker Wilson39.24aDamascus Christian      
15.7Daniel Barnes42.11aPortland Lutheran      
7Ethan ParkerSCRPortland Lutheran      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.7Jordan Howell1:01.91aNorth Clackamas      
2.8Dennis Budey1:04.78aDamascus Christian      
3.7Stefan Mehalovich1:06.52aPortland Christian      
4.8Andrew Hinkel1:07.75aPortland Lutheran      
5.8David Stone1:09.15aPortland Christian      
6.8David Guild1:09.29aPortland Christian      
7.8Emanuel Drutu1:12.66aOpen Door Christian ...      
8.6Kevin Mccartney1:15.28aCornerstone      
9.6Caleb Schleicher1:17.51aCornerstone      
10.7Matthew Lohr1:18.78aDamascus Christian      
11.6Hunter Gillam1:20.38aKing's Way Christian      
12.7tristin lee1:23.65aCornerstone      
13.7Jonah Carpenter1:24.40aDamascus Christian      
14.7Daniel Barnes1:33.23aPortland Lutheran      
8Gareth MickelsSCRCorbett      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Chris Hogan2:25.93aCornerstone      
2.8Steven Mumford2:28.53aPortland Christian      
3.8Austin Rogers2:29.57aPortland Christian      
4.7Ryan Boe2:33.11aKing's Way Christian      
5.7Conner Gilroy2:35.21aKing's Way Christian      
6.7Micha Ritchie2:37.28aCornerstone      
7.8Matt Gaylor2:37.44aKing's Way Christian      
8.7Adam Krebs2:46.07aCornerstone      
9.8John Sunderland2:57.45aOpen Door Christian ...      
10.6Jake Gould2:58.43aPortland Christian      
11.7Ben Morrison3:03.86aCorbett      
12.7Jonah Carpenter3:04.53aDamascus Christian      
13.7Regan Garrett3:04.89aPortland Lutheran      
14.6Brenden McNassar3:42.66aPortland Lutheran      
6Jayson HoogendijkSCRPortland Lutheran      
-Caleb BerghoffSCRCorbett      
7Matthew LohrSCRDamascus Christian      
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Andrew Hinkel5:09.71aPortland Lutheran      
2.8Steven Mumford5:11.24aPortland Christian      
3.8Carter Coval5:12.71aKing's Way Christian      
4.8Chris Hogan5:14.31aCornerstone      
5.8Mark Fundak5:17.15aCorbett      
6.7Micha Ritchie5:26.66aCornerstone      
7.7David Thom5:33.16aOpen Door Christian ...      
8.7Ethan Bauer5:38.37aKing's Way Christian      
9.6Kevin Mccartney5:41.64aCornerstone      
10.8Ian Murphy5:48.01aPortland Lutheran      
11.6Jake Gould5:54.58aPortland Christian      
12.8Sam Martenson6:08.56aNorth Clackamas      
13.6Connor Patterson6:11.87aKing's Way Christian      
14.7Braxton Molinari6:13.00aPortland Lutheran      
15.8Jacob Lohr6:16.04aDamascus Christian      
16.7Ben Morrison6:21.24aCorbett      
17.7Matthew Lohr6:28.42aDamascus Christian      
18.7Jonah Carpenter6:32.45aDamascus Christian      
19.-Caleb Berghoff6:46.67aCorbett      
8Austin RogersSCRPortland Christian      
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.8Connor McLean16.65aPortland Christian      
2.8Luke Francis18.28aOpen Door Christian ...      
3.8Josh Engelman18.52aNorth Clackamas      
4.8David Guild19.32aPortland Christian      
5.8Jake Crandall19.33aOpen Door Christian ...      
6.8Gareth Mickels19.48aCorbett      
7.7Nathan Mumford20.15aPortland Christian      
8.8Joshua Bunch20.52aOpen Door Christian ...      
9.7Ben Morrison23.14aCorbett      
10.8Parker Wilson23.74aDamascus Christian      
8Taylor BlevinsSCRCorbett      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jeremy Nguyen
Jesse DeLucia
Anthony Le
Corey Lemieux
55.02aPortland Christian      
2.-David Runestrand
Dennis Budey
Jacob Lohr
Matthew Dauntless
55.62aDamascus Christian      
3.-Nash Tillotson
Jake Crandall
Luke Francis
Mitchell Ford
58.29aOpen Door Christian ...      
4.-Cory Anderson
John Ferek
Faelan Cabral
Sean Henry
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Carter Coval
Conner Gilroy
Matt Gaylor
Ryan Boe
4:27.59aKing's Way Christian      
2.-David Stone
Austin Rogers
David Guild
Steven Mumford
4:34.49aPortland Christian      
3.-Kyle McCartney
Adam Krebs
Micha Ritchie
Chris Hogan
4.-Jordan Howell
Nathan Ahrend
Zach Sweeten
Josh Engelman
4:48.74aNorth Clackamas      
5.-Andrew Hinkel
Ian Murphy
Braxton Molinari
Tim Bergdolt
4:50.31aPortland Lutheran      
6.-David Thom
Emanuel Drutu
John Sunderland
Joshua Bunch
4:54.21aOpen Door Christian ...      
7.-Ben Morrison
Cory Anderson
Gareth Mickels
Caleb Berghoff
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.8Mitchell Ford34'05.00Open Door Christian ...      
2.8Josh Engelman33'06.00North Clackamas      
3.8Jake Crandall29'10.00Open Door Christian ...      
4.8Dario Zea28'07.00Portland Christian      
5.8Caleb Broyles27'11.00Portland Christian      
6.8Zach Sweeten27'01.00North Clackamas      
7.8Nathan Carpenter26'03.00Portland Christian      
8.8Emanuel Drutu25'08.00Open Door Christian ...      
9.7Morgan Harris25'02.00North Clackamas      
10.8David Runestrand25'00.00Damascus Christian      
11.8Faelan Cabral24'11.00Corbett      
12.7Kevin Moore24'09.00Damascus Christian      
13.7Christian Escareno23'05.00Cornerstone      
14.7Kaleb Easterbrooks22'10.00Damascus Christian      
15.8Tucker Perry22'09.00Portland Christian      
15.6Dylan Guild22'09.00Portland Christian      
17.7Wyatt Redfern22'01.00Open Door Christian ...      
18.7Tyler Warns21'02.00King's Way Christian      
19.7Rodney Madsen20'01.00Open Door Christian ...      
20.7Braxton Molinari19'03.00Portland Lutheran      
21.7Jesse Bills16'04.00Portland Lutheran      
22.7Regan Garrett15'07.00Portland Lutheran      
8Glenn Lopez-BiererSCRCorbett      
7Ethan ParkerSCRPortland Lutheran      
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.8Connor McLean114'02Portland Christian      
2.8Caleb Broyles96'01Portland Christian      
3.8Mitchell Ford90'05Open Door Christian ...      
4.8Tucker Perry77'06Portland Christian      
5.8Zach Sweeten73'07North Clackamas      
6.7Morgan Harris72'10North Clackamas      
7.8Mark Anishchenko69'06North Clackamas      
8.8Nathan Ahrend67'06North Clackamas      
9.8Gareth Mickels63'09Corbett      
10.8Nathan Carpenter63'05Portland Christian      
11.7Kevin Moore59'10Damascus Christian      
12.8Emanuel Drutu58'10Open Door Christian ...      
13.7Wyatt Redfern54'08Open Door Christian ...      
14.7Rodney Madsen51'00Open Door Christian ...      
15.8John Ferek49'00Corbett      
16.7Jesse Bills45'07Portland Lutheran      
17.7Christian Escareno31'10Cornerstone      
8Taylor BlevinsSCRCorbett      
7Bryce EllisSCRDamascus Christian      
7Daniel BarnesSCRPortland Lutheran      
8Dario ZeaSCRPortland Christian      
7Kaleb EasterbrooksSCRDamascus Christian      
8Jake CrandallSCROpen Door Christian ...      
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Varsity - Finals
1.8Zach Sweeten138'09North Clackamas      
2.8Joshua Bunch125'04Open Door Christian ...      
3.8Jake Crandall123'06Open Door Christian ...      
4.7Kaleb Easterbrooks106'04Damascus Christian      
5.8Mark Fundak101'00Corbett      
6.8Ian Murphy93'01Portland Lutheran      
7.7David Thom92'06Open Door Christian ...      
8.8Taylor Blevins90'03Corbett      
9.7David Butler86'01King's Way Christian      
10.8Tucker Perry84'07Portland Christian      
11.6Ian Heacock84'06Cornerstone      
12.8Nathan Ahrend80'06North Clackamas      
13.8Mark Anishchenko77'06North Clackamas      
14.7Wyatt Redfern76'09Open Door Christian ...      
15.7Micha Ritchie76'04Cornerstone      
16.8Cory Anderson74'03Corbett      
17.7Jesse Bills70'09Portland Lutheran      
18.8John Sunderland69'06Open Door Christian ...      
19.7Christian Escareno69'01Cornerstone      
20.8Jeremy Nguyen67'01Portland Christian      
21.7Tyler Warns65'02King's Way Christian      
22.7Regan Garrett61'06Portland Lutheran      
23.7Kevin Moore58'11Damascus Christian      
24.7tristin lee55'11Cornerstone      
25.6hiro Alvarez50'08King's Way Christian      
26.6Kevin Mccartney43'00Cornerstone      
8Eric OzerugaSCRPortland Christian      
8Glenn Lopez-BiererSCRCorbett      
7Bryce EllisSCRDamascus Christian      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Dennis Budey5'00.00Damascus Christian      
2.8Luke Francis4'10.00Open Door Christian ...      
3.8Austin Rogers4'08.00Portland Christian      
4.7Nathan Mumford4'08.00Portland Christian      
4.8Matthew Dauntless4'08.00Damascus Christian      
6.8Mark Fundak4'08.00Corbett      
7.8Carter Coval4'04.00King's Way Christian      
8.8Taylor Blevins4'02.00Corbett      
8.8Faelan Cabral4'02.00Corbett      
10.8John Ferek4'02.00Corbett      
11.8David Runestrand4'00.00Damascus Christian      
12.8Corey Lemieux4'00.00Portland Christian      
8Jay BeckerSCRKing's Way Christian      
7Sean HenrySCRCorbett      
7Ethan ParkerSCRPortland Lutheran      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Connor McLean17'07.50Portland Christian      
2.8Jay Becker17'02.25King's Way Christian      
3.8Chris Hogan16'04.50Cornerstone      
4.8Luke Francis15'07.00Open Door Christian ...      
5.8Mark Fundak15'00.50Corbett      
6.7Nathan Mumford14'09.00Portland Christian      
7.8Matthew Dauntless14'07.00Damascus Christian      
8.8Josh Engelman14'06.50North Clackamas      
9.8Matt Gaylor14'06.00King's Way Christian      
10.8Joshua Bunch13'11.50Open Door Christian ...      
11.8Jeremy Nguyen13'07.50Portland Christian      
12.8Anthony Le13'05.50Portland Christian      
13.7Kaleb Easterbrooks13'04.00Damascus Christian      
14.8Nash Tillotson12'07.25Open Door Christian ...      
15.7David Butler11'06.50King's Way Christian      
16.6Brenden McNassar9'07.00Portland Lutheran      
17.6Caleb Schleicher9'02.50Cornerstone      
18.6Evan Bonazzola7'10.25Portland Lutheran      
6Jayson HoogendijkSCRPortland Lutheran      
7Bryce EllisSCRDamascus Christian      
7Sean HenrySCRCorbett      
8John FerekSCRCorbett      
8Mark AnishchenkoSCRNorth Clackamas      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Malaine Merryman14.61aCornerstone      
2.7Nicki Wahlers14.84aPortland Lutheran      
3.8Lauren Lowrey14.91aPortland Lutheran      
4.8Keira Burgeson15.06aDamascus Christian      
5.8Jennifer Meier15.21aOpen Door Christian ...      
6.8Michelle Galart15.24aOpen Door Christian ...      
7.8Julia Whalen15.34aPortland Christian      
8.7Mel Greenall15.37aDamascus Christian      
9.8Amy Swenson15.43aPortland Christian      
10.8Katie Payne15.51aCorbett      
11.7Sabrina Stout15.76aPortland Christian      
12.7Muchacha Ford16.03aNorth Clackamas      
13.7Emily Ehline16.13aKing's Way Christian      
14.6Grace Rose16.29aCornerstone      
15.5lexi Becker16.30aKing's Way Christian      
16.7Cynthia Longchamp16.56aCornerstone      
17.8Jayden Twilleager16.89aOpen Door Christian ...      
18.7Analise Nzocumugani17.66aPortland Lutheran      
19.7Sophia Hopkins18.09aKing's Way Christian      
20.7Hannah Grey19.56aCorbett      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.7Harper Christian29.80aKing's Way Christian      
2.8Malaine Merryman29.86aCornerstone      
3.7Nicki Wahlers31.20aPortland Lutheran      
4.7Ella Gyerko31.23aCorbett      
5.8Allison Dalzell31.33aPortland Christian      
6.8Kaitlin Howard31.66aPortland Lutheran      
7.6Jada Smith32.43aPortland Christian      
8.8Jenna Kainu32.71aKing's Way Christian      
9.7Dominique Stein32.97aPortland Lutheran      
10.8Michelle Galart33.84aOpen Door Christian ...      
11.8Jennifer Meier34.48aOpen Door Christian ...      
12.7Sabrina Stout34.51aPortland Christian      
13.6Grace Rose35.42aCornerstone      
14.7Emily Ehline36.26aKing's Way Christian      
15.6Ellie Morrison37.80aCornerstone      
16.7Hannah Grey44.04aCorbett      
7Kelsie DuncanSCRCorbett      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.7Harper Christian1:07.04aKing's Way Christian      
2.8Malaine Merryman1:07.34aCornerstone      
3.8Julia Whalen1:09.07aPortland Christian      
4.7Dominique Stein1:13.07aPortland Lutheran      
5.7Kayla Van Lieu1:13.55aNorth Clackamas      
6.8Lauren Lowrey1:13.78aPortland Lutheran      
7.7Tegan Stuart1:14.18aKing's Way Christian      
8.7Muchacha Ford1:14.32aNorth Clackamas      
9.6Jada Smith1:16.34aPortland Christian      
10.6Ellie Morrison1:23.53aCornerstone      
8Paola PhippsSCRPortland Lutheran      
8Alaila EckhardtSCRPortland Christian      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.7Danica Roady2:53.45aPortland Lutheran      
2.7Gabi Rush3:00.79aPortland Lutheran      
3.8Rocio Struiksma3:01.22aNorth Clackamas      
4.8Joelle Madsen3:03.79aOpen Door Christian ...      
5.7Sadie Josephson3:04.29aKing's Way Christian      
6.7Emily Dick3:05.76aKing's Way Christian      
7.8Amanda Powers3:07.29aOpen Door Christian ...      
8.7Ella Gyerko3:08.90aCorbett      
9.7Natalie Olin3:10.63aCornerstone      
10.7Julia Stanisel3:14.37aPortland Christian      
11.8Emily Blanchard3:24.11aPortland Christian      
12.8Savannah Quarum3:31.90aPortland Christian      
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.7Emily Dick5:57.36aKing's Way Christian      
2.7Emily Sunderland6:00.03aOpen Door Christian ...      
3.7Gabi Rush6:00.39aPortland Lutheran      
4.7Natalie Olin6:00.49aCornerstone      
5.7Finnian Moon6:01.03aCorbett      
6.6Tori Foong6:44.57aPortland Christian      
7.7Kerisa Rust6:51.71aPortland Christian      
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.8Stacy Kozlowski18.26aPortland Christian      
2.8Simone Ballard18.53aCorbett      
3.8Alyssa Bolton20.26aDamascus Christian      
4.8Allison Dalzell20.39aPortland Christian      
5.7Kayla Van Lieu20.69aNorth Clackamas      
6.8Amy Swenson20.86aPortland Christian      
7.8Lindsay Woodward20.90aCorbett      
8.7Finnian Moon20.93aCorbett      
9.7Muchacha Ford21.23aNorth Clackamas      
10.7Bethany Doyle22.36aOpen Door Christian ...      
11.8Michelle Galart24.76aOpen Door Christian ...      
8Paola PhippsSCRPortland Lutheran      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Julia Whalen
Allison Dalzell
Amy Swenson
Jada Smith
58.30aPortland Christian      
2.-Kaitlin Howard
Paola Phipps
Lauren Lowrey
Nicki Wahlers
58.33aPortland Lutheran      
3.-Keira Burgeson
Kenna Murphy
Mel Greenall
Alyssa Bolton
1:00.23aDamascus Christian      
4.-Katie Payne
Lindsay Woodward
Kelsie Duncan
Ella Gyerko
5.-Michelle Galart
Joelle Madsen
Emily Sunderland
Jennifer Meier
1:01.47aOpen Door Christian ...      
6.-Ellie Morrison
Malaine Merryman
Grace Rose
Cynthia Longchamp
7.-Becca Whittle
Ashley Lazau
Amanda Powers
Jayden Twilleager
1:08.31aOpen Door Christian ...      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kaitlin Howard
Lauren Lowrey
Danica Roady
Gabi Rush
5:03.05aPortland Lutheran      
2.-Julia Whalen
Allison Dalzell
Alaila Eckhardt
Stacy Kozlowski
5:11.75aPortland Christian      
3.-Lindsay Woodward
Finnian Moon
Jewel Denney
Chloe Ballard
4.-Amanda Powers
Jennie Campan
Jayden Twilleager
Joelle Madsen
5:28.54aOpen Door Christian ...      
X Shot Put - 6lb - Varsity - Finals
1.8Simone Ballard36'11.00Corbett      
2.8Morgan Sprengle30'01.00Portland Lutheran      
3.8Jewel Denney29'04.00Corbett      
4.8Brianna Dawson27'09.00Portland Christian      
5.8Jayde Jackson27'04.00Corbett      
6.7Ana Sanchez26'07.00North Clackamas      
7.8Briana Dace26'03.00Portland Christian      
8.7Ashley Boyle25'03.00Open Door Christian ...      
9.8Jennie Campan25'00.00Open Door Christian ...      
9.7Mel Greenall25'00.00Damascus Christian      
11.7Kenna Murphy24'11.00Damascus Christian      
12.8Olivia Nyberg24'10.00Portland Lutheran      
13.7Dominique Stein24'08.00Portland Lutheran      
14.8Tomika Jones23'01.00North Clackamas      
15.8Becca Whittle20'09.00Open Door Christian ...      
16.7Erin Roan20'04.00Portland Lutheran      
17.6Natalie Bergdolt18'04.00Portland Lutheran      
18.7Ashley Lazau17'09.00Open Door Christian ...      
7Rachel RoachSCRDamascus Christian      
7Alana SealSCRPortland Christian      
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.8Morgan Sprengle71'07Portland Lutheran      
2.7Danica Roady67'09Portland Lutheran      
3.7Chloe Ballard60'01Corbett      
4.7Ashley Boyle57'07Open Door Christian ...      
5.7Ana Sanchez55'10North Clackamas      
5.7Mel Greenall55'10Damascus Christian      
7.7Kenna Murphy54'01Damascus Christian      
8.8Jennie Campan53'09Open Door Christian ...      
9.8Jewel Denney51'08Corbett      
10.8Becca Whittle48'10Open Door Christian ...      
11.7Erin Roan47'04Portland Lutheran      
12.6Hannah Antal42'08Portland Christian      
13.8Briana Dace42'03Portland Christian      
14.8Tomika Jones39'09North Clackamas      
15.7Hannah Grey39'00Corbett      
16.6Natalie Bergdolt36'02Portland Lutheran      
17.7Ashley Lazau35'03Open Door Christian ...      
7Alana SealSCRPortland Christian      
8Simone BallardSCRCorbett      
8Haley HansonSCROpen Door Christian ...      
8Olivia NybergNDPortland Lutheran      
7Rachel RoachSCRDamascus Christian      
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Varsity - Finals
1.8Simone Ballard90'05Corbett      
2.8Alyssa Bolton85'07Damascus Christian      
3.8Jennifer Meier83'01Open Door Christian ...      
4.8Jayde Jackson77'09Corbett      
5.7Chloe Ballard76'07Corbett      
5.7Rose Ngo76'07Portland Lutheran      
7.8Rocio Struiksma75'11North Clackamas      
8.7Emily Sunderland70'02Open Door Christian ...      
9.8Jewel Denney66'09Corbett      
10.7Ana Sanchez65'06North Clackamas      
11.8Alaila Eckhardt59'11Portland Christian      
12.7Alana Seal58'03Portland Christian      
13.7Tegan Stuart55'01King's Way Christian      
14.8Tomika Jones51'04North Clackamas      
15.8Becca Whittle47'09Open Door Christian ...      
16.7Julia Stanisel45'04Portland Christian      
17.8Briana Dace44'10Portland Christian      
18.6Natalie Bergdolt42'10Portland Lutheran      
19.7Sadie Josephson41'09King's Way Christian      
20.7Ashley Lazau41'01Open Door Christian ...      
21.7Angela Hurst39'07North Clackamas      
22.7Hannah Grey33'06Corbett      
23.7Erin Roan27'06Portland Lutheran      
7Kenna MurphySCRDamascus Christian      
7Natalie OlinSCRCornerstone      
8Haley HansonSCROpen Door Christian ...      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Stacy Kozlowski4'09.00Portland Christian      
2.7Danica Roady4'08.00Portland Lutheran      
3.8Kaitlin Howard4'04.00Portland Lutheran      
3.8Alyssa Bolton4'04.00Damascus Christian      
5.7Rebecca Salar4'02.00Portland Christian      
5.7Harper Christian4'02.00King's Way Christian      
7.8Jenna Kainu4'00.00King's Way Christian      
7.7Rachel Cummins4'00.00Portland Christian      
7.7Ella Gyerko4'00.00Corbett      
10.8Alaila Eckhardt3'10.00Portland Christian      
10.7Megan Flikkema3'10.00Portland Christian      
10.7Kenna Murphy3'10.00Damascus Christian      
13.8Lindsay Woodward3'08.00Corbett      
14.8Joelle Madsen3'06.00Open Door Christian ...      
7Bethany DoyleNHOpen Door Christian ...      
8Jennie CampanNHOpen Door Christian ...      
8Katie PayneSCRCorbett      
8Jayde JacksonSCRCorbett      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.7Harper Christian14'01.50King's Way Christian      
2.7Emily Ehline13'01.00King's Way Christian      
3.8Keira Burgeson12'06.00Damascus Christian      
4.8Jayde Jackson12'02.50Corbett      
5.7Rachel Cummins12'01.75Portland Christian      
6.8Nicole White11'07.50Portland Christian      
7.8Jayden Twilleager11'03.50Open Door Christian ...      
8.7Finnian Moon10'09.75Corbett      
9.7Kelsie Duncan10'06.75Corbett      
9.8Rocio Struiksma10'06.75North Clackamas      
11.7Rebecca Salar10'05.75Portland Christian      
12.7Emily Sunderland10'03.00Open Door Christian ...      
13.7Rose Ngo10'02.00Portland Lutheran      
14.8Katie Payne10'01.00Corbett      
15.5lexi Becker10'00.50King's Way Christian      
16.7Cynthia Longchamp9'06.50Cornerstone      
17.7Angela Hurst8'07.50North Clackamas      
18.7Bethany Doyle8'02.50Open Door Christian ...      
19.8Tomika Jones8'00.50North Clackamas      
7Julie Anne ChambersSCRCornerstone      
8Paola PhippsSCRPortland Lutheran      
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