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2007 Mid-Southeastern Conference Championship

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Pinecrest HS, Southern Pines

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North Carolina - 3A
Douglas Byrd
Westover Senior
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Elija Ash10.94aDouglas Byrd
2.11Brandon Durant11.03aPinecrest
3.12Bryant Terry11.07aRichmond Senior
4.11Lorenzo Williams11.18aWestover Senior
5.-Cyzz Savage11.38aHoke County
6.11Carltrell Leggett11.54aSeventy-First Senior
7.-Tim Core12.79aHoke County
--12Jarmarcus DouglasDQScotland
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Aaron Anderson21.87aDouglas Byrd
2.12Bryant Terry21.99aRichmond Senior
3.12Alphonse Turner22.10aSeventy-First Senior
4.11Elija Ash22.38aDouglas Byrd
5.10Olajuwon Elliott22.72aWestover Senior
6.-Tim Core23.45aHoke County
7.-Cyzz Savage23.71aHoke County
8.11Brandon Durant46.17aPinecrest
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Aaron Anderson48.39aDouglas Byrd
2.11Andre Burgess50.22aHoke County
3.10Sebastian Hepburn51.31aJack Britt
4.-John Johnson51.62aHoke County
5.10Aaron Shamberger52.45aPinecrest
6.10Shermel Russell52.68aJack Britt
7.11Will McIlwain53.61aScotland
--10Gabb LoveDQRichmond Senior
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Andy Wacker1:57.87aPinecrest
2.10Jordan Locklear1:59.19aJack Britt
3.10Sebastian Hepburn2:01.65aJack Britt
4.12Brandon Wright2:02.70aPinecrest
5.11Lamont Woodard2:04.58aRichmond Senior
6.12Anthony Bryant2:04.69aSeventy-First Senior
7.10Blake Smith2:04.95aPinecrest
8.-Lou Gibbs2:06.40aDouglas Byrd
9.11James Williams2:08.50aSeventy-First Senior
10.11Patrick McKoy2:09.32aDouglas Byrd
11.10Devan Cureton2:15.07aJack Britt
12.11Aaron Panther2:16.15aHoke County
13.9Kalab Valliant2:17.57aHoke County
14.11Barion McMillan2:21.17aHoke County
15.-Isaac Dudley2:22.71aWestover Senior
16.-Kyle Bland2:29.35aScotland
17.10Carl Rosman2:43.95aScotland
---Antion WestDQRichmond Senior
---Nicholas SessionsDQDouglas Byrd
--11Will McIlwainDQScotland
--11Aaron BarnesDQWestover Senior
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Andy Wacker4:31.96aPinecrest
2.11Brett Baggett4:35.99aPinecrest
3.-Dwayne Townsend4:36.63aSeventy-First Senior
4.-Mark Moon4:40.27aPinecrest
5.10Jordan Locklear4:40.54aJack Britt
6.11John Miller4:44.96aSeventy-First Senior
7.10Hunter Kozisek4:47.03aJack Britt
8.12James Bailey4:58.49aJack Britt
9.-Brett Dailey5:05.28aWestover Senior
10.-Marcus Jackson5:12.84aWestover Senior
11.10Carl Rosman5:19.83aScotland
12.-Isaac Dudley5:21.53aWestover Senior
13.10Laquan Brown5:24.87aHoke County
14.10Devin Davis5:30.08aRichmond Senior
15.-Joseph Monroe5:44.61aScotland
16.-Steven Byrd5:51.27aDouglas Byrd
17.-Kyle Bland5:57.38aScotland
18.-Antion West6:07.06aRichmond Senior
19.-Carey Evertt6:23.67aDouglas Byrd
20.-James Hamilton6:27.01aRichmond Senior
---Anthony HarringtonDQDouglas Byrd
---Derek GravesDQHoke County
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Andy Wacker10:07.87aPinecrest
2.12Andrew Garrison10:18.12aPinecrest
3.11Brett Baggett10:18.98aPinecrest
4.-Dwayne Townsend10:29.91aSeventy-First Senior
5.11John Miller10:49.12aSeventy-First Senior
6.10Hunter Kozisek10:55.17aJack Britt
7.-Brett Dailey11:19.84aWestover Senior
8.12James Bailey11:31.13aJack Britt
9.-Kahlil Artis11:36.23aJack Britt
10.-Marcus Jackson12:09.22aWestover Senior
11.10Carl Rosman12:09.86aScotland
12.-Joseph Monroe12:37.47aScotland
13.-Isaac Dudley13:25.02aWestover Senior
14.-James Hamilton15:02.00aRichmond Senior
---Jarvis EverettDQRichmond Senior
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Sean Jeffcoat14.36aJack Britt
2.12Donta Young14.90aSeventy-First Senior
3.10LaDarrien Beaty15.47aHoke County
4.11John Rizor15.71aJack Britt
5.11Terrance McLean15.72aScotland
6.10Johnathan Diggs17.93aRichmond Senior
7.-Phillip Young20.29aHoke County
--10Jarod WootenDQPinecrest
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Donta Young39.21aSeventy-First Senior
2.11Robert Purcell39.97aHoke County
3.12Sean Jeffcoat40.18aJack Britt
4.11John Rizor41.73aJack Britt
5.10LaDarrien Beaty42.47aHoke County
6.9Eric Wolff42.69aHoke County
7.-Tim McasKill43.77aRichmond Senior
8.-Jerel Jordan44.45aJack Britt
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 42.96aHoke County
2.-Relay Team 43.43aJack Britt
3.-Relay Team 44.17aRichmond Senior
4.-Relay Team 44.49aWestover Senior
5.-Relay Team 45.06aSeventy-First Senior
6.-Relay Team 52.33aPinecrest
---Relay Team DQScotland
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:28.10aHoke County
2.-Relay Team 1:29.64aRichmond Senior
3.-Relay Team 1:30.18aSeventy-First Senior
4.-Relay Team 1:30.53aJack Britt
5.-Relay Team 1:31.07aWestover Senior
6.-Relay Team 1:32.16aPinecrest
7.-Relay Team 1:32.55aScotland
8.-Relay Team 1:39.44aDouglas Byrd
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:23.00aDouglas Byrd
2.-Relay Team 3:24.00aHoke County
3.-Relay Team 3:26.00aSeventy-First Senior
4.-Relay Team 3:27.00aJack Britt
5.-Relay Team 3:31.00aRichmond Senior
6.-Relay Team 3:42.00aPinecrest
---Relay Team DQScotland
---Relay Team DQWestover Senior
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 8:06.19aPinecrest
2.-Relay Team 8:13.29aJack Britt
3.-Relay Team 8:54.03aRichmond Senior
4.-Relay Team 8:55.57aSeventy-First Senior
5.-Relay Team 8:59.57aHoke County
6.-Relay Team 9:27.55aDouglas Byrd
7.-Relay Team 9:27.95aScotland
---Relay Team DQWestover Senior
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jimmy Martin50-08.00Scotland
2.11Ryan Campbell44-05.00Hoke County
3.11Corey Hope44-05.00Scotland
4.10Kwamaine Smith42-08.00Scotland
5.-Andrew Pugsley42-03.00Pinecrest
6.11Ricky Covington41-05.00Richmond Senior
7.-Anthony McDonald40-10.00Seventy-First Senior
8.9Keith Wilson40-05.00Hoke County
9.-Marsh Mike38-08.00Seventy-First Senior
10.-Jonathan Dumont36-00.00Westover Senior
11.11Tyrone Jackson35-00.00Seventy-First Senior
12.-Miles Sonntagg34-01.00Jack Britt
13.-Kenneth Owens33-09.00Jack Britt
14.11Maury Conner33-09.00Westover Senior
15.-Jonathan Woolard33-09.00Westover Senior
16.9Trevor Cole32-11.00Jack Britt
17.-James Douglas32-05.00Pinecrest
18.10Darius Carr32-05.00Hoke County
19.-Jordan Farmer31-09.00Pinecrest
20.-Titus Funderburk28-03.00Richmond Senior
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jimmy Martin149-00Scotland
2.-Andrew Pugsley127-05Pinecrest
3.11Corey Hope122-05Scotland
4.10Cortez Frazier115-10Jack Britt
5.11Ricky Covington111-03Richmond Senior
6.-Marsh Mike110-10Seventy-First Senior
7.-Jonathan Woolard110-05Westover Senior
8.-Isaiah Forte107-00Jack Britt
9.-Marcus Woolford103-09Seventy-First Senior
10.11John Rizor102-05Jack Britt
11.-Matthew Robson98-07Pinecrest
12.-Steven Randle96-02Douglas Byrd
13.11Darriel Charleswell96-00Seventy-First Senior
14.-Cliffton Garrison92-06Hoke County
15.-Jordan Farmer88-05Pinecrest
16.-Jonathan Dumont87-00Westover Senior
17.11Maury Conner80-02Westover Senior
18.-Titus Funderburk77-00Richmond Senior
19.-Marcus Locklear75-05Hoke County
--11Ryan CampbellDQHoke County
---Andrew BlackburnDQScotland
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.-J.P. Haumann5-10.00Seventy-First Senior
2.11Rashad Covington5-10.00Pinecrest
3.-Hikeem Gilchrist5-10.00Scotland
4.11Adam McDonald5-08.00Pinecrest
4.11Andre Burgess5-08.00Hoke County
4.-Tim McasKill5-08.00Richmond Senior
7.10Jarod Wooten5-08.00Pinecrest
8.-Derrick Wiley5-08.00Richmond Senior
9.10Gregory Alexander5-06.00Jack Britt
10.-Jeremy Williams5-06.00Jack Britt
--11Frank RobinsonDQDouglas Byrd
---Trey FieldsDQWestover Senior
---Robert AlstonDQRichmond Senior
---D. MartinDQRichmond Senior
---Byron ColemanDQSeventy-First Senior
--11Kendrick LoveDQHoke County
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Nick Benton13-00.00Pinecrest
---Julian Steinbach8-06.00Pinecrest
--12Tyler BentonDQPinecrest
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12McKinley Jones20-02.50Jack Britt
2.10Olajuwon Elliott19-11.50Westover Senior
3.-Robert Alston19-11.00Richmond Senior
4.11Earl Wolff19-11.00Hoke County
5.11De'Andre Evans18-10.50Jack Britt
6.-D. Martin18-10.00Richmond Senior
7.11Terrance McLean18-05.00Scotland
8.-Jeremy Williams18-01.50Jack Britt
9.9Eric Wolff18-00.00Hoke County
9.-Scott Barr18-00.00Pinecrest
11.9Deangelo Pine17-11.50Seventy-First Senior
12.-Tim McasKill17-10.50Richmond Senior
13.11Kendrick Love17-07.50Hoke County
14.9Jyhe Utley17-04.50Pinecrest
15.-Victor Jackson16-02.50Seventy-First Senior
16.11Ryan Jones16-01.00Seventy-First Senior
--11Brandon DurantDQPinecrest
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Terrance McLean43-07.00Scotland
2.11Earl Wolff42-04.00Hoke County
3.-Frankie Williams42-03.00Westover Senior
4.11Jonquil Johnson41-07.50Jack Britt
5.-Scott Barr41-07.50Pinecrest
6.11Quinton House41-01.00Jack Britt
7.10Cortez Frazier41-00.50Jack Britt
8.-Kenronte' Walker40-04.50Westover Senior
9.9Eric Wolff39-04.50Hoke County
10.11Kendrick Love39-03.00Hoke County
11.11Ryan Jones37-07.00Seventy-First Senior
12.-Victor Jackson37-06.00Seventy-First Senior
13.9Matt Hopkins37-01.00Seventy-First Senior
14.-Demitri Shaw35-03.00Richmond Senior
---D. MartinDQRichmond Senior
---Rae-Von BanksDQWestover Senior

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Quanlesha Staten12.45aJack Britt
2.11Shanika LaMons12.52aWestover Senior
3.11Ashlynn Chavis12.66aScotland
4.-Chandalyn Winchester12.67aRichmond Senior
5.12Genevieve Hyman12.84aSeventy-First Senior
6.11Damika Jones12.97aJack Britt
7.9Carolyn Smith13.00aSeventy-First Senior
8.-Tra'Shon Burns13.09aDouglas Byrd
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Quanlesha Staten26.08aJack Britt
2.11Shanika LaMons26.13aWestover Senior
3.-Chandalyn Winchester26.21aRichmond Senior
4.12Bianca Harvey26.91aDouglas Byrd
5.9Shamekia McRae27.20aPinecrest
6.11Damika Jones27.27aJack Britt
7.9Carolyn Smith27.74aSeventy-First Senior
8.12Kortnie Coleman28.54aDouglas Byrd
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kortnie Coleman59.40aDouglas Byrd
2.9Ayanna Townsend59.90aScotland
3.10Cynette Rivers1:01.85aJack Britt
4.-Jasmine Surratt1:02.58aWestover Senior
5.10Jasmine Mays1:03.49aJack Britt
6.-Ashley Wilkerson1:03.79aSeventy-First Senior
7.-Charlotte McDonald1:03.99aPinecrest
---Latoya WallDQRichmond Senior
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ariel Armstrong2:30.53aDouglas Byrd
2.12Amanda McKinney2:30.55aPinecrest
3.11Lauren Bishop2:32.55aPinecrest
4.-Caitlin McArdle2:34.49aPinecrest
5.-Kristen Covington2:36.38aScotland
6.9Liandra Soles2:36.40aJack Britt
7.9Danielle McKee2:40.14aJack Britt
8.9Tempest Baker2:41.14aJack Britt
9.9Jalissa Farr2:44.90aScotland
10.-Jessica Cook2:45.95aScotland
11.10Keevia Gibson2:53.03aSeventy-First Senior
12.-Brianda Everett3:55.94aRichmond Senior
13.-Angel Quakenbush4:07.59aRichmond Senior
--11Linda AughburnsDQWestover Senior
---Lakisha WilliamsDQDouglas Byrd
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Amanda McKinney5:27.46aPinecrest
2.11Lauren Bishop5:32.09aPinecrest
3.9Lexie Schustrom5:36.41aPinecrest
4.11Elizabeth English5:52.89aScotland
5.9Danielle McKee6:02.58aJack Britt
6.-Jessica Cook6:04.89aScotland
7.10Danielle Anderson6:12.39aDouglas Byrd
8.9Ashlee Doughty6:12.67aJack Britt
9.10Keevia Gibson6:36.01aSeventy-First Senior
10.-Barbara Horne6:38.11aScotland
11.-Angel Quakenbush9:50.11aRichmond Senior
--11Linda AughburnsDQWestover Senior
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Amanda McKinney11:58.28aPinecrest
2.9Lexie Schustrom12:15.45aPinecrest
3.11Elizabeth English12:36.52aScotland
4.-Jackie McElligott12:55.20aPinecrest
5.9Ashlee Doughty13:45.08aJack Britt
6.9Jameka Parker13:46.73aJack Britt
7.11LeighAnn Cooley14:01.50aScotland
8.-Kathryn Melendez14:08.18aJack Britt
9.-India Tietien16:07.71aScotland
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Chanel McClennahan16.78aScotland
2.11Lakesha Buckner17.95aSeventy-First Senior
3.10Quachira Rogers17.96aScotland
4.-Julicia Thomas18.07aScotland
5.10Simone Ewers18.51aSeventy-First Senior
6.-Emily Williams19.48aPinecrest
7.9Chazmen Smith19.53aHoke County
---Michelle LideDQRichmond Senior
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Chanel McClennahan47.92aScotland
2.11Lakesha Buckner48.99aSeventy-First Senior
3.11Christina Parker49.55aRichmond Senior
4.-Porsche Harrell50.56aWestover Senior
5.10Quachira Rogers51.67aScotland
6.-Jasmyn Riggins52.24aWestover Senior
7.12Bianca Shaw53.84aHoke County
--10Simone EwersDQSeventy-First Senior
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 50.04aDouglas Byrd
2.-Relay Team 51.59aJack Britt
3.-Relay Team 51.65aSeventy-First Senior
4.-Relay Team 51.67aScotland
5.-Relay Team 53.26aHoke County
6.-Relay Team 53.27aWestover Senior
7.-Relay Team 53.54aRichmond Senior
8.-Relay Team 55.43aPinecrest
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:46.51aJack Britt
2.-Relay Team 1:47.02aWestover Senior
3.-Relay Team 1:47.76aScotland
4.-Relay Team 1:49.23aRichmond Senior
5.-Relay Team 1:51.64aSeventy-First Senior
6.-Relay Team 1:55.86aPinecrest
7.-Relay Team 2:00.38aHoke County
8.-Relay Team 2:02.47aDouglas Byrd
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:03.25aDouglas Byrd
2.-Relay Team 4:07.01aScotland
3.-Relay Team 4:13.85aJack Britt
4.-Relay Team 4:16.00aSeventy-First Senior
5.-Relay Team 4:21.54aHoke County
6.-Relay Team 4:21.74aPinecrest
7.-Relay Team 4:52.78aRichmond Senior
---Relay Team DQWestover Senior
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 9:58.77aPinecrest
2.-Relay Team 10:18.15aJack Britt
3.-Relay Team 10:42.65aScotland
4.-Relay Team 13:02.21aRichmond Senior
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Bianca Shaw34-02.00Hoke County
2.12Genevieve Hyman33-03.00Seventy-First Senior
3.-Jessica Shaw32-03.00Hoke County
4.9Renee McNeill31-05.00Scotland
5.10Nicole Rich30-11.00Jack Britt
6.-Nora Nicholson29-05.00Richmond Senior
7.10Simone Ewers29-01.00Seventy-First Senior
8.-Jazmine Monroe29-00.00Westover Senior
9.10Victoria Sledge28-02.00Richmond Senior
10.10Quanita Goings27-11.00Westover Senior
11.9Meyouka Ross26-06.00Pinecrest
12.-Cheyenne Coleman25-03.00Douglas Byrd
13.9Paige Horne24-07.00Pinecrest
14.-Cierra Graham24-03.00Scotland
15.-Tasheanna Capel24-00.00Pinecrest
16.-Canessha Byers23-07.00Richmond Senior
---Whitley MorrisonDQScotland
---Jazmin FelicanoDQDouglas Byrd
--11Danielle GilliardDQJack Britt
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.9Royolando Odom100-03Scotland
2.10Julis Ingram92-07Scotland
3.11Danielle Gilliard90-08Jack Britt
4.9Paige Horne90-08Pinecrest
5.10Quanita Goings88-09Westover Senior
6.-Nora Nicholson87-07Richmond Senior
7.-Tasheanna Capel82-03Pinecrest
8.10Simone Ewers77-06Seventy-First Senior
9.10Nicole Rich77-05Jack Britt
10.-Tra'Shon Burns74-00Douglas Byrd
11.10Victoria Sledge73-09Richmond Senior
12.-Jazmine Monroe73-06Westover Senior
13.-Cierra Graham70-09Scotland
14.9Meyouka Ross63-07Pinecrest
15.-Brianda Everett61-05Richmond Senior
16.-Cheyenne Coleman61-00Douglas Byrd
17.-Jessica Shaw57-03Hoke County
---Lauren WheelerDQJack Britt
---Jazmin FelicanoDQDouglas Byrd
--9Jaslynn CampbellDQWestover Senior
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Ashlynn Chavis4-10.00Scotland
2.-Brittany Jacobs4-08.00Scotland
3.-Samantha Meeks4-08.00Scotland
4.9Shamekia McRae4-08.00Pinecrest
5.-Crystal Rush4-08.00Richmond Senior
6.9Niesha Sledge4-06.00Richmond Senior
7.-Emily Williams4-06.00Pinecrest
8.-Sarah Ohlstrum4-04.00Pinecrest
9.11Robin Jones4-02.00Hoke County
--12Genevieve HymanDQSeventy-First Senior
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
---Kate DavisDQPinecrest
---Jennifer CarterDQPinecrest
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Ashlynn Chavis17-04.50Scotland
2.12Bianca Harvey16-10.00Douglas Byrd
3.9Shamekia McRae16-01.50Pinecrest
4.-Kaisha Tweede14-00.50Hoke County
5.-Marsha Jean-Joseph13-11.75Jack Britt
6.11Kai-Lynn Stoker13-11.25Jack Britt
7.-Leotrice Pegues13-10.50Scotland
8.-Ciandra McNeil13-09.25Scotland
9.-Crystal Rush13-09.00Richmond Senior
10.10Crystal Gordon13-04.00Jack Britt
10.-Sarah Ohlstrum13-04.00Pinecrest
12.-Quintana Gales13-01.25Richmond Senior
13.-Kiki Hollingworth12-02.75Pinecrest
---Sierria PembertonDQRichmond Senior
---Taquina BradshawDQWestover Senior
---India AllenDQRichmond Senior
---Jessica McDonaldDQRichmond Senior
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Ashlynn Chavis33-09.50Scotland
2.10Brittany McLean32-08.50Scotland
3.9Shamekia McRae32-04.00Pinecrest
4.-Alexis McNeil31-03.50Scotland
5.-Marsha Jean-Joseph30-02.00Jack Britt
6.9Jamila McAlister29-09.00Jack Britt
7.11Kai-Lynn Stoker29-04.00Jack Britt
8.-Kiki Hollingworth28-01.00Pinecrest
9.9Krystal Bostick26-08.00Richmond Senior
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