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Gull Lake Invitational

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Gull Lake HS, Richland

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Michigan - Division 2
Richland Gull Lake
Michigan - Division 4
Kalamazoo Hackett
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Cedric Jones11.68Portage Northern
2.12Sean Mitchell11.76Berrien Springs
3.12Cameron Evans11.77Portage Northern
4.9Geovante Weston11.80Kalamazoo Hackett
5.10Derrick Sanders11.80Portage Northern
6.11Takudzwa Kubvoruno11.88Richland Gull Lake
7.9Benny Clark12.02Schoolcraft
8.12Brandon McNees12.10Schoolcraft
9.11Adrian James12.10Berrien Springs
10.12Martinez Climent12.18Edwardsburg
11.11Drew. Baker12.31Edwardsburg
12.12Peter Goodspeed12.41Kalamazoo Hackett
13.10Jalen Hodgson12.52Parchment
14.9Skye Roy12.55Edwardsburg
15.10Steffen Seger12.62Parchment
16.11Luke Sly12.81Richland Gull Lake
17.10David Richard12.82Kalamazoo Hackett
18.12Zach Zwart12.92Schoolcraft
19.10Cody Ploof13.22Richland Gull Lake
20.9Zach Worline13.25Parchment
21.9Joseph Krumske13.31Comstock
22.10Adam Barber13.34Comstock
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Aaron Dewberry23.02Portage Northern
2.12Dennis Kesolitz24.04Portage Northern
3.12Brandon McNees24.21Schoolcraft
4.12Cameron Evans24.27Portage Northern
5.11Drew. Baker24.47Edwardsburg
6.9Benny Clark24.68Schoolcraft
7.10Steffen Seger24.91Parchment
8.12Martinez Climent24.97Edwardsburg
9.10Kevin Simonds25.01Kalamazoo Hackett
10.10Travis Mull25.07Richland Gull Lake
11.11Brandon Oneill25.21Kalamazoo Hackett
12.9Alex Lasher25.36Parchment
13.10Ahmad Mohammed25.38Richland Gull Lake
14.9Skye Roy25.62Edwardsburg
15.10Cody Ploof26.13Richland Gull Lake
16.12Zach Zwart26.23Schoolcraft
17.12Stephen Coles26.63Kalamazoo Hackett
18.9Zach Worline27.61Parchment
19.10Adam Barber27.72Comstock
20.9Joseph Krumske28.04Comstock
21.11Ed Gray28.66Comstock
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Adam Coonrod52.10Richland Gull Lake
2.10Nick Mancini52.26Kalamazoo Hackett
3.12Dennis Kesolitz53.20Portage Northern
4.10Adam Kendall54.13Edwardsburg
5.12Eugene Thurman55.75Comstock
6.12Collin Welch55.76Schoolcraft
7.12Nathan Adlam55.91Portage Northern
8.11Tanner. Woods56.97Edwardsburg
9.10Mitch Smith57.27Richland Gull Lake
10.11Reggie Webster58.00Parchment
11.12Tarrance English58.96Parchment
12.10Clayton Ankney1:00.10Richland Gull Lake
13.11Danny Clare1:00.76Kalamazoo Hackett
14.12Matt Bacon1:01.33Berrien Springs
15.10Jacob Alexander1:02.49Parchment
16.9James Brown1:02.60Comstock
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Stuart Crowell2:03.50Parchment
2.10Tom Zahrt2:05.37Richland Gull Lake
3.10Luke Rabe2:09.18Portage Northern
4.11Peter Herzog2:09.51Kalamazoo Hackett
5.10Cal Cummins2:10.58Comstock
6.12Andrew Penn2:13.68Portage Northern
7.12Anthony Spalvieri-Kruse2:18.05Portage Northern
8.11Neal Edwards2:19.06Comstock
9.12Zak Eggleston2:21.57Edwardsburg
10.9Jeremy Simon2:22.86Richland Gull Lake
11.9Brian Wiegand2:23.14Richland Gull Lake
12.9Austin Horvath2:27.63Edwardsburg
13.12Sixto Lorenzo2:28.69Berrien Springs
14.12Steve Noles2:29.15Schoolcraft
15.9Alex Filiputti2:30.18Kalamazoo Hackett
16.12Andrew Elluru2:35.68Kalamazoo Hackett
17.10Evan Dexter2:36.04Parchment
18.10Martin Gilbert2:41.38Berrien Springs
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Stuart Crowell4:36.99Parchment
2.10Josh Clark4:41.62Edwardsburg
3.12Brendan Molony4:42.03Kalamazoo Hackett
4.11Tim Simon4:52.33Richland Gull Lake
5.10Luke Rabe4:53.71Portage Northern
6.12Adrian Warga-Kane4:54.80Portage Northern
7.12Kyle Goodman4:55.15Richland Gull Lake
8.12Will Howson4:56.07Richland Gull Lake
9.10Cal Cummins5:02.04Comstock
10.11Jeremiah Barnes5:03.81Schoolcraft
11.12Andrew Penn5:09.87Portage Northern
12.11Tyler Shutler5:19.34Comstock
13.10Josh Eagleson5:21.33Edwardsburg
14.10Justin Bunch5:31.52Parchment
15.9Allen Lopez5:32.01Edwardsburg
16.11Austin Landis5:41.66Schoolcraft
17.10Austin Elluru5:44.76Kalamazoo Hackett
18.12Sixto Lorenzo5:47.46Berrien Springs
19.10Lucas Waling5:49.26Parchment
20.10Martin Gilbert5:49.62Berrien Springs
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brendan Molony10:18.59Kalamazoo Hackett
2.10Josh Clark10:26.29Edwardsburg
3.11Charlton Craig10:50.40Schoolcraft
4.11Alexander Woolf10:53.85Richland Gull Lake
5.12Adrian Warga-Kane11:00.44Portage Northern
6.11Cameron Hutchinson11:07.27Richland Gull Lake
7.12Troy Elliott11:25.63Richland Gull Lake
8.9Greg Begeman11:26.98Portage Northern
9.11Neal Edwards11:27.42Comstock
10.11Tyler Shutler11:42.34Comstock
11.10Josh Eagleson11:43.50Edwardsburg
12.9Austin Horvath11:45.09Edwardsburg
13.10Derek Malakowski11:50.19Schoolcraft
14.10Andre Newsted11:50.19Schoolcraft
15.12Steven Flack12:16.92Portage Northern
16.10Glen Compton12:23.45Parchment
17.10Justin Bunch12:32.24Parchment
18.10Ryan Mattingly12:33.59Kalamazoo Hackett
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Javonte Lipsey15.81Portage Northern
2.11Kyle Garner15.91Richland Gull Lake
3.10Jacorey Lipsey16.41Portage Northern
4.11Casey Hogarth17.19Schoolcraft
5.10Brian Whaley17.39Richland Gull Lake
6.11Branden Gregg18.11Edwardsburg
7.10Gregg. Hall18.23Edwardsburg
8.11Nick. Thomas18.45Edwardsburg
9.12John Pfund18.49Portage Northern
10.10Chad Yelton18.93Kalamazoo Hackett
11.12Joe Collard20.43Berrien Springs
12.9Jamaal Bouabdellaoui20.79Parchment
13.10Aaron Mautz20.83Schoolcraft
14.9Geovante Weston21.04Kalamazoo Hackett
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Javonte Lipsey38.77Portage Northern
2.11Casey Hogarth40.76Schoolcraft
3.10Jacorey Lipsey41.06Portage Northern
4.10Mike Emig43.42Parchment
5.12Vince Behnke44.07Richland Gull Lake
6.11Nick. Thomas44.09Edwardsburg
7.10Brian Whaley46.35Richland Gull Lake
8.12John Pfund46.59Portage Northern
9.11James Vanorman47.09Schoolcraft
10.10Gregg. Hall47.64Edwardsburg
11.12Skyler Parsons48.03Berrien Springs
12.11Tyler Knauss50.42Parchment
13.9Glen Ramsey53.29Parchment
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Cedric Jones
Cameron Evans
Derrick Sanders
Aaron Dewberry
45.25Portage Northern
2.-Relay Team 46.01Richland Gull Lake
3.-Relay Team 47.12Kalamazoo Hackett
4.-Relay Team 47.25Edwardsburg
5.-Relay Team 47.35Schoolcraft
6.-Relay Team 47.55Berrien Springs
7.-Relay Team 47.56Parchment
8.-Relay Team 47.59Parchment
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:33.37Portage Northern
2.-Relay Team 1:35.78Kalamazoo Hackett
3.-Relay Team 1:39.33Berrien Springs
4.-Relay Team 1:40.59Richland Gull Lake
5.-Relay Team 1:41.07Parchment
6.-Relay Team 1:41.29Edwardsburg
7.-Relay Team 1:41.98Schoolcraft
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:34.05Portage Northern
2.-Relay Team 3:39.44Richland Gull Lake
3.-Relay Team 3:41.57Kalamazoo Hackett
4.-Relay Team 3:44.40Edwardsburg
5.-Relay Team 3:46.16Schoolcraft
6.-Relay Team 3:54.50Parchment
7.-Relay Team 4:00.89Comstock
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 8:34.81Edwardsburg
2.-Relay Team 8:47.67Portage Northern
3.-Relay Team 8:53.36Richland Gull Lake
4.-Relay Team 9:30.40Schoolcraft
5.-Relay Team 9:51.91Kalamazoo Hackett
6.-Relay Team 10:17.70Parchment
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.10Patrick Goebel46' 10.5"Richland Gull Lake
2.12Joe Collard43' 07.5"Berrien Springs
3.11Gary Yerden43' 00.5"Parchment
4.11Daimon. Cavinder41' 06"Edwardsburg
5.10Charles Edick40' 11.5"Schoolcraft
6.12Matt Hoff38' 07.5"Portage Northern
7.12Alex Culver37' 10.5"Kalamazoo Hackett
8.11Collin Monroe37' 10"Schoolcraft
9.11Dylan Bramble37' 09"Richland Gull Lake
10.9Zachary Caldwell36' 02.5"Richland Gull Lake
11.11Edward Martin36' 01.5"Kalamazoo Hackett
12.11Chris Rousch35' 00"Portage Northern
13.12Andrew Schmaltz34' 11"Berrien Springs
14.12Dan Meadows34' 02.5"Schoolcraft
15.12Tyler. Peters33' 05"Edwardsburg
16.12Jonathan Holbert32' 09.5"Berrien Springs
17.10Sawyer Reynolds31' 09.5"Edwardsburg
18.11Travis Vanwagner31' 03.5"Portage Northern
19.9Keith Fletcher31' 02.5"Comstock
20.9Michael Hicks31' 00.5"Comstock
21.11Zack Lewis30' 02"Comstock
22.10Alex Gibson28' 02"Parchment
23.10Joel Hernandez23' 02.5"Kalamazoo Hackett
1.11Edward Martin' 00"Kalamazoo Hackett
2.10Joel Hernandez' 00"Kalamazoo Hackett
3.11Zack Lewis' 00"Comstock
4.10Alex Gibson' 00"Parchment
5.9Michael Hicks' 00"Comstock
6.9Keith Fletcher' 00"Comstock
7.11Travis Vanwagner' 00"Portage Northern
8.9Chris Twilling' 00"Portage Northern
9.12Tyler. Peters' 00"Edwardsburg
10.11Dylan Bramble' 00"Richland Gull Lake
11.9Zachary Caldwell' 00"Richland Gull Lake
12.12Dan Meadows' 00"Schoolcraft
13.10Sawyer Reynolds' 00"Edwardsburg
14.12Matt Hoff' 00"Portage Northern
15.12Alex Culver' 00"Kalamazoo Hackett
16.12Jonathan Holbert' 00"Berrien Springs
17.11Collin Monroe' 00"Schoolcraft
18.12Andrew Schmaltz' 00"Berrien Springs
19.12Dylan Meeling' 00"Parchment
20.10Charles Edick' 00"Schoolcraft
21.11Daimon. Cavinder' 00"Edwardsburg
22.10Patrick Goebel' 00"Richland Gull Lake
23.12Joe Collard' 00"Berrien Springs
24.11Gary Yerden' 00"Parchment
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Joe Collard127' 03"Berrien Springs
2.10Patrick Goebel117' 01"Richland Gull Lake
3.11Collin Monroe113' 11"Schoolcraft
4.12Matt Hoff109' 08"Portage Northern
5.11Daimon. Cavinder105' 03"Edwardsburg
6.12Andrew Schmaltz104' 06"Berrien Springs
7.11Robert Lanphear103' 02"Richland Gull Lake
8.12Alex Culver103' 01"Kalamazoo Hackett
9.11Gary Yerden102' 03"Parchment
10.9Keith Fletcher99' 08"Comstock
11.12Nate. Joiner97' 11"Edwardsburg
12.10Sawyer Reynolds94' 07"Edwardsburg
13.12Darrin Douglass94' 04"Schoolcraft
14.12Jonathan Holbert92' 08"Berrien Springs
15.10Charles Edick92' 04"Schoolcraft
16.9Zachary Caldwell79' 02"Richland Gull Lake
17.12John Pfund78' 04"Portage Northern
18.9Michael Hicks74' 01"Comstock
19.11Zack Lewis72' 00"Comstock
20.12Mason Shepard69' 01"Kalamazoo Hackett
21.9Chris Twilling67' 10"Portage Northern
22.10Alex Gibson64' 08"Parchment
23.10Brandon Hernandez62' 00"Kalamazoo Hackett
24.12Dylan Meeling' 00"Parchment
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Nick. Muir6' 00"Edwardsburg
2.12Eugene Thurman5' 10"Comstock
3.11Dustin Moore5' 06.02"Edwardsburg
4.11Kyle. Dale5' 06.02"Edwardsburg
5.12Anthony Spalvieri-Kruse5' 06.01"Portage Northern
6.11Takudzwa Kubvoruno5' 06"Richland Gull Lake
7.10David Richard5' 03"Kalamazoo Hackett
8.12Nathan Adlam5' 03"Portage Northern
9.9Glen Ramsey5' 03"Parchment
10.12Trent Whitaker5' 03"Richland Gull Lake
11.9Geovante Weston5' 00"Kalamazoo Hackett
12.12Stephen Coles5' 00"Kalamazoo Hackett
13.10Luke Rabe5' 00"Portage Northern
14.10Aaron Mautz' 00"Schoolcraft
15.9James Brown' 00"Comstock
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Nick. Muir12' 00"Edwardsburg
2.12Zak Eggleston11' 06"Edwardsburg
3.11Nick. Thomas11' 00"Edwardsburg
4.12Trent Whitaker10' 06"Richland Gull Lake
5.10Lewis Hunt10' 00"Richland Gull Lake
6.10Brandon Blankenship9' 06"Parchment
7.10Eddy Bloomberg9' 00"Portage Northern
8.10Jeff Cardwell9' 00"Portage Northern
9.12Matt Inman9' 00"Richland Gull Lake
10.10Tim Sparks8' 06"Parchment
11.12Skyler Parsons8' 06"Berrien Springs
12.10Chris Evans8' 06"Berrien Springs
13.11Kyle Tracy8' 06"Schoolcraft
14.11Tyler Shutler' 00"Comstock
15.9Paul Karpinski' 00"Portage Northern
16.11Josh Penny' 00"Parchment
17.11Neal Edwards' 00"Comstock
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Aaron Dewberry21' 08.5"Portage Northern
2.11Takudzwa Kubvoruno20' 02.25"Richland Gull Lake
3.12Eugene Thurman19' 04.25"Comstock
4.11Dustin Moore18' 05.75"Edwardsburg
5.11Adrian James18' 03.5"Berrien Springs
6.11Cedric Jones18' 02"Portage Northern
7.12Dennis Kesolitz18' 01.5"Portage Northern
8.12Jorge Martinez17' 11.75"Edwardsburg
9.12Dan Meadows17' 01.25"Schoolcraft
10.12Matt Bacon17' 01.25"Berrien Springs
11.12Michael Pelyhes16' 08.5"Richland Gull Lake
12.10Chad Yelton15' 07.75"Kalamazoo Hackett
13.11Tyler Knauss14' 10.25"Parchment
14.11Ed Gray14' 03.25"Comstock
15.10Matt George13' 04.5"Kalamazoo Hackett
16.9Chance Scott' 00"Comstock
17.10Cody Maxam' 00"Schoolcraft
18.12David. Huver' 00"Richland Gull Lake
19.11Tanner. Woods' 00"Edwardsburg
20.10Mike Emig' 00"Parchment

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Carly Scott12.70Schoolcraft
2.9Maurisha Walker13.65Portage Northern
3.9Elesha Hunter13.76Portage Northern
4.9Paige Anderson13.80Berrien Springs
5.12Kaylin Taylor13.98Comstock
6.12Morgan Fisher14.05Richland Gull Lake
7.10Jasyman Hodge14.20Portage Northern
8.11Lauren Lamar14.38Holland West Ottawa
9.11Meghan Stephenson14.52Berrien Springs
10.12Elyse Thompson14.55Kalamazoo Hackett
11.9Kelsey Brittain14.92Parchment
12.10Sabrina Lind14.96Parchment
13.9Kassie Baldwin15.09Edwardsburg
14.9Larissa Roy15.27Edwardsburg
15.12Katie Guido15.38Kalamazoo Hackett
16.12Emily Davis15.42Richland Gull Lake
17.9Natalie Miles15.56Comstock
18.11Brielle Schonauer15.71Holland West Ottawa
19.12Grace Walter15.79Kalamazoo Hackett
20.9Amelia Walker15.85Richland Gull Lake
21.9Allison Salois17.05Holland West Ottawa
22.10Alli Flora17.40Edwardsburg
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Carly Scott27.88Schoolcraft
2.10Taylor Hurd-trammell28.28Holland West Ottawa
3.9Angela Patton28.72Parchment
4.12Alicia Dorko29.00Schoolcraft
5.9Elesha Hunter29.23Portage Northern
6.12Kaylin Taylor29.61Comstock
7.10Casey. Garcia30.16Edwardsburg
8.10Elizabeth Shanahan30.22Kalamazoo Hackett
9.11Rachel. Vite30.27Edwardsburg
10.9Kelsey Brittain30.30Parchment
11.9Natalie Miles30.93Comstock
12.11Shannon Sotok31.35Holland West Ottawa
13.10Alli Flora31.57Edwardsburg
14.12Aerial Martinez34.91Holland West Ottawa
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Cody Herr1:02.80Schoolcraft
2.11Gabrielle Baur1:03.07Berrien Springs
3.11Sebrina Burnett1:06.03Richland Gull Lake
4.12Rachel Caise1:06.95Richland Gull Lake
5.12Amanda Piedt1:07.18Berrien Springs
6.9Ari Karaptian1:07.45Parchment
7.10Lauren Jansma1:07.47Holland West Ottawa
8.9Lauren Deshaw1:08.18Holland West Ottawa
9.11Jaclin Peterson1:08.27Portage Northern
10.10Cassandra Welch1:09.19Schoolcraft
11.9Rachel Evans1:13.67Portage Northern
12.9Sydnee Baker1:14.60Comstock
13.9Lesly Francisco1:17.72Holland West Ottawa
14.11Aurora Muszyinski1:17.92Comstock
15.10Sabrina Lind1:18.53Parchment
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Leah Coonrod2:40.02Richland Gull Lake
2.11Katilee Bensley2:41.09Schoolcraft
3.12Hannah Holcomb2:43.38Portage Northern
4.10Laura Nordquist2:47.64Parchment
5.12Katie Jones2:48.47Comstock
6.10Madeline Hartlieb2:52.07Schoolcraft
7.11Brooke Feraco2:53.21Richland Gull Lake
8.12Lily Sagers2:57.51Schoolcraft
9.10Maegen Wallaker3:00.47Holland West Ottawa
10.9Samantha VanderYacht3:01.35Holland West Ottawa
11.10Rebeka Sherburn3:12.25Berrien Springs
12.11Katarina Haist3:19.46Comstock
13.10Katie Hendricks3:22.20Edwardsburg
14.9Hannah Baylor3:25.36Edwardsburg
15.11Autumn Rose4:17.09Kalamazoo Hackett
16.11Anna Frazen5:27.51Parchment
17.9Ashley Curtis5:27.98Parchment
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Katilee Bensley5:48.41Schoolcraft
2.12Rebecca Donker5:49.83Holland West Ottawa
3.11Elizabeth Oosterbaan5:54.04Kalamazoo Hackett
4.12Katie Jones6:04.50Comstock
5.10Emily Nilges6:07.70Portage Northern
6.10Laura Nordquist6:08.57Parchment
7.10Madeline Hartlieb6:10.45Schoolcraft
8.11Krista Broekema6:10.90Schoolcraft
9.12Alissa Zeerip6:11.30Holland West Ottawa
10.10Ashley Merica6:19.02Richland Gull Lake
11.11Kailey Shaffer6:19.95Parchment
12.10Madison Henry6:23.47Portage Northern
13.12Kelsey Lewis6:33.93Berrien Springs
14.10Jessica Buzalski6:36.56Edwardsburg
15.12Amanda Bromilow6:41.09Berrien Springs
16.11Jenny Kieser6:41.75Portage Northern
17.9Cara Marolt6:51.36Richland Gull Lake
18.10Miranda Bronicki6:56.54Edwardsburg
19.11Katarina Haist7:09.70Comstock
20.9Filena Devries8:44.39Parchment
21.11Autumn Rose9:11.74Kalamazoo Hackett
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Sheri McCormack12:39.99Holland West Ottawa
2.10Alison Butler12:48.88Richland Gull Lake
3.12Katie Jones13:01.47Comstock
4.11Elizabeth Oosterbaan13:26.99Kalamazoo Hackett
5.10Sarah Hartlieb13:32.85Schoolcraft
6.9Victoria Suarez13:34.36Holland West Ottawa
7.11Krista Broekema13:39.59Schoolcraft
8.12Kelsey Lewis13:46.10Berrien Springs
9.11Kylie McElrath13:49.10Holland West Ottawa
10.12Monica Lawrence13:53.94Schoolcraft
11.11Kailey Shaffer13:56.93Parchment
12.10Alayna Smith14:30.35Portage Northern
13.10Miranda Bronicki15:04.76Edwardsburg
14.9Sydnee Baker15:06.14Comstock
15.9Brooklyn Symes15:09.91Portage Northern
16.11Roberta Zelmer15:34.48Berrien Springs
17.11Katarina Haist16:11.72Comstock
18.9Courtney Knuth16:23.77Berrien Springs
19.11Lisa Billings16:42.93Edwardsburg
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.9Paige Anderson18.10Berrien Springs
2.9Elaina Meadows18.65Schoolcraft
3.12Hailey Steinhauser18.80Berrien Springs
4.11Mackenzie TerHaar18.84Holland West Ottawa
5.10Kristen Spears20.05Schoolcraft
6.9Stephanie Smith20.10Richland Gull Lake
7.11Ali Hokenmaier20.14Richland Gull Lake
8.9Gaby Dittrich20.17Holland West Ottawa
9.10Sarah Taylor20.64Holland West Ottawa
10.11Taylor Kern21.75Schoolcraft
11.11Emily Moore22.11Berrien Springs
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kaylin Taylor48.43Comstock
2.11Koby Gillespie50.59Berrien Springs
3.10Corinne Roller51.21Richland Gull Lake
4.9Kayla Morin51.48Portage Northern
5.12Hailey Steinhauser51.98Berrien Springs
6.12Brianna Maroukis52.50Portage Northern
7.10Mallory Davis52.54Parchment
8.9Stephanie Smith55.46Richland Gull Lake
9.11Mackenzie TerHaar56.54Holland West Ottawa
10.10Sarah Taylor57.29Holland West Ottawa
11.9Natalie Miles57.87Comstock
12.12Ellee Osborne1:00.01Holland West Ottawa
13.9Vicki Boldt1:01.70Richland Gull Lake
14.10Kristen Spears1:03.87Schoolcraft
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 52.16Schoolcraft
2.-Relay Team 52.94Portage Northern
3.-Relay Team 53.59Berrien Springs
4.-Relay Team 56.13Holland West Ottawa
5.-Relay Team 58.59Kalamazoo Hackett
6.-Relay Team 58.73Richland Gull Lake
7.-Relay Team 1:00.74Edwardsburg
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:50.89Schoolcraft
2.-Relay Team 1:54.48Portage Northern
3.-Relay Team 1:55.90Richland Gull Lake
4.-Relay Team 1:57.32Berrien Springs
5.-Relay Team 2:01.11Holland West Ottawa
6.-Relay Team 2:08.75Edwardsburg
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:29.63Schoolcraft
2.-Relay Team 4:31.77Berrien Springs
3.-Relay Team 4:32.14Portage Northern
4.-Relay Team 4:39.07Richland Gull Lake
5.-Relay Team 4:41.26Parchment
6.-Relay Team 5:04.59Holland West Ottawa
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 10:35.96Holland West Ottawa
2.-Relay Team 10:40.62Richland Gull Lake
3.-Relay Team 11:21.96Berrien Springs
4.-Relay Team 11:22.33Portage Northern
5.-Relay Team 11:23.91Schoolcraft
6.-Relay Team 12:27.29Edwardsburg
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Katie Putnam34' 05"Holland West Ottawa
2.11Emily Stearns28' 10.5"Holland West Ottawa
3.12Anna Hunt28' 02"Richland Gull Lake
4.12Hailey Steinhauser27' 07.5"Berrien Springs
5.11Danielle Downey26' 09"Berrien Springs
6.11Alaina. Gruizenga25' 10"Parchment
7.12Chelsea McIntyre25' 07.5"Portage Northern
8.9Elizabeth Ruff25' 06.5"Edwardsburg
9.10Abbi Reardon25' 05.5"Schoolcraft
10.9Rachel Evans24' 00.5"Portage Northern
11.11Frannie Ruelas23' 05"Comstock
12.10Stephanie Camacho23' 05"Berrien Springs
13.-Becca Carlton23' 04.25"Schoolcraft
14.11Taylor Haverdink22' 06.5"Schoolcraft
15.12Alex Salemone22' 05"Richland Gull Lake
16.11Lisa Billings21' 06"Edwardsburg
17.12Stephanie Kleis21' 03"Richland Gull Lake
18.-Amanda Aguilar20' 02.5"Holland West Ottawa
19.11Amanda Koteck' 00"Schoolcraft
20.11Emily Kozinski' 00"Edwardsburg
21.9Amara Dale' 00"Portage Northern
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Emily Stearns88' 05"Holland West Ottawa
2.12Anna Hunt83' 07"Richland Gull Lake
3.11Alaina. Gruizenga81' 04"Parchment
4.12Chelsea McIntyre80' 02"Portage Northern
5.11Taylor Haverdink70' 08"Schoolcraft
6.11Katie Putnam70' 07"Holland West Ottawa
7.11Frannie Ruelas70' 00"Comstock
8.10Rebecca Carlton69' 05"Schoolcraft
9.10Stephanie Camacho62' 08"Berrien Springs
10.11Danielle Downey56' 09"Berrien Springs
11.12Stephanie Kleis53' 00"Richland Gull Lake
12.11Kim Ledesma51' 01"Holland West Ottawa
13.12Danielle Quesnell50' 11"Richland Gull Lake
14.10Abbi Reardon48' 04"Schoolcraft
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Kara Craig5' 00"Schoolcraft
2.11Amanda Mackay4' 11"Portage Northern
3.9Kayla Morin4' 09"Portage Northern
4.10Taylor Hurd-trammell4' 08.02"Holland West Ottawa
5.9Rose Fetzer4' 08.01"Schoolcraft
6.11Mackenzie TerHaar4' 08"Holland West Ottawa
7.11Rachel. Vite4' 06"Edwardsburg
8.10Cassandra Welch4' 06"Schoolcraft
9.11Megan Grimes4' 03"Richland Gull Lake
10.12Kaylin Taylor4' 03"Comstock
11.12Amanda Bromilow4' 03"Berrien Springs
12.9Anne Martinie4' 03"Holland West Ottawa
13.9Courtney Rorick4' 03"Richland Gull Lake
14.11Kayla Foster4' 00"Berrien Springs
15.9Natalie Miles4' 00"Comstock
16.11Emily. Getz' 00"Edwardsburg
17.10Shayla Wolf' 00"Portage Northern
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Alicia Dorko10' 00"Schoolcraft
2.12Brianna Maroukis8' 06"Portage Northern
3.10Casey. Garcia8' 00"Edwardsburg
4.12Morgan Fisher7' 00"Richland Gull Lake
5.11Kathleen Greaver6' 06.02"Schoolcraft
6.9Justine Steger6' 06.02"Schoolcraft
7.10Mallory Davis6' 06.01"Parchment
8.10Emily Nilges6' 06"Portage Northern
9.12Rachel Caise6' 00"Richland Gull Lake
10.11Katarina Haist' 00"Comstock
11.12Dominique Kudzia' 00"Portage Northern
12.11Brielle Schonauer' 00"Holland West Ottawa
13.9Allison Salois' 00"Holland West Ottawa
14.9Sarah Boersema' 00"Holland West Ottawa
15.11Kayla Foster' 00"Berrien Springs
16.9Amelia Walker' 00"Richland Gull Lake
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Paige Anderson15' 07.5"Berrien Springs
2.10Jasyman Hodge14' 08.25"Portage Northern
3.9Elaina Meadows14' 08"Schoolcraft
4.11Lauren Lamar14' 05"Holland West Ottawa
5.12Elyse Thompson14' 00.76"Kalamazoo Hackett
6.12Amanda Piedt14' 00.75"Berrien Springs
7.9Maurisha Walker14' 00"Portage Northern
8.12Nicole Himes13' 09.5"Schoolcraft
9.11Shannon Sotok13' 06.75"Holland West Ottawa
10.11Rachel. Vite13' 01.5"Edwardsburg
11.11Ali Hokenmaier13' 01"Richland Gull Lake
12.11Sebrina Burnett12' 11.25"Richland Gull Lake
13.12Brianna Henderson12' 11"Berrien Springs
14.10Alison Butler12' 09"Richland Gull Lake
15.10Katelyn Niefert12' 04.25"Portage Northern
16.11Aurora Muszyinski11' 06.5"Comstock
17.12Grace Walter11' 03"Kalamazoo Hackett
18.10Sabrina Lind10' 10.75"Parchment
19.12Paige Cordell' 00"Edwardsburg
20.-Virginia Grael' 00"Holland West Ottawa
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