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Philomath & LaCreole @ Duniway

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

McMinnville HS, McMinnville

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Oregon - Mid Valley Central Coast
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - 8th - Finals
1.8Colter Forrest12.30Philomath
2.8Jonah Beck12.35LaCreole
3.8Nathaniel Weant12.50Duniway
4.8Cameron Marcom12.54Duniway
5.8Miguel Santoyo12.75Duniway
6.8Sam Romasco12.89Duniway
7.8Chris Derrickson13.15Duniway
8.8Caleb Naughton13.41LaCreole
9.8Yan Mo13.59Duniway
10.8Tim Tatton13.65Duniway
11.8Jacob MacDonald13.99LaCreole
12.8Brady Swink14.64Duniway
8David InghamNTDuniway
8Alex KuhnNTDuniway
X 100 Meters - 7th - Finals
1.7Tanner Scanlon12.47Duniway
2.7Trevor Sartnurak12.50Philomath
3.7Zach Silver12.69Duniway
4.7Ben Rounds12.87LaCreole
5.7Zach Rhoads13.09Duniway
6.7Zane Muse-Bergmann13.16Duniway
7.7Nick Clark13.71Duniway
8.7Joe Buhler13.81LaCreole
9.7Matthew Ashford13.88LaCreole
10.7Grant Tallon14.33LaCreole
11.7Oliver Vera14.53Duniway
12.7Zach St.Clair14.62Philomath
13.7Juan Cortez15.12Duniway
14.7Stephen Weant15.82Duniway
15.7Mitchell Donte16.03Duniway
16.7Spencer Hart16.15Philomath
17.7Adam Israel16.54Duniway
18.7Justus St. Clair16.59Philomath
7Rhett CambelNTLaCreole
7Spencer LandauerNTPhilomath
X 100 Meters - 6th - Finals
1.6Avery Welty13.95LaCreole
2.6Chad Beeton14.81Philomath
3.6Cameron Gumpinger14.96LaCreole
4.6Ted Warnock15.12Philomath
5.6Trustian Hood15.28Duniway
6.6Noel Reyes15.29LaCreole
7.6Nick Martinson15.65LaCreole
8.6Zanden Unger15.68LaCreole
9.6Parker Townley15.93Philomath
10.6Jacob Powell16.01Duniway
11.6Kyler Crocker16.18Philomath
12.6Jeffery Nagel16.25LaCreole
6Nicoholas GuffeyNTLaCreole
6Matt HouckNTPhilomath
X 200 Meters - 8th - Finals
1.8Hunter Abbott26.33Duniway
2.8Jonah Beck26.63LaCreole
3.7Zane Muse-Bergmann27.84Duniway
6Trustian HoodNTDuniway
7Stephen WeantNTDuniway
6Jacob PowellNTDuniway
6Max MalleyNTDuniway
X 200 Meters - 7th - Finals
1.7Zach Rhoads27.29Duniway
2.7Trevor Sartnurak29.33Philomath
3.7Joe Buhler29.88LaCreole
4.7Matthew Ashford30.06LaCreole
7Spencer LandauerNTPhilomath
X 200 Meters - 6th - Finals
1.6Avery Welty30.62LaCreole
2.6Korden Roberts31.37LaCreole
3.6Clay Youker33.84Philomath
4.6Zanden Unger34.30LaCreole
5.6Parker Townley35.87Philomath
6.6Kyle Teal40.50LaCreole
6Matt HouckNTPhilomath
X 400 Meters - 8th - Finals
1.8Colter Forrest59.62Philomath
2.8Benjamin Schieber1:04.68Duniway
3.8Stephen Gilliat1:09.86Duniway
X 400 Meters - 7th - Finals
1.7Ben Rounds1:05.56LaCreole
2.7Victor Downs1:05.62Duniway
3.7Isaak Tichenor1:11.06LaCreole
4.7Karl Hellesto1:11.43Philomath
5.7Juan Cortez1:15.91Duniway
7Mitchell ThomasNTPhilomath
7Tyson JanssenNTLaCreole
X 400 Meters - 6th - Finals
1.6Korden Roberts1:10.54LaCreole
2.6Noel Reyes1:13.59LaCreole
3.6Dawson Brattain1:15.84Philomath
4.6Mitchell Laizure1:18.29LaCreole
5.6Jacob Powell1:24.08Duniway
6Zanden UngerNTLaCreole
6Clay YoukerNTPhilomath
X 800 Meters - 8th - Finals
1.8Austin Bettis2:27.94Duniway
2.8Thain Irwin2:31.75LaCreole
3.8Benjamin Schieber2:32.25Duniway
4.8Patrick Wharton3:01.23LaCreole
5.8Stephen Disney3:25.12LaCreole
8David JohnsonNTLaCreole
8Stephen GilliatNTDuniway
X 800 Meters - 7th - Finals
1.7Liam McKeegan2:46.69Duniway
2.7Logan Hess2:51.80LaCreole
3.7Alex Martinez2:53.08Duniway
4.7Karl Hellesto2:54.14Philomath
5.7Justen Noll2:54.93LaCreole
6.7Juan Cortez3:01.51Duniway
X 800 Meters - 6th - Finals
1.6Gabriel Syhalath2:45.05Duniway
2.6Devon Wilson2:45.53Duniway
3.6Everett Minahan2:46.32LaCreole
4.6Mitchell Laizure2:59.14LaCreole
5.6Parker Ford2:59.55LaCreole
6.6Matthew Shouldis3:07.75Duniway
7.6Jessie Stuhr3:10.56LaCreole
8.6Luke Disney3:23.18LaCreole
6Max HayesNTDuniway
6Korden RobertsNTLaCreole
X 1500 Meters - 8th - Finals
1.8Stephen Gilliat5:25.40Duniway
2.8Jared French6:25.59Philomath
8Austin SittelNTDuniway
8Colter ForrestNTPhilomath
8Patrick WhartonNTLaCreole
X 1500 Meters - 7th - Finals
1.7Liam McKeegan5:33.53Duniway
2.7Alex Martinez5:42.70Duniway
3.7Justen Noll5:43.30LaCreole
X 1500 Meters - 6th - Finals
1.6Everett Minahan5:35.80LaCreole
2.6Parker Ford5:45.93LaCreole
3.6Devon Wilson5:51.24Duniway
4.6Jessie Stuhr6:05.15LaCreole
5.6Max Malley6:14.19Duniway
6.6Clay Youker6:15.67Philomath
7.6Hunter Rust6:25.96Philomath
8.6Luke Disney6:35.82LaCreole
6Mitchell LaizureNTLaCreole
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - 8th - Finals
1.8Hunter Abbott15.97Duniway
2.8Chris Houck16.53Philomath
3.8Luke Miller18.20LaCreole
4.8Yan Mo18.96Duniway
5.8David Johnson21.46LaCreole
8Sam RomascoNTDuniway
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - 7th - Finals
1.7Tanner Scanlon16.96Duniway
2.7Grant Tallon18.20LaCreole
3.7Zach St.Clair18.70Philomath
4.7Mo Locke19.00LaCreole
5.7Nick Clark19.28Duniway
6.7Austin Talerico19.43LaCreole
7.7Mitchell Donte21.06Duniway
7Isaak TichenorNTLaCreole
7Tyson JanssenNTLaCreole
7Lawson AndersonNTLaCreole
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - 6th - Finals
1.6Everett Minahan19.00LaCreole
2.6Dawson Brattain20.46Philomath
3.6Kameron Owens20.75LaCreole
4.6Nicoholas Guffey22.06LaCreole
5.6Aaron Beck22.08LaCreole
6.6Hunter Rust22.21Philomath
7.6Max Malley22.65Duniway
6Matt HouckNTPhilomath
6Jeffery NagelNTLaCreole
X 4x100 Relay - 8th - Finals
1.-Hunter Abbott
Cameron Marcom
Sam Romasco
Nathaniel Weant
X 4x100 Relay - 7th - Finals
1.-Tanner Scanlon
Zach Silver
Zach Rhoads
Nick Clark
2.-Relay Team 56.25LaCreole
3.-Victor Downs
Adam Israel
Alex Martinez
Zane Muse-Bergmann
4.-Mitchell Thomas
Karl Hellesto
Trevor Sartnurak
Zach St.Clair
-Relay Team NTLaCreole
X 4x100 Relay - 6th - Finals
1.-Avery Welty
Cameron Gumpinger
Noel Reyes
Nicoholas Guffey
2.-Jeffery Nagel
Kameron Owens
Kyle Teal
Aaron Beck
-Chad Beeton
Parker Townley
Ted Warnock
Dawson Brattain
X 4x400 Relay - 8th - Finals
1.-Miguel Santoyo
Cameron Marcom
Austin Bettis
Chris Derrickson
2.-Luke Miller
David Johnson
Patrick Wharton
Thain Irwin
X 4x400 Relay - 7th - Finals
1.-Spencer McCarron
Matthew Ashford
Logan Hess
Ben Rounds
2.-Victor Downs
Nick Clark
Tanner Scanlon
Zach Rhoads
3.-Relay Team 5:01.89LaCreole
4.-Zach St.Clair
Trevor Sartnurak
Karl Hellesto
Mitchell Thomas
X 4x400 Relay - 6th - Finals
1.-Devon Wilson
Trustian Hood
Matthew Shouldis
Gabriel Syhalath
2.-Parker Ford
Noel Reyes
Jessie Stuhr
Everett Minahan
3.-Dawson Brattain
Hunter Rust
Parker Townley
Chad Beeton
4.-Zanden Unger
Mitchell Laizure
Aaron Beck
Korden Roberts
X Shot Put - 8lb - 8th - Finals
1.8Caleb Naughton36-10.75LaCreole
2.8David Ingham31-06.25Duniway
3.8Tyler Curtis30-00.25LaCreole
4.8Alex Garrett28-02.25LaCreole
5.8Brady Swink26-10.00Duniway
6.8Austin Sittel24-10.00Duniway
7.8Tyler Alexander22-09.75LaCreole
8.8Alex Kuhn19-10.00Duniway
8Chris HouckNDPhilomath
8Thain IrwinNDLaCreole
8Andrew CarNDDuniway
X Shot Put - 8lb - 7th - Finals
1.7Mo Locke32-02.50LaCreole
2.7Zach Silver30-06.75Duniway
3.7Spencer McCarron28-11.50LaCreole
4.7Nathan Beaton25-10.00LaCreole
5.7Oliver Vera25-00.00Duniway
6.7David Bloomstrom24-10.75LaCreole
7.7Josh Naughton24-01.00LaCreole
8.7Hunter Lindsay23-08.25LaCreole
9.7Trevor Johnson23-03.00Philomath
10.7Justus St. Clair20-02.25Philomath
11.7Zade Gaudet17-06.25Duniway
X Shot Put - 8lb - 6th - Finals
1.6Nick Martinson25-04.50LaCreole
2.6Ted Warnock22-06.00Philomath
2.6Ryan MacNab22-06.00LaCreole
4.6Kyler Crocker21-07.50Philomath
5.6Jake Miller18-09.00LaCreole
6.6Taylor Brown18-01.75Duniway
7.6Kameron Owens15-11.25LaCreole
6Matt HouckNDPhilomath
X Discus - 1kg - 8th - Finals
1.8Tim Tatton106'01Duniway
2.8Tyler Curtis93-09LaCreole
3.8David Ingham88'08Duniway
4.8Caleb Naughton83-05LaCreole
5.8Alex Garrett69-05LaCreole
6.8Alex Kuhn62'11Duniway
7.8Stephen Gilliat61'08Duniway
8.8Nathaniel Weant57'11Duniway
9.8Austin Sittel57'04Duniway
10.8Brady Swink53'04Duniway
8Andrew CarNDDuniway
X Discus - 1kg - 7th - Finals
1.7Spencer McCarron73-03LaCreole
2.7Josh Naughton72-07LaCreole
3.7Oliver Vera72'02Duniway
4.7David Bloomstrom70-08LaCreole
5.7Mo Locke68-01LaCreole
6.7Nathan Beaton64-03LaCreole
7.7Hunter Lindsay60-05LaCreole
8.7Spencer Hart58'06Philomath
9.7Trevor Johnson57'00Philomath
10.7Zade Gaudet48'02Duniway
11.8Tyler Alexander46-10LaCreole
X Discus - 1kg - 6th - Finals
1.6Taylor Brown61'08Duniway
2.6Nick Martinson57-11LaCreole
3.6Ryan MacNab53-11LaCreole
4.6Kyler Crocker52'10Philomath
5.6Hunter Rust48'01Philomath
6.6Kameron Owens42-08LaCreole
7.6Kyle Teal39-01LaCreole
8.6Jake Miller38-09LaCreole
X High Jump - 8th - Finals
1.8Tim Tatton5-02.00Duniway
1.8Chris Houck5-02.00Philomath
3.8Austin Bettis4-08.00Duniway
3.8Miguel Santoyo4-08.00Duniway
3.8Jonah Beck4-08.00LaCreole
6.8Jacob MacDonald4-06.00LaCreole
6.8Jacob Bannister4-06.00Duniway
6.8David Rebischke4-06.00LaCreole
9.8David Johnson4-00.00LaCreole
8Luke MillerNHLaCreole
8Sam RomascoNHDuniway
8Benjamin SchieberNHDuniway
X High Jump - 7th - Finals
1.7Isaak Tichenor4-04.00LaCreole
2.7Justus St. Clair4-02.00Philomath
3.7Austin Talerico4-00.00LaCreole
3.7Mitchell Donte4-00.00Duniway
3.7Spencer Hart4-00.00Philomath
7Mitchell ThomasNHPhilomath
7Jacob SchiedlerNHLaCreole
7Zane Muse-BergmannNHDuniway
X High Jump - 6th - Finals
1.6Nick Martinson4-00.00LaCreole
6Max HayesNHDuniway
6Matthew ShouldisNHDuniway
6Aaron BeckNHLaCreole
6Mitchell LaizureNHLaCreole
6Gabriel SyhalathNHDuniway
X Long Jump - 8th - Finals
1.8Austin Bettis16-03.50Duniway
2.8Hunter Abbott15-05.50Duniway
2.8Nathaniel Weant15-05.50Duniway
4.8Jacob Bannister14-07.50Duniway
5.8Jacob MacDonald14-07.00LaCreole
6.8Chris Houck14-03.25Philomath
7.8Chris Derrickson13-11.25Duniway
8.8Luke Miller13-01.00LaCreole
9.7Stephen Weant12-10.00Duniway
10.6Gabriel Syhalath12-02.00Duniway
11.7Mitchell Donte12-01.25Duniway
12.8Tim Tatton11-03.00Duniway
13.6Trustian Hood11-02.25Duniway
14.7Adam Israel10-11.75Duniway
15.8Jared French10-07.50Philomath
16.8Thain Irwin10-07.25LaCreole
17.6Devon Wilson10-06.50Duniway
8Colter ForrestNDPhilomath
X Long Jump - 7th - Finals
1.7Grant Tallon12-08.50LaCreole
2.7Austin Talerico12-05.50LaCreole
3.7Joe Buhler12-05.25LaCreole
7Spencer LandauerNDPhilomath
7Rhett CambelNDLaCreole
7Lawson AndersonNDLaCreole
7Spencer HartNDPhilomath
X Long Jump - 6th - Finals
1.6Avery Welty14-00.00LaCreole
2.6Cameron Gumpinger13-01.25LaCreole
3.6Kyler Crocker10-02.50Philomath
4.6Taylor Brown8-11.25Duniway

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - 8th - Finals
2.8Breanna Welty13.69LaCreole
3.8Courtney May13.95LaCreole
3.8Althea Hinds-Cook13.95Philomath
1.8Sarah Short14.16LaCreole
5.8Michaela Shouldis14.18Duniway
6.8Riley Wolf14.30LaCreole
7.8Jessica Hardenburger14.31Philomath
7.8Maria Mccarthy14.31LaCreole
9.8Jessica Andre14.42Duniway
10.8Courtney Croy14.56Philomath
11.8Tristyn McCandless14.65Philomath
12.8Tanisha Braziel14.75LaCreole
13.8Whitney McLain14.78Philomath
14.8Marisa Juarez14.81Duniway
15.8Vanessa Thomas14.96Philomath
16.8Drea Dalke15.21LaCreole
17.8Nika Balwit15.23Duniway
18.8Kylie Perkins15.28Philomath
19.8Michelle Kim15.29Duniway
20.8Amber Thompson15.68Duniway
21.8Adelena Mata15.75LaCreole
21.8Britten Essex15.75LaCreole
23.8Caitlyn Monagon15.93Duniway
8Sabrina BlairNTLaCreole
X 100 Meters - 7th - Finals
1.7Carissa Collins13.79Duniway
2.7Camille LaRocca14.06Duniway
3.7Robynn Weiser14.27LaCreole
4.7Macy Sullenger14.28LaCreole
5.7Kassidy Totten14.40LaCreole
6.7Molly Linder14.43Duniway
7.7Rachel Seagren14.50Philomath
8.7Camille Ghording-Nava14.51Duniway
9.7Lily Cudmore14.75LaCreole
10.7Aly Vergin14.88LaCreole
11.7Taylor Fennell15.02LaCreole
12.7Aleece Yager15.15LaCreole
13.7Grace Marchesseault15.21LaCreole
14.7Danielle Remington15.34LaCreole
14.7Andrea Mata15.34LaCreole
16.7Kassidy Perth15.40LaCreole
17.7Carolyn Thom15.46Philomath
18.7Alena Voss15.53LaCreole
19.7Hannah Johnson15.61LaCreole
20.7Ahzaria Cervantes15.62LaCreole
21.7Emmalyn Woolner15.74LaCreole
22.7Stephanie Pierce15.80LaCreole
23.7Sydney Phelps15.81LaCreole
24.7Kelsey Biggar16.06Duniway
25.7Hannah Wehr16.40LaCreole
26.7Heather McNutt-Kaestner16.59Philomath
27.7Hannah Schrock17.42Philomath
28.7Monica Ravia18.31Duniway
7Lesly VeraNTDuniway
7Samantha PurdyNTDuniway
7Emma CollierNTDuniway
7Delaney AckermanNTDuniway
7Jasper CorcoranNTPhilomath
X 100 Meters - 6th - Finals
1.6Taylor Gunesch14.27LaCreole
2.6Tabatha Richard14.53LaCreole
3.6Elizabeth Sutton15.03LaCreole
4.6Ashley Scoggins15.12LaCreole
5.6Hannah Abbott15.14Duniway
6.6Tori Prouty15.24LaCreole
7.6Lyssa Perdue15.27LaCreole
8.6Emily Weninger15.91LaCreole
9.6Hannah Noonan15.93Philomath
10.6Taylor Person16.25LaCreole
11.6Taylor Staniford16.33LaCreole
12.6Kendra Sheeder16.34Philomath
13.6Quinn Weisensee16.40LaCreole
14.6Katelyn Renshaw16.56Duniway
15.6Elisabeth Bloomstrom16.75LaCreole
16.6Ally Fennimore16.81LaCreole
17.6Kelsey Provance16.87Philomath
18.6Zaira McKay16.93Duniway
19.6Kira Williams17.37Philomath
20.6Aurora Jenson17.54Philomath
21.6Bethany Schmidt17.96LaCreole
6Malanie LamprectNTDuniway
6Brianna JonesNTLaCreole
X 200 Meters - 8th - Finals
1.8Emilee White29.25LaCreole
2.8Breanna Welty29.87LaCreole
3.8Riley Wolf30.43LaCreole
4.8Caitlyn Monagon30.55Duniway
5.8Courtney May30.59LaCreole
6.8Drea Dalke31.87LaCreole
7.8Maria Mccarthy31.96LaCreole
8.8Breanna Speelman32.22LaCreole
9.8Jessica Andre32.43Duniway
10.8Tanisha Braziel32.54LaCreole
11.8Nika Balwit33.44Duniway
12.8Lauren Ulvang34.72Duniway
8Lillie HoffmanNTPhilomath
8Vanessa ThomasNTPhilomath
8Kylie PerkinsNTPhilomath
8Tierra StephensonNTPhilomath
X 200 Meters - 7th - Finals
1.7Taylor Fennell29.29LaCreole
2.7Courtney Monagon29.79Duniway
3.7Robynn Weiser30.19LaCreole
4.7Kassidy Totten32.15LaCreole
5.7Ahzaria Cervantes33.50LaCreole
6.7Brenna Marshall33.97Philomath
7.7Aleece Yager34.18LaCreole
8.7Andrea Mata35.93LaCreole
9.7Heather McNutt-Kaestner36.45Philomath
10.7Anna George36.50Philomath
11.7Hannah Schrock37.00Philomath
7Delaney AckermanNTDuniway
7Samantha PurdyNTDuniway
7Carissa CollinsNTDuniway
7Isabella NelsonNTLaCreole
X 200 Meters - 6th - Finals
1.6Hannah Abbott30.78Duniway
2.6Tabatha Richard31.54LaCreole
3.6Taylor Gunesch32.02LaCreole
4.6Tori Prouty32.19LaCreole
5.6Lyssa Perdue32.93LaCreole
6.6Elizabeth Sutton33.28LaCreole
7.6Quinn Weisensee34.62LaCreole
8.6Taylor Person34.69LaCreole
9.6Taylor Staniford35.43LaCreole
10.6Anneka Bloomstrom35.84LaCreole
11.6Elisabeth Bloomstrom37.25LaCreole
12.6Wren Isaacs37.53Philomath
13.6Brianna Jones38.58LaCreole
14.6Aurora Jenson39.69Philomath
X 400 Meters - 8th - Finals
1.8Carleen Fall1:07.62LaCreole
8Nicole SchrockNTLaCreole
X 400 Meters - 7th - Finals
1.7Isabella Nelson1:13.21LaCreole
2.7Rachel Seagren1:13.43Philomath
3.7Kalika Trueblood1:16.50LaCreole
4.7Krista Catto1:17.56LaCreole
5.7Hannah Nelson1:17.95LaCreole
6.7Alena Voss1:17.98LaCreole
7.7Natalie Scott1:18.94Duniway
7Magdalena CejaNTDuniway
7Audrey PattishallNTDuniway
7Justine EckerNTDuniway
7Alexis OberNTDuniway
X 400 Meters - 6th - Finals
1.6Ashley Scoggins1:15.40LaCreole
2.6Rebecka Schieber1:17.91Duniway
3.6Savannah Menken1:21.95Duniway
4.6Katelyn Renshaw1:22.11Duniway
5.6Madeline Malley1:22.50Duniway
6.6Anneka Bloomstrom1:22.71LaCreole
7.6Ally Fennimore1:23.26LaCreole
8.6Wren Isaacs1:27.75Philomath
9.6Kristen Bovbjerg1:27.89Philomath
X 800 Meters - 8th - Finals
1.8Anne Barrientos3:09.88LaCreole
2.8Kearsten Turley3:13.56LaCreole
3.8Raelee Mullim3:19.82LaCreole
8Kylie PerkinsNTPhilomath
8Althea Hinds-CookNTPhilomath
8Ha Eun ParkNTDuniway
X 800 Meters - 7th - Finals
1.7Kassidy Totten2:59.70LaCreole
2.7Alexis Ober3:06.93Duniway
3.7Catherine Rocak3:09.08LaCreole
4.7Stephanie Pierce3:25.69LaCreole
7Magdalena CejaNTDuniway
7Justine EckerNTDuniway
7Rebecca NobleNTDuniway
7Makayla KhatewodaNTDuniway
X 800 Meters - 6th - Finals
1.6Rebecka Schieber3:06.42Duniway
2.6Whitney Rich3:07.51Duniway
3.6Kendra Sheeder3:10.07Philomath
4.6Ally Fennimore3:12.72LaCreole
5.6Anneka Bloomstrom3:22.47LaCreole
6.6Abby Teal3:23.97LaCreole
X 1500 Meters - 8th - Finals
1.8Carleen Fall5:32.16LaCreole
2.8Kearsten Turley6:20.91LaCreole
3.8Anne Barrientos6:26.32LaCreole
4.8Raelee Mullim6:34.67LaCreole
5.8Ha Eun Park6:41.51Duniway
8Dakota BuhlerNTDuniway
X 1500 Meters - 7th - Finals
1.7Makayla Khatewoda5:48.75Duniway
2.7Catherine Rocak6:12.67LaCreole
3.6Whitney Rich6:14.96Duniway
4.7Makenzie Davis6:44.72LaCreole
7Stephanie PierceNTLaCreole
X 1500 Meters - 6th - Finals
1.6Abby Teal7:23.52LaCreole
6Kaely NelsonNTPhilomath
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - 8th - Finals
1.8Kiley Barcroft17.43LaCreole
2.8Megan Schrock17.50Philomath
3.8Dakota Buhler18.68Duniway
4.8Sarah Short18.76LaCreole
5.8Michaela Shouldis18.78Duniway
6.8Breanna Speelman19.50LaCreole
7.8Laurel Luke19.93Philomath
8.8Jessica Andre20.00Duniway
9.8Whitney McLain20.64Philomath
10.8Tristyn McCandless20.93Philomath
11.8Adelena Mata21.59LaCreole
12.8Marisa Juarez22.12Duniway
13.8Sabrina Blair22.24LaCreole
14.8Reba Jones22.41LaCreole
15.8Britten Essex22.68LaCreole
16.8Jordan Morison24.53LaCreole
8Lucy BellvilleNTDuniway
8Courtney CroyNTPhilomath
8Allison LakeNTDuniway
8Amber ThompsonNTDuniway
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - 7th - Finals
1.7Robynn Weiser17.83LaCreole
2.7Macy Sullenger18.03LaCreole
3.7Carissa Collins18.43Duniway
4.7Danielle Remington18.78LaCreole
5.7Makayla Khatewoda19.20Duniway
6.7Emmalyn Woolner19.81LaCreole
7.7Lily Cudmore20.41LaCreole
8.7Charissa Menken20.56Duniway
9.7Hannah Johnson20.63LaCreole
10.7Sydney Phelps20.72LaCreole
11.7Carolyn Thom21.12Philomath
12.7Aly Vergin21.21LaCreole
13.7Grace Marchesseault21.26LaCreole
14.7Alena Voss21.56LaCreole
15.7Aleece Yager21.93LaCreole
16.7Andrea Mata22.30LaCreole
17.7Hannah Wehr22.60LaCreole
18.7Kassidy Barnett23.89LaCreole
19.7Anna George24.50Philomath
20.7Stephanie Pierce34.31LaCreole
7Justine EckerNTDuniway
7Krista CattoNTLaCreole
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - 6th - Finals
1.6Tabatha Richard18.30LaCreole
2.6Katelyn Renshaw21.21Duniway
3.6Hannah Abbott21.37Duniway
4.6Quinn Weisensee21.84LaCreole
5.6Taylor Staniford22.43LaCreole
6.6Alexis Lillis22.59Philomath
7.6Savannah Menken22.62Duniway
8.6Taylor Person23.41LaCreole
9.6Brianna Jones23.87LaCreole
10.6Elizabeth Sutton23.96LaCreole
11.6Anneka Bloomstrom24.34LaCreole
12.6Elisabeth Bloomstrom26.75LaCreole
X 4x100 Relay - 8th - Finals
1.-Breanna Welty
Courtney May
Emilee White
Riley Wolf
2.-Jessica Hardenburger
Laurel Luke
Megan Schrock
Tierra Stephenson
3.-Britten Essex
Maria McCarthy
Breanna Speelman
Drea Dalke
4.-Whitney McLain
Vanessa Thomas
Tristyn McCandless
Courtney Croy
X 4x100 Relay - 7th - Finals
1.-Carissa Collins
Molly Linder
Courtney Monagon
Rebecca Noble
2.-Robynn Weiser
Macy Sullenger
Kassidy Totten
Taylor Fennell
3.-Lily Cudmore
Aleece Yager
Aly Vergin
Drea Dalke
4.-Rachel Seagren
Carolyn Thom
Brenna Marshall
Andi Rath
-Anna George
Jasper Corcoran
Heather McNutt-Kaestner
Hannah Schrock
X 4x100 Relay - 6th - Finals
1.-Elizabeth Sutton
Tabatha Richard
Taylor Gunesch
Ashley Scoggins
2.-Tori Prouty
Taylor Staniford
Emily Weninger
Lyssa Perdue
3.-Hannah Noonan
Kelsey Provance
Alexis Lillis
Kendra Sheeder
4.-Kira Williams
Kaely Nelson
Kristen Bovbjerg
Aurora Jenson
-Hannah Abbott
Malanie Lamprect
Savannah Menken
Rebecka Schieber
X 4x400 Relay - 8th - Finals
1.-Carleen Fall
Courtney May
Nicole Schrock
Emilee White
2.-Althea Hinds-Cook
Tierra Stephenson
Megan Schrock
Laurel Luke
3.-Tatum Rasmussen
Lucy Bellville
Allison Lake
Caitlyn Monagon
X 4x400 Relay - 7th - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:59.46Duniway
2.-Lesly Vera
Hannah Miller
Alexis Ober
Kelsey Biggar
3.-Macy Sullenger
Krista Catto
Kalika Trueblood
Isabella Nelson
4.-Andi Rath
Brenna Marshall
Carolyn Thom
Rachel Seagren
5.-Sydney Phelps
Lily Cudmore
Kassidy Barnett
Alena Voss
X 4x400 Relay - 6th - Finals
1.-Lyssa Perdue
Tori Prouty
Ally Fennimore
Ashley Scoggins
2.-Kendra Sheeder
Alexis Lillis
Kaely Nelson
Hannah Noonan
3.-Kira Williams
Kristen Bovbjerg
Aurora Jenson
Wren Isaacs
X Shot Put - 6lb - 8th - Finals
1.8Jessica Hardenburger27-09.00Philomath
2.8Erin Schiedler27-00.25LaCreole
3.8Shasta Ehrhart26-00.25Duniway
4.8Lauren Vilches25-09.50LaCreole
5.8Kiley Barcroft25-04.00LaCreole
6.8Jessica Henry24-06.50Duniway
7.8Amber Thompson20-10.75Duniway
8.8Jorie Henry20-09.75LaCreole
9.8Paige Autery18-11.00Duniway
10.8Danielle Gannaway16-07.00LaCreole
8Lillie HoffmanNDPhilomath
8Michelle KimNDDuniway
X Shot Put - 6lb - 7th - Finals
1.7Kalika Trueblood29-00.50LaCreole
2.7Makenzie Davis25-03.00LaCreole
3.7Melissa Campbell24-11.50Duniway
4.7Rebecca Noble23-09.00Duniway
5.7Courtney Monagon23-08.00Duniway
6.7Kassidy Perth22-02.50LaCreole
7.7Andi Rath20-03.00Philomath
8.7Heather Bissonette19-09.50Duniway
9.7Alexis Aldrich18-06.00LaCreole
10.7Rachel Chapman17-01.00LaCreole
X Shot Put - 6lb - 6th - Finals
1.6Kyleen Benz33-03.75LaCreole
2.6Jalyn Clark-Johnson18-10.25Duniway
3.6Avery Schulze17-10.50Duniway
4.6Zaira McKay13-01.50Duniway
6Malanie LamprectNDDuniway
X Discus - 1kg - 8th - Finals
1.8Erin Schiedler60-10LaCreole
2.8Jessica Hardenburger55-04Philomath
3.8Amber Thompson53-10Duniway
4.8Shasta Ehrhart53-04Duniway
5.8Lauren Vilches53-03LaCreole
6.8Jessica Henry48-11Duniway
7.8Danielle Gannaway43-06LaCreole
8.8Paige Autery42-02Duniway
9.8Jorie Henry40-02LaCreole
X Discus - 1kg - 7th - Finals
1.7Makenzie Davis60-04LaCreole
2.7Kalika Trueblood59-06LaCreole
3.7Heather Bissonette50-09Duniway
4.7Kassidy Perth50-07LaCreole
5.7Rachel Chapman49-02LaCreole
6.7Andi Rath46-07Philomath
7.7Alexis Aldrich42-03LaCreole
X Discus - 1kg - 6th - Finals
1.6Kyleen Benz67-10LaCreole
2.6Alexis Lillis49-07Philomath
3.6Jalyn Clark-Johnson38-00Duniway
4.6Avery Schulze36-05Duniway
5.6Kaely Nelson31-09Philomath
X High Jump - 8th - Finals
1.8Lucy Bellville4-06.00Duniway
1.8Megan Schrock4-06.00Philomath
3.8Kiley Barcroft4-04.00LaCreole
4.8Vanessa Thomas4-02.00Philomath
5.8Dakota Buhler3-10.00Duniway
8Allison LakeNHDuniway
8Kearsten TurleyNHLaCreole
8Sarah ShortNHLaCreole
X High Jump - 7th - Finals
1.7Natalie Scott4-02.00Duniway
2.7Melissa Campbell4-00.00Duniway
2.7Charissa Menken4-00.00Duniway
2.7Rebecca Noble4-00.00Duniway
5.7Sydney Phelps3-11.00LaCreole
5.7Emmalyn Woolner3-11.00LaCreole
7.7Hannah Johnson3-08.00LaCreole
7Samantha PurdyNHDuniway
7Emma CollierNHDuniway
7Kassidy BarnettNHLaCreole
7Danielle RemingtonNHLaCreole
X High Jump - 6th - Finals
6Malanie LamprectNHDuniway
X Long Jump - 8th - Finals
1.8Riley Wolf13-07.00LaCreole
2.7Alaina Mead13-06.00Duniway
3.8Emilee White13-03.75LaCreole
4.8Kiley Barcroft13-02.00LaCreole
5.8Dakota Buhler12-08.75Duniway
6.7Tatum Rasmussen12-07.25Duniway
7.8Britten Essex12-05.00LaCreole
8.8Carleen Fall12-02.50LaCreole
9.7Makayla Khatewoda11-09.50Duniway
10.8Courtney Croy11-09.00Philomath
11.7Rebecca Wolf11-07.75Duniway
12.7Hannah Miller11-06.00Duniway
13.8Tierra Stephenson11-05.00Philomath
14.8Laurel Luke10-10.50Philomath
14.7Kelsey Biggar10-10.50Duniway
16.7Camille LaRocca10-09.50Duniway
17.7Charissa Menken10-08.00Duniway
18.8Raelee Mullim10-03.00LaCreole
19.7Camille Ghording-Nava10-02.00Duniway
20.8Maria Mccarthy10-01.00LaCreole
21.8Lauren Ulvang9-11.25Duniway
22.8Jordan Morison9-11.00LaCreole
23.8Whitney McLain9-08.00Philomath
24.8Kearsten Turley8-05.00LaCreole
25.6Avery Schulze8-01.00Duniway
7Heather BissonetteNDDuniway
6Savannah MenkenNDDuniway
6Katelyn RenshawNDDuniway
6Madeline MalleyNDDuniway
7Audrey PattishallNDDuniway
8Allison LakeNDDuniway
8Lucy BellvilleNDDuniway
8Kylie PerkinsNDPhilomath
8Althea Hinds-CookNDPhilomath
8Lillie HoffmanNDPhilomath
8Sabrina BlairNDLaCreole
7Natalie ScottNDDuniway
X Long Jump - 7th - Finals
1.7Danielle Remington13-03.50LaCreole
2.7Brenna Marshall12-06.50Philomath
3.7Isabella Nelson12-03.00LaCreole
4.7Hannah Nelson11-03.00LaCreole
5.7Grace Marchesseault10-08.50LaCreole
6.7Hannah Wehr10-03.50LaCreole
7.7Aly Vergin9-09.50LaCreole
8.7Anna George9-00.75Philomath
9.7Hannah Schrock8-11.00Philomath
7Jasper CorcoranNDPhilomath
X Long Jump - 6th - Finals
1.6Taylor Gunesch14-01.75LaCreole
2.6Emily Weninger10-02.50LaCreole
3.6Bethany Schmidt9-08.00LaCreole
4.6Abby Teal9-05.00LaCreole
4.6Zaira McKay9-05.00Duniway
6.6Kelsey Provance9-01.50Philomath
7.6Hannah Noonan8-08.00Philomath
8.6Kristen Bovbjerg8-06.00Philomath
9.6Kira Williams8-00.00Philomath
10.6Wren Isaacs7-09.00Philomath
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