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100 Meters  4th Grade - Elemental - Finals

4Jalen Cruz15.27St Ignatius of Antioch
4Jack Lavelle15.48Lakewood Catholic Ac...
4Andrew Phillips15.43West Park Catholic A...
4Luke Fulop16.1St Mary of the Falls
4Nathan Williamson16.2St Mary of the Falls
4Louis Dylag II16.12St Ignatius of Antioch
4Basil Jones16.38St Ignatius of Antioch
4Liam McGuire16.39Lakewood Catholic Ac...
4Michael Fitzgerald16.38St Brendan
4Tyler Kocher16.61St Basil the Great
4Alex Dobrowsky16.72Assumption
4Aiden Salupo16.85Lakewood Catholic Ac...
4Nicholas Walcutt16.92St Basil the Great
4Tom Lazevnick16.92St Bernadette
4Kevin Joiner17.10St Ignatius of Antioch
4Kaden Quigley17.24St Ignatius of Antioch
4Chris Mepham17.26Lakewood Catholic Ac...
4Kyle Humenik17.24St Brendan
4Tommy McNamara17.5St Mary of the Falls
4Jack Reilly17.52Lakewood Catholic Ac...
4Ramal Keeler, Jr.17.58West Park Catholic A...
4Glenn Pearson17.68St Ignatius of Antioch
4Jack Verderber17.78Assumption
4Dan Doherty17.9St Mary of the Falls
4Seth Kho17.9St Mary of the Falls
4Terrance Steele17.95St Bernadette
4Nick Bosley19.79St Basil the Great

100 Meters  5th Grade - Developmental - Finals

5Marvin Perkins, Jr.13.54St Ignatius of Antioch
5Luke Strnad14.16Assumption
5Zach Moore14.90Lakewood Catholic Ac...
5Justin Sacha15.20Lakewood Catholic Ac...
5Michael Trentel15.18Lakewood Catholic Ac...
5Austin Cole15.3St Mary of the Falls
5Patrick Nolan15.49Lakewood Catholic Ac...
5Matthew Allen15.57St Basil the Great
5Kevin Clymer15.79St Basil the Great
5Peter Abraham15.72Assumption
5Adrian Diaz16.49St Ignatius of Antioch
5Alex Ross16.45St Basil the Great
5Ben Artrip16.85St Basil the Great
5Michael Yoke16.91St Basil the Great
5Michael Berger17.1St Mary of the Falls
5Charlie Kho17.3St Mary of the Falls
5Devin Pratt17.6St Mary of the Falls
4Roman Szemeczko17.90Assumption
5Roberto Castelli17.99St Bernadette
5Anthony Roso18.09West Park Catholic A...
5James Soroczak18.24Assumption
5Nathan Porochonski18.21St Basil the Great
5Mike Aube'18.32St Basil the Great
5John Hayes18.9St Mary of the Falls
5Mark Goeser19.02West Park Catholic A...
5Martin Fanta19.13St Bernadette
5Joe Prokop19.96St Brendan

100 Meters  6th Grade - Cadet - Finals

6Brock Yoho13.91St Basil the Great
6Luke Wagner14.12Lakewood Catholic Ac...
6Matthew Gnatowski14.35Assumption
6Joshua Valladares14.52St Ignatius of Antioch
6Nick Moss14.68Lakewood Catholic Ac...
6Joey Marysiak14.8St Mary of the Falls
6Jonathan Paravano14.73St Basil the Great
6William Reilly15.00St Bernadette
6Nathanial Spooner15.13St Ignatius of Antioch
6Mike Sheneman15.3St Mary of the Falls
6Colman Turner15.49St Bernadette
6Antonio Guzman15.44West Park Catholic A...
6Kevin Giulivo15.47Assumption
6Mark Drozd15.83Assumption
6Peter Slater15.94St Bernadette
6Tony Caraffi16.1St Mary of the Falls
6Anthony Savena16.16Assumption
6Austin Venczel16.28Assumption
6Keanen Erb16.26St Ignatius of Antioch
6Austin Bielek16.27St Bernadette
6Liam DeJesus16.6St Mary of the Falls
6Celan Meza16.95St Ignatius of Antioch
6Daniel Sullivan17.04St Bernadette
6Mike Iler17.5St Mary of the Falls
6Torin Dunn18.03St Brendan
6Spencer Smith18.02St Brendan
6Ethan Horvath19.64St Basil the Great

100 Meters  7th Grade - Junior Varsity - Finals

7Paul Gnatowski13.19Assumption
7Ky'Tric Shropshire13.29St Ignatius of Antioch
7Andrew Szemeczko13.32Assumption
7Chamar Bright13.49St Ignatius of Antioch
7Thomas Higgins13.72St Bernadette
7Geoffrey DiMassa13.74St Bernadette
7Ian Ryan14.16St Bernadette
7Daniel Spitznagel14.26St Basil the Great
7Isaah Yacharin14.4St Ignatius of Antioch
7Matthew Wittlinger14.69West Park Catholic A...
7Michael Walsh15.27St Bernadette
7Kurt Atwell15.45Assumption
7Jack Myers16.03St Brendan
7Brandon Kubes16.23St Ignatius of Antioch
7Kenny Frajter16.32St Basil the Great
7Bryon Ross16.57St Basil the Great
7Rory Gallagher17.37St Basil the Great
7Bryan Felix17.9St Mary of the Falls
7Peter Jones18.62Lakewood Catholic Ac...
7Ryan Homcy19.28Lakewood Catholic Ac...

100 Meters  8th Grade - Varsity - Finals

8Marquee Montgomery11.75West Park Catholic A...
8Arius Wright12.23Lakewood Catholic Ac...
8Blake Yoho12.47St Basil the Great
8Tom Stopper12.58Assumption
7Nate Grose12.89St Bernadette
8Patrick White12.82St Bernadette
8Eric Norton13.14West Park Catholic A...
8Guillermo Meza13.18St Ignatius of Antioch
8Joe Kollin13.68Assumption
8J. T. Rinehart13.63Lakewood Catholic Ac...
8Patrick Hopkins13.68St Bernadette
8Matt Campbell13.79West Park Catholic A...
8Louis Morris14.30Lakewood Catholic Ac...
8Christopher Melton-Burke14.51Assumption
8Kevin Mooney14.55St Brendan
8Jacob Doerner15.09St Ignatius of Antioch
8Jackson Wicktora15.34St Basil the Great
8Nick McDaniels16.57St Ignatius of Antioch
8Sam Cornelison17.31Lakewood Catholic Ac...
8Daniel Palmer17.74St Ignatius of Antioch
8Wilmel Cosme25.38St Ignatius of Antioch

200 Meters  4th Grade - Elemental - Finals

4Andrew Phillips32.91West Park Catholic A...
4Jack Lavelle33.06Lakewood Catholic Ac...
4Nathan Williamson34.5St Mary of the Falls
4Tyler Macy35.59St Basil the Great
4Jalen Cruz35.64St Ignatius of Antioch
4Luke Fulop36.0St Mary of the Falls
4Dan Doherty38.7St Mary of the Falls
4Ramal Keeler, Jr.38.64West Park Catholic A...
4Seth Kho41.8St Mary of the Falls
4Kaden Quigley42.19St Ignatius of Antioch
4Terrance Steele42.64St Bernadette
4Tommy McNamara42.8St Mary of the Falls
4Nick Bosley43.1St Basil the Great

200 Meters  5th Grade - Developmental - Finals

5Michael Trentel31.66Lakewood Catholic Ac...
5Zach Moore32.20Lakewood Catholic Ac...
5Marvin Perkins, Jr.32.22St Ignatius of Antioch
5Matthew Allen32.68St Basil the Great
5Kevin Clymer34.89St Basil the Great
5Patrick Nolan34.91Lakewood Catholic Ac...
5Peter Abraham36.04Assumption
5Alex Ross36.86St Basil the Great
5Nicholas Snider37.09Lakewood Catholic Ac...
5Charlie Kho37.4St Mary of the Falls
5Michael Berger37.8St Mary of the Falls
5Joey Frajter37.72St Basil the Great
5Devin Pratt38.4St Mary of the Falls
5Patrick Bergen39.38St Bernadette
5Roberto Castelli39.44St Bernadette
5Anthony Roso40.31West Park Catholic A...
5Aidan Krevis40.54St Bernadette
5Martin Fanta43.97St Bernadette
5Thomas Dollard44.06St Basil the Great
5Mark Goeser45.06West Park Catholic A...

200 Meters  6th Grade - Cadet - Finals

6Joshua Valladares29.33St Ignatius of Antioch
6Joey Marysiak29.7St Mary of the Falls
6Nick Moss30.32Lakewood Catholic Ac...
6Andrew Kukla30.37Assumption
6Mike Sheneman30.8St Mary of the Falls
6Tim Trentel30.86Lakewood Catholic Ac...
6Kyle McCafferty31.29St Bernadette
6Jaret Williamson31.4St Mary of the Falls
6Anthony Savena32.34Assumption
6Jonathan Paravano33.16St Basil the Great
6Nathanial Spooner33.47St Ignatius of Antioch
6Mark Krusinski33.62St Basil the Great
6Bobby Sessions34.46Lakewood Catholic Ac...
6Tony Caraffi34.8St Mary of the Falls
6Colman Turner34.73St Bernadette
6Keanen Erb36.24St Ignatius of Antioch
6Celan Meza36.42St Ignatius of Antioch
6Riley Alton41.5St Mary of the Falls

200 Meters  7th Grade - Junior Varsity - Finals

7Ky'Tric Shropshire27.66St Ignatius of Antioch
7Chamar Bright29.84St Ignatius of Antioch
7Matthew Wittlinger30.84West Park Catholic A...
7Ryan Bush31.89St Brendan
7Isaah Yacharin32.73St Ignatius of Antioch
7Brian Chambers34.50St Bernadette
7Brandon Kubes34.63St Ignatius of Antioch
7Rory Gallagher37.06St Basil the Great

200 Meters  8th Grade - Varsity - Finals

8Marquee Montgomery25.51West Park Catholic A...
8Tom Stopper26.82Assumption
8Arius Wright27.11Lakewood Catholic Ac...
8Scott Arthrell27.49St Bernadette
8Eric Norton27.67West Park Catholic A...
8Jack Hyland27.91St Bernadette
8J. T. Rinehart28.62Lakewood Catholic Ac...
8Michael Barta29.34St Basil the Great
8Matt Campbell29.67West Park Catholic A...
8Istvan Vozary30.04Lakewood Catholic Ac...
8Kevin Coyne30.74St Bernadette
8David Sinclair30.93St Bernadette
8Kevin Mooney30.98St Brendan
8Christopher Melton-Burke31.56Assumption
8Louis Morris32.33Lakewood Catholic Ac...
8Guillermo Meza35.31St Ignatius of Antioch
8Daniel Palmer40.02St Ignatius of Antioch
8Wilmel Cosme1:16.11St Ignatius of Antioch

400 Meters  4th Grade - Elemental - Finals

8Patrick Hopkins1:06.92St Bernadette
4Kevin Joiner1:24.58St Ignatius of Antioch
4Louis Dylag II1:25.30St Ignatius of Antioch
4Tom Lazevnick1:26.36St Bernadette
4Basil Jones1:34.49St Ignatius of Antioch

400 Meters  5th Grade - Developmental - Finals

5Sean Sliter1:15.86St Basil the Great
5Kevin Kukla1:16.60Assumption
5Shawn Gaspar1:16.90Lakewood Catholic Ac...
5Austin Cole1:25.3St Mary of the Falls
5Stephen O'Sullivan1:25.80Lakewood Catholic Ac...
5Ben Artrip1:26.98St Basil the Great
5John Hayes1:29.1St Mary of the Falls
5James Soroczak1:36.76Assumption

400 Meters  6th Grade - Cadet - Finals

6Brock Yoho1:07.41St Basil the Great
6Jaret Williamson1:10.6St Mary of the Falls
6Antonio Guzman1:19.13West Park Catholic A...
6Austin Bielek1:21.82St Bernadette
6Kevin Giulivo1:23.41Assumption
6Mike Iler1:23.7St Mary of the Falls
6Ben Giulivo1:24.14Assumption
6Austin Venczel1:25.15Assumption
6Liam DeJesus1:25.7St Mary of the Falls
6Noah Comiskey1:25.9St Brendan
6Spencer Smith1:31.88St Brendan
6Riley Alton1:33.2St Mary of the Falls
6Daniel Sullivan1:34.48St Bernadette
6Nathan Mingus1:36.31St Basil the Great

400 Meters  7th Grade - Junior Varsity - Finals

6Peter Slater1:16.4St Bernadette
7Thomas Higgins1:18.45St Bernadette
7Brian Kungl1:25.70Assumption
7Bryan Felix3:27.7St Mary of the Falls

400 Meters  8th Grade - Varsity - Finals

8Blake Yoho59.62St Basil the Great
7Nate Grose1:00.5St Bernadette
8Patrick White1:01.42St Bernadette
8Ryan Boey1:02.04Lakewood Catholic Ac...
8Elliot Thorkelson1:04.47West Park Catholic A...
8Steven Fioritto1:06.86St Brendan
8Patrick Hopkins1:06.92St Bernadette
8Joe Kollin1:08.82Assumption
8Istvan Vozary1:09:08Lakewood Catholic Ac...
8Andrew Ciolli1:12.74St Bernadette
8Jacob Doerner1:13.48St Ignatius of Antioch
8Nick McDaniels1:20.16St Ignatius of Antioch
8Aidan Blake1:26.86St Brendan

800 Meters  4th Grade - Elemental - Finals

4Michael Fitzgerald2:59.95St Brendan
4Ben Gleichauf3:03.11St Brendan
4Aiden Salupo3:04.78Lakewood Catholic Ac...
4Liam McGuire3:05.79Lakewood Catholic Ac...
4Ronan Rush4:13.48Lakewood Catholic Ac...

800 Meters  5th Grade - Developmental - Finals

5Stephen O'Sullivan2:57.68Lakewood Catholic Ac...
5Joey Frajter3:01.73St Basil the Great
5Matthew Speck3:03.95St Basil the Great
5Patrick Bergen3:03.95St Bernadette
5Thomas Masella3:15.54West Park Catholic A...
5Aidan Krevis3:34.47St Bernadette
5Thomas Dollard3:42.44St Basil the Great

800 Meters  6th Grade - Cadet - Finals

6Kyle McCafferty2:51.83St Bernadette
6Noah Comiskey3:03.0St Brendan
6Torin Dunn3:19.50St Brendan

800 Meters  8th Grade - Varsity - Finals

8Steven Fioritto2:29.56St Brendan
8Scott Arthrell2:34.14St Bernadette
8Jack Hyland2:34.92St Bernadette
8Kevin Coyne2:35.46St Bernadette
8Peter Gilles2:35.61St Brendan

1600 Meters  4th Grade - Elemental - Finals

4Jack Krusinski6:36.74St Basil the Great
4Adam Karpowicz8:10.82St Basil the Great

1600 Meters  5th Grade - Developmental - Finals

5Shawn Gaspar6:05.80Lakewood Catholic Ac...
5Kevin Kukla6:23.44Assumption
5Nicholas Snider6:47.94Lakewood Catholic Ac...
5Devin Venczel7:41.86Assumption

1600 Meters  6th Grade - Cadet - Finals

6Tim Trentel5:21.11Lakewood Catholic Ac...
6Luke Wagner5:32.66Lakewood Catholic Ac...
6Andrew Kukla5:56.40Assumption
6Mark Krusinski6:41.45St Basil the Great

1600 Meters  7th Grade - Junior Varsity - Finals

7Michael Walsh6:20.81St Bernadette
7Brian Chambers6:21.32St Bernadette

1600 Meters  8th Grade - Varsity - Finals

8Steven Fioritto5:22.47St Brendan
8Elliot Thorkelson5:27.90West Park Catholic A...
8Peter Gilles5:37.20St Brendan
8David Sinclair6:17.23St Bernadette

4x100 Relay  4th Grade - Elemental - Finals

-Louis Dylag II
Kevin Joiner
Basil Jones
Jalen Cruz
1:08.69St Ignatius of Antioch
-Chris Mepham
Jack Lavelle
Jack Reilly
Liam McGuire
1:09.02Lakewood Catholic Ac...
-Relay Team 1:12.1St Mary of the Falls
-Michael Fitzgerald
Ben Gleichauf
Kyle Humenik
Joe Prokop
1:12.66St Brendan
-Relay Team 1:14.13St Bernadette
-Alex Dobrowsky
Roman Szemeczko
Devin Venczel
Jack Verderber

4x100 Relay  5th Grade - Developmental - Finals

5Michael Trentel
Zach Moore
Justin Sacha
Shawn Gaspar
1:03.22Lakewood Catholic Ac...
5Luke Strnad
James Soroczak
Kevin Kukla
Peter Abraham
-Adrian Diaz
Kaden Quigley
Glenn Pearson
Marvin Perkins, Jr.
1:11.75St Ignatius of Antioch
-Relay Team 1:14.5St Mary of the Falls
-Anthony Roso
Andrew Phillips
Mark Goeser
Thomas Masella
1:15.63West Park Catholic A...

4x100 Relay  6th Grade - Cadet - Finals

-Luke Wagner
Michael Trentel
Bobby Sessions
Nick Moss
1:01.81Lakewood Catholic Ac...
-Relay Team 1:02.7St Mary of the Falls
6Kevin Giulivo
Mark Drozd
Andrew Kukla
Matthew Gnatowski
-Anthony Savena
Roman Szemeczko
Austin Venczel
Ben Giulivo
-Relay Team 1:07.38St Bernadette
6Nathanial Spooner
Celan Meza
Keanen Erb
Joshua Valladares
1:07.66St Ignatius of Antioch

4x100 Relay  7th Grade - Junior Varsity - Finals

7Chamar Bright
Brandon Kubes
Isaah Yacharin
Ky'Tric Shropshire
59.16St Ignatius of Antioch
7Brian Kungl
Andrew Szemeczko
Kurt Atwell
Paul Gnatowski
-Ryan Bush
Jack Myers
Noah Comiskey
Spencer Smith
1:12.13St Brendan

4x100 Relay  8th Grade - Varsity - Finals

8J. T. Rinehart
Istvan Vozary
Ryan Boey
Arius Wright
54.58Lakewood Catholic Ac...
8Matt Campbell
Eric Norton
Elliot Thorkelson
Marquee Montgomery
54.83West Park Catholic A...
8Kevin Coyne
Scott Arthrell
Jack Hyland
Patrick White
1:01.01St Bernadette
8Aidan Blake
Steven Fioritto
Peter Gilles
Kevin Mooney
1:02.9St Brendan
-Tom Stopper
Christopher Melton-Burke
Joe Kollin
Paul Gnatowski
8Nick McDaniels
Daniel Palmer
Jacob Doerner
Guillermo Meza
1:08.65St Ignatius of Antioch

Shot Put - 6lb  4th Grade - Elemental - Finals

4Jack Reilly15'10"Lakewood Catholic Ac...
4Chris Mepham13'1"Lakewood Catholic Ac...
4Ronan Rush9'3"Lakewood Catholic Ac...

Shot Put - 6lb  5th Grade - Developmental - Finals

5Stephen O'Sullivan19'10"Lakewood Catholic Ac...
5Kevin Kukla17'3"Assumption
5Joe Prokop14'6St Brendan

Shot Put - 6lb  6th Grade - Cadet - Finals

6Mike Iler26'4St Mary of the Falls
6Tony Caraffi20'7St Mary of the Falls

Shot Put - 8lb  6th Grade - Cadet - Finals

6Austin Venczel20'7"Assumption
6Antonio Guzman19West Park Catholic A...

Shot Put - 8lb  7th Grade - Junior Varsity - Finals

7Ky'Tric Shropshire32'3St Ignatius of Antioch
7Peter Jones18'6"Lakewood Catholic Ac...

Shot Put - 8lb  8th Grade - Varsity - Finals

8Ryan Boey31'1"Lakewood Catholic Ac...
8Sam Cornelison26'6"Lakewood Catholic Ac...
8Wilmel Cosme17'0St Ignatius of Antioch

Shot Put - 4kg  7th Grade - Junior Varsity - Finals

7Bryan Felix19'4St Mary of the Falls

Discus - 1kg  7th Grade - Junior Varsity - Finals

7Ryan Homcy38'0"Lakewood Catholic Ac...

Discus - 1kg  8th Grade - Varsity - Finals

8Jacob Doerner95'8St Ignatius of Antioch
8Nick McDaniels74'0St Ignatius of Antioch
8Aidan Blake48'7St Brendan
8Sam Cornelison44'1"Lakewood Catholic Ac...

High Jump  5th Grade - Developmental - Finals

5Luke Strnad4'0"Assumption
5Devin Venczel3'10"Assumption
5Peter Abraham3'10"Assumption

High Jump  6th Grade - Cadet - Finals

6Tim Trentel4'3"Lakewood Catholic Ac...
6Luke Wagner3'10"Lakewood Catholic Ac...
6Kevin Giulivo3'8"Assumption

High Jump  7th Grade - Junior Varsity - Finals

7Jack Myers4'4St Brendan
7Andrew Szemeczko4'2"Assumption
7Ryan Bush3'10St Brendan

High Jump  8th Grade - Varsity - Finals

8Tom Stopper5'0"Assumption
8Ryan Boey4'0"Lakewood Catholic Ac...

Long Jump  4th Grade - Elemental - Finals

4Kevin Joiner11'1St Ignatius of Antioch
4Nathan Williamson10'3St Mary of the Falls
4Alex Dobrowsky9'5"Assumption
4Jack Reilly9'4"Lakewood Catholic Ac...
4Louis Dylag II9'3St Ignatius of Antioch
4Liam McGuire9'3"Lakewood Catholic Ac...
4Ramal Keeler, Jr.8.5West Park Catholic A...
4Luke Fulop8'3St Mary of the Falls
4Andrew Phillips8.11West Park Catholic A...
4Ben Gleichauf7'8St Brendan
4Chris Mepham7'4"Lakewood Catholic Ac...
4Roman Szemeczko7'3"Assumption
4Glenn Pearson7'2St Ignatius of Antioch
4Tommy McNamara7'2St Mary of the Falls
4Basil Jones6'11St Ignatius of Antioch
4Jack Verderber6'11"Assumption
4Kaden Quigley6'9St Ignatius of Antioch
4Ronan Rush6'8"Lakewood Catholic Ac...
4Seth Kho6'3St Mary of the Falls

Long Jump  5th Grade - Developmental - Finals

5Justin Sacha11'11"Lakewood Catholic Ac...
5Shawn Gaspar9'5"Lakewood Catholic Ac...
5Thomas Masella9.4West Park Catholic A...
5Anthony Roso9.1West Park Catholic A...
5Austin Cole9'1St Mary of the Falls
5Devin Pratt7'8St Mary of the Falls
5Charlie Kho7'5St Mary of the Falls
5Michael Berger7'4St Mary of the Falls
5Nicholas Snider7'4"Lakewood Catholic Ac...
5John Hayes6'1St Mary of the Falls

Long Jump  6th Grade - Cadet - Finals

6Jaret Williamson13'8St Mary of the Falls
6Mike Sheneman12'5St Mary of the Falls
6Noah Comiskey10'7St Brendan
6Nick Moss10'7"Lakewood Catholic Ac...
6Mark Drozd10'4"Assumption
6Bobby Sessions10'3"Lakewood Catholic Ac...
6Keanen Erb10'1St Ignatius of Antioch
6Joshua Valladares9'10St Ignatius of Antioch
6Nathanial Spooner9'7St Ignatius of Antioch
6Liam DeJesus8'6St Mary of the Falls
6Celan Meza8'0St Ignatius of Antioch
6Spencer Smith7'1St Brendan
6Joey Marysiak7'0St Mary of the Falls
6Riley Alton6'5St Mary of the Falls

Long Jump  7th Grade - Junior Varsity - Finals

7Paul Gnatowski14'6"Assumption
7Kurt Atwell11'7"Assumption
7Matthew Wittlinger11.3West Park Catholic A...
7Chamar Bright11'2St Ignatius of Antioch
7Isaah Yacharin11'0St Ignatius of Antioch
7Brandon Kubes10'1St Ignatius of Antioch
7Brian Kungl9'6"Assumption

Long Jump  8th Grade - Varsity - Finals

8Marquee Montgomery15.4West Park Catholic A...
8Istvan Vozary14'10"Lakewood Catholic Ac...
8Eric Norton14.7West Park Catholic A...
8Tommy O'Dougherty14'3"Lakewood Catholic Ac...
8Christopher Melton-Burke13'7"Assumption
8Matt Campbell12.9West Park Catholic A...
8Daniel Palmer9'10St Ignatius of Antioch
8Guillermo Meza9'2St Ignatius of Antioch

Standing Long Jump  4th Grade - Elemental - Finals

4Jalen Cruz6'5"St Ignatius of Antioch
4Michael Fitzgerald6'0St Brendan
4Kyle Humenik5'5St Brendan
4Jack Lavelle5'5"Lakewood Catholic Ac...
4Dan Doherty5'0St Mary of the Falls
4Aiden Salupo4'10"Lakewood Catholic Ac...

Standing Long Jump  5th Grade - Developmental - Finals

5Marvin Perkins, Jr.7'0"St Ignatius of Antioch
5Patrick Nolan6'5"Lakewood Catholic Ac...
5Mark Goeser6.4West Park Catholic A...
5Zach Moore6'4"Lakewood Catholic Ac...
5James Soroczak5'9"Assumption
5Adrian Diaz5'8"St Ignatius of Antioch

Standing Long Jump  6th Grade - Cadet - Finals

6Andrew Kukla7'11"Assumption
6Matthew Gnatowski7'7"Assumption
6Ben Giulivo6'1"Assumption
6Anthony Savena6'0"Assumption
6Bobby Sessions5'8"Lakewood Catholic Ac...
6Torin Dunn5'5St Brendan

Standing Long Jump  7th Grade - Junior Varsity - Finals

7Paul Gnatowski8'2"Assumption
7Peter Jones5'8"Lakewood Catholic Ac...

Standing Long Jump  8th Grade - Varsity - Finals

8Joe Kollin8'1"Assumption
8Louis Morris7'8"Lakewood Catholic Ac...
8Tommy O'Dougherty7'6"Lakewood Catholic Ac...
8J. T. Rinehart7'5"Lakewood Catholic Ac...
8Arius Wright6'9"Lakewood Catholic Ac...

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