West CYO Meet - Padua HS

Sunday, April 11, 2010
  Padua HS, Parma - Map

  Field Events Start: 1:00 PM  Track Events Start: 1:00 PM
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - 4th Grade - Elemental - Finals
4Zachary Antonio14.96St Albert the Great
4Conor Hynes15.6St Mark
1.4Danny Roberge15.76Sts Joseph and John
4AJ Zubek16.12Incarnate Word Academy
2.4Jared Meyer16.56Sts Joseph and John
4Matthew Thomas16.73St Anthony of Padua-...
4Bryan Westbrook16.87St Anthony of Padua-...
4Ethan Rebar16.92St Columbkille
4Larry Prochko17.47aSt Charles Borromeo
4Simon Kelley17.3St Mark
4Nedas Semaska17.87Incarnate Word Academy
4Eric Devney17.92St Albert the Great
4Evan Ketz17.92St Albert the Great
4Liam Graham18.26aSt Charles Borromeo
4Aidan McCaffrey18.03Incarnate Word Academy
4Eric Miranda18.09St Albert the Great
4Paul Kolbus18.09St Albert the Great
4Anthony McCartney18.07St Albert the Great
5.4Andy Klemm18.11St. Ambrose
6.4Eric Scalfano18.13St. Ambrose
4Timmy Tusick18.39Incarnate Word Academy
4Bailey Golak18.46St Columbkille
4Joseph Juda18.8Incarnate Word Academy
4Andy Ryan19.1St Mark
2.4Asher Crawford19.54Sts Joseph and John
4Nicolas Cessna20.18aSt Charles Borromeo
4Justin Tracy20.19St Columbkille
4Zachary Howe20.5St Mark
4Matthew Borden20.9St Mark
8.4Jonny Roberge20.81Sts Joseph and John
4Gus Vogt-Shields22.17St Albert the Great
4Drew Alessandro24.11St Columbkille
5.4Clay Zibert24.73Sts Joseph and John
4Andrew Boldy26.33Sts Joseph and John
X 100 Meters - 5th Grade - Developmental - Finals
5Mikey Lehto14.1St Mark
5Charles Jindra15.19aSt Charles Borromeo
5Brad Hall15.78St Anthony of Padua-...
5Michael Dighero15.99St Columbkille
5Joe Macuga16.04St Albert the Great
5Gregory Jesionek16.46St Anthony of Padua-...
1.5Trey Thompson16.45Sts Joseph and John
5Noah Schrader16.51St Albert the Great
5Eric Lauer16.7St Mark
5Seamus O'Malley16.8St Columbkille
5Owen Zubek16.95Incarnate Word Academy
5Garrett Howenstine17.05St Columbkille
5Will Maier17.38aSt Charles Borromeo
5Justin Stepp17.12St Columbkille
5Kevin Ennis17.21St Columbkille
6.5Gabe Tobon17.26St. Ambrose
5.5Zachary Maxwell17.54Sts Joseph and John
8.5Brennan McQuinn17.60Sts Joseph and John
6.5Michael Revilock17.62Sts Joseph and John
5Danny Hyland17.8St Mark
5Daniel Rush18.53St Columbkille
5James Zassick18.93aSt Charles Borromeo
5Christopher Dombrosky19.61Incarnate Word Academy
X 100 Meters - 6th Grade - Cadet - Finals
6Joshua Vier13.67St Columbkille
6Brandan Bizzi13.92St Anthony of Padua-...
6Justin Thomas14.89St Albert the Great
6Jermaine Francis15.14aSt Charles Borromeo
6Jack Ruddy14.9St Mark
6Alec Biller15.00St. Ambrose
6Dean Ramicone15.43St Albert the Great
6Patrick Eminian15.8St Mark
6Andrew Vargo15.95St Mark
6Nicholas Bilski16.2St Mark
6Tommy Hennie16.19Incarnate Word Academy
6Nicholas Dixon16.18St. Ambrose
6Joseph Vicario16.48St Columbkille
6Kyle Kokish16.58St. Ambrose
6Jacob Fiato16.57St Albert the Great
6James Mihalek16.58St Anthony of Padua-...
6Kevin Lannoch16.9St Anthony of Padua-...
6Ryan Emery16.91St. Ambrose
6Kevin O'Reilly17.2St Mark
6Thomas Fiktus17.22St Anthony of Padua-...
6Nick Shreckengast17.27St Albert the Great
6Dean Krofta17.33St Columbkille
6Andy Urban17.43St Albert the Great
6Aric Micko18.47Sts Joseph and John
X 100 Meters - 7th Grade - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Matthew Saffell12.97St Columbkille
7Nicholas Ludwick13.87Incarnate Word Academy
7Billy Killmer13.85St. Ambrose
7Joseph Morell14.17aSt Charles Borromeo
7Alex Janis14.2St Mark
7Joseph Stibley14.21St. Ambrose
7Jacob Zamora14.32St Albert the Great
7Tyler Terbrack14.44St Anthony of Padua-...
7Colin Sharpe14.5St Mark
7Jeff Eben14.80St Albert the Great
7Andrew Norton15.05aSt Charles Borromeo
7Casey Sobecks14.82St Albert the Great
7Dean Supelak15.10Sts Joseph and John
7Patrick McCarthy15.17St Columbkille
7Nicholas Chonko15.2St Mark
7David Dalton15.39St Albert the Great
7Steven Koblin15.87aSt Charles Borromeo
7Alec O'Toole15.7St Mark
7Spencer Mahon15.79St Anthony of Padua-...
7Kevin Gilhousen15.71St. Ambrose
7Jeff Anzo15.97St. Ambrose
7Armando Polizzi16.07St Albert the Great
7Joey Lagzdins16.3St Anthony of Padua-...
7Steven Fernandez16.38St Anthony of Padua-...
7Kevin Keaton16.31St Albert the Great
7Sean Devney16.72St Albert the Great
7Patrick Magalski17.07St. Ambrose
7Ryan Young17.99St Anthony of Padua-...
7Steven Wright17.96St Albert the Great
7Ben Novotny17.91St Albert the Great
7Mark Fleming18.09St Albert the Great
7Mason Mocho18.01Incarnate Word Academy
7Adam Zibert18.25Sts Joseph and John
7Brendan O'Donnell18.47St Columbkille
7Alec McGillivray20.28aSt Charles Borromeo
X 100 Meters - 8th Grade - Varsity - Finals
8Jacob Grospitch12.36St Columbkille
8Anthony Ortiz12.4Incarnate Word Academy
8Christian Yonek12.47St Anthony of Padua-...
8Ryan Napoli12.71St Anthony of Padua-...
8Allen Viancourt13.17aSt Charles Borromeo
8Nick Rebar13.15St Columbkille
8Mike Angers13.2St Mark
8Justin Follmer13.17St Mark
8Justin Follmer13.2St Mark
8Joey Ciacchi13.52aSt Charles Borromeo
8Danny Schmock13.24Incarnate Word Academy
8James Stanko14.00aSt Charles Borromeo
8Max Revay13.77St Anthony of Padua-...
8Dylan Castro13.79St. Ambrose
8Jim Abraham13.9Incarnate Word Academy
8Jonathan Nemes14.06Incarnate Word Academy
8Matt Saxon14.29St. Ambrose
8Phillip Zinicola14.35Sts Joseph and John
8Brian Callahan14.42St Columbkille
8Blake Bushley14.79aSt Charles Borromeo
8Jesse McManis14.81aSt Charles Borromeo
8John Baird14.82aSt Charles Borromeo
8Michael Rebar14.96Sts Joseph and John
8Liam Lipke15.40aSt Charles Borromeo
8Blake Carrino15.13Sts Joseph and John
8Carl Shreckengast15.22St Albert the Great
8Daniel Mencke17.27aSt Charles Borromeo
8Justin Romito17.69Incarnate Word Academy
8Connor Higgins17.7St Mark
X 200 Meters - 4th Grade - Elemental - Finals
4Danny Roberge34.89Sts Joseph and John
4AJ Zubek36.43Incarnate Word Academy
4Francisco Montanez37.06St Anthony of Padua-...
4Matthew Golonka37.85Sts Joseph and John
4Aidan McCaffrey38.17Incarnate Word Academy
4Eric Miranda38.54St Albert the Great
4Justin Tracy38.91St Columbkille
4Liam Graham39.44aSt Charles Borromeo
4Chris Litwinowicz39.43St Anthony of Padua-...
4Eric Devney40.03St Albert the Great
4Paul Kolbus40.23St Albert the Great
4Nicolas Cessna40.74aSt Charles Borromeo
4Bailey Golak41.79St Columbkille
4Andy Ryan41.8St Mark
4Anthony McCartney43.14St Albert the Great
4Matthew Borden45.36St Mark
4Bradley Faur51.71St. Ambrose
X 200 Meters - 5th Grade - Developmental - Finals
5Mikey Lehto29.7St Mark
6Jack Ruddy31.9St Mark
5Charles Jindra32.62aSt Charles Borromeo
5Joe Macuga34.45St Albert the Great
5Owen Zubek34.59Incarnate Word Academy
5Trey Thompson36.55Sts Joseph and John
5Michael Dighero36.70St Columbkille
5Kevin Ennis36.78St Columbkille
5Zachary Litwinowicz37.23St Anthony of Padua-...
5Jason Bianco37.26St Anthony of Padua-...
5Tommy Schemer38.60Sts Joseph and John
5Izaak Whisler39.87St. Ambrose
5Jake Quinn40.91St. Ambrose
5Matthew Cardello41.00Sts Joseph and John
5Noah Schrader42.20St Albert the Great
X 200 Meters - 6th Grade - Cadet - Finals
6Joshua Vier30.33St Columbkille
6Justin Thomas31.13St Albert the Great
6Jermaine Francis32.02aSt Charles Borromeo
6Brady Strumbel33.21St Albert the Great
6Joseph Vicario34.08St Columbkille
6Andrew Vargo34.1St Mark
6Matt Quinn34.67St. Ambrose
6David Emery37.86St. Ambrose
6Nick Shreckengast41.90St Albert the Great
6Ed Knight44.54St Anthony of Padua-...
X 200 Meters - 7th Grade - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Matthew Saffell27.58St Columbkille
7Adam Weber28.85St. Ambrose
7Jonathan Zedella29.17aSt Charles Borromeo
7Michael Profancik29.10St Anthony of Padua-...
7Joseph Morell30.07aSt Charles Borromeo
7Colin Sharpe30.3St Mark
7Patrick Breen30.36St Anthony of Padua-...
7Connor Farrell30.99St Anthony of Padua-...
7Brendan Hall30.95St Anthony of Padua-...
7Dean Supelak31.11Sts Joseph and John
7Nicholas Chonko31.72St Mark
7Alec O'Toole32.1St Mark
7Casey Sobecks32.01St Albert the Great
7Tony Ricchiuto32.29St. Ambrose
7Patrick McCarthy32.23St Columbkille
7Steven Koblin32.95aSt Charles Borromeo
7Shawn Strazar32.82St. Ambrose
7Austin Perkins33.20Sts Joseph and John
7Kevin Gilhousen33.40St. Ambrose
7Armando Polizzi34.25St Albert the Great
7Sean Magalski34.41St. Ambrose
7Kenton Kamburoff35.17aSt Charles Borromeo
7Sean Devney35.22St Albert the Great
7Alec McGillivray45.21aSt Charles Borromeo
X 200 Meters - 8th Grade - Varsity - Finals
8Anthony Ortiz25.36Incarnate Word Academy
8Joey Ciacchi27.93aSt Charles Borromeo
8Danny Schmock27.74Incarnate Word Academy
8Dylan Castro27.85St. Ambrose
8Justin Follmer28.1St Mark
8Max Revay28.40St Anthony of Padua-...
8Alex Tomoff29.09Sts Joseph and John
8James Stanko29.77aSt Charles Borromeo
8John Baird30.21aSt Charles Borromeo
8Jacob Grospitch30.16St Columbkille
8Jesse McManis30.45aSt Charles Borromeo
8Michael Rebar30.48Sts Joseph and John
8Justin Hocevar30.82aSt Charles Borromeo
8Liam Lipke32.64aSt Charles Borromeo
8Blake Bushley33.13aSt Charles Borromeo
8Carl Shreckengast33.14St Albert the Great
8Blake Carrino35.27Sts Joseph and John
8Justin Romito35.87Incarnate Word Academy
8Joey Anzo36.48St. Ambrose
X 400 Meters - 4th Grade - Elemental - Finals
1.4Jared Meyer1:21.41Sts Joseph and John
4Timmy Tusick1:24.31Incarnate Word Academy
3.4Jacob Walcutt1:24.38Sts Joseph and John
4Nedas Semaska1:26.47Incarnate Word Academy
4Eric Miranda1:32St Albert the Great
4Brian Scalfano1:34.30St. Ambrose
4Larry Prochko1:35.03St Charles Borromeo
4Joseph Juda1:35.63Incarnate Word Academy
4Simon Kelley1:40St Mark
4Evan Ketz1:51St Albert the Great
X 400 Meters - 5th Grade - Developmental - Finals
5Jacob Drlik1:19.97St Columbkille
5Will Maier1:21.07St Charles Borromeo
5Patrick McKee1:22St Albert the Great
4.5Colin Kern1:25.64Sts Joseph and John
5.5Matthew Cardello1:29.50Sts Joseph and John
5Max Shreckengast1:31St Albert the Great
5Izaak Whisler1:33.63St. Ambrose
5Zachary Maxwell1:34.32Sts Joseph and John
5Michael Revilock1:37.62Sts Joseph and John
5Christopher Dombrosky1:38.26Incarnate Word Academy
X 400 Meters - 6th Grade - Cadet - Finals
6Tyler McNichols1:08.11St Charles Borromeo
6Alec Biller1:10.45St. Ambrose
6Dean Ramicone1:13St Albert the Great
6Brady Strumbel1:15St Albert the Great
6Tommy Hennie1:21.81Incarnate Word Academy
6David Emery1:26.15St. Ambrose
6Matthew Minnich1:28.82St. Ambrose
6Jacob Fiato1:30St Albert the Great
6Corey Rybka1:34.14St. Ambrose
6Ryan Emery1:37.37St. Ambrose
6Lucas Herman1:40.02St. Ambrose
X 400 Meters - 7th Grade - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Nicholas Ludwick1:04.04Incarnate Word Academy
7Alex Janis1:06St Mark
7Adam Weber1:07:97St. Ambrose
7Joseph Stibley1:07.37St. Ambrose
7Billy Killmer1:09.63St. Ambrose
7Blake Tobon1:11:41St. Ambrose
7Kevin Keaton1:13St Albert the Great
7Jacob Zamora1:14St Albert the Great
7Shawn Strazar1:16.09St. Ambrose
7Jeff Eben1:17St Albert the Great
7Jeff Anzo1:19.29St. Ambrose
7Steven Wright1:22St Albert the Great
7Grant Powers1:22.92Sts Joseph and John
7Brendan O'Donnell1:22.92St Columbkille
7Ben Mayo1:23.1Incarnate Word Academy
7Andrew Norton1:23.13St Charles Borromeo
7Mason Mocho1:24.31Incarnate Word Academy
7Adam Zibert1:33Sts Joseph and John
X 400 Meters - 8th Grade - Varsity - Finals
8Jim Abraham1:03.1Incarnate Word Academy
8Jonathan Nemes1:03.7Incarnate Word Academy
8Joseph Bradley1:04.07St Charles Borromeo
8Alex Tomoff1:04.47Sts Joseph and John
8Andrew Chulock1:04.63St Charles Borromeo
8Phillip Zinicola1:06.67Sts Joseph and John
8Michael Boazzo1:07.20St Charles Borromeo
8Owen Verhiley1:07.44St Charles Borromeo
8Nicholas Foster1:07.64St Charles Borromeo
8Allen Viancourt1:08.02St Charles Borromeo
8Matt Saxon1:11.65St. Ambrose
8Joey Anzo1:12.68St. Ambrose
8Jacob Simko1:22.63Sts Joseph and John
X 800 Meters - 4th Grade - Elemental - Finals
4Santino Pignatiello2:59.59St Charles Borromeo
4Bryan Westbrook3:16St Anthony of Padua-...
3.4Andy Klemm3:26.97St. Ambrose
4.4Caleb Stalder3:44.36Sts Joseph and John
5.4Eric Scalfano3:48.69St. Ambrose
4Zachary Howe3:53St Mark
X 800 Meters - 5th Grade - Developmental - Finals
1.5Tommy Schemer3:00.40Sts Joseph and John
2.5Gabe Tobon3:04.95St. Ambrose
5Danny Hyland3:06St Mark
5Jack Schaeffer3:10.95St Charles Borromeo
5Eric Lauer3:16St Mark
X 800 Meters - 6th Grade - Cadet - Finals
6Frank Tusick2:53.42Incarnate Word Academy
6Matt Galla3:02.30St Charles Borromeo
6Kyle Kokish3:07.07St. Ambrose
6Nicholas Bilski3:09St Mark
6Matthew Minnich3:11.12St. Ambrose
6Patrick Eminian3:14St Mark
6Dylan Page3:18.5St Anthony of Padua-...
6Jacob Bean3:20St Anthony of Padua-...
6Kevin O'Reilly3:23St Mark
X 800 Meters - 7th Grade - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Derek Smith2:39.2St Anthony of Padua-...
7Brandon Phillips2:41.06St Charles Borromeo
7Michael Kraft2:54.38St Charles Borromeo
7Mark Bischof2:56.69Sts Joseph and John
7Jonah Kuvin3:00.6St Anthony of Padua-...
7Ben Novotny3:24St Albert the Great
X 800 Meters - 8th Grade - Varsity - Finals
8Mike Angers2:23St Mark
8Eric Bednar2:25.12St Columbkille
8Peter Krafcik2:38.90St Charles Borromeo
8Sebastian Stone3:04St Anthony of Padua-...
8Jacob Simko3:10.14Sts Joseph and John
X 1600 Meters - 4th Grade - Elemental - Finals
4Conor Hynes6:29St Mark
4Zachary Antonio6:46St Albert the Great
3.4Matthew Golonka7:04.29Sts Joseph and John
4Gus Vogt-Shields7:38St Albert the Great
X 1600 Meters - 5th Grade - Developmental - Finals
1.5Colin Kern6:34.81Sts Joseph and John
5Andrew Zedella6:39.95Incarnate Word Academy
5Patrick McKee6:48St Albert the Great
5James Zassick7:14.95St Charles Borromeo
5Max Shreckengast7:16St Albert the Great
X 1600 Meters - 6th Grade - Cadet - Finals
1.6Nicholas Dixon5:44.36St. Ambrose
6Bobby Farrell6:08.52St Anthony of Padua-...
3.6Scout Aswad7:04.39Sts Joseph and John
6Andy Urban7:08St Albert the Great
X 1600 Meters - 7th Grade - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Michael Kraft5:51.07St Charles Borromeo
7Brandon Sgobbo5:54St Anthony of Padua-...
7Michael Spilker5:58St Anthony of Padua-...
4.7Blake Tobon6:07.67St. Ambrose
7Ben Mayo6:26.26Incarnate Word Academy
7Mark Fleming6:29St Albert the Great
7.7Grant Powers6:35.53Sts Joseph and John
X 1600 Meters - 8th Grade - Varsity - Finals
8Matthew Detzel5:36.85St Charles Borromeo
8Tyler Szuch5:46.17St Charles Borromeo
X 4x100 Relay - 4th Grade - Elemental - Finals
-Jacob Walcutt
Matthew Golonka
Jared Meyer
Danny Roberge
1:09.09Sts Joseph and John
Francisco Montanez
Matthew Thomas
Bryan Westbrook
1:09.54St Anthony of Padua-...
-Andrew Boldy
Clay Zibert
Asher Crawford
Jonny Roberge
1:14.57Sts Joseph and John
-Zachary Howe
Andy Ryan
Nicholas Chonko
Matthew Borden
1:20St Mark
-Eric Scalfano
Brian Scalfano
Bradley Faur
Andy Klemm
1:23.74St. Ambrose
-Relay Team 1:39St Albert the Great
X 4x100 Relay - 5th Grade - Developmental - Finals
-Gregory Jesionek
Brad Hall
Jason Bianco
Zachary Litwinowicz
1:07.9St Anthony of Padua-...
-Justin Tracy
Ethan Rebar
Garrett Howenstine
Jacob Drlik
1:09.96St Columbkille
-Relay Team 1:12St Albert the Great
-Danny Hyland
Eric Lauer
Mikey Lehto
Conor Hynes
1:12St Mark
6.-Trey Thompson
Tommy Schemer
Michael Revilock
Brennan McQuinn
1:12.26Sts Joseph and John
-Owen Zubek
Christopher Dombrosky
Timmy Tusick
AJ Zubek
1:15.24Incarnate Word Academy
9.-Zachary Maxwell
Matthew Cardello
Colin Kern
Caleb Stalder
1:23.62Sts Joseph and John
-Daniel Rush
Justin Stepp
Kevin Ennis
Bailey Golak
DQSt Columbkille
X 4x100 Relay - 6th Grade - Cadet - Finals
-Relay Team 1:00.79aSt Charles Borromeo
-Relay Team 1:05St Albert the Great
-James Mihalek
Brandon Bizzi
Kevin Lannoch
Bobby Farrell
1:05.2St Anthony of Padua-...
-Alec Biller
Matt Quinn
Matthew Minnich
Kyle Kokish
1:07.54St. Ambrose
-Patrick Eminian
Kevin O'Reilly
Nicholas Bilski
Andrew Vargo
1:09St Mark
-David Emery
Lucas Herman
Corey Rybka
Ryan Emery
1:14.18St. Ambrose
X 4x100 Relay - 7th Grade - Junior Varsity - Finals
-Connor Farrell
Michael Spilker
Patrick Breen
Michael Profancik
56.98St Anthony of Padua-...
-Derek Smith
Tyler Terbrack
Jonah Kuvin
Brad Hall
57.26St Anthony of Padua-...
-Billy Killmer
Adam Weber
Blake Tobon
Joseph Stibley
58.12St. Ambrose
-Brandon Sgobbo
Steven Fernandez
Spencer Mahon
Joey Lagzdins
1:03.3St Anthony of Padua-...
-Shawn Strazar
Sean Magalski
Tony Ricchiuto
Kevin Gilhousen
1:03.78St. Ambrose
-Frank Tusick
Justin Romito
Tommy Hennie
Nicholas Ludwick
1:04.53Incarnate Word Academy
-Austin Perkins
Dean Supelak
Grant Powers
Mark Bischof
1:05.41Sts Joseph and John
-Nicholas Chonko
Alex Janus
Colin Sharpe
Alec O'Toole
1:06St Mark
-Relay Team 1:06St Albert the Great
-Relay Team 1:07St Albert the Great
X 4x100 Relay - 8th Grade - Varsity - Finals
-Eric Bednar
Matthew Saffell
Nick Rebar
Jacob Grospitch
51.55St Columbkille
-Sebastian Stone
Max Revay
Ryan Napoli
Christian Yonek
52.6St Anthony of Padua-...
-Danny Schmock
Jonathan Nemes
Jim Abraham
Anthony Ortiz
52.65Incarnate Word Academy
-Mike Angers
Justin Follmer
Colin Sharpe
Jack Ruddy
57.9St Mark
-Michael Rebar
Austin Perkins
Alex Tomoff
Phillip Zinicola
0:58.75Sts Joseph and John
-Joey Anzo
Nick Dixon
Matt Saxon
Dylan Castro
1:02.02St. Ambrose
X Shot Put - 6lb - 4th Grade - Elemental - Finals
4Ethan Rebar18' 0"St Columbkille
4Andrew Boldy16'3.5"Sts Joseph and John
4Anthony McCartney15' 3"St Albert the Great
4Simon Kelley15'St Mark
4Caleb Stalder14'5.5"Sts Joseph and John
4Nicolas Cessna14' 5"St Charles Borromeo
4Drew Alessandro14' 2.5"St Columbkille
4Jonny Roberge13'4"Sts Joseph and John
4Zachary Howe13' 2"St Mark
4Jacob Walcutt13'1"Sts Joseph and John
4Evan Ketz12'St Albert the Great
4Matthew Borden11' 8.5"St Mark
4Eric Devney11' 1"St Albert the Great
4Liam Graham9'5.5St Charles Borromeo
4Bradley Faur9'3.5"St. Ambrose
X Shot Put - 6lb - 5th Grade - Developmental - Finals
5Michael Revilock22'7"Sts Joseph and John
5Eric Lauer21' 7.5"St Mark
5Will Maier20'0.5St Charles Borromeo
5Zachary Maxwell19'2"Sts Joseph and John
5Christopher Dombrosky17'4.5Incarnate Word Academy
5Gabe Tobon17'1"St. Ambrose
5James Zassick16'5.5St Charles Borromeo
X Shot Put - 8lb - 6th Grade - Cadet - Finals
6Joshua Vier34' 3"St Columbkille
6Aric Micko22'7.5"Sts Joseph and John
6Corey Rybka19'11.5"St. Ambrose
6Frank Tusick19''10"Incarnate Word Academy
6Dean Krofta18' 9"St Columbkille
6Nick Shreckengast17' 11"St Albert the Great
6Lucas Herman15'3"St. Ambrose
6Scout Aswad14'10"Sts Joseph and John
6Andrew Vargo14' 6"St Mark
X Shot Put - 8lb - 7th Grade - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Jonathan Zedella37'5St Charles Borromeo
7Matthew Saffell35'4"St Columbkille
7Steven Fernandez29'4"St Anthony of Padua-...
7Michael Profancik29'2"St Anthony of Padua-...
7Casey Sobecks28' 2"St Albert the Great
7Joey Lagzdins27'9"St Anthony of Padua-...
7Billy Killmer25'6"St. Ambrose
7Shawn Strazar25'3"St. Ambrose
7Ryan Young21'8"St Anthony of Padua-...
7Sean Devney21' 1"St Albert the Great
7Patrick Magalski19'6"St. Ambrose
7Tony Ricchiuto19'1"St. Ambrose
X Shot Put - 8lb - 8th Grade - Varsity - Finals
8Allen Viancourt45'11St Charles Borromeo
8Nolan Lehto39' 11.5"St Mark
8Brian Callahan37' 1"St Columbkille
8Carl Shreckengast27' 4"St Albert the Great
8Jonathan Nemes26'11.5"Incarnate Word Academy
8Justin Hocevar26'11St Charles Borromeo
8Michael Rebar26'7"Sts Joseph and John
8Daniel Mencke25'1St Charles Borromeo
X Discus - 1kg - 7th Grade - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Ben Novotny53' 5"St Albert the Great
X Discus - 1kg - 8th Grade - Varsity - Finals
8Eric Bednar109'St Columbkille
8Connor Higgins81' 10"St Mark
8Justin Hocevar79'8St Charles Borromeo
8Andrew Chulock68'7St Charles Borromeo
8Daniel Mencke62'11St Charles Borromeo
8John Baird60' 2"St Charles Borromeo
8Jacob Simko59'2"Sts Joseph and John
8James Stanko56'11St Charles Borromeo
X High Jump - 5th Grade - Developmental - Finals
5Jacob Drlik4' 1"St Columbkille
5Daniel Rush3' 4"St Columbkille
5Matthew Cardello3'2"Sts Joseph and John
5Zachary Litwinowicz3'2"St Anthony of Padua-...
5Justin SteppNHSt Columbkille
X High Jump - 6th Grade - Cadet - Finals
6Jermaine Francis4'6St Charles Borromeo
6Tommy Hennie4'4"Incarnate Word Academy
6Brady Strumbel4' 2"St Albert the Great
6Bobby Farrell4'2"St Anthony of Padua-...
6Jack Ruddy3' 8"St Mark
6Scout Aswad0Sts Joseph and John
6Aric Micko0Sts Joseph and John
X High Jump - 7th Grade - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Connor Farrell4'9"St Anthony of Padua-...
7Brendan Hall4'6"St Anthony of Padua-...
7David Dalton4' 6"St Albert the Great
7Alec O'Toole4' 4"St Mark
7Alex Janis4' 4"St Mark
7Patrick McCarthy4' 2"St Columbkille
7Kevin Keaton4' 2"St Albert the Great
X High Jump - 8th Grade - Varsity - Finals
8Joseph Bradley5'St Charles Borromeo
8Dominic Orlando4'6St Charles Borromeo
8Blake Carrino0Sts Joseph and John
X Long Jump - 4th Grade - Elemental - Finals
4Zachary Antonio11' 3"St Albert the Great
4AJ Zubek9'9Incarnate Word Academy
4Santino Pignatiello9'7St Charles Borromeo
4Eric Scalfano9'1"St. Ambrose
4Conor Hynes8' 11"St Mark
4Caleb Stalder8'10"Sts Joseph and John
4Aidan McCaffrey8'9Incarnate Word Academy
4Brian Scalfano8'4"St. Ambrose
4Bryan Westbrook8'2"St Anthony of Padua-...
4Danny Roberge8'2"Sts Joseph and John
4Eric Miranda8'St Albert the Great
5Garrett Howenstine7' 10"St Columbkille
4Ethan Rebar7' 10"St Columbkille
4Chris Litwinowicz7'4"St Anthony of Padua-...
4Gus Vogt-Shields7' 2"St Albert the Great
4Andy Klemm6'11"St. Ambrose
4Asher Crawford6'5"Sts Joseph and John
4Paul Kolbus6' 1"St Albert the Great
4Andrew Boldy4'4"Sts Joseph and John
4Clay Zibert3'8.5"Sts Joseph and John
X Long Jump - 5th Grade - Developmental - Finals
5Mikey Lehto14' .5"St Mark
5Tommy Schemer11'6"Sts Joseph and John
5Owen Zubek10'8.5"Incarnate Word Academy
5Brad Hall9'9.5"St Anthony of Padua-...
5Trey Thompson9'7"Sts Joseph and John
5Zachary Litwinowicz9'0.5"St Anthony of Padua-...
5Michael Dighero8' 7"St Columbkille
5Colin Kern8'6.5"Sts Joseph and John
5Patrick McKee8' 5"St Albert the Great
5Izaak Whisler8'4.75"St. Ambrose
5Max Shreckengast7' 11.5"St Albert the Great
5Andrew Zedella7'10"Incarnate Word Academy
5Jake Quinn7'1.5"St. Ambrose
5Noah Schrader5' 2.5"St Albert the Great
X Long Jump - 6th Grade - Cadet - Finals
6Brandan Bizzi13'5"St Anthony of Padua-...
6Tyler McNichols13'4St Charles Borromeo
6Justin Thomas13'St Albert the Great
6Joseph Vicario11' 11"St Columbkille
6Alec Biller10'8.5"St. Ambrose
6Kevin O'Reilly10' 8"St Mark
6Dean Ramicone10' 6"St Albert the Great
6Andy Urban10'St Albert the Great
6Kyle Kokish9'9"St. Ambrose
6Kevin Lannoch9'9"St Anthony of Padua-...
6Matt Quinn9'3"St. Ambrose
6Ryan Emery7'3.5"St. Ambrose
X Long Jump - 7th Grade - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Colin Sharpe13 11.5"St Mark
7Michael Spilker13'9.5"St Anthony of Padua-...
7Joseph Morell13'4St Charles Borromeo
7Jacob Zamora12' 10'St Albert the Great
7Nicholas Ludwick12'7"Incarnate Word Academy
7Mark Bischof12'4"Sts Joseph and John
7Blake Tobon12'3"St. Ambrose
7Jeff Anzo11'7.5"St. Ambrose
7Tyler Terbrack11'5"St Anthony of Padua-...
7Adam Weber11'3"St. Ambrose
7Kevin Gilhousen11'2"St. Ambrose
7Sean Magalski10'2"St. Ambrose
7Kenton Kamburoff9'10.5St Charles Borromeo
7Brendan O'Donnell9' 3.5"St Columbkille
7Mark Fleming8' 8"St Albert the Great
7Adam Zibert7'8"Sts Joseph and John
X Long Jump - 8th Grade - Varsity - Finals
8Anthony Ortiz18'5"Incarnate Word Academy
8Justin Follmer16'St Mark
8Joey Ciacchi15'5St Charles Borromeo
8Dylan Castro15'1.5"St. Ambrose
8Danny Schmock15'1"Incarnate Word Academy
8Nick Rebar15'St Columbkille
8Jesse McManis14'9St Charles Borromeo
8Sebastian Stone13'10.5"St Anthony of Padua-...
8Nicholas Foster13'10St Charles Borromeo
8Owen Verhiley13'9St Charles Borromeo
8Matt Saxon13'1"St. Ambrose
8Blake Bushley11'11.5St Charles Borromeo
8Liam Lipke11'7St Charles Borromeo
8Tyler Szuch6'0St Charles Borromeo
X Standing Long Jump - 4th Grade - Elemental - Finals
4Francisco Montanez5'9.5"St Anthony of Padua-...
4Jared Meyer5'5.5"Sts Joseph and John
4Matthew Golonka5'5.25"Sts Joseph and John
4Timmy Tusick5'3.75Incarnate Word Academy
4Chris Litwinowicz5'3.5"St Anthony of Padua-...
4Nedas Semaska5'Incarnate Word Academy
4Matthew Thomas4'10.5"St Anthony of Padua-...
4Andy Ryan4' 8.5"St Mark
4Justin Tracy4' 7.75"St Columbkille
4Joseph Juda4'4.5"Incarnate Word Academy
4Bailey Golak4' 3.5"St Columbkille
4Bradley Faur4'.75"St. Ambrose
4Larry Prochko3'11.5St Charles Borromeo
X Standing Long Jump - 5th Grade - Developmental - Finals
5Seamus O'Malley6' 1"St Columbkille
5Jack Schaeffer5'7.25St Charles Borromeo
5Brennan McQuinn5'5.25"Sts Joseph and John
5Danny Hyland5' 2.75"St Mark
5Jason Bianco5'2.5"St Anthony of Padua-...
5Jake Quinn4'11.5"St. Ambrose
5Gregory Jesionek4'5.5"St Anthony of Padua-...
5Kevin Ennis4' 5"St Columbkille
X Standing Long Jump - 6th Grade - Cadet - Finals
6Jacob Fiato6' 9"St Albert the Great
6Matt Galla6'3.75St Charles Borromeo
6Patrick Eminian6' 3"St Mark
6Nicholas Bilski6' 2.25"St Mark
6Dylan Page6'1.5"St Anthony of Padua-...
6Matt Quinn5'11"St. Ambrose
6Matthew Minnich5'10.75"St. Ambrose
6Thomas Fiktus5'9.5"St Anthony of Padua-...
6Jacob Bean5'2.5"St Anthony of Padua-...
6Corey Rybka4'8.5"St. Ambrose
6David Emery4' 5"St. Ambrose
6Lucas Herman3'9.25St. Ambrose
X Standing Long Jump - 7th Grade - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Joseph Stibley7' 2.75"St. Ambrose
7Jeff Eben7'St Albert the Great
7Armando Polizzi6' 4.25"St Albert the Great
7Nicholas Chonko6' 2"St Mark
7Steven Wright6'St Albert the Great
7Dean Supelak6'0"Sts Joseph and John
7Spencer Mahon5'11.5"St Anthony of Padua-...
7Tony Ricchiuto5'11.25"St. Ambrose
7Michael Kraft5'11St Charles Borromeo
7Austin Perkins5'10.75"Sts Joseph and John
7Ben Mayo5'10"Incarnate Word Academy
7Jonah Kuvin5'8.5"St Anthony of Padua-...
7Steven Koblin5'5.75St Charles Borromeo
7Alec McGillivray5'4St Charles Borromeo
7Sean Magalski5'3"St. Ambrose
7Grant Powers5'.25"Sts Joseph and John
7Mason Mocho4'10.5"Incarnate Word Academy
X Standing Long Jump - 8th Grade - Varsity - Finals
8Jacob Grospitch8' 4.5"St Columbkille
8Christian Yonek7'10"St Anthony of Padua-...
8Ryan Napoli7'8"St Anthony of Padua-...
8Peter Krafcik7'6St Charles Borromeo
8Brian Callahan7' 6"St Columbkille
8Jim Abraham7'1"Incarnate Word Academy
8Mike Angers6' 10"St Mark
8Michael Boazzo6'9St Charles Borromeo
8Alex Tomoff6'8.75"Sts Joseph and John
8Joey Anzo6'1"St. Ambrose
8Max Revay6'0.5"St Anthony of Padua-...
8Justin Romito5'2.5"Incarnate Word Academy
7Patrick Magalski4'11"St. Ambrose

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - 4th Grade - Elemental - Finals
4Maggie Wagner16.4St Mark
4Isabella Pignatiello16.73aSt Charles Borromeo
4Bre Coleman16.6St Mark
4Elise Chojnacki16.65St Albert the Great
4Brittany Stacho17.00aSt Charles Borromeo
4Sarah Farris16.91St Albert the Great
4Annie Stewart17.1St Mark
4Sophia Kuhar17.20St Albert the Great
4Christine Ammar17.30St Albert the Great
4Taylor Gus17.23St Anthony of Padua-...
4Brittney Hageman17.75aSt Charles Borromeo
4Megan Konopka17.76aSt Charles Borromeo
4Clare Foley17.56St Columbkille
4Lexi Bocian17.58Sts Joseph and John
4Brittany Dienes17.87aSt Charles Borromeo
4Abagail McCarthy17.63St Columbkille
4Brittany Miller17.9St Mark
4Danniel Smith18.0St Anthony of Padua-...
4Madison Bizzi18.0St Anthony of Padua-...
4Lydia Hocevar18.37aSt Charles Borromeo
4Ashlynn Uzl18.37aSt Charles Borromeo
4Kate Miklosovic18.57aSt Charles Borromeo
4Molly Ridge18.4St Mark
4Anna Walcutt18.59Sts Joseph and John
4Renee Danko19.06St Columbkille
4Grace Mocho19.13Incarnate Word Academy
4Kathryn Potoma19.33St Columbkille
3.4Elizabeth Waters19.53Sts Joseph and John
4Anna Schubert19.87aSt Charles Borromeo
4Maria Romito19.65St. Ambrose
4Quinn Patton19.7St Mark
4Sarah Lyons19.9St Mark
4Megan McDonald20.29aSt Charles Borromeo
7.4Ashley Scheutzow20.17St. Ambrose
4Natalie Prusovic20.51aSt Charles Borromeo
4Nikki Sullenberger21.3St Mark
4Megan Casselberry22.33aSt Charles Borromeo
X 100 Meters - 5th Grade - Developmental - Finals
5Kate Dunleavy15.1St Mark
5Sarah Skuhrovec15.30St Albert the Great
5Mercedeez Francis15.68aSt Charles Borromeo
5Alainna Conroy15.60St Columbkille
5Katie Pellegrino15.85aSt Charles Borromeo
5Brandi Wolfe15.67St Anthony of Padua-...
5Maria Chillemi15.8St Mark
5Kathleen Meyer15.82St Albert the Great
5Natalie Tusick16.05Incarnate Word Academy
5Claire Greller16.2St Mark
5Keyana Parham16.17St Columbkille
5Maya Cundiff16.52Incarnate Word Academy
5Mackenzie Fyock16.84aSt Charles Borromeo
5Katie Albert16.54St Anthony of Padua-...
6.5Brionna Costanzo16.64St. Ambrose
5.5Emily Ina17.02St. Ambrose
5Abigail Beauchesne17.42aSt Charles Borromeo
5Madeline Bush17.15St Anthony of Padua-...
5Liz Renner17.37St Albert the Great
8.5Moira Healy17.39Sts Joseph and John
9.5Hannah Keating17.57Sts Joseph and John
5Alyssa Jester17.93aSt Charles Borromeo
5Rebecca Semancik17.64St Albert the Great
5Abbey Jarzabeck17.74St Albert the Great
5Rose DiRocco17.98St Columbkille
3.5Sydney Hugo17.98Sts Joseph and John
5Maria Ambrose18.01St Albert the Great
5Denaliz Eminian18.7St Mark
5Jillyan Kowalski20.15St Columbkille
X 100 Meters - 6th Grade - Cadet - Finals
6Leah Sharpe14.3St Mark
6Emily Davis14.23St Anthony of Padua-...
6Alexis Richards15.60St Anthony of Padua-...
6Natalie Hocevar15.95aSt Charles Borromeo
6Lily Kramer15.8St Mark
6Kayla Braude16.39aSt Charles Borromeo
6Lily Jarabek16.4St Mark
6Justice James16.5St Mark
6Savannah Gordon16.53St Anthony of Padua-...
6Alyssa Szuch17.55aSt Charles Borromeo
6Arianna Pignatiello17.84aSt Charles Borromeo
6Eileen Benedict18.30aSt Charles Borromeo
6Maryam Hussain18.2St Mark
6Kristin Tomoff18.14Sts Joseph and John
6Emily Sprunger18.30St Albert the Great
6Elena Dyke18.4St Mark
6Kendra Cundiff18.56Incarnate Word Academy
6Alexandra Rigo19.6St Mark
X 100 Meters - 7th Grade - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Emily Giel14.27Sts Joseph and John
7Natalie Wakut14.36St Columbkille
7Jessica Fox14.4St Mark
7Julia Rauhe14.55St Columbkille
7Autumn Francis14.87aSt Charles Borromeo
7Mackenzie Pelesky15.00aSt Charles Borromeo
7Abigail Gonzales14.84Sts Joseph and John
7Maria Krist15.20Sts Joseph and John
7Sarah Stottner15.3St Mark
7Sarah Reardon15.4St Mark
7Hayley Drlik15.32St Columbkille
7D'Aja Matthews15.5St Mark
7Maria Coreno15.5St Mark
7Elise Horning15.5St Mark
7Danielle Kelly15.87aSt Charles Borromeo
7Emma Trefney15.7St Mark
7Rachel Bell15.72St Anthony of Padua-...
7Audra Mahon15.89St Anthony of Padua-...
7Eileen Parente16.1St Mark
7Haley Kurcurko16.1St Mark
7Jessica Follmer16.2St Mark
7Sarah Foley16.45St Columbkille
7Marissa Golem16.49St Columbkille
7Kaitlyn Patacca16.66St Columbkille
7Olivia Jarzabeck16.72St Albert the Great
7Elise Ketz16.85St Albert the Great
7Maureen Borden17.1St Mark
7Eilish Waters17.3St Mark
7Nicole Golonka17.24Sts Joseph and John
7Maya Hermelin17.85Sts Joseph and John
7Marina Mion17.98St. Ambrose
7Molly Bryden18.10Sts Joseph and John
X 100 Meters - 8th Grade - Varsity - Finals
8Jaclyn Kaplan14.17aSt Charles Borromeo
8Ellen Viancourt14.37aSt Charles Borromeo
8Rachel Deighton14.17St. Ambrose
8Daenera Vazquez14.84aSt Charles Borromeo
8Rebecca Sedlak14.6St Mark
8Natalia Skrodzki14.85aSt Charles Borromeo
8Christina Ferra14.8St Mark
8Julia Milano14.73St Albert the Great
8Miranda Voigt14.86St Albert the Great
8Jordon Mason15.0St Anthony of Padua-...
8Anastasia Keller15.02St Anthony of Padua-...
8Dana Sirchen15.1St Mark
8Cristina Cuffari15.36aSt Charles Borromeo
8Olivia Wasco15.13St Albert the Great
8Jessi Graber15.5St Mark
8Marissa Martella15.46St Columbkille
8Kaitlin Dienes15.76aSt Charles Borromeo
8Colleen Albert15.58St Anthony of Padua-...
8Gretchen Horning15.6St Mark
8Sharlie Dickey15.87St Columbkille
8Bella Schmidt16.0St Mark
8Alyssa Emery15.97St. Ambrose
8Alyssa Wallace16.04St Columbkille
8Bridget Benedict16.72aSt Charles Borromeo
8Gabby Schubert16.86aSt Charles Borromeo
8Rachel Chapski17.94aSt Charles Borromeo
X 200 Meters - 4th Grade - Elemental - Finals
4Elise Chojnacki35.20St Albert the Great
4Ashlynn Uzl35.58aSt Charles Borromeo
4Megan Casselberry36.53aSt Charles Borromeo
1.4Katherine Camper36.88St. Ambrose
4Keri McDermott36.95St Albert the Great
4Abagail McCarthy37.38St Columbkille
4Brittney Hageman37.93aSt Charles Borromeo
4Brittany Dienes38.52aSt Charles Borromeo
4Kate Miklosovic38.82aSt Charles Borromeo
4.4Anna Walcutt38.56Sts Joseph and John
4Christine Ammar38.80St Albert the Great
4Sarah Lyons39.0St Mark
4Mary Hope Schmidt39.2St Mark
4Lydia Hocevar40.75aSt Charles Borromeo
4Brittany Miller40.6St Mark
4.4Lexi Bocian40.75Sts Joseph and John
4Kathryn Potoma40.94St Columbkille
6.4Natalie Rossman41.09St. Ambrose
4Grace Mocho41.75Incarnate Word Academy
4Emily Conway45.1St Mark
4Nikki Sullenberger57.5St Mark
X 200 Meters - 5th Grade - Developmental - Finals
1.5Madison Van Cucha33.52Sts Joseph and John
1.5Camryn Page33.57St. Ambrose
5Keyana Parham34.13St Columbkille
5Alainna Conroy34.83St Columbkille
3.5Brionna Costanzo35.38St. Ambrose
5Alyssa Jester36.40aSt Charles Borromeo
5Mackenzie Fyock36.40aSt Charles Borromeo
4.5Hannah Hardy36.82St. Ambrose
5Claire Greller37.8St Mark
5.5Anne Marie Hess37.80Sts Joseph and John
5Rebecca Semancik37.96St Albert the Great
5Maria Chillemi38.8St Mark
5Liz Renner39.71St Albert the Great
8.5Moira Healy40.33Sts Joseph and John
6.5Melanie Nolan40.45St. Ambrose
7.5Kaylee Bilak42.90Sts Joseph and John
5Maria Ambrose43.75St Albert the Great
X 200 Meters - 6th Grade - Cadet - Finals
6Emily Davis29.44St Anthony of Padua-...
6Leah Sharpe30.0St Mark
6Sara Giffin31.78aSt Charles Borromeo
6Natalie Hocevar33.30aSt Charles Borromeo
6Eileen Benedict36.91aSt Charles Borromeo
6Justice James37.2St Mark
6Kristin Tomoff38.14Sts Joseph and John
6Alexandra Rigo41.6St Mark
6Emily Sprunger41.59St Albert the Great
6Katie Burke47.55St. Ambrose
X 200 Meters - 7th Grade - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Natalie Wakut30.13St Columbkille
7Autumn Francis30.78aSt Charles Borromeo
7Haley Kurcurko31.2St Mark
7Hayley Drlik31.16St Columbkille
7Abigail Gonzales31.12Sts Joseph and John
7D'Aja Matthews31.5St Mark
7Mackenzie Pelesky31.85aSt Charles Borromeo
7Maria Krist31.85Sts Joseph and John
7Emma Trefney32.3St Mark
7Danielle Kelly32.71aSt Charles Borromeo
7Jamie Adams33.18Incarnate Word Academy
7Maria Coreno34.7St Mark
7Maureen Borden35.5St Mark
7Emily Tabar35.43St Anthony of Padua-...
7Elizabeth Drlik36.19St Anthony of Padua-...
7Eilish Waters36.5St Mark
7Bethany Doucette37.21aSt Charles Borromeo
7Molly Bryden37.84Sts Joseph and John
7Maya Hermelin37.97Sts Joseph and John
X 200 Meters - 8th Grade - Varsity - Finals
8Julia Milano30.33St Albert the Great
8Natalia Skrodzki30.97aSt Charles Borromeo
8Jessi Graber31.3St Mark
8Dana Sirchen31.4St Mark
8Daenera Vazquez32.12aSt Charles Borromeo
8Marissa Martella31.86St Columbkille
8Kaitlin Dienes33.22aSt Charles Borromeo
8Bridget Benedict33.89aSt Charles Borromeo
8Sharlie Dickey33.73St Columbkille
8Rachel Deighton34.05St. Ambrose
8Gabby Schubert34.88aSt Charles Borromeo
X 400 Meters - 4th Grade - Elemental - Finals
4Elizabeth Waters1:20.75Sts Joseph and John
4Maggie Wagner1:22St Mark
4Bre Coleman1:23St Mark
4Annie Stewart1:24St Mark
4Megan Konopka1:24.36St Charles Borromeo
4Sophia Kuhar1:25St Albert the Great
4Brittany Stacho1:25.21St Charles Borromeo
4Clare Foley1:27.03St Columbkille
4Sarah Farris1:31St Albert the Great
4Molly Ridge1:32St Mark
4Megan McDonald1:35.31St Charles Borromeo
4Quinn Patton1:39St Mark
4Natalie Rossman1:39.51St. Ambrose
4Natalie Prusovic1:40.20St Charles Borromeo
4Anna Schubert1:50.60St Charles Borromeo
X 400 Meters - 5th Grade - Developmental - Finals
5Kate Dunleavy1:16St Mark
5Christine Krafcik1:21.00St Charles Borromeo
5Kathleen Meyer1:24St Albert the Great
5Natalie Tusick1:24.41Incarnate Word Academy
5Abigail Beauchesne1:26.01St Charles Borromeo
5Megan McQuigg1:26.29St Columbkille
5Maya Cundiff1:27.66Incarnate Word Academy
5Mercedeez Francis1:27.66St Charles Borromeo
5Abbey Jarzabeck1:28St Albert the Great
6.5Emily Ina1:32.51St. Ambrose
5.5Melanie Nolan1:33.47St. Ambrose
5Denaliz Eminian1:46St Mark
X 400 Meters - 6th Grade - Cadet - Finals
6Angela Graham1:14.02St Charles Borromeo
6Lily Kramer1:19St Mark
6Lily Jarabek1:20St Mark
6Robyn Hageman1:21.06St Charles Borromeo
6Arianna Pignatiello1:22.98St Charles Borromeo
6Kayla Braude1:22.98St Charles Borromeo
6Maryam Hussain1:27St Mark
6Elena Dyke1:29St Mark
6Kendra Cundiff1:38.74Incarnate Word Academy
X 400 Meters - 7th Grade - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Jessica Fox1:11St Mark
7Eileen Parente1:16St Mark
7Sarah Stottner1:16St Mark
7Molly Sammon1:17.21St Columbkille
7Jessica Follmer1:19St Mark
7Gianna Caroniti1:20St Albert the Great
7Samantha Velasco1:22.08Sts Joseph and John
7Elise Ketz1:25St Albert the Great
7Nicole Golonka1:28.66Sts Joseph and John
7Marina Mion1:32.76St. Ambrose
X 400 Meters - 8th Grade - Varsity - Finals
4Katherine Camper1:08.89St. Ambrose
8Miranda Voigt1:10St Albert the Great
8Olivia Wasco1:13St Albert the Great
8Gretchen Horning1:14St Mark
8Rebecca Sedlak1:16St Mark
8Carly Jaksic1:16.44St Charles Borromeo
8Christina Ferra1:17St Mark
8Alyssa Emery1:24.78St. Ambrose
X 800 Meters - 4th Grade - Elemental - Finals
4Isabella Pignatiello2:54.49St Charles Borromeo
X 800 Meters - 5th Grade - Developmental - Finals
1.5Madison Van Cucha2:51.92Sts Joseph and John
5Katie Pellegrino3:15.56St Charles Borromeo
3.5Meagan Powers3:37.17Sts Joseph and John
4.5Hannah Hardy3:56.71St. Ambrose
X 800 Meters - 6th Grade - Cadet - Finals
1.6Emma Stalder3:18.01Sts Joseph and John
6Alyssa Szuch3:21.66St Charles Borromeo
6Robyn Hageman3:26.52St Charles Borromeo
3.6Katie Burke3:51.58St. Ambrose
X 800 Meters - 7th Grade - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Jamie Adams2:44.23Incarnate Word Academy
7Bethany Doucette3:01.92St Charles Borromeo
7Sarah Reardon3:02St Mark
7Elise Horning3:04St Mark
7Stephanie Wyrock3:04.39St Charles Borromeo
7Olivia Jarzabeck3:21St Albert the Great
X 800 Meters - 8th Grade - Varsity - Finals
8Amy Russin2:45.78St Charles Borromeo
8Alyssa Bean3:23St Anthony of Padua-...
8Bella Schmidt3:30St Mark
X 1600 Meters - 4th Grade - Elemental - Finals
1.4Katherine Camper6:40.27St. Ambrose
4Sarah Sparks6:40.58St Columbkille
4Keri McDermott7:02St Albert the Great
4Emily Conway7:47St Mark
4Hallie Ward8:13.48St Anthony of Padua-...
4Mary Hope Schmidt8:22St Mark
X 1600 Meters - 5th Grade - Developmental - Finals
5Christine Krafcik6:35.11St Charles Borromeo
X 1600 Meters - 6th Grade - Cadet - Finals
1.6Lauren Golonka6:26.26Sts Joseph and John
X 1600 Meters - 7th Grade - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Sara Chmielewski5:54.24St Charles Borromeo
7Gianna Caroniti6:51St Albert the Great
7Clare Fibbi7:31St Mark
7Sophia Long7:39St Mark
X 1600 Meters - 8th Grade - Varsity - Finals
1.4Katherine Camper6:08.13St. Ambrose
8Carly Jaksic6:22.73St Charles Borromeo
8Julia Young6:37St Mark
X 4x100 Relay - 4th Grade - Elemental - Finals
-Alyssa Emery
Kristine Camper
Marina Mion
Rachel Deighton
1:07.63St. Ambrose
-Relay Team 1:09.23aSt Charles Borromeo
-Maggie Wagner
Emily Conway
Molly Ridge
Annie Stewart
1:10St Mark
-Relay Team 1:10St Albert the Great
-Renee Danko
Sarah Sparks
Abagail McCarthy
Clare Foley
1:11.60St Columbkille
-Relay Team 1:14.08St Columbkille
-Taylor Gus
Danniel Smith
Hallie Ward
Madison Bizzi
1:17St Anthony of Padua-...
-Relay Team 1:17.22aSt Charles Borromeo
-Katherine Camper
Maria Romito
Natalie Rossman
Ashley Scheutzow
1:18.08St. Ambrose
-Relay Team 1:22.73aSt Charles Borromeo
-Nikki Sullenberger
Quinn Patton
Brittany Miller
Sarah Lyons
1:23St Mark
X 4x100 Relay - 5th Grade - Developmental - Finals
-Relay Team 1:07.70aSt Charles Borromeo
-Relay Team 1:10.22aSt Charles Borromeo
-Relay Team 1:11St Albert the Great
-Brandi Wolfe
Madeline Bush
Katie Albert
Alyssa Bean
1:11.24St Anthony of Padua-...
-Camryn Page
Hannah Hardy
Emily Ina
Brionna Costanzo
1:12.24St. Ambrose
-Madison van Cucha
Moira Healy
Hannah Keating
Sydney Hugo
1:12.23Sts Joseph and John
-Jillyan Kowalski
Rose DiRocco
Alainna Conroy
Keyana Parham
1:12.92St Columbkille
-Anna Walcutt
Anne Marie Hess
Kaylee Bilak
Meagan Powers
1:13.58Sts Joseph and John
-Claire Greller
Maria Chillemi
Denaliz Eminian
Kate Dunleavy
1:14St Mark
X 4x100 Relay - 6th Grade - Cadet - Finals
-Alexis Richards
Emily Tabar
Savannah Gordon
Emily Davis
1:04.25St Anthony of Padua-...
-Leah Sharpe
Claire Toole
Alexandra Rigo
Lily Kramer
1:08St Mark
-Elena Dyke
Maryam Hussain
Justice James
Lily Jarabek
1:11St Mark
-Relay Team 1:14.02aSt Charles Borromeo
X 4x100 Relay - 7th Grade - Junior Varsity - Finals
-Emily Giel
Nicole Golonka
Abigail Gonzales
Maria Krist
1:02.46Sts Joseph and John
-Relay Team 1:02.94aSt Charles Borromeo
-Sarah Foley
Julia Rauhe
Molly Sammon
Hayley Drlik
1:02.91St Columbkille
-Jessica Fox
Eileen Parente
Maria Coreno
Sarah Reardon
1:03St Mark
-Sarah Stottner
Claire Fibbi
Jessica Follmer
Elise Horning
1:04St Mark
-Emma Trefney
Eilish Waters
D'Aja Matthews
Haley Kurcurko
1:05St Mark
-Audra Mahon
Rachael Bell
Elizabeth Drlik
Emily Tabar
1:07.76St Anthony of Padua-...
-Lauren Golonka
Samantha Velasco
Molly Bryden
Maya Hermelin
1:11.84Sts Joseph and John
-Relay Team 1:12St Albert the Great
X 4x100 Relay - 8th Grade - Varsity - Finals
-Colleen Albert
Jordon Mason
Anastasia Keller
Emily Davis
59.6St Anthony of Padua-...
-Relay Team 59.99aSt Charles Borromeo
-Sharlie Dickey
Alyssa Wallace
Marissa Martella
Natalie Wakut
1:00.31St Columbkille
-Relay Team 1:01St Albert the Great
-Dana Sirchen
Jessie Graber
Julia Young
Gretchen Horning
1:01St Mark
-Rebecca Sedlak
Bella Schmidt
Christina Ferra
Maureen Borden
1:05St Mark
X Shot Put - 6lb - 4th Grade - Elemental - Finals
4Emily Conway15'St Mark
4Clare Foley14' 4"St Columbkille
4Lydia Hocevar14'3St Charles Borromeo
4Sarah Farris13' 1"St Albert the Great
4Maria Romito10' 4"St. Ambrose
4Nikki Sullenberger8' 5.5"St Mark
X Shot Put - 6lb - 5th Grade - Developmental - Finals
5Rebecca Semancik20' 5"St Albert the Great
5Lauren Zawie18'9"Sts Joseph and John
5Anne Marie Hess17'6.5"Sts Joseph and John
5Camryn Page16' 7"St. Ambrose
5Jillyan Kowalski15' 9"St Columbkille
5Emily Ina12' 4"St. Ambrose
5Denaliz Eminian10' 3"St Mark
5Kaylee Bilak9'11"Sts Joseph and John
X Shot Put - 6lb - 7th Grade - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Natalie Wakut28' 6"St Columbkille
7Sophia Long27' 1"St Mark
7Kaitlyn Patacca23' 3"St Columbkille
7Elizabeth Drlik19'3"St Anthony of Padua-...
7Maya Hermelin17'4"Sts Joseph and John
X Shot Put - 6lb - 8th Grade - Varsity - Finals
8Cristina Cuffari23'4.5St Charles Borromeo
8Jaclyn Kaplan22'4.5St Charles Borromeo
8Alyssa Emery21' 3"St. Ambrose
8Bridget Benedict21'0.5St Charles Borromeo
8Rachel Deighton21'St. Ambrose
8Kaitlin Dienes19'4St Charles Borromeo
4Katherine Camper18' 1"St. Ambrose
X Discus - 1kg - 7th Grade - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Sara Chmielewski60'9St Charles Borromeo
7Maureen Borden54' 9"St Mark
7Kaitlyn Patacca54' 7"St Columbkille
7Marissa Golem46' 6"St Columbkille
7Mackenzie Pelesky42'11St Charles Borromeo
7Samantha Velasco30'7"Sts Joseph and John
X High Jump - 5th Grade - Developmental - Finals
5Sarah Skuhrovec4' 1"St Albert the Great
5Alainna Conroy4'St Columbkille
5Megan McQuigg3' 8"St Columbkille
5Madison Van Cucha3'6"Sts Joseph and John
5Keyana Parham3' 2"St Columbkille
5Moira Healy3'2"Sts Joseph and John
X High Jump - 6th Grade - Cadet - Finals
6Clare Toole3' 8"St Mark
X High Jump - 7th Grade - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Sarah Reardon4' 6"St Mark
7Autumn Francis4'2St Charles Borromeo
7Jessica Follmer4'St Mark
7Emma Trefney3' 10"St Mark
7Rachel Bell3'10"St Anthony of Padua-...
7Jamie Adams3'10Incarnate Word Academy
7Julia Rauhe3' 8"St Columbkille
X High Jump - 8th Grade - Varsity - Finals
8Marissa Martella4' 7"St Columbkille
8Alyssa Wallace4' 2"St Columbkille
8Natalia Skrodzki4'0St Charles Borromeo
X Long Jump - 4th Grade - Elemental - Finals
4Maggie Wagner9 6.5"St Mark
4Bre Coleman9' 1"St Mark
4Christine Ammar8' 9"St Albert the Great
4Sarah Sparks8' 6"St Columbkille
4Abagail McCarthy8' 2"St Columbkille
4Molly Ridge7' 8"St Mark
4Elizabeth Waters7'2.5"Sts Joseph and John
4Ashley Scheutzow7' 1"St. Ambrose
4Renee Danko6' 9"St Columbkille
4Madison Bizzi6'8"St Anthony of Padua-...
4Anna Walcutt6'Sts Joseph and John
4Lexi Bocian5'6"Sts Joseph and John
4Quinn Patton2' 1"St Mark
X Long Jump - 5th Grade - Developmental - Finals
5Camryn Page9' 7.5"St. Ambrose
5Natalie Tusick9'7Incarnate Word Academy
5Katie Albert9'2"St Anthony of Padua-...
5Kate Dunleavy9' 2"St Mark
5Maya Cundiff8'6Incarnate Word Academy
5Sydney Hugo8'6"Sts Joseph and John
5Kathleen Meyer8'St Albert the Great
5Maria Chillemi7' 5"St Mark
5Melanie Nolan7' 4"St. Ambrose
5Hannah Hardy7' 1.5"St. Ambrose
5Claire Greller6'8"St Mark
5Abbey Jarzabeck6' 7"St Albert the Great
5Hannah Keating0Sts Joseph and John
X Long Jump - 6th Grade - Cadet - Finals
6Emily Davis12'11"St Anthony of Padua-...
6Leah Sharpe9' 10"St Mark
6Emily Sprunger7' 2"St Albert the Great
6Kendra Cundiff7'1"Incarnate Word Academy
X Long Jump - 7th Grade - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Gianna Caroniti11'St Albert the Great
7Jessica Fox10' 8"St Mark
7Emily Tabar9'11"St Anthony of Padua-...
7Bethany Doucette9'6.5St Charles Borromeo
7Elise Horning9' 2"St Mark
7Sarah Foley8' 10"St Columbkille
7Audra Mahon7'6"St Anthony of Padua-...
7Molly Bryden7'5"Sts Joseph and John
7Elise Ketz6' 11"St Albert the Great
X Long Jump - 8th Grade - Varsity - Finals
8Ellen Viancourt12'5St Charles Borromeo
8Colleen Albert11'St Anthony of Padua-...
8Olivia Wasco9' 11"St Albert the Great
X Standing Long Jump - 4th Grade - Elemental - Finals
4Isabella Pignatiello5'2.25St Charles Borromeo
4Elise Chojnacki5' 1"St Albert the Great
4Ashlynn Uzl5'0.5St Charles Borromeo
4Katherine Camper5'0"St. Ambrose
4Taylor Gus4'10"St Anthony of Padua-...
4Mary Hope Schmidt4' 7"St Mark
4Maria Romito4' 6"St. Ambrose
4Ashley Scheutzow4' 5.75"St. Ambrose
4Brittany Miller4' 4.5"St Mark
4Sophia Kuhar4' 4"St Albert the Great
4Kate Miklosovic4'3.5St Charles Borromeo
4Annie Stewart4' 2.5"St Mark
4Brittany Dienes4'2.5St Charles Borromeo
4Hallie Ward4'1.5"St Anthony of Padua-...
4Kathryn Potoma4' 1.25"St Columbkille
4Danniel Smith4'1"St Anthony of Padua-...
4Natalie Prusovic4'0.75St Charles Borromeo
4Sarah Lyons4'St Mark
4Grace Mocho3'11.5"Incarnate Word Academy
4Natalie Rossman3' 10"St. Ambrose
X Standing Long Jump - 5th Grade - Developmental - Finals
5Brandi Wolfe6'2"St Anthony of Padua-...
5Christine Krafcik5'9.25St Charles Borromeo
5Katie Pellegrino5'9.25St Charles Borromeo
5Madeline Bush5'3"St Anthony of Padua-...
5Alyssa Jester5'2St Charles Borromeo
5Liz Renner5' .75"St Albert the Great
5Brionna Costanzo5' .25"St. Ambrose
5Mackenzie Fyock4'10St Charles Borromeo
5Maria Ambrose4' 7"St Albert the Great
5Hannah Keating4'1.25"Sts Joseph and John
5Meagan Powers3'3"Sts Joseph and John
X Standing Long Jump - 6th Grade - Cadet - Finals
6Alexis Richards6'1"St Anthony of Padua-...
6Lauren Golonka5'11.5"Sts Joseph and John
6Lily Jarabek5' 9"St Mark
6Lily Kramer5' 5.25St Mark
6Savannah Gordon5'4.25"St Anthony of Padua-...
6Emma Stalder5'2"Sts Joseph and John
6Kayla Braude5'1.25St Charles Borromeo
6Maryam Hussain5' .5"St Mark
6Alexandra Rigo4' 9.75"St Mark
6Arianna Pignatiello4'6.5St Charles Borromeo
6Alyssa Szuch4'5.75St Charles Borromeo
6Katie Burke4' 4"St. Ambrose
6Kristin Tomoff3'10.5"Sts Joseph and John
6Elena Dyke3' 8"St Mark
X Standing Long Jump - 7th Grade - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Sarah Foley6' 7.75"St Columbkille
7Molly Sammon6' 6.75"St Columbkille
7Sarah Stottner6' 6.25"St Mark
7Maria Coreno6' 5"St Mark
7Emily Giel6'4"Sts Joseph and John
7Clare Fibbi5' 10"St Mark
7Stephanie Wyrock5'8.5St Charles Borromeo
7Eileen Parente5' 5"St Mark
7Emily Tabar5'5"St Anthony of Padua-...
7Nicole Golonka5'4.25"Sts Joseph and John
7Eilish Waters5' 1.5"St Mark
7Marina Mion4' 9.75"St. Ambrose
7Olivia Jarzabeck4' 6.5"St Albert the Great
X Standing Long Jump - 8th Grade - Varsity - Finals
8Gretchen Horning6' 2.5"St Mark
8Jordon Mason6'2"St Anthony of Padua-...
8Amy Russin6'St Charles Borromeo
8Christina Ferra5' 11"St Mark
8Anastasia Keller5'6.75"St Anthony of Padua-...
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