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100 Meters  D1 - Finals

1.SoRuben Santos11.48aNew Jersey Tech
1.SoJoseph Nelson11.64aEssex County
2.SoMike St. Claire11.82aSuffolk County CC
3.FrJudea Robinson11.88aEssex County
4.FrChris Searles11.95aSuffolk County CC
2.SoPierre Damis11.96aNew Jersey Tech
3.FrKeifer Celestino11.97aNew Jersey Tech
4.JrAamir Ahmed12.33aNew Jersey Tech
5.JrGem Alegre12.71aCUNY Hunter
6.FrLorenzo Daley12.90aCUNY Hunter
7.FrRyan Baxter13.11aCUNY Hunter
8.FrWayne Smith13.26aBergen
FrWilliam BitterDQCUNY Hunter
FrJavier LevyDQCUNY Hunter
SoXavier LeeDQNew Jersey Tech

200 Meters  D1 - Finals

1.JrLeon Thompson22.83aSt Peter's
2.SoJonathan Ocasio22.92aSt Peter's
3.SoRuben Santos23.06aNew Jersey Tech
1.FrRohan Jones23.22aEssex County
2.SoMark Edwards23.49aBergen
3.SoJoseph Nelson23.70aEssex County
4.FrJudea Robinson24.03aEssex County
5.SoMike St. Claire24.32aSuffolk County CC
6.FrLemuel Gardner24.59aSuffolk County CC
4.SoPierre Damis24.62aNew Jersey Tech
7.JrJT Minogue24.63aCUNY Hunter
5.FrKeifer Celestino24.80aNew Jersey Tech
6.JrAamir Ahmed25.21aNew Jersey Tech
8.FrLorenzo Daley26.03aCUNY Hunter
9.JrGem Alegre26.16aCUNY Hunter
10.FrSteven Caracena26.27aBergen
11.FrRyan Baxter26.80aCUNY Hunter
FrJavier LevyDQCUNY Hunter
SoXavier LeeDQNew Jersey Tech
JrAamir AhmedDQNew Jersey Tech
SrDavid SuarezDQSt Peter's

400 Meters  D1 - Finals

1.FrTriedecio Davis49.09aEssex County
2.FrAkeil Cambridge49.19aEssex County
3.FrAnthony Davis49.49aEssex County
1.JrLeon Thompson50.67aSt Peter's
4.FrChris Brown50.96aEssex County
2.SoJonathan Ocasio52.53aSt Peter's
5.SoMark Edwards53.70aBergen
6.FrQuran Page54.33aEssex County
7.FrMark Allen55.07aSuffolk County CC
8.FrChristopher Kailath55.70aBergen
3.FrBen Singleton56.01aNew Jersey Tech
9.SoMarcus Brown57.45aBergen
10.FrSteven Caracena58.04aBergen
SoMichael BrownDQBergen
SrDavid SuarezDQSt Peter's

800 Meters  D1 - Finals

1.SoBengallo Morrison1:58.55aEssex County
1.SoMiguel Tlatelpa2:01.54aNew Jersey Tech
2.SrMichael Gurlacz2:02.01aNew Jersey Tech
2.SoTory Cange2:05.56aSuffolk County CC
3.FrBrian Mendez2:05.59aNew Jersey Tech
4.SrUmar Saeed2:07.22aNew Jersey Tech
3.SoObinna Okafor2:07.62aEssex County
4.SoMichael Brown2:10.77aBergen
5.FrBen Singleton2:10.80aNew Jersey Tech
5.JrJames McArdle2:12.26aCUNY Hunter
6.JrAndrew Thompson2:12.80aSt Peter's
7.JrMichael Gatto2:14.48aSt Peter's
6.FrEdgardo Moran2:14.96aSuffolk County CC
7.FrIsmael Garcia2:21.90aBergen
8.SoLegenry Sosa2:24.99aCUNY Hunter
9.FrNick Hayes2:28.93aSuffolk County CC
FrChristopher KailathDQBergen
SoMarcus BrownDQBergen
FrAkinyemi AdenugaDQNew Jersey Tech
FrTim EspositoDQNew Jersey Tech
SoChristian BaumbachDQNew Jersey Tech

1500 Meters  D1 - Finals

1.SoMiguel Tlatelpa4:11.07aNew Jersey Tech
2.SrUmar Saeed4:11.21aNew Jersey Tech
3.FrBrian Mendez4:13.99aNew Jersey Tech
4.JrMichael Sacca4:14.93aSt Peter's
5.SrMichael Gurlacz4:16.20aNew Jersey Tech
1.SoTory Cange4:17.59aSuffolk County CC
6.JrAlbert Mendes4:19.00aSt Peter's
2.SoAaron Allen4:28.77aSuffolk County CC
7.SoSylvester Inda4:32.68aSt Peter's
3.JrJames McArdle4:33.52aCUNY Hunter
4.FrMoaz Hewedy4:35.56aEssex County
5.SoDevin Cange4:36.00aSuffolk County CC
6.FrJose Miranda4:36.03aCUNY Hunter
7.FrRyan Arnold4:37.26aBergen
8.FrJoseph Papa4:42.39aCUNY Hunter
9.FrIsmael Garcia4:54.65aBergen
9.FrNick Hayes4:54.65aSuffolk County CC
11.SoJeffrey Castano5:12.08aCUNY Hunter
12.SrAndrew Wong5:12.58aCUNY Hunter
SoChristian BaumbachDQNew Jersey Tech

5000 Meters  D1 - Finals

1.JrAlbert Mendes16:31.75aSt Peter's
1.FrSebastian Navas17:18.11aSuffolk County CC
2.SoJoseph Ju17:28.43aNew Jersey Tech
2.SoRyan McKenna17:35.08aSuffolk County CC
3.FrRyan Arnold17:41.69aBergen
4.FrJoseph Papa17:46.00aCUNY Hunter
5.FrJose Miranda17:56.90aCUNY Hunter
6.SoDevin Cange18:20.05aSuffolk County CC
3.JrMichael Bravo18:38.34aSt Peter's
7.SoAaron Allen18:55.83aSuffolk County CC
8.FrMoaz Hewedy19:06.38aEssex County
9.FrClaudio Barros19:14.88aSuffolk County CC
10.SoJeffrey Castano20:01.39aCUNY Hunter
11.SrAndrew Wong20:29.35aCUNY Hunter
FrBrian MendezDQNew Jersey Tech

110m Hurdles - 42"  D1 - Finals

1.SoPierre Damis16.23aNew Jersey Tech
2.SoJonathan Nunez16.61aNew Jersey Tech
1.SoRamazan Nanayev17.48aBergen
2.SoNikoloz Rekhviashvili18.17aCUNY Hunter
3.FrMark Mestres19.17aNew Jersey Tech
3.SoMax Zamor19.22aCUNY Hunter
4.SoMartin Craig20.06aNew Jersey Tech
FrTim EspositoDQNew Jersey Tech
JrJamil WilkinsDQNew Jersey Tech

400m Hurdles - 36"  D1 - Finals

1.JrJamil Wilkins58.75aNew Jersey Tech
1.SoRamazan Nanayev1:00.77aBergen
2.FrCurtis Casseus1:01.60aEssex County
2.SoPierre Damis1:01.90aNew Jersey Tech
3.SoNikoloz Rekhviashvili1:02.79aCUNY Hunter
3.JrAndrew Thompson1:02.90aSt Peter's
4.FrMark Mestres1:03.48aNew Jersey Tech
5.SoMartin Craig1:10.13aNew Jersey Tech
6.SoJonathan Nunez1:13.70aNew Jersey Tech
FrTim EspositoDQNew Jersey Tech
FrMark MestresDQNew Jersey Tech
JrJames McArdleDQCUNY Hunter

4x100 Relay  D1 - Finals

1.-Riker Hylton
Joseph Nelson
Rohan Jones
Anthony Davis
43.18aEssex County
2.-Gem Alegre N
Javier Levy
Lorenzo Daley
JT Minogue
47.82aCUNY Hunter
-Keifer Celestino
Pierre Damis
Jonathan Nunez
Ruben Santos
51.20aNew Jersey Tech

4x400 Relay  D1 - Finals

1.-Riker Hylton
Triedecio Davis
Akeil Cambridge
Anthony Davis
3:26.04aEssex County
2.-Curtis Casseus
Bengallo Morrison
Obinna Okafor
Quran Page
3:26.05aEssex County
1.-Michael Gatto
Sylvester Inda
Andrew Thompson
Leon Thompson
3:31.65aSt Peter's
3.-Mark Allen
Lemuel Gardner
Devin Cange
Tory Cange
3:43.07aSuffolk County CC
4.-Michael Brown
Christopher Kailath
Mark Edwards
Steven Caracena
5.-Lorenzo Daley
Javier Levy
Gem Alegre N
James McArdle
3:51.43aCUNY Hunter
6.-Legenry Sosa
Nikoloz Rekhviashvili
Jose Miranda
Ryan Baxter
3:58.43aCUNY Hunter
-Relay Team DQNew Jersey Tech

Shot Put - 16lb  D1 - Finals

1.JrJosh-Erik Dolisca13.77mNew Jersey Tech
1.FrChris Searles12.78mSuffolk County CC
2.FrWayne Smith11.58mBergen
3.SoMax Zamor11.53mCUNY Hunter
4.FrTomasz Dugozima10.43mBergen
5.JrJT Minogue7.53mCUNY Hunter
SoMike St. ClaireDQSuffolk County CC
SoBernard WaddellDQSt Peter's
FrWilliam BitterDQCUNY Hunter
FrMichael RiciglianoDQNew Jersey Tech

Discus - 2kg  D1 - Finals

1.FrTomasz Dugozima40.72mBergen
1.JrJosh-Erik Dolisca39.90mNew Jersey Tech
2.FrWayne Smith35.73mBergen
2.JrAamir Ahmed32.40mNew Jersey Tech
3.SoRamazan Nanayev32.13mBergen
4.SoMax Zamor28.40mCUNY Hunter
5.JrJT Minogue19.93mCUNY Hunter
3.SoMartin Craig18.07mNew Jersey Tech
SoBernard WaddellDQSt Peter's
FrWilliam BitterDQCUNY Hunter
JrAamir AhmedDQNew Jersey Tech
FrMichael RiciglianoDQNew Jersey Tech

Javelin - 800g  D1 - Finals

1.SrDan You52.47mSt Peter's
1.FrTomasz Dugozima47.80mBergen
2.JrJosh-Erik Dolisca47.20mNew Jersey Tech
3.JrDavion McKinney45.62mSt Peter's
2.FrWayne Smith35.97mBergen
3.SoMax Zamor35.93mCUNY Hunter
4.SoMartin Craig24.87mNew Jersey Tech
5.FrTim Esposito21.31mNew Jersey Tech
4.JrJT Minogue20.84mCUNY Hunter
FrMichael RiciglianoDQNew Jersey Tech
FrWilliam BitterDQCUNY Hunter

Long Jump  D1 - Finals

1.FrQuran Page20-10.00Essex County
1.SoRuben Santos20-07.00New Jersey Tech
2.FrDaniel Adams19-01.00St Peter's
3.FrKeifer Celestino18-02.00New Jersey Tech
4.SoMartin Craig17-11.00New Jersey Tech
FrJavier LevyDQCUNY Hunter
SoDavid LewisDQSt Peter's
JrDavion McKinneyDQSt Peter's

Triple Jump  D1 - Finals

1.FrQuran Page43-11.00Essex County
1.SoDavid Lewis40-06.00St Peter's
2.SoJonathan Nunez39-00.00New Jersey Tech
2.SoMax Zamor34-11.00CUNY Hunter
JrDavion McKinneyDQSt Peter's
SoXavier LeeDQNew Jersey Tech
FrDaniel AdamsDQSt Peter's


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