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King's vs Granite Falls vs Sultan

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

King's, Shoreline

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Washington - Cascade
Granite Falls
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Antonio Rivas12.94aSultan
2.8Daniel Fouty13.26aKing's
3.8Jordan Turner13.40aKing's
4.8Cody Dickson13.46aGranite Falls
5.8Trae Poplin13.59aGranite Falls
6.8Riley Holsing13.68aGranite Falls
7.8Ryan Mills13.84aKing's
8.8James Kern13.85aSultan
9.8Aaron Flegel13.91aGranite Falls
10.8Mason Hudon14.00aKing's
11.8Robert Kadey14.04aGranite Falls
12.8Adam Maas14.09aSultan
13.8Jack Cooper14.17aKing's
14.8Tyler Force14.38aSultan
15.8Leo Vallejo14.39aSultan
16.8Jon Melson14.44aKing's
17.8Aiden Greenizer14.57aGranite Falls
18.8Nicholas Jackson14.64aGranite Falls
19.8Angelo Landwehr15.00aGranite Falls
20.8Chad Helvey15.15aGranite Falls
21.8Zackary Maxfield15.19aGranite Falls
22.8Kyle Kash15.28aSultan
23.8Ryan Sharp15.51aSultan
24.8Brennan Kuhn16.52aKing's
25.8John Fisher17.18aSultan
X 100 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Matthew Hamilton12.71aGranite Falls
2.7Tyree Jones13.60aKing's
3.7James MacKenzie13.80aSultan
4.7Neal Wood14.33aSultan
5.7Hunter Jones14.40aSultan
6.7Jackson Hand14.67aKing's
7.7Dylan Oster14.93aSultan
8.7Josh Alexander15.08aKing's
9.7Kyle Lopez15.27aKing's
10.7Sebastian Denke16.11aGranite Falls
11.7Calvin Kispert17.22aKing's
12.7Cody Anderson17.76aKing's
13.7Kenneth Taylor18.94aSultan
X 200 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Antonio Rivas26.03aSultan
2.8Trae Poplin26.78aGranite Falls
3.8Riley Holsing27.38aGranite Falls
4.8Henderson Belk27.63aKing's
5.8Cooper Beucherie27.75aSultan
6.8Skyler Funderburk28.21aSultan
7.8Robert Kadey28.51aGranite Falls
8.8James Kern28.58aSultan
9.8Jack Cooper29.37aKing's
10.8Leo Vallejo29.43aSultan
11.8Aiden Greenizer29.53aGranite Falls
12.8Nicholas Cashman30.19aGranite Falls
13.8Tyler Force30.52aSultan
14.8Stephen Hermes31.29aKing's
15.8Kyle Kash32.39aSultan
16.8Ryan Sharp32.46aSultan
17.8Zach Jacobson33.67aKing's
18.8Brennan Kuhn35.08aKing's
X 200 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Matthew Hamilton26.21aGranite Falls
2.7James MacKenzie28.90aSultan
3.7Sebastian Denke33.45aGranite Falls
4.7Cody Anderson38.02aKing's
X 400 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Daniel Fouty1:01.81aKing's
2.8Evan West1:02.51aGranite Falls
3.8Skyler Funderburk1:02.56aSultan
4.8Ryan Mills1:04.52aKing's
5.8Nicholas Cashman1:09.88aGranite Falls
6.8KC Spencer1:12.92aGranite Falls
7.8Matt Wysocki1:13.81aGranite Falls
8.8Josh Sheppard1:13.81aGranite Falls
9.8Taylor Fahrenkrug1:17.26aGranite Falls
10.8Nick Converse1:22.59aSultan
X 400 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Andrew Ayers1:02.06aKing's
1.7Andrew Ayers62.06King's
2.7Hunter Jones1:03.29aSultan
3.7Brendan Mann1:10.49aSultan
4.7Parker White1:11.28aSultan
5.7Dylan Oster1:12.31aSultan
6.7Charlie Johnson1:13.26aSultan
7.7Donald Janda1:14.88aGranite Falls
8.7Arthur Emmons1:15.39aKing's
X 800 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Riley Hansen2:35.86aGranite Falls
2.8Andrew Brodsky2:43.30aKing's
3.8KC Spencer2:45.16aGranite Falls
4.8Tom Carter2:46.49aSultan
5.8Zahariah Sarey2:48.15aGranite Falls
6.8Jeremy Pope-Levison2:58.75aKing's
7.8Taylor Fahrenkrug3:06.96aGranite Falls
8.8Matt Wysocki3:07.91aGranite Falls
9.8Danny Helms3:14.34aKing's
10.8Aaron Heidlage3:36.03aSultan
X 800 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Andrew Ayers2:35.02aKing's
1.7Andrew Ayers2:35.02King's
2.7Neal Wood2:36.45aSultan
3.7Jake Barnett2:43.73aKing's
4.7Chris Cervarich2:45.33aGranite Falls
5.7Logan Corbin2:57.21aGranite Falls
6.7Parker White3:00.18aSultan
7.7Arthur Emmons3:04.47aKing's
8.7Joe Doubek3:15.93aSultan
9.7Kenneth Taylor3:47.45aSultan
10.7Shad McDonnell4:20.23aSultan
X 1600 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Cooper Beucherie5:26.68aSultan
2.8Riley Hansen5:26.83aGranite Falls
3.8Andrew Brodsky5:44.68aKing's
4.8KC Spencer5:55.15aGranite Falls
5.8Sam Tomkins6:06.96aKing's
6.8Zahariah Sarey6:07.23aGranite Falls
7.8Zach Frohardt6:14.91aKing's
8.8Taylor Fahrenkrug6:16.13aGranite Falls
9.8Brandon Cowan6:32.74aKing's
10.8Danny Helms6:58.70aKing's
X 1600 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Charlie Johnson5:56.32aSultan
2.7Chris Cervarich6:01.40aGranite Falls
3.7Tristin Larsen6:01.64aGranite Falls
4.7Logan Corbin6:29.16aGranite Falls
5.7Joe Doubek6:38.70aSultan
6.7Ethan Short6:43.59aGranite Falls
7.7Caleb Wallace7:08.62aSultan
8.7Shad McDonnell9:05.04aSultan
X 110m Hurdles - 30" - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Mason Hudon18.41aKing's
2.8Rhys Gadbois18.41aGranite Falls
3.8Tysen Campbell18.61aGranite Falls
4.8Jeremy Pope-Levison19.30aKing's
5.8Sam Tomkins19.91aKing's
6.8Tyler Force19.94aSultan
7.8Josh Sheppard20.92aGranite Falls
8.8Angelo Landwehr21.06aGranite Falls
9.8Jonathan Rasmussen21.74aKing's
2.8Tom Maxon22.97King's
11.8Jay Olson24.64aSultan
12.8Aaron Heidlage30.50aSultan
X 110m Hurdles - 30" - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Chris Cervarich21.08aGranite Falls
2.7Logan Corbin21.91aGranite Falls
3.7Donald Janda21.96aGranite Falls
4.7Ryley Repenn22.05aGranite Falls
5.7Tim Boury22.63aSultan
6.7Noah Bundrant22.99aKing's
7.7Wyatt Rode23.27aSultan
7.7Brett Jones23.27aKing's
9.7Keifer Hoffman23.38aGranite Falls
10.7Caleb Wallace23.91aSultan
11.7Charlie Johnson23.97aSultan
12.7Cody Anderson25.09aKing's
13.7Payton Ratzliff29.43aKing's
14.7Kenneth Taylor46.71aSultan
X 4x100 Relay - 8th Grade - Finals
1.-Robert Gadbois
Riley Larsen
Trae Poplin
Riley Hansen
51.44aGranite Falls
2.-Cooper Beucherie
James Kern
Tristan King
Antonio Rivas
3.-Jordan Turner
Ryan Mills
Daniel Fouty
Mason Hudon
X 4x100 Relay - 7th Grade - Finals
-Relay Team 55.26aKing's
1.-Michael Green
Franz Mastrude
Sean Reeves
Ryley Repenn
1:02.61aGranite Falls
2.-Brendan Mann
Eric Tubbs
Neal Wood
Steven Dault
X 4x200 Relay - 8th Grade - Finals
1.-Tysen Campbell
Robert Kadey
Robert Gadbois
Evan West
1:52.10aGranite Falls
X 4x200 Relay - 7th Grade - Finals
1.-Relay Team 2:08.97aKing's
2.-Michael Green
Donald Janda
Ethan Short
Tristin Larsen
2:19.29aGranite Falls
X Shot Put - 8lb - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Jarek Hitchcock40-04.00Granite Falls
2.8Skyler Funderburk39-05.00Sultan
3.8Michael Poyner37-03.00Granite Falls
4.8Zach Jacobson36-00.00King's
5.8Taylor Comfort35-09.00Sultan
6.8Steven Lee34-05.00King's
7.8Cody Dickson34-04.00Granite Falls
8.8Stephen Hermes33-11.00King's
9.8Cooper Beucherie33-01.00Sultan
10.8Tom Maxon31-09.00King's
11.8Tristan Breen31-07.00Sultan
12.8Jason John31-00.00King's
13.8Riley Holsing30-07.00Granite Falls
14.8Tristan King29-08.00Sultan
15.8Aiden Greenizer28-07.25Granite Falls
16.8Mason Hudon27-02.00King's
17.7Drake Sanders27-01.00Granite Falls
18.8Dylan Rodvik27-00.00Granite Falls
19.8Chad Helvey26-07.00Granite Falls
19.8Dawson Shaw26-07.00Sultan
21.8Cole Honold24-07.00Sultan
22.8Zackary Maxfield23-11.00Granite Falls
23.8Nick Converse23-07.00Sultan
24.8Nick Wooldridge22-04.00Granite Falls
25.8Alexander Schielke22-02.00Granite Falls
8Donavan IshmaelNDKing's
X Shot Put - 8lb - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Wyatt Rode27-10.00Sultan
2.7Douglas Adams27-08.00Granite Falls
4.7Neal Wood26-10.00Sultan
5.7Calvin Kispert26-09.00King's
6.7Keifer Hoffman26-08.00Granite Falls
7.7Dylan Oster26-05.00Sultan
8.7Tom O'Brien23-09.00Granite Falls
9.7Jake Barnett21-06.00King's
10.7Arthur Emmons17-02.00King's
11.7Cole Campbell15-10.00King's
X Discus - 1kg - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Riley Larsen111-09Granite Falls
2.8Cody Dickson101-10Granite Falls
3.8Skyler Funderburk98-03Sultan
4.8Steven Lee97-00King's
5.8Michael Poyner95-07Granite Falls
6.8Zach Jacobson95-06King's
7.8Jarek Hitchcock94-09Granite Falls
8.8Jason John91-08King's
9.8Tom Maxon83-05King's
10.8Dawson Shaw83-04Sultan
11.8Kenny Losleben80-04Sultan
12.8Stephen Hermes78-11King's
13.8Chad Helvey74-01Granite Falls
14.8Tom Carter73-05Sultan
15.8Dylan Rodvik70-02Granite Falls
16.8John Fisher65-02Sultan
17.8Tristan Breen64-02Sultan
18.8Taylor Comfort63-10Sultan
19.8Nick Wooldridge59-02Granite Falls
20.8Cole Honold56-11Sultan
21.8Alexander Schielke52-07Granite Falls
22.8Danny Helms52-04King's
23.8Michael Brennan51-07Sultan
24.8Jonathan Rasmussen50-08King's
25.8Andrew Brodsky49-07King's
26.8Grant McCutchen48-10King's
26.8Zahariah Sarey48-10Granite Falls
28.8Zach Frohardt47-03King's
29.8Nick Converse45-00Sultan
X Discus - 1kg - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Tristin Larsen84-06Granite Falls
2.7Calvin Kispert76-03King's
3.7Douglas Adams70-03Granite Falls
4.7Chris Cervarich65-03Granite Falls
5.7Drake Sanders64-09Granite Falls
6.7Keifer Hoffman63-08Granite Falls
7.7Tom O'Brien62-09Granite Falls
8.7Hunter Jones58-07Sultan
9.7Jake Barnett53-09King's
10.7Joe Doubek48-04Sultan
11.7Michael Green47-05Granite Falls
12.7Cole Campbell38-08King's
13.7Eric Tubbs23-02Sultan
X High Jump - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Rhys Gadbois5-02.00Granite Falls
2.8Antonio Rivas5-00.00Sultan
3.8Adam Maas4-10.00Sultan
4.8Cody Dickson4-10.00Granite Falls
5.8Tysen Campbell4-10.00Granite Falls
6.8Aaron Flegel4-08.00Granite Falls
6.8Evan West4-08.00Granite Falls
6.8Henderson Belk4-08.00King's
9.8Kenny Losleben4-04.00Sultan
10.8Tom Maxon4-02.00King's
10.8Tristan King4-02.00Sultan
X High Jump - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Andrew Ayers4-10.00King's
1.7Andrew Ayers4' 10.00King's
2.7Tyree Jones4-10.00King's
3.7Brendan Mann4-08.00Sultan
3.7Matthew Hamilton4-08.00Granite Falls
5.7James MacKenzie4-06.00Sultan
5.7Josh Alexander4-06.00King's
7.7Sean Reeves4-04.00Granite Falls
7.7Noah Bundrant4-04.00King's
9.7Kyle Lopez4-02.00King's
9.7Brett Jones4-02.00King's
11.7Wyatt Rode4-00.00Sultan
X Long Jump - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Tysen Campbell16-00.00Granite Falls
2.8Riley Larsen16-00.00Granite Falls
3.8Daniel Fouty15-08.50King's
4.8Adam Maas15-04.00Sultan
5.8Jack Cooper14-05.50King's
6.8Tristan King14-05.00Sultan
7.8Jeremy Pope-Levison14-02.00King's
7.8Ryan Mills14-02.00King's
9.8Sam Tomkins14-01.00King's
9.8Matt Wysocki14-01.00Granite Falls
11.8Leo Vallejo13-09.00Sultan
12.8Jordan Turner13-05.00King's
13.8Nicholas Jackson13-04.00Granite Falls
14.8Stephen Hermes12-06.50King's
15.8Zahariah Sarey12-01.00Granite Falls
16.8Tyler Force12-00.00Sultan
17.8Grant McCutchen11-09.00King's
18.8Nicholas Cashman11-08.50Granite Falls
19.8Brandon Cowan11-07.00King's
20.8Jonathan Rasmussen11-06.00King's
21.8Kyle Kash11-05.50Sultan
22.8Ryan Sharp11-03.50Sultan
23.8Zach Frohardt10-11.00King's
24.8Jason John10-10.00King's
25.8Brennan Kuhn10-09.00King's
26.8Steven Lee10-03.50King's
27.8Tom Carter10-02.50Sultan
28.8Zach Jacobson9-09.00King's
29.8Angelo Landwehr8-11.00Granite Falls
30.8Michael Brennan8-10.50Sultan
X Long Jump - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Matthew Hamilton16-04.00Granite Falls
2.7James MacKenzie15-03.00Sultan
3.7Jackson Hand12-06.00King's
4.7Donald Janda12-04.50Granite Falls
5.7Wyatt Rode12-03.00Sultan
6.7Sebastian Denke11-08.25Granite Falls
7.7Ethan Short11-04.50Granite Falls
8.7Tim Boury11-03.50Sultan
9.7Keifer Hoffman10-07.00Granite Falls
10.7Michael Green10-02.00Granite Falls
11.7Kyle Lopez9-10.00King's
12.7Payton Ratzliff8-11.00King's

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Sofie Colvin14.54aKing's
2.8Ashton Perry14.88aKing's
3.8Kristen Halle14.99aKing's
4.8Mikalyn Brown15.42aGranite Falls
5.8Maddy Scherrer15.46aKing's
6.8Gracia Shapiro15.49aKing's
6.8Danielle Crawford15.49aGranite Falls
8.8Chelsea Herrmann15.66aKing's
9.8Skye Cornell15.77aKing's
10.8Melissa Brown15.82aGranite Falls
11.8Courtney Juerk15.83aKing's
12.8Kaitlin Herrmann15.87aKing's
13.8Nicole Neff16.17aSultan
14.8Elena Little16.20aSultan
15.8Claire Phelan16.23aKing's
16.8Jasmine Bates16.25aGranite Falls
17.8Brianna Cervarich16.28aGranite Falls
18.8Kristen Smith16.72aKing's
19.8Alexa Steele16.74aSultan
20.8Emily Onderbeke16.77aGranite Falls
21.8Lexi O'Brien17.85aSultan
22.8Sairah Best18.68aGranite Falls
X 100 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Emily Cline14.78aKing's
2.7Kendall Stewart14.78aGranite Falls
3.7Marrisa Hutchison14.82aGranite Falls
4.7Miqueala Ishmael14.93aKing's
5.7Emma Rasmussen15.14aKing's
6.7Angela Birchman15.20aKing's
7.7Ciera Briggs15.24aGranite Falls
8.7Khayla MacKenzie15.26aSultan
9.7Laura Rosok15.41aKing's
10.7Kaitlynn Walton15.50aGranite Falls
11.7Andrea Hart15.51aGranite Falls
12.7Anna Street15.64aGranite Falls
13.7Sonja Barretto15.88aKing's
14.7Natalie Day15.94aSultan
15.7Crystal Elie15.98aSultan
16.7Riley Pettyjohn15.99aSultan
17.7Lauren Binckley-Galloway16.11aGranite Falls
18.7Ariana Wyatt16.29aGranite Falls
19.7Mikaela Edwards16.54aGranite Falls
20.7McKenzy Ellisen16.59aKing's
21.7Erika McMath16.83aGranite Falls
22.7Olivia MacDonald17.40aKing's
23.7Mikayla Morgan17.63aKing's
24.7Hannah Eadie17.81aGranite Falls
25.7Daphne Pohaku18.93aSultan
26.7Ava Stuller19.35aKing's
27.7Charlie Lonac20.36aKing's
X 200 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Greta Quinn30.51aKing's
2.8Sofie Colvin31.08aKing's
3.8Ashton Perry31.35aKing's
4.8Kristen Maggs31.35aKing's
5.8Anna Biddle31.56aSultan
6.8Maddy Scherrer32.16aKing's
7.8Alysanne Van Dyke32.19aKing's
8.8Danielle Crawford32.49aGranite Falls
9.8Courtney Juerk33.17aKing's
10.8Jasmine Bates33.37aGranite Falls
11.8Raeghan Belcher33.39aSultan
12.8Kaitlin Herrmann34.11aKing's
13.8Skye Cornell34.18aKing's
14.8Brianna Cervarich34.44aGranite Falls
15.8Claire Phelan34.56aKing's
16.8Elena Little35.43aSultan
17.8Casey Rainville35.61aSultan
18.8Nicole Neff36.05aSultan
X 200 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Chrishelle Sentman30.51aSultan
2.7Lauren Harding31.40aGranite Falls
3.7Marrisa Hutchison31.57aGranite Falls
4.7Laura Rosok32.65aKing's
5.7Gabriella Danyo32.85aKing's
6.7Andrea Hart32.89aGranite Falls
7.7Sonja Barretto32.95aKing's
8.7Lauren Binckley-Galloway33.78aGranite Falls
9.7Olivia MacDonald39.42aKing's
10.7Justean Landis40.30aSultan
11.7Ava Stuller43.74aKing's
12.7Charlie Lonac47.52aKing's
X 400 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Sofie Colvin1:12.23aKing's
2.8Maria McNaughton1:16.93aSultan
3.8Hannah Risenmay1:17.23aSultan
4.8Casey Rainville1:18.25aSultan
5.8Mackenna Spahr1:18.83aSultan
6.8Chloe Lydon1:20.04aSultan
7.8Barbara Crosby1:31.50aSultan
X 400 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Savanna Hansen1:10.02aKing's
2.7Allison Tompkins1:20.45aSultan
3.7Mikayla Engstrom1:23.95aGranite Falls
4.7Olivia Korn1:33.02aSultan
5.7Mekala Zimmerman1:36.80aSultan
6.7Justean Landis1:40.71aSultan
X 800 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Kacey Kemper2:40.79aKing's
3.8Julia Berensen3:04.96aKing's
4.8Casey Rainville3:25.77aSultan
X 800 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Hailey Teter2:50.41aGranite Falls
1.7McKenna Smith2:52.13aKing's
2.7Elizabeth Laptham3:10.21aKing's
3.7Robin Loch3:11.31aSultan
4.7Allison Tompkins3:14.44aSultan
5.7Caitlinn Santiesteban3:26.02aGranite Falls
X 1600 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Kacey Kemper5:48.48aKing's
2.8Julia Berensen6:36.07aKing's
3.8Sadie Woolman-Morgan6:48.30aGranite Falls
X 1600 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7McKenna Smith5:55.55aKing's
2.7Hailey Teter6:07.72aGranite Falls
3.7Robin Loch6:41.95aSultan
4.7Elizabeth Laptham6:45.07aKing's
X 75m Hurdles - 30" - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Beth Stella13.17aKing's
2.8Ayla Blindheim13.34aKing's
3.8Kristen Maggs13.61aKing's
4.8Alysanne Van Dyke14.50aKing's
5.8Melissa Brown15.19aGranite Falls
6.8Amberly Khamsaly15.74aSultan
7.8Anna Biddle15.78aSultan
8.8Elena Little16.00aSultan
9.8Barbara Crosby16.15aSultan
10.8Nicole Neff16.27aSultan
11.8Kati Moore16.40aSultan
12.8Alexa Steele17.82aSultan
13.8Mackenna Spahr17.83aSultan
X 75m Hurdles - 30" - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Emily Cline14.53aKing's
2.7Ruth Tess14.64aSultan
3.7Lauren Harding15.25aGranite Falls
4.7Marilyn Jones15.43aKing's
5.7Hailey Teter15.72aGranite Falls
6.7Kendall Stewart15.74aGranite Falls
7.7Anna Street16.18aGranite Falls
8.7Lauren Binckley-Galloway16.20aGranite Falls
9.7Mikayla Morgan16.46aKing's
10.7Savanna Hansen16.67aKing's
11.7Crystal Elie17.29aSultan
12.7Olivia Korn17.35aSultan
13.7Quinn Nelson19.84aGranite Falls
X 4x100 Relay - 8th Grade - Finals
1.-Kristen Halle
Janaye Perry
Ayla Blindheim
Beth Stella
2.-Mikalyn Brown
Kamryn Curry
Melissa Brown
Alacia Romack
1:01.47aGranite Falls
3.-Amberly Khamsaly
Kati Moore
Chloe Lydon
Hannah Risenmay
X 4x100 Relay - 7th Grade - Finals
1.-Marrisa Hutchison
Kailey Larsen
Ciera Briggs
Kaitlynn Walton
59.34aGranite Falls
2.-Miqueala Ishmael
Emma Rasmussen
Savanna Hansen
Emily Cline
3.-Natalie Day
Khayla Mackenzie
Chrishelle Sentman
Ruth Tess
X 4x200 Relay - 8th Grade - Finals
1.-Janaye Perry
Greta Quinn
Kristen Smith
Gracia Shapiro
2.-Amberly Khamsaly
Chloe Lydon
Kati Moore
Hannah Risenmay
3.-Relay Team 2:15.81aGranite Falls
X 4x200 Relay - 7th Grade - Finals
1.-Lauren Harding
Andrea Hart
Kendall Stewart
Anna Street
2:11.15aGranite Falls
2.-Natalie Day
Khayla Mackenzie
Ruth Tess
Chrishelle Sentman
X Shot Put - 8lb - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Kaela Noyes26-08.00Sultan
2.8Sierra Decker25-07.00King's
3.8Mikalyn Brown25-04.00Granite Falls
4.8Rachel Kirkpatrick24-06.00Sultan
5.8Kalie Lopez23-05.50Granite Falls
6.8Emily Onderbeke22-08.50Granite Falls
7.8Maria McNaughton22-03.50Sultan
8.8Raeghan Belcher21-09.00Sultan
9.8Chloe Tutor21-06.00Sultan
10.8Mackenna Spahr20-03.00Sultan
11.8Paige Stillwell19-05.00Sultan
12.8Brianna Cervarich19-01.00Granite Falls
12.8Savannah Haney19-01.00Sultan
14.8Jennifer Taflin17-01.00King's
15.8Hannah Herrmann16-10.00King's
16.8Ivy Price15-02.00Sultan
X Shot Put - 8lb - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7McKenzy Ellisen26-09.00King's
2.7Justean Landis25-07.00Sultan
3.7Kailey Larsen24-05.00Granite Falls
4.7Angela Birchman22-03.00King's
5.7Ariana Wyatt18-05.00Granite Falls
6.7Erika McMath17-02.00Granite Falls
7.7Hannah Eadie14-10.00Granite Falls
8.7Stephanie Selia12-07.00Granite Falls
9.7Kaytie Campbell12-00.00Granite Falls
X Discus - 1kg - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Sierra Decker74-06King's
2.8Kalie Lopez69-09Granite Falls
3.8Mikalyn Brown66-10Granite Falls
4.8Rachel Kirkpatrick65-11Sultan
5.8Kaela Noyes64-07Sultan
6.8Raeghan Belcher62-05Sultan
7.8Janaye Perry51-03King's
8.8Paige Stillwell46-10Sultan
9.8Ivy Price42-09Sultan
10.8Jennifer Taflin38-10King's
11.8Lexi O'Brien38-05Sultan
12.8Sairah Best37-10Granite Falls
13.8Kayla Johnson29-05Sultan
14.8Hannah Herrmann22-06King's
X Discus - 1kg - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Kaitlynn Walton59-00Granite Falls
2.7Angela Birchman54-05King's
3.7McKenzy Ellisen52-10King's
4.7Mikayla Engstrom50-04Granite Falls
5.7Daphne Pohaku49-10Sultan
6.7Erika McMath47-05Granite Falls
7.7Ariana Wyatt41-05Granite Falls
8.7Hannah Eadie39-07Granite Falls
9.7Kaytie Campbell26-04Granite Falls
10.7Stephanie Selia26-00Granite Falls
X High Jump - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Madi Hauck4-05.00King's
2.8Cortney Manimtim4-02.00Granite Falls
3.8Beth Stella4-02.00King's
4.8Julia Berensen3-10.00King's
5.8Kamryn Curry3-10.00Granite Falls
6.8Alicia Ogren3-10.00Granite Falls
7.8Kristen Maggs3-08.00King's
7.8Chloe Tutor3-08.00Sultan
9.8Maria McNaughton3-06.00Sultan
9.8Sairah Best3-06.00Granite Falls
9.8Kaitlin Walton3-06.00Granite Falls
X High Jump - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Marilyn Jones4-00.00King's
2.7Kailey Larsen4-00.00Granite Falls
3.7Mikayla Morgan3-10.00King's
4.7Savanna Hansen3-10.00King's
5.7Olivia Korn3-10.00Sultan
6.7Kaitlynn Walton3-08.00Granite Falls
6.7Emily Cline3-08.00King's
8.7Crystal Elie3-06.00Sultan
8.7Gabriella Danyo3-06.00King's
X Long Jump - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Kacey Kemper12-11.00King's
2.8Ayla Blindheim12-10.00King's
3.8Sierra Decker12-04.00King's
4.8Ashton Perry12-03.50King's
8Maddy Scherrer12'3King's
5.8Skye Cornell12-03.00King's
5.8Alysanne Van Dyke12-03.00King's
7.8Greta Quinn11-11.50King's
8.8Anna Biddle10-11.00Sultan
9.8Kristen Halle10-10.00King's
10.8Danielle Crawford10-09.00Granite Falls
11.8Hannah Risenmay10-08.00Sultan
12.8Brianna Cervarich10-06.00Granite Falls
13.8Kalie Lopez10-03.00Granite Falls
13.8Jasmine Bates10-03.00Granite Falls
15.8Sadie Woolman-Morgan10-02.50Granite Falls
16.8Melissa Brown10-02.00Granite Falls
16.8Kaitlin Herrmann10-02.00King's
18.8Barbara Crosby10-01.75Sultan
19.8Mackenna Spahr10-00.00Sultan
20.8Lexi O'Brien9-11.50Sultan
21.8Rachel Kirkpatrick9-11.00Sultan
22.8Alexa Steele9-09.00Sultan
22.8Maria McNaughton9-09.00Sultan
24.8Hannah Herrmann9-06.50King's
25.8Sairah Best8-09.00Granite Falls
26.8Kristen Smith8-08.00King's
27.8Chloe Tutor8-05.75Sultan
28.8Claire Phelan8-03.25King's
29.8Paige Stillwell8-03.00Sultan
30.8Kayla Johnson7-11.50Sultan
31.8Jennifer Taflin6-10.50King's
32.8Kaela Noyes6-07.00Sultan
X Long Jump - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Gabriella Danyo12-03.00King's
2.7Ciera Briggs11-08.25Granite Falls
3.7Miqueala Ishmael11-07.25King's
4.7Marilyn Jones11-05.00King's
5.7Sonja Barretto11-02.50King's
6.7Mikayla Engstrom11-01.50Granite Falls
7.7Kailey Larsen10-07.00Granite Falls
8.7Kendall Stewart10-04.50Granite Falls
9.7Lauren Binckley-Galloway10-00.00Granite Falls
10.7Anna Street9-11.50Granite Falls
11.7Olivia Korn9-10.50Sultan
11.7Elizabeth Laptham9-10.50King's
13.7Mikaela Edwards9-09.25Granite Falls
14.7McKenna Smith9-06.50King's
15.7Ariana Wyatt9-00.00Granite Falls
16.7Riley Pettyjohn8-08.00Sultan
17.7Laura Rosok8-07.50King's
18.7Daphne Pohaku7-08.00Sultan
19.7Marrisa Hutchison7-06.50Granite Falls
19.7Mekala Zimmerman7-06.50Sultan
21.7Olivia MacDonald7-01.25King's
22.7Ava Stuller5-07.00King's
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