West CYO Meet - Westlake HS

Sunday, May 16, 2010
  Westlake HS, Westlake - Map

  Field Events Start: 1:00 PM  Track Events Start: 1:00 PM
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - 4th Grade - Elemental - Finals
4Zachary Antonio14.35St Albert the Great
4Jack Lavelle15.20Lakewood Catholic Ac...
4AJ Zubek15.39Incarnate Word Academy
4Max Pike15.84St Albert the Great
4Danny Roberge15.91Sts Joseph and John
4Ethan Rebar16.16St Columbkille
4Justin Tracy16.68St Columbkille
4Jack Reilly16.76Lakewood Catholic Ac...
4Eric Miranda17.06St Albert the Great
4Nedas Semaska17.14Incarnate Word Academy
4Aidan McCaffrey17.27Incarnate Word Academy
4David Priebe17.57St Peter-North Ridge...
4Paul Kolbus17.57St Albert the Great
4Tom Lazevnick17.53St Bernadette
4Eric Devney17.68St Albert the Great
4Timmy Tusick17.68Incarnate Word Academy
4Wrigley LaSpisa18.46Lakewood Catholic Ac...
4Anthony McCartney18.7St Albert the Great
4Owen Anderson18.80St Mary-Avon
4Colin Mangan18.99St Mary-Avon
4Terrance Steele19.44St Bernadette
4Ronan Rush19.59Lakewood Catholic Ac...
4Nick Dougher20.36St Mary-Avon
4Drew Alessandro22.89St Columbkille
4Andrew Boldy26.26Sts Joseph and John
X 100 Meters - 5th Grade - Developmental - Finals
5Justin Sacha15.03Lakewood Catholic Ac...
5Michael Trentel15.13Lakewood Catholic Ac...
5Michael Dighero15.17St Columbkille
5Patrick Nolan15.25Lakewood Catholic Ac...
5Jacob Drlik15.71St Columbkille
5Will Price15.77St Peter-North Ridge...
5Seamus O'Malley15.91St Columbkille
5Jacob Dembiac16.30St Mary-Avon
5Connor Roddy17.12St Mary-Avon
5Daniel Rush17.11St Columbkille
5Justin Stepp17.19St Columbkille
5Chase Gardner17.34St Peter-North Ridge...
5Zachary Maxwell17.73Sts Joseph and John
5Nick Amato17.86St Mary-Avon
5Noah Schrader18.60St Albert the Great
5Demitri Cullen19.24St Mary-Avon
5Martin Fanta19.42St Bernadette
X 100 Meters - 6th Grade - Cadet - Finals
6Jake Sawyer14.16St Albert the Great
6Justin Thomas14.26St Albert the Great
6Dean Ramicone14.41St Albert the Great
6Vince Gargaro14.48St Mary-Avon
6Tom Fox14.43St Bernadette
6Brady Strumbel15.59St Albert the Great
6Bobby Sessions16.29Lakewood Catholic Ac...
6Austin Bielek16.75St Bernadette
6Nick Shreckengast17.46St Albert the Great
6Aric Micko17.65Sts Joseph and John
X 100 Meters - 7th Grade - Junior Varsity - Finals
7David Dalton13.0St Albert the Great
7Matthew Saffell13.08St Columbkille
8Scott Arthrell13.16St Bernadette
7Nicholas Ludwick13.28Incarnate Word Academy
7Geoffrey DiMassa13.56St Bernadette
7Patrick McCarthy13.90St Columbkille
7Liam O'Halloran14.07St Peter-North Ridge...
6Nick Moss14.19Lakewood Catholic Ac...
7Geno Oradini14.31St Peter-North Ridge...
7Jeff Eben14.44St Albert the Great
7Erik Mohline14.55Lakewood Catholic Ac...
7Ian Ryan14.59St Bernadette
7Dean Supelak14.78Sts Joseph and John
7Robby Holowecky14.73St Mary-Avon
7Jacob Zamora14.90St Albert the Great
7Casey Sobecks15.05St Albert the Great
7Tyler Fike15.07St Bernadette
7Nicholas Stahl15.10St Columbkille
7Armando Polizzi15.16St Albert the Great
7Michael Walsh15.29St Bernadette
7Alex Yavornitzky15.74St Mary-Avon
6Colman Turner15.97St Bernadette
7Sean Devney16.54St Albert the Great
7Peter Jones18.81Lakewood Catholic Ac...
7Steven Wright19.10St Albert the Great
X 100 Meters - 8th Grade - Varsity - Finals
8Anthony Ortiz12.04Incarnate Word Academy
8Arius Wright12.39Lakewood Catholic Ac...
8Danny Schmock12.53Incarnate Word Academy
8Nick Rebar12.59St Columbkille
8Jim Abraham12.91Incarnate Word Academy
8Jack Hyland12.91St Bernadette
7Nate Grose13.07St Bernadette
8Lucas Becker13.05St Peter-North Ridge...
8Phillip Zinicola13.17Sts Joseph and John
8Grant Wegryn13.49Incarnate Word Academy
8J. T. Rinehart13.64Lakewood Catholic Ac...
8Jonathan Nemes13.77Incarnate Word Academy
8Kurt Spaetzel14.01St Mary-Avon
8Brian Callahan14.12St Columbkille
8Patrick Hopkins14.46St Bernadette
8Louis Morris14.56Lakewood Catholic Ac...
8Kevin Coyne14.80St Bernadette
8Tom Manno14.93St Bernadette
8Dean Martens15.33St Bernadette
8Carl Shreckengast15.49St Albert the Great
8Justin Romito16.21Incarnate Word Academy
X 200 Meters - 4th Grade - Elemental - Finals
4Jack Lavelle32.98Lakewood Catholic Ac...
4Max Pike34.43St Albert the Great
4Ethan Rebar34.59St Columbkille
4Chris Hradek34.85Lakewood Catholic Ac...
4Logan Joyce36.01St Mary-Avon
4Wrigley LaSpisa36.18Lakewood Catholic Ac...
4Jack Lenehan36.18Lakewood Catholic Ac...
4Danny Roberge36.16Sts Joseph and John
4Nedas Semaska36.16Incarnate Word Academy
4Aidan McCaffrey36.38Incarnate Word Academy
4AJ Zubek37.31Incarnate Word Academy
4Justin Tracy37.71St Columbkille
4Eric Miranda37.93St Albert the Great
4Matthew Golonka38.15Sts Joseph and John
4Tom Lazevnick38.22St Bernadette
4Eric Devney39.59St Albert the Great
4Joseph Juda39.89Incarnate Word Academy
4Anthony McCartney40.29St Albert the Great
4Paul Kolbus40.83St Albert the Great
4Colin Mangan43.52St Mary-Avon
4Nick Dougher44.95St Mary-Avon
4Jonny Roberge46.29Sts Joseph and John
4Andrew Boldy1:02Sts Joseph and John
X 200 Meters - 5th Grade - Developmental - Finals
5Michael Trentel33.06Lakewood Catholic Ac...
5Jacob Drlik33.76St Columbkille
5Nicholas Snider35.29Lakewood Catholic Ac...
5Michael Revilock37.87Sts Joseph and John
5Brennan McQuinn38.86Sts Joseph and John
5Connor Roddy39.04St Mary-Avon
5Daniel Rush39.14St Columbkille
5Demitri Cullen40.86St Mary-Avon
X 200 Meters - 6th Grade - Cadet - Finals
6Tim Trentel30.20Lakewood Catholic Ac...
6Justin Thomas30.9St Albert the Great
6Kolin Carney31.43St Mary-Avon
6Nick Moss31.65Lakewood Catholic Ac...
6Kyle McCafferty32.04St Bernadette
6Brady Strumbel32.76St Albert the Great
6Mitchell Brezina33.69St Bernadette
6Colman Turner35.13St Bernadette
6Andy Urban36.04St Albert the Great
6Scout Aswad37.27Sts Joseph and John
X 200 Meters - 7th Grade - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Matthew Saffell27.39St Columbkille
7Liam O'Halloran29.38St Peter-North Ridge...
7Zac Tomko29.83Incarnate Word Academy
7Patrick McCarthy29.83St Columbkille
7Drew Dudukovich30.41St Mary-Avon
7Thomas Higgins30.51St Bernadette
7Jeff Eben30.92St Albert the Great
7Erik Mohline31.02Lakewood Catholic Ac...
7Jacob Zamora31.19St Albert the Great
7Robby Holowecky31.48St Mary-Avon
7Owen Knapp31.58Lakewood Catholic Ac...
7Colin Dedek31.77St Mary-Avon
7Casey Sobecks33.20St Albert the Great
7Austin Perkins33.20Sts Joseph and John
7Armando Polizzi34.08St Albert the Great
7Alex Yavornitzky34.18St Mary-Avon
7Brian Chambers34.79St Bernadette
7Sean Devney34.9St Albert the Great
7Alec Battistoni36.18St Mary-Avon
7Steven Wright36.53St Albert the Great
7Mason Mocho36.61Incarnate Word Academy
X 200 Meters - 8th Grade - Varsity - Finals
8Anthony Ortiz25.76Incarnate Word Academy
8Phillip Zinicola27.37Sts Joseph and John
8Scott Arthrell27.71St Bernadette
8Danny Schmock27.89Incarnate Word Academy
8Grant Wegryn27.99Incarnate Word Academy
8Jack Hyland28.29St Bernadette
8Joseph Conroy28.28St Bernadette
8Keegan McCafferty29.60St Bernadette
8Dean Martens33.63St Bernadette
8Justin Romito35.06Incarnate Word Academy
X 400 Meters - 4th Grade - Elemental - Finals
4Jared Meyer1:19.04Sts Joseph and John
4Timmy Tusick1:24.06Incarnate Word Academy
4Brock Robertson1:25.24St Mary-Avon
4Terrance Steele1:45.17St Bernadette
4Owen Anderson1:48.92St Mary-Avon
X 400 Meters - 5th Grade - Developmental - Finals
5Justin Sacha1:11.84Lakewood Catholic Ac...
5Shawn Gaspar1:12.48Lakewood Catholic Ac...
5Adam Broadbent1:19.67St Mary-Avon
5Patrick McKee1:21St Albert the Great
5Kevin Ennis1:21.16St Columbkille
5Jacob Dembiac1:24.40St Mary-Avon
5Andrew Zedella1:25.12Incarnate Word Academy
5Matthew Cardello1:26.39Sts Joseph and John
5Chase Gardner1:28.65St Peter-North Ridge...
5Nick Amato1:30.09St Mary-Avon
5Max Shreckengast1:34St Albert the Great
X 400 Meters - 6th Grade - Cadet - Finals
6Jake Sawyer1:04St Albert the Great
6Dean Ramicone1:06St Albert the Great
6Vince Gargaro1:10.33St Mary-Avon
6Tom Fox1:16.86St Bernadette
6Austin Bielek1:26.23St Bernadette
6Scout Aswad1:27.53Sts Joseph and John
6Brandon Short1:38.90St Mary-Avon
X 400 Meters - 7th Grade - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Geno Oradini1:06.09St Peter-North Ridge...
7Michael Walsh1:11.29St Bernadette
7Cory Dedek1:12.23St Mary-Avon
6Peter Slater1:14.39St Bernadette
7Tyler Fike1:14.44St Bernadette
7Ben Amato1:16.14St Mary-Avon
X 400 Meters - 8th Grade - Varsity - Finals
7Nate Grose59.48St Bernadette
8Jim Abraham59.82Incarnate Word Academy
8Ryan Boey1:01.53Lakewood Catholic Ac...
8Alex Tomoff1:02.12Sts Joseph and John
8Jonathan Nemes1:05.96Incarnate Word Academy
8John Bodnar1:06.65St Bernadette
8Kevin Coyne1:06.65St Bernadette
8Zach Zidek1:27.28St Mary-Avon
X 800 Meters - 4th Grade - Elemental - Finals
4Jack Lenehan3:00.61Lakewood Catholic Ac...
5Patrick Bergen3:02.53St Bernadette
4Joseph Juda3:04.84Incarnate Word Academy
4Jacob Walcutt3:10.63Sts Joseph and John
4David Priebe3:10.94St Peter-North Ridge...
4Logan Joyce3:15.33St Mary-Avon
4Caleb Stalder3:44.5Sts Joseph and John
X 800 Meters - 5th Grade - Developmental - Finals
5Stephen O'Sullivan2:52.05Lakewood Catholic Ac...
5Will Price3:02.71St Peter-North Ridge...
5Tommy Schemer3:04.64Sts Joseph and John
5Joshua Hoffman3:09.45St Mary-Avon
5Garrett Howenstine3:12.27St Columbkille
5Aidan Krevis3:29.65St Bernadette
5Christopher Dombrosky3:54.27Incarnate Word Academy
X 800 Meters - 6th Grade - Cadet - Finals
6Tim Trentel2:24.27Lakewood Catholic Ac...
6Frank Tusick2:39.75Incarnate Word Academy
6Kolin Carney2:49.22St Mary-Avon
6Joseph Vicario2:50.95St Columbkille
6Mitchell Brezina2:59.90St Bernadette
6Tommy Hennie3:01.94Incarnate Word Academy
6Andy Urban3:11St Albert the Great
X 800 Meters - 7th Grade - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Drew Dudukovich2:34.27St Mary-Avon
7Mark Bischof2:41.76Sts Joseph and John
7Zac Tomko2:43.00Incarnate Word Academy
7Nicholas Stahl2:43.94St Columbkille
7Colin Dedek2:44.15St Mary-Avon
7Brian Chambers2:51.62St Bernadette
7Mason Mocho2:54.04Incarnate Word Academy
7Mark Fleming3:01St Albert the Great
7Ben Mayo3:09.21Incarnate Word Academy
7Brendan O'Donnell3:23.33St Columbkille
X 800 Meters - 8th Grade - Varsity - Finals
8Eric Bednar2:22.76St Columbkille
8Joseph Conroy2:24.48St Bernadette
8Patrick White2:26.40St Bernadette
7Nicholas Ludwick2:28.21Incarnate Word Academy
8Istvan Vozary2:33.84Lakewood Catholic Ac...
8Lucas Becker2:38.30St Peter-North Ridge...
8Jacob Simko2:54.92Sts Joseph and John
X 1600 Meters - 4th Grade - Elemental - Finals
4Brock Robertson6:29.55St Mary-Avon
4Zachary Antonio6:33St Albert the Great
4Matthew Golonka6:52.8Sts Joseph and John
X 1600 Meters - 5th Grade - Developmental - Finals
5Shawn Gaspar5:45.29Lakewood Catholic Ac...
5Nicholas Snider6:20.93Lakewood Catholic Ac...
5Colin Kern6:21.42Sts Joseph and John
5Adam Broadbent6:24.79St Mary-Avon
5Patrick McKee6:33St Albert the Great
5Andrew Zedella6:34.46Incarnate Word Academy
5Max Shreckengast6:53St Albert the Great
5Aidan Krevis7:13.27St Bernadette
5Christopher Dombrosky7:45.33Incarnate Word Academy
X 1600 Meters - 6th Grade - Cadet - Finals
6Luke Wagner5:01.40Lakewood Catholic Ac...
6Kyle McCafferty5:50.86St Bernadette
6Alex Falkenberg6:08Sts Joseph and John
6Donovan Delassandro6:14.87Sts Joseph and John
X 1600 Meters - 7th Grade - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Thomas Higgins5:51.64St Bernadette
7Cory Dedek5:52.17St Mary-Avon
7Ben Amato6:03.93St Mary-Avon
7Ben Mayo6:11.87Incarnate Word Academy
7Alec Battistoni6:20.42St Mary-Avon
7Grant Powers6:22.51Sts Joseph and John
X 1600 Meters - 8th Grade - Varsity - Finals
8David Sinclair6:03.08St Bernadette
X 4x100 Relay - 4th Grade - Elemental - Finals
-Jack Lenehan
Jack Reilly
Jack Lavelle
Chris Hradek
1:05.69Lakewood Catholic Ac...
-Jacob Walcutt
Matthew Golonka
Jared Meyer
Danny Roberge
1:06.9Sts Joseph and John
-Relay Team 1:08.20St Bernadette
-Aidan McCaffrey
Timmy Tusick
Nedas Semaska
AJ Zubek
1:08.86Incarnate Word Academy
-Relay Team 1:12St Albert the Great
-Relay Team 1:15.30St Mary-Avon
-Matthew Cardello
Jonny Roberge
Caleb Stalder
Andrew Boldy
1:29.65Sts Joseph and John
X 4x100 Relay - 5th Grade - Developmental - Finals
-Michael Trentel
Shawn Gaspar
Justin Sacha
Stephen O'Sullivan
1:04.17Lakewood Catholic Ac...
-Seamus O'Malley
Michael Dighero
Garrett Howenstine
Jacob Drlik
1:06.79St Columbkille
-Relay Team 1:08St Albert the Great
-Justin Stepp
Justin Tracy
Kevin Ennis
Ethan Rebar
1:09.99St Columbkille
-Michael Revilock
Zachary Maxwell
Tommy Schemer
Colin Kern
1:10.84Sts Joseph and John
-Relay Team 1:11.04St Mary-Avon
-Andrew Zedella
Joseph Juda
Christopher Dombrosky
AJ Zubek
1:11.63Incarnate Word Academy
-Relay Team 1:12.16Lakewood Catholic Ac...
-Relay Team 1:13.74St Bernadette
X 4x100 Relay - 6th Grade - Cadet - Finals
-Relay Team 1:00St Albert the Great
-Michael Trentel
Tim Trentel
Nick Moss
Bobby Sessions
1:00.36Lakewood Catholic Ac...
-Scout Aswad
Alex Falkenberg
Donovan Delassandro
Aric Micko
1:06.47Sts Joseph and John
X 4x100 Relay - 7th Grade - Junior Varsity - Finals
-Relay Team 58.81St Bernadette
-Relay Team 59.08St Albert the Great
-Nicholas Stahl
Brendan O'Donnell
Patrick McCarthy
Matthew Saffell
1:01.48St Columbkille
-Mark Bischof
Dean Supelak
Grant Powers
Austin Perkins
1:05.4Sts Joseph and John
-Alex Yavornitzky
Alec Battistoni
Ben Amato
Robby Holowecky
1:05.59St Mary-Avon
-Frank Tusick
Ben Mayo
Mason Mocho
Tommy Hennie
1:07.89Incarnate Word Academy
-Relay Team 1:08St Albert the Great
-Ryan Homcy
Peter Jones
Owen Knapp
Erik Mohline
1:10.98Lakewood Catholic Ac...
X 4x100 Relay - 8th Grade - Varsity - Finals
-Danny Schmock
Nicholas Ludwick
Jim Abraham
Anthony Ortiz
51.18Incarnate Word Academy
-Relay Team 51.92St Bernadette
-J. T. Rinehart
Istvan Vozary
Ryan Boey
Arius Wright
52.08Lakewood Catholic Ac...
-Relay Team 57.66St Bernadette
-Zac Tomko
Justin Romito
Grant Wegryn
Jonathan Nemes
57.95Incarnate Word Academy
-Phillip Zinicola
Dean Supelak
Jacob Simko
Alex Tomoff
58.11Sts Joseph and John
-Relay Team 1:01.24St Bernadette
X Shot Put - 6lb - 4th Grade - Elemental - Finals
4David Priebe19' 10.00St Peter-North Ridge...
4Jack Reilly19'6"Lakewood Catholic Ac...
4Anthony McCartney18' 5"St Albert the Great
4Andrew Boldy16'2Sts Joseph and John
4Wrigley LaSpisa15'11"Lakewood Catholic Ac...
4Jack Lavelle15'3"Lakewood Catholic Ac...
4Max Pike15' 2"St Albert the Great
4Eric Devney14' 7"St Albert the Great
4Danny Roberge14'7Sts Joseph and John
4Drew Alessandro14St Columbkille
4Terrance Steele13'4St Bernadette
4Paul Kolbus13' 4"St Albert the Great
4Owen Anderson12'3"St Mary-Avon
4Joseph Juda11'6"Incarnate Word Academy
4Jonny Roberge11'4Sts Joseph and John
4Ronan Rush9'4"Lakewood Catholic Ac...
X Shot Put - 6lb - 5th Grade - Developmental - Finals
5Michael Revilock19'11Sts Joseph and John
5Stephen O'Sullivan19'9"Lakewood Catholic Ac...
5Noah Schrader17' 7"St Albert the Great
5Andrew Zedella16'10"Incarnate Word Academy
5Zachary Maxwell16'8Sts Joseph and John
5Christopher Dombrosky16'6"Incarnate Word Academy
5Joshua Hoffman12'10St Mary-Avon
X Shot Put - 8lb - 6th Grade - Cadet - Finals
6Aric Micko21'9Sts Joseph and John
6Frank Tusick21'2"Incarnate Word Academy
6Scout Aswad17'8Sts Joseph and John
6Brandon Short15'4"St Mary-Avon
X Shot Put - 8lb - 7th Grade - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Matthew Saffell33' 10"St Columbkille
7Geoffrey DiMassa32'6St Bernadette
7Geno Oradini30: 8.00St Peter-North Ridge...
7Casey Sobecks29' 1"St Albert the Great
7Zac Tomko26'6"Incarnate Word Academy
7Thomas Higgins24'9St Bernadette
7Ben Amato23'7St Mary-Avon
7Sean Devney21' 4"St Albert the Great
X Shot Put - 8lb - 8th Grade - Varsity - Finals
8Brian Callahan37' 9"St Columbkille
8David Marinella34'9"Lakewood Catholic Ac...
8Patrick Hopkins33'6St Bernadette
8John Bodnar32'2St Bernadette
8Ryan Boey29'1"Lakewood Catholic Ac...
8Louis Morris24'7"Lakewood Catholic Ac...
6Colman Turner17'10St Bernadette
X Discus - 1kg - 7th Grade - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Robby Holowecky72'St Mary-Avon
7Dean Supelak58'4Sts Joseph and John
7Peter Jones47'0"Lakewood Catholic Ac...
7Alec Battistoni45'St Mary-Avon
7Mason Mocho41'4"Incarnate Word Academy
7Ryan Homcy38'4"Lakewood Catholic Ac...
X Discus - 1kg - 8th Grade - Varsity - Finals
8Eric Bednar94' 7"St Columbkille
8Brian Callahan84' 7"St Columbkille
8Jonathan Nemes83'5"Incarnate Word Academy
8David Marinella76'5"Lakewood Catholic Ac...
8Jacob Simko76'2Sts Joseph and John
8Louis Morris72'3"Lakewood Catholic Ac...
7Nate Grose69'7"St Bernadette
8Carl Shreckengast68' 11"St Albert the Great
8Justin Romito61'10"Incarnate Word Academy
8Joseph Conroy58'11"St Bernadette
X High Jump - 5th Grade - Developmental - Finals
5Will Price4' 4.00St Peter-North Ridge...
5Patrick Nolan3'10"Lakewood Catholic Ac...
4AJ Zubek3'8"Incarnate Word Academy
5Colin Kern3'8Sts Joseph and John
5Daniel Rush3'8"St Columbkille
5Max Shreckengast3' 4"St Albert the Great
5Patrick Bergen3'4St Bernadette
X High Jump - 6th Grade - Cadet - Finals
7David Dalton4' 10"St Albert the Great
6Brady Strumbel4' 4"St Albert the Great
5Michael Trentel4'4"Lakewood Catholic Ac...
6Vince Gargaro4'St Mary-Avon
6Mitchell Brezina3'10St Bernadette
6Tommy Hennie0'0"Incarnate Word Academy
X High Jump - 7th Grade - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Matt Marinella4'6"Lakewood Catholic Ac...
7Patrick McCarthy4' 6"St Columbkille
7Liam O'Halloran4' 2.00St Peter-North Ridge...
7Michael Walsh4'0St Bernadette
X High Jump - 8th Grade - Varsity - Finals
8Luke Janosik5'St Mary-Avon
8Jack Hyland4'10St Bernadette
8Lucas Becker4' 10.00St Peter-North Ridge...
8Jim Abraham4'8"Incarnate Word Academy
8Kurt Spaetzel4'2"St Mary-Avon
X Long Jump - 4th Grade - Elemental - Finals
4Zachary Antonio12' 8"St Albert the Great
4Jacob Walcutt11'9Sts Joseph and John
4Jack Lenehan11'4"Lakewood Catholic Ac...
4Justin Tracy11' 4"St Columbkille
4Chris Hradek10'11"Lakewood Catholic Ac...
4Aidan McCaffrey10'10"Incarnate Word Academy
4Logan Joyce10'9"St Mary-Avon
4Jared Meyer10'8Sts Joseph and John
4Ethan Rebar10'St Columbkille
4Caleb Stalder8'4Sts Joseph and John
4Nick Dougher7'9"St Mary-Avon
4Tom Lazevnick7'7St Bernadette
X Long Jump - 5th Grade - Developmental - Finals
5Justin Sacha12'6"Lakewood Catholic Ac...
5Tommy Schemer11'6Sts Joseph and John
5Shawn Gaspar11'2"Lakewood Catholic Ac...
5Nick Amato11'St Mary-Avon
5Seamus O'Malley11St Columbkille
5Adam Broadbent10'9St Mary-Avon
5Patrick McKee10' 4"St Albert the Great
5Garrett Howenstine9' 11"St Columbkille
5Chase Gardner9' 4.00St Peter-North Ridge...
5Nicholas Snider9'3"Lakewood Catholic Ac...
5Jacob Dembiac8'10St Mary-Avon
X Long Jump - 6th Grade - Cadet - Finals
6Kyle McCafferty13'2St Bernadette
6Justin Thomas12' 6"St Albert the Great
6Nick Moss12'5"Lakewood Catholic Ac...
6Alex Falkenberg11'4Sts Joseph and John
6Joseph Vicario11' 4"St Columbkille
6Andy Urban11' 3"St Albert the Great
6Austin Bielek11'1St Bernadette
6Bobby Sessions10'11"Lakewood Catholic Ac...
X Long Jump - 7th Grade - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Ian Ryan14'11St Bernadette
7Nicholas Ludwick14'1"Incarnate Word Academy
7Drew Dudukovich13'10St Mary-Avon
7Colin Dedek13'8"St Mary-Avon
7Jacob Zamora13'St Albert the Great
7Owen Knapp12'2"Lakewood Catholic Ac...
7Nicholas Stahl11' 7"St Columbkille
7Mark Bischof11'5Sts Joseph and John
7Brendan O'Donnell10' 8"St Columbkille
7Brian Chambers10.1St Bernadette
7Ryan Homcy7'4"Lakewood Catholic Ac...
X Long Jump - 8th Grade - Varsity - Finals
8Anthony Ortiz18'0"Incarnate Word Academy
8Luke Janosik16'2"St Mary-Avon
8Danny Schmock15'9"Incarnate Word Academy
8Istvan Vozary14'9"Lakewood Catholic Ac...
8Dean Martens12'6St Bernadette
8Jacob January11'8"Lakewood Catholic Ac...
X Standing Long Jump - 4th Grade - Elemental - Finals
4Caleb Stalder6'4Sts Joseph and John
4Timmy Tusick6'3"Incarnate Word Academy
4Matthew Golonka6'2Sts Joseph and John
4Max Pike6'St Albert the Great
4Nedas Semaska5'5"Incarnate Word Academy
4Colin Mangan4'11St Mary-Avon
X Standing Long Jump - 5th Grade - Developmental - Finals
5Michael Trentel7'0"Lakewood Catholic Ac...
5Matthew Cardello6'11Sts Joseph and John
6Brandon Short6'1St Mary-Avon
5Demitri Cullen5'8St Mary-Avon
5Joshua Hoffman5'8St Mary-Avon
5Connor Roddy5'8St Mary-Avon
5Brennan McQuinn5'8Sts Joseph and John
5Justin Stepp5' 3"St Columbkille
5Kevin Ennis4' 11"St Columbkille
X Standing Long Jump - 6th Grade - Cadet - Finals
6Jake Sawyer7' 8.5"St Albert the Great
6Dean Ramicone6' 10"St Albert the Great
6Kolin Carney6'9"St Mary-Avon
6Donovan Delassandro6'9Sts Joseph and John
X Standing Long Jump - 7th Grade - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Jeff Eben7' 9"St Albert the Great
8Tom Manno7'3St Bernadette
7Armando Polizzi7' 3"St Albert the Great
7Erik Mohline7'2"Lakewood Catholic Ac...
7Austin Perkins6'11Sts Joseph and John
7Alex Yavornitzky6'11St Mary-Avon
7Steven Wright6' 10"St Albert the Great
7Mark Fleming6' 8"St Albert the Great
6Peter Slater6'4St Bernadette
7Ben Mayo6'1"Incarnate Word Academy
7Grant Powers6'Sts Joseph and John
7Peter Jones5'1"Lakewood Catholic Ac...
X Standing Long Jump - 8th Grade - Varsity - Finals
7Nate Grose8'2St Bernadette
8Nick Rebar8' 0"St Columbkille
8Patrick White7'10St Bernadette
8J. T. Rinehart7'9"Lakewood Catholic Ac...
8Arius Wright7'8"Lakewood Catholic Ac...
8Alex Tomoff7'8Sts Joseph and John
8Kevin Coyne7'7St Bernadette
8Jacob January7'6.5"Lakewood Catholic Ac...
8Joseph Conroy7'5St Bernadette
8Grant Wegryn7'0"Incarnate Word Academy

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - 4th Grade - Elemental - Finals
4Sarah Sparks15.54St Columbkille
4Sydnie Firment16.17St Mary-Avon
4Elise Chojnacki16.28St Albert the Great
4Abagail McCarthy16.35St Columbkille
4Lexi Bocian16.62Sts Joseph and John
4Ellen Riddle16.81Lakewood Catholic Ac...
4Lauren Frindt17.17St Bernadette
4Christine Ammar17.13St Albert the Great
4Sarah Farris17.14St Albert the Great
4Natalie Riggi17.3Sts Joseph and John
4Anna Walcutt17.49Sts Joseph and John
4Jessie Guilmette17.62St Mary-Avon
4Katie Weidig17.63St Mary-Avon
4Carly Holowecky17.62St Mary-Avon
4Mickenzie Piedmonte18.36St Mary-Avon
4Katie Barlow18.37St Peter-North Ridge...
4CC Wagner18.42Lakewood Catholic Ac...
4Renee Danko18.59St Columbkille
4Maddie Knoth18.78St Peter-North Ridge...
4Brooke Winkler19.24Lakewood Catholic Ac...
4Morgan Martin19.59St Columbkille
4Kathleen Stahl20.25St Columbkille
4Gabriella Sowkinski20.26Lakewood Catholic Ac...
4Kelsey McDonald21.73St Mary-Avon
4Lexi Firstno time givenSt Mary-Avon
X 100 Meters - 5th Grade - Developmental - Finals
5Keyana Parham15.3St Columbkille
5Alana Vovk15.34Lakewood Catholic Ac...
5Anna Cmolik15.52Lakewood Catholic Ac...
5Erin Sullivan15.56St Bernadette
5Lauren Najda15.56St Mary-Avon
5Colleen Wise15.66St Bernadette
5Emma Kantorak15.61Lakewood Catholic Ac...
5Claire Zajaczkowski15.80St Bernadette
5Colleen Drellishak15.71St Mary-Avon
5Annie Alten16.14St Mary-Avon
5Kendall Willard16.21St Peter-North Ridge...
5Maya Cundiff16.37Incarnate Word Academy
5Natalie Tusick16.49Incarnate Word Academy
5Cassie DelPrincipe16.57St Mary-Avon
5Lauren Hall16.88St Peter-North Ridge...
5Maggie Sullivan17.00St Mary-Avon
5Maggie Schoen17.11St Mary-Avon
5Jenna Riberdy17.21St Peter-North Ridge...
5Emma Gassman17.31St Mary-Avon
5Kali Corena17.50St Peter-North Ridge...
5Hannah Keating17.5Sts Joseph and John
5Rebecca Semancik17.61St Albert the Great
5Olivia Walter17.73St Peter-North Ridge...
5Nancy Kotnik17.80Lakewood Catholic Ac...
5Liz Renner17.84St Albert the Great
5Morgan Chilton17.85St Peter-North Ridge...
5Sydney Hugo17.82Sts Joseph and John
5Maria Ambrose18.05St Albert the Great
X 100 Meters - 6th Grade - Cadet - Finals
6Jenna Catanza14.60St Mary-Avon
6Erin Laird14.76St Mary-Avon
6Taylor Gosselin15.04St Mary-Avon
6Lauren Orlando15.39St Mary-Avon
6Claire Bickley15.41St Mary-Avon
6Emma Adkins15.41St Mary-Avon
6Emily Weidig15.79St Mary-Avon
6Lauren Zidek16.26St Mary-Avon
6Elise Jennings16.63St Mary-Avon
8Erin Regan16.82St Bernadette
6Josie Carandang17.09St Mary-Avon
6Katie McCarthy17.47St Bernadette
6Emily Sprunger17.57St Albert the Great
6Elizabeth Farner19.62St Peter-North Ridge...
6Elizabeth Tillman12.53St Mary-Avon
X 100 Meters - 7th Grade - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Ellie Dougher13.83St Mary-Avon
7Avery Pacella13.91Lakewood Catholic Ac...
7Julia Rauhe14.32St Columbkille
7Alexandria Poblete14.49St Mary-Avon
6Caroline Pavlo14.87St Bernadette
7Brittany Morrison14.87St Peter-North Ridge...
7Rachel Flis15.2St Albert the Great
7Alexis Scharrer15.29St Albert the Great
7Hannah Escobar15.42St Mary-Avon
7Kristen Konno15.64St Peter-North Ridge...
7Julie Hansen15.78St Peter-North Ridge...
7Emily Milliken15.90St Peter-North Ridge...
7Marissa Golem15.96St Columbkille
7Allison McQuigg15.99St Columbkille
7Julia Morris16.17Lakewood Catholic Ac...
7Emily Marek16.43Lakewood Catholic Ac...
7Kaitlyn Patacca16.5St Columbkille
7Jane Conroy16.63Lakewood Catholic Ac...
7Elise Ketz16.74St Albert the Great
7Charlotte Rouse17.39Lakewood Catholic Ac...
6Anne Conway17.70St Bernadette
X 100 Meters - 8th Grade - Varsity - Finals
8Catherine Carey14.43Lakewood Catholic Ac...
8Julia Milano14.41St Albert the Great
8Olivia Wasco14.58St Albert the Great
8Marissa Martella14.55St Columbkille
8Christine Samanich15.00St Bernadette
8Nicole McManamon15.06St Bernadette
8Mary Timmons15.26Lakewood Catholic Ac...
8Alyssa Wallace15.31St Columbkille
8Kelly Schudel15.32St Mary-Avon
8Sharlie Dickey15.52St Columbkille
8Katy Mooren15.52St Columbkille
8Olivia Widmer16.02St Mary-Avon
8Marissa Pacheco16.22St Mary-Avon
8Courtney Ross16.70St Bernadette
8Delaney Bak17.04St Peter-North Ridge...
8Kaitlin Pierce17.75St Peter-North Ridge...
8Casey Faddoul18.01St Bernadette
X 200 Meters - 4th Grade - Elemental - Finals
4Elise Chojnacki34.61St Albert the Great
4Lexie Firment34.73St Mary-Avon
4Abagail McCarthy34.93St Columbkille
4Sydnie Firment35.43St Mary-Avon
4Lexi Bocian36.25Sts Joseph and John
4Christine Ammar37.32St Albert the Great
4Sydney Krauth37.68St Mary-Avon
4Ellen Riddle37.88Lakewood Catholic Ac...
4Anna Walcutt38.24Sts Joseph and John
4Mary Sessions39.49Lakewood Catholic Ac...
4CC Wagner40.40Lakewood Catholic Ac...
4Jessie Guilmette40.86St Mary-Avon
4Renee Danko41.55St Columbkille
4Kaitlyn Pacheco41.75St Mary-Avon
4Maddie Laurent42.25St Mary-Avon
4Grace Mocho42.38Incarnate Word Academy
4Brooke Winkler42.90Lakewood Catholic Ac...
4Kathleen Stahl44.75St Columbkille
4Carly Holowecky45.48St Mary-Avon
4Kelsey McDonald48.01St Mary-Avon
X 200 Meters - 5th Grade - Developmental - Finals
5Emma Kantorak32.88Lakewood Catholic Ac...
5Madison Van Cucha33.51Sts Joseph and John
5Anna Cmolik34.02Lakewood Catholic Ac...
5Olivia Battistoni36.07St Mary-Avon
5Moira Healy36.15Sts Joseph and John
5Maya Cundiff36.3Incarnate Word Academy
5Jackie Grant36.37Lakewood Catholic Ac...
5Liz Renner36.59St Albert the Great
5Annie Alten37.27St Mary-Avon
5Haley Parker37.89St Mary-Avon
5Katherine Higgins38.26St Bernadette
5Kendall Willard39.17St Peter-North Ridge...
5Rebecca Semancik39.16St Albert the Great
5Maggie Sullivan39.52St Mary-Avon
5Allison Flando40.27St Mary-Avon
5Maya Castelli41.05St Bernadette
5Kathryn Malloy42.08St Bernadette
5Nancy Kotnik42.29Lakewood Catholic Ac...
5Maria Ambrose42.38St Albert the Great
X 200 Meters - 6th Grade - Cadet - Finals
6Erin Laird31.50St Mary-Avon
6Nicole Jamieson33.46Lakewood Catholic Ac...
6Corinne Baker33.74Lakewood Catholic Ac...
6Erin McCaffrey33.91St Bernadette
6Taylor Gosselin34.01St Mary-Avon
6Emma Adkins34.71St Mary-Avon
6Abbie Guilmette34.97St Mary-Avon
6Lauren Orlando35.34St Mary-Avon
6Jenna Catanza35.59St Mary-Avon
6Bina Frost36.05Lakewood Catholic Ac...
6Katie McCarthy37.59St Bernadette
6Kristin Tomoff38.01Sts Joseph and John
6Elise Jennings39.07St Mary-Avon
6Ally Black39.12St Mary-Avon
6Emily Sprunger40.71St Albert the Great
6Kendra Cundiff42.81Incarnate Word Academy
6Elizabeth Farner45.02St Peter-North Ridge...
6Elizabeth Tillman28.02St Mary-Avon
X 200 Meters - 7th Grade - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Ellie Dougher30.13St Mary-Avon
7Julia Rauhe31.00St Columbkille
7Hayley Drlik31.80St Columbkille
7Rachel Flis32.45St Albert the Great
7Brittany Morrison32.88St Peter-North Ridge...
7Kara Hejnal33.60St Mary-Avon
7Gabbie Rawlings33.94St Mary-Avon
7Lauren O'Malley34.26St Bernadette
7Rachel Malloy34.80St Bernadette
X 200 Meters - 8th Grade - Varsity - Finals
8Catherine Carey29.96Lakewood Catholic Ac...
8Julia Milano30.74St Albert the Great
8Mary Timmons32.31Lakewood Catholic Ac...
8Nicole McManamon32.42St Bernadette
8Emily Rouse32.54Lakewood Catholic Ac...
8Anna Riddle32.74Lakewood Catholic Ac...
8Kelly Schudel32.84St Mary-Avon
8Casey Faddoul35.12St Bernadette
8Olivia Widmer35.80St Mary-Avon
8Courtney Ross36.45St Bernadette
8Erin Regan38.08St Bernadette
X 400 Meters - 4th Grade - Elemental - Finals
4Sarah Sparks1:14.49St Columbkille
4Sarah Farris1:22St Albert the Great
4Keri McDermott1:22St Albert the Great
4Lauren Frindt1:23.11St Bernadette
4Natalie Riggi1:25.14Sts Joseph and John
4Katie Weidig1:29.15St Mary-Avon
4Maddie Knoth1:31.08St Peter-North Ridge...
4Kaitlyn Pacheco1:31.18St Mary-Avon
4Lexi First1:34.20St Mary-Avon
4Mickenzie Piedmonte1:35.99St Mary-Avon
4Maddie Laurent1:36.70St Mary-Avon
4Kathryn Potoma1:37.39St Columbkille
X 400 Meters - 5th Grade - Developmental - Finals
5Maya Ariza1:17.82Lakewood Catholic Ac...
5Erin Sullivan1:18.63St Bernadette
5Hannah Marek1:21.83Lakewood Catholic Ac...
5Natalie Tusick1:22.34Incarnate Word Academy
5Colleen Drellishak1:22.65St Mary-Avon
5Maggie Schoen1:24.99St Mary-Avon
5Cassie DelPrincipe1:26.38St Mary-Avon
5Morgan Chilton1:27.32St Peter-North Ridge...
5Emma Gassman1:29.37St Mary-Avon
5Lauren Hall1:29.76St Peter-North Ridge...
5Jenna Riberdy1:29.82St Peter-North Ridge...
5Kali Corena1:31.24St Peter-North Ridge...
5Megan McQuigg1:32.52St Columbkille
5Anne Marie Hess1:33.84Sts Joseph and John
5Rose DiRocco1:39.09St Columbkille
5Jillyan Kowalski1:44.33St Columbkille
X 400 Meters - 6th Grade - Cadet - Finals
6Madeline Barger1:12Sts Joseph and John
6Kara Kakascik1:14.49Lakewood Catholic Ac...
6Kassie Laurent1:14.96St Mary-Avon
6Claire Bickley1:16.48St Mary-Avon
6Kathleen Butterfield1:17.95Lakewood Catholic Ac...
6Lauren Golonka1:18Sts Joseph and John
6Lauren Zidek1:20.69St Mary-Avon
6Emily Weidig1:23.99St Mary-Avon
6Josie Carandang1:25.79St Mary-Avon
X 400 Meters - 7th Grade - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Avery Pacella1:11.11Lakewood Catholic Ac...
7Alexandria Poblete1:11.91St Mary-Avon
7Molly Sammon1:12.88St Columbkille
7Jamie Adams1:12.89Incarnate Word Academy
7Kristen Konno1:14.20St Peter-North Ridge...
7Alexis Scharrer1:16St Albert the Great
7Gianna Caroniti1:17St Albert the Great
7Hannah Escobar1:18.18St Mary-Avon
6Caroline Pavlo1:22.16St Bernadette
7Elise Ketz1:28St Albert the Great
6Anne Conway1:29.01St Bernadette
X 400 Meters - 8th Grade - Varsity - Finals
8Christina Sharkin1:14.90Lakewood Catholic Ac...
8Alesha Vovk1:16.56Lakewood Catholic Ac...
8Olivia Wasco1:17St Albert the Great
8Marissa Pacheco1:23.36St Mary-Avon
X 800 Meters - 4th Grade - Elemental - Finals
4Claudia Becker3:07.02Lakewood Catholic Ac...
4Sydney Krauth3:22.57St Mary-Avon
X 800 Meters - 5th Grade - Developmental - Finals
5Madison Van Cucha2:43.81Sts Joseph and John
5Alana Vovk3:02.68Lakewood Catholic Ac...
5Haley Parker3:07.38St Mary-Avon
5Olivia Battistoni3:16.84St Mary-Avon
5Brittany Cahill3:20.99St Mary-Avon
5Abbey Jarzabeck3:23St Albert the Great
5Meagan Powers3:27.12Sts Joseph and John
5Allison Flando3:30.17St Mary-Avon
X 800 Meters - 6th Grade - Cadet - Finals
6Bina Frost2:49.73Lakewood Catholic Ac...
6Emma Stalder3:06.2Sts Joseph and John
6Erin McCaffrey3:12.12St Bernadette
6Abbie Guilmette3:13.30St Mary-Avon
6Ally Black3:13.99St Mary-Avon
X 800 Meters - 7th Grade - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Nadia Vovk2:44.95Lakewood Catholic Ac...
7Emily Milliken2:50.45St Peter-North Ridge...
7Marie Haikal2:53.47Lakewood Catholic Ac...
7Gabbie Rawlings2:59.11St Mary-Avon
7Kara Hejnal3:00.14St Mary-Avon
7Allison Saracina3:02.74Lakewood Catholic Ac...
7Olivia Jarzabeck3:10St Albert the Great
X 800 Meters - 8th Grade - Varsity - Finals
8Anna Riddle2:54.92Lakewood Catholic Ac...
7Lauren O'Malley2:55.54St Bernadette
8Delaney Bak3:07.80St Peter-North Ridge...
X 1600 Meters - 4th Grade - Elemental - Finals
4Keri McDermott6:25St Albert the Great
5Bridget Bodnar6:34.22St Bernadette
4Lexie Firment6:36.55St Mary-Avon
4Katie Barlow7:12.42St Peter-North Ridge...
X 1600 Meters - 5th Grade - Developmental - Finals
5Maggie Wagner5:48.94Lakewood Catholic Ac...
5Olivia Walter6:50.74St Peter-North Ridge...
5Molly Kilroy7:24.80St Bernadette
X 1600 Meters - 6th Grade - Cadet - Finals
6Lauren Golonka6:23.25Sts Joseph and John
6Kendra Cundiff7:43.64Incarnate Word Academy
X 1600 Meters - 7th Grade - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Jamie Adams6:11.58Incarnate Word Academy
7Gianna Caroniti6:35St Albert the Great
7Rachel Malloy7:00.10St Bernadette
X 1600 Meters - 8th Grade - Varsity - Finals
8Alesha Vovk6:41.02Lakewood Catholic Ac...
8Kaitlin Pierce7:07.54St Peter-North Ridge...
8Victoria Rapchak7:12.94St Mary-Avon
X 4x100 Relay - 4th Grade - Elemental - Finals
-Relay Team 1:06.80Lakewood Catholic Ac...
-Relay Team 1:10St Albert the Great
-Kathryn Potoma
Abagail McCarthy
Morgan Martin
Sarah Sparks
1:13.10St Columbkille
-Natalie Riggi
Anna Walcutt
Lexi Bocian
Meagan Powers
1:15.04Sts Joseph and John
-Relay Team 1:18.56Lakewood Catholic Ac...
X 4x100 Relay - 5th Grade - Developmental - Finals
-Anna Cmolik
Emma Kantorak
Jackie Grant
Maggie Wagner
1:07.25Lakewood Catholic Ac...
-Relay Team 1:08.30St Mary-Avon
-Relay Team 1:08.34St Bernadette
-Hannah Keating
Sydney Hugo
Moira Healy
Madison van Cucha
1:08.6Sts Joseph and John
-Alana Vovk
Hannah Marek
Maya Ariza
Nancy Kotnik
1:09.39Lakewood Catholic Ac...
-Megan Mcquigg
Renee Danko
Rose DiRocco
Keyana Parham
1:11.45St Columbkille
-Kali Corena
Lauren Hall
Jenna Riberdy
Kendall Willard
1:11.88St Peter-North Ridge...
-Relay Team 1:13.00St Mary-Avon
-Relay Team 1:13.10St Mary-Avon
-Maya Cundiff
Kendra Cundiff
Grace Mocho
Natalie Tusick
1:13.94Incarnate Word Academy
-Relay Team 1:15St Albert the Great
-Relay Team 1:16.42St Bernadette
-Morgan Chilton
Katie Barlow
Maddie Knoth
Olivia Walter
1:17.63St Peter-North Ridge...
X 4x100 Relay - 6th Grade - Cadet - Finals
-Relay Team 1:02.90St Mary-Avon
-Relay Team 1:06.82St Bernadette
-Emma Stalder
Madeline Barger
Kristin Tomoff
Lauren Golonka
1:07.51Sts Joseph and John
-Corinne Baker
Nicole Jamieson
Bina Frost
Kathleen Butterfield
1:07.75Lakewood Catholic Ac...
-Relay Team 1:09.35St Mary-Avon
X 4x100 Relay - 7th Grade - Junior Varsity - Finals
-Julia Rauhe
Allison McQuigg
Molly Sammon
Hayley Drlik
1:02.44St Columbkille
-Relay Team 1:02.64St Mary-Avon
-Emily Milliken
Julie Hansen
Kristen Konno
Brittany Morrison
1:02.64St Peter-North Ridge...
-Relay Team 1:06.39St Bernadette
-Relay Team 1:08.28Lakewood Catholic Ac...
-Relay Team 1:09St Albert the Great
X 4x100 Relay - 8th Grade - Varsity - Finals
-Avery Pacella
Emily Rouse
Christina Sharkin
Catherine Carey
59.68Lakewood Catholic Ac...
-Sharlie Dickey
Alyssa Wallace
Marissa Martella
Katy Mooren
60.74St Columbkille
-Relay Team 1:01St Albert the Great
-Alesha Vovk
Anna Riddle
Mary Timmons
Bina Frost
1:04.72Lakewood Catholic Ac...
-Olivia Widmer
Kara Hejnal
Victoria Rapchak
Kelly Schudel
1:07.10St Mary-Avon
-Relay Team 1:11.54St Bernadette
X Shot Put - 6lb - 4th Grade - Elemental - Finals
4Morgan Martin15' 3"St Columbkille
4Sarah Farris15'St Albert the Great
4Jessie Guilmette15'St Mary-Avon
4Kelsey McDonald14'2"St Mary-Avon
4Mary Sessions12'1"Lakewood Catholic Ac...
4Katie Barlow11' 3.00St Peter-North Ridge...
X Shot Put - 6lb - 5th Grade - Developmental - Finals
5Rebecca Semancik19' 6"St Albert the Great
5Lauren Hall18' 3.00St Peter-North Ridge...
5Allison Flando17'9"St Mary-Avon
5Olivia Battistoni17'5"St Mary-Avon
5Anne Marie Hess17'5Sts Joseph and John
5Nancy Kotnik17'0"Lakewood Catholic Ac...
5Katherine Higgins16'10St Bernadette
5Jillyan Kowalski15' 7"St Columbkille
5Emma Gassman12'10"St Mary-Avon
5Morgan Chilton10' 11.00St Peter-North Ridge...
X Shot Put - 6lb - 6th Grade - Cadet - Finals
6Emma Adkins30'7"St Mary-Avon
6Madeline Barger22'9Sts Joseph and John
6Abbie Guilmette20'4"St Mary-Avon
6Kendra Cundiff16'5"Incarnate Word Academy
X Shot Put - 6lb - 7th Grade - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Brittany Morrison26' 2.00St Peter-North Ridge...
7Kaitlyn Patacca22' 7"St Columbkille
7Julia Morris18'0"Lakewood Catholic Ac...
X Shot Put - 6lb - 8th Grade - Varsity - Finals
8Nicole McManamon28'9St Bernadette
8Courtney Ross24'7St Bernadette
8Kelly Schudel21'10"St Mary-Avon
X Discus - 1kg - 7th Grade - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Kaitlyn Patacca63' 3"St Columbkille
7Marissa Golem50' 9"St Columbkille
X Discus - 1kg - 8th Grade - Varsity - Finals
8Mary Timmons61'0"Lakewood Catholic Ac...
8Alyssa Wallace57' 9"St Columbkille
8Casey Faddoul51'4.5"St Bernadette
8Olivia Widmer41'4.5St Mary-Avon
X High Jump - 4th Grade - Elemental - Finals
5Madison Van Cucha3'8Sts Joseph and John
5Moira Healy3'4Sts Joseph and John
X High Jump - 5th Grade - Developmental - Finals
5Megan McQuigg3' 10"St Columbkille
5Haley Parker3'8"St Mary-Avon
5Alana Vovk3'8"Lakewood Catholic Ac...
5Maggie Wagner3'6"Lakewood Catholic Ac...
5Emma Kantorak3'6"Lakewood Catholic Ac...
5Anna Cmolik3'6"Lakewood Catholic Ac...
5Cassie DelPrincipe3'6"St Mary-Avon
5Colleen Drellishak3'2"St Mary-Avon
5Hannah Marek3'2"Lakewood Catholic Ac...
5Maggie Sullivan3'2"St Mary-Avon
X High Jump - 6th Grade - Cadet - Finals
6Elizabeth Tillman4'4"St Mary-Avon
6Elise Jennings4'St Mary-Avon
X High Jump - 7th Grade - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Rachel Flis4' 2"St Albert the Great
7Jamie Adams4'2"Incarnate Word Academy
7Emily Milliken4' 2.00St Peter-North Ridge...
7Nadia Vovk3'8"Lakewood Catholic Ac...
7Hayley Drlik3' 8"St Columbkille
X High Jump - 8th Grade - Varsity - Finals
8Alesha Vovk4'6"Lakewood Catholic Ac...
8Marissa Martella4' 4"St Columbkille
8Kaitlin Pierce4' 0.00St Peter-North Ridge...
X Long Jump - 4th Grade - Elemental - Finals
4Sarah Sparks10' 6"St Columbkille
4Christine Ammar9' 6"St Albert the Great
4Lexi Bocian8'4Sts Joseph and John
4Lexi First8'3St Mary-Avon
4Claudia Becker8'1"Lakewood Catholic Ac...
4Carly Holowecky7'10St Mary-Avon
4Kaitlyn Pacheco7'8"St Mary-Avon
4Mary Sessions7'8"Lakewood Catholic Ac...
4Anna Walcutt7'8Sts Joseph and John
4Grace Mocho7'6"Incarnate Word Academy
4Mickenzie Piedmonte7'5"St Mary-Avon
4Ellen Riddle7'2"Lakewood Catholic Ac...
4CC Wagner7'1"Lakewood Catholic Ac...
4Maddie Laurent6'11"St Mary-Avon
4Katie Weidig5'11St Mary-Avon
X Long Jump - 5th Grade - Developmental - Finals
5Colleen Wise12'2St Bernadette
5Annie Alten11'10"St Mary-Avon
5Olivia Walter10' 2.00St Peter-North Ridge...
5Keyana Parham9' 11"St Columbkille
5Jackie Grant9'0"Lakewood Catholic Ac...
5Maya Cundiff8'10"Incarnate Word Academy
5Jenna Riberdy8' 9.00St Peter-North Ridge...
5Abbey Jarzabeck8' 3"St Albert the Great
5Sydney Hugo8'1Sts Joseph and John
5Liz Renner8' 1"St Albert the Great
5Brittany Cahill8'0"St Mary-Avon
5Hannah Keating7'11Sts Joseph and John
5Molly Kilroy7:0St Bernadette
X Long Jump - 6th Grade - Cadet - Finals
6Claire Bickley10'9"St Mary-Avon
6Josie Carandang10'3"St Mary-Avon
6Kara Kakascik9'4"Lakewood Catholic Ac...
6Emily Sprunger7' 1"St Albert the Great
X Long Jump - 7th Grade - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Alexis Scharrer12' 3"St Albert the Great
7Molly Sammon11' 3"St Columbkille
7Kristen Konno11' 0.00St Peter-North Ridge...
7Hannah Escobar10'1"St Mary-Avon
7Kara Hejnal9'8"St Mary-Avon
7Allison Saracina9'7"Lakewood Catholic Ac...
7Elise Ketz8'St Albert the Great
X Long Jump - 8th Grade - Varsity - Finals
8Catherine Carey12'7"Lakewood Catholic Ac...
8Victoria Rapchak11'St Mary-Avon
8Anna Riddle10'8"Lakewood Catholic Ac...
8Delaney Bak10' 4.00St Peter-North Ridge...
X Standing Long Jump - 4th Grade - Elemental - Finals
4Elise Chojnacki6' 8"St Albert the Great
4Abagail McCarthy6' 5"St Columbkille
4Sydnie Firment5'11St Mary-Avon
4Lexie Firment5'10St Mary-Avon
4Kathryn Potoma5' 5"St Columbkille
4Maddie Knoth5' 4.00St Peter-North Ridge...
4Sydney Krauth5'3St Mary-Avon
4Kathleen Stahl5' 0"St Columbkille
4Natalie Riggi4'10Sts Joseph and John
4Renee Danko4' 8"St Columbkille
4Gabriella Sowkinski4'6"Lakewood Catholic Ac...
4Brooke Winkler4'5"Lakewood Catholic Ac...
X Standing Long Jump - 5th Grade - Developmental - Finals
5Claire Zajaczkowski6'4St Bernadette
5Erin Sullivan6'0St Bernadette
5Natalie Tusick5'10"Incarnate Word Academy
5Kendall Willard5' 9.00St Peter-North Ridge...
5Maya Castelli5'8St Bernadette
5Kali Corena5' 7.00St Peter-North Ridge...
5Rose DiRocco5' 7"St Columbkille
5Brittany Cahill5'6"St Mary-Avon
5Maggie Schoen5'0"St Mary-Avon
5Maria Ambrose5'St Albert the Great
5Meagan Powers4'8Sts Joseph and John
X Standing Long Jump - 6th Grade - Cadet - Finals
6Nicole Jamieson7'4"Lakewood Catholic Ac...
6Bina Frost6'8"Lakewood Catholic Ac...
6Taylor Gosselin6'7"St Mary-Avon
6Emma Stalder6'6Sts Joseph and John
6Lauren Golonka6'4Sts Joseph and John
6Jenna Catanza6'4"St Mary-Avon
6Kassie Laurent6'1"St Mary-Avon
6Ally Black5'11"St Mary-Avon
6Lauren Zidek5'11"St Mary-Avon
6Emily Weidig5'11"St Mary-Avon
6Corinne Baker5'11"Lakewood Catholic Ac...
6Elizabeth Farner5' 8.00St Peter-North Ridge...
6Erin Laird5'7"St Mary-Avon
6Kristin Tomoff5'3Sts Joseph and John
X Standing Long Jump - 7th Grade - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Avery Pacella7'7"Lakewood Catholic Ac...
7Allison McQuigg7' 1"St Columbkille
7Emily Marek6'10"Lakewood Catholic Ac...
7Julie Hansen6' 9.00St Peter-North Ridge...
7Gabbie Rawlings6'9St Mary-Avon
7Charlotte Rouse6'5"Lakewood Catholic Ac...
7Julia Morris6'4"Lakewood Catholic Ac...
X Standing Long Jump - 8th Grade - Varsity - Finals
8Christine Samanich7'5"St Bernadette
8Marissa Pacheco6'0St Mary-Avon
8Emily Rouse5'9"Lakewood Catholic Ac...
8Victoria Rapchak5'8"St Mary-Avon
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