Woodberry Forest Invitational

Saturday, April 10, 2010
  Woodberry Forest, Woodberry Forest - Map
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Virginia - 2A
MACOMadison County
Virginia - 3A
WIMOWilliam Monroe
Virginia - 4A
EAVIEastern View
LOUILouisa County
Virginia - 5A
ORCOOrange County
Virginia - CAC
BLRIBlue Ridge
Virginia - ISL
FLHIFlint Hill
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Rich Dyer11.20aFork Union Military ...
2.-Antonio Markland11.26aFork Union Military ...
3.12Edgar Coker11.28aOrange County
4.11Tyrone Ellis11.30aOrange County
5.11Andre Parker11.35aFork Union Military ...
6.12Hiter Harris11.36aSt. Christopher's
7.12Kenny Brown11.59aEastern View
8.12Joseph Stuart11.61aSt Annes Belfield
9.-Ron Lipbscomb12.00aWoodberry Forest
10.10Miles Jackson12.00aSt. Christopher's
11.11Ben Barnes12.10aTrinity Episcopal
12.12Antonio Childress12.22aMadison County
13.-Mike Salmons12.22aLouisa County
14.11Richard Brent12.23aWilliam Monroe
15.9Tawfiq Abdul-Karim12.34aWoodberry Forest
16.11Eli Exum12.35aWoodberry Forest
17.10Idris Clark12.36aLouisa County
18.-Nick Thurston12.57aOrange County
19.11Alex Callahan12.58aFlint Hill
20.12Josh Green12.61aFlint Hill
21.-Josh Butler12.61aWoodberry Forest
22.12Nick Almond12.63aTrinity Episcopal
23.9Bryan Black12.67aTrinity Episcopal
24.11David Orange12.72aMadison County
25.10Tony Piazza12.75aEastern View
26.-David Himot12.78aBlue Ridge
27.10Cody Finkle12.82aEastern View
28.-Oleg Dimov13.11aSt Annes Belfield
29.-Alex Byun13.12aSt Annes Belfield
30.9Kofi Som-Pinpong13.30aWoodberry Forest
31.9Devin Harris13.47aWilliam Monroe
32.-Andrew Snell13.69aBlue Ridge
33.-Treshaune Henderson15.16aLouisa County
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Edgar Coker22.46aOrange County
2.12Hiter Harris22.83aSt. Christopher's
3.12Joseph Stuart23.08aSt Annes Belfield
4.-Antonio Markland23.14aFork Union Military ...
5.11Corrin Harris23.20aLouisa County
6.12Louis Likett23.21aFork Union Military ...
7.12Kenny Brown23.23aEastern View
8.11Nick Naimool23.25aFork Union Military ...
9.12Brandon Payne23.33aLouisa County
10.11Tyrone Ellis23.45aOrange County
11.11Eddie Jones23.71aFork Union Military ...
12.10Miles Jackson24.43aSt. Christopher's
13.11Ben Barnes24.80aTrinity Episcopal
14.11Edward Yates24.81aEastern View
15.11Jacob Scott24.91aLouisa County
16.12Alex Gannon25.33aSt. Christopher's
17.-Shaquille Robinson25.48aOrange County
18.12Nick Almond25.55aTrinity Episcopal
19.10Idris Clark25.56aLouisa County
20.11Richard Brent25.67aWilliam Monroe
21.9Tawfiq Abdul-Karim25.69aWoodberry Forest
22.12Antonio Childress25.98aMadison County
23.-Austin Geppert25.99aEastern View
24.9Bryan Black26.11aTrinity Episcopal
25.11David Orange26.28aMadison County
26.10Wallace Branch26.48aWoodberry Forest
27.-Craig Almond26.82aTrinity Episcopal
28.-Trent Disabito27.20aSt Annes Belfield
29.-Mitch Spessard27.68aSt Annes Belfield
30.-Justin Henshaw27.69aWilliam Monroe
31.-Tre Briggs28.11aSt Annes Belfield
32.-Edwin Borden28.63aWoodberry Forest
33.-Christian Walz30.85aWilliam Monroe
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Tevin Coker51.26aOrange County
2.11Nick Naimool51.61aFork Union Military ...
3.11Gregory Dixon52.27aLouisa County
4.11Mark Hardison52.95aEastern View
5.12Chris Lewis53.23aOrange County
6.12Alex Shipley53.78aFlint Hill
7.11Udoh Kavon53.79aFork Union Military ...
8.10Aoky Sarhan54.38aSt. Christopher's
9.11Jerel Carter54.97aMadison County
10.10Jonathan Yellets55.11aWoodberry Forest
11.9Will Bruner55.25aSt. Christopher's
12.11Ryan Price55.61aLouisa County
13.11Connor Wood55.79aSt. Christopher's
14.10Michael Kelley56.19aWoodberry Forest
15.11Chase Gunter56.31aSt. Christopher's
16.12BJ Anthony56.39aWilliam Monroe
17.-Devante Shelton56.41aLouisa County
18.11Robert Davis56.80aLouisa County
18.11Adam Mallory56.80aTrinity Episcopal
20.12Ian Trebour56.91aTrinity Episcopal
21.9Ricardo Manosalvos57.34aFlint Hill
22.11Avery Powell57.36aOrange County
23.12Courtland Banks57.46aMadison County
24.10Harris Coley58.69aWoodberry Forest
25.11Timothy Chester58.82aTrinity Episcopal
26.-Sam Mebane59.02aWoodberry Forest
27.11Steven Cavarno59.07aFork Union Military ...
28.11Dominique Chestnut59.81aFlint Hill
29.-Alex Geychuk1:00.21aBlue Ridge
30.10Daniel Giguere1:00.70aFlint Hill
31.-Brent Olsen1:02.17aBlue Ridge
32.-Kevin Chuisseu1:03.13aWoodberry Forest
33.-Mitchell Conley1:04.45aWilliam Monroe
34.9Daniel Comyn1:10.91aMadison County
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Josh Morris2:00.81aFork Union Military ...
2.11Ben Constable2:05.33aSt. Christopher's
3.11Kevin Bennert2:06.08aWoodberry Forest
4.12Johnny Lane2:06.99aFlint Hill
5.10Greg Pawlow2:08.28aFlint Hill
6.12Christopher Jackson2:08.76aLouisa County
7.-Devante Payne2:11.94aLouisa County
8.12Chris Heizer2:16.19aFlint Hill
9.11Stephen Wood2:16.84aSt. Christopher's
10.10Jeff Taylor2:19.04aOrange County
11.11Daniel Orange2:19.23aMadison County
12.11Rockale Quarles2:19.60aLouisa County
13.10Adam Sidelko2:20.38aOrange County
14.10Steven Grotz2:21.72aEastern View
15.-Chan Lee2:22.68aWoodberry Forest
16.11Conor Flynn2:23.77aWoodberry Forest
17.10Tyler Miller2:25.71aEastern View
18.10Francis Malzone2:26.35aLouisa County
19.10Addison Winston2:26.45aWoodberry Forest
20.10Mason Hadley2:28.08aTrinity Episcopal
21.11Shain Kelley2:32.66aOrange County
22.10David Shaulis2:32.67aWilliam Monroe
23.10Shawn Sudduth2:33.54aMadison County
24.-Osman Dirie2:36.28aBlue Ridge
25.9Malik Goodridge2:36.82aWoodberry Forest
26.-S. J. Lee2:54.40aBlue Ridge
27.10Christian Hansen3:02.08aMadison County
28.9Nick Stevenson3:15.77aWilliam Monroe
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Josh Morris4:29.66aFork Union Military ...
2.10Jeff Taylor4:44.93aOrange County
3.11Lynn Welch4:45.54aMadison County
4.10Chris Cantone4:52.12aTrinity Episcopal
5.10Alden Knipe4:52.78aTrinity Episcopal
6.11James Busch4:54.42aSt. Christopher's
7.11Matthew Laws5:02.42aWoodberry Forest
8.9Ryan Donlon5:03.01aLouisa County
9.12Nick Richardson5:04.96aSt. Christopher's
10.12Chris Heizer5:07.49aFlint Hill
11.10Addison Winston5:10.02aWoodberry Forest
12.10Anthony Lynch5:10.83aFlint Hill
13.10Sean McKeown5:11.40aTrinity Episcopal
14.10Adam Sidelko5:12.28aOrange County
15.11Conor Flynn5:13.72aWoodberry Forest
16.10Drew Rowe5:16.02aSt. Christopher's
17.9Chris Keeling5:16.43aSt Annes Belfield
18.10Jason Meckle5:17.29aLouisa County
19.11Shain Kelley5:19.80aOrange County
20.-Stuart Huston5:20.94aWoodberry Forest
21.10Danny Murillo5:21.74aSt. Christopher's
22.12Andrew Ross5:23.01aFlint Hill
23.10Billy Tobin5:24.19aEastern View
24.10David Shaulis5:25.31aWilliam Monroe
25.9Rodin Schimper5:28.55aFork Union Military ...
26.10Dylan Platt5:34.43aEastern View
27.10Kevin McNerney5:34.57aFlint Hill
28.10Shawn Sudduth5:39.65aMadison County
29.-Colin Lee5:46.91aBlue Ridge
30.-Garrett Feagan5:47.54aLouisa County
31.-John Foreman5:59.07aEastern View
32.-Michael Gordon6:32.74aWilliam Monroe
33.9Tyler Boyer6:37.59aWilliam Monroe
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Guy Shelby9:58.28aTrinity Episcopal
2.12Hayden Hodges10:13.86aTrinity Episcopal
3.10Christopher Springer10:18.56aLouisa County
4.11Charlie Bayne10:43.58aEastern View
5.11Lynn Welch10:46.86aMadison County
6.10Eddie Whitlock10:59.08aSt. Christopher's
7.-William Haines11:10.08aFork Union Military ...
8.11Matthew Laws11:10.42aWoodberry Forest
9.9Ryan Donlon11:12.06aLouisa County
10.10Alden Knipe11:15.31aTrinity Episcopal
11.10Ben Gross11:17.52aTrinity Episcopal
12.11Ryan Barbalace11:27.25aFlint Hill
13.10Eric Sidelko11:29.95aOrange County
14.10Anthony Lynch11:34.19aFlint Hill
15.9Chris Keeling11:44.68aSt Annes Belfield
16.11Jamie Ball11:54.05aSt. Christopher's
17.10Jason Meckle12:16.57aLouisa County
18.10Alex Dreo12:24.75aFlint Hill
19.12Erik Zeberlein12:36.32aFlint Hill
20.10Matt Kim12:36.43aBlue Ridge
21.-Garver Russ12:58.70aFork Union Military ...
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Dante Davis14.74aLouisa County
2.12Lamar Gordon15.56aOrange County
3.-David Coe15.57aBlue Ridge
4.11Darryl Williams16.86aEastern View
5.11Jonah Dew17.28aFork Union Military ...
6.12Nathan Woods18.19aWoodberry Forest
7.10Michael Kelley18.37aWoodberry Forest
8.11Daniel Orange19.41aMadison County
9.12Marquis Washington20.18aFork Union Military ...
10.11Nick Markunas20.60aTrinity Episcopal
11.9Devin Harris22.63aWilliam Monroe
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Dante Davis41.14aLouisa County
2.12Lamar Gordon41.91aOrange County
3.12Nathan Woods42.43aWoodberry Forest
4.10Marshall Wiley43.26aFork Union Military ...
5.11Jonah Dew43.91aFork Union Military ...
6.10Lorenzo Henson44.17aLouisa County
7.12Marquis Washington44.95aFork Union Military ...
8.11Nick Markunas45.96aTrinity Episcopal
9.12Ramon Jackson46.26aLouisa County
10.11Foster Haynes48.87aSt. Christopher's
11.-Stuart Huston51.86aWoodberry Forest
12.11Henry Truzy56.44aLouisa County
13.10David Shaulis57.54aWilliam Monroe
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Louis Likett
Antonio Markland
Eddie Jones
Andre Parker
42.70aFork Union Military ...
2.-Patrick Curtis
Tevin Coker
Edgar Coker
Tyrone Ellis
44.02aOrange County
3.-Ramon Jackson
Brandon Payne
Dante Davis
Corrin Harris
44.04aLouisa County
4.-Ron Lipbscomb
Issac Mirchandani
CJ Prosise
Nathan Woods
46.09aWoodberry Forest
5.-Relay Team 46.17aEastern View
6.-Relay Team 47.13aBlue Ridge
7.-Antonio Childress
Malcolm Ellis
Jerel Carter
Courtland Banks
47.30aMadison County
8.-John LaRue
Shaquille Robinson
Nick Thurston
Marcus Best
47.33aOrange County
9.-Relay Team 48.96aWilliam Monroe
10.-Relay Team 49.62aLouisa County
11.-Relay Team 59.51aWilliam Monroe
---Relay Team DQWoodberry Forest
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Chris Lewis
Tevin Coker
Lamar Gordon
Patrick Curtis
3:31.88aOrange County
2.-Ben Constable
Aoky Sarhan
Connor Wood
Will Bruner
3:34.57aSt. Christopher's
3.-Anton Bartesevich
Kara Stewart
Wojciech Czernek
Marshall Wiley
3:37.15aFork Union Military ...
4.-Relay Team 3:47.28aSt Annes Belfield
5.-Relay Team 3:48.84aEastern View
6.-Harris Coley
Michael Kelley
Nathan Woods
Jonathan Yellets
3:48.97aWoodberry Forest
7.-Ricardo Manosalvos
Johnny Lane
Greg Pawlow
Alex Shipley
3:53.29aFlint Hill
8.-Relay Team 3:55.09aLouisa County
9.-Relay Team 3:59.92aWoodberry Forest
10.-Relay Team 4:07.35aBlue Ridge
11.-Relay Team 4:21.43aWilliam Monroe
---Cory Osbourne
Gregory Dixon
Brandon Parker
Brandon Payne
DQLouisa County
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Aoky Sarhan
Ben Constable
James Busch
Jamie Ball
8:17.96aSt. Christopher's
2.-Devante Payne
Christopher Jackson
Brandon Parker
Christopher Springer
8:32.63aLouisa County
3.-Tanner Brantley
Guy Shelby
Ian Trebour
Hayden Hodges
8:38.06aTrinity Episcopal
4.-Chris Lewis
Adam Sidelko
Avery Powell
Patrick Curtis
8:40.15aOrange County
5.-Charlie Bayne
Mark Hardison
Taylor Martin
Billy Tobin
8:52.17aEastern View
6.-Anton Bartesevich
William Haines
Steven Cavarno
Garver Russ
9:12.95aFork Union Military ...
7.-Relay Team 9:26.16aWoodberry Forest
8.-Relay Team 9:44.54aLouisa County
9.-Relay Team 9:58.58aBlue Ridge
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jan Jeuschede52-04.75Woodberry Forest
2.11Andre Aganbi46-03.75St. Christopher's
3.-CeJay Lambert45-11.25Louisa County
4.12Brandon Thompson43-05.25Madison County
5.12Mark Shuman40-02.00Fork Union Military ...
6.11Reggie Jackson39-08.75Fork Union Military ...
7.10Jim Partee39-03.00St. Christopher's
8.9Carsten DeWolff38-11.50St. Christopher's
9.-Tony Comfort38-09.50Louisa County
10.12Sam Cohen38-03.00Flint Hill
11.11Ian Kilpatrick37-06.00St. Christopher's
12.-Damion Holland35-08.75Louisa County
13.11Ren Simpson35-04.50Flint Hill
14.-Andrew Holgate35-00.50Blue Ridge
15.-Darnell Weathersby31-10.25Blue Ridge
16.11Adam Mallory31-10.00Trinity Episcopal
17.10Addison St. John31-06.75Woodberry Forest
18.-Josh Butler31-05.00Woodberry Forest
19.12Dekota Johnson31-02.75William Monroe
20.-Sean Dugan31-02.00Woodberry Forest
21.-Craig Almond30-11.00Trinity Episcopal
22.-Matt Ferko30-09.50William Monroe
23.-K.C. Camp30-09.00Blue Ridge
24.11Caleb Baker30-03.50William Monroe
25.-Israel Arana29-09.75Woodberry Forest
26.10Stephen Hupp29-08.50Trinity Episcopal
27.12Justin Chu29-03.75Flint Hill
28.10Andy Jowdy29-02.00Trinity Episcopal
29.-Shawn Burrell28-00.75Eastern View
30.11Sam Crummer26-01.25Flint Hill
31.-Brian Halterman24-02.00William Monroe
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jan Jeuschede151-07Woodberry Forest
2.11Jordan Roach141-08Fork Union Military ...
3.12Chris Delaney127-11St. Christopher's
4.-Darnell Weathersby118-11Blue Ridge
5.11Reggie Jackson110-01Fork Union Military ...
6.12Casey Hodges109-03Louisa County
7.-Andrew Holgate107-08Blue Ridge
8.-Wayne Odoom105-06Fork Union Military ...
9.11Nicholas Harris103-07Louisa County
10.-Tony Comfort102-07Louisa County
11.10Jim Partee101-06St. Christopher's
12.-Matt Rude93-04Fork Union Military ...
13.11Ren Simpson92-11Flint Hill
14.-Patrick Painter89-09Blue Ridge
15.11Hutton Adcock89-05St. Christopher's
16.-Sean Dugan88-09Woodberry Forest
16.12Justin Chu88-09Flint Hill
18.11Caleb Baker88-03William Monroe
19.-Taylor Knight85-06St. Christopher's
20.-K.C. Camp83-03Blue Ridge
21.12Brandon Thompson81-10Madison County
22.-Josh Butler81-00Woodberry Forest
23.10Andy Jowdy80-10Trinity Episcopal
24.-Shawn Burrell78-09Eastern View
25.-Matt Ferko78-04William Monroe
26.11Adam Mallory78-00Trinity Episcopal
27.10Addison St. John77-05Woodberry Forest
28.-Matthew Harris74-08Louisa County
29.11Sam Crummer72-09Flint Hill
30.-Craig Almond71-05Trinity Episcopal
31.10Stephen Hupp69-10Trinity Episcopal
32.-Israel Arana61-06Woodberry Forest
---Mitchell ConleyNDWilliam Monroe
--12Dekota JohnsonNDWilliam Monroe
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jacob Scott5-10.00Louisa County
2.11Jerel Carter5-10.00Madison County
3.12Joe Benton5-10.00Flint Hill
3.12Brandon Payne5-10.00Louisa County
5.-Joe Branch5-10.00Fork Union Military ...
6.-James Dunivan5-10.00St. Christopher's
7.10Obiero Okeyo5-06.00Fork Union Military ...
8.11Corrin Harris5-06.00Louisa County
8.12Joey Thompson5-06.00St. Christopher's
8.10Cameron Barlow5-06.00St. Christopher's
11.-C.J. Prosise5-06.00Woodberry Forest
11.-John LaRue5-06.00Orange County
13.-Caid Kirven5-04.00Woodberry Forest
13.-Ziggy Vrana5-04.00Woodberry Forest
13.-Devante Shelton5-04.00Louisa County
16.10Daniel Giguere5-02.00Flint Hill
16.12George Roper5-02.00Trinity Episcopal
16.12Courtland Banks5-02.00Madison County
16.-Chidera Ezekwesili5-02.00Blue Ridge
16.-Kanayo Obi-Rapu5-02.00Woodberry Forest
21.-Kevin Chuisseu5-00.00Woodberry Forest
21.10Robert Kernodle5-00.00St. Christopher's
--9Devin HarrisNHWilliam Monroe
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Philip Parmly13-00.00Fork Union Military ...
2.10Jack McDowell11-00.00St. Christopher's
3.11Alan Wayland10-06.00Eastern View
4.12Casey Hodges10-00.00Louisa County
5.10Harris Coley9-06.00Woodberry Forest
5.-Issac Mirchandani9-06.00Woodberry Forest
7.12Dillon Wright9-06.00St. Christopher's
8.-Alex Rayo-Jones9-00.00Fork Union Military ...
9.11Lucas Roumillat9-00.00Louisa County
10.-Chris Neely7-06.00Louisa County
11.11Conor Flynn7-06.00Woodberry Forest
---Watson TurnipseedNHWoodberry Forest
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Eddie Jones20-07.00Fork Union Military ...
2.10Kara Stewart20-01.75Fork Union Military ...
3.12Joe Benton20-00.50Flint Hill
4.11Kenan Verna19-10.50Fork Union Military ...
5.11Darryl Williams19-10.00Eastern View
6.12Lamar Gordon19-09.50Orange County
7.11Corrin Harris19-09.25Louisa County
8.10Obiero Okeyo19-05.00Fork Union Military ...
9.12Ramon Jackson19-04.00Louisa County
10.-James Dunivan18-11.50St. Christopher's
11.-David Coe18-09.00Blue Ridge
12.12Antonio Childress18-08.50Madison County
12.12Johnny Lane18-08.50Flint Hill
14.10Idris Clark18-06.25Louisa County
15.12Joey Thompson18-04.00St. Christopher's
16.12Nick Almond18-01.50Trinity Episcopal
17.12BJ Anthony18-00.50William Monroe
18.11Eli Exum17-09.50Woodberry Forest
19.12Courtland Banks17-08.50Madison County
20.-Ron Lipbscomb17-03.25Woodberry Forest
21.10Greg Pawlow17-02.50Flint Hill
22.-Issac Mirchandani17-00.00Woodberry Forest
23.12Josh Green16-11.00Flint Hill
23.10Robert Kernodle16-11.00St. Christopher's
25.-Ziggy Vrana16-10.50Woodberry Forest
26.10Wallace Branch16-09.75Woodberry Forest
27.9Tawfiq Abdul-Karim16-05.50Woodberry Forest
28.-Nick Thurston16-05.25Orange County
29.11Henry Truzy16-00.25Louisa County
30.12George Roper15-06.50Trinity Episcopal
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Akeem Garnett40-05.00Fork Union Military ...
2.10Kara Stewart39-07.00Fork Union Military ...
3.12Ramon Jackson39-02.00Louisa County
4.11Eli Exum38-10.50Woodberry Forest
5.11Kenan Verna38-09.75Fork Union Military ...
6.12Antonio Childress38-09.00Madison County
7.12Joe Benton38-08.00Flint Hill
8.10Idris Clark38-00.00Louisa County
9.12Lamar Gordon37-10.50Orange County
10.12Nick Almond37-08.50Trinity Episcopal
11.12George Roper36-09.00Trinity Episcopal
12.-David Coe36-01.00Blue Ridge
12.10Wallace Branch36-01.00Woodberry Forest
14.-Issac Mirchandani35-11.00Woodberry Forest
15.12BJ Anthony35-10.00William Monroe
15.11Jacob Scott35-10.00Louisa County
17.-Ziggy Vrana35-07.00Woodberry Forest
18.12Joey Thompson34-11.50St. Christopher's
19.-Nick Thurston34-10.50Orange County
20.12Courtland Banks34-07.00Madison County
21.10Cameron Barlow34-06.00St. Christopher's
22.10Rogers Clark30-02.50Woodberry Forest
--10Robert KernodleNDSt. Christopher's
--11Eddie JonesNDFork Union Military ...

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Meyhonia Layne12.53aEastern View
2.11Jordan Stokes12.79aTrinity Episcopal
3.10Natese Ragland13.17aLouisa County
4.10Christina Hairston13.53aOrange County
5.9Monica Mallory13.55aLouisa County
6.10Hannah Whitworth13.68aSt Catherines
7.10Kaylin Blount13.88aSt Catherines
8.-Sara Foley14.00aSt Catherines
9.11Rachel Mills14.29aWilliam Monroe
10.10Paige Cole14.51aFlint Hill
11.10Erin Green14.62aWilliam Monroe
12.10Abigail Singerling14.84aFlint Hill
13.10Tierra Jackson14.85aLouisa County
14.10Mariama Jallow15.24aFlint Hill
15.10Chapat Tyree15.31aMadison County
16.-Somer Witherow15.51aSt Annes Belfield
17.-Brianna Whalen15.68aLouisa County
18.9Courteney Providence15.89aFlint Hill
19.10Rachel Yowell16.59aMadison County
20.-Noopur Tripathi17.19aSt Annes Belfield
21.-Hana Sunny17.71aSt Annes Belfield
22.10Danielle Strother17.91aMadison County
23.-Lily Liu18.52aSt Annes Belfield
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ashontae Jackson25.70aOrange County
2.11Jordan Stokes26.20aTrinity Episcopal
3.9Javanique Burruss26.26aLouisa County
4.12Jasmyne Johnson27.01aLouisa County
5.12Kia Christmas27.11aLouisa County
6.10Laura Kerr27.58aSt Catherines
7.11Meyhonia Layne27.70aEastern View
8.12Shanita Glen27.74aEastern View
9.10Hannah Whitworth28.22aSt Catherines
10.10Christina Hairston28.40aOrange County
11.10Kaylin Blount29.47aSt Catherines
12.10Shea Patrick29.78aFlint Hill
13.9Stephanie Altreuter30.09aFlint Hill
14.10Shannelle London30.16aEastern View
15.10Paige Cole31.26aFlint Hill
16.10Erin Green31.49aWilliam Monroe
17.10Mariama Jallow31.59aFlint Hill
18.-Sabrina Prinz31.74aOrange County
19.-Taylor Weakley33.69aWilliam Monroe
20.12Demetria Quarles34.04aWilliam Monroe
21.10Danielle Strother41.76aMadison County
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ashontae Jackson57.68aOrange County
2.11Jordan Stokes59.40aTrinity Episcopal
3.10Laura Kerr1:02.98aSt Catherines
4.10Nojai Veras1:04.00aLouisa County
5.11Polly Ukrop1:04.48aSt Catherines
6.10Anne Maxwell Ellett1:05.88aSt Catherines
7.9Stephanie Altreuter1:07.61aFlint Hill
8.9Whitney Busch1:08.01aSt Catherines
9.10Amber Chapman1:09.94aLouisa County
10.10Grace Newman1:10.03aOrange County
11.10Abigail Singerling1:10.77aFlint Hill
12.-Gwyneth McKenna1:13.48aEastern View
13.10Chapat Tyree1:18.47aMadison County
14.10Marta Nowieki1:24.17aWilliam Monroe
15.10Rachel Yowell1:25.80aMadison County
16.11Courtney Watson1:33.52aWilliam Monroe
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Taylor Clevinger2:19.82aSt Catherines
2.12Hannah Lieberman2:34.64aTrinity Episcopal
3.10Barrett Haynes2:38.86aSt Catherines
4.11Emani Coleman-Combs2:43.57aOrange County
5.12Julia Geldzahler2:46.19aSt Catherines
6.11Annie Mauck2:50.09aTrinity Episcopal
7.9Christi Hofecker3:06.25aWilliam Monroe
8.12Sara Coleman3:09.68aMadison County
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Clare Moretz5:16.13aMadison County
2.12Hannah Lieberman5:21.74aTrinity Episcopal
3.12Hannah Best5:29.07aLouisa County
4.9Kyle Johns5:47.24aSt Catherines
5.10Casey Clune5:48.34aLouisa County
6.9Randall Ackerly5:50.36aSt Catherines
7.12Mamie Robertson5:54.24aSt Catherines
8.10Olivia Werner6:10.28aFlint Hill
9.11Catharine Cain6:20.89aSt Catherines
10.12Cara Peterson6:22.16aFlint Hill
11.11Olivia Hairfield6:25.02aTrinity Episcopal
12.11Mary Miller6:34.11aLouisa County
13.12Amanda Tharp6:48.27aMadison County
14.-West Bria6:50.42aEastern View
15.12Sara Coleman6:52.12aMadison County
16.9Lauren Smith6:57.56aFlint Hill
17.9Christi Hofecker7:06.34aWilliam Monroe
18.9Mischa Rajendiran7:20.36aFlint Hill
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Clare Moretz11:38.99aMadison County
2.12Hannah Best12:21.63aLouisa County
3.9Kyle Johns12:38.37aSt Catherines
4.12Mamie Robertson12:43.55aSt Catherines
5.12Becky Johnson13:33.49aLouisa County
6.11Bridget Shaia13:55.67aSt Catherines
7.10Olivia Werner14:54.04aFlint Hill
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Michelle Best17.41aLouisa County
2.9Taylor Miller19.46aSt Catherines
3.10Lindsay Jones19.47aLouisa County
4.10Brittany Sweatman22.88aFlint Hill
5.-Katelynn Daughtry22.89aWilliam Monroe
6.12Demetria Quarles22.93aWilliam Monroe
--10Britt SavageDQFlint Hill
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Britt Savage49.72aFlint Hill
2.12Michelle Best50.36aLouisa County
3.10Lindsay Jones55.82aLouisa County
4.10Brittany Sweatman56.09aFlint Hill
5.9Taylor Miller56.20aSt Catherines
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Monica Mallory
Natese Ragland
Jasmyne Johnson
Kia Christmas
50.60aLouisa County
2.-Relay Team 53.91aEastern View
3.-Kaylin Blount
Tiana Douglas
Hannah Whitworth
Alex Coleman
56.01aSt Catherines
4.-Relay Team 58.73aLouisa County
5.-Relay Team 59.54aWilliam Monroe
6.-Relay Team 1:04.11aSt Annes Belfield
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kia Christmas
Nojai Veras
Michelle Best
Jasmyne Johnson
4:14.72aLouisa County
2.-Stephanie Altreuter
Britt Savage
Shea Patrick
Brittany Sweatman
4:28.33aFlint Hill
3.-Randall Ackerly
Whitney Busch
Sarah Casasnovas
Julia Geldzahler
4:42.34aSt Catherines
4.-Amber Chapman
Michelle Reynolds
Lindsay Jones
Amy Clifton
4:55.06aLouisa County
5.-Relay Team 5:23.79aWilliam Monroe
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Anne Maxwell Ellett
Barrett Haynes
Polly Ukrop
Taylor Clevinger
10:02.62aSt Catherines
2.-Nojai Veras
Casey Clune
Mary Miller
Rebecca Johnson
10:33.84aLouisa County
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Robin Brizendine30-09.50Louisa County
2.12Torey Cosby29-08.50Louisa County
3.12Andrea Joel27-11.25St Catherines
4.10Spencer Blanton27-06.50St Catherines
5.11Kate McDowell27-01.00St Catherines
6.12Nina Blakey26-05.00Madison County
7.9Alison Vaughn26-00.50William Monroe
8.-Angelique Tyree25-10.00Louisa County
9.10Brittany Thompson22-06.50Madison County
10.9Madeline Morales22-03.00Louisa County
11.11Nicole Vaughn21-08.00William Monroe
12.10Chapat Tyree21-00.00Madison County
13.10Danielle Strother20-11.00Madison County
14.9Courteney Providence20-04.50Flint Hill
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Robin Brizendine92-10Louisa County
2.12Torey Cosby78-04Louisa County
3.10Brittany Thompson72-11Madison County
4.12Nina Blakey72-10Madison County
5.10Spencer Blanton65-05St Catherines
6.9Alison Vaughn64-07William Monroe
7.10Danielle Payne60-06Orange County
8.12Andrea Joel59-01St Catherines
9.10Brittany Sweatman58-11Flint Hill
10.11Nicole Vaughn57-01William Monroe
11.10Danielle Strother53-06Madison County
12.9Madeline Morales51-03Louisa County
13.-Kaitlyn Mallory49-08Madison County
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Shanita Glen5-00.00Eastern View
2.11Kate McDowell4-10.00St Catherines
3.10Shannelle London4-08.00Eastern View
4.10Laura Kerr4-08.00St Catherines
5.10Natese Ragland4-06.00Louisa County
5.10Deveney McNary4-06.00Louisa County
7.9Monica Mallory4-04.00Louisa County
8.10Chapat Tyree4-04.00Madison County
--10Marta NowiekiNHWilliam Monroe
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.9Taylor Miller9-06.00St Catherines
2.12Kayla Speh8-06.00Louisa County
3.10Robin Brizendine7-00.00Louisa County
4.9Brianna Braxton7-00.00Louisa County
5.12Becky Johnson5-06.00Louisa County
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Javanique Burruss18-04.50Louisa County
2.10Natese Ragland15-11.00Louisa County
3.10Laura Kerr15-09.25St Catherines
4.12Kia Christmas15-08.50Louisa County
5.9Monica Mallory15-04.50Louisa County
6.10Britt Savage14-04.25Flint Hill
7.11Polly Ukrop13-08.25St Catherines
8.11Rachel Mills13-03.25William Monroe
9.-Chantelle Roy12-01.50Eastern View
10.10Erin Green12-00.75William Monroe
11.-Katelynn Daughtry11-08.50William Monroe
12.10Rachel Yowell11-02.00Madison County
13.12Demetria Quarles9-07.50William Monroe
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kia Christmas33-08.75Louisa County
2.10Natese Ragland31-10.00Louisa County
3.9Monica Mallory29-01.00Louisa County
4.11Polly Ukrop28-06.00St Catherines
5.10Erin Green27-05.75William Monroe
6.10Tierra Jackson26-11.50Louisa County
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