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Tallmadge vs. Spring Garden

Sunday, May 02, 2010


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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Div. I - Finals
8Teddy Helton11.9Holy Family-Stow
8Gerald Ivery12.2St Vincent de Paul
8Zach Leone12.4St. Hilary
8Jonte Pooler13.3Holy Family-Stow
8Jordan Sensabaugh13.6St Vincent de Paul
8Jeff Crock14.1Holy Family-Stow
7Evan Nichols14.3St. Hilary
8Michael Redmond14.6Holy Family-Stow
8Jack Thorson14.7Holy Family-Stow
7Maxwell Bauer14.8Holy Family-Stow
8Ben Libby15Holy Family-Stow
8Joe Vitullo15.2St. Hilary
7Jacob Caldwell18.5Holy Family-Stow
X 100 Meters - Div. II - Finals
6Alex Thomas13.2St Vincent de Paul
6Samuel Parri13.9St. Hilary
6Forrest Hagenmaier14.7St. Hilary
6Michael Smith15.1St. Hilary
6Gene Mordarski15.5Holy Family-Stow
6Brian Cianciolo16.3Holy Family-Stow
5Thomas Mautz16.3St. Hilary
6Colin Pamer16.5St. Hilary
4Thomas Ulinski16.9St. Hilary
6Tommy Myers16.9Holy Family-Stow
5Isiah Davis17.3St. Hilary
5Alexander Wyszkowski17.3St. Hilary
6Markus Wade17.5St Vincent de Paul
5Jack Keller17.8Holy Family-Stow
5Alex Isada18St. Hilary
5James Kelly18.2Holy Family-Stow
5Zach Kremer18.2Holy Family-Stow
5Brendan Slazinski18.5St. Hilary
6Patrick Finger19Holy Family-Stow
6Lunden Jamison19.9Spring Garden
6Alex Holcomb20.1Holy Family-Stow
X 100 Meters - Div. III - Finals
4Evan Marando15.7St. Hilary
3Jason Turschak16.5Holy Family-Stow
4Eric Garrrett16.6St Vincent de Paul
3Michael Heller16.8Holy Family-Stow
3Joe Gresser16.9Holy Family-Stow
3Adam Shah17.7Holy Family-Stow
3Luke Rajan17.9Holy Family-Stow
4David Kendrick18Holy Family-Stow
4Malik Wade18.1St Vincent de Paul
3Alec Murray18.1St Vincent de Paul
3Jeremy Glasgow18.5Holy Family-Stow
4Raymond Riter18.7St Vincent de Paul
3Andrew Rinaldi18.8Holy Family-Stow
3Patrick Delaney18.9St. Hilary
3Zyer Saunders19.0St Vincent de Paul
3Jeffrey Chi19.5St. Hilary
4Noah Milec19.9St Vincent de Paul
3Sam Volk20Holy Family-Stow
4Michael Rinaldi27.3Holy Family-Stow
X 200 Meters - Div. I - Finals
8Joe Parisi27.6St. Hilary
8Michael Redmond28.7Holy Family-Stow
8Sean Gaffney29.St. Hilary
8Joseph Rees29.3Spring Garden
8Todd Rexroad31.0Spring Garden
7Nicholas Fiedler33.3Holy Family-Stow
X 200 Meters - Div. II - Finals
6Samuel Parri29.8St. Hilary
6Forrest Hagenmaier31.3St. Hilary
6Michael Smith31.6St. Hilary
6John Beck34.2Spring Garden
6James Parisi35St. Hilary
6James Rankin35.6Spring Garden
6Patrick Finger40.9Holy Family-Stow
X 200 Meters - Div. III - Finals
3Michael Heller34.8Holy Family-Stow
3Joe Gresser34.9Holy Family-Stow
3Ethan Richards39.8St. Hilary
3Andrew Rinaldi41.9Holy Family-Stow
X 400 Meters - Div. I - Finals
8Julian McCreery62.5Spring Garden
8Jacob Haag1:06.1Holy Family-Stow
7Michael Walker1:11.9Holy Family-Stow
8Hayden Whitmyer1:22.4St Vincent de Paul
7Joseph Rossetti6:04Holy Family-Stow
X 400 Meters - Div. II - Finals
6Chris Hird1:17Holy Family-Stow
6James Parisi1:17.5St. Hilary
5Jack Keller1:21.3Holy Family-Stow
5Anthony Ursetti1:23.5Holy Family-Stow
5Estaben Merkt-Navedo1:24.4St. Hilary
4Thomas Ulinski1:30.3St. Hilary
5Kevin Cavanaugh1:32.7Holy Family-Stow
6Alex Holcomb1:35.9Holy Family-Stow
X 400 Meters - Div. III - Finals
4Joey Graff1:18.9Holy Family-Stow
4Derek Friend1:21.5Holy Family-Stow
3Joe Gresser1:24.5Holy Family-Stow
4David Kendrick1:25.3Holy Family-Stow
4Patrick White1:27.3Holy Family-Stow
3Alec Murray1:27.6St Vincent de Paul
4Noah Milec1:43.3St Vincent de Paul
3Zyer Saunders2:10.5St Vincent de Paul
X 800 Meters - Div. I - Finals
7Robbie Herold2:52Spring Garden
7Michael Walker2:57Holy Family-Stow
7Joseph McShannic3:04St. Hilary
8Jack Thorson3:05Holy Family-Stow
6Colin McNulty3:05.6Holy Family-Stow
8Ben Libby3:09Holy Family-Stow
7Christian McShannic3:18.3St. Hilary
X 800 Meters - Div. II - Finals
6John Finger3:18.4Holy Family-Stow
5Estaben Merkt-Navedo3:19St. Hilary
5Will Grayson3:21Holy Family-Stow
5Thomas Mautz3:30St. Hilary
6Alex Holcomb3:33Holy Family-Stow
X 800 Meters - Div. III - Finals
5Andrew Sollenberger2:54St. Hilary
4Joey Graff3:06Holy Family-Stow
4Derek Friend3:17Holy Family-Stow
4Noah Milec3:47.0St Vincent de Paul
3Sam Volk3:48Holy Family-Stow
3Bennett Nichols3:50St. Hilary
X 1600 Meters - Div. I - Finals
7Kevin Dziewisz6:02St. Hilary
8Brady Costigan6:04.1St. Hilary
7Harley Moyer6:16Spring Garden
7Mike Miller6:21Spring Garden
X 1600 Meters - Div. II - Finals
6August Ciofalo6:39Spring Garden
5Stephen Renuart6:47St. Hilary
5Mark Beeson6:48Holy Family-Stow
6John Beck7:09Spring Garden
X 1600 Meters - Div. III - Finals
4Jimmy Bowling7:00Holy Family-Stow
X 200m Hurdles - 30" - Div. I - Finals
8Alec Berken32.7Spring Garden
8Todd Rexroad33.6Spring Garden
7Mike Miller38.0Spring Garden
X 200m Hurdles - 36" - Div. I - Finals
8Sean Gaffney32.6St. Hilary
X 200m Hurdles - 36" - Div. II - Finals
5Zach Kremer37.3Holy Family-Stow
6Gene Mordarski39.9Holy Family-Stow
6John Finger40.7Holy Family-Stow
5Mark Beeson44Holy Family-Stow
6Jack Valendza48.8Holy Family-Stow
X 4x100 Relay - Div. I - Finals
-Teddy Helton
Jonte Pooler
Michael Redmond
Kevin Wells
53.8Holy Family-Stow
-Evan Nichols
Christian McShannic
Joseph McShannic
Christopher Pamer
1:05.9St. Hilary
-Maxwell Bauer
Sam Hudock
Joseph Rossetti
Robbie Unrue
1:06.5Holy Family-Stow
X 4x100 Relay - Div. II - Finals
-Relay Team 1:01.7St. Hilary
-Brian Cianciolo
Jack Keller
Gene Mordarski
Jack Valendza
1:04.5Holy Family-Stow
-Relay Team 1:09.8St. Hilary
X 4x100 Relay - Div. III - Finals
-Derek Friend
Joey Graff
Michael Heller
Jason Turschak
1:08Holy Family-Stow
-Relay Team 1:15.3St. Hilary
X 4x200 Relay - Div. I - Finals
-Ben Boshkos
Aaron Bennett
Joe Parisi
Zach Leone
1:51.3St. Hilary
-Todd Rexroad
Joseph Rees
Alec Berken
Julian McCreery
1:54.2Spring Garden
-Relay Team 1:55.9St Vincent de Paul
-Sean Gaffney
Kevin Dziewisz
Brady Costigan
Jonathan Sapp
2:05.5St. Hilary
-Michael DiSabato
Nicholas Fiedler
Sam Hudock
Ben Libby
2:10.1Holy Family-Stow
-Evan Nichols
Christian McShannic
Joseph McShannic
Christopher Pamer
2:16.6St. Hilary
X 4x200 Relay - Div. II - Finals
-Chris Hird
Colin McNulty
Tommy Myers
Nicholas Reeves
2:09.6Holy Family-Stow
X SMR 100-100-200-400m - Div. I - Finals
-Jacob Caldwell
Kevin Wells
John Finger
Patrick Finger
2:23Holy Family-Stow
X SMR 100-100-200-400m - Div. II - Finals
-Mark Beeson
Anthony Ursetti
John Finger
Patrick Finger
2:39Holy Family-Stow
X SMR 100-100-200-400m - Div. III - Finals
-Bennett Nichols
Ethan Richards
Evan Marando
Matthew Sollenberger
2:35St. Hilary
-David Kendrick
Luke Rajan
Adam Shah
Patrick White
2:50Holy Family-Stow
X 4x55 Shuttle Hurdles - 39" - Div. I - Finals
-Luke Rajan
Jeremy Glasgow
Adam Shah
Sam Volk
36.4Holy Family-Stow
X 4x55 Shuttle Hurdles - 39" - Div. III - Finals
-Relay Team 36.5St Vincent de Paul
X Shot Put - 6lb - Div. II - Finals
5Estaben Merkt-Navedo24.2St. Hilary
6Colin Pamer21.9'St. Hilary
5Kevin Cavanaugh21'4"Holy Family-Stow
6Lunden Jamison20'5"Spring Garden
5Isiah Davis20'St. Hilary
5James Kelly17'10"Holy Family-Stow
6James Rankin17'10"Spring Garden
5Alexander Wyszkowski15' 11"St. Hilary
X Shot Put - 8lb - Div. I - Finals
7Michael DiSabato26'10"Holy Family-Stow
8Joe Vitullo22.3'St. Hilary
7Griffen Hansen21'4"Spring Garden
7Robbie Unrue19'4"Holy Family-Stow
X Softball Throw - Div. III - Finals
4Evan Marando129'3"St. Hilary
3Jason Turschak95'3"Holy Family-Stow
3Joseph Mautz92'8"St. Hilary
4Jimmy Bowling89'4"Holy Family-Stow
3Joshua Hofacker69'10"St. Hilary
3Bennett Nichols59'9"St. Hilary
4Michael Rinaldi56'9'Holy Family-Stow
3Patrick Delaney52'9"St. Hilary
X Discus - 1kg - Div. I - Finals
8Joseph Rees82'6"Spring Garden
7Griffen Hansen68'4"Spring Garden
7Michael DiSabato66'2"Holy Family-Stow
7Robbie Unrue48'11"Holy Family-Stow
7Sam Hudock38'2"Holy Family-Stow
7Jacob Caldwell35'7"Holy Family-Stow
X Discus - 1kg - Div. II - Finals
5Kevin Cavanaugh46'4"Holy Family-Stow
6Lunden Jamison44'2"Spring Garden
5James Kelly41'1"Holy Family-Stow
6James Rankin36'10"Spring Garden
X High Jump - Div. I - Finals
8Julian McCreery5'5"Spring Garden
8Ben Boshkos4'10"St. Hilary
8Jack Thorson4'8"Holy Family-Stow
8Jacob Haag4'6"Holy Family-Stow
7Michael Walker4'4"Holy Family-Stow
8Kevin Wells3'10"Holy Family-Stow
X High Jump - Div. II - Finals
5Zach Kremer4'2"Holy Family-Stow
6Nicholas Reeves4'Holy Family-Stow
5Anthony Ursetti3'10"Holy Family-Stow
X Long Jump - Div. I - Finals
8Teddy Helton15'11"Holy Family-Stow
8Harrision Mesek13'9"St Vincent de Paul
8Jonte Pooler13'6"Holy Family-Stow
7Robbie Herold12'1"Spring Garden
7Maxwell Bauer11'3"Holy Family-Stow
7Joseph Rossetti11'3"Holy Family-Stow
8Jonathan Sapp9'11"St. Hilary
7Nicholas Fiedler9'8"Holy Family-Stow
7Harley Moyer9'5.5"Spring Garden
X Long Jump - Div. II - Finals
6Nicholas Reeves11'11"Holy Family-Stow
6Tommy Myers11'9"Holy Family-Stow
6John Finger10'11"Holy Family-Stow
6Colin McNulty10'7"Holy Family-Stow
6Chris Hird10'7"Holy Family-Stow
6Brian Cianciolo10'6"Holy Family-Stow
5Andrew Sollenberger9' 8"St. Hilary
6August Ciofalo9'7.5"Spring Garden
6John Beck9'5.5"Spring Garden
5Will Grayson9'0.5"Holy Family-Stow
5Brendan Slazinski8' 10"St. Hilary
6Markus Wade8'5"St Vincent de Paul
6Jack Valendza7'11"Holy Family-Stow
5Alex Isada7' 10"St. Hilary
5Isiah Davis7' 3"St. Hilary
5Estaben Merkt-Navedo7' 1"St. Hilary
5Alexander Wyszkowski5' 7"St. Hilary
X Standing Long Jump - Div. III - Finals
4Malik Wade5'9"St Vincent de Paul
3Jeffrey Chi5'4.5"St. Hilary
3Matthew Sollenberger5'4"St. Hilary
3Ethan Richards5'1.5"St. Hilary
X Weight Throw - 20lb - Div. III - Finals
4Malik Wade69'7"St Vincent de Paul

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Div. I - Finals
7Alyssa Heller14.3Holy Family-Stow
8Ashley Pryce14.6Holy Family-Stow
8Alexis Wyatt14.8St Vincent de Paul
7Jasmine Baker14.9Spring Garden
8Emily Pugliese15Holy Family-Stow
8Sabreigha Dixon15.1St Vincent de Paul
8Tailiya Carter15.1St Vincent de Paul
8Ralyn Trice15.3St Vincent de Paul
8Libby Sobnosky15.8Holy Family-Stow
8Maggie Moneypenny16.5Holy Family-Stow
7Angela Bohrer17St. Hilary
7Claire Hallett17.1St. Hilary
7Maria Doty19.3Holy Family-Stow
X 100 Meters - Div. II - Finals
6Lauren Heller14.1Holy Family-Stow
6Sarah Talley15.0Spring Garden
8Kianna Wilson15.6St Vincent de Paul
6Marshayla Haynes15.7St Vincent de Paul
5Chloe Richards16.1St. Hilary
6Hannah McClaskey16.3Holy Family-Stow
6Kristen Buzaki16.4Holy Family-Stow
6Micheda Fry16.5St Vincent de Paul
5Lauren Walker16.6Holy Family-Stow
6Carnae Oden17.0St Vincent de Paul
6Emily Gresser17.4Holy Family-Stow
5Jenny Sobnosky17.5Holy Family-Stow
5Lydia Hallett17.6St. Hilary
5Katie Caldwell17.8Holy Family-Stow
6Jaeden Sensabaugh18.1St Vincent de Paul
6Roxane Kihn18.4Spring Garden
5Maddie Wallace19.4Holy Family-Stow
6Jessica Wronkovich19.5Holy Family-Stow
5Claire Stock20.3St. Hilary
5Kathrine Doty20.9Holy Family-Stow
6Madeline Lowing22.5Spring Garden
X 100 Meters - Div. III - Finals
4Katelyn McDowell16.2Holy Family-Stow
4Megan Hissong16.9St. Hilary
4Sara Hauck18Holy Family-Stow
4Claire Penney18.1Holy Family-Stow
3Shannon Furka18.1Holy Family-Stow
3Amanda Apel18.2Holy Family-Stow
3Hannah Mordarski18.3Holy Family-Stow
3Mallory Kozik18.4St. Hilary
4Maura Knox18.5Holy Family-Stow
4Anne Marie McCombs18.9Holy Family-Stow
4Divine Bates18.9St Vincent de Paul
4Gabby Azar19.2Holy Family-Stow
4Emma White19.3Holy Family-Stow
4Leah Lisle19.5Holy Family-Stow
4Annie Lewandowski19.5St. Hilary
3Zoe Zimcosky19.7Holy Family-Stow
3Jordyn Ritchie19.8St. Hilary
3Mackenzie Cassiday19.9Holy Family-Stow
3Sarah Viers20.1Holy Family-Stow
3Emily Grayson20.5Holy Family-Stow
3Olivia Conti21.3Holy Family-Stow
3Lauryn Slazinski22.7St. Hilary
3Julia Mazzotti23.2St. Hilary
X 200 Meters - Div. I - Finals
7Alyssa Heller30.8Holy Family-Stow
8Natalie Winters32.3Holy Family-Stow
7Jasmine Baker32.4Spring Garden
7Marie Conti32.6Holy Family-Stow
8Michelle Felden32.8St. Hilary
8Libby Sobnosky33Holy Family-Stow
8Skylar Beck35.9Spring Garden
X 200 Meters - Div. II - Finals
6Lauren Heller29.5Holy Family-Stow
6Bailey Booth31Holy Family-Stow
6Sarah Talley31.8Spring Garden
6Micheda Fry34.3St Vincent de Paul
5Chloe Richards34.4St. Hilary
X 200 Meters - Div. III - Finals
4Megan Hissong31.1St. Hilary
4Leah Lisle35.1Holy Family-Stow
4Rachel McDowell35.5Holy Family-Stow
4Maura Knox35.7Holy Family-Stow
4Emma White39.8Holy Family-Stow
3Lauryn Slazinski43.3St. Hilary
4Annie Lewandowski44.2St. Hilary
X 400 Meters - Div. I - Finals
7Alyssa Kendrick1:11.8Holy Family-Stow
8Erin McNulty1:12.6Holy Family-Stow
7Emily Hissong1:15.6St. Hilary
7Maria Doty1:39.1Holy Family-Stow
X 400 Meters - Div. II - Finals
6Eryca Garrett69.2St Vincent de Paul
6Bailey Booth1:11.3Holy Family-Stow
6Cami Miller1:14Spring Garden
5Lydia Hallett1:23.9St. Hilary
6Becca Weiss1:26.2Holy Family-Stow
5Katie Caldwell1:27.5Holy Family-Stow
5Nonee Mitchell1:27.7Holy Family-Stow
6Emily Gresser1:28.6Holy Family-Stow
5Grace Salzeider1:34.2Holy Family-Stow
5Claire Stock1:36.3St. Hilary
5Maddie Wallace1:37.5Holy Family-Stow
5Kathrine Doty1:47.1Holy Family-Stow
X 400 Meters - Div. III - Finals
4Emily Wisniewski1:18.2Holy Family-Stow
4Claire Penney1:26.8Holy Family-Stow
3Emily Grayson1:36.6Holy Family-Stow
X 800 Meters - Div. I - Finals
8Melinda Renuart2:44St. Hilary
8Erin McNulty2:46Holy Family-Stow
7Emily Hissong2:59St. Hilary
7Ariel Soudry3:24Spring Garden
X 800 Meters - Div. II - Finals
6Eryca Garrett3:13.0St Vincent de Paul
5Abigail Volk3:13.5Holy Family-Stow
6Susan McCauliff3:15Holy Family-Stow
6Kristen Buzaki3:20Holy Family-Stow
6Becca Weiss3:21Holy Family-Stow
6Sarah Welton3:22Spring Garden
6Jessica Wronkovich3:34Holy Family-Stow
X 800 Meters - Div. III - Finals
4Megan Hissong3:05St. Hilary
3Mallory Kozik3:23St. Hilary
4Maria White3:23.8Holy Family-Stow
X 1600 Meters - Div. I - Finals
8Melinda Renuart5:57St. Hilary
X 1600 Meters - Div. II - Finals
5Abigail Volk6:52Holy Family-Stow
6Susan McCauliff7:13Holy Family-Stow
6Kristen Buzaki7:15Holy Family-Stow
6Sarah Welton7:19Spring Garden
5Micahela Barry7:26Holy Family-Stow
X 1600 Meters - Div. III - Finals
4Bryanna Renuart6:56St. Hilary
X 200m Hurdles - 33" - Div. I - Finals
8Sabreigha Dixon35.5St Vincent de Paul
7Tiffany Pryce35.9Holy Family-Stow
8Mary Kozik37.4St. Hilary
7Marie Conti38.1Holy Family-Stow
X 4x100 Relay - Div. I - Finals
-Relay Team 59.8St Vincent de Paul
-Lauren Davis
Lainie Glasgow
Maggie Moneypenny
Emily Pugliese
1:00.9Holy Family-Stow
-Relay Team 63.1St Vincent de Paul
-Relay Team 1:05.4St. Hilary
X 4x100 Relay - Div. III - Finals
-Sara Hauck
Anne Marie McCombs
Emma White
Maria White
1:13.6Holy Family-Stow
-Amanda Apel
Mackenzie Cassiday
Shannon Furka
Zoe Zimcosky
1:16.3Holy Family-Stow
-Gabby Azar
Olivia Conti
Emily Grayson
Hannah Mordarski
1:19.8Holy Family-Stow
X 4x200 Relay - Div. I - Finals
-Annie Graff
Ashley Pryce
Alyssa Heller
Natalie Winters
1:59.5Holy Family-Stow
-Skylar Beck
Sarah Talley
Alexandria Biege
Jasmine Baker
2:09.0Spring Garden
-Relay Team 2:09.5St. Hilary
X 4x200 Relay - Div. II - Finals
-Bailey Booth
Lauren Walker
Lauren Heller
Hannah McClaskey
2:06.4Holy Family-Stow
X SMR 100-100-200-400m - Div. II - Finals
-Kathrine Doty
Susan McCauliff
Grace Salzeider
Jessica Wronkovich
2:46Holy Family-Stow
-Micahela Barry
Nonee Mitchell
Jenny Sobnosky
Maddie Wallace
2:52Holy Family-Stow
X SMR 100-100-200-400m - Div. III - Finals
-Katelyn McDowell
Rachel McDowell
Claire Penney
Emily Wisniewski
2:25Holy Family-Stow
-Mallory Kozik
Annie Lewandowski
Jordyn Ritchie
Bryanna Renuart
2:47St. Hilary
X 4x55 Shuttle Hurdles - 36" - Div. III - Finals
-Amanda Apel
Mackenzie Cassiday
Shannon Furka
Zoe Zimcosky
37.2Holy Family-Stow
-Lauryn Slazinski
Julia Mazzotti
Jordyn Ritchie
Mallory Kozik
40.3St. Hilary
X Shot Put - 6lb - Div. I - Finals
8Hallie Sinko30' 5"St. Hilary
8Lainie Glasgow25'5"Holy Family-Stow
8Lauren Davis22'7"Holy Family-Stow
8Alexandria Biege20'3"Spring Garden
7Maria Doty19'2"Holy Family-Stow
7Alyssa Kendrick18'2"Holy Family-Stow
X Baseball Throw - Div. III - Finals
4Katelyn McDowell92'10"Holy Family-Stow
4Gabby Azar83'6"Holy Family-Stow
3Jordyn Ritchie59'1"St. Hilary
4Sara Hauck54'10"Holy Family-Stow
3Sarah Viers54'10"Holy Family-Stow
3Julia Mazzotti51'St. Hilary
3Olivia Conti50'4"Holy Family-Stow
4Maria White45'11"Holy Family-Stow
X Discus - 1kg - Div. I - Finals
8Natalie Winters78'6"Holy Family-Stow
8Lauren Davis65'5"Holy Family-Stow
8Skylar Beck61'4"Spring Garden
7Alyssa Kendrick57'7"Holy Family-Stow
8Lainie Glasgow53'10"Holy Family-Stow
8Alexandria Biege50'4"Spring Garden
X Discus - 1kg - Div. II - Finals
6Emily Gresser36'7"Holy Family-Stow
X High Jump - Div. I - Finals
8Hallie Sinko4'8"St. Hilary
8Emily Pugliese4'4"Holy Family-Stow
8Michelle Felden4'2"St. Hilary
8Mary Kozik4'St. Hilary
7Emma Noethen4'St. Hilary
7Angela Bohrer4'St. Hilary
8Libby Sobnosky3'10"Holy Family-Stow
8Maggie Moneypenny3'8"Holy Family-Stow
X High Jump - Div. II - Finals
6Cami Miller4'0"Spring Garden
6Hannah McClaskey3'10"Holy Family-Stow
5Lauren Walker3'8"Holy Family-Stow
X Long Jump - Div. I - Finals
8Ashley Pryce13'5"Holy Family-Stow
7Marie Conti11'7"Holy Family-Stow
7Emma Noethen9'6"St. Hilary
X Long Jump - Div. II - Finals
6Cami Miller12'3.5"Spring Garden
5Chloe Richards10' 5.5"St. Hilary
6Becca Weiss9'5.5"Holy Family-Stow
6Roxane Kihn8'5"Spring Garden
X Standing Long Jump - Div. III - Finals
4Emily Wisniewski5'10"Holy Family-Stow
4Maura Knox5'6"Holy Family-Stow
4Divine Bates5'5"St Vincent de Paul
4Bryanna Renuart5'1"St. Hilary
4Anne Marie McCombs4'9"Holy Family-Stow
3Sarah Viers4'8"Holy Family-Stow
3Hannah Mordarski4'3"Holy Family-Stow
4Leah Lisle4'1"Holy Family-Stow
X Weight Throw - 20lb - Div. III - Finals
4Divine Bates52'2"St Vincent de Paul
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