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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Pierre Bush10.73aNorth Central (Farme...
2.12Brandon Golder10.84aLawrence Central
3.11Delmon Simms10.87aIndianapolis Broad R...
4.12Jawann Turner10.90aHammond
5.12Michael Richardson11.01aBen Davis
6.12Alfred Woods11.05aGary West Side
7.12Charles Thompson11.07aBen Davis
8.11Kesonn Lee11.13aFort Wayne Northrop
9.12Kelly Martin11.25aMcCutcheon
22.12Russell Sherman11.44a (-.8)Harrison (West Lafay...

100 Meters  Varsity - Prelims

1.11Pierre Bush10.98a (-.8)North Central (India...
1.11Pierre Bush10.98a (-.8)North Central (India...
2.11Delmon Simms11.01aIndianapolis Broad R...
4.12Jawann Turner11.02a (-.8)Hammond
3.12Alfred Woods11.03a (-.8)Gary West Side
7.12Brandon Golder11.04a (-.8)Lawrence Central
8.12Kelly Martin11.12a (-.8)McCutcheon
5.11Kesonn Lee11.13aFort Wayne Northrop
6.12Michael Richardson11.14a (-.8)Ben Davis
9.12Charles Thompson11.15aBen Davis
10.11Devin Moore11.17a (-.8)Indianapolis Cardina...
11.12Ronald Stringer11.22aNew Albany
11.12Leland Gates11.22a (-.8)Fort Wayne Northrop
13.12Anthony Castronovo11.25aCulver Academies
14.10Trenton Chupp11.27a (-.8)Northwood
14.11Chris Grider11.27aNew Palestine
16.11Nathan Barksdale11.28a (-.8)Valparaiso
17.12Ryan Skelton11.29aCenter Grove
18.10Frederick Helm11.30a (-.8)Benton Central
19.12Frank Tichenor11.34a (-.8)Gibson Southern
20.12Scott Tarnowski11.35a (-.8)Huntington North
22.12Russell Sherman11.44a (-.8)Harrison (West Lafay...
23.12Jeremy Carter11.48aAvon
24.12Reggie Coffey11.53a (-.8)Richmond
25.11David Barr11.66a (-.8)Lanesville
26.12Josh Jenkins11.78a (-.8)Jeffersonville
27.10Tommy Jenkins12.02aWestern

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Bruce Williams21.76aBen Davis
2.12Geoffrey King21.91aPaul Harding
3.11Pierre Bush21.99aNorth Central (India...
3.11Pierre Bush21.99aNorth Central (India...
4.12Jawann Turner22.18aHammond
5.12Ronald Stringer22.20aNew Albany
6.11Kesonn Lee22.32aFort Wayne Northrop
7.12Alfred Woods22.40aGary West Side
8.10Antinoice Surry22.43aFort Wayne Snider
9.12Kelly Martin22.85aMcCutcheon

200 Meters  Varsity - Prelims

1.12Bruce Williams22.11a (-1.0)Ben Davis
2.11Pierre Bush22.17a (-.8)North Central (India...
2.11Pierre Bush22.17a (-.8)North Central (India...
4.12Alfred Woods22.17a (-1.0)Gary West Side
5.12Geoffrey King22.23a (-.8)Paul Harding
7.12Jawann Turner22.23a (-1.0)Hammond
8.12Kelly Martin22.25a (-.8)McCutcheon
3.11Kesonn Lee22.31a (-1.4)Fort Wayne Northrop
9.12Ronald Stringer22.45a (-1.0)New Albany
6.10Antinoice Surry22.46a (-1.4)Fort Wayne Snider
10.12Anthony Castronovo22.46a (-1.0)Culver Academies
11.10Roderick Brown22.47a (-1.0)Columbus East
12.12Andy Shives22.58a (-.8)Perry Meridian
13.12Leland Gates22.61a (-.8)Fort Wayne Northrop
14.12Glenn Ayro22.71a (-1.0)Lawrence Central
15.12Frank Tichenor22.73a (-1.4)Gibson Southern
16.11Doug Dayhoff22.75a (-1.4)White River Valley
17.9Brian Rabb22.82a (-.8)Zionsville
18.11Nathan Barksdale23.10a (-1.4)Valparaiso
19.12Matthew Anders23.13a (-1.4)Triton
20.12Scott Tarnowski23.14a (-.8)Huntington North
21.12Reggie Coffey23.22a (-1.0)Richmond
22.11Ryan Burton23.25a (-1.4)Lawrence North
23.12Michael McClain23.30a (-.8)Franklin Central
24.10Lucien Harris23.38a (-.8)Harrison (West Lafay...
25.12Michael Thomas23.39a (-1.4)Castle
26.10Jeramie Gray23.50a (-1.4)Jeffersonville
27.11Jared Law23.51a (-1.0)Carmel

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Doug Dayhoff48.13aWhite River Valley
2.11Phil Madison48.63aLawrence Central
3.12Orlando Collins48.99aWarren Central
4.12Donnie Smith49.19aCulver Academies
5.11Gary Ogburn49.19aCastle
6.10Selwyn Lymon49.38aFort Wayne North Side
7.12Andrew Mathis49.40aSeeger
8.10Sean Wright49.48aSouth Bend Riley
9.12Logan Edwards49.84aHomestead
10.12Rickey Sayles49.85aCarmel
11.12Corey Johnson49.90aNorth Central (Farme...
12.12Matthew Anders49.96aTriton
13.12Craig Shafer50.02aConcord
14.11Pedro Anderson50.12aNorth Central (India...
15.11Anthony Flournoy50.14aGary Wallace
16.10Scott Kittrell50.35aDelphi Community
17.11Bryan Payton50.45aFort Wayne Concordia...
17.10Brent Burcham50.45aBrownstown Central
19.12Jovan Kelly50.48aFort Wayne Northrop
20.9Randy Baize50.66aEvansville F.J. Reitz
21.10Jacob Jones50.67aNew Albany
22.11Troy Durham50.84aRising Sun
23.10Lyle Nolcox50.99aPrinceton Community
24.12Joel Miller51.69aConcord
25.10Tim Sergi51.87aRoncalli
26.12Ryan Rearick51.89aChesterton
--10Robert JenkinsDQGary Roosevelt

400 Meters - Relay Split  Varsity - Finals

9Brian Rabb49.2Zionsville
12Tanner Brawley50.4Zionsville
10Ryan Burnell50.4Zionsville
11Thomas Cartwright50.8Zionsville

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Josh Ferry1:53.98aBloomington South
2.11John Hiestand1:54.43aBloomington North
3.11Chris Smitson1:54.57aBrebeuf Jesuit
4.11John Cavanaugh1:55.50aSouth Bend St. Joseph
5.11Joel Sanders1:55.67aFort Wayne Snider
6.12Marcus Phelps 1:56.35aLawrence North
7.11John Lambertus1:56.78aTerre Haute South Vigo
8.12Steven McPherson1:56.85aSouth Bend Riley
9.12Nathan Webb1:57.09aBrown County
10.12Ryan Stichter1:57.41aWawasee
11.11Bryce New1:58.15aShelbyville
12.11Geoffrey Mart1:58.62aBedford North Lawrence
13.10Evan Bardach1:58.87aCarmel
14.11Bradley Ada1:58.97aMichigan City
15.12Christian Tabib1:59.01aValparaiso
16.12Ben Beard1:59.02aPeru
17.12Sean Bowman1:59.20aBrown County
18.12Nathan Reed1:59.51aHamilton
19.12Andrew Kauffman1:59.92aHarrison (West Lafay...
20.12Sam Kaiser2:00.13aEvansville Mater Dei
21.11Mark Brandenburg2:00.24aCenter Grove
23.12Nathan Elliot2:00.83aLawrence North
24.11Jeff Burkett2:00.94aWheeler
25.12Tim Clark2:01.67aFranklin Central
26.10Brandon Jones2:01.82aFort Wayne Concordia...
27.12Adeyemi Doss2:03.32aGary Roosevelt

1600 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Christian Wagner4:07.11aColumbus North
2.12Neff Araia4:11.96aLawrence North
3.11Zach Schwab4:17.25aWest Lafayette
4.12Matt Cummins4:17.73aElkhart Memorial
5.12Corey Drake4:19.05aFort Wayne Northrop
6.12John Seacat4:19.53aNew Albany
7.12Sean Bowman4:19.66aBrown County
8.11Kyle Walsh4:20.59aWestern
9.11Michael Smith4:20.89aBrownsburg
10.11Kyle Carey4:21.61aPendleton Heights
11.12Justin Stadt4:21.85aCrown Point
12.12Andy O'Connor4:22.66aHomestead
13.12Joshua Rogers4:22.75aNorth Central (Farme...
14.10Tyler McCreary4:23.20aLawrence Central
15.12Tim Clark4:24.34aFranklin Central
16.9Adam Martin4:24.63aChesterton
17.12Nick Polk 4:25.55aPerry Meridian
18.12Scott Wilson4:25.71aMishawaka
19.12Ryan Smith4:26.19aColumbus North
20.10Josh Foss4:26.21aMarion
21.10Brandon Ward4:26.58aMichigan City
22.12Bryce Smith4:28.75aNorthview
23.11Ricky Book4:32.28aBorden
24.11Chris Sering4:32.39aSouthmont
25.11Darren Cantwell4:44.70aSouth Knox

3200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Christian Wagner8:55.92aColumbus North
2.12Neff Araia9:14.85aLawrence North
3.11Rob Grote9:15.70aBatesville
4.12Ryan Hutton9:17.00aColumbus North
5.10Jordan Kyle9:22.95aHamilton Southeastern
6.12Nick Waninger9:23.62aHeritage Hills
7.12Stephen Cohen9:24.76aNorth Newton
8.11Jeff Hoover9:25.72aSouth Bend Adams
9.9Brock Hagerman9:27.46aPendleton Heights
10.12Corey Drake9:28.11aFort Wayne Northrop
11.12Geoffrey Bush9:29.31aBedford North Lawrence
12.11Michael Seeds9:30.36aLawrence North
13.11Bradley Wheeler9:31.32aFranklin Community
14.11Michael Claeys9:32.52aNew Prairie
15.12Matt Cummins9:33.01aElkhart Memorial
16.11Ryan Hall9:36.52aHighland
17.12Christopher Kempf9:36.85aCarroll (Fort Wayne)
18.12Matt Kotlarski9:38.38aCarmel
19.10Ryan Byrne9:39.50aNorth Harrison
20.11Alan Hiner9:40.58aFremont
21.11Blaine Zimmerman9:46.37aHamilton
22.12Alex Harvey9:47.26aMarion
23.11Matt Ingalls9:49.44aColumbia City
24.Will Lavey9:51.35aTH North Vigo
25.10Max Goldak9:55.00aChesterton
26.11Scott Robertson9:55.83aNorth Harrison
27.10Seth Hildenbrand10:20.47aMt. Vernon (Fortville)

110m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Finals

1.12Brandys Green13.97a (-1.2)Lawrence North
2.11Charles Bailey14.26a (-1.2)Fort Wayne Northrop
3.12Kyle Sweeney14.49a (-1.2)Portage
4.10Jordan Seabrook14.79a (-1.2)North Central (Farme...
5.11Anthony Argentino14.85a (-1.2)Wawasee
6.12Dalon Liggon14.86a (-1.2)Kokomo
7.11Brian Kaluf14.86a (-1.2)Lake Central
8.10Tyyon Neal15.19a (-1.2)Lafayette Jefferson
18.12Derek Austin15.43a (-1.0)Harrison (West Lafay...
--11Jamie DearmanDQ (-1.2)Lawrence Central

110m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Prelims

1.12Brandys Green14.18a (-1.2)Lawrence North
6.11Jamie Dearman14.56a (-1.2)Lawrence Central
2.11Anthony Argentino14.68a (-1.0)Wawasee
3.12Kyle Sweeney14.72a (-2.0)Portage
4.11Charles Bailey14.72a (-2.0)Fort Wayne Northrop
7.10Jordan Seabrook14.83a (-1.0)North Central (India...
7.10Jordan Seabrook14.83a (-1.0)North Central (India...
5.11Brian Kaluf14.96a (-1.7)Lake Central
9.12Dalon Liggon14.96a (-1.0)Kokomo
10.12Bradley Higginbotham14.99a (-1.2)Whiteland Community
11.12Terance McKinney15.02a (-2.0)Fort Wayne North Side
8.10Tyyon Neal15.19a (-1.7)Lafayette Jefferson
12.12Cortlan Booker15.21a (-2.0)West Lafayette
13.11David Renwick15.23a (-1.2)Floyd Central
14.12Rob Lappin15.24a (-1.2)Plymouth
15.12Dion Milan15.37a (-1.7)Harrison (West Lafay...
16.10Zachary Higgins15.38a (-1.0)Mt. Vernon (Fortville)
17.9Daman Smith15.39a (-2.0)Evansville Bosse
18.12Derek Austin15.43a (-1.0)Harrison (West Lafay...
19.12Eric Kramer15.47a (-1.0)Southridge
20.10Brian Lindsey15.50a (-1.2)Valparaiso
21.11Ryan Smith15.57a (-1.2)Bloomington North
22.12Cory Hill15.76a (-1.7)Warsaw Community
23.12Bryan Hall15.83a (-1.7)Huntington North
24.11Jim Ladd15.94a (-2.0)Center Grove
25.12Cale Tressler16.83a (-1.0)Connersville
--12Corey MillerDQ (-1.7)Elkhart Memorial
--12Brandi GrayDQ (-1.7)Fort Wayne Northrop

300m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Finals

1.12Brandys Green37.47aLawrence North
2.11Charles Bailey37.67aFort Wayne Northrop
3.11Ryan Smith38.38aBloomington North
4.11Brian Kaluf38.77aLake Central
5.11Anthony Argentino38.96aWawasee
6.9Joey Hodges39.02aWarren Central
7.10Kevin Mauser39.21aSouthport
8.12Dalon Liggon39.35aKokomo
9.12Rob Lappin39.38aPlymouth
10.12Kyle Sweeney39.48aPortage
11.12Bradley Higginbotham39.53aWhiteland Community
12.11Andrew Geller39.60aAvon
13.10Zachary Higgins39.87aMt. Vernon (Fortville)
14.12Corey Miller39.88aElkhart Memorial
15.12Terance McKinney40.31aFort Wayne North Side
16.12Dustin Sparks40.35aMooresville
17.10Jordan Seabrook40.54aNorth Central (India...
17.10Jordan Seabrook40.54aNorth Central (India...
18.12Eric Kramer40.61aSouthridge
19.11Brian Kramer40.65aHamilton Southeastern
20.12Kellen Mogck40.93aValparaiso
21.12Justin Hawkins40.97aGarrett
21.12David Lengar40.97aLawrence North
23.11DeAndre Hughes41.02aEvansville North
24.9Brandon Rabb41.19aZionsville
25.12Scott Hoffa43.02aPioneer
26.11Parker Stogdill49.63aBloomington South
--10Logan DeffnerDQCenter Grove

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Michael Richardson
Todd Barnard
Bruce Williams
Charles Thompson
41.57aBen Davis
2.-Leland Gates
Kesonn Lee
Brandi Gray
Charles Bailey
42.04aFort Wayne Northrop
3.-Ryan Burton
David Lengar
Brandys Green
John Posey
42.25aLawrence North
4.-Will Glover
Glenn Ayro
Brandon Golder
Josh Wheat
42.26aLawrence Central
5.-Joseph Gee
Donnie Smith
Joe Lee
Anthony Castronovo
42.36aCulver Academies
6.-Brian Rabb
Ryan Burnell
Patrick Lee
Brandon Rabb
7.-Kevin Stipp
Jeffery Brandt
Quantrell Blake
Nathan Barksdale
8.-Benjamin Strycker
Aaron Horton
Zachary Williamson
Jerimy Robinson
42.84aElkhart Central
9.-Ajani Jordan
Dameon Talley
Antinoice Surry
Justin Wynn
43.06aFort Wayne Snider
10.-Daniel Young
Devin McGee
Michael McClain
Donald Washington
43.14aFranklin Central
11.-Rylen Peterson
Russell Sherman
Aaron Jones
Derek Austin
43.25aHarrison (West Lafay...
12.-Chris Grace
Collin McGann
Frank Duong
Tony West
13.-Erik Autajay
Andrew Hartwig
Rafael Smith
Brandon Smith
43.35aIndianapolis Cathedral
14.-Bryan Pedler
Corey Miller
David Link
Aaron Jordan
43.39aElkhart Memorial
15.-Jim Ladd
Bryan Deitel
Kevin Shaw
Ryan Skelton
43.68aCenter Grove
16.-Luke Arnold
Zach Price
David Probst
Blake Lindsey
17.-Jerry Williams
David Morrow
Joe Frasca
Antone Brown
18.-Aaron Gallegos
Mitch Anderson
David Renwick
Zach Koetter
44.13aFloyd Central
18.-Greg Traupman
Jared Law
Jon Terzini
Andrew Fritz
18.-Ray Everhart
Michael Thomas
Brent Sturgeon
Zachery Smith
21.-Ondra King
Darren Batteast
Edward Denny
Aaron Gray
44.18aSouth Bend Adams
22.-Bryan Fleming
Traye Mattingly
Ronald Crider
Gregory Jones
44.30aEvansville F.J. Reitz
23.-Geoffrey King
Brandon Bryant
Ronald Fincher
Dontrell Dupree
44.42aPaul Harding
24.-Sam Greenwell
Dion Milan
De'Arius Valentine
Lucien Harris
44.61aEvansville Harrison
25.-Grant Hanson
John Stork
Luke Wyatt
Cory Turner
45.08aBloomington South
26.-Ray Young
Thomas McGee
Albert Austin
Jawann Turner
---Dana Harrell
Joey Neberieza
DeWayne Watson
Pierre Bush
DQNorth Central (India...
---Chris Graham
Desmond Tardy
Brian Floyd
Steve Willis
DQWarren Central

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Michael Richardson
Richard El
Charles Thompson
Bruce Williams
3:17.96aBen Davis
2.-Westlee Brown
David Lengar
John Posey
Brandys Green
3:18.97aLawrence North
3.-Jamie Dearman
Brandon Golder
Phil Madison
Glenn Ayro
3:19.00aLawrence Central
4.-Brandon Bryant
Chris Taylor
Thomas Crum
Geoffrey King
3:20.68aPaul Harding
5.-Joey Hodges
Desmond Tardy
Shane Whittington
Orlando Collins
3:20.70aWarren Central
6.-Thomas Cartwright
Ryan Burnell
Tanner Brawley
Brian Rabb
7.-Charles Jackson
Joe Zeigler
Jesse Wilson
Andy Shives
3:21.06aPerry Meridian
8.-Douglas Edgar
Jonathan Lapsley
Brandon Jones
Bryan Payton
3:22.03aFort Wayne Concordia...
9.-Zach Kiessling
Matt Springer
Jeff Carman
Logan Edwards
10.-Chris Czapla
Mike Toth
Curtis Pratt
Brian Kaluf
3:23.17aLake Central
11.-Brent Sturgeon
Anthony Coles
Ray Everhart
Gary Ogburn
12.-Travis White
Jovan Kelly
Brennon Plotner
Leland Gates
3:23.73aFort Wayne Northrop
13.-Joseph Gee
Anthony Castronovo
Magaje Erinkitola
Donnie Smith
3:23.88aCulver Academies
14.-Nathan Payne
John Cavanaugh
Timmy Coleman
Adam Lies
3:24.26aSouth Bend St. Joseph
15.-David Novotney
Joe Bailey
Geoff Lambert
Ryan Rearick
16.-Cortlon Snyder
Eric Manor
Kyle Gilbert
Nathan Bates
17.-Kevin Stipp
Nathan Barksdale
Timothy Rickard
Christian Tabib
18.-Mark Ladisch
Cortlan Booker
Garrett Zambrows
Matt Eberle
3:24.96aWest Lafayette
19.-Julius Hanks
Paul Mongold
Ryan Smith
John Hiestand
3:25.80aBloomington North
20.-Michael Brown
Troy Megerle
Bryce New
Clinton Coffey
21.-Chris Wright
Luke Wyatt
Parker Stogdill
Josh Ferry
3:28.79aBloomington South
21.-John Lambertus
Ryan Begerman
Bobby Caldwell
Anthony Bertoli
3:28.79aTerre Haute South Vigo
23.-Jordan Brown
David Knecht
Adam Oswalt
Scott Tarnowski
3:29.44aHuntington North
24.-Steven Walker
Quentin Combs
Philip Barth
Corey Thatcher
3:31.23aCorydon Central
25.-Tony Sachse
Denny Miller
Michael McClain
Mike Talhelm
3:31.80aFranklin Central
26.-Jeremy Montgomery
Brandon House
Richardo Palmer
Kirk Bullock
3:31.92aEvansville Bosse
27.-Chris Martin
Casey Weigle
Brad Remsburg
Kelly Martin

4x800 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Trent Morton
Brian Kolas
Matt Impink
Chris Smitson
7:47.29aBrebeuf Jesuit
2.-Lucas Newsom
Scott Geisinger
Marcus Phelps
Nathan Elliot
7:47.41aLawrence North
3.-Tony Sachse
Scott O'brien
Tim Clark
Denny Miller
7:47.63aFranklin Central
4.-Timothy VanLaan
David Gage
Benjamin Sundy
Christian Tabib
5.-Thomas Martin
Frankie Dixon
Evan Bardach
Dan Gasper
6.-Anthony Degitz
Ryan Young
Joel Sanders
Cody Hannie
7:49.60aFort Wayne Snider
7.-Brandon Lewis
Brandon Brown
Adam Berning
Mark Brandenburg
7:53.88aCenter Grove
8.-Paul Perales
David Slabaugh
Eric Gingerich
Ryan Stichter
9.-Timothy Quandt
Derik Usina
Jamal Robinson
Brennon Plotner
7:56.42aFort Wayne Northrop
10.-David Walpole
Paul Mckendree
Jesse Wilson
Joe Zeigler
7:57.27aPerry Meridian
11.-Eric Lewis
Ed Lawson
Geoff Lambert
Dan Keller
12.-Andrew Smith
Mark Borchelt
James Bittner
Brandon Jones
7:57.84aFort Wayne Concordia...
13.-Julius Hanks
Mark Connelley
Michael Philippsen
John Hiestand
7:58.20aBloomington North
14.-Eric Leffler
Chris Allen
Kris Watson
Seth Ball
7:58.46aIndianapolis Bishop ...
15.-Brandon Cole
Matthew McCarty
Ryan Moore
Jonny DiCicco
8:01.82aWarren Central
16.-Brad Dyke
Byan Christie
Brian Stackhouse
Greg Harmon
17.-Kevin Skinner
Brandon Hood
Peyton Groff
John Pitney
18.-Michael Weil
Patrick McKinney
Scott Koressel
Sam Kaiser
8:08.49aEvansville Mater Dei
19.-Matt DuPre
Darby Baker
Kyle Shorter
Ryan Tucker
20.-Kyle Hughes
Jim Jackson
Ryan Hurlock
Kyle Walsh
21.-Stefen Kaur
Nicholas Gross
Derek Bede
Andrew Gray
22.-Andrew Brown
John Cavanaugh
James Millar
Mike McDonald
8:10.97aSouth Bend St. Joseph
23.-Kody Etheridge
Ryan Taylor
Dustin Fullerton
Jonathan Thompson
24.-AJ Sullivan
Danny Avalos
Andy Hutchinson
Mark Byelick
25.-Matthew Young
Brian Kay
Brent Renshaw
Taylor Sellers
8:13.44aMt. Vernon (Fortville)
26.-Chris Wright
Josh Stidd
Ryan Hummel
Brandon Croy
8:20.55aBloomington South
27.-Ryan Hall
Matt Gauthier
Adam Zatorski
Jason Douthett

Shot Put - 12lb  Varsity - Finals

1.12Jason Brown62-11.00South Bend Clay
2.12Cory Martin61-08.00Edgewood
3.12Tyler Miller58-09.00Goshen
4.11Andy Powlen57-10.00Caston
5.11Spencer West57-03.75Chesterton
6.11David Koronkiewicz56-01.00Goshen
7.11Ryan Fields55-03.50Rushville Consolidated
8.11Joshua Gaines54-05.50Fort Wayne Northrop
9.11John Hawkins54-05.25Ben Davis
10.12Mike Clevenger54-04.75Warren Central
11.12Corey Blunk53-10.50Richmond
12.12Anthony Freimanis53-01.50Danville
13.11Gabe Morran52-06.75Bloomington North
14.10Samuel Owen Compton51-03.50Valparaiso
15.11Howie Kyser51-03.00North Central (India...
16.11Paul Fearnow51-01.50Elkhart Memorial
17.Ethan Tyler50-10.75TH North Vigo
18.12Shaun Hollering50-09.75Pioneer
19.12Mike Anderson50-08.75Hammond Gavit
20.11DeMarcus Lange50-06.75Indianapolis Broad R...
21.11Ross Muir50-01.50Noblesville
22.12Bruce Sparks49-11.75Castle
23.11Ben Harpenau49-09.75Tell City
24.10Steven Hnat48-02.25Floyd Central
--12Chris HolleNDMcCutcheon
--11Ryan BakerNDCenter Grove
--11Damon SparklinNDGoshen

Discus - 1.6kg  Varsity - Finals

1.12Cory Martin174-00Edgewood
2.11Howie Kyser170-09North Central (Farme...
3.12Michael Macellari165-06South Bend Clay
4.12Jason Brown163-09South Bend Clay
5.12Mike Anderson163-04Hammond Gavit
6.11Ryan Baker162-11Center Grove
7.11Julius Smith161-11Elkhart Memorial
8.12Onye Davis160-00Indiana School For T...
9.11Nathan Rausch159-05Knightstown
10.12Aundre Jackson159-00Perry Meridian
11.12Prentice Stokes154-05McCutcheon
12.12Eric Morris152-07Fort Wayne Snider
13.11Paul Fearnow152-05Elkhart Memorial
14.10Steven Hnat151-02Floyd Central
15.11Steve Bartholomew150-10Morgan Township
16.11Jared Roth150-09South Spencer
17.12Adam Longsworth149-05Elmhurst
18.12Aaron Hite148-03Frankfort
19.10Jake Schwartz145-02Center Grove
20.12Zack Mehling140-04Heritage Hills
21.12Jeff Biancardi139-02Lake Central
--10Jeremy WolleyNDPike
--12Jason QuearNDAvon
--12Anthony KirklandNDGary West Side
--9Eric WerskeyNDSeymour
--11Jeff RockeyFOULRochester Community

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.12Dustin Keller6-09.00Lafayette Jefferson
2.12Jason Thomas6-08.00Paul Harding
3.12Eric Daniels6-06.00East Chicago Central
4.10David Ford6-06.00Lawrence North
5.11Justin Wynn6-06.00Fort Wayne Snider
6.12Clay Crick6-04.00Bloomington South
6.11Hunter Myers6-04.00Hamilton Southeastern
6.10Gregory Shroka6-04.00Hanover Central
6.12John Barr6-04.00Highland
10.12Mathew Isenhower6-04.00Lebanon
11.9David Bell6-04.00Gary West Side
11.12Jason Williams6-04.00Lawrence North
11.11Quinn Wright6-04.00Cowan
11.12Justin Triplett6-04.00Jeffersonville
15.12Kyle Schoof6-02.00Plymouth
15.12Adam Campagna6-02.00Castle
15.12Brandon House6-02.00Evansville Bosse
15.11Scott Forbey6-02.00Washington
15.-Randy Robinson6-02.00Greencastle
15.10Blane Johnson6-02.00Frankfort
15.12Cole Verba6-02.00Angola
15.12Lance Fox6-02.00Lawrence Central
15.10Andrew Meadors6-02.00Milan
15.11Michael Scott6-02.00Indianapolis Northwest
15.11Michael Reinhertz6-02.00Valparaiso
15.12Terance McKinney6-02.00Fort Wayne North Side
--11Jay YoungNHIndianapolis Northwest
--12Joshua KeinathNHSeymour
--9Jarel JordanNHRichmond
--9Travis WhiteNHFort Wayne Northrop
--12Adam RecordNHEast Central
--10Triston RogersNHKokomo

Pole Vault  Varsity - Finals

1.12Ryan Schipper15-09.00Fort Wayne Bishop Dw...
2.12Bryan Pedler15-06.00Elkhart Memorial
3.12Andrew Brown15-06.00Carroll (Fort Wayne)
4.11James Martzall15-06.00Fort Wayne Northrop
5.12Joe Bronnenberg15-03.00Bloomington North
6.11Josh Brownell14-06.00Penn
7.11Kyle Boley14-06.00Warsaw Community
8.12James Knepper14-06.00Garrett
9.12Curtis Asay14-00.00McCutcheon
10.12Jared Jackson14-00.00Ben Davis
10.11Ryan Morningstar14-00.00Elkhart Memorial
10.11Brandon Schneider14-00.00Fort Wayne Northrop
10.12Evan Kleinhenz14-00.00Columbus North
10.11Devin Sielschott14-00.00Bellmont
10.12Kevin Day14-00.00Lawrence North
16.11Michael Koning13-06.00McCutcheon
16.12Travis Rogers13-06.00Noblesville
16.10Bradley Imbierowicz13-06.00Kokomo
16.11Scott Forbey13-06.00Washington
16.10Anthony Bertoli13-06.00Terre Haute South Vigo
16.12Michael Regan13-06.00Boone Grove
16.11Mike Dunlap13-06.00Chesterton
23.10Blayne Burkholder13-00.00Western
23.11Evan Steward13-00.00Mooresville
23.11Todd Tapp13-00.00Franklin Central
--10Trey LockerbieNHBloomington South
--12Dan HillNHColumbus North
--10Scott KnustNHCastle
--11Ted LippincottNHBen Davis
--12Aaron PowellNHMerrillville

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.10Donald Washington23-02.25Franklin Central
2.11Justin Wynn22-05.75Fort Wayne Snider
3.10Selwyn Lymon22-04.50Fort Wayne North Side
4.12Andrew Eaton22-03.50Lafayette Jefferson
5.11Nolan Petties22-01.50Andrean
6.11Desmond Tardy22-00.25Warren Central
7.12LeVon Parker21-09.00Concord
8.12Quentin Combs21-08.25Corydon Central
9.11Frank Duong21-07.50Penn
10.12Jovan Kelly21-05.50Fort Wayne Northrop
11.12Bobby Brown21-04.25Fort Wayne North Side
12.Jeremy Brown21-01.75TH North Vigo
13.10Sam Watts21-00.75Hammond
14.12Christian Ojomo21-00.00Columbus East
15.12Brandon Golder20-11.25Lawrence Central
15.11Devin Moore20-11.25Pike
17.12Kyle Schoof20-08.25Plymouth
17.12Brenton Wolf20-08.25North Montgomery
19.12Adam Campagna20-05.50Castle
19.12Devon Johnson20-05.50South Bend Clay
21.11Kyle Lee20-01.25Avon
22.11Mike Burger19-11.00Terre Haute South Vigo
23.11Shawn Floyd19-09.00Indianapolis Northwest
24.11Anthony Osborne19-04.00Jennings County
25.12Josh Jenkins17-11.75Jeffersonville
--12Quantrell BlakeNDValparaiso
--10Trenton ChuppNDNorthwood


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