West CYO Meet - Westlake HS

Sunday, May 09, 2010
  Westlake HS, Westlake - Map

  Field Events Start: 1:00 PM  Track Events Start: 1:00 PM
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - 4th Grade - Elemental - Finals
4Conor Hynes15.74St Mark
4Kazmir Dzurec16.63St Joseph-Avon Lake
4Joseph Spirnak16.62St Joseph-Avon Lake
4Nicholas Miller16.64St Angela Merici
4Max Zawodny17.28St Angela Merici
4Ryan Whitford17.44St Joseph-Avon Lake
4Kyle Humenik17.89St Brendan/St Richard
4Simon Kelley17.90St Mark
4Nicholas Donofrio17.97St Angela Merici
4Tommy Coughlin18.03St Raphael
4Brendan Connaughton18.45St Joseph-Avon Lake
4Dan Doherty18.57St Mary of the Falls
4David Castele18.57St Raphael
4Chris Bishop19.00St Joseph-Avon Lake
4Andrew Zerman19.27St Angela Merici
4Nick Dougher19.64St Mary-Avon
4Colin Mangan19.64St Mary-Avon
4Patrick Adams19.76St Raphael
4Matthew Borden20.23St Mark
4Sam Watters20.42St Angela Merici
4Zachary Howe21.22St Mark
X 100 Meters - 5th Grade - Developmental - Finals
5Mikey Lehto14.02St Mark
5Tyler Nelson14.36St Joseph-Avon Lake
6Kyle McCafferty14.79St Bernadette
5Mark Loper14.82St Joseph-Avon Lake
5Tommy Barrett14.86St Raphael
5Jacob Leusch15.22St Raphael
5Patrick Weaver15.41St Angela Merici
5Noah Steele15.49St Angela Merici
5Chris Szado15.53St Angela Merici
5Michael Maloof15.82St Raphael
5Michael Morissette15.85St Joseph-Avon Lake
5Austin Cole15.84St Mary of the Falls
5George Kasunic16.10St Angela Merici
5Matthew Leszcz16.16St Raphael
5Mark Pappas16.16St Joseph-Avon Lake
5Jacob Dembiac16.18St Mary-Avon
5Patrick Strauss16.40St Angela Merici
5Alex Gotsky16.42St Raphael
5Alex Kho16.61St Mary of the Falls
5Steven Neff16.65St Mark
5Connor Roddy16.80St Mary-Avon
5Michael Berger16.88St Mary of the Falls
5Danny Hyland16.98St Mark
5Tanner Brooks16.93St Raphael
5Patrick Ryan16.98St Raphael
5Lucas Dorazio17.03St Joseph-Avon Lake
5Eric Lauer17.30St Mark
5Devin Pratt17.38St Mary of the Falls
5Logan Leduc17.52St Joseph-Avon Lake
5Demitri Cullen17.90St Mary-Avon
5Aidan Krevis17.81St Bernadette
5Joe Prokop18.84St Brendan/St Richard
5Martin Fanta19.07St Bernadette
5John Hayes20.14St Mary of the Falls
5Christopher Yacobucci20.6St Joseph-Avon Lake
X 100 Meters - 6th Grade - Cadet - Finals
6Kenny Schneider14.03St Joseph-Avon Lake
6Iliya Bufogle14.09St Angela Merici
6Stephen Zupan14.15St Raphael
6Ian Koenig14.26St Joseph-Avon Lake
6Ted Achladis14.22St Joseph-Avon Lake
6Jack Ruddy14.62St Mark
6George Durisek14.74St Joseph-Avon Lake
6Patrick Middleton14.95St Raphael
6Joey Marysiak15.03St Mary of the Falls
6Andrew Vargo15.02St Mark
6Mike Sheneman15.28St Mary of the Falls
6Ryan Crumling15.3St Joseph-Avon Lake
6Patrick Eminian15.42St Mark
6Brendan Martin15.57St Raphael
6Joseph Warren15.53St Joseph-Avon Lake
6Colman Turner15.69St Bernadette
6Liam Doherty15.82St Mark
6Tony Caraffi16.08St Mary of the Falls
6Stephen Cartier16.14St Angela Merici
6Nicholas Leon16.26St Mark
6Kevin O'Reilly16.24St Mark
6Mike Iler17.2St Mary of the Falls
6Liam DeJesus17.21St Mary of the Falls
6Torin Dunn17.59St Brendan/St Richard
6Joe McNeeley17.57St Angela Merici
6Daniel Whitford17.66St Joseph-Avon Lake
6Kenny Ernst19.91St Angela Merici
X 100 Meters - 7th Grade - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Alex Janis13.32St Mark
7Geoffrey DiMassa13.58St Bernadette
7Chavez Perez13.75St Mark
7Eric Magvas13.89St Raphael
7Colin Sharpe13.91St Mark
7Ian Ryan14.29St Bernadette
7Tyler Fike14.66St Bernadette
7Tom Heisterkamp14.76St Angela Merici
7Nicholas Chonko14.73St Mark
7Robby Holowecky14.88St Mary-Avon
7Ryan Bush15.02St Brendan/St Richard
7Michael Walsh15.46St Bernadette
7Brian Chambers15.87St Bernadette
7Alex Yavornitzky15.92St Mary-Avon
7Jaxon Parrish16.56St Angela Merici
6Peter Slater17.58St Bernadette
7Sean Sovacool17.62St Mark
7Bryan Felix17.89St Mary of the Falls
7Mack Hogan20.99St Angela Merici
X 100 Meters - 8th Grade - Varsity - Finals
8Michael Zupan12.17St Raphael
8Jack Hyland12.72St Bernadette
8Scott Arthrell13.04St Bernadette
8Chris Leavy14.1St Raphael
8Patrick Hopkins14.10St Bernadette
8Brian Drellishak14.04St Mary-Avon
8Vincent Hwang14.37St Bernadette
8Gavin Whitford14.46St Raphael
8David Sinclair15.02St Bernadette
8Tom Manno15.42St Bernadette
8Dean Martens16.08St Bernadette
8Brendan Wagner22.54St Raphael
X 200 Meters - 4th Grade - Elemental - Finals
4Ben Gleichauf34.16St Brendan/St Richard
4Joseph Spirnak34.89St Joseph-Avon Lake
4Luke Fulop35.86St Mary of the Falls
4Nicholas Miller35.83St Angela Merici
4Paul Miles36.48St Angela Merici
4Ryan Whitford36.51St Joseph-Avon Lake
4Logan Joyce38.51St Mary-Avon
4Brock Robertson38.82St Mary-Avon
4Nicholas Donofrio38.99St Angela Merici
4Max Zawodny39.77St Angela Merici
4Kyle Humenik39.95St Brendan/St Richard
4Dan Doherty40.79St Mary of the Falls
5Patrick Bergen40.88St Bernadette
4Tommy Coughlin41.32St Raphael
4Andrew Zerman41.42St Angela Merici
4Simon Kelley42.35St Mark
4Patrick Adams43.56St Raphael
4Matthew Borden44.83St Mark
4Owen Anderson46.09St Mary-Avon
4Sam Watters46.98St Angela Merici
X 200 Meters - 5th Grade - Developmental - Finals
5Tyler Nelson31.02St Joseph-Avon Lake
5Tommy Barrett32.08St Raphael
5Noah Steele32.06St Angela Merici
5Jacob Leusch32.16St Raphael
5Patrick Weaver33.70St Angela Merici
5Austin Cole34.17St Mary of the Falls
5Chris Szado34.59St Angela Merici
5Adam Broadbent35.03St Mary-Avon
5Matthew Leszcz35.2St Raphael
5Mark Pappas35.48St Joseph-Avon Lake
5Eric Lauer36.14St Mark
5Collin Kelly36.63St Raphael
5Michael Maloof37.48St Raphael
5Devin Pratt38.15St Mary of the Falls
5Joshua Hoffman38.17St Mary-Avon
5Josha Gluck38.67St Raphael
5Tanner Brooks38.72St Raphael
5Nick Amato39.19St Mary-Avon
5John Hayes45.37St Mary of the Falls
X 200 Meters - 6th Grade - Cadet - Finals
6Iliya Bufogle30.63St Angela Merici
4.6Ian Koenig30.91St Joseph-Avon Lake
6Vince Gargaro31.29St Mary-Avon
6Patrick Middleton32.23St Raphael
6Stephen Zupan32.24St Raphael
6Ian Frain32.31St Raphael
6Tom Sulllivan32.43St Angela Merici
6Jack Ruddy33.16St Mark
4.6Ryan Crumling33.35St Joseph-Avon Lake
6Jimmy Papotto33.67St Angela Merici
6Nicholas Bilski33.82St Mark
6Brendan Martin33.96St Raphael
6Mike Sheneman35.08St Mary of the Falls
6Nicholas Leon36.06St Mark
6Kevin O'Reilly36.28St Mark
6Liam DeJesus38.89St Mary of the Falls
6Collin Shepard41.03St Raphael
6Riley Alton41.75St Mary of the Falls
X 200 Meters - 7th Grade - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Colin Sharpe29.20St Mark
4.7Connor Schumacher29.7St Joseph-Avon Lake
7Eric Magvas29.87St Raphael
7Chavez Perez30.14St Mark
7Alex Janis31.56St Mark
7Nicholas Chonko32.14St Mark
7Robby Holowecky32.35St Mary-Avon
7Alec O'Toole33.64St Mark
7Tom Heisterkamp34.20St Angela Merici
7Ben Amato34.33St Mary-Avon
7Sean Sovacool37.01St Mark
7Mack Hogan48.08St Angela Merici
X 200 Meters - 8th Grade - Varsity - Finals
8Michael Zupan27.17St Raphael
8Scott Arthrell27.54St Bernadette
8Patrick White28.60St Bernadette
8Patrick Hopkins30.28St Bernadette
8John Bodnar30.68St Bernadette
8David Sinclair31.36St Bernadette
7Thomas Higgins31.34St Bernadette
8Dean Martens34.58St Bernadette
X 400 Meters - 4th Grade - Elemental - Finals
4Conor Hynes1:14.21St Mark
4Michael Fitzgerald1:14.43St Brendan/St Richard
4Matthew Hallagan1:20.24St Joseph-Avon Lake
4John Jakubisin1:27.82St Angela Merici
4David Castele1:33.78St Raphael
4Colin Mangan1:39.07St Mary-Avon
4Nick Dougher1:42.74St Mary-Avon
4Jack Schulte1:55.8St Brendan/St Richard
X 400 Meters - 5th Grade - Developmental - Finals
5Mikey Lehto1:11.81St Mark
5Jason Sullivan1:13.52St Joseph-Avon Lake
5Patrick Ryan1:17.57St Raphael
5Jacob Dembiac1:21.87St Mary-Avon
5Alex Kho1:23.2St Mary of the Falls
5Michael Berger1:25.45St Mary of the Falls
5Demitri Cullen1:38.99St Mary-Avon
X 400 Meters - 6th Grade - Cadet - Finals
3.6George Durisek1:11.72St Joseph-Avon Lake
6Stephen Cartier1:15.84St Angela Merici
1.6John Dzurec1:18.53St Joseph-Avon Lake
6Andrew Vargo1:20.68St Mark
6Tony Caraffi1:21.51St Mary of the Falls
6Mike Iler1:21.9St Mary of the Falls
6James Moore1:25.54St Joseph-Avon Lake
6Matt Castele1:29.16St Raphael
6Joe McNeeley1:29.99St Angela Merici
6Collin Shepard1:33.93St Raphael
6Riley Alton1:38.6St Mary of the Falls
X 400 Meters - 7th Grade - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Alex Janis1:07.64St Mark
7Jaxon Parrish1:11.76St Angela Merici
7Ian Ryan1:11.96St Bernadette
7Ryan Bush1:14.35St Brendan/St Richard
7Michael Walsh1:14.55St Bernadette
7Tyler Fike1:15.30St Bernadette
7Nicholas Chonko1:15.79St Mark
7Alex Yavornitzky1:16.12St Mary-Avon
6Peter Slater1:16.63St Bernadette
7Brian Chambers1:17.57St Bernadette
6Colman Turner1:29.81St Bernadette
X 400 Meters - 8th Grade - Varsity - Finals
7Nate Grose1:02.23St Bernadette
8Jack Hyland1:06.20St Bernadette
8Gavin Whitford1:11.24St Raphael
8Kevin Mooney1:11.36St Brendan/St Richard
8Vincent Hwang1:13.70St Bernadette
X 800 Meters - 4th Grade - Elemental - Finals
4Paul Miles2:55.66St Angela Merici
4Brock Robertson3:01.38St Mary-Avon
4Luke Fulop3:02.4St Mary of the Falls
5Patrick Bergen3:15.33St Bernadette
6EJ Wennerberg3:16.93St Joseph-Avon Lake
4Ben Gleichauf3:18.15St Brendan/St Richard
4Simon Kelley3:43.42St Mark
4Jack Schulte3:50.12St Brendan/St Richard
4Zachary Howe3:52.09St Mark
X 800 Meters - 5th Grade - Developmental - Finals
5Danny Hyland2:57.50St Mark
5Steven Neff3:04.15St Mark
5Collin Kelly3:04.62St Raphael
5Josha Gluck3:05.32St Raphael
5Stefan Nieschwitz3:05.54St Joseph-Avon Lake
5Joshua Hoffman3:12.85St Mary-Avon
6Brandon Short3:41.95St Mary-Avon
X 800 Meters - 6th Grade - Cadet - Finals
6Kyle McCafferty2:46.44St Bernadette
6Nicholas Bilski3:04.53St Mark
6Patrick Eminian3:06.91St Mark
6Liam Doherty3:13.18St Mark
6Torin Dunn3:17.32St Brendan/St Richard
X 800 Meters - 7th Grade - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Chavez Perez2:41.12St Mark
7Alec O'Toole2:46.81St Mark
7Ben Amato2:49.41St Mary-Avon
7Patrick McIntyre2:58.52St Raphael
7Adam Grimes3:08.23St Raphael
X 800 Meters - 8th Grade - Varsity - Finals
8Patrick White2:26.39St Bernadette
8Steven Fioritto2:27.49St Brendan/St Richard
8John Bodnar2:36.41St Bernadette
X 1600 Meters - 4th Grade - Elemental - Finals
4Malachy Frain6:21.32St Raphael
4Michael Fitzgerald6:24.04St Brendan/St Richard
4John Jakubisin6:41.49St Angela Merici
4Logan Joyce7:08.22St Mary-Avon
4Owen Anderson8:25.27St Mary-Avon
X 1600 Meters - 5th Grade - Developmental - Finals
5Jason Sullivan6:08.64St Joseph-Avon Lake
5George Kasunic6:11.00St Angela Merici
5Alex Gotsky6:18.72St Raphael
5Adam Broadbent6:36.93St Mary-Avon
5Kevin Collins6:38.04St Joseph-Avon Lake
5Brian Sabath7:18.04St Joseph-Avon Lake
5Nick Amato7:26.46St Mary-Avon
5Aidan Krevis7:26.71St Bernadette
X 1600 Meters - 6th Grade - Cadet - Finals
6Jimmy Papotto5:49.46St Angela Merici
6Vince Gargaro6:22.75St Mary-Avon
7Geoffrey DiMassa7:17.55St Bernadette
6Matt Castele7:23.74St Raphael
X 1600 Meters - 7th Grade - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Thomas Higgins6:03.06St Bernadette
7Cole Hartman6:12.95St Raphael
7Alec Battistoni6:20.71St Mary-Avon
X 1600 Meters - 8th Grade - Varsity - Finals
8Steven Fioritto5:28.12St Brendan/St Richard
8Nick Eifel5:34.44St Raphael
X 4x100 Relay - 4th Grade - Elemental - Finals
-Chris Bishop
Kazmir Dzurec
Brendan Connaughton
Joseph Spirnak
1:11.41St Joseph-Avon Lake
-Relay Team 1:12.62St Angela Merici
-Relay Team 1:13.04St Bernadette
-Ben Gleichauf
Michael Fitzgerald
Kyle Humenik
Jack Schulte
1:14.91St Brendan/St Richard
-Relay Team 1:15.20St Angela Merici
-Tommy Coughlan
David Castele
Patrick Adams
Malachy Frain
1:16.35St Raphael
-Conor Hynes
Matthew Borden
Simon Kelley
Zachary Howe
1:16.76St Mark
-Relay Team 1:17.40St Mary-Avon
X 4x100 Relay - 5th Grade - Developmental - Finals
-Mark Pappas
Michael Morissette
Jason Sullivan
Tyler Nelson
1:03.37St Joseph-Avon Lake
-Michael Maloof
Matthew Leszcz
Jacob Leusch
Tommy Barrett
1:03.5St Raphael
-Chris Szado
George Kasunic
Patrick Weaver
Noah Steele
1:05.09St Angela Merici
-Mikey Lehto
Danny Hyland
Steven Neff
Eric Lauer
1:07.63St Mark
-Patrick Ryan
Alex Gotsky
Collin Kelly
Josh Gluck
1:07.96St Raphael
-Relay Team 1:10.5St Mary of the Falls
-Stefan Nieschwitz
Logan Leduc
Lucas Dorazio
Kevin Collins
1:10.65St Joseph-Avon Lake
-Relay Team 1:12.38St Mary-Avon
-Relay Team 1:14.21St Bernadette
X 4x100 Relay - 6th Grade - Cadet - Finals
-Relay Team 1:01.05St Mary of the Falls
-Stephen Zupan
Ian Frain
Brendan Martin
Patrick Middleton
1:01.27St Raphael
-Stephen Cartier
Tom Sulllivan
Jimmy Papotto
Iliya Bufogle
1:01.68St Angela Merici
-John Dzurec
Ted Achladis
Ryan Crumling
Kenny Schneider
1:02.69St Joseph-Avon Lake
-James Moore
George Durisek
Joseph Warren
Ian Koenig
1:03.12St Joseph-Avon Lake
-Nicholas Leon
Patrick Eminian
Andrew Vargo
Jack Ruddy
1:04.13St Mark
X 4x100 Relay - 7th Grade - Junior Varsity - Finals
-Alex Janis
Chavez Perez
Nicholas Chonko
Colin Sharpe
56.8St Mark
-Relay Team 1:03.85St Bernadette
-Nicholas Bilski
Sean Sovacool
Liam Doherty
Alec O'Toole
1:07St Mark
-Relay Team 1:11.58St Mary-Avon
-Kenny Ernst
Tom Heisterkamp
Mack Hogan
Jaxon Parrish
1:12.73St Angela Merici
X 4x100 Relay - 8th Grade - Varsity - Finals
-Relay Team 53.78St Bernadette
-Eric Magvas
Chris Leavy
Gavin Whitford
Michael Zupan
54.82St Raphael
-Relay Team 58.06St Bernadette
-Relay Team 58.37St Bernadette
-Joseph Warren
Connor Schumacher
Kenny Schneider
Kevin Sullivan
58.64St Joseph-Avon Lake
X Shot Put - 6lb - 4th Grade - Elemental - Finals
4Ryan Whitford19.11St Joseph-Avon Lake
4Max Zawodny17''6.5"St Angela Merici
4Chris Bishop17.05St Joseph-Avon Lake
4Simon Kelley16' 3.5St Mark
4Sam Watters14''6"St Angela Merici
4Tommy Coughlin13'4.5"St Raphael
4Owen Anderson13'St Mary-Avon
4Zachary Howe12' 9.25St Mark
4Matthew Borden12' 3.75St Mark
X Shot Put - 6lb - 5th Grade - Developmental - Finals
5Lucas Dorazio27.St Joseph-Avon Lake
5Eric Lauer22' 8.5St Mark
5Steven Neff22' 8St Mark
5Christopher Yacobucci22.5St Joseph-Avon Lake
5Patrick Strauss20''11.5"St Angela Merici
5Adam Broadbent17'11.5"St Mary-Avon
5Joe Prokop15'8St Brendan/St Richard
6Brandon Short14'3"St Mary-Avon
5John Hayes13'5St Mary of the Falls
X Shot Put - 8lb - 6th Grade - Cadet - Finals
6Mike Iler24'10St Mary of the Falls
6Ted Achladis23.8St Joseph-Avon Lake
6John Dzurec21.8St Joseph-Avon Lake
6Liam Doherty20' 11St Mark
6Matt Castele15'0"St Raphael
6Joe McNeeley12''11"St Angela Merici
X Shot Put - 8lb - 7th Grade - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Jaxon Parrish27''4"St Angela Merici
7Adam Grimes25'0"St Raphael
7Sean Sovacool23' 3St Mark
7Ben Amato21'10"St Mary-Avon
7Eric Magvas21'5"St Raphael
7Bryan Felix19'1St Mary of the Falls
7Mack Hogan14''4"St Angela Merici
X Shot Put - 8lb - 8th Grade - Varsity - Finals
8Nolan Lehto41' 3St Mark
5Jason Sullivan33.11St Joseph-Avon Lake
8Brendan Wagner21'3"St Raphael
X Shot Put - 12lb - 8th Grade - Varsity - Finals
8Patrick Hopkins33'6St Bernadette
8John Bodnar33'5St Bernadette
X Discus - 1kg - 7th Grade - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Adam Grimes53'3"St Raphael
7Robby Holowecky46.9St Mary-Avon
7Sean Sovacool43' 10St Mark
X Discus - 1kg - 8th Grade - Varsity - Finals
8Connor Higgins77' 8St Mark
8Aidan Blake57.3St Brendan/St Richard
8Brendan Wagner55'9"St Raphael
X High Jump - 5th Grade - Developmental - Finals
5Noah Steele4'3"St Angela Merici
5Tommy Barrett3'8"St Raphael
4Conor Hynes3'2"St Mark
5George Kasunic0St Angela Merici
X High Jump - 6th Grade - Cadet - Finals
6Stephen Zupan4'4"St Raphael
6Kenny Schneider4.2St Joseph-Avon Lake
6Jimmy Papotto4''2"St Angela Merici
6Joseph Warren4.St Joseph-Avon Lake
6Vince Gargaro4'0St Mary-Avon
6Elise Jennings4'St Mary-Avon
6Tom Sulllivan3''10"St Angela Merici
6Kevin O'Reilly3'8"St Mark
6Stephen Cartier0St Angela Merici
X High Jump - 7th Grade - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Jack Myers4'6St Brendan/St Richard
7Alec O'Toole4'4"St Mark
7Alex Janis4'2"St Mark
7Ryan Bush4'0St Brendan/St Richard
7Patrick McIntyre0'0"St Raphael
X High Jump - 8th Grade - Varsity - Finals
8Michael Zupan5'0"St Raphael
8Scott Arthrell4'6St Bernadette
8Patrick White4'4St Bernadette
X Long Jump - 4th Grade - Elemental - Finals
4Conor Hynes11'St Mark
4Kazmir Dzurec10.7St Joseph-Avon Lake
5Patrick Bergen10'8St Bernadette
4Michael Fitzgerald10'6St Brendan/St Richard
4Brendan Connaughton9.6St Joseph-Avon Lake
4John Jakubisin9''6"St Angela Merici
4Paul Miles9''5"St Angela Merici
6Ian Frain9'0"St Raphael
4Ben Gleichauf8'9St Brendan/St Richard
4David Castele8'6"St Raphael
4Nick Dougher8'4"St Mary-Avon
4Brock Robertson7'8"St Mary-Avon
4Patrick Adams6'10"St Raphael
X Long Jump - 5th Grade - Developmental - Finals
5Mikey Lehto15'1"St Mark
5Tyler Nelson12.5St Joseph-Avon Lake
5Matthew Leszcz10'9"St Raphael
5Jason Sullivan10.7St Joseph-Avon Lake
5Jacob Leusch10'7"St Raphael
5Mark Pappas10.5St Joseph-Avon Lake
5Tanner Brooks10'5"St Raphael
5Patrick Ryan10'4"St Raphael
5Michael Maloof10'2"St Raphael
5Jacob Dembiac10'St Mary-Avon
5Nick Amato9'10St Mary-Avon
5Mark Loper9.7St Joseph-Avon Lake
5Connor Roddy9'7"St Mary-Avon
5Logan Leduc9.1St Joseph-Avon Lake
5Michael Berger8'0St Mary of the Falls
X Long Jump - 6th Grade - Cadet - Finals
6Jack Ruddy13'1"St Mark
6Ian Koenig12.9St Joseph-Avon Lake
6Mike Sheneman12'5St Mary of the Falls
6Nicholas Leon12'3"St Mark
6Iliya Bufogle12''2"St Angela Merici
6Ian Frain12'1"St Raphael
6Tony Caraffi11'11St Mary of the Falls
6Brendan Martin11'5"St Raphael
6Patrick Middleton11'3"St Raphael
6Colman Turner10'7St Bernadette
6Daniel Whitford9.3St Joseph-Avon Lake
6Liam DeJesus8'7St Mary of the Falls
6Liam Walsh8'7"St Raphael
6James Moore7.10St Joseph-Avon Lake
6Riley Alton6'9St Mary of the Falls
X Long Jump - 7th Grade - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Connor Schumacher13.6St Joseph-Avon Lake
7Colin Sharpe13'2"St Mark
7Patrick McIntyre12'0"St Raphael
7Dylan Schmiedl10''9"St Angela Merici
7Tom Heisterkamp10''9"St Angela Merici
X Standing Long Jump - 4th Grade - Elemental - Finals
4Matthew Hallagan6.2St Joseph-Avon Lake
4Logan Joyce5'8"St Mary-Avon
4Nicholas Miller5''8"St Angela Merici
4Dan Doherty5'2St Mary of the Falls
4Kyle Humenik5'0St Brendan/St Richard
4Colin Mangan4'9"St Mary-Avon
X Standing Long Jump - 5th Grade - Developmental - Finals
5Patrick Weaver6''9"St Angela Merici
5Kevin Collins6.7St Joseph-Avon Lake
5Stefan Nieschwitz6.3St Joseph-Avon Lake
5Chris Szado6''0"St Angela Merici
5Alex Kho5'10St Mary of the Falls
5Collin Kelly5'6"St Raphael
5Josha Gluck5'6"St Raphael
5Danny Hyland5'4"St Mark
5Alex Gotsky5'4"St Raphael
5Austin Cole5'3St Mary of the Falls
5Devin Pratt5'2St Mary of the Falls
X Standing Long Jump - 6th Grade - Cadet - Finals
6Patrick Eminian7'St Mark
6Nicholas Bilski6'10"St Mark
6Joey Marysiak6'9St Mary of the Falls
6Ryan Crumling6.5St Joseph-Avon Lake
6Andrew Vargo6'5"St Mark
6George Durisek6.0St Joseph-Avon Lake
6Collin Shepard5'6"St Raphael
6Torin Dunn5'2St Brendan/St Richard
6Liam Walsh5'0"St Raphael
X Standing Long Jump - 7th Grade - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Alex Yavornitzky6'7"St Mary-Avon
7Nicholas Chonko6'6"St Mark
7Alec Battistoni5'8"St Mary-Avon
X Standing Long Jump - 8th Grade - Varsity - Finals
8Gavin Whitford7'2"St Raphael
8Brian Drellishak7'St Mary-Avon
8Nick Eifel6'5.5"St Raphael
8Chris Leavy6'5.5"St Raphael
X Triple Jump - 7th Grade - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Brian Chambers6'11St Bernadette
X Triple Jump - 8th Grade - Varsity - Finals
8Vincent Hwang7'3St Bernadette

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - 4th Grade - Elemental - Finals
4Skyler Miner15.35St Mary of the Falls
4Bre Coleman15.65St Mark
4Sydney Bellack16.08St Raphael
4Camryn Hartman16.27St Raphael
4Mary Claire Atkinson16.23St Raphael
4Sydnie Firment16.35St Mary-Avon
4Macey Buchanan16.45St Joseph-Avon Lake
4Mary Hope Schmidt16.78St Mark
4Annie Stewart16.86St Mark
4Lizzie Martinez16.85St Raphael
4Elizabeth Jira16.88St Angela Merici
4Delia Lowry16.85St Angela Merici
4Lauren Frindt17.04St Bernadette
4Sarah Lyons17.44St Mark
4Victoria Mistysyn17.73St Joseph-Avon Lake
4Katie Weidig17.89St Mary-Avon
4Jessie Guilmette17.96St Mary-Avon
4Annie King18.26St Angela Merici
4Mary Todd Birchler18.35St Raphael
4Emily Conway18.43St Mark
4Grace Nagle18.53St Mark
4Elizabeth Maxwell18.52St Mary of the Falls
4Paige Miller18.6St Brendan/St Richard
4Natalie Barendt19.21St Angela Merici
4Rachel D'Alessandro19.58St Brendan/St Richard
4Maddie Laurent19.73St Mary-Avon
4Molly Sponseller20.07St Angela Merici
4Emily McNeeley20.34St Angela Merici
4Kelsey McDonald20.98St Mary-Avon
4Nikki Sullenberger24.24St Mark
X 100 Meters - 5th Grade - Developmental - Finals
5Lauren Najda14.68St Mary-Avon
5Cate Schmiedl15.67St Angela Merici
5Molly Chambers16.11St Angela Merici
5Claire Zajaczkowski16.17St Bernadette
5Stephanie Magvas16.23St Raphael
5Olivia Lang16.34St Raphael
5Julia Nahrstedt16.37St Raphael
5Annie Alten16.33St Mary-Avon
5Maria Velten16.45St Angela Merici
5Audra Feddrix16.52St Raphael
5Katherine Kuemerle16.55St Joseph-Avon Lake
5Claire Greller16.77St Mark
5Marina Kahl16.8St Raphael
5Ellie Frey16.84St Raphael
5Lexie Thompson16.91St Raphael
5Katelyn Mikuluk16.91St Mark
5Maggie Sullivan17.05St Mary-Avon
5Maggie Malley17.02St Raphael
5Katherine Higgins17.14St Bernadette
5Bridget Bodnar17.21St Bernadette
5Mary Hyland17.21St Angela Merici
5Marcie Hegarty17.24St Joseph-Avon Lake
5Kennedy Disanto17.82St Mark
5Taylor Murray17.98St Joseph-Avon Lake
5Allyson Cole18.25St Mary of the Falls
5Emma Gassman18.30St Mary-Avon
5Kathryn Malloy19.15St Bernadette
5Katie Kerwin19.34St Raphael
5Mary Kate Curry20.13St Mark
X 100 Meters - 6th Grade - Cadet - Finals
6Leah Sharpe14.41St Mark
6Caitlyn Rodriquez14.53St Brendan/St Richard
7Rachel Malloy15.46St Bernadette
6Lily Kramer15.50St Mark
6Emma Adkins15.57St Mary-Avon
6Caroline Pavlo15.83St Bernadette
6Lily Jarabek15.93St Mark
6Claire Bickley16.07St Mary-Avon
6Paige Rogozinski16.39St Raphael
6Justice James16.96St Mark
6Ally Black17.35St Mary-Avon
6Caroline Werner17.43St Mark
6Katie McCarthy17.79St Bernadette
6Delaney Mooney17.96St Brendan/St Richard
6Elena Dyke18.19St Mark
6Christy Schmidt18.78St Mark
6Alexandra Rigo19.31St Mark
6Meredith Nortz19.5St Angela Merici
X 100 Meters - 7th Grade - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Jessica Fox14.09St Mark
7Ellie Dougher14.21St Mary-Avon
7Sarah Stottner14.56St Mark
7Rachel Farnan14.58St Raphael
7Sheila Cooney14.7St Joseph-Avon Lake
7Emma Trefney14.90St Mark
7Sarah Reardon15.30St Mark
7Hanleigh Heinzmann15.33St Joseph-Avon Lake
7Eileen Parente15.61St Mark
7Maria Coreno15.67St Mark
7Jessica Follmer15.74St Mark
7Maureen Borden15.89St Mark
7Victoria Bonca15.9St Brendan/St Richard
7Katie Feran16.02St Raphael
6Cara Zetts16.03St Mary-Avon
7Annie Bishop16.39St Joseph-Avon Lake
7Haley Kurcurko16.97St Mark
7Maura Blake18.31St Brendan/St Richard
X 100 Meters - 8th Grade - Varsity - Finals
8Leah Lindak13.4St Brendan/St Richard
8Sarah Scelza13.55St Mark
8Gabby Leon13.98St Mark
8Mercedes Perez14.04St Mark
8Meghan Malone14.13St Mark
8Rebecca Sedlak14.16St Mark
8Jessi Graber14.55St Mark
8Christine Samanich14.66St Bernadette
8Isabelle Lyons15.31St Bernadette
8Nicole McManamon15.34St Bernadette
8Madeline Castele15.44St Raphael
8Bella Schmidt15.61St Mark
8Sarah McMahon15.72St Mark
8Gretchen Horning15.85St Mark
8Melissa Schuerger15.81St Joseph-Avon Lake
8Eleanor Werner16.00St Mark
8Natalie Woisnet16.2St Raphael
8Roisin Gibbons16.24St Joseph-Avon Lake
8Courtney Ross16.34St Bernadette
8Erin Regan16.34St Bernadette
8Ashleigh Koenig16.7St Joseph-Avon Lake
8Hannah Smith16.71St Raphael
8Casey Faddoul18.07St Bernadette
8Corinne Martin20.04St Raphael
X 200 Meters - 4th Grade - Elemental - Finals
4Skyler Miner34.8St Mary of the Falls
4Bre Coleman35.03St Mark
4Sydney Bellack35.73St Raphael
4Lexie Firment35.98St Mary-Avon
4Laurin McNulty35.95St Mary-Avon
4Katie Dunstan36.26St Raphael
4Elizabeth Jira37.22St Angela Merici
4Elise Gutierrez37.46St Raphael
4Sydnie Firment37.66St Mary-Avon
4Camryn Hartman38.12St Raphael
4Annie Stewart38.72St Mark
4Abby Georgiadis38.84St Raphael
4Sarah Lyons39.45St Mark
4Grace Spear39.96St Angela Merici
4Nicole Martens40.17St Bernadette
4Paige Miller43.4St Brendan/St Richard
4Grace Nagle43.41St Mark
4Kaitlyn Pacheco43.42St Mary-Avon
4Brittany Miller44.30St Mark
4Carly Holowecky44.38St Mary-Avon
4Molly Sponseller45.51St Angela Merici
4Emily McNeeley47.42St Angela Merici
4Nikki Sullenberger55.24St Mark
X 200 Meters - 5th Grade - Developmental - Finals
5Lauren Najda33.05St Mary-Avon
5Cate Schmiedl34.81St Angela Merici
5Stephanie Magvas35.81St Raphael
5Olivia Lang35.84St Raphael
5Annie Alten35.92St Mary-Avon
5Katherine Kuemerle36.37St Joseph-Avon Lake
5Maria Velten36.49St Angela Merici
5Molly Chambers36.46St Angela Merici
5Mary Hyland37.08St Angela Merici
5Cassie DelPrincipe37.07St Mary-Avon
5Emma Stec37.98St Brendan/St Richard
5Polina Bufogle38.26St Angela Merici
5Ellie Frey38.46St Raphael
5Madelyn Brindza38.69St Raphael
5Brigid Bryant39.01St Mark
5Maggie Schoen39.20St Mary-Avon
5Haley Parker39.48St Mary-Avon
5Claire Greller39.63St Mark
5Katelyn Mikuluk39.86St Mark
5Olivia Battistoni39.83St Mary-Avon
5Brittany Cahill40.29St Mary-Avon
5Allyson Cole40.89St Mary of the Falls
5Denaliz Eminian42.54St Mark
5Maya Castelli42.99St Bernadette
5Katie Kerwin45.28St Raphael
5Mary Kate Curry47.56St Mark
X 200 Meters - 6th Grade - Cadet - Finals
6Leah Sharpe31.08St Mark
6Lily Kramer33.29St Mark
6Kassie Laurent33.38St Mary-Avon
6Julie Whitmore33.46St Angela Merici
6Jenna Catanza34.26St Mary-Avon
6Abbie Guilmette34.4St Mary-Avon
6Kelly O'Conor34.65St Raphael
6Emma Adkins35.41St Mary-Avon
6Emily Sumser35.41St Raphael
6Caroline Pavlo35.99St Bernadette
6Justice James36.18St Mark
6Mary Patton36.19St Joseph-Avon Lake
6Emily Weidig37.05St Mary-Avon
6Caroline Werner38.05St Mark
6Christy Schmidt40.53St Mark
6Elise Jennings41.38St Mary-Avon
6Alexandra Rigo42.33St Mark
6Meredith Nortz43.31St Angela Merici
X 200 Meters - 7th Grade - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Ellie Dougher30.89St Mary-Avon
7D'Aja Matthews31.06St Mark
7Katie Whitmore31.75St Angela Merici
7Sarah Stottner32.10St Mark
7Emma Trefney32.24St Mark
7Haley Kurcurko33.21St Mark
7Maria Coreno33.34St Mark
7Katie Feran33.79St Raphael
7Lauren O'Malley34.33St Bernadette
7Kara Hejnal34.52St Mary-Avon
7Maura Blake39.92St Brendan/St Richard
X 200 Meters - 8th Grade - Varsity - Finals
8Sarah Scelza30.09St Mark
8Mercedes Perez31.08St Mark
8Meghan Malone31.17St Mark
8Jessi Graber31.89St Mark
8Maddie Zimmerman32.24St Raphael
8Christine Samanich32.76St Bernadette
8Sarah Hannibal32.81St Raphael
8Madeline Castele34.68St Raphael
8Ingrid Wagner34.85St Raphael
8Natalie Woisnet34.91St Raphael
8Marissa Pacheco37.33St Mary-Avon
8Erin Regan38.31St Bernadette
X 400 Meters - 4th Grade - Elemental - Finals
4Savannah Noethlich1:20.19St Raphael
4Anne Bloomfield1:25.91St Brendan/St Richard
4Sydney Krauth1:27.05St Mary-Avon
4Macey Buchanan1:28.26St Joseph-Avon Lake
4Delia Lowry1:29.84St Angela Merici
4Emily Conway1:30.24St Mark
4Annie King1:31.69St Angela Merici
4Katie Weidig1:32.44St Mary-Avon
4Natalie Barendt1:34.10St Angela Merici
4Kaitlyn Pacheco1:34.92St Mary-Avon
4Elizabeth Maxwell1:38.7St Mary of the Falls
4Jessie Guilmette1:38.91St Mary-Avon
4Maddie Laurent1:41.87St Mary-Avon
4Kelsey McDonald1:54.06St Mary-Avon
X 400 Meters - 5th Grade - Developmental - Finals
5Julia Nahrstedt1:20.79St Raphael
5Bridget Bodnar1:22.78St Bernadette
5Maggie Sullivan1:26.24St Mary-Avon
5Katherine Higgins1:28.11St Bernadette
5Kennedy Disanto1:29.11St Mark
5Polina Bufogle1:33.45St Angela Merici
5Emma Gassman1:37.75St Mary-Avon
5Kathryn Malloy1:41.41St Bernadette
X 400 Meters - 6th Grade - Cadet - Finals
6Lily Jarabek1:16.13St Mark
6Claire Bickley1:17.98St Mary-Avon
6Mary McGrail1:20.15St Raphael
6Paige Rogozinski1:20.25St Raphael
6Cara Zetts1:21.21St Mary-Avon
6Ally Black1:22.94St Mary-Avon
6Erin McCaffrey1:25.57St Bernadette
6Elena Dyke1:28.70St Mark
6Katie McCarthy1:30.74St Bernadette
X 400 Meters - 7th Grade - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Jessica Fox1:09.20St Mark
7Eileen Carey1:14.01St Angela Merici
7Eileen Parente1:17.08St Mark
7Jessica Follmer1:17.31St Mark
7Rachel Malloy1:18.71St Bernadette
7Rachel Farnan1:19.55St Raphael
7Maureen Borden1:20.48St Mark
X 400 Meters - 8th Grade - Varsity - Finals
8Leah Lindak1:05.3St Brendan/St Richard
8Maddie Zimmerman66.08St Raphael
8Nicole McManamon1:17.62St Bernadette
8Bella Schmidt1:19.28St Mark
8Isabelle Lyons1:21.60St Bernadette
8Courtney Ross1:25.60St Bernadette
8Dana Sirchen1:25.60St Mark
8Eleanor Werner1:26.37St Mark
8Casey Faddoul1:36.18St Bernadette
X 800 Meters - 4th Grade - Elemental - Finals
4Elise Gutierrez3:09.38St Raphael
4Laurin McNulty3:10.20St Mary-Avon
4Lauren Frindt3:17.48St Bernadette
4Kaleigh Barrett3:28.54St Raphael
4Mary Hope Schmidt3:37.77St Mark
4Carly Holowecky3:49.80St Mary-Avon
4Sarah Lyons3:56.77St Mark
X 800 Meters - 5th Grade - Developmental - Finals
5Haley Parker3:06.07St Mary-Avon
5Emma Stec3:10.9St Brendan/St Richard
5Brigid Bryant3:23.70St Mark
5Cassie DelPrincipe3:26.51St Mary-Avon
5Maggie Schoen3:30.15St Mary-Avon
5Claire Greller3:38.84St Mark
5Claire Zajaczkowski3:48.40St Bernadette
5Denaliz Eminian3:52.00St Mark
X 800 Meters - 6th Grade - Cadet - Finals
6Annie Harter2:48.18St Raphael
6Mary Stepanek2:49.47St Raphael
6Julie Whitmore2:57.15St Angela Merici
6Allyson Fedor2:59.88St Brendan/St Richard
6Kaeley Bush3:04.78St Brendan/St Richard
6Clare Toole3:09.56St Mark
6Sara Paponetti3:10.88St Raphael
6Emily Weidig3:11.24St Mary-Avon
6Kelly O'Conor3:14.84St Raphael
6Kassie Laurent3:25.69St Mary-Avon
6Abbie Guilmette3:34.27St Mary-Avon
X 800 Meters - 7th Grade - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Sophia Long3:21.23St Mark
X 800 Meters - 8th Grade - Varsity - Finals
8Catherine Conway2:45.52St Bernadette
8Gretchen Horning2:47.33St Mark
8Alicia Birchler2:59.27St Raphael
8Ingrid Wagner2:59.53St Raphael
8Marissa Pacheco3:24.41St Mary-Avon
X 1600 Meters - 4th Grade - Elemental - Finals
4Savannah Noethlich6:32.59St Raphael
4Leah Becker6:42.46St Raphael
4Katie Dunstan6:45.75St Raphael
4Lexie Firment6:49.20St Mary-Avon
4Julia Waldron7:05.56St Raphael
4Nicole Martens7:18.21St Bernadette
4Abby Georgiadis7:39.34St Raphael
4Brittany Miller8:26.09St Mark
X 1600 Meters - 5th Grade - Developmental - Finals
5Maggie Malley6:47.12St Raphael
5Madelyn Brindza6:49.66St Raphael
5Olivia Battistoni7:21.07St Mary-Avon
5Maya Castelli7:25.71St Bernadette
5Brittany Cahill7:36.21St Mary-Avon
X 1600 Meters - 6th Grade - Cadet - Finals
6Emily Sumser6:49.91St Raphael
6Mara Bedell7:01.17St Raphael
6Lily Hannibal7:03.5St Raphael
6Ashling Murray7:10.58St Brendan/St Richard
6Elise Jennings7:49.75St Mary-Avon
X 1600 Meters - 7th Grade - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Katie Whitmore5:55.38St Angela Merici
7Elizabeth Fitzgerald6:23.19St Brendan/St Richard
7Lauren O'Malley6:31.94St Bernadette
7Clare Fibbi6:58.12St Mark
7Kara Hejnal7:04.39St Mary-Avon
X 1600 Meters - 8th Grade - Varsity - Finals
8Annie Hoelscher6:28.03St Bernadette
8Sarah Hannibal6:45.7St Raphael
8Molly Moore6:55.05St Mark
8Victoria Rapchak7:25.72St Mary-Avon
8Claire Heywood8:04.76St Mark
X 4x100 Relay - 4th Grade - Elemental - Finals
-Mary Todd Birchler
Kaleigh Barrett
Abby Georgiadis
Savannah Noethlich
1:10.8St Raphael
-Mary Claire Atkinson
Sydney Bellack
Camryn Hartman
Katie Dunstan
1:11.12St Raphael
-Relay Team 1:14.76St Mary-Avon
-Relay Team 1:15.89St Bernadette
-Bre Coleman
Brittany Miller
Annie Stewart
Sarah Lyons
1:15.90St Mark
-Anne Bloomfield
Rachel D'Alessandro
Paige Miller
Emma Stec
1:19.02St Brendan/St Richard
-Brittany Miller
Mary Kate Curry
Emily Conway
Denaliz Eminian
1:22.27St Mark
-Relay Team 1:24.16St Angela Merici
-Mary Hope Schmidt
Emily Conway
Grace Nagle
Nikki Sullenberger
1:25.55St Mark
X 4x100 Relay - 5th Grade - Developmental - Finals
-Maria Velten
Mary Hyland
Molly Chambers
Cate Schmiedl
1:08.35St Angela Merici
-Olivia Lang
Stephanie Magvas
Audra Feddrix
Lexie Thompson
1:09.76St Raphael
-Relay Team 1:10.09St Mary-Avon
-Macey Buchanan
Marcie Hegarty
Katherine Kuemerle
Victoria Mistysyn
1:10.41St Joseph-Avon Lake
-Relay Team 1:10.62St Mary-Avon
-Maggie Malley
Madelyn Brindza
Julia Nahrstedt
Ellie Frey
1:10.66St Raphael
-Kennedy Disanto
Katelyn Mikuluk
Claire Greller
Brigid Bryant
1:13.08St Mark
-Relay Team 1:15.72St Bernadette
-Relay Team 1:20.27St Mary-Avon
X 4x100 Relay - 6th Grade - Cadet - Finals
-Kaeley Bush
Caitlyn Rodriquez
Allyson Fedor
Ashling Murray
1:05.22St Brendan/St Richard
-Mary McGrail
Kelly O'Conor
Emily Sumser
Mary Stepanek
1:05.62St Raphael
-Mara Bedell
Paige Rogozinski
Lily Hannibal
Sara Paponetti
1:06.6St Raphael
-Relay Team 1:08.31St Bernadette
-Relay Team 1:09.85St Mary-Avon
X 4x100 Relay - 7th Grade - Junior Varsity - Finals
-Relay Team 1:04.41St Angela Merici
-Relay Team 1:05.81St Bernadette
X 4x100 Relay - 8th Grade - Varsity - Finals
-Rebecca Sedlak
Mercedes Perez
Ghost Runner g
Dana Sirchen
1:00.84St Mark
-Relay Team 1:01.1St Bernadette
-Relay Team 1:05.44St Mary-Avon
-Ashleigh Koenig
Annie Bishop
Melissa Schuerger
Hanleigh Heinzmann
1:05.6St Joseph-Avon Lake
-Relay Team 1:10.42St Bernadette
X Shot Put - 6lb - 4th Grade - Elemental - Finals
4Elise Gutierrez15'11"St Raphael
4Emily Conway15'St Mark
4Jessie Guilmette14'5"St Mary-Avon
5Polina Bufogle13''10"St Angela Merici
4Elizabeth Maxwell13'8St Mary of the Falls
4Molly Sponseller12''9"St Angela Merici
4Sydney Pochatek12'6.25"St Raphael
4Natalie Barendt11''11"St Angela Merici
4Katie Weidig10'7"St Mary-Avon
4Emily McNeeley10''0"St Angela Merici
4Nikki Sullenberger9' 7St Mark
X Shot Put - 6lb - 5th Grade - Developmental - Finals
5Olivia Battistoni18'.5St Mary-Avon
5Lexie Thompson13'10"St Raphael
4Kelsey McDonald13'8"St Mary-Avon
5Marina Kahl12'11"St Raphael
5Madelyn Brindza10'11.5"St Raphael
5Denaliz Eminian10' 6.5St Mark
5Emma Gassman10'6"St Mary-Avon
5Maggie Malley8'6"St Raphael
X Shot Put - 6lb - 6th Grade - Cadet - Finals
6Emma Adkins30'10"St Mary-Avon
6Abbie Guilmette21.4St Mary-Avon
6Lily Hannibal19'4"St Raphael
6Christy Schmidt17'5"St Mark
6Sara Paponetti13'10"St Raphael
X Shot Put - 6lb - 7th Grade - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Sophia Long27'5"St Mark
7Victoria Bonca19'4St Brendan/St Richard
7Hanleigh Heinzmann16.11St Joseph-Avon Lake
X Shot Put - 6lb - 8th Grade - Varsity - Finals
8Nicole McManamon25'St Bernadette
8Natalie Woisnet24'9"St Raphael
8Courtney Ross22'5"St Bernadette
8Hannah Smith22'3"St Raphael
X Discus - 1kg - 7th Grade - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Maureen Borden44St Mark
7Maura Blake43.9St Brendan/St Richard
X Discus - 1kg - 8th Grade - Varsity - Finals
8Rebecca Sedlak60'2St Mark
8Hannah Smith56'11"St Raphael
8Casey Faddoul43.7St Bernadette
8Annie Hoelscher42.1St Bernadette
X High Jump - 5th Grade - Developmental - Finals
5Lauren Najda3'11"St Mary-Avon
5Olivia Lang3'8"St Raphael
5Stephanie Magvas3'8"St Raphael
5Cassie DelPrincipe3'6"St Mary-Avon
5Haley Parker3'4"St Mary-Avon
5Maggie Sullivan3'4"St Mary-Avon
5Cate Schmiedl3''4"St Angela Merici
5Mary Hyland3''2"St Angela Merici
5Maria Velten3''2"St Angela Merici
5Katelyn Mikuluk3'2"St Mark
X High Jump - 6th Grade - Cadet - Finals
6Mary McGrail4'0"St Raphael
6Kelly O'Conor4'0"St Raphael
6Clare Toole3' 8"St Mark
6Allyson Fedor3'8St Brendan/St Richard
6Mary Patton3.10St Joseph-Avon Lake
X High Jump - 7th Grade - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Sarah Reardon4' 3"St Mark
7Katie Feran4'0"St Raphael
7Rachel Farnan4'0"St Raphael
7Emma Trefney4'St Mark
7Jessica Follmer3' 10"St Mark
X High Jump - 8th Grade - Varsity - Finals
8Dana Sirchen4' 6"St Mark
8Sarah McMahon4'St Mark
8Alicia Birchler0'0"St Raphael
X Long Jump - 4th Grade - Elemental - Finals
4Victoria Mistysyn11.St Joseph-Avon Lake
4Bre Coleman9'8"St Mark
4Mary Claire Atkinson9'6"St Raphael
4Sydney Bellack9'0"St Raphael
4Sydnie Firment8'8"St Mary-Avon
4Carly Holowecky8'5"St Mary-Avon
4Maddie Laurent8'3"St Mary-Avon
4Grace Spear8''1"St Angela Merici
4Kaitlyn Pacheco8'St Mary-Avon
4Grace Nagle8'St Mark
4Macey Buchanan7.9St Joseph-Avon Lake
4Lizzie Martinez7'8"St Raphael
4Anne Bloomfield7'7St Brendan/St Richard
4Elizabeth Jira6''10"St Angela Merici
4Annie Stewart6'4"St Mark
4Paige Miller6'3St Brendan/St Richard
4Rachel D'Alessandro5'7St Brendan/St Richard
X Long Jump - 5th Grade - Developmental - Finals
5Annie Alten11'2"St Mary-Avon
5Molly Chambers10''1"St Angela Merici
5Bridget Bodnar9'7St Bernadette
5Marcie Hegarty9.5St Joseph-Avon Lake
5Brigid Bryant9'St Mark
4Sydney Krauth8'11"St Mary-Avon
5Katherine Kuemerle8.11St Joseph-Avon Lake
5Maggie Schoen8'1"St Mary-Avon
5Allyson Cole7'2St Mary of the Falls
5Katie Kerwin6'11"St Raphael
5Claire Zajaczkowski6'10St Bernadette
5Kathryn Malloy6'9St Bernadette
X Long Jump - 6th Grade - Cadet - Finals
6Erin McCaffrey11'4St Bernadette
6Leah Sharpe11'2"St Mark
6Claire Bickley11'1"St Mary-Avon
6Mary Stepanek10'9"St Raphael
6Paige Rogozinski10'0"St Raphael
6Caroline Werner9'1"St Mark
6Ally Black8'10"St Mary-Avon
X Long Jump - 7th Grade - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Jessica Fox13'5"St Mark
7Eileen Carey11''8"St Angela Merici
7Sheila Cooney11.3St Joseph-Avon Lake
7Kara Hejnal10'8"St Mary-Avon
7Annie Bishop10.1St Joseph-Avon Lake
7Lauren O'Malley10'1St Bernadette
X Long Jump - 8th Grade - Varsity - Finals
8Leah Lindak14'4St Brendan/St Richard
6Anne Conway10'9St Bernadette
8Marissa Pacheco10'8"St Mary-Avon
8Eleanor Werner10'5"St Mark
8Gabby Leon9'St Mark
8Victoria Rapchak8'6"St Mary-Avon
8Roisin Gibbons8.3St Joseph-Avon Lake
X Standing Long Jump - 4th Grade - Elemental - Finals
4Lexie Firment6'4"St Mary-Avon
4Skyler Miner6'2St Mary of the Falls
4Brittany Miller5'8"St Mark
4Laurin McNulty5'7"St Mary-Avon
4Kaleigh Barrett5'6"St Raphael
4Lauren Frindt5"6St Bernadette
4Delia Lowry5''6"St Angela Merici
4Mary Todd Birchler5'4"St Raphael
4Mary Hope Schmidt4'11"St Mark
4Nicole Martens4'8St Bernadette
4Sarah Lyons4'7"St Mark
X Standing Long Jump - 5th Grade - Developmental - Finals
5Audra Feddrix5'5"St Raphael
5Mary Kate Curry5'St Mark
5Claire Greller5'St Mark
5Brittany Cahill5'St Mary-Avon
5Maya Castelli4'9St Bernadette
5Julia Nahrstedt4'4"St Raphael
X Standing Long Jump - 6th Grade - Cadet - Finals
6Lily Jarabek7'1"St Mark
6Cara Zetts6'4"St Mary-Avon
6Jenna Catanza6'3"St Mary-Avon
6Kaeley Bush6'3St Brendan/St Richard
6Emily Sumser6'2"St Raphael
6Meredith Nortz6''2"St Angela Merici
6Caroline Pavlo6'0St Bernadette
6Delaney Mooney5'11St Brendan/St Richard
6Lily Kramer5'9"St Mark
6Alexandra Rigo5'6"St Mark
6Mara Bedell5'6"St Raphael
6Katie McCarthy5'2St Bernadette
6Emily Weidig5'1"St Mary-Avon
6Elena Dyke4'9"St Mark
X Standing Long Jump - 7th Grade - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Maria Coreno7'2"St Mark
7Sarah Stottner6'9"St Mark
7Clare Fibbi6'9"St Mark
7Victoria Bonca5'11St Brendan/St Richard
X Standing Long Jump - 8th Grade - Varsity - Finals
8Christine Samanich7'0St Bernadette
8Sarah Hannibal6'5"St Raphael
8Madeline Castele6'5"St Raphael
8Ashleigh Koenig6.4St Joseph-Avon Lake
8Melissa Schuerger6.2St Joseph-Avon Lake
8Erin Regan5'6St Bernadette
8Ingrid Wagner5'5.5"St Raphael
8Corinne Martin4'4"St Raphael
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