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LSC Championships

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Angelo State, San Angelo

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrDesmond Jackson10.31aAbilene Christian      
2.FrTommy Singletary10.49aTexas A&M-Kingsville      
3.SoJamal Mays10.57aTarleton State      
4.SoNick Smith10.67aAngelo State      
5.JrBrian Holik10.75aAngelo State      
6.JrCharles Wells10.89aTexas A&M-Kingsville      
7.FrXavier Bennett10.94aWest Texas A&M      
X 100 Meters - Decathlon - Finals
1.SrEldon Grimslid11.13aWest Texas A&M      
2.FrHewitt Holmes11.19aAngelo State      
3.JrJake Halfmann11.33aAngelo State      
4.FrOmero Carrasco11.46aAngelo State      
5.FrRobert Malczewski11.59aAngelo State      
6.JrParker Petty11.64aAbilene Christian      
7.SrSteven Aragon11.73aEastern New Mexico      
8.SoMitchell Ryan11.83aWest Texas A&M      
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.JrDesmond Jackson10.55aAbilene Christian      
2.SoNick Smith10.72aAngelo State      
3.SoJamal Mays10.75aTarleton State      
5.FrTommy Singletary10.77aTexas A&M-Kingsville      
6.JrBrian Holik10.88aAngelo State      
4.JrBrian Smith10.97aEastern New Mexico      
7.JrCharles Wells10.97aTexas A&M-Kingsville      
8.FrXavier Bennett10.98aWest Texas A&M      
9.JrRyan Adkins10.99aAngelo State      
10.SrMichael Price11.00aTexas A&M-Kingsville      
11.FrTravis Montgomery11.03aTarleton State      
12.FrDarian Hogg11.05aAbilene Christian      
13.JrAustin Griffin11.10aTarleton State      
14.SrCody Bolton11.14aTexas A&M-Commerce      
15.FrChace Cauthen11.19aEastern New Mexico      
16.FrAarrhon Flores11.20aWest Texas A&M      
16.SrAnthony Valle11.20aTexas A&M-Commerce      
18.FrAron Allen11.25aTexas A&M-Kingsville      
19.FrKennan Henry11.26aAngelo State      
20.FrJordan Geary11.31aAbilene Christian      
21.FrTanner Dennis11.32aWest Texas A&M      
22.FrBrittan Golden11.34aWest Texas A&M      
23.JrKendrick Carter11.48aTexas A&M-Kingsville      
24.SoJustin McGuffey11.62aTexas A&M-Commerce      
25.SoEric Perkins11.74aAbilene Christian      
26.FrBobby Wride12.24aEastern New Mexico      
--SrJay BrooksDNFEastern New Mexico      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrDesmond Jackson20.84aAbilene Christian      
2.SrJames Howell20.93aAngelo State      
3.FrTommy Singletary21.35aTexas A&M-Kingsville      
4.FrJonathan Woodson21.38aTexas A&M-Kingsville      
5.JrConnell Davis21.70aTexas A&M-Kingsville      
6.FrJordan Geary21.73aAbilene Christian      
7.FrIsidro Garcia21.96aAngelo State      
8.SoNick Smith22.75aAngelo State      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.JrDesmond Jackson21.01aAbilene Christian      
2.FrJonathan Woodson21.58aTexas A&M-Kingsville      
3.FrJordan Geary21.72aAbilene Christian      
3.SoNick Smith21.72aAngelo State      
5.SrJames Howell21.74aAngelo State      
6.FrTommy Singletary21.74aTexas A&M-Kingsville      
7.FrIsidro Garcia21.95aAngelo State      
8.JrConnell Davis21.98aTexas A&M-Kingsville      
9.SoJamal Mays22.06aTarleton State      
9.FrTravis Montgomery22.06aTarleton State      
11.FrXavier Bennett22.12aWest Texas A&M      
12.FrAarrhon Flores22.18aWest Texas A&M      
13.SrRamon Sparks22.20aAbilene Christian      
14.FrDarian Hogg22.23aAbilene Christian      
15.JrTerence Holland22.25aAngelo State      
16.JrAustin Griffin22.33aTarleton State      
17.SrMichael Price22.37aTexas A&M-Kingsville      
18.SoKevin Johnson22.42aAbilene Christian      
19.FrBrian Boyd22.57aTexas A&M-Kingsville      
20.FrChace Cauthen22.58aEastern New Mexico      
21.SoJustin McGuffey22.64aTexas A&M-Commerce      
22.SrSherraud Roberts22.65aTarleton State      
23.FrAron Allen22.69aTexas A&M-Kingsville      
24.SrAnthony Valle22.77aTexas A&M-Commerce      
25.SrCody Bolton22.84aTexas A&M-Commerce      
26.FrChase Graf22.87aTarleton State      
27.JrKendrick Carter23.21aTexas A&M-Kingsville      
28.JrCharles Wells23.27aTexas A&M-Kingsville      
29.SoEric Perkins23.34aAbilene Christian      
30.FrRobert Garnett23.59aAbilene Christian      
31.FrChayce Franklin24.02aTexas A&M-Commerce      
--FrBrittan GoldenDNFWest Texas A&M      
--JrBrian SmithDNFEastern New Mexico      
--SrJeremy ThompsonDNFEastern New Mexico      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrJames Howell46.13aAngelo State      
2.FrIsidro Garcia47.33aAngelo State      
3.FrJordan Geary48.50aAbilene Christian      
4.JrTerence Holland49.18aAngelo State      
5.SrCairo Thornton49.39aTexas A&M-Commerce      
6.FrTaylor Gardner49.53aWest Texas A&M      
7.SoNorman Thompson50.20aTexas A&M-Kingsville      
8.JrAlbert Sinegal50.66aTexas A&M-Commerce      
X 400 Meters - Decathlon - Finals
1.FrRobert Malczewski51.24aAngelo State      
2.FrHewitt Holmes52.44aAngelo State      
3.FrOmero Carrasco52.76aAngelo State      
4.SrSteven Aragon52.99aEastern New Mexico      
5.JrParker Petty53.46aAbilene Christian      
6.JrJake Halfmann53.80aAngelo State      
7.SrEldon Grimslid54.08aWest Texas A&M      
8.SoMitchell Ryan57.87aWest Texas A&M      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.SrJames Howell47.28aAngelo State      
2.FrIsidro Garcia48.60aAngelo State      
4.JrTerence Holland48.84aAngelo State      
5.FrJordan Geary49.20aAbilene Christian      
6.SrCairo Thornton49.45aTexas A&M-Commerce      
3.FrTaylor Gardner49.50aWest Texas A&M      
7.SoNorman Thompson49.71aTexas A&M-Kingsville      
8.JrAlbert Sinegal49.86aTexas A&M-Commerce      
9.FrTaylor Johnson49.88aWest Texas A&M      
10.FrJoel Day49.94aTexas A&M-Commerce      
11.SoAaron Donohue49.95aTarleton State      
12.SrSherraud Roberts50.07aTarleton State      
13.FrBrian Boyd50.16aTexas A&M-Kingsville      
14.SrJeremy Thompson50.33aEastern New Mexico      
15.FrChase Graf51.13aTarleton State      
16.FrDarian Hogg51.18aAbilene Christian      
17.FrEric Paz51.45aEastern New Mexico      
18.FrRobert Garnett51.71aAbilene Christian      
19.SoRobert Guzman52.16aTexas A&M-Kingsville      
20.SoLonnie Buchanan52.97aTarleton State      
21.SoEric Perkins54.01aAbilene Christian      
22.FrChayce Franklin54.44aTexas A&M-Commerce      
23.FrCorey Warthman59.21aTarleton State      
--FrJohn MorinDQTarleton State      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrAmos Sang1:54.39aAbilene Christian      
2.JrBrandon Womack1:55.51aTexas A&M-Commerce      
3.SrSam Gallander1:55.63aAngelo State      
4.JrJared McNeil1:56.45aTarleton State      
5.JrRolando Vasquez1:56.46aWest Texas A&M      
6.FrDustin Francke1:57.17aEastern New Mexico      
7.SrJarret Kachel1:59.02aWest Texas A&M      
8.FrTaylor Gardner2:34.82aWest Texas A&M      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.JrAmos Sang1:54.95aAbilene Christian      
2.JrBrandon Womack1:56.32aTexas A&M-Commerce      
3.SrSam Gallander1:56.74aAngelo State      
4.JrRolando Vasquez1:57.17aWest Texas A&M      
5.JrJared McNeil1:57.23aTarleton State      
6.SrJarret Kachel1:57.42aWest Texas A&M      
7.FrTaylor Gardner1:57.93aWest Texas A&M      
8.FrDustin Francke1:58.49aEastern New Mexico      
9.SoJonathan Kern1:59.03aTarleton State      
10.SrSteven Gundy1:59.07aAngelo State      
11.FrAntwone Cobbin1:59.38aEastern New Mexico      
12.SoRay Sparkman1:59.65aWest Texas A&M      
13.SoGordon Alvarado2:00.03aTarleton State      
14.FrNick Wargo2:00.07aAngelo State      
15.JrAndrew Sanders2:00.08aWest Texas A&M      
16.FrJoshua Prado2:00.33aTexas A&M-Kingsville      
17.FrAdam Lane2:00.77aWest Texas A&M      
18.FrGilbert Rodriguez2:02.73aTexas A&M-Kingsville      
19.SoChris Hearell2:03.23aTarleton State      
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrAmos Sang3:58.24aAbilene Christian      
2.JrRobert Reed4:00.04aTexas A&M-Commerce      
3.JrJared McNeil4:00.85aTarleton State      
4.JrRomain Rybicki4:01.11aAbilene Christian      
5.FrLuke Irwin4:02.14aWest Texas A&M      
6.SrCleophas Tanui4:04.08aAbilene Christian      
7.SoChris Hearell4:04.35aTarleton State      
8.SoJonathan Kern4:06.23aTarleton State      
9.SrNate Gonzales4:06.50aAngelo State      
10.FrPedro Martinez4:07.56aEastern New Mexico      
11.SoJake Schofield4:08.34aAbilene Christian      
12.FrNick Wargo4:12.79aAngelo State      
13.FrMichael Janousek4:19.55aWest Texas A&M      
X 1500 Meters - Decathlon - Finals
1.SrSteven Aragon4:41.68aEastern New Mexico      
2.JrParker Petty4:51.06aAbilene Christian      
3.FrRobert Malczewski4:54.88aAngelo State      
4.FrOmero Carrasco5:05.90aAngelo State      
5.JrJake Halfmann5:07.07aAngelo State      
6.FrHewitt Holmes5:21.48aAngelo State      
7.SrEldon Grimslid5:26.48aWest Texas A&M      
8.SoMitchell Ryan5:27.43aWest Texas A&M      
X 5000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrAmos Sang15:01.10aAbilene Christian      
2.SrCleophas Tanui15:11.89aAbilene Christian      
3.JrGerzain Valenzuela15:13.96aTarleton State      
4.SrTyler Tyndell15:22.33aTexas A&M-Commerce      
5.FrLuke Irwin15:24.13aWest Texas A&M      
6.JrWestyn Rosilies15:24.32aTarleton State      
7.JrRyan Quasada15:39.66aTarleton State      
8.SoKiya Dandena15:40.26aTexas A&M-Kingsville      
9.SrRichard Kogo15:48.03aEastern New Mexico      
10.FrWilliam Pike15:49.41aAbilene Christian      
11.FrJacob Lozano15:49.71aEastern New Mexico      
12.SrBrian Carroll15:58.99aAngelo State      
13.JrThomas Harris16:05.22aWest Texas A&M      
14.SrKolin Styles16:05.66aTarleton State      
15.JrRomain Rybicki16:16.54aAbilene Christian      
16.SrNate Gonzales16:17.65aAngelo State      
17.FrPedro Martinez16:17.72aEastern New Mexico      
18.JrJared McNeil16:24.52aTarleton State      
19.SoJonathan Kern16:31.36aTarleton State      
20.SrShannon Cunningham16:33.75aAngelo State      
21.FrPatrick Lueras16:41.58aEastern New Mexico      
22.FrIsac Valdez16:47.58aAngelo State      
23.FrNick Wargo16:53.87aAngelo State      
24.FrJustin Netcher17:11.48aEastern New Mexico      
25.JrLogan Kelly17:16.99aTexas A&M-Commerce      
26.SrGerardo Delafuente17:22.14aTexas A&M-Commerce      
27.SoRobert Hummingbird17:23.21aAngelo State      
--JrRobert ReedDNFTexas A&M-Commerce      
--SoJake SchofieldDNFAbilene Christian      
X 10,000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrAmos Sang30:26.53aAbilene Christian      
2.SrCleophas Tanui30:28.47aAbilene Christian      
3.JrRomain Rybicki31:41.95aAbilene Christian      
4.JrGerzain Valenzuela31:50.44aTarleton State      
5.SrTyler Tyndell32:08.07aTexas A&M-Commerce      
6.FrJacob Lozano32:10.94aEastern New Mexico      
7.FrWilliam Pike32:12.06aAbilene Christian      
8.SrBrian Carroll32:18.47aAngelo State      
9.JrRyan Quasada32:52.07aTarleton State      
10.SrRichard Kogo33:07.45aEastern New Mexico      
11.SoKiya Dandena33:12.99aTexas A&M-Kingsville      
12.SoRobert Hummingbird33:13.95aAngelo State      
13.SrKolin Styles33:40.87aTarleton State      
14.FrJustin Netcher33:59.78aEastern New Mexico      
15.FrIsac Valdez34:28.64aAngelo State      
16.FrRoss Hicks34:33.58aTexas A&M-Commerce      
--SoAndrew StrileyDNFWest Texas A&M      
X 110m Hurdles - 42" - Varsity - Finals
1.SrGarret Thomas14.44aTarleton State      
2.SoKevin Johnson14.48aAbilene Christian      
3.SoMichael Rasor14.70aAbilene Christian      
4.SoRoss Myatt14.97aWest Texas A&M      
5.SrJames Hardin15.07aAbilene Christian      
6.FrRobert Malczewski15.31aAngelo State      
7.FrCraig Shelton15.50aTexas A&M-Commerce      
8.SoDemetrius Holmes15.82aTexas A&M-Commerce      
X 110m Hurdles - 42" - Decathlon - Finals
1.FrRobert Malczewski15.76aAngelo State      
2.SrEldon Grimslid16.28aWest Texas A&M      
3.SrSteven Aragon16.35aEastern New Mexico      
4.JrJake Halfmann16.61aAngelo State      
5.SoMitchell Ryan16.63aWest Texas A&M      
6.JrParker Petty16.82aAbilene Christian      
7.FrOmero Carrasco17.27aAngelo State      
8.FrHewitt Holmes19.48aAngelo State      
X 110m Hurdles - 42" - Varsity - Prelims
1.SrGarret Thomas14.54aTarleton State      
3.SoRoss Myatt15.08aWest Texas A&M      
4.SrJames Hardin15.10aAbilene Christian      
2.SoKevin Johnson15.15aAbilene Christian      
5.SoMichael Rasor15.23aAbilene Christian      
6.FrRobert Malczewski15.53aAngelo State      
7.FrCraig Shelton15.62aTexas A&M-Commerce      
8.SoDemetrius Holmes16.06aTexas A&M-Commerce      
9.SrSteven Aragon16.10aEastern New Mexico      
10.SoEthan West16.35aAngelo State      
X 400m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.FrSergio Rios52.74aTexas A&M-Kingsville      
2.JrBrian Holik53.15aAngelo State      
3.FrJeffrey Jones53.43aAngelo State      
4.JrPhillip Gonzalez53.90aAngelo State      
5.SoRoss Myatt55.20aWest Texas A&M      
6.SoMichael Rasor56.51aAbilene Christian      
7.SoDemetrius Holmes56.76aTexas A&M-Commerce      
8.SoKevin Johnson59.34aAbilene Christian      
X 400m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Prelims
1.FrSergio Rios53.77aTexas A&M-Kingsville      
3.FrJeffrey Jones54.24aAngelo State      
2.JrBrian Holik54.93aAngelo State      
4.JrPhillip Gonzalez55.15aAngelo State      
5.SoMichael Rasor55.65aAbilene Christian      
6.SoKevin Johnson55.66aAbilene Christian      
7.SoRoss Myatt55.72aWest Texas A&M      
8.SoDemetrius Holmes56.04aTexas A&M-Commerce      
9.FrAkeem Jackson56.26aTexas A&M-Commerce      
10.SrGarret Thomas56.36aTarleton State      
11.FrDaniel Zewde58.10aWest Texas A&M      
12.FrGuillermo Martinez1:00.76aTexas A&M-Kingsville      
X 3k Steeplechase - Varsity - Finals
1.FrLuke Irwin9:17.89aWest Texas A&M      
2.JrWestyn Rosilies9:28.09aTarleton State      
3.SrKolin Styles9:37.81aTarleton State      
4.JrJared McNeil9:38.46aTarleton State      
5.FrPedro Martinez9:38.47aEastern New Mexico      
6.JrThomas Harris9:50.87aWest Texas A&M      
7.SrNate Gonzales10:15.32aAngelo State      
8.SoChris Hearell10:26.09aTarleton State      
9.JrJohn Rea10:26.78aEastern New Mexico      
10.SrShannon Cunningham10:33.51aAngelo State      
11.JrLogan Robertson10:41.85aEastern New Mexico      
12.SoJarred Murray11:02.08aWest Texas A&M      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 40.63aAngelo State      
2.-Relay Team 40.76aTexas A&M-Kingsville      
3.-Relay Team 41.11aAbilene Christian      
4.-Relay Team 41.91aTarleton State      
5.-Relay Team 42.09aWest Texas A&M      
6.-Relay Team 42.32aEastern New Mexico      
7.-Relay Team 42.44aTexas A&M-Commerce      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:09.13aAngelo State      
2.-Relay Team 3:14.39aTexas A&M-Kingsville      
3.-Relay Team 3:16.30aTexas A&M-Commerce      
4.-Relay Team 3:16.74aTarleton State      
5.-Relay Team 3:17.31aWest Texas A&M      
6.-Relay Team 3:25.04aEastern New Mexico      
7.-Relay Team 3:26.75aAbilene Christian      
X Shot Put - 16lb - Varsity - Finals
1.SoBill Squire53-01.75Eastern New Mexico      
2.JrNolan Eubanks52-04.75Tarleton State      
3.SrAndrew Crookham51-08.25Angelo State      
4.JrWade Goode51-03.75Angelo State      
5.SrJonathan Bull50-09.25Eastern New Mexico      
6.SoDane Hamrick50-06.00West Texas A&M      
7.SoNick Alejandro50-06.00Angelo State      
8.JrTyler Fleet50-04.75Abilene Christian      
9.JrCasey Keeter48-11.50Tarleton State      
10.SoHayden Eubanks48-08.25Tarleton State      
11.SoJose Trevino47-11.75Texas A&M-Kingsville      
12.SoTyler Stowell47-06.50Tarleton State      
13.SoCameron Armstrong47-01.00West Texas A&M      
14.FrGeronimo Lopez44-05.25Texas A&M-Kingsville      
15.SrMarquis Stimpson44-00.50Texas A&M-Commerce      
16.FrServell Dandridge42-07.50West Texas A&M      
17.FrJosh Howe42-03.25Texas A&M-Commerce      
18.FrBryceton Nichols38-02.75Abilene Christian      
19.SoMilo Parsons38-00.75Abilene Christian      
--SrEmery DudensingFOULAbilene Christian      
X Shot Put - 16lb - Decathlon - Finals
1.SrEldon Grimslid41-01.50West Texas A&M      
2.SrSteven Aragon39-00.25Eastern New Mexico      
3.JrJake Halfmann36-09.00Angelo State      
4.SoMitchell Ryan35-04.50West Texas A&M      
5.JrParker Petty34-11.00Abilene Christian      
6.FrOmero Carrasco34-05.50Angelo State      
7.FrHewitt Holmes29-10.25Angelo State      
8.FrRobert Malczewski29-04.00Angelo State      
X Discus - 2kg - Varsity - Finals
1.FrServell Dandridge56.83mWest Texas A&M      
2.JrTyler Fleet54.64mAbilene Christian      
3.JrWade Goode53.09mAngelo State      
4.JrCasey Keeter51.74mTarleton State      
5.JrNolan Eubanks50.65mTarleton State      
6.SoHayden Eubanks49.93mTarleton State      
7.SrAndrew Crookham48.04mAngelo State      
8.FrMarcus Oakley46.52mEastern New Mexico      
9.SoTyler Stowell45.33mTarleton State      
10.FrJonathon Lindsey44.29mWest Texas A&M      
11.FrGeronimo Lopez43.86mTexas A&M-Kingsville      
12.SoNick Alejandro43.15mAngelo State      
13.FrBryceton Nichols43.05mAbilene Christian      
14.SoCameron Armstrong41.00mWest Texas A&M      
15.FrJeremy Guiterrez40.04mAngelo State      
16.SrJonathan Bull37.67mEastern New Mexico      
17.SoJose Trevino35.05mTexas A&M-Kingsville      
18.SrEmery Dudensing34.54mAbilene Christian      
--SrMarquis StimpsonFOULTexas A&M-Commerce      
--SoBill SquireFOULEastern New Mexico      
X Discus - 2kg - Decathlon - Finals
1.SrEldon Grimslid40.61mWest Texas A&M      
2.JrJake Halfmann35.45mAngelo State      
3.SrSteven Aragon35.23mEastern New Mexico      
4.FrOmero Carrasco33.69mAngelo State      
5.SoMitchell Ryan32.10mWest Texas A&M      
6.JrParker Petty29.86mAbilene Christian      
7.FrRobert Malczewski29.18mAngelo State      
8.FrHewitt Holmes28.50mAngelo State      
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
1.JrRaymond Orlando63.55mAngelo State      
2.SrEldon Grimslid61.79mWest Texas A&M      
3.SoJacob Mcdonald60.90mAngelo State      
4.SoDaniel Draper58.20mEastern New Mexico      
5.SrTed Dugie54.59mTexas A&M-Kingsville      
6.FrTaylor Johnson53.97mWest Texas A&M      
7.SrJames Hardin51.92mAbilene Christian      
8.FrJeremy Guiterrez50.16mAngelo State      
9.JrJake Halfmann49.20mAngelo State      
10.FrOmero Carrasco46.97mAngelo State      
11.SoTyler Stowell46.29mTarleton State      
12.SrAnthony Valle46.27mTexas A&M-Commerce      
13.SoMilo Parsons45.01mAbilene Christian      
14.SrSteven Aragon36.87mEastern New Mexico      
15.FrBryceton Nichols34.42mAbilene Christian      
--JrParker PettyFOULAbilene Christian      
X Javelin - 800g - Decathlon - Finals
1.SrEldon Grimslid53.29mWest Texas A&M      
2.SrSteven Aragon50.18mEastern New Mexico      
3.FrOmero Carrasco47.44mAngelo State      
4.JrJake Halfmann47.36mAngelo State      
5.FrHewitt Holmes43.46mAngelo State      
6.JrParker Petty42.39mAbilene Christian      
7.SoMitchell Ryan41.02mWest Texas A&M      
8.FrRobert Malczewski35.63mAngelo State      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SoTrent Hesseltine6-07.00Texas A&M-Kingsville      
2.SoGage Mayer6-07.00West Texas A&M      
3.SoTyler Rushing6-05.00Tarleton State      
4.FrAaron Gordon6-03.25West Texas A&M      
5.FrMark Slone6-03.25Angelo State      
6.FrJesslie Johnston6-03.25Texas A&M-Kingsville      
7.FrCyler Matlock6-03.25Tarleton State      
8.FrDerek Denton6-01.25Texas A&M-Commerce      
9.FrRobert Malczewski6-01.25Angelo State      
--JrJake HalfmannNHAngelo State      
--SrEldon GrimslidNHWest Texas A&M      
X High Jump - Decathlon - Finals
1.SrEldon Grimslid6-05.00West Texas A&M      
2.FrRobert Malczewski6-02.75Angelo State      
3.JrJake Halfmann6-01.50Angelo State      
4.SrSteven Aragon5-10.00Eastern New Mexico      
5.JrParker Petty5-07.75Abilene Christian      
6.FrHewitt Holmes5-06.50Angelo State      
6.FrOmero Carrasco5-06.50Angelo State      
8.SoMitchell Ryan5-03.00West Texas A&M      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.SrLandon Ehlers16-03.25Abilene Christian      
2.SoJacob Mcdonald16-03.25Angelo State      
3.JrAndrew Allison15-09.25Angelo State      
4.JrRaymond Orlando15-09.25Angelo State      
5.FrHewitt Holmes14-09.50Angelo State      
6.SrJames Hardin14-09.50Abilene Christian      
7.FrTanner Dennis14-09.50West Texas A&M      
8.SrAndrew Grant14-03.50Tarleton State      
9.SrTed Dugie13-09.75Texas A&M-Kingsville      
10.FrDylan Reidesel13-03.75Texas A&M-Kingsville      
--SrAaron CantrellNHAbilene Christian      
--FrCameron ManchesterNHWest Texas A&M      
X Pole Vault - Decathlon - Finals
1.FrHewitt Holmes15-06.50Angelo State      
2.JrParker Petty14-06.75Abilene Christian      
2.SrEldon Grimslid14-06.75West Texas A&M      
4.SrSteven Aragon10-07.50Eastern New Mexico      
4.FrRobert Malczewski10-07.50Angelo State      
6.FrOmero Carrasco10-03.50Angelo State      
7.SoMitchell Ryan8-11.75West Texas A&M      
--JrJake HalfmannNHAngelo State      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.JrConnell Davis7.51mTexas A&M-Kingsville      
2.SrRamon Sparks7.45mAbilene Christian      
3.FrIsaiah Glover7.07mTexas A&M-Kingsville      
4.FrMark Slone6.94mAngelo State      
5.SoKevin Johnson6.80mAbilene Christian      
6.SoMicah Franks6.72mTexas A&M-Kingsville      
7.SoTramicah Young6.65mWest Texas A&M      
8.FrXavier Bennett6.55mWest Texas A&M      
9.FrBrittan Golden6.48mWest Texas A&M      
10.JrEJ Leblanc6.46mTexas A&M-Kingsville      
11.SrJames Hardin6.31mAbilene Christian      
X Long Jump - Decathlon - Finals
1.FrHewitt Holmes6.87mAngelo State      
2.SrEldon Grimslid6.62mWest Texas A&M      
3.FrRobert Malczewski6.44mAngelo State      
4.JrJake Halfmann6.30mAngelo State      
5.JrParker Petty6.22mAbilene Christian      
6.FrOmero Carrasco6.20mAngelo State      
7.SoMitchell Ryan5.82mWest Texas A&M      
8.SrSteven Aragon5.79mEastern New Mexico      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SrRamon Sparks15.49mAbilene Christian      
2.FrMark Slone14.90mAngelo State      
3.FrCJ Griggs14.83mTexas A&M-Kingsville      
4.SoMicah Franks14.16mTexas A&M-Kingsville      
5.FrIsaiah Glover13.98mTexas A&M-Kingsville      
6.FrDarian Hogg13.66mAbilene Christian      
7.FrBrittan Golden13.52mWest Texas A&M      
8.SoTramicah Young13.39mWest Texas A&M      
9.SrKenyatta Carter12.99mEastern New Mexico      
10.JrEJ Leblanc12.66mTexas A&M-Kingsville      
--JrBrian HolikFOULAngelo State      
X Hammer - 16lb - Varsity - Finals
1.JrTyler Fleet56.91mAbilene Christian      
2.SoBill Squire50.66mEastern New Mexico      
3.SoNick Alejandro49.73mAngelo State      
4.SoMilo Parsons48.22mAbilene Christian      
5.SrEmery Dudensing48.17mAbilene Christian      
6.SrAndrew Crookham47.09mAngelo State      
7.JrCasey Keeter43.86mTarleton State      
8.SoTyler Stowell41.39mTarleton State      
9.FrJeremy Guiterrez40.14mAngelo State      
10.JrNolan Eubanks36.94mTarleton State      
11.FrGeronimo Lopez35.72mTexas A&M-Kingsville      
12.SoJose Trevino31.74mTexas A&M-Kingsville      
--SoHayden EubanksFOULTarleton State      
--SoDane HamrickFOULWest Texas A&M      
X Decathlon Score - Varsity - Finals
1.SrEldon Grimslid6775West Texas A&M      
2.SrSteven Aragon6078Eastern New Mexico      
3.JrParker Petty6041Abilene Christian      
4.FrRobert Malczewski5905Angelo State      
5.FrHewitt Holmes5867Angelo State      
6.FrOmero Carrasco5737Angelo State      
7.JrJake Halfmann5643Angelo State      
8.SoMitchell Ryan5053West Texas A&M      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrWanda Hutson11.47aAbilene Christian      
2.SrKim Prather11.71aAbilene Christian      
3.SrCelethia Byrd11.88aAngelo State      
4.FrSydney Smith11.89aAbilene Christian      
5.SrJoella Foster12.22aAbilene Christian      
6.JrMakayla Myers12.29aAngelo State      
7.SoCharnita Hollands12.32aTexas A&M-Commerce      
8.FrBailee Skeen12.35aWest Texas A&M      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrCelethia Byrd23.82aAngelo State      
2.SrKim Prather24.28aAbilene Christian      
3.SrWanda Hutson24.39aAbilene Christian      
4.FrSydney Smith24.78aAbilene Christian      
5.FrTara Tarrant24.90aWest Texas A&M      
6.FrTheresa Sue25.46aAngelo State      
7.SrKandis Brooks25.48aTarleton State      
8.SrJoella Foster26.45aAbilene Christian      
X 200 Meters - Heptathlon - Finals
1.SrChrystal Ruiz24.97aAngelo State      
2.SrJessica Withrow25.92aAbilene Christian      
3.SoCathryn Rittenberry26.23aAngelo State      
4.FrKatie Jones27.17aWest Texas A&M      
5.JrShelly Diggs27.28aAngelo State      
6.SoBrittany Davis28.48aCentral Oklahoma      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.SrCelethia Byrd23.96aAngelo State      
2.SrKim Prather24.50aAbilene Christian      
3.SrWanda Hutson24.85aAbilene Christian      
4.FrTara Tarrant25.08aWest Texas A&M      
5.FrSydney Smith25.18aAbilene Christian      
6.SrKandis Brooks25.26aTarleton State      
7.FrTheresa Sue25.56aAngelo State      
8.SrJoella Foster25.82aAbilene Christian      
9.SoCarmen Herrera25.85aAngelo State      
10.FrCassie Brooks25.93aAbilene Christian      
11.FrLynette Atkinson25.96aAbilene Christian      
12.JrMakayla Myers26.03aAngelo State      
13.SoCharnita Hollands26.04aTexas A&M-Commerce      
14.FrSarah Snider26.08aWest Texas A&M      
15.SoCourtney Newsom26.14aTarleton State      
16.JrJessica Ryan26.23aTarleton State      
17.FrBrittany Stafford26.33aTexas A&M-Kingsville      
18.FrJakesia King26.39aTexas A&M-Commerce      
19.FrDanitra Marshall26.43aTarleton State      
20.SoClaire Goodman26.56aTarleton State      
21.JrMakesha Brewer26.90aTexas A&M-Commerce      
22.FrEdna Spencer27.23aCentral Oklahoma      
23.FrCheynne Brooks27.24aTarleton State      
24.FrShana Williams27.55aCentral Oklahoma      
--SoTara TownsFSTarleton State      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrCelethia Byrd55.35aAngelo State      
2.FrTara Tarrant55.52aWest Texas A&M      
3.SrKris Crockett55.90aAngelo State      
4.FrTheresa Sue57.90aAngelo State      
5.FrLynette Atkinson58.33aAbilene Christian      
6.SoCourtney Newsom58.65aTarleton State      
7.FrDanitra Marshall59.38aTarleton State      
8.FrMorgan Shelton1:03.32aWest Texas A&M      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.FrTara Tarrant56.82aWest Texas A&M      
2.SrCelethia Byrd56.94aAngelo State      
4.SrKris Crockett57.20aAngelo State      
3.SoCourtney Newsom57.59aTarleton State      
5.FrTheresa Sue58.20aAngelo State      
6.FrMorgan Shelton58.25aWest Texas A&M      
7.FrLynette Atkinson58.37aAbilene Christian      
8.FrDanitra Marshall58.55aTarleton State      
9.SoCarmen Herrera58.87aAngelo State      
10.SoClaire Goodman58.95aTarleton State      
11.JrMakesha Brewer59.06aTexas A&M-Commerce      
12.JrSara Hooker59.59aAngelo State      
13.JrVanessa O'Neal1:00.04aEastern New Mexico      
14.JrJessica Ryan1:00.37aTarleton State      
15.SoTuveesha Jones1:03.35aTexas A&M-Kingsville      
16.FrChelsea Hutchinson1:03.43aTarleton State      
17.FrSydney Smith1:03.78aAbilene Christian      
--FrJetton FontenotDQTarleton State      
--FrShana WilliamsDQCentral Oklahoma      
--SrKim PratherDQAbilene Christian      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrAndria Nussey2:15.93aAngelo State      
2.SrBrittney Heath2:19.01aAngelo State      
3.JrAnais Belledant2:20.02aAbilene Christian      
4.JrLindsey Putman2:20.34aAbilene Christian      
5.SoJasmine Clarke2:20.40aAngelo State      
6.FrErika Carranza2:23.81aWest Texas A&M      
7.JrAlina Istrate2:25.81aCentral Oklahoma      
8.SoAllie Reyna2:29.59aWest Texas A&M      
X 800 Meters - Heptathlon - Finals
1.SrChrystal Ruiz2:15.57aAngelo State      
2.SrJessica Withrow2:24.95aAbilene Christian      
3.JrShelly Diggs2:34.79aAngelo State      
4.SoCathryn Rittenberry2:39.19aAngelo State      
5.FrKatie Jones2:39.87aWest Texas A&M      
6.SoBrittany Davis2:46.60aCentral Oklahoma      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.SrAndria Nussey2:15.32aAngelo State      
2.JrAnais Belledant2:20.46aAbilene Christian      
4.SoJasmine Clarke2:22.76aAngelo State      
3.SrBrittney Heath2:23.14aAngelo State      
5.JrLindsey Putman2:24.03aAbilene Christian      
6.SoAllie Reyna2:24.18aWest Texas A&M      
7.FrErika Carranza2:25.47aWest Texas A&M      
8.JrAlina Istrate2:28.04aCentral Oklahoma      
9.FrBrieana Garcia2:28.59aWest Texas A&M      
10.JrShelly Diggs2:29.21aAngelo State      
11.SrSheila Bishop2:29.78aTarleton State      
12.FrKyndall Trnka2:29.98aTarleton State      
13.FrBrittney Drolette2:33.30aTarleton State      
14.JrXochitl Gomez2:34.55aTexas A&M-Kingsville      
15.JrSamantha Draper2:38.24aEastern New Mexico      
16.FrCaitlin Hanisco2:38.52aAbilene Christian      
17.SoNinfa Rios2:38.89aTexas A&M-Kingsville      
--SoNicky ReidDNFEastern New Mexico      
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrAndria Nussey4:38.66aAngelo State      
2.JrAnais Belledant4:40.96aAbilene Christian      
3.SrBrittney Heath4:42.70aAngelo State      
4.SoChloe Susset4:54.39aAbilene Christian      
5.JrLindsey Putman4:55.62aAbilene Christian      
6.SoNicky Reid4:57.27aEastern New Mexico      
7.SrPaige Massingill5:01.07aAngelo State      
8.SoAllie Reyna5:06.59aWest Texas A&M      
9.FrEmeline Crutcher5:07.80aAngelo State      
10.FrKyndall Trnka5:10.00aTarleton State      
11.FrAngel Vick5:11.82aCentral Oklahoma      
12.JrShadoh Campbell5:16.07aTarleton State      
13.FrJennifer Speer5:21.33aTexas A&M-Commerce      
14.SoApril Phillips5:26.69aAngelo State      
15.JrKate Donovan5:26.98aTexas A&M-Commerce      
16.SrSheila Bishop5:29.61aTarleton State      
17.FrRowena Trevino5:38.34aTexas A&M-Kingsville      
18.FrRhyland Pittenger5:38.86aTarleton State      
--FrAries BazalduaDNFWest Texas A&M      
--FrErika CarranzaDNFWest Texas A&M      
X 5000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrAnais Belledant18:21.93aAbilene Christian      
2.SoNicky Reid18:39.99aEastern New Mexico      
3.SoJessica Martinez18:57.69aTexas A&M-Kingsville      
4.FrEmeline Crutcher19:05.92aAngelo State      
5.SrErica Alvarado19:08.11aTexas A&M-Kingsville      
6.SrBrittney Heath19:17.20aAngelo State      
7.FrAries Bazaldua19:24.25aWest Texas A&M      
8.FrJessica Boudreau19:33.77aAngelo State      
9.SrMariana Chavira19:36.72aWest Texas A&M      
10.SrJerri Martin20:20.36aEastern New Mexico      
11.JrDanielle Jones20:33.84aEastern New Mexico      
12.SoApril Phillips20:46.38aAngelo State      
13.FrKami Orsak21:00.84aAngelo State      
14.SoMegan Bryant21:20.68aEastern New Mexico      
15.JrShadoh Campbell21:21.85aTarleton State      
16.SoKatherine Grillo21:35.47aTarleton State      
17.FrRhyland Pittenger21:57.11aTarleton State      
18.SrMorgan Kuykendall22:43.98aTarleton State      
19.FrBrittney Welchon22:55.75aAngelo State      
--SoChloe SussetDNFAbilene Christian      
--FrJessica BlakelyDNFWest Texas A&M      
--SrPaige MassingillDNFAngelo State      
--SoJennifer FlaneryDNFAngelo State      
X 10,000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrAries Bazaldua39:31.60aWest Texas A&M      
2.FrEmeline Crutcher39:37.07aAngelo State      
3.SrPaige Massingill39:53.53aAngelo State      
4.SrMariana Chavira40:29.74aWest Texas A&M      
5.FrJessica Boudreau41:23.02aAngelo State      
6.JrDanielle Jones41:35.60aEastern New Mexico      
7.SrJerri Martin42:15.70aEastern New Mexico      
8.FrKami Orsak43:06.98aAngelo State      
9.SoAlyssa Priest44:33.97aAngelo State      
10.SrSheila Bishop44:41.61aTarleton State      
11.SoKatherine Grillo46:17.12aTarleton State      
12.FrBrittney Welchon46:34.18aAngelo State      
13.SrMorgan Kuykendall46:45.48aTarleton State      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.JrAisha Adams13.34aAngelo State      
2.SrChrystal Ruiz13.63aAngelo State      
3.SrKandis Brooks13.96aTarleton State      
4.FrKirsten McCowan14.31aWest Texas A&M      
5.SrRhonida Carter14.33aTexas A&M-Kingsville      
6.FrBailee Skeen14.37aWest Texas A&M      
7.FrCassie Brooks14.46aAbilene Christian      
8.FrRachel King14.69aWest Texas A&M      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Heptathlon - Finals
1.SrChrystal Ruiz14.08aAngelo State      
2.SoCathryn Rittenberry14.67aAngelo State      
3.SrJessica Withrow14.89aAbilene Christian      
4.FrKatie Jones17.04aWest Texas A&M      
5.SoBrittany Davis17.39aCentral Oklahoma      
6.JrShelly Diggs17.90aAngelo State      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.JrAisha Adams13.80aAngelo State      
2.SrChrystal Ruiz14.04aAngelo State      
3.SrKandis Brooks14.06aTarleton State      
4.FrBailee Skeen14.19aWest Texas A&M      
5.FrKirsten McCowan14.42aWest Texas A&M      
6.FrRachel King14.42aWest Texas A&M      
7.SrRhonida Carter14.56aTexas A&M-Kingsville      
8.FrCassie Brooks14.59aAbilene Christian      
9.SoCathryn Rittenberry14.78aAngelo State      
10.FrSummer Sutherland14.86aAngelo State      
11.JrDestinee Nixon15.05aAbilene Christian      
X 400m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.JrAisha Adams58.64aAngelo State      
2.SrChrystal Ruiz59.19aAngelo State      
3.FrMorgan Shelton1:01.07aWest Texas A&M      
4.SrKris Crockett1:01.13aAngelo State      
5.JrDestinee Nixon1:04.27aAbilene Christian      
6.SoSadie Newsome1:04.60aWest Texas A&M      
7.SrRhonida Carter1:05.72aTexas A&M-Kingsville      
8.SrDiana Zarate1:09.95aTexas A&M-Kingsville      
X 3k Steeplechase - Varsity - Finals
1.SoChloe Susset11:15.02aAbilene Christian      
2.SoNicky Reid11:30.04aEastern New Mexico      
3.JrAlina Istrate12:10.46aCentral Oklahoma      
4.JrKate Donovan12:10.90aTexas A&M-Commerce      
5.FrJessica Blakely12:34.06aWest Texas A&M      
6.SoJennifer Flanery13:08.07aAngelo State      
7.SoKatherine Grillo13:17.98aTarleton State      
8.JrTheresa Chacon13:25.85aEastern New Mexico      
9.FrCaroline Sharp13:55.97aWest Texas A&M      
10.FrNicole Hudgens14:22.97aWest Texas A&M      
--FrCaitlin HaniscoDNFAbilene Christian      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 45.70aAbilene Christian      
2.-Relay Team 46.28aAngelo State      
3.-Relay Team 47.85aWest Texas A&M      
4.-Relay Team 48.08aTexas A&M-Kingsville      
5.-Relay Team 48.78aTarleton State      
6.-Relay Team 52.04aCentral Oklahoma      
7.-Relay Team 53.03aEastern New Mexico      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:51.07aTarleton State      
2.-Relay Team 3:51.90aWest Texas A&M      
3.-Relay Team 3:52.14aAngelo State      
4.-Relay Team 3:57.49aTexas A&M-Kingsville      
5.-Relay Team 4:21.09aEastern New Mexico      
---Relay Team FSAbilene Christian      
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.FrKimberly Williams45-07.75Angelo State      
2.SoLeslie Jordan43-05.75Tarleton State      
3.SoKatie Dugie42-05.25Texas A&M-Kingsville      
4.SoElizabeth Dominguez42-01.25Tarleton State      
5.JrMeredet Persinger40-09.00Tarleton State      
6.JrJadiah Riley38-07.50West Texas A&M      
7.SrJessica Sloss38-05.50Abilene Christian      
8.FrKallie Johanson37-00.25Tarleton State      
9.SoJayda Spencer35-03.00Angelo State      
10.SrTaylor Smith35-01.75Texas A&M-Commerce      
11.FrStephanie Arce33-04.50Texas A&M-Kingsville      
12.SoShalania Lakey32-00.75Abilene Christian      
--FrCarlie WaltersFOULAbilene Christian      
X Shot Put - 4kg - Heptathlon - Finals
1.SrChrystal Ruiz33-06.75Angelo State      
2.SrJessica Withrow33-06.00Abilene Christian      
3.SoCathryn Rittenberry29-06.50Angelo State      
4.FrKatie Jones29-05.25West Texas A&M      
5.SoBrittany Davis24-05.00Central Oklahoma      
6.JrShelly Diggs23-04.00Angelo State      
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.JrPaige Newby47.77mAbilene Christian      
2.SoJayda Spencer44.09mAngelo State      
3.SoElizabeth Dominguez42.66mTarleton State      
4.SrJessica Sloss42.62mAbilene Christian      
5.SoKassie Daugherty41.20mEastern New Mexico      
6.SoLeslie Jordan40.98mTarleton State      
7.JrMeredet Persinger38.06mTarleton State      
8.FrKimberly Williams36.66mAngelo State      
9.JrJadiah Riley36.46mWest Texas A&M      
10.SoShalania Lakey35.46mAbilene Christian      
11.FrJordan Moses34.47mAngelo State      
12.FrKallie Johanson33.65mTarleton State      
13.FrCrystal Gonzales33.18mTexas A&M-Kingsville      
14.FrStephanie Arce28.29mTexas A&M-Kingsville      
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.SrLinda Brivule47.75mAbilene Christian      
2.SoJayda Spencer37.78mAngelo State      
3.SrSunny Henderson37.48mTexas A&M-Commerce      
4.FrAmy Rabalais36.97mTexas A&M-Kingsville      
5.FrKimberly Williams36.81mAngelo State      
6.FrSamantha Alvarez35.26mTexas A&M-Kingsville      
7.SoKatie Dugie35.14mTexas A&M-Kingsville      
8.FrMorgan Shelton34.77mWest Texas A&M      
9.FrKatie Jones30.09mWest Texas A&M      
10.SoLeslie Jordan26.51mTarleton State      
11.FrCrystal Gonzales25.29mTexas A&M-Kingsville      
12.FrKallie Johanson24.76mTarleton State      
13.FrCarlie Walters22.74mAbilene Christian      
X Javelin - 600g - Heptathlon - Finals
1.SrJessica Withrow34.28mAbilene Christian      
2.FrKatie Jones33.27mWest Texas A&M      
3.SrChrystal Ruiz28.68mAngelo State      
4.SoCathryn Rittenberry27.87mAngelo State      
5.SoBrittany Davis16.06mCentral Oklahoma      
6.JrShelly Diggs14.04mAngelo State      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.JrAisha Adams5-07.75Angelo State      
2.SrChrystal Ruiz5-05.75Angelo State      
3.FrCassie Brooks5-03.75Abilene Christian      
4.SoCourtney Newsom5-01.75Tarleton State      
5.FrSamantha Alvarez5-01.75Texas A&M-Kingsville      
6.SrKris Crockett4-11.75Angelo State      
7.FrKirsten McCowan4-09.75West Texas A&M      
8.FrSummer Sutherland4-09.75Angelo State      
--FrSinead EverettNHWest Texas A&M      
--FrSamone LindsayNHTexas A&M-Kingsville      
X High Jump - Heptathlon - Finals
1.SrChrystal Ruiz5-06.50Angelo State      
2.SrJessica Withrow5-05.25Abilene Christian      
3.JrShelly Diggs4-06.75Angelo State      
4.SoCathryn Rittenberry4-05.50Angelo State      
5.FrKatie Jones4-04.25West Texas A&M      
6.SoBrittany Davis4-03.25Central Oklahoma      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.FrSummer Sutherland11-10.00Angelo State      
2.FrSamantha Alvarez10-10.25Texas A&M-Kingsville      
3.FrAmy Rabalais10-04.25Texas A&M-Kingsville      
4.SoHannah Gibson10-04.25Central Oklahoma      
5.FrElvia Lopez8-10.75Texas A&M-Kingsville      
5.SrTiffany Masters8-10.75Texas A&M-Kingsville      
--SrElizabeth BuyseNHAbilene Christian      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.JrAisha Adams6.30mAngelo State      
2.SrChrystal Ruiz6.12mAngelo State      
3.SoAmanda Clemons5.89mAbilene Christian      
4.FrSamone Lindsay5.74mTexas A&M-Kingsville      
5.SrKris Crockett5.72mAngelo State      
6.JrDestinee Nixon5.42mAbilene Christian      
7.FrMorgan Shelton5.34mWest Texas A&M      
8.FrKatie Jones5.20mWest Texas A&M      
9.SoTara Towns5.09mTarleton State      
10.FrBrittany Clarke4.94mAngelo State      
11.FrDanitra Marshall4.80mTarleton State      
X Long Jump - Heptathlon - Finals
1.SrChrystal Ruiz5.81mAngelo State      
2.SrJessica Withrow5.24mAbilene Christian      
3.SoCathryn Rittenberry5.07mAngelo State      
4.FrKatie Jones4.91mWest Texas A&M      
5.SoBrittany Davis4.35mCentral Oklahoma      
6.JrShelly Diggs4.24mAngelo State      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SoAmanda Clemons12.45mAbilene Christian      
2.JrAisha Adams12.18mAngelo State      
3.JrDestinee Nixon11.95mAbilene Christian      
4.SoCarmen Herrera11.23mAngelo State      
5.SoCathryn Rittenberry11.11mAngelo State      
6.FrSamone Lindsay11.02mTexas A&M-Kingsville      
7.SrKris Crockett10.76mAngelo State      
8.FrBrittany Clarke10.76mAngelo State      
9.FrBailee Skeen10.65mWest Texas A&M      
10.FrDaneille Finley10.13mAngelo State      
--FrChelsea HutchinsonFOULTarleton State      
X Hammer - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.SrJessica Sloss51.59mAbilene Christian      
2.JrPaige Newby46.93mAbilene Christian      
3.SoLeslie Jordan41.16mTarleton State      
4.SoShalania Lakey40.99mAbilene Christian      
5.JrMeredet Persinger38.22mTarleton State      
6.FrJordan Moses37.95mAngelo State      
7.JrJadiah Riley37.93mWest Texas A&M      
8.SoKatie Dugie36.56mTexas A&M-Kingsville      
9.SoElizabeth Dominguez36.12mTarleton State      
10.FrCrystal Gonzales31.79mTexas A&M-Kingsville      
--SoJayda SpencerFOULAngelo State      
X Heptathlon Score - Varsity - Finals
1.SrChrystal Ruiz5373Angelo State      
2.SrJessica Withrow4951Abilene Christian      
3.SoCathryn Rittenberry4193Angelo State      
4.FrKatie Jones3839West Texas A&M      
5.JrShelly Diggs3209Angelo State      
6.SoBrittany Davis3026Central Oklahoma      
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